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Visions From God

If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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April 18, 2020 9:00 am

Visions From God

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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April 18, 2020 9:00 am

This week Mike and Robby talk about some of their own heaven sent visions

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If not for God's glory is his turn to host like a my you have an interesting take years ago are no member gone before.

Well, but the heroes was thinking about this week and we were just talking about this Robbie and it actually talks about in the Old Testament and in the New Testament as well.

The Old Testament it's Joel 228 it says and afterwords I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and your daughters will prosper, prophesy, your old men will dream dreams and your young men will see visions, and then it also says it, I believe we just said it was asked to 17 it says in the last day God says I will pour out my will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions in your old men will dream dreams and a lot of people I think when we talk about God in the Bible and what's going on today with everything with the covered 19 coronavirus and everything like that in some people say, well, salvation is important, yes it is and all these other things are important but are there ways that that God can speak to us today.

Were we can clearly know that he is talking to us and that we can hear his voice and Robbie actually before the show there is a there was a vision that you would told me that you have yet this wasn't during Corona but several years ago.

You know we do these boot camps of messenger and radio and a lot of times when things happen before the boot camp we experience a lot of what we call warfare that Satan obviously isn't happy that a lot of men are coming there finding out ways that they do grow closer to God and and overcome some bondage that therein.

So this particular boot camp.

I don't know. It was just it seemed like I was really up against it. So I got sick. I think the thing that really got my attention was the Justice Department decided somehow or another I owed him money that I had no idea I owed them money on it without any notice whatsoever they start garnishing my wages and I got this like 20% of your wages just like Don and no explanation why and you can't speak to a judge because it is the Justice Department has to do with the dealership. It was a very complicated thing actually took years to unravel. But it hit that very week right before the boot camp and so as you might affect was complaining to God in prayer. If pulling a complete David, you know, like what you doing this and all of a sudden I see this vision. It was clear as it could be damning. It was God and he had sort of this you know toy racecar track and a widget for the car guy you can greatly as I do talk to me what is going on as he was winding up this racecar.

You know that would go on this toy track and he would wind it up so tight that it wouldn't go into the curves. It would just go by boat right out in a bubble and he just kept doing it and it was very annoying. Yeah. Slick, why don't you slow the car down so it will go through the curves you know and he just he didn't say anything, just kept winding the car up tight as it would be to go but will boat and I was getting madder and madder and madder. Frustrated, how many times maybe 1015. Time to do this. Maybe so, but I don't remember but I knew this I was totally frustrated and all the sudden he does says to me Rob. The thrill of the of life right is in the curves it at and what he meant by that is I really thought about it many many times after I saw this vision was that I'm wound up so tight, yet, and I'm expecting life to be straight and you know just here we go, but in the curves but you know, if you write a motorcycle you ski you have to lean into the curves inserted what God is really hoping is that will lean into him newsletters on the last night I went out sailing at night with my wife and we went out about it was dark. It was beautiful, but it would been almost no fun. Had my wife. I don't think I even done it if my wife hadn't been there with me, but we are out there together in the middle of a lake in this adventure know nothing on the navigation lights is just beautiful yeah and it was tremendously fun, but it was fun because we could share right at an end.

This the same thing as it turned out as got unraveled through the years that whole experience of justice for Witt.

It was fun. When I leaned into him, even though it was difficult even though it was painful right but it was an adventure. I got to go on with God. And I'll never forget all the outcomes that happened as a result working with me on the thing yet we him what you just said, remind me of last week when we had the guy from voice of the martyrs on and one of the things that he said was all of these Christians who they interview them who have been persecuted they going to prison and they've they've they've been. You have tortured in this and that he expected them to say how tough it was and how bad it was, or whatever. He said he remembered I interviewing the lady who was from.

I think she was from China and she had been put in prison and he said all man tell me about that. She goes out. It was wonderful. But that's not typically what you think of but I was actually looking at something this morning Robbie and at night I heard it and we always think that you know that it's tough for us to you know as Christians to go through persecution go through tough times and sometimes it is. And sometimes we do have a tough time but it also says in the book of Proverbs that the way of the transgressor is hard so the sooner the people who don't know God, who were walking with God. We always it was so easy for them but that's not what it says.

