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The Power of Prayer

If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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April 4, 2020 9:00 am

The Power of Prayer

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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April 4, 2020 9:00 am

This week Mike and Robby discuss the power of prayer and how it has affected their own lives.

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Welcome to stories of his turn to host Mike swing so today on if not for we have a powerful talk it's it's it's so powerful that were called it what might the power of prayer.

Our free and one of the first things that we were talking about with power prayer is a second Chronicles 714 of and use the NIV and it says if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sin, and I will heal their land.

What would a message for today and Robbie. We were actually just talking a little bit before and we were talking about the power of prayer and how God can use the power of prayer to just do amazing things because I know so many times in my life.

I want to do everything on my own and I want to fix it myself but God can do more on accident that I can do on purpose, and you actually had a story about a gentleman who you work with in the car business.

Now when I think about the power prayer, the story of Johnny Hendrickson's like just beyond my wildest imagination of something that I would get a chance to see God do home but essentially I did at this dealership for some years and this salesman worked for me him I knew him well. I mean, he was my number one salesman and we're good friends but he would just not go deeper than a half-inch if you began to talk about faith.

You I didn't know where he stood as far as Jesus was concerned I'd invited and I don't have a Bible studies it would become. He paid for the lunch at some of those in EP paid for the first Christian business men's committee meeting that we had in Marksville years ago. However, you couldn't get into that conversation with him and then one day I got the chance, but I blew it by me and I was totally blew it like he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and he knocked on my door and Robbie cannot talk to you doesn't know me know that I'm a cancer survivor and solar. I know now I think about the look in his eyes that David EE had some questions that they that he want to talk about but I didn't have time I was in the bill of building a new building and I had also took things going on and is like Johnny what you need and when he told me he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer was like oh man I'll pray for you.

It was just like I shut it down and he knew I was shutting down and I saw the look on his face that day and I knew that it was Robbie. It totally blown and then about a week later, his wife called me they were in the emergency room, and now they are actually in ICU at Forsyth Hospital and he'd gone into a coma and they didn't think he had much time to live, so she asked me to come down there.

I came down there and like oh my goodness.

I felt so guilty is unbelievable. I thought I asked his wife to sleep.

Does Johnny know God and she said I don't know Alaska's best friend and he didn't know, and so I was just in this place, but kind of ironically she said will when it came time only two people could go in there with him.

She picked me because she knew I would pray with her. I felt also horrible.

So, actually, as I got done praying with her. I came back out and I went for a drive and went to a place that often would pray and I just said God, there's anywhere in the world that you would give Johnny more time, I promise. I promise I promise I will either introduce them to you if you doesn't know you, which I just don't know or help him to get to know you better and so I got back in. They literally like well he's hanging in there, but before a few more hours came they were talking about pulling the plug because he was essentially gone except that they were holding a mirror on life support and this went on for a couple of days in the but there was a sense that I have but God answered that prayer that it was going to be somehow okay and so I just kept encouraging the family don't do that, you know, I really think that God's gonna do something here. I think I was going to some well on the fourth day, Johnny sits up in the bed like anybody and Davie County puts on his hat you can fix all the at and is like nothing's happened to them is not like he just came out of the coma is like if you wanted to talk to him which I did immediately. It was like oh you know, here is so now I'm like okay, God, you clearly pulled off your end of the bargain.

You know what's my end of the bargain I Nevada I had actually go back to where I prayed before yeah and said God okay you did. You clearly and abroad in back and you gave us more time and I need to I want to pull my end of the bargain, but I just do not know how to share you with what Johnny can you give me something some insight and and I filled and clearly tell me Robbie John is a car salesman. That's kinda all he had to tell me because I knew that for Johnny. Like any car salesman, a deal is a deal. I often think my wife feels like she's married to Monty Hall because I'm always listening to do it. As I walked into Johnny's hospital room is that there was had less of Johnny I made a deal with God. He was like, what kind of deal did you make with God. Robbie Hameed said this in a typical Davie County fashion. Well, I told him that if he would give you any more time that I would either introduce you to him or her that I would help you to get to know him better and he said well you better get to let some baby daddy so interestingly got it also gives me a bit of a lesson plan.

