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Song Of Solomon Discussion

If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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September 21, 2022 8:30 am

Song Of Solomon Discussion

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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September 21, 2022 8:30 am

In This episode, Mike Zwick sits down with Robby Dilmore to discuss Song of Solomon.

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This is Rodney from the masculine journey podcast.

We explored manhood within Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just a few seconds.

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It's his voice right to sit look at look at the way it reads well you know in before we get into this you not tell you that you know I don't know if your member Anna Nicole Smith that she was never sure the actress she was.

She was married to this guy's name was J.

Howard Marshall and she married. He was 88 years old. She said she was truly in love the way he was a billionaire and you know supposedly they they both went to the doctor and the doctor told him he said now I will warning you before you get married.

He says that sex could be fatal. And Jay Howard looks the doctor and he goes, if she dies, she dies well as a shoe hundred $0.27. I get it. Never before on the history of the, if not for God, and we gone in those typically direction anyway it is.

It is one of those things that the it's I don't know if you felt that way when your life. I wish I didn't feel it off so often that you know the night your member in the garden Gethsemane Jesus went through many said you know initially you know, stay awake and pray with me.

This is big. Pray that you don't fall into temptation right and what happened was they fell asleep.

They couldn't wait in a one hour okay and if you were tried every night I'll never forget the first time I agreed to be on a prayer wall with with the church and I was glad to pray for an hour now, I'm known for praying for long times.

At this point my life that when I first started that idea prayer in our strike man, I was off to sleep in 20 in 20 minutes easy just been a hard hard stuff.

Yes, yes, the will. So what so what is going on in song of Solomon five it's on its own and five I guess will take you up at the beginning, write the code that the lovers meet and it's it's the story of how Jesus was espoused to a church really and so the whole thing is spectacular as far as waiting up to this wedding night, which happens in chapter 4 and chapter 4 that actually even go on a honeymoon to Lebanon. How fun is that is in chapter 5 begins right after the honeymoon and and unfortunately at this point in time.

If we go to chapter 5 in a like in so many relationships you know it they know they are all excited. That night there, the Last Supper, but you know when I got back to the garden that you know they fell asleep and therein lies a lot of interesting situations because she says at that point in time, that behold is my beloved's voice is knocking sure. But then she says, and I can't take off my cloak and hoping I can put it back on again. You know I can't get up because I'd of the file. My feet and and she talks about that right we don't have time for you right this minute. Jesus, I mean that's the hard cold situation, but that's kinda what she did and so then it says interestingly that he stuck his hand through the hole in the lock okay and since we know that he was knocking on her heart because she said I slept but my heart was awake yes was, indicating that Jesus had the Keeter Apartments by the fact that 20 studies been trying to get her to get up. Yes, since the very first chapter. Yes that here it says that I was moved for him and she jumps up and goes to the door and there is more on the door, sure, but he's gone away minute Jesus left. Ellis is left to build a house with a leather belt and yeah and and so then you know. Interestingly, she goes out into the city to look for and it says that the watchmen that were in the walls they they took her they beat her and bruised her. They took away her cloak. Who were the watchmen, so let me share what that usually is right is unfortunately usually church people okay okay okay and then they will beat you in bridging take away your cloak, but in the case of Peter. I mean, if you really take Peter's life as is part of this outgoing you think about it that Peter was that night asleep in the garden and he had made a big deal.

I don't even Jesus him to be there for you under God and not just when the time comes, I'm your man. Yes, but it wasn't. But what if you hours later yes and the watchmen asked him are you you the guy with Jesus yes and he said what I don't know. I know I don't know, and the little girl asked know I don't know way for me cursing so they beat him they bruised him, they took away his mass. They took away his veil and all the sudden hard thing for Peter to see was that Peter saw that you know like Cory temperance at this wonderful line that you know you don't know that Jesus is all you need until Jesus is all you have and so when Peter realized he didn't have what it took.

