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Mark Walker

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March 30, 2022 8:30 am

Mark Walker

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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March 30, 2022 8:30 am

Join Host Mike Zwick as he political candidate Mark Walker.

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Hey this is Jim Graham from the masculine dirty podcast where we explore relationship instead a religion every week their chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it.

Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening you for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. You're listening to the Truth Network and welcome to If Not for God stories of hopelessness that turn to hope. Your host Mike Zwick. If not for God with Mike Zwick. We have a very special guest Mark Walker Congressman Mark Walker. He is running for one of the spots in the Senate and the Republican primaries coming up very soon, but Mark Walker were glad to have you here today my glistening were happy to be here back over the true studios and thank you for the good work you're doing and look for the interview today absolutely and that unit is start off little bit. I didn't realize this but I grew up going to Calvary Baptist Church and you said you actually work there. Is that right yes as I really cut my teeth as a young pastor there worked with Dr. Gary Chapman. In fact, love Gary and Carolyn there been many times even in Congress that I would get a text from Carolyn Chapman. She's a riot but to love those people and so blessed to be able to have a launching pad, serving as a pastor for 16 years, starting at Baptist Church here in Winston-Salem here in Winston local guys so you were in the ministry got a college in the ministry and then you felt the Lord was leading you into politics.

Is that right yes that's exactly it is much as I was caught I came to Winston-Salem in 1991 at $600 in my pocket started working in business and finance get my wife actually got lost looking for another church one Sunday morning and put in one church and so this blonde sitting on the second row. I don't know what her daddy was preaching about that Sunday but acted like I did afterwards. It would have been married 30 years but yes after about six years felt like God was calling us into ministry something elsewhere would never do.

Being a Baptist preacher's kid myself right serve 16 years but about 8 1/2. Nine years ago. I felt just as strong of a call that I did leaving ministry at business wrote of the ministry is a different ministry going into the political arena and a serve six years there. The U.S. House serve six years in the U.S. House, so what was your first step did you win your first race that you ever yes we did and it was interesting because we were completely ignorant of the process. I do know anybody in Raleigh, much less Washington DC.

I did note that about the donor class I did I didn't know any of this.

The DC pack special interest and we simply made a promise that we were going to win the Republican nomination without taking a single dollar for many special interest group and not that they were lining up offering for some guy who had never had a medical experience, but we were able to do that in one of the neat things is when we arrived in Washington DC course nobody knew who we were, but we didn't know anybody anything except the very people that had sent us there and it allowed us to fast track. In fact, we became the first in the refreshment term.

The first freshman ever to win the chairmanship of the largest caucus and one of the reasons that we are able to do that and then leave the house repealing Obama care in defunding Planned Parenthood is because we were independent of any those restraints, arriving there in the U.S. House wow and you know we I go to the Lamb's chapel yeah and also I actually he had with Brian bigger so the we actually just we recently saw you, you come to the lambs chapel.

I think it was when one was utter I think it was last fall, yet last four or five months ago yeah last fall, and when you were there. You actually could see. We believe in miracles here said Truth Network and but you said you told the story about when you were younger.

Something happened with your brother. Oh yes, I looked at it at any time that I can brag to my dad.

My dad's my hero and he will be 77 years old, about three or four months till pastoring and preaching check in the corners he would they would probably say that world but debit. Yes, you really and that quickly growing up in the deep South. The group in the Panhandle of Florida, commonly known as the redneck Riviera lower Alabama lot of their terminologies. The rest of Florida doesn't consider as part of, you know would get a gift for the city of Steve DC from that era in the Alabama area there but but we we just grew up either church of the ballfield and that one afternoon we were in the backyard playing around messing with the BB guns. This would sometimes in the South and in and I had two younger brothers at the time I was 14. My younger brother was 12. The youngest was 10 and long story short, there we were returning there was nothing cooler than shoot your little brother in the back of the leg hearing squelch but we would do that.

The rule was a shoot low, but I end up shooting my little brother in the eye that ricocheted up he was behind the pine needles guy did a miracle there in his life that the night before looked like the shattered window pane and ever.

My dad pray in that that God would heal them.

But he also prayed something that reminds me of Daniel 318.

Where did the three Hebrew children are told about on their say and you know we believe God's gonna deliver this within there's three words that come after that. Verse 18 it says, but if not, were still going to serve the Lord. That was my dad's attitude.

Whatever happened is that he was going to be faithful the Lord and coming in the next morning the doctor talking about my brothers.