He wanted me to take Johnny through the I am statements of of the book of John, shirt, and so we did the you know, I'm the bread of life from the living water. The woman at the well and all the stories that are in the Gospel of John there just absolutely wonderful lecture about two weeks and then interestingly this man that would never talk deep was wanting an in-depth discussion of all these Bible stories. We shared and I could see the something way different was happening, but it was way that different happening is results of what God was doing out Robbie was to believe at an then one day I went and I shared you know when when he said I am the resurrection when he when he lazed raise Lazarus. We share that story and I slept like ours did on the next day when I came to see him to share that story. The whole streets, parking cars in the district down the street and I'm like oh this is a conflict yeah and he's gone right but when I come in. He's very much there. And so is the whole neighborhood and all his family members, including a pastor for the minder like Jimmy Lancaster and and he says Johnny tells Robbie what happened. A similar Robbie, you know, after you left yesterday.

My sister came in here and she put in the stack you gave your CDs in the first one that played was a song four days late, but right on time and I realize that I've been in the coma. Oh wow and that now he was the resurrection for me right on top right outside and so he John Jimmy Lancaster used to work for me as a salesman. So is a natural for him to call Jimmy to brag with Jimmy to receive Christ, and so all these people are common. This was as always family resumes beautiful just absolutely beautiful. Johnny only lived actually for two weeks after but that two weeks man. I had a brother in Christ, he was no longer 1/2 inch DPP was completely deep and and and completely love and on his family and his friends down there and in the and what was going on it.

It was an answer to prayer like oh my goodness, I'm so grateful that I went to God without absolutely and in that that is an amazing story. Robbie and in one of the things that in what were talking about our our show on prayer is that God can do things that we could never do. I mean, you know, there was absolutely no way that you, Robbie could have you know gotten that guy you tried for how long to get him to go. He never did it.

But God put him in a position where he absolutely had to do it one at one of the stories about prayer that I that I thought of and what is a lady named jungle Jen. She was actually on this radio show and and she goes down to the Amazon River and she talks to these tribes and she's built churches through our you know that the lambs chapel through our church out of Burlington and Meda and Ann Harr River, but one of the things that she said what she said when I first started doing this said that I would never ask anybody for money and I would never try to raise money and so I thought about it to myself in a civil that doesn't make any sense, but for years and years and years. God has absolutely just provided for her and it's it's something that I keep thinking about that God can do more on accident than we could ever do on purpose and I don't if you ever heard of guiding George Muller sure, but a great man of prayer actually lived. What about 95 years of there's a story it says what a man of prayer. What would people what he can teach us about prayer George Muller from 1805 to 1898 is widely considered one of the greatest benefit of prayer and faith since the days of the New Testament. He lived nearly the entire 19th century.

Two thirds of it in Bristol, England. He led for far-reaching influential ministries, but we know him best today for his orphanages during a time in England when most orphans lived in miserable work houses are in the streets like Charles Dickens, Oliver twist, Muller took them and fed them clove them and educated them through his orphanage in Bristol.

Muller cared for as many as 2000 orphans at a time more than 10,000 in his lifetime, yet he never made the needs of his ministry known to anyone except for God in prayer only through his annual reports did people learn after the fact what the needs had been during the previous year and how God had provided. Muller had over 50,000 us to space specific record recorded answers to prayer in his journals, 30,000 of which he said were answered. The same day or in the same hour that he prayed. Think of it that's 500 definite answers to prayer each year more than one per day every single day for 60 years, God funneled over 1/2 $1 billion in today's dollars, through his hands and answered prayer, and in so it's like it's so tough for us to do this anyway. We've heard people so many times say well there's a difference between faith and foolishness.

You heard that Robbie and and and I think what they're really saying is, is that yeah we need to kinda pray to God, but we need to do everything on her own and and while I think it's true that we go to work every day in and we you know we wash our hands and we try not to get sick and stuff like that that God is the ultimate provider and he is the one that we need to go through go to in prayer and when you when you told that story was there anything else I can came your mind as well. Robbie made you know clearly I don't how many times that that God just answers answers the simplest prayers that you know you just came out of left field like you'd it's amazing to me how many times I pray things and not and I don't really pray them in faith, yet he answers them and I'm sitting there looking at it like you just did that and what that clearly have we come back 31 just happened to be that we and I was like oh my, you're trying to sell your home and your sick of your realtor telling you the king in your prize.

