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End of Times

If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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May 25, 2022 8:30 am

End of Times

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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May 25, 2022 8:30 am

It will be the worst of times when the end comes. Join host Mike Zwick and special guest Dana Coverstone as they voyage through the bible to tell us what will happen in the end of times.


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If not for God with Mike Zwick. I'm glad we got a good friend, Pastor Dana cover stone were to be talking about the end times and am looking at second Timothy chapter 3 and it says, but mark this there will be terrible times in the last days. Be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive disobedience, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash conceded lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with them. It clearly tells me Pastor Dana when I read the book of Revelation. In the last days. It's good to be tough there to be some rough times in the last days, but there are a group of people out there who, whether it's post-millennial, all millennial, or even the predator wrists who say oh no no no that that's not what it means were not premillennial at all, were actually in the millennium right now and some of them say it's gonna get better and better until we usher in the return of Jesus Christ and they said yeah, things may get bad for a little while but they're gonna keep getting better and better in you guys are just trying to scare people, but would you say pastor on the keyboard you just read that having the appearance of God denying the power thereof, and that means a couple of different things.

First vote means they don't really know who Jesus is. In Matthew seven Jesus said the defendant kind of moment that the Lord will be That Dana deleted miracle that we built big churches. We had big big podcast. Millions of people or whatever we had been granted but they never knew you and I think they'll apply what we are because the appearance of godliness that this mean that you go to church.

It means that you feel like you have things altogether denying the power and understand Revelation with a lot of people out there that they will visit what's going on.

That's what going on.

I have been very investor them in containers share grains that contain it will even preach that God is the left hard times become because it does that last day Carolyn times will come that the picture of the ship, rocking back and forth on the waters and the tomatoes water.

There will also sit in first Timothy 41 now the Spirit explicitly expressed within the latter times some of the parts in the faith by devoting themselves to fecal spirit and doctrines payment. In other words, all just that flat out absolutely there'll be people standing on the clock with pastors and preachers will be preaching and teaching things that are not just balls but they are straight from hell itself. There are doctrines of demons. There will be teaching things that do not line up with Scripture that violate everything that Jesus we hold true in gear and in the church and that those documents are Damon not going to just deceiving people, they will encourage people to do things that they should do and believe things they shouldn't delete. I believe that there warning people not listen the warning and there's nothing more dangerous when Jesus said in Matthew 24, 21, he talked about the signs of his coming that we need to pay attention to him. He also said that when they drag you before governors and kings. The leaders don't be afraid about what to say because the Holy Spirit will give you the very worst say Mac that that path is limited to light their Luke 21 for just a minute because in that passage Jesus make a pretty strong statement that we really need to pay attention to because they reflect on where we are going ask you this, Pastor Dana, are you saying and in this is what I've had people say to me while the book of Revelation is just all symbolic and then I'll have other people who say that will at all happened in 68 or 70 A.D. is is that true or well John the apostle John was given that message said to write this down and give the surgeon yesterday and after all happens in Romans that out will look at is one thing that has not happened. That is the return of Jesus, which is near Jesus and behold him come in quickly and my reward is with me. It would bless the reading of that book. He said that he would honor it.

Don't take away from don't add to it. In other words, the people is that what happened in Rome well really did it because Jesus hasn't come back yet so some of those things are that have not happened though that was they will assist it to symbolic. There's a whole lot of symbols and there but a whole lot of what Daniel saw was symbolic as well. That guy was given that met the Daniels that he could go and and what hasn't been the book of Daniel also is revealed also openly in the book Revelation was futile to book. Then Revelation going hand-in-hand. Why, because they'll talk but in time. Daniel seasonal things are happening going on envision John the regulator bring that to happen in some of the things we have nothing built one people that was all symbolic. Well, okay. Have you prayed that I'll ask people what you mean well I read this book, it was a bunch of the commentators believe is literal and other commentaries that leave symbolic that you really prayed about the zeal of the Holy Spirit reveals you about the thing is a lot of people that say they have positions that they hold to may not study date. Not that they'd not spent time in the word really know what they believe to begin with, but they just killed the church.

