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Finding Hope Through Tragedy

If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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February 1, 2020 12:23 pm

Finding Hope Through Tragedy

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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February 1, 2020 12:23 pm

Mike and Robby reflect on the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant, and use the tragedy to remind us of the hope for our eternal future.

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Stories of the current user homes with good morning this is Michael Zwick.

If not for God with Mike's and I'm here again with Robbie Gilmore as most of you know in the past week Kobe Bryant one of the greatest basketball players of all time had actually passed away and the tragic helicopter accident in this show and sort of attribute to him is a is were to be talking about self-discipline and not only self-discipline in our business lives in our personal lives, but especially in our Christian lives as well so were glad to have you here today just a great topic. My and I know my son was a huge huge huge Kobe fan but in your case, you know you remember one of his interviews that that that still sticks with you. To this day on this subject. I do the one of the things that I remember when I was cosseted and it must've been about 15 or 20 years ago but was when he first got into the NBA and some of his teammates or whatever, had complained, they said, you know, he'd he doesn't want to come out with us to the bars and stuff like that. I remember he said he had actually done an interview with Kobe Bryant later on in one of the things that they said was a civil why don't why won't you got to the bars and in Kobe cuddled stop for a second and he looked and he says you know what kind growth them. I cannot get out of that and he said another interviewee said that I had one goal in mind and that one goal was to be the greatest basketball player of all time and he said I everything that I was doing. I wanted to work towards that goal and now were here talking about it it's really really what he was looking at was in a different way was what the Bible says on it says in Colossians 323 and 324 that when you work you're not working for yourself, but you're working for the Lord Jesus Christ and if we knew that Jesus was watching us even even if we know what we we do a job, and we may not think it's the greatest job in the world but when we do our work were supposed to do the best job that we can possibly do its it's like you know if you're working at McDonald's that Jesus Christ is your manager and you're working for, or how hard would you work if you hit it of Jesus was over there watching you mop the floors, you know, would you do halfway job doing it or would you would you give it your best and and I think every day in our lives were were reminded that we need to do our best because we only have one shot at this on this earth and we know that Jesus died for our sins, and that if we trust in him, that when we die. That will go to heaven and that and that's great that's wonderful and that's good news on.

But while were here. We really need to do the best with what we've got on and I know Rob you told you told me before that you wake up every morning at what time.

Usually for 4345 so that I can be left to get my coffee rest so I can actually yeah hopefully begin my prayer time. My study time. About 4 o'clock. What makes you what motivates you to wake up at 345 in the morning because most people say oh that's stupid or I don't want to do that or I I'd rather sleep our people that know me well know that I love to hunt and fish and and realized one time that you know if I knew I was going to go out hunting this morning and know that I would easily get up at 345 you know because that that's how bad I want to go hunting amount I started. I think G if I'm capable of doing that for that. How come I can't, you know really go hunting for God like that right now and and it just kinda woke me up to the fact that I could do better, but I would already know at the time that I made the decision to go earlier I had already been in the practice for years to get up an hour earlier, and even hour and 1/2 earlier but just to get bigger as he Shown me cooler stop in and I realized that in allow you, you can go hunting and see some amazing deer and all that other kind of stuff in her doublet but nothing like what God can show you that, so I think that there's like this. This huge desire based on what your experiences so Kobe began to seek get traction you know 5 foot one and had little bitty hands are good in Obama basketball practice. Sorry.

When Ben will write right as I knew he knew it couldn't happen right but you realize I gotta give them the skills and and and clearly the another physique in order to be able to get traction to do that and so is he began to get traction, you know.

Then he he began to get more discipline because he eat, he realized that that there was a possibility, and that is the basis of faith right that's right, and hope right of those two words that have everything to do with with God and so II think in order to begin this your walk with God, which is clearly what we talked about.

Sure is is is you begin to take it in whatever steps he gives you that he begins to whet your appetite begins to give you a faith and hope that you know this is even you get in a way better that you actually are going he's going to share some secrets with you. Yeah I want. We were talking just a minute ago Robbie and I was thinking of the verses actually first Corinthians 925 it says everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training.