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Todd Harrison to Billy Kelly, welcome back. If not for God today show the power. The power of prayer. So I promised a little story to be left If I didn't believe this is happening out so those who listen. The finishing well, which happens right about the same time as is shown know that I'm 64 years old I might be 65 in October and I finally qualify for Medicare and Medicare. I mean, oh my goodness, your deductibles are nowhere near what they are right now. I think my my deductible with my current health care plans like $6000 compared to what I may need and so I started to notice these moles and I have one on my back that was growing like crazy and I had another one on the side of my face and and in fact it was gone so much that shave didn't cut it and I was like oh my gosh and it was like it was horrible and and I psych man. This could be melanoma could be this, but I want to go to the doctor pay 16 I like, I can wait eight months until I'm know that was my original planetary threat, but as they kept growing and I kept growing. I decided well you know I've had cancer and it was healed by prayer I mean for those who heard the story know that nasty little came in and prayed over me so I Michael got to steal this in a like for me to take care of these two spots and some not want to be with us in on really know you can and I would really like you to and just left it that forgot all about it all, like last Tuesday I look in the mirror coming. If you read a mold is totally disk just like it's gone, it's gone.

I mean, is not like it went lighter and smaller started. I mean it's like gone up. And remember, I shave this thing and it was cut and always it had been going on. I'm like oh my goodness, and then started filling onto my back is what it's gone, gosh, and I might Lord US let's what's amazing to me. I just find it humorous is I don't believe your email here I am a man of you know of the error in, but it's amazing how little faith I actually have for like a two-year-old. You know, in the Lord like a bump within the walls let you know he he comes through in ways that just blow my mind and I do know I prayed and I know I was only when the parade is and then share with anybody else what was going on under. I told my wife that I was late to go to the it would not going good for me but is it was God just met the needed I got to give him the glory for because he did it, and is clearly gone. Well, it says in Scripture it says that the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avail with much and and and that is really really good either. I've got another story. I had a friend of mine named Nestor and I had actually met him through the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce may be close to a year ago. Whatever.

And something told me to befriend the sky and all of this and and so what I did was I started talking to him and I became friends with him and I built a relationship with him and then I actually started to invite him to our Tuesday night Bible studies and over in Burlington and I remember when I first started doing it and he came over to the meeting and one night somebody had get somebody had given him a Bible and he was that he was getting out of my car and he said I think there's something I'm missing.

He says no this is that I've got this. He says he takes the Bible he throws it in the backseat. He gives know this is junk God this is going really well and so but it's interesting at the same time, there's another guy from her Bible study. He said he might guess what happened this tonight there the other night he said I just went up to this guy in this in this Starbucks or whatever and I told him I said do you want to accept Jesus as your Savior and the guy said yes it will.

Here I am doing all the stuff of this Nestor guy bistro.

The Bible in my backseat and I'm looking like an idiot doing all this other stuff well. But what I did was I kept going.

I kept talking to him. I kept praying for him. I II kept working on him.

I had other people talking to him other people praying for him other people in the Bible study praying for him and then eventually we we finally brought him over to her house one day at a friend of mine named Scott had actually said to him, he said Nestor he said so what you think of this Bible study and Nestor coming out well you know it's this or that, whatever and we started talking to them and Nestor said I want to give my life to Jesus and so the last time we took Nestor to the Duke Wake Forest basketball game that Robbie gave the tickets to longhand so Robbie there was a purpose in and all the way back from the game where II take Nestor from we started talking and he said, and I was we were actually reading the Bible together. Nestor was reading the Bible and one of the things that Nestor was saying to me was, he said Mike he said right now. He said you've been talking to me about Jesus you been reading the Bible or whatever and he says you been taking me to these Bible studies.

He said I would go to the Bible studies. Now whether you took me or not. And he said to start reading the Bible on my own and so you know sometimes people say stuff mean people say stuff all the time you will is this really true whatever and not die. Why wanted to believe in but what ended up happening was was it was this past Tuesday and I said hey Nestor I'm just reminding you wanted to see if you're going to the Bible study tonight and he actually texted me. He said Mike he said I was good to go anyway and so we ended up driving himself. He went to the Bible study and it was interesting. He actually did our closing prayer but one of the other guys another Scott from the Bible study actually said to him, he said Nestor.