They sign up here today and they leave that all God calling FB students of the word God calling us to look Holy Spirit lead us and guide us in interpretation and understanding. That means you, David. David said he meditated on the work.

What that means is if it was written down because the things on the tour. The scroll, and he thought about any thought of that and thought about throughout the day. He meditated on EEG try to soak it will. What does this mean how do I apply the Similac tried to think though that wouldn't go deep with it so that's what we need to be students of the word. If you know the work you're not going to be geared towards deception, and that's one of the major most important thing that Jesus said book in Matthew 24 and Luke 11 Luke Luke 21 verse eight visit to it that no one leads you astray. Many will come in my name, saying, I am hate don't go after that the very first thing after the Bible say when what will be the fun you're coming. The very first thing that Jesus says it do not be deceived in the way that we cannot be deceived is that they from her about our salvation.

That foundation, we can stay true to the words keep our nose and the bookkeeper rating keep cranking seeking also think that fellowship with other believers. The Bible says forsake not the summit together sell because the author of Hebrews and Jesus himself knew we were going to need each other. I need those people in the field Sunday morning report of a lack of gather prayed with them through the night there. Part of my life. We need each other as though when Jesus said no beware because no one lead you astray. He was saying.

One of the key sign of the end times would be absolute deception and that we would have to keep our ears. The spirit of God to keep our eyes and the word in the book and know very well so I think the deception and calling talked at that moment that that deluding influence that will come dilute the lines of belief and that you burn in Matthew Jesus that even ill some of the things that were happening if they were slow got even the elect would be deceived so in the story to tell and S do not be led astray to make sure we we say about people salt solid fell theology we work at also said Neil work out your salvation with fear and trembling, that fear and trimming part means we better know what were talking about we just throw something out there and say the discount like the rapture idea and I believe the rapture if I'm wrong, wrong. One thing I do know for sure is that Jesus said he coming back. He said I'm coming back soon quickly and my reward is with me on the disciples saw Jesus defendant at chapter 1 database defending you why you looking at the same gene will come back the same way Paul had a sense of imminent thing that Jesus was coming back need-based residual accident Christ rise first.

Those of us who remain alive will be caught up with him in the air. In other words, there was a anticipation that Jesus was coming back so if I'm on the rapture around Dominic and feeling my life is that the rapture could happen tomorrow or the day after that I will live my life imminently because although even if the rapture doesn't happen to know them Tomorrow I can have a heart attack not to be hit by a car.

Who knows, you know, things that happen, I gotta be ready at any given time, so the deception part to me is the key piece of the whole puzzle would be in time that would be great deception because of the enemy can convince people not to be worried about you, live your life your own thing at your pastor, I had a lot of deathbed confession, nursing homes and hospitals. I've been in the emergency room to be without. There were dies they can fit everything they should've been bitten due to all the things they've done all that they been apart and asked him get out and go right back to live that, life, and what scares me is they been to see a lot. I got things right with God for long. Okay now that is an okay God. This is a new day when ready to be for you today so that deception I think is part of the Keeley and times that we don't then it will think a lot about that but I see is a key part because the first thing he said was because of it happened the first thing he said was, do not need to cc to that you are not led astray. Paul talks about Dr. Beeman. Paul talks about having the appearance of God in us to deny the power talking about an apostate and apostate church. You talk about latest answers of the church to go to know who Jesus is the think is okay.

That to me is the worst thing about the Lord and the persecution of business coming in that they'll be people who do not really truly believe that Jesus Christ is coming back that concerns me greatly for the American church yet and I and I mean you know Jesus didn't want us to be ready for the end times and why would he say this. It says in Matthew 2411 and I'm looking at the NASB.

It says in many false prophets will rise up and mislead many people.