They do it to get a crown that will not last, but we do it to get a crown that will last forever and it just reminded me is that you know you can be the greatest basketball player in the world reason like Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant or Lebron James. You can argue he's the greatest of all time, but you can be the greatest of all time, but once you hit 35 or 40 years old. That's it. Your never really get to be able to do this again, but what would it saying that verses that we do it for a crown that will last forever, so one of the instances are one of the things that I think about is to talk to people about Jesus. Sometimes it did to be very uncomfortable to talk people about Jesus.

Especially's.strangers are people that we don't really know are people who we meal may feel or even hostile to the gospel but you said that right now.

Your daughter is preparing to go to another country and to speak to Muslims. Is that right right can you tell me a little about that matter what I was I was sharing with Mike that you know as a father you know you would love to see your kids chomp at the bit and and and get those disciplines not because I want to have a discipline, but because I want to have the experience of God that's available.

If they do get up early and if they do, do the thing and my daughter Mariah that's that's her. She does get up early and she studies the Bible but it is as that is happened God has entrusted her right with the kind of faith and in the kind of hope to to reach out and share with the world and and it's amazing the adventures that is God begins to trust you that he will send you on it and just like in a my adventure lady of been way more tricky.

But you know now he's got her the summer going in a place where we don't even know where she's going because she can't give that information and and and she's going to be ill in a place where you know this hostile and ends kind of. She was tell me how excited she know this is this is and so obviously it's all the more reason that she's obviously going into training in and because you know it's on like donkey golf that's right that's right well. Another verse in this was something that just came to mind is Ecclesiastes 910 and it says what so skinny whatsoever thy hand find it to do, do it with thy might, for there is no work more device or knowledge or wisdom in the grave, whether thou goest and it's just it. It reminds me again and again and again that weather were doing our job work. Whether were preparing for a radio show on Saturday morning.

Whether were preparing for work the next day or whether were preparing for something great like your daughter is doing or preaching the gospel work or going to unreached communities. Whatever it is, is that we need to really give it our all. Because like that verse says right there. We've only got a certain amount of time on this earth. You know what is the average age 82 in this country are at best or something like that but you know people. I think for a lot of people this past Sunday was really a wake-up call and just to know that were not promised tomorrow and and that we have to do really everything that we have to do we have to give it our all.

Today I remember personally years ago when I was a young man I what was just gotten to college and I started to sell insurance and something was in my heart and it said that Mike someday that you're to be the number one salesperson in the whole country selling insurance and at the time I couldn't really believe it Robbie because I felt like man that there's no way I can do this.

This is to be tough. I'm just doing average. Right now it best and but that that was something that kind of it stayed in my head in it and it With me and I remember it was probably remember exactly was it was 2010 or 2011 and where I'd worked and worked and worked and I was pushing myself and pushing myself and pushing myself and I spoke to a guy named Matt he was that the leader of the company and I one of the leaders of the company and I asked him I said Matt I said what number am I in the country and he called me back and I'll never forget. He says Mike he says you're the number one salesperson in the whole country and I remember it, I hung up I heard the message and I and I hung up the phone and I was really happy but then was it was about five or 10 minutes went by and I don't know if anybody's ever tasted a level of success in life, whether it's money year or achieving something or whatever, but it was almost like something was just sort of empty.

It was like I had worked so hard to be number one in an insurance company which is fine which is great but I just realized that there was a lot more to life than just making a lot of money in it and I know Rob you said you had been in the car business and you had. You were a general manager and and stuff like that.

Have you ever had an experience like that were maybe you've you hit an apex or hit a plateau or you've made you hit a huge mark that you never thought you could hit.

And then when you hit that mark. I don't know if you've just said yourself mean is this. It I thought it was supposed to feel a lot better than this. I think of a couple things. One is that in the car business every month you start over again so you innovate. We tend to measure things in the car business by month, like, you know, set the record in a particular dealership the most part as a result of the month of done that a number of times the.