I had fuse back together even that look like a shattered window pane the night before was just it was a moment of really seeing God work in your life. It is a 14-year-old that was so impressionable, not just what God did with the way my father handed it that it did not shake his faith and was willing to do and work and walk in the direction that God provided for in absolutely known him we were looking at this were talk about this a minute ago but it was a second Chronicles chapter 20 I wanted to take a quick look at that and it says that it happened after this that the people of Moab with the people of Ambon and others with them besides the ammonites came to battle against Jehoshaphat and some came and told Jehoshaphat, saying, a great multitude is coming against you from beyond the sea from Syria and they are in hit hazy on Ann Taymor which is in Getty and Jehoshaphat feared and set himself to seek the Lord and proclaimed a fast throughout all Judah said you to gather together to ask to ask help from the Lord and from all the cities of Judah, they came to seek the Lord, then Jehoshaphat stood in the assembly of Judah and Jerusalem in the house of the Lord before the new court and said, oh Lord God of our fathers, are you not in heaven, and do you not rule over all the kingdoms of the nations in your hand, is there not power in might, so that no one is able to withstand you. Are you not our God who drove out the inhabitants of this land before your people Israel and gave it to the descendents of Abraham. Your friend forever, and they dwell in it and have built you a sanctuary in it for your name saying if disaster comes upon us sword, judgment, pestilence, or famine, we will stand before this temple and in your presence for your name is in this temple and cry out to you in our affliction and you will hear and save. And now, here are the people of Ambon, Moab, and Mount Sayer whom you would not let Israel invade when they came out of the land of Egypt, but they turned for what they turned from them and did not destroy them here. They are rewarding us by coming to throw us out of your possession which you have given to us to inherit OR God.

We do not judge them for we have no power against this great multitude that is coming against us, nor do we know what to do, but our eyes are on you know all Judah with their little ones, their wives and their children stood before the Lord, the spirit of the Lord came upon to has heal the son of Zachariah, the son of Benny I of the son of JL, the son of not deny a Levite of the sons in the midst of the assembly and he said listen all of Judah and you inhabitants of Jerusalem and you can Jehoshaphat thus says the Lord, to you, do not be afraid nor dismayed because of this great multitude for the battle is not yours but God's tomorrow go down against them, they will surely come up by the incentives is and then it goes on and what happens is is is is the situation looks at absolutely impossible. Jehoshaphat is saying, Lord, I can't do this on my own, and the Lord says the battle is not mind I am that the battle is not yours Jehoshaphat but it but it's mine and all of a sudden these people hurry to come against them, they start to fight against each other and and they kill each other in and God works an absolute miracle. The reason I say that there are a lot of people, and I've talked to a lot of people needing in the United States right now and they think that that the situation looks hopeless. They think that things can't seem to be getting any better. They think hate it. It's not to get any better or not. I've heard people say this work. They say I don't even know what the point of voting is anymore because you know it, it just doesn't seem to work out but Mark is there some hopes the left in the United States. Absolutely there is and not only do you look at biblical history. At one correction efficacy distribute Steve Steve Deese earlier Steve, good interview with us today. Not colleges there but when you look at it from it from a historical context not only biblical but even in our history. If you look in the late 1770s and 1780s in our country.

People thought all hope was lost.

There was a move that that that that drunkenness was all over the place we had turned her back all that the love the churches had gone completely completely secular in their teaching and and God brought about a couple great awakenings there and at first century. If you look at any great movement that happened in this country.

It happened in the political arena did happen in Raleigh or Washington DC. It happened with God's people. Sometimes he allows limited brokenness as we sing typical history as well as ours to be able to refocus, but at absolutely and until the Lord calls us home and I believe there is hope in and out and it's our job not to be discouraged because that's the whole thing that they're the radical woke left wants us to be is to disengage because here's the thing. People never rest and we have to understand that this battle is much more of spiritual warfare than it is politics and and if were only look at sometimes out unite people asking and I've often wondered especially forget the Congress and we send these so-called conservatives to Washington DC. We wonder will won't happen. What I discovered is if your grounding or your foundation is only in your politics menu you're not gonna last very long it in that arena or other places.