We have a friend of RJ Michael. We have a Bible study on Saturdays and he said most false prophets don't even know that there false prophets. They think that they're telling the truth. If, and that's the key thing where people can become so convinced that what they know is true that they become dogmatic about no out there. Is there some a few things on the medic about first of all you need to say dogmatic about that dogmatic about that. Jesus comes back that I get emails I deal with things every single week from people who don't think I speak for dreams. He does not believe that that the baptismal spirit speaking from the silver that I had people tell me God doesn't heal any more of God week anymore. Gotta do the things you get visibility, dark argon. I say not you can believe what you want, but I'm standing on the word of setting on the truth. And if you listen to me. Find a listen to me that until he comes. I want to be able to be faithful and obedient with the Lord to court him and to him.

I want to make a difference in people did nothing else.

If what I do want to show interview at this can encourage someone to grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ that I'm happy if I can make if I can encourage people to do everything they can to get closer. Lord, I can encourage people to find more more power from the Holy Spirit alive that I'm thrilled about that. I'm not trying to convince people doctrine that the things that I live my life by the doctrine of the work as though Jesus said that you will know them by their fruit. In other words, Jesus gave the world the right to look at us with the adolescent that's not really good Christian or manic as a hypocrite elect with the person. This when he said you about their fruit so no no no him. He was saying hello would you recognize the false that in the hearts that people recognize the new weather not your real so that occurrence of God is that the power I don't want that.

I want people to feel the presence of God in my life.

I feel his love in my life and the way that I responded probably disagree with me or hate me.

I want to scream and yell at me. I will respond in such a way that Jesus the same, and in the last days will have more more issues with that of even an evening and Luke chapter 1 he said they'll come a time when you will be going to be hated, you'll be delivered up even by parent and brothers and relatives and friends in Luke 2116. Can you imagine apparently turns their kid and because that that child or young person I know that adult child. There is sermon Jesus or go to church still believes the Bible is God's word.

That's what is going to get to as though if you're just wishy-washy and have no foundation to your roots are deep and faith not just going to be a witness for anybody in Jesus is basis. Think endure the pain is in my example be my example, even if they take your life be my example is a cut your tongue out be my example even the take out your eyes. You can't do a good you be my example that how hard it that will be led by the also the deception that there will convince people that they're doing God's will by having us kill S. The clincher only deception that leads to that in the church reliably yet and it says in acts 217 and there I believe it's quoting the book of Joel, it says and it shall be in the last days, God says it that I will pour out my Spirit on all mankind in your sons and your daughters will prophesy in your young men will see visions in your old men will have dreams so I guess I'm old because I've been having several prophetic dreams for a few years now, going to crowd my friend, you know, one of my latest dreams that I had. It was real quick dream. It was worth all of the lights went out in the United States.

Do you feel like we need to pray as a nation right now pastor Dana. I believe I have been trying to call church in the nation. The prayer in September 2020. We got prayer meeting here on Saturday, May 14 is the successor permitting reprint of brilliant pray for the book of Daniel Pitt masses of the folks that are here to pray that present Daniel Craig and we need to. I believe that God revealed things the warning dreams to us so that we can pray about things we know what's going on in the revelation that God gives us dreams and vision is not on the same layer the same level as the word of God.

We understand that. I do believe that God spoke to Pharaoh and it shows that had not heard from God that Haygood was a great mean an entire generation of Egyptians and other nations would have died if God had not given a dream to Nebuchadnezzar, a human king and given the interpretation and the dream. The Daniel we would not have known that vision confirmed some of the history that happened on our plant even involving Alexander the great scope of those dreams then become a a confirmation that God still speaks the people back and I do believe obviously that God speaks to people in dreams and visions. Why wake them up to one the nation toward church and so I fully believe in and everything is in the last days of trauma spirit. That's what what what Joel said Peter quoted Paul for the last days credit has become. We got balance those two because of her walking in the power of the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