The thing that next happens is like all my goodness were back to zero is left up to do this again and I just you know you feel like I copse the new like boom at and it and it felt like why like what's it really for right yeah what is it really significant and you know my son is in the car business shirt and he followed my father who was truly one of the greats in the car business. My father was a big deal for my son's perspective. He said here's Bob Gilmore you know he he was the consultant the hundreds of car dealers and everybody considered him to be such a big deal but when he went to my father's funeral that had a huge impact on his life, it's like to have.

It was like what was all for here was this very, very, very important man and he he he now is in this wooden box friend or put them down in the ground and all that stuff is like, you know, and so he was feeling a little ecclesiastical, but all is vanity vanity you yeah and and and so I'm not surprised that you know, we see that Tom and and and you know there's so much here so yeah we got to go to break when we come back to me more than likely everything that right now you feel stressed all your life distressed so is your walk with God.

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He says I'm to make you armor to give you the wisdom that you asked for, and I'm to make you the richest person for whose ever lived and it's interesting he was the smartest man who ever lived, probably he was the richest man who ever lived. He had over 700 wives. Many had all of the things that people say that they want today, but if you read the book of Ecclesiastes. He was also one of the most depressed person. Depressed people I've ever met or seen in my life reading reading this book I mean, until it really comes to the end, it says the Ecclesiastes 1210 the preacher sought to find out acceptable words and that which was written was upright, even words of truth. The words of the wiser as goads in his nails fastened by the masters's of assemblies which are given from one Shepherd and further by these my son be admonished of making many books there is no end and much study's wariness of flesh, let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter, fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man for God shall bring every work into judgment with every secret thing, whether it be good or whether it be evil so we had all these things. He said that it make him happy. But you look at the end and it says you know what says actually in Scripture it says I'd rather be a doorkeeper in the house of the Lord than to dwell in the tents of wickedness. The things that I think a lot of people or maybe even you listing today you think may make you happy. Whether it's money or sex or houses or friends or whatever it is it's there's only true true happiness really comes in serving Jesus Christ what you think were actually Solomon wrote my favorite book of the Bible which is the song of Solomon and would indicate really, how much wisdom that he did have in love.

I mean, here's a place where it clearly he was speaking to. From my perspective how much Jesus loved him. That's right at and so the last verse in the song of Solomon, which you now here comes the end of the story of love from Solomon's perspective. He says similarly no famous last words like that event is last version is says, my beloved, who dwells in the gardens. Let me hear your voice. Let me hear your voice and so when you think about what you described it, God came to Solomon why because he wanted to hear Solomon's for something that's how much God loved and he took him down through all that, because you know Solomon got a chance to experience that in it. As a result, heat heat, he shared this wisdom. When you read the book of Proverbs whose writing it to his son. You know the Ecclesiastes when he saved my son. My son right. He is trying to share the light with his family and no clearly, he struggled with a lot of stuff that I hope for Kobe Bryant, you know, heat, heat took his daughter. Women right you know.

Clearly they had a special bond because they had some in common that they they both play basketball and I hope they love Jesus.

I mean II that's it had not been think about ever since I heard about yeah you note for them to spend eternity away from the love that what Solomon was describing here where somebody loves you so badly in spite of all the shenanigans that you pulled and Solomon opposed a lot of shenanigans might hundred wives actually funeral 100 other guy. Solomon called all that red yet Jesus knew all that was going to happen before it ever happened and yet he love Solomon so much.

Let me hear your voice. Still, he still loved and and there's another inmate. In one of my favorite verses in song of Solomon where he is describing his lover and he says that he is bounding over the mountains and is gazing through the lattice because he just wants to get a look at me and and I can remember when I was you never had that kinda crush on a curled at this you know, and I would just go to over to her street so I could possibly get a glimpse at her I would regularly in that. That's what what Solomon is describing here from my perspective is he's got a crush on you. Jesus has a crush on you and enter experience. You know that love is is unbelievable and what makes it worth me to do all that study to find those places in the Bible where you can find somebody that loves you as richly as what that is but by the same token, not to spend eternity separated. Can you imagine to have nobody that cares anything about no love, no peace, no joy, no patience, no kindness freezer while in in were talking about Kobe Bryant. He works so hard and there's so many basketball players were businessmen think you are tell me about your dad who was really hard worker son works really hard to and and all these things are great because II think whatever I try to do Robbie. I try to do my best.

