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Speaking for Those Without a Voice

If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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May 4, 2022 8:33 am

Speaking for Those Without a Voice

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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May 4, 2022 8:33 am

Mike Zwick and Guest Dana Coverstone talk about the abortion issue that faces America today. Learn about the Wednesday miracle!

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As I write.

I have full accountability. It basically your journey that been on college I go to college with a difficult situation reset brand and help me go through this difficult situation and it became a lifetime of writing a letter to the guys every single week element think that struggle with the temptation of the frustration of the difficulty they don't hold back a very transparent and finding those guys with that 30 years of help me to build overcome in my life. That struggle and frustration is been having with like been having wide kind around you and it felt my prayer life my walk with the Lord and that it did strengthen me incredibly, though that book available on Amazon. I can also felt belittled.

Cheaper they want to contact me at real Dana cover give an address like they had to do that. That Obama doing well with you and appreciate good to be on your show today appreciate your friendship. Appreciate your heart and appreciate your sense of timing of what's going on the world health how strongly you're looking that situation like that me on the yes sir today and wanted to talk about the issue of abortion. There are people on both sides of this matter fact we actually have a local lady running for Congress. She says that she is a born-again Christian loves the Lord.

But she believes in a woman's right to choose believe it was Chelsea Clinton a few years back.

She came out she says no. I know I'm probably getting get some pushback for this, but I believe in what she calls a woman's right to choose because of my religious background Pastor Dana what you think about that. Well I think first of all, the Bible is very clear in the God we are to live in the first foundational thing that God created, and he basically said that many of you know, go forth and multiply it.

Also, before that that is not good for man to be alone. The relationship aspect is driven by the heart of God why he made Eve to be with that, but the command was go forth and multiply with me have children and those children have so no zone: have children those generations of people who will then share that the hope of the gospel like we have in the purpose of life. It felt as though when I hear somebody say well you know my religious beliefs allow me to kill a question that we thought things happen in Europe. Europe years and years ago, even before Roe V Wade was the big deal here in America and abortion was was just kind of streamlined and brought in. It wasn't about 25 and 30 years after that happened the pretty soon a lot of the older folks in some of the nation that Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the terrifying go the doctor the hospital because after deeming that life in the womb wasn't essential or necessary or what could be discarded equally.

Pretty soon people discovered that if you're over 75 years old you had a heart attack and you may not be needed for care because their life is used as the news that we need that bad for a 40-year-old who had a heart attack at the 70-year-old what we've seen in life about like in the last 34 years is that the value of life is been thrown to the wind only cares anymore which is why the abortion issue has to be a primary place because first of all, the church. The church is the only the only agency the only entity only group the only established place is actually speaking up for the unborn. You think about who else is talking about abortion. Who else is talking about the murder of unborn babies with only Turk I will give great credit to the Catholic Church.

Although we may not agree on everything. I'm grateful for the pro-life movement that the Catholic Church has really pushed out there. They had been on the forefront. Thankful for the evangelical church of Finkel for the other churches that come together and realize what was happening, but when you begin to not care about the unborn. Eventually you will not care about anybody else in life has no value in broken data that Romans chapter 1 verse 18 it is the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and the unrighteousness of men who bother unrighteousness suppress the truth. Really, what we what were saying when, if and when we accept abortion. We are saying that life doesn't matter were denying what was King David 70 good.

I'm fearfully and wonderfully made, and what we were knit together before moving it to get my mother's limbs. God knew who we were going to the purpose of the Econoline of the Bible makes it very clear that you know he he established that even even even Jeremiah said, because of the love you. You call that you knew who I was, you knew that the hairs on my head you in the calling them a life you know I preached my first message annuity would he would give that the prophetic word you give. So when we start denying that life is valuable we actually are telling God what he created. Is it worth having is worth being around is not as valuable as as it was, so that wrath of God will eventually, I believe, already is being revealed against heaven against the chill of the Bible also talks than Peter. Peter says the judgment begins mouth done that I fully really absolute believe that there will be people who will be judge who call themselves Christians. And yet did not see the value of human life, the passionate upper over 30 years and in that 30 years of time I have had. I've had ladies in my office who are in their 40s 50s and 60s, who years ago without anybody else not to maybe just the mother of father. When has abortion because they got pregnant. I am telling you what my friend I have heard these ladies cry in the week they talk about dreams.

