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Interview With Jason part 3

If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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March 29, 2023 8:30 am

Interview With Jason part 3

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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March 29, 2023 8:30 am

Mike Zwick and his friend, Jason discuss the movie Jesus Revolution. They continue to discuss Revival as it is connected to the movie.


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Here is your host, Mike Zwick. So I mean, what I wanted to share about the Jesus revolution was that there was actually a guy named Lonnie Frisbee, and there's a lot of information on him about him online right now. But he was one of the people Jesus spoke to him when he was in the wilderness. He was searching for God. He was searching for something spiritually, and Jesus revealed himself to him, and he showed him thousands of these hippies who were going to get saved.

Oh, that's another topic with continuationism. But what happened to Lonnie was that he was used by these different people, and they brought him into these churches. Because of him, he would go out to these beaches, and he would preach, and thousands and thousands of people were getting saved during the Jesus movement, and they would call them the Jesus people or the Jesus freaks, and John has seen the movie, Justin and I haven't yet. But one of the things that had happened to Lonnie was that he got caught up in homosexuality when he was eight years old, and this was not his fault.

He was actually sexually molested by somebody who was a babysitter, and that actually kind of changed his heart, and it changed his mind. And he called it, I think he called it a dark evangelist. And so what happened was was he got on fire for Jesus. He started to see all this miraculous stuff, people getting saved.

It was just wonderful. But then in the 1980s, he kind of fell back into homosexuality, and towards the end of his life, he actually contracted the HIV and then the AIDS virus, and in 1993, right before he died, he actually came out, spoke out. He told some of his closest friends, Chuck Smith, Greg Laurie, who's from Calvary Chapel, they talked to him, but he was deeply repentant. There's that word repentance. He was repentant for what he had done. He asked the Lord to forgive him, and he believed that the Lord had absolutely forgiven him, and he did. The Lord did forgive you. The Lord did forgive him.

Unfortunately, sometimes when we sin, there's consequences. But as we can also see through Lonnie, there is also forgiveness. But Lonnie had actually prophesied right before he died. He said that he saw a huge LGBTQ movement that was going to take place. He said, but he absolutely, he never was a proponent of that.

This was just something that he slipped into. What can you tell us about that, Justin? Yes, I've done just a little bit. Basically, what you've just said is what I've heard on the topic. I've also heard that a lot of people in the community, we call them the alphabet community on YouTube, that helps us from them taking our videos down. Really?

Yeah, just use a little code language. But yeah, so what I've heard is that they're actually, that community is trying to use that as an example or a message to say, well, look, if God could use somebody like that with those particular struggles, then isn't he now a proponent for that? But like you said, you run into the problem because number one, he didn't associate himself with any type of community like that. And number two, he repented of that audibly. And it's, you know, recorded by his roommate. There was a video I saw recently of his roommate who is being interviewed now that was reading his actual words where he was saying, I understand that this is sin.

So I'm not saying that you can do this and get by with it. I'm recognizing this as sin as a bad point in my life that needs to be repented of. And he kind of said, look what happened to me. I mean, in a sense, because he was dying of AIDS, I think at the very end, he thought that the Lord was going to heal him.

And Greg, Lori and Chuck Smith went to go see him and they and they realized that he wasn't going to be healed. But ultimately, the good news is, is that there is forgiveness for our sins if we ask for forgiveness. But you made it very clear in another video that you did where you discussed Nancy Pelosi that, you know, somebody can reach out to you for deliverance, but something has to happen after that as well. Is that right?

Yeah. I mean, in her specific scenario, I don't know all the details about it, but you'll see just like her, a lot of people do the same thing. And she was reaching out to the Catholic Church because there was an incident that took place in her house. So she figured if there was this evil going on, you know, a lot of people believe in God, they believe in the spiritual realm. They just don't understand the gospel and the proper response to God.

And so they treat it as this separate thing, this religion in a box. And so if I'm having an issue, right, I call upon help and now I can get all of the demons expelled from my home and I can go back to living my normal life. But the problem with that is, is number one, if the demons are living inside of you, it's not going to do any good to exercise your home, right?