But what if we work that hard to seek after Jesus on it says in the book of jeremiad says you will seek me and find me when you seek me with all of your heart. People seek success with all of their heart. They seek a mate with all of their heart. They seek friendships and they seek admiration from the world with all of her heart. But how many people really see Jesus really seek the Lord with all their heart and in the answer is, is not many but that I think the ones who really do really find the true happiness, which was Solomon's that David David was the guy that was a man after God's own heart, and David. David was a perfect person right Robbie. If not for God. You know that was a deal even after he'd fallen even after I finally read.

I think it was in the 51st song or he's going into his holy men. He says please don't take your Holy Spirit from me while that must mean that he must still have them write that second. That's right that that's right.

He knew that his Holy Spirit was still in there even after the whole best treatment incident. You're either Hittite and all that happened right you know it just shows the grace of what David had experienced and what happens if you do go after them with your whole heart. That's her in. Maybe there's somebody listening today and you and you listen you say will all this stuff is great but you don't know how much I've messed up.

I remembered it in Scripture where Jesus said to Peter, and you probably remember this better than I do Robbie but he said I would give you the key to heaven and he says whatever you bound on earth will be bound in heaven, and he just really praises him and then a little while later he says before the clock rose Juergen to deny me three times annual actually almost immediately after he has the discretion to his retirement were Peter actually confesses Jesus says do who do you say I am right and he says your Lord and goes yeah and you know by this your on this rock I will build my church and you know the gates of hell will not be come against it gives you the keys but that's the correct passage right there will right after that is is get behind me say that if that's the grace and truth.

Part of it you know is like the heat he deals with Peter throughout the story with all sorts of grace but he does not hold back the truth, you will deny me three times and then there's the restitution in the you know I'm a fish story mall on the beach and I will feed my sheep. And and and how Peter got to live out his life wholeheartedly right at an end. You know it's it's it's an amazing story, but you know that Peter had an opportunity to live a disciplined life right and but it was out of the whole heart.

I don't know if you remembered this part, but when when Peter actually sees that Jesus helps them to Batch of fish you remember what he said to Jesus, he says, get away from the front depart from me, for I am a sinful man right then but a bunch of very similar in the book of song of Solomon in the first verse she says don't stare at me because I'm dark right the same idea and I'm on the guest for most of us.

I know certainly for me. I can remember that exact feeling like oh God, you, you don't want to see all that's here right it's it's it's what happens when you become aware of how much you need forgiveness for that's right and you and I hope Kobe I hope his daughter you know and the other nine people who run the helicopters well I mean, you know, we know Kobe Bryant but in the eyes of God.

I mean all human life is important now is another in a basketball daughter and another parent and you know all those I guess and wife in that situation that all you know. But I'll never ever forget to give Mike Minner gave a talk on time you teased. Player for the Panthers and he talked about how awesome it was a got to play in the Super Bowl you but they lost because I worked my whole life to get to be in the Super Bowl you know is all the stuff in and around the field and and and you know where the greatest thing since sliced bread, but you know after we lost they took like this band and they pulled it out across and they pulled us off the field like you have to get off the field.

It's over. The games over is not yet.

And at some point in time. Our lives are going to be like that is like there to put the band like the games over, that's it.

It's done here and in hopefully you have had a chance to get on the blood of Christ before they pull that string the leader when your and we've all seen the TV commercials there's this is good, and it's for a limited amount of time and you know you got a laugh because next week will have the same commercial loan but for something different, but we I think we really realize this week when upon the passing of Kobe Bryant that we really are here for a limited amount of time on in the devil. I think tries to distract us and tries to make us look after the world. Or that you know whether it can be fitness can be friends or family or admiration or whatever, but only what's done for Christ will last, and less you give your life to Jesus and give your heart to Jesus and serve him. Then when you die you spend your your to spend eternity apart from God. But if you give your heart to Jesus, then heaven is a wonderful, wonderful.

We hope to see you in heaven someday. God bless you, thank you for listening to God my shows arrive on night if not for God. More information on my contact you. If not for God's online

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