Without Jesus then all of a sudden he was faced with a real reality of how badly he really did need Jesus and unlike Judas that night he repented and and and and kept on trying to find his way through it was a very difficult circumstance and Jesus eventually did it but you know the beauty of that is everybody's life has that and almost hasn't constantly don't think it does. It doesn't mean the you know what I think about that with especially the beginning part of some of Solomon. She is giddy in love with this guy right and that's it's it's it's her ship initial right will is here I write this, he's just giddy and she can even stay in there. He was good, probably to come back eventually, but she had to go out and find out do we have that same giddiness in our search for Jesus right right and and so when she gets up to find him and after the beginning of the incident where she got beaten and bruised, you know it's interesting that she goes to the daughter Jerusalem this and I charge you will do the daughters of Jerusalem that if you see my beloved, will you tell him yes I'm sick with love yes and and and that the thing that we went from giddy 20 heartbroken because he's gone. But think about it you know what a prayer request if you you I love my friends if you see Jesus, can you tell him I'm sick a lot like that's it. I mean that's being really needy out loud and in the humility of that she doesn't mention the fact that the watchmen took in Peter and bruised her to clear look what she mentions is what's broken her heart like that minute. What matters the most to her right that minute is that that she is sick with love and and then fascinatingly, the daughters of Jerusalem, which are a picture of who right when it says the daughters of Jerusalem and the song of Solomon when you think about it. We are all are the bride of Christ. In such an extent, we are all daughters right and were all the virgins with lamps depending on our situation, but the daughters of Jerusalem are different from the daughters of Zion which are mentioned that another point in time and is in the book the daughters of Jerusalem are those our parents had faith, but we don't yet exactly get it and so that's why she keeps instructing them throughout the throughout the thing and so she says if you see him in a civil what's up with your beloved that he so much better than anybody else's beloved that you were there arches so that's it and end. That's when she starts the famous punchlines of the that and with these altogether lovely, but the first line that she says he sees these white and ruddy, and the fairest among 10,000 to the cheapest among 10,000 and so what if my life. What if my relationship with other people wouldn't be that they would come to me in the go.

Why is it that you're so hung up on this Jesus guy there, what is such a big deal about him because it's what the daughters of Jerusalem are asking her that you would make such a big deal.

Why are you so sick with what what's what's wrong here, you know that you are that hung up on this guy and and and so she has a chance to really explain right to testify to the daughters of Jerusalem yet any units we've all heard the saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder right at sometimes I wonder you know it says in the old testis. It is seek the Lord while he may be five found crying on him while he is near. Sometimes I was wondering what this my life got for play hide and seek with us is he ever make it so he wants us to chase them right and he wants us to pursue and then you seek him and yes we all know that nobody seeks God.

Nobody were not the first person to reach out to God, but I have seen times in my life where I feel like the Lord really wants me to seek him. Have you seen how there are times when it's crickets yeah and is just crickets and it's an interesting challenge, but sometimes he gives his crickets because he is want us to just to do what we arty been told to do that and other times it's crickets and we don't listen to what he's telling us to do because it's not what we wanted right and other times it's crickets.

I think more to your point, like it was for crickets for that night. She she said after she got up she said. I called Farmington answer me when it what a tragic you know thing like Jesus, I need you I need you, and he's gone. Yes yes and he yes and he's gone is really cool where he's gone anywhere. Fast forward to chapter 6 could have know it's there. Yes, yes, is the same thing actually happened to chapter 4 and also happened in chapter 3 it says he grazes among the lilies. That happens throughout the book, will the idea of lilies because he calls her Lily and she called herself a lily of the valleys and then he says she's a lily among thorns, the idea of the lilies is praise and silences that Jesus feeds among or shepherded among praise so where can you find in other words, when she goes hunting where she eventually finds them as among the lilies. While where where can we find them when and I know so many people that that that you know some of the best you know Nikita's like this mechanical offers like this.

James Banks will tell me about him John Eldridge about their worship times that when you know when they are in that place where there: and they're not getting any answer.

They just are worshiping because were you know he grazes among the lilies. It is the idea that he's there and in worship in yeah there there is something called the scarcity principle of her that know but I might hit her and said basically it's it's where people always went with a with a can have. Since the whole supply and demand thing and some he told me years ago they said that you know why are diamonds so valued and they say think about it it's like it's just a rock and is just a rocketing but it's that this person told me that DeBeers can keeps them away of any kind keeps them hidden away so that people will want them even more. And so it's a whole supply and demand thing is that if something is harder to get. Then we wanted even more right. But if something is easy to get, we don't as much and so I almost wonder.