They work through open doors. So if you're giving them open doors and access to your life, the only way to truly get rid of them is to close those doors, which is another word for repent in turn from the sinful lifestyle that is welcoming those things into you or into your home. Then they can be removed or cast out. Yeah. And if you're a proponent of, hey, it's okay to murder the unborn, then, you know, what are you really being delivered of?

Because it sounds to me like maybe she needs to be delivered of that. But you guys have a very personal story of why you're pro-life. You have a son named Ty, is that right? That's right.

Yeah. So it was something that my wife was contemplating, obviously, when she got pregnant. So our story was that we met on a one night stand. She became pregnant, contacted me eight weeks later, found out she was pregnant.

We came together to kind of discuss what we were going to do in the midst of that time without me before she told me she actually went to a Planned Parenthood and was contemplating what she would do. She was really just going there to figure out what her options were, which is why a lot of people go there. And in turn, she said, because she's had somewhat of a religious upbringing, she had a little bit of a Christian upbringing. So she knew some things. She wasn't born again. But when she went in there, she said that she just felt this overwhelming pressure and burden and heaviness in the air. And she began to quickly come to her senses that this is the feel like this just bad feeling when I went in there that she didn't want to do what she was getting ready to contemplate doing. And so she left.

And in turn, she chose to keep the baby, which ended up being our first son, which led to us getting married, which now he gets ready to turn 15 this year and he'll be driving. And you said that, you know, you think about all sense of, you know, since Roe versus Wade in 1973, think about how many evangelists could have been born. Think about how many people could have been out there sharing the gospel, winning souls, you know, praying for the sick to be healed, delivering all this stuff. Think about how many of these people were killed because, you know, people were people bought into the lie that, oh, it's just a clump of cells. And so Ty is a whole lot more than a clump of cells to you, is that right?

He sure is. I mean, think about all the other things people are fighting for to save people from poverty, things that kill people, disease, you know, dirty water and stuff like that, cancer. You know, all these foundations for breast cancer awareness and MS and all these other things that tragically take people's lives. So we'll do that on one hand, spend millions and millions and millions of dollars raising awareness for these causes.

But because we don't see these babies as human beings, then we'll go in turn and just start killing mass amounts of millions of these children who you said could be the potential developer of the cure for cancer. Right. You know what I'm saying?

Right. And I feel like the logic behind it just doesn't make sense. And I feel like that is why a lot of times that we are bringing judgment upon ourselves when we're doing this. It's a very serious thing. And a lot of those people, they don't understand the spiritual realm and truly what they are doing by acting, taking action in the involvement of this, what those doctors are actually engaging with, right? It's sacrifice. And what they're doing is they're opening doors. And the more and more we do it, the more, you know, the demonic realm begins to attack and wreak havoc. Well, yeah, you actually put a video out there about how the Church of Satan came out with a video and saying that your will help you get an abortion or you're welcome.

Do you remember that? Yeah, they were actually bringing a lawsuit in whatever state that they were in when they were trying to outlaw abortion. And they were trying to use the argument that it was part of their religious practices to perform abortion.

So they were trying to get out of, you know, whatever state they were in, they were trying to get out of the way of the law that said that they couldn't legally do abortions in that state by saying, hey, this is a religious practice for us. This is actually, you know, part of our sacrificial doctrine. So you can't take that from us. And it's like, whoa, you know, when we've got, is that clear enough?

Yeah. Yeah, I mean, and so one of the most famous poems that I've heard, and it's been spoken again and again, it says, first they came for the socialist, and I did not speak out because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist. Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

And then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me. You know, there are many people around the world who are doing many wonderful things, fighting against poverty, which is awesome. Jesus had a lot to say about that.

The Bible has a lot to say about that. There are many people who were, you know, saying, hey, we need to be conservationists. We need to help the environment. We need to do all of these things that are good things. You know, hey, recycle, do what you have to do. But I can't think of anybody like that poem says who to speak out for somebody.

