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If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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July 6, 2022 8:30 am


If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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July 6, 2022 8:30 am

Justin and Brooke Knoop are back in the studio with host Mike Zwick. Join the crew as they hit the hard but necessary topic of repentance.

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If not for God with Mike Zwick is like driving that notification will be alerted to have our next video will if not for God. Stories of hopelessness that turn to hope. Your host Mike Zwick is not for God with Mike Zwick. We've got just a new back we got his wife Brooke knew back as well and so I don't know if I told you guys the story or not, but I was watching I was listening and maybe watch a little bit while I was driving. It was a crooked new talk. When I was driving I got the first speeding ticket that I had got in years because I was listening to Brooke new visa while you could've just been speeding anyways yeah but right before that about a minute before something popped up on my phone and it said there was a speed trap ahead, and I had gotten so into what she was saying that I had completely forgotten about that and so ended up getting a speeding ticket but hopefully that'll that'll that'll work out is not that man had absolutely nothing.

So we got back for a second show, and so we talked about a lot of things and in one of the things that we had talked about Justin and broke his deliverance and that's actually we have a friend Jeff year, who was talking about a situation that he had encountered when he was was it overseas Jeff when he was in Jamaica he saw how he was a Christian was actually demonized or possessed or whatever you want to call it but you know it was interesting. After I did the show with you Justin. I had a dream and in my dream there was little kid and he said to be said you have a demon like good pics.

Olivia called just that it is so Justin I called you and when we had something was on a Wednesday night and I went over to your house to you. We remember about that one thing a lot of people don't don't don't know what to expect and I think probably in the same position we try to tell people really did.

There's there's no expectation other than you know God, we want to do the same way we are retarded and really people's mind with that we want to do whatever the Holy Spirit wants to do. We had a time of prayer with you and I think one of the most special points of that time was what we always see and that's as we sit quietly and we wait on the Lord.

He begins the Holy Spirit begins as if I tell you hey I want you to start digging up the stuff from your past and who knows if that's pulling up stuff that's already been forgiven. You know that you've already laid to rest. But if we ask Holy Spirit show him show us what's pertinent right now that needs to be dealt with and he did not believe in Brooke.

You were there, but I think you would asked if you're if your son and wanted to be that it could come at us and maybe not tonight but the you had a friend of yours and Cameron who was there as well and you know one of the things that we talk about and we talked about this a lot on the show is repentance and so much of the teaching that we hear now is about grace and by the way I love, love, grace.

I thank God for his race, but geez you know Jesus when he came he he was was John the Baptist would set the species coming full of grace and truth and so a lot of times we have this message of grace, but we don't share the truth and we don't want to share with people the fact that they need to repent of their sins and crimes can be honest with you I don't see how you read the New Testament and see how there's no need for repentance from anything Brooke. I think repentance is where it all starts and I think that if there is no repentance. There is no donation. There is no repentance. There is no freedom how I tell people I get this analogy and I a lot of people will say, especially in the Western world where were at the Bible Belt that they are saved in a Michael what have you been saved from and they said I will help in Mike that's not the gospel I'm sorry that's the consequences of your lack of response to the gospel because people are so worried about their destination more than what they actually need to be saved from Jesus's message was never hell it was in you need to be saved from sin and John the Baptist message was the same and I think to tell people all the time you and I don't Sam say Vanessa but are you still in the burning building and I you can be you can say or say but if you called the fire department to come rescue you out of a building, but you're still in the building when they show up outside. You can't say I'm saved until they got you out you know and I can say Jesus is the fireman he came. It might've been 2000 years ago, but until you repent of your sins.

The journey of salvation does not begin, so that's the beginning of salvation is the beginning of the liver grants and yet in the Holy Spirit is the rest them yet in Justin. There's actually a passage in this. This is the passage that really sticks out to me more than anything in it and in Jesus is talking about the seed that fell on different ground you don't talk about yeah when I name my business after I hire you for soils. I hung out in that scripture for quite a while because it incurs me when we got into kind of ministering full-time if you want to call it because we noticed there were so many people that we were pouring into and some would receive that. See, they would receive that message and they would run with it and then others.

You would pour so much time and energy and prayer into and then it seemed like they got it and then weeks or months later it's like gone. It's like they've lost that fervor. They've lost that excitement that passion there they fall back into whatever number. In particular, we were we were in prayer about this because her likeness really disheartening. And the Lord brought to our attention.

He said you know if you read this portion of Scripture. It gives you literal percentages of a

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