In Scripture it says good judgment when favor, but the way of the unfaithful leads to their destruction. And that's Proverbs 1315, but you know it. One of the things that I had talked to you about before the show. Robbie was that I hear a lot of pastor saying I hear a lot of people saying words praying to God right now and you know this whole Cove in 19 think things are just to be better and are to be better in the United States and they were before. And one of the things that was was talking to me was that yes Sunday is as Christians that working to get to see Jesus working to get to go to heaven and things are to be much better but there's nothing in Scripture that really tells us that everything in this life is to be peachy and great and still one of the things that I felt like it was a word that came to me was what if they don't get better United States.

What if things are to be really tough for a while and and I was actually looking. It was that it was in Hebrews 11 and it's the chapter where you know we always say will than the now faith chapter written and you Noel. That's great in this and that but there's a lot of parts of this chapter where people of gone through a lot of things. You know a in you and your and I'm going through it all started.

Verse 14 for they that say such things declare plainly that they seek a country it says and truly, if they had been mindful of that country from when that once they came out they might have had an opportunity to her return. But now they desire a better country that is at heavenly. Wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God, for you have prepared for the city by faith Abraham, when he was tried, offered up Isaac and he that had received the promises offered up his only begotten son will you know you can't read that ovary and you remember the story of were a break were Abraham offered up Isaac and he thought he was good have to sacrifice and kill his son because that's what God had told him to do and it was cool about that story since yesterday was the day before yesterday was Easter I decided to study the word resurrection, and I like to back in the words.

As you know, just for the of the word resurrection in Hebrew, almost has his connotation of rising early sure. So guess where the first use of that word is is that Abraham rose early in the morning to take a Isaac that's her, that's right, he did and and that's and that's kind of a picture of the fascinatingly to me that God was painting of of you know what eventually would happen on East is that Jesus was going to rise early in the distant horizon alert you never put together the timeframe of right, but he rose early yeah on the third day because when they got there all and and so you know I don't have you ever thought about it but if you're like me you like to hunt and fish, you know, this does not hard to get up early in the morning to go fishing yeah you want to do it is not hard to get up early on a daily you know and and if you get to the point and I'm I work at it to get my quiet time.

I'm quite as excited to get study the Bible as I am to go fishing if I'm completely transparent email for but Jesus rose early that morning and started Abraham and so do you think it was like a foreshadowing of oh I know I do. You know there's so much about the whole Isaac you know the crown of thorns and this sheep that would be stuck in the thorns I mean is just like oh my goodness, look at all the imagery that they are. But the point that getting back to what you're talking about for me. Is it through the vision that he gave me this idea of if I am leaning into God enough, in spite of how curvy the road may get ahead in that magical really curvy.

Then I met Alana rise early because the adventure with God is like man what you know. What ever way they experience today and what am I gonna see you do with what it is that I'm going to phased absolutely, absolutely. The yelling in then it goes to in verse 23, it says by faith Moses when he was born was hit three months of his parents because they saw he was a proper child and they were not afraid of the king's commandment it says I end In verse 24 Hebrews 11 by faith Moses when he was come to years refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, then to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season other words, it would've been easier in the temporary time for Moses just to say hey you son of the son of Pharaoh's with an esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt for four he had respect unto the recompense of reward and so I had a dream several months ago, before any of the stuff it started and in my dream. It was very clear where it spoke to me and it said that that America was an absolute chaos and I woke up from the dream and I don't know if you've ever had a bad dream, Robbie, but I was just like sweating and I was I was. I told my wife and I was like, freak, and I was like oh my gosh oh my gosh and you know II guess what I do not take us into that dream a little bit. So when you said, America was in complete chaos. Correct. You know where we got to go to break.

So when we come back if you were to find out if there like me inquiring minds need to know Mike and what in the world who have all been in effect be right back with so much more and I'm I'm thinking this is a big exam if you're trying to sell your home and your sick of your realtor telling you the king in your prize. Think Todd Harrison call me to sell your house for more money and less time with no houses. Call 91927455325. This is Todd Harrison this is a great time to find out what your house is worth. Call me at 919-274-5532 together, we can sell your house for more money and less time with no hassle. Todd Harrison teams affiliated, welcome back will dream dreams and the young men will see visions. So I was feeling young, because I got it but anyway we'll talk about Mike's dream where he saw, you know, some months ago. You know America in total chaos. And when we left her hero, he was can explain that's what is that mean chaos.