You know, if we don't speak out for the unborn, you know, who else is going to be there to protect them? But you actually had a story about how you said your son Ty was really special. You went to the beach one time, is that right? Yeah. And so, you know, you get to see those things out, you know, lived out. You think all these different situations that you've been in where you see him do these things or be used by God would have never have happened if we would have just chosen, hey, we're just going to delete this whole situation like it didn't happen. You know, that's just selfishness really at its core.

And I know different people are in different situations and the reasons they become pregnant, but we can't just look at the minority of these situations and then put, you know, a label on all of them to say this is the case. The story was that we went on vacation and my son, just like, you know, any child that grows up in an atmosphere of faith, we were sitting on the beach and all of a sudden we noticed he sparked a conversation with the family next to us and was sharing about different things. And he's over there quoting the scripture. He says, you know, the same Holy Spirit lives in us that, you know, raised Jesus from the dead and all this stuff. And so the mom comes over and she's like, you know, starts asking questions because, hey, if this is how your son is acting, like I want to talk to the parents. So she starts talking to us and gives us a little information on her daughter who was adopted and actually went through some really, really difficult things as a child. And they were dealing with some of those things and walking through them. Obviously, they were going through counseling and things like that, but there was just a level of it that wasn't handled with. I think it was spiritual, like it needed to be dealt with spiritually.

And so they came from a Catholic background, actually. So this was out of the ordinary. But she said, hey, would you be willing to talk to my daughter and stuff like that? And so we did. We, you know, shared the gospel with the daughter. And she actually came over to our house where we were staying. The vacation home that we were in had a pool and we actually led her to the Lord and baptized her and prayed deliverance over her and stuff like that.

She got some freedom right in that in that vacation pool. So and that was all because he sparked that conversation, you know? Yeah. You know, it's funny, we've been talking about revival and the way that the Lord is moving and revival all across the country. I see one of the areas where God is using, you know, revival, sparking revival is among the youth. And a story that I like that you shared is that you said, I think you you got you and your family were in another country and you guys were praying for people and you were seeing miracles. And one of your kids had prayed for and it was it was somebody in a wheelchair or I afraid.

Do you know what I'm talking about? Yeah, that was actually right in Burlington. It was actually downtown Burlington. So it was after we got off the mission field. But while we were on the mission field, we were praying for everybody. That was a means of evangelism.

It was a way to spark a conversation. We would say, hey, are you sick? We can pray for you. The person got healed or whatever, even if they didn't, it would still spark a conversation which would allow us to preach the gospel.

Well, we were walking down the street in Burlington and saw a guy in a wheelchair who had an amputated leg. And my children at this point, we prayed for so many people that they were now holding us accountable to where they if they saw anybody with any kind of anything, they're like, hey, we should go pray for that person. That's right. And I looked over and I was like, whoa, you know, when you see something that, you know, is a little bit beyond your faith level. And you're like, oh, my goodness. Well, I've never seen that before.

So, yes. So we went over and pray for him. And no, we did not see his leg grow back. But what got me was what my son said, how he responded. So he looked down. He expected that leg to just literally start growing back.

And who am I to tell him that's not possible? Right. You know what I'm saying?

That's right. And so he looked up and he looked at the guy. He said, oh, well, call us when your leg grows back. Like it didn't even stop him that it didn't happen. He had such a high level trust in God that he thought, well, I mean, it's bound to happen. Eventually we prayed. And it's like that's what we see in the youth today.

And I think that type of faith and that type of just resilience to see God move is, I think, what is actually sparking the revival that we're seeing among the young people today. Yeah. And you have four boys. But God is really using your wife as well. Is that right? Oh, my goodness, yes.

We are not. I remember actually I was talking with John earlier. We both did time with YWAM, training YWAM. And I remember there was a missionary or something that was being minister that was speaking there and he was given his situation. And basically it was like the typical minister situation where he's in ministry and his wife stays home with the kids.