No matter how perilous those times get we will still be on the right side of will still be having the faith and encouragement, a heart or mind or spirit to do about: do and will not be living in fear of God not given us a spirit of fear. He wants us to live it out and so I'm thankful that Peter realized hey this is that Joel talking about on the day of Pentecost and that the power of the Holy Spirit is there for us in the end times. In these days. Help us to walk in faith. Live it out. I still believe that God does miracles and heal and if he never does another miracle to me praying for somebody okay I'm still going to pray for miracles of healing I'm filling a believe he is coming back still notably that he wants to use my life and use you and use us for his glory. I'm still notably, the God of the hand and the nation he that walked away from his regatta and that this is the time for the church to raise that and I mean rise up and do what is called Duke to go out to the exploit is that appearance of godliness. Nine. The power that is so much of the church right now even every church. Every church in America in a semi that turkey get on fire. They can be an example to everybody else in the church. No matter you don't want to pray. Okay fine I pray here at my church Lord use any people who will pray help me this relatively people who will pray every Tuesday night we got 9 to 10 guys little craving cheese and I got folks come early on Sunday morning the great post Kimberly.

Before that services and crate primitives once a month now at our church and the fishermen come up in a few weeks. I'm excited because I believe God will use the prayers to make a difference change things and the impact the church and fuel the church to have more fire as we go on the last date to the deception government yeah me and second Chronicles 714. It says if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, and I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sin, and I will heal their land. While there are many people today, and I understand why they would say this is the will say will things are just bad in the United States.

They're knocking to get any better. No matter what we do. Things are going to get any better so you know why even worry about it and I think what they're really saying his wife and pray about it but what you think. I think that prayer changes things, and Jesus. He told of the importance of prayer disciples in the garden tonight pray with me for one hour. In other words, the principal thing of Jesus life was that communication with the father and so he modeled prayer even pointy thing when you pray, pray like this, not like the Pharisees, not the other leaders pray like this and he gave us that know the Lord's prayer. He gives the Beatitudes to give us the foundational understanding of why prayer is important. I believe it when I pray God shows me think Jesus and the sheep know my voice and other words he was saying. If you follow me, I will speak to you and you will hear my voice no direction or go as though the church needs to understand the data we pray he hears and he responds not a one-way street. He he responds back to us. You pray according to God's will that ill at even some of the dreams that had idly given so people could pray about certain things would not happen. I really believe that September could be abysmal month United States and other countries. I really believe that I had one dream just to talk about March into March.

Prayer meeting at Civil Code shook that we had a grandma meeting in September as a separate event believing that God can help us to make a difference in the month but if we don't pray we don't do anything that was occupied until he comes in and occupies military term which means cold the ground told the ground that means we set up a perimeter and we don't leave it. We don't let anybody know enemy comes in that measly fight was to wipe all cognitive on the armor of God, is why the Bible tells us to take every thought captive, so it was a fight and so prayer becomes a fight as well, and I would rather identify in prayer and in it was in scuffles of some bruises and some pain and see God do something because he does save my people: it will humble themselves and pray here and he doesn't just hear it here.

Brian he hears and he response and that's me of the neatest things about God.

He hears our prayers and he response, he moves the court will be pray when I pray I expect God to hear and when I pray I expect God to move nothing new.

I want him to do the praying of the good according to his will and another is what Jesus is at the right hand of the father daily interceding for you and for me I name the five I don't understand how that works in an internal sense that I was grateful to God is praying about you and about leaks. He mentions my name. The father if he thought the father about me then he's going to respond to some of the things on pray he's in a movie going to hear those that I live my life long enough of the pastor as a Christian, realized I've seen more answered prayers in my life that I think unanswered prayers. I will go to my grave or the rapture. Nolan that he is a God answers prayer. I would say the church. Yes, you need to pray if you don't feel like it. And there's something wrong spirit you get your unity get in the were due to start speak of the Lord's faith to ask him to give due wisdom and encouraging your prayer life because the prayer life isn't doesn't have communication talk with with what got a walkway. No, that prayers about what you want me to do Lord were you cinnamon everybody to reach out to them talk to that munication is open, so when we pray. I believe God moves God, listen. One of the things that were praying for his revival about you. Absolutely. And I'm praying that that the revival become will wake churches up to how they can pray.