What was what were you actually seeing that when I screamed at him and of course as the months of gone by, and of course as the months go by, you must but I I remember it was a reporter and she had she was going up to a lady on the side of the road is lady had a machine gun and it was just I don't know if there was like smoke. It was just Robbie. It was like nothing I'd ever seen before and it was it it it it was almost like something that you had seen on television maybe 20 years ago about you know what it was like in these Third World countries. I don't know all of the details. I don't know exactly what all that means, but that's what it said and I believe it was a foreshadowing at least of what is going on right now on it in. This is what I was talking about before was that just because were Christians and just because we were believers doesn't mean that life is always good to be easy for us getting back to a dream okay so you have this dream which clearly what you're saying is somebody that's protecting himself and looters work now that the apparently that is complete chaos, meaning that people are just rampaging across the United States. The going crazy right did you ask God what it meant. Well, I thought I felt it.

Well it's interesting that you say that because on December 4, there was a meta in a lady through insurance. He's at an insurance client and she had told me 50 years was 50 years ago when she was just a young lady. She said that her grandmother had actually said to her, she said no honey.

She said I'm knocking to see this in my lifetime. She said that in your lifetime.

Your there is can it be an African-American president, and she said once he get once he gets out of office.

There's got to be war in this country. December 4 as you know Robbie was before any of this stuff was can happen if you can think about it, just as is early as December, even in January they were talking about. This is the greatest economy that we never see. I mean, you know, things are just great in this country. Things are awesome. You know, the stock market was constantly reaching new highs, and I think is you probably know in Scripture where it says just when they say, peace and security, then sudden destruction shall fall on but I'm sure you've told me that you had times in your life where you kinda thought that you were just kinda coasting along and then all of a sudden, especially when you're going to do something for God. Right Rob may never another Boot Camp return that I had the you know I dream of actually being sexually molested in and I woke up with this horrible leg cramp and kinda put together that this whole boot camp had something going on with that in and when I asked out for an interpretation. Similarly, he said you're coming up against the spirit of debauchery and you need to be praying against it because it's headed your way yeah and it was a forewarning and it had to make an extremely long story short of all that we saw as it turned out, you know, there were some guys that came into one of the cabins that we are really concerned about that one supposed to be in that cabin and we kind of ushered them out of that cabin and we found out two weeks after we left the camp that there was another group that was in that camp that was there. Over that same idea that the guys would put on the camp been sexually molested at that camp and that he was putting this on for other people had been sexually molested and so is fascinating to me that God gave us this advanced warning sure clear that you are going to face this particular spirit. And this is what you need to be praying against@and I am in weather that had to be for the people that were in camp with us or for the other hundred people that were involved in that other event you know I'll never know the side heaven, but I do know that we were praying very specifically against that and we saw evidence of of what it turned out to be, you know, you have no idea that that was going to happen so it sounds to me from what we both said about the dreams and the vision that a lot of times when God gives somebody a dream or vision maybe not always.

But it's not just to be like oh this is cool there's a purpose for it, that hey there's some some way that he's trying to get our attention on the and II told you about another dream that I had actually couple more dreams that I had one of them always when we first moved into our house in Methvin. I had a very clear dream that somebody was breaking into the house and that they were going throughout her whole house and so I woke up the next morning and I said I told my wife I said I said a man I said I think so, please get a break in the house and I think they're going to do it soon and you know, of course you know her being the spiritual warrior that she is. She said oh yeah of course it is Mike and you're absolutely right. We need to be prepared that she said Mike put sure enough later on in the week. The house gets broken into another dream that I had was my oldest son Michael on when I had a dream that we are going to the mall and then all of a sudden I had looked at the bottom we run the second floor and I looked on the first floor and he had fallen and he had died and so what happened was, was I had prayed and I said I woke up that night and something told me to start praying and I started praying and I said God, please don't let this happen. Something just very clearly told me Robbie. It said to there is a book that is in your house and you need to get the book out of your house so I went right down and I took the book and I got out of the house wall, what book was it what it was just mean it. It was just a book that I fit and I had seen the book recently and I did wasn't mine anymore know anything much about it but I just know that's not a book that I would like in the house and so what I did was I took the book I got it out of the house something about shades of gray or something and it was an older older book from you know for 1015 years ago that somebody else at all, but it was just and I said this doesn't belong here, and I took it out of the house and to literally two days later my son was moving something and he actually broke his leg, but something tells me that if I hadn't of removed that book out of the house. Well, I think it could've been a lot worse.