And he goes out and he travels long hours, kind of like Billy Graham and stuff like that, does these crusades and comes back. And then his wife is there and she stays at home and just kind of supports him and stuff like that. I'm like, I'm sorry, I didn't marry that kind of woman. Like she wants she's like, I want to be on the front lines, you know what I'm saying? And so it's kind of a funny dynamic in our family is because, you know, obviously she is very loving and just amazing. And she's supportive of what you're doing.

Completely supportive, submissive, like just biblically, it's just it's just a beautiful relationship. But she also is out there on the front lines doing the work. She's out there preaching the gospel, casting out demons. She's got different gifts than I do. So honestly, when I go out and have to minister without her, I feel like something is missing because we work so well together. Because places where she has strengths, I have weaknesses. And places where I have strength, she has weaknesses. You have weaknesses, Justin? Oh my goodness, yeah. Didn't we talk about that this morning?

Yes, I sure do. And it's beautiful because that's what the body of Christ was meant to do for each other, to lift each other up and support each other. Because we're all different parts of the same body that is the body of Christ. And when we all work together, that's when we see the fullest picture of Jesus Christ. She is wonderfully, wonderfully shepherding and prophetic. She's very, very prophetic. And so a lot of times she'll have insight into situations that I didn't discern, right?

We actually got, you know, this is maybe for your cessationist listeners, this might rattle them up a little bit. But we got a prophetic word years ago in Norway. A person came to us and he said, I see you guys as your relationship in ministry as architect builder. And so for me, the person was pointing to me as the architect, meaning I've got all this vision for the future. It is so true. I'm like, man, we're going to do this, this, and I'm strategizing and boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. But I can get caught up in being a visionary without actually putting, was swinging the hammer. Okay.

And she's very builder. Like, okay, we've got the picture. We've got the, you know, the architectural committee has built this out.

We've seen this now. Let's put our feet to the ground. What is the first step?

How do we actually start taking work? And so when we come together, a lot of times we actually get stuff done and we see fruit. So it's beautiful the way that it works together.

I really couldn't couldn't do without her. Wow. And you guys have some small groups. You've seen a lot of growth in that. And one of the things that I've really seen with you and her, Justin, is you guys have a lot of stories. And we were going to talk about this a little bit, but you said you had gotten together in a recent meeting where a lot of people were there and you said some stuff was happening, right?

Yeah. So we normally meet in homes during the week. So there's houses and house churches that meet during almost every day of the week. But every month we come together in a large gathering and that's open for people to come and visit and check it out and see what's going on and stuff like that. And so a lot of times what we'll do is a couple of people will speak, we'll share testimony, stuff like that. And then we'll open it up for prayer and ministry at the end. We shared the gospel this particular time and we asked if anybody needed healing, deliverance, anything like that. And a couple of people needed prayer. Interesting thing was I think there was about five or six new people there. One woman was there and she showed up by herself and said that somebody just recommended that she come and that the spirit moves. And now these are not like, we don't put these out on Facebook. Like nobody knows about these except for our community.

We just send out texts or whatever. And so she showed up and stuff like that. So a lot of people got to experience what happened.

Now, what happened? Well, we started praying for a particular girl, actually a couple people, and demons started manifesting. And so that can kind of catch a lot of people off guard because sometimes you'll have a manifestation that is just maybe a little bit of tears or coughing or something like this. This was like full out screams, you know, and stuff like that. Like the exorcist or something.

Yeah, it was pretty close. But yeah, it can be. It can be. And that's really intense for people to see, but I love it. It fires me up. Some people, it freaks out, but after a while of seeing that, it fires me up because I see that for every single person, regardless of what you're going to do with that encounter, you have to do something with it. You either have to dismiss it or you can actually take it to the Lord and say, Lord, what in the world just happened?

Show me what's going on. Show me in the scriptures. And a lot of people will find once they begin to dig in the scriptures, they'll start to read instances like, hey, this man brought their child to Jesus and it threw him on the floor and his dad says it threw him into the fire and it threw him into the water and it tries to kill him. Jesus cast the demon out and they're like, oh my goodness, the boy is dead. Or in Acts chapter eight, where Philip goes in, he's preaching in Samaria and says, demons are coming out with loud screams. People are being healed, all this stuff. And you're like, oh, that is in the Bible.