I constantly pray for the corruption in Washington DC in the nation to be those that cause the pray for people to wake up. I pray for the populace of the full fill of fire. I pray for believers be waking up in our churches understand the times in which we live it with both recognize the days in which we live, the time when Jesus says here you go to see he's telling us that so that were awake and I pray to the church. I pray the church becomes wide awake and the fact that Jesus is coming back in with the uses for the glory and that we see him move. I want to see people say that the filters but I want to seek our baptismal think filled every single settings that baptize only with a hope and the other churches, other fellows, the other denominations realized that God wants to move 1/2 do it yet you that you Jesus could've fit angels around the world. They hate Jesus Christ is Lord a good thing that you say he didn't do that. He chose as Paul said, we have this treasure in earthen vessels, weeks, physical human body that breaks and bleeds that died gets older you think God is chosen to give us the greatest message in the universe near was never know and trust. We vessel human people share the gospel. Man, what a privilege, what awesome awesome print was the guy looked at is that humanity I got a message for you that you share with the world. I'm humbled and honored by the fact that Jesus gives us a chance to tell somebody else that will be done for us. So I believe revival I believe I was that I happen. I got all up and how big or how small would be glad losing the pocket to revival all over the world own country glory comes I really believe that we pray until he comes and you know there are some people who say hey will you know it's getting bad. I guess it's just to be awful.

Jesus is going to take us out here soon so you know I'm just ready for that. But do we still have some work to do. Pastor Dave, you know, Paul spent the last years of his life in prison and I guarantee those people in prison hurt him, pray for them by name.

Paul said the praetorian guard even come to Christ. Why because Paul would set up.

He was in prison he was right and he wrote 40% investment. Some of the written lies of prison. In other words pocket okay got in prison. I'm not dead. I'm not done what can I do to get pray I'm shy guarantee of those people in those cells. They heard him sing at midnight and asked Elder that he is appropriate. Got midnight the chain fell off. I guarantee those people in those cells. Heard Paul praying and come. I guarantee they heard him talking to Luke about the goodness and the testimony of the feelings, the miracle I guarantee that they heard Paul praying, pacing, and pray for those in that room for the guards to the soldiers for the theaters praying for those leaders. I guarantee you, why because Paul knew until I draw my last breath got you got something for me to do. I think that would have fought the good fight, I finished the course of Michael. You've been a good fight. I'm not been notified in the bruises and Pena Blevins know what he said. I fought the good fight other words, he never stopped serving. He never stopped giving he never say never stayed quiet when it came to things gospel I will that be my friend when I got I fought the good fight, I finish the course is that all my life to be some of my last breath will tell you about Beasley's animal life in a minute you know I remember when I was in high school. We used to run track and what they told us they said, look, you should be running so hard and so fast when you go over the finish line. We should have to catch you, I mean how cool would that be Pastor Dan. It's almost like by the time we get to heaven. It's almost like they have to catch us when we get there because were yeah hard. I love that I love that you have a new book out, tell us about that real quick. The book is called simple accountability is about a way of finding account partners to because share your life with your heart, your frustration, your temptation for about 30 years now and I assured Alden the bookstores base was younger that I've been letting Fishman know every single week the struggles I have the temptations, the frustration of the difficulties also enjoys victories about my life and my family from that I share openly and bravery transcript guy that basically show you how to do that has you wanted to share the hard stuff and there's a lot of things in my life that I will no longer part of my life because I had been pray for me as I share the things that we struggle with thing about accountability. We I think is the missing piece of discipleship.

Simple accountability phone Amazon constantly. A real benefit to to the public. Go Pastor Dana about you, but I believe that Jesus Christ have. Thank you so much for coming on again and you guys learned today. Sure this podcast friends and pray for my YouTube channel is not from God with Mike Zwick.

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