They had the talk about nightmares.

They have a just can't get over. I prayed with her. No joke. I pray with hundreds of women who have dealt with abortion from years ago who struggled to get through it. I know that Planned Parenthood had a good Cabell.

It doesn't hurt the woman and baby that the emotional scars and emotional wounds. It really it really hurts people when ICF pro-choice movement that denies who God is. Denies the value of a life else. We also understand that if they don't value life before your born. That and we got even even got some laws there at the time he passed that would allow women to know the basically the site of the 20 days as you want that baby is not. Once again, immersing a whole new level of the value of life being thrown away the wrath of God can come in verse 19 of Romans one says for what can be known about God is plain to them, because God assumed his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature than clearly perceived, ever since Rachel looked. You cannot your father now understand that the incredible joy and feeling you get when you hold that baby neurons, you realize, wow, this was the cause of much of mine and my wife in this.

This child represents me, it looks like you that my wife is this, this child has value. Even though that baby cannot do anything for you, so to speak, you still love that child unconditionally because wow, this is the greatest gift of his life. You actually created something we own body that becomes a reflection of who you are you the one that reflection of who God is and so we start fan that what God did or what God made isn't worthy of value. It has no value. All for putting ourselves in a very, very dangerous situation is nothing that you have.

I deftly feel that way about this topic. Yet in one of the things that that people will say is this able women. Some women need to get an abortion because it could ruin their career or if they get pregnant when they're younger, it could ruin their lives were there there not to be up to get a job and make as much money as they could because they have this child.

So some people on the other side to look at it almost. The baby is a hindrance what you think. I understand that some people want to try to put their own life out there for or the excuse that will make more money. You really can't afford this. Also a play with a lot of folks are trying to adopt and and I've seen families are able to adopt after 4 to 6 years. I've seen people raise a lot of my directives to bring kids mother nations but the other thing I see about the about this is that I got a personal experience with something. I got three kids on my youngest daughter was in the womb. My wife, it was about five months along. As you begin to have serious issues with blood pressure, to the point that she had preeclampsia so bad that my doctor actually talk to my wife not to look. He was a Christian through the solid Christmas. She said I have to medically tell you that this point there is a chance that you can lose this baby or your wife. She cinema like where you could die in the process and so we know we had a decision and my wife a list of doctors that you know up the sales like there's no way to trust God to bring the past when trust God to take care of this and that last three months of her pregnancy. It was a horrible difficult situation, she could hardly get out of bed. I had to help her to the bathroom all the time or in the making of the hospital. We got there that doctors notice he said I'm so glad you you you Suspicious and also realize how difficult this is been for you both will be working fit.

We were committed to to to choose life with no plan. And physically. This shall come in and so I remember the doctor that they felt lose of your rights to pray with us. We had the baby and that everything, everything worked out that I heard that Dr. said what I had thought I offer this you as medical professional because you could dive your baby like that there having been told by Dr. that my wife could dive a baby cadaver both could die in the process. Albert and I knew that there been other people don't do that would dealt with that but at that moment I had to honor what God's words. This in and in and in that moment I felt the faith, the strength of God and below like my wife's life unit little girl now 20 years old and just graduated college and and that is an incredible town of Boise is very gifted in music and and there were no complications whatsoever. My wife dealt with all that it was my wife who had carried that know the possibility of death or whatever but we just trusted the Lord and it was an easy with all your past is to be the note wasn't a moment that night will not allow white blood pressure was so high that the run VR regular can happen and happen and we we live in a state of prayer the church that I served at that time lived in a state prayer press. I was not want to use the excuse what mom did nothing crazy but even excuse them.

What will my wife my diet that was not excuse.

I trust in a God who the God that I serve as a God of miracles is a God healing.

He's got great he is the God of life is God Greek life in the my my body will not know what not to my first breath out of the womb. I was recently got a great event, so to speak, and I found out how to trust God in a deeper way to go Mike. I would say to so many people out there that are similar I can't do this right can't have that look a child is a blessing.

And yeah, I understand there moment compliance with the financial things can get a little scary little Harry I understand is moments with careers will be to be looked at but no one would make that choice to have a child. When God allows our opportunity has an opportunity for us to love child lives.