Yes. It is in the Bible. And so, and it's kind of cool what I see you doing with this because you're seeing this more and more, but there's some people who say, oh no, we need to do this privately. And I know you and I have received some criticism for maybe putting some videos out there or showing it out there. But you said that when Jesus did his ministry, it wasn't a private ministry.

Yeah, he didn't. I mean, so you can't make the argument in the Bible for making everything private, making praying for people for healing or for deliverance, for anything that, baptizing people. You can't make any argument scripturally for that privately.

The only argument you can make and what we try to follow by, that's why you won't see every single little thing posted, is that we try to love people first. And so the gifts flow through love. And so we want to respect people's privacy and stuff like that, but we also want to challenge people to not just hide things due to embarrassment or shame or what it might look like because they might have to get a little undignified to get deliverance, right?

Right. And I think there's power in that. So I think the reason Jesus did a lot of these things publicly is because you couldn't hide it. And so you actually had to break through your own pride to expose some of your deepest, darkest secrets, right? Or become undignified by manifesting a demon in front of all your friends who have seen you in church for 20 years, right? Right, right. And now your reputation is just ruined.

But guess what? There's no dignity in deliverance. Like if you want it, there was no dignity for that woman who had the issue of blood, who broke through, she broke all the religious rules by touching people while she was bleeding to be healed by Jesus. She didn't care about her reputation in that moment. She knew if she got a hold of Jesus that that would be all she needed.

Wow. And she, because of her persistence and because she wasn't looking at, you know, the religious order of the day, she had the faith and she says, I'm just going to trust in Jesus. And she did get her healing. And what we've been talking about is standing up for the issues that really Jesus would have talked about. There's John 7.7 where Jesus said that the world cannot hate you, but he says, but the world hates me because I testify that its works are evil.

We can go around praying for the sick, we can go around and we can, we can pray for this, or we can do this or do that. And we may be left alone, but when we stand up against what the world is doing, and it's really the devil, like that quote by Martin Luther that I gave earlier, that the world will come against us. But it's not like we should be surprised when they come against us.

It's almost like what we should expect, right? Yeah, I would say to that, we must stand up for truth. We must do what Jesus did. We must expose the works and the tactics of the enemy, again, because the sins that are controlling people are ultimately stopping them from experiencing God and how he desires to be in relationship with them. But what we also have to do as well, and I think this is what kind of harms our message sometimes, is people that are only preaching hard about the sins of other people while they're living in a hypocritical lifestyle. And so I think, you know, the message and the importance would be make sure that your view of sin is all the way around. You view sin in your own life in the same way you do in someone else's life so that you're not walking around with a huge plank in your eyes saying, you're going to go to hell because of this.

You know what I'm saying? We must understand that the transformation starts with us. That doesn't mean you need to be perfect before you start preaching or warning people or anything like that. It just means that when you allow God to do a work in you and you live a lifestyle of righteousness, holiness, allowing self-control to be worked through the Holy Spirit, then your message is going to have a lot more authority in those people's lives.

Because number one, you're coming in love. And number two, you're living what you're preaching. And ultimately, like with Lonnie Frisbee or with many people who have come out of that lifestyle, there is forgiveness. There is repentance. And I believe in the Old Testament, Jesus said or the Bible says that if you turn away from your sins, he says, I won't even remember them. I will remember your sins no more.

There are many people that you've prayed for who have, I think, had an abortion or you and your wife have prayed for who have had an abortion. And there is deliverance and there is freedom and reconciliation with Christ with that as well. Right.

Yeah. So, Justin, thank you so much for coming on, man. And I appreciate having you on as always. God bless you. Thank you. All right. For my YouTube channel, if not for God with Mike Zwick, just like, subscribe and hit that notification bell. So you'll be alerted when we have our next video. This is the Truth Network.
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