That's why say sometimes baby does God play hide and seek with us where he's like no Dorian, we kinda looking for looking for what you know but it's like sometimes when something is just right in front of her face and so easy it's just right there. It's like I would know what that and there's also times to where I were in. Think about this, where she went to go find Solomon and she went out to go do this do that or whatever. Sometimes there are times in our lives or we don't understand something and were trying to negotiate with the enemy, but only if you remember, was it was one of the Angels was it Michael the Archangel Michael, with Gabriel remember what he did not get into a conversation with the devil he just said the Lord rebuke you and say sometimes if the Lord has spoken a word to us. How is mine, I think that was Michael. And instead of trying to negotiate with the enemy will God I know… Yep, it sounds so good it's like we just say okay Lord was talking a friend of mine earlier this week and is getting Curry Blake and he said that he was sitting watching one of the show CSI whenever NOTICED it was house and he said that the Lord told him to's stop watching the show and so what he did is immediately he turned it off and he said why is at work. He said after he because he turned it off. At first the Lord told him he said there is always a logical reason an answer behind what happens in the outcome to this.

He said if you watch this too long, you're gonna start looking for a logical answer to reason. Everything that were sometimes when I'm speaking to you. It's not a logical reason for what I liked about with that guy Curry Blake did the first thing that he said was yes Lord him to turn it off and then he got his answer she sometimes we want to look at something and we want to say God show me the reason why this is happening and then I'll listen to you when I was reading the book of Job. This is one of the things that really hit me a while back. Job is asking Lord God, why did this happen God wanted to have whatever in the Lord did not say let me give you the reasons for it happened because of ABCD and even know he did tell him that he said surely you were there when I created the world and so in other words, what he was saying was trusting.

To paraphrase, even in the robbery standard version because that's where I got saved on yeah I was reading through the Bible and try to sell more cars which you can understand being a salesman that I guess I picked up the series by Norman Vincent Peel and it said if you want to have a positive mental attitude which was the idea to sell more cars than you need to get up an hour early every morning and read the Bible like that sounds crazy, but hey, I spent hundred dollars on the states at him. So I'm reading through this thing. Man I'm getting madder and madder and madder at God as I live through the bottom and ma'am I got all the parts in Exodus from the cutting the fat off the kidneys and I was like ma'am this cannot have anything to do selling cars.

This is the stupidest thing ever in my life and for whatever reason he had said to pray before you read even though I didn't know that I even believed effective sure I didn't but I still prayed, and the Holy Spirit did kind of like starting at Matta God like woe.

In all, and they got into the promised land and all man over to Jericho and ate and kept the devoted things and they stoned him. That was bad enough. Then they killed his kids okay I come in. They didn't do nothing and I was like a God. What's up with that. You know, and I was getting madder and madder and madder. So I got a little. I was furious just like how would you take out this man's family and all this just to show off to St. Neil that was my life.

My really sacrilegious view of life at that point and I was I was mad and so I'm right with Job for 20 chapter many chapters that is is you getting put up through all the shenanigans of these so-called comforters and all that's going on in. Then, in the moment. It's talking about God shows up in the cloud and he says to him, brace yourself like a man while as I got a few questions for you but it doesn't answer each of questions that you said he says brace yourself like a man.

Yes, as I have some questions for you. And when he started asked those questions, you know, essentially in a can you stick your hook in the Bahamas and convoy okay and I like know those are some of the questions or can you make it snow. Show me I'll be impressed yeah yeah yeah bring the tide in Mike Arriaga God is not right. Which is exactly what where he put me at that point in time I went all my goodness, because the whole way through the Bible. I've been asking all these questions, not unlike the comforters writing and now he says okay Robbie brace yourself like a man. I got some questions for you right where were you, you know.

And oh by the way Robbie make it snow. I'll be impressed you know and then I was like whoa whoa oh because at this point time I fully understood number one I was in God, right, and number two God is a really high standard and I really don't understand necessarily where he's coming from right and I I have a problem.