It's a chance for us to reflect how much we love that child by honoring God purpose of choosing life. So if and when we thirsting will you know babies out of court once again we have taken the value out of life that our choice, our decision is more important than the life of this child that God has given us, and whether it's plant unplanned, will you marry or not. Life is still like that definition doesn't change is not altered is not does not brag anything when it is still life time, have conversation with people in the other world. But now the crazy place in the food shortages come in and those are things that people thought about him. A lady called me years ago. If you could pass them. I don't know how to prepare. I've got three special needs children and I don't know. I don't know what I'm going and keep in what should I sit on I don't know. I got the three kids do not have any handicaps or physical, emotional or mental disability. I don't know how I would do that arrived work with student, but that we have boasted of special needs archers but I think you know what I don't know that if you pray God will show you what you do with your than at and I pray with them for several months later heard from them. Hey God gave us this with this idea. This understanding I was so grateful that this family who had adopted the children that we want the kids know that their love.

We want these kids recognize they got life and purpose and hope and so I'm grateful that their people, regardless of other situations out the food. You know what baby is not perfect. This child does have all the advantages that it could have but Lugo love this child with established in the child's life, even if even if they know they may have to raise that child for the rest of their lives in their adult lives what you're saying is life matters model would be especially in the church world and the people as they know it will not honor like regatta on her life and am one of guys I don't support abortion for any reason. Okay, somebody is Ray Haik. There are still people who are willing to go to adopt: I know families that cannot have children and that's all they want to do is have children and they can do some physical situation on part of one or both and in there that know their lives. The people who want to adopt the other thing that I see in that is that if if we start denying the value of life.

We literally ultimately deny the value of the God who made that life and once you start telling God what he's doing is good needed is necessary. The Old Testament numbers in the lot. Deuteronomy. He says things like remember what I'm telling you. Remember to follow his commandments.

Be faithful the following from amethyst that you be faithful do this do that and basically kept reminding them to remember what he told me remember what he came up against major became this camp that remember when I didn't lands promised land. Gotta follow these rules as though if and when the church starts accepting the abortion for any reason, we will go daddy was slippery as the slippery slope and get further away from the value of life. We have a creator God. And when you're a parent you created this child and you bring them in the world. God honors that likely also wants you to honor him by raising that child. The right was for the Bible says train up a child the way she go on the edge will not forget it only guarantees a child to do everything right. The measles foundational things you teach and put into them will be held onto and probably you come around back to the life of the walkway from so is more than just having a baby is about recognizing the life that shall bring to the God that God is honored you as a parent you and I both honored to have children is an honor from God's restoration to be entrusted by him to invest little children as they grow that the media, the laws of God. The commitment to God how we test with walking when I was glorify him soak my hope and my prayer is that the church really well except understand that this life thing is that stuff you just go away. It's important in the way that we value life now is how will value life later on. There was the result stored in the cold of the someone who was an older person was in the home and they had made them, apparently. Then they made them fit a little table because they started to get older they couldn't, you can control the close of escrow and as much and they were having trouble with movement with the sponsor. Thank you so is this this God love the grandchild's father, but yet she had the I spend about Prosser, but that parent to move their parent NK and the the younger parent made the father stated another table kids table because of the messages thing and that basically the child within the house realizes that he bases this is that he said that my going to have to do this with you. Could you at a table by yourself. When you start making messes and that the dad woke up very quickly what he was what he was doing. It brought the father back to the table and Neil became a family Life are not careful we will take all the value that the risen life the way it starts with not caring about the unborn. Next thing you know hey if you're 70 years old, not in the hospital for care because we knew that bed for courtier the worst thing were saying medicine in the medical world were saying things just like that because people have forgotten that life still has value and we forget that the church will we are really in trouble yet and in one of the things that I've heard a lot lately and seen a lot lately is that is that history is filled with the barbaric cultures of the war still has to be the ancient Canaanites, as was customary in the culture. Parents offered their newborn children as sacrifices to their God.

Mallick you think there may be a some sort of correlation between mole and what were doing today absolutely because it once again we take what God is made created and we state this is not good or not good enough for this child will ruin my career. I don't have the time right now for this job. I don't yield we live in a world right now her back. Michael you know this were a lot of grandparents raising grandchildren in the small community that I live in here in Kentucky I see more and more grandparents the race of the grandkids because their kids have gotten off of drugs or alcohol, but hereby and there will realize that AA off baby love it when I thought so. They had grandma you take the baby and take care of it and so the grandparents who are struggling financially, begin at the nearest in age. They got a deal with it and as though in a lot of ways a lot of things people that they will just what if you don't value the life go away and filled we are seeing sacrifices of baby millions of years millions each year were sitting within the sacrifice of responsibility is not the villain.