He said I just want to realize. I want you to realize that you we've seen a lot of changes in you. He says you get you've given your life to Christ. He said he'd come to the Bible studies you're interested in learning about the Bible and you know I just wanted wanted to know give you credit for.

Just keep coming, but I want to give credit to God because we we we pray there were there was a time when Nestor wanted nothing to do with at all with Jesus, and if not for God, yeah, he never would've come to Jesus, but knew it was it wasn't us, it wasn't really anything that we did only we tried but I mean it was it was just leaving Ayn Rand by my Maxi he got the box and he reads the Bible now said that the that was a miracle I needed a different kind of miracle, but it was it that was absolutely a miracle and you talked about a miracle with your health Robbie are.

I remember when I was in Hawaii and was like at this point I didn't know what else to do but cry out to God and and I had had an allergic reaction and I was literally on the way out I was about to start. Not not not being able to breathe.

They brought the oxygen debt down the that the hospital closest hospitals 45 minutes away So you are having allergic you are. It a restaurant menu where were now this is Hawaii now. I've gone on a trip with my mother and we will.

I went on a trip to Hawaii and I had eaten some knots, or some fish or something that was bad. Where were you at the time that all the starkest was at the hotel we were at the pool and stuff like that so what it happened was, was that they had they brought the security down.

They laid me down on the couch downstairs and they brought brought an oxygen tank and when they did that right before I laid down you know you will is think about being sophisticated are saying these wonderful prayers right before I lay down three times. I said help me, Jesus, help me, Jesus, help me, Jesus and the third time after I said that and they laid me down.

I noticed that I started sweating and I came to, and I was okay and that the lady from the enemy ambulance. The paramedic came and she just looked at me and she was kind of just sheep dumbstruck. She said what the heck is going. She said somebody who has an allergic reaction doesn't just get better and I told her I said will I prayed and when that happened. She said well she says I can let you go, you go to hospital and I was about to go but my mother was there she was, because I brought my mom on the trip and she was a nervous wreck and a civil guy had taken hospital, but I know that when I prayed when I cried out to Jesus that I was healed and I was fine and it wasn't anything that I did but it was all Jesus. And so that's I think one of the reasons why were having the show is because we can't do everything we can't do hardly anything around strength but God can do so much and all we have to do is cry out to him and ask, and you said there were something else as well that you had thought about Robbie when you at times I certainly is a listener that I can't help but think about my own year of little faith, yeah, yeah, you know, the prayer is about faith and I know without faith it that you unique can't please God, but by the same token, you know, it clearly is an attempt at reaching out and talking to God and even when you don't necessarily believe or feel or whatever. It's interesting to me how he will shore up that if I'm sincerely going I don't know what I'm doing here but would you please and absolutely at at and it's interesting as I hear both stories of both Nestor and you know the situation with the allergic reaction. It's I really don't see it working out here but I'm going in anyway and it's interesting you. It's like we talked about the show a few weeks ago about as close to the contrite and the brokenhearted and and he sees that well might need some shoring up here. That's right, the remember the it's Mark.

I think it's 23 through 25, it says Jesus said to him if if you if you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes immediately the father of the child cried out and said with tears, Lord, I believe, help my unbelief.

That's the yeah that's exactly the kind where that is in so many situations like that where it seems like well I you know really looking to my own heart know that that's not like this hotbed of faith wrecked but yet we can cry out, help my unbelief in the image. I think that's a beautiful example of of of what I've seen so many times, when so many people in the end in Matthew 1720, it says and the Lord said that if you have the faith as a grain of mustard seed, you can say to this mountain move from here to there and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you will notice he didn't say if you have the faith of a mountain since the faith of a mustard to just have a little bit of faith have 11 just have put your faith in him and you'll see what he does. Yeah it's it. If not for God kind of thing and it you know along those lines, you know, III think about your crying out to God in the middle had the same thing when I was hit by the Jeep like I cried out. I can remember crying out but almost feel like he's the one that prompted me to say it right right right you know I'm saying it was all I will all the spiritual and right this minute on minute I'm in a crap. Jesus is my goodness when you're in that moment, he puts the words in her mouth. Somehow I feel that I since that from you as well. Absolutely the link you for listening to my run on iTunes if not for God. More information on my contact him if not for God like

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