The you said you had other dreams as well, though he knows we have experienced in know God on all sorts of levels you most of mine you know later literally were along those lines of a spirit that that God wanted me to be aware of of of different things of bondage in my life but I think the whole subject. Obviously you know it's an interesting thing a lot of people would say, now you've gone from you know just the word but now you now. You've gotten weird on us right right and so you know, the interesting thing is that this is so biblical right and it and it's so clear right that in the last days of this is Peter saying this, right you know that the that this is going to happen and and and clearly you know Peter had a few dreams and his his life and Joel will always people dancing in a mall and so the question he gets back to that I think is worth discussing is the book is the Bible a book of examples or is it the Bible a book of exceptions, in other words, is this what we expect life to be like with dreams and visions sure do we expect life to be. This is what they were doing this with they were in a different time know that their time is past.

We don't live in that time right and at and so you know I have a number of friends that they keep a prayer journal right by their knights sure and when they have one of these dreams. They began to write it down and III have my journal and actually be really really handy to have that with me today.

I probably return to 40 or 50 different things that I wrote down over the years absolutely because one of the things that Satan is really really good at is stealing and he steals your memories.

If you know any time that you know God to the rescue if not for God. Right now he's right there to make sure that that that is not on the tip your time when you want when you really need it so cannot answer your question. You know right this very second.

I'm another one hasn't come to my mind, but if one does, I will let you know what I do think that it's critical because I'm sure some people are thinking and what are they talking about. This is raises gotten weird right I don't want to to discount because after I've interviewed so many people would have had so many things like what you've described Karen to them in our life that this is an biblically it's completely dark. You know, evident that this is what people in, but biblical times experience. Why would God be different then and is now well a he's not in Scripture clearly says he says I am the same yesterday today and forever. And so we either believe that or we don't mean it in in in the I guess throughout the that the whole point of my life and in what everything that I've seen is that if you're in, you probably seen this years ago used to see that the license plate does. They said the Missouri was the show me state so that people wanted Joby, I want to see it. I want to see it. And time and time and time again, not only in my life, but in the likes of others as well that God will absolutely show up and show out and he will show us and it says in Scripture it says seek the Lord while he may be found call on him while he is near and and I think sometimes in our lives. Robbie that we have to take the time to really seek God out if were not taking the time whether like you say in the mornings or whatever it is, but just time in prayer and to seek the face of God that it's good to be harder for us to seek to tip for him to speak to us if were not listening. Would you agree are absolutely and you don't I think of visions and I've had a couple other that just cannot really freak me out. My really but it lot of people have heard me tell. I think I've even told the story Tommy Hendrix that was dying and I shared Christ with them) and how you know he had four days late and arrived on time. He died in a few weeks after that story the day he died.

God showed me clearly that I was going to speak at his funeral I saw myself speaking at his funeral now realize I'm a car salesman mimicked a car dealer I'm I'm not a preacher, sure, and I'm thinking God are you kidding me speaking at somebody's dinner is it's one thing to speak. The church occasionally ordered to do other things but the speak at somebody's actual field you not to actually be the main speaker at a funeral, but I thought as clear as it could be and within an hour of me seeing that vision. I got a call from John Hendrix life Robbie what you do, John is.

I mean, and it was clear as it could possibly be, and I knew that I knew that I knew that I was given speak and I even told him and that when a lot of those things I did write down my journal like I told Tammy and I can believe this, but I'm speaking to John Henderson so she had a similar thing when it came to us teaching special needs. She was attending a special needs thing in our church and she had a vision of us teaching special needs and she knew right then that we are calling 20 years later, government is not. Thank you for listening to my shows thrive on my not for God. More information on my contact him if not for God like


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