I have a sin problem that he and I did not realize how bad my problem was until I read the book of Job, and so had it not been for God that that I always consider exit was quickened. There. That was when all of a sudden I needed salvation. I did a salvation up until yes yes yes the there's a there's a quote remember J. Vernon McGee, have your heard of Gore's love Avery McGee is quote this is God's universe and God does things his way, you may have a better way. But you don't have universe through weather. Great quote that's a great I love that you know I I was with a Annette I don't know if I told her the story and I think I may have. There's a guy on my Facebook feed and II always send him a message and will talk to each other's names James something that his dad has it had his life insurance with me and when his dad and I were talking about insurance. One of the things that we talked about as I was I was about to leave his house and he said Mike. He said I feel like the Lord has something for me to share with you and I said what is that Sir he said there sometimes in life where you don't understand why things happen. He said, but God knows what he's talking about and that the truth. Haven't there been times in your life. If you're listening right now where shoot, you may not have known why something was happening or why it happened or how it happened or anything like that and things didn't seem to make sense to you but God. Nobody but God knew what he was doing in that situation, did that ever happening. Robbie yeah yeah yeah I was thing about it you know I don't know if you knew this but I had a chance to speak a cowboy church there at the plow Pro bowl writers event on on Sunday okay and it was neat how God God gives you something for each of of and or download the download. What I did not talk about it cowboy church was actual download that God gave me but he gave me what you're describing. But then he had me just talk about the things that happened to me in my life and how we actually came through it. But what what it says in the song of Solomon and actually in chapter 4, after essentially most of chapter 4 is Jesus describing his smoking hot bride.

Okay you say that it goes on and on and you got scarlet lips and all the stuff right. He does all that and after 14 chapter 14 verses of him explaining how beautiful she is, you know, our responses awake Northwind.

What awake Northwind income South and blowing your garden with the spices would go forth and as I got a vision of what that meant, is bring life on because know when I got cancer when I got hit by the Jeep when I fell 35 feet out of the tree house, or about 35 feet out of the treehouse I heard about the Chi I heard about the Jeep I heard about the cancer treehouse that I was making my daughter a treehouse/deer stand. Okay you know me. I love the and I was hammering on a board and all the sudden board underneath me broke and I went down plummeting 35 feet headfirst. Mind you, Mike, and I don't know if you have some like that happen where you at this moment you know but this is gonna hurt by November 1, 2011 is my moment.

I was driving in the journal Carolina flat Shoals Road listening to Charles Stanley and all of a sudden Charles Daly went off in this weird music came on and the voice spoke to me and it said you need to put your seatbelt on and I said seatbelt on and is it okay that's it okay put my seatbelt on and right when I went up the hill. I flew 80 miles an hour into a tree answer right before I hit that tree my last words were, then God, this is it right right and I was like I was in a hurt, but in a did the kind of funny part is to revisit the dissident break several ribs and yes it collapsed my long and yes it about killed me and I realize on the ground being a deer hunter since I didn't have any ability to breathe because my lungs collapsed just one of them, but I have a lot I guess I could lift and I couldn't breathe hurt so bad that I had to get in the house but I couldn't walk so I kinda crawled myself up the stairs my wife was fortunately right inside the door. When I opened it, which I kinda cracked open and she saw me there on the ground and I looked at her and I said call on you know and she said Mike would set. Are you sure yeah I was sure I was sure, but again below Northwind no awake Northwind and and you know when that verse in in James where it says consider it pure joy when you write face many trials and temptations and and and I hadn't really seen it so beautifully okay as that the Northwind is going to blow the smell of your life. In other words, the faith that you have through all these trials and temptations. All this other stuff is not just for you in the growth of your faith. It's the it's the, the daughters of Jerusalem that are around watching your life to see all what's the big deal about this Jesus that he screams after himself and John Wesley said. He said I set myself on fire and people come to watch me burn so you know is we get to this point.

Maybe one man, what is the big deal about Jesus.

Well, if you're like me and you saw that situation would like.

I don't have those answers right, you can turn you can admit right it's ABC admit that your center man and that that you been in there eating the big pots of the prodigal son, and you want to eat steak manually go back and eat steak with that said, go back, admit and then you gotta believe that Jesus is who he said the son of God. That's right, right. And you gotta believe that he did die for you and and you gotta believe that he is the way to the father which is old. How fun is that. And then you confess that he is the Lord of your life. In other words, he is the one I'm chasing after all you do is pray that in your heart and believe in you to be saved course Mike would love to hear from you. I would love to hear from you.

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