The baby away they are. They are walking away from. There was possibility to foster and chair and take care and maintain an grow at your teach and train the child is not just the fact that they're going to baby away murdering a baby. They are literally walking away. The response know that they did on their own and take two people to have a baby and so when they do that they become better sacrifice to Polak or whatever agency it is you know that we see is also a thing of convenience and when I went as I live my life as usual. After the Lord were not called live a life of convenience recalled live a life of excellence you where hand but due to all glory God. I know a lot of people also who got pregnant out of wedlock to know what to do and yet those kids that were born became great leaders and and and and great greatly gifted by the Lord and I'm thankful for. I'm thankful for those mothers that you know what, even if I had do this alone on going to do and I know plenty of single mom & grandma's good taking care of their kids in the grandkids.

Everybody else walked whereby he is left to be people say focus in that and in that sense of honoring the honoring God's words. Choose life and then my fear is that the judgment that's coming to this country and already it is here, in the judgment is coming to the church. It better be because we do not accept life as is to reality. It comes from God and the God speaks into is so when abortion little in my mind that the sacrifice of responsibility, depth of murder of of a bit of an unborn baby has no voice of it was Ronald Reagan who said all the people who support abortion have a voice and I've never forgotten that that little phrase that he said he would bring out the point that they unborn baby has no voice. And even that child on the fires that by the Canaanites and the Syrians in the newsgroups those babies had no clue what was about to happen. I cannot imagine how hard your heart has to be to think something that was conceived in love and throw it into a fire in the here you'll whatever agony comes from that child could not value life like that girl baby away.

I showed you the hardness of heart, so you know we are the experience.

We are the Canaanites, we are those cultures that just that we don't care about life and if that culture gets accepted in church where an even deeper trouble than we think. Yeah and I am starting to see that a lot of the people who say well you a woman should have the right to choose to kill her and baby are not. I see some of the same people saying well.

Pastor Dan or Mike if you're a man you can just choose to be a woman well for the moment does not want that baby you know a guy quickly.

What I what you are the wife of one not, why not have five or six other people out there and become. In other words, it becomes a way to absolutely disbelieve reality.

There are things you I was born a man, physical man, hello to the doctor looked at me is that that the boy and Dr. do the same thing with you, and over the years nobody had any questions about that because we knew what we were biology was assigned to think about the basis of this is that Bibles is not female he created them. So someone could distill our euros baby a lot of time there disbelieving the reality that therein. I'm sure there are things that shock people shock us that the point is, you still want to get rid of the child is they only get rid of something that God made.

I want to get rid of something that the gods allowed to grow inside of my womb.

I want to do have the responsibility of having this child you even now I know there's a lot of people posting about life had abortion am proud of this loan that I think I know better.

Once again, I talked over.

I've talked to hundreds of women who have major major trauma, emotional, emotional, nightmares on a consistent basis. Even 30, 40 and 50 years later having nightmares over some of the tissue Glauber Bussey sales will know if not, is a life created by God, we choose to destroy it.

We've actually we basically got what you made is not good enough for me not at this time.

That is not convenient.

I believe the greater judgment that will come to church because of those opinions, faster.

I got yelled screamed out for my opinion but I stand with life and I believe the wrath of God will absolutely rebuild against those who are we just couldn't take life as a non-value thing though uncritically one of the manager for the limit and those thatů Today are fearfully and wonderfully made that mean dog food stamp loans were hit and he relicensed elements of my life glorifies him because of that's right every single life has value to cover sentiments of logic, one to believe the website is and abortion guys want to get involved. We go outside the abortion clinic every Saturday and we pray outside of the abortion clinic around abortion 21 and is matter-of-factly Wednesday we were fasting and praying and then guess what happened to the abortion clinic in Greensboro.

There are no longer open on Wednesdays we started doing that other days and so you're saying what can I do about this. What can I do to get involved. I would look at an organization called love life were involved without also look up that website and and concertina cover still think publishing grab you, pray for my YouTube channel.

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