It better be grounded in something much greater. What you and I would agree that it would be in your faith because that's the walk, but Paul or Peter talks about in the air. This is but don't think it's crazy when some are strange with some fiery trial encompasses work were in a battle in think about America, the most sick exceptional country that it's ever existed is the longest constitutional republic that's ever lent that lasted and we sit more missionaries to bring hope and healing in the message the gospel of Jesus Christ of any country that's ever existed. Do you not think that the enemy wants to war against that absolutely because God has put his hand a favor now were at a crossroads, founding fathers wanted a system where the checks and balances would be from the people, not from the government and right now there's a battle who will be leading those checks and balances. Yeah, I mean an and in one of the things that II think that the the enemy or an and even some sense, I would just say them not saying the left is it but I'm saying the left what they're trying to do, and I noticed this when you watch the meteor, whatever that they're trying to divide us as matter fact we were talk about a story before I was in. We I live in Alamance County and we had an Alamance County Republican Party meeting and all of a sudden the black lives matter group shows up. I do remember that or she has to certainly do in fact big as my deputy chief of staff to tip me off about 1520 minutes I was coming from the Eastern perfect actually spoke in a church that morning was a Sunday afternoon, a member distinctly and she said you don't want to show up here because you get some BLM protesters which only encourage me get there faster. You know, and I hope that's the Lord, not my pride right but but but but engaging that morning and and they were asking a bunch of questions and we were in effect actually address them first before my started my remarks or my speech and said whatever it is that you and asked let's talk about it in and I member one specific question. They said well you sound inclusive.

Tell me what your staff looks like an actor named, about five or six of wonderful people minorities at work full-time on our staff.

I am immersing this look I didn't I didn't hire these wonderful people because they were black and brown. I heard them because they were the best.

I just looked at more places in it and I think sometimes we run from the challenge of the narrative that's on this progressive woke ideology as opposed to kind of dealing with it head on. We should be intimidated.

We have the truth on our side and I cannot do I think approach is important sometime just week we, as believers, we gotta be careful that is not condescending or getting in somebody's faith but but the truth is the truth.

We want to share in love but that did set of running from those off a run for for this opportunity we should run toward those opportunities to be able to share what it is that we believe what were talking in the faith, context, or whether were talking about hope and prosperity, and individualism versus collectivism, and however deep you want to go the political arena wheat we have the wheat we have history on our side shows limited government putting the power in the hands of the people has given this country success. Let's go talk about it. Yes or and and and matter fact he said there were some first for you. Speaking of minorities at a historically black college in the I would be remiss or disingenuous. If I said that when I arrived in Congress that I knew this would canna be our path, but we're smearing on the one side were rated the number one America first right number one have all candidates were the highest rated conservative ever to serve in the top four leadership get the same time God began to maybe as my background is a passion working in inner cities or places likely the New York Baltimore. Once you see the brokenness and the poverty of the crime assemblies. The families have just been decimated that it doesn't leave you so got open up the doors for us to be able to go to places that many Republicans haven't gone I think were the only Republican out of 2 million Hz certainly like Republicans in North Carolina that has been offered in and gave the commencement speech at whatever historical black college university where were the only Republican that won the United Negro College Presidents award, and I remember that ceremony in the and in presenting the award. They said from the stage area. They said no we don't agree yesterday with your politics but you always show up and I think that's part of the problem, specifically with conservatives is we just don't show up anymore and we just assume because here's the problem. If when you're dealing with communities from all backgrounds. Wheat we have access or we have streams or influencers or people in her life that share truth with sometimes these communities. If you look at the sources of information, whether it's the arts and entertainment.

The politics even our education system. Sometimes certain communities are not exposed to the same background that we have supported my job as a let's go sure what is that we believe and I thoroughly enjoyed. In fact, I could almost make the case it's the basis of why I'm running for the U.S. Senate is because we want to make sure that every boy and girl knows their rights do not come from the federal government to come from God, the creator absolutely and in so speaking of the primary went one can people start about April 28 this one early voting. I guess you can request an absentee ballot before the end, you know I'm I'm a big believer in voter integrity and election security. Think of the only candidate said the 2020 election wasn't fair and square. We wanted to get a unpack all of that but but we want to make sure that people know very well in the words of my friend Sen. Tim Scott, whose endorsed arsenic campaign.

We want to make it easier to vote harder to cheat. April 28 is early voting and then the actual primary date is May 17. Think I recently saw you on the stage with our current Lieut. Gov. to Gov. Mark Robinson I Outlook you know we become just great friends.

I guess the back story four years ago I actually shared his video of him addressing the city Council talking about second amendment will the next morning. I just happen to check Facebook weights 100,000 views a morning and you're just watching that the tickets to Tuesdays and it was on Fox news. Call me do some proctors appearance in the city yet. Do you know this mark reference Will you get can you give us his phone number and and we did it just kaboom.

I made this, it just is just like this guy exploded on the scene is a truth warrior and is not intimidated by the left at all. But he and I we've probably done 20 to 25 events together. Just this year I cannot tease it might feel like I'm the opening act to Mark Robinson as I usually do the introduction of toggle about and then headed over to the big guide he takes it home from there.

Yeah, I'm sure he had.

He loves to have YouTube, but that there was also was sitting in Greensboro and I believe you have a promotional video. I believe one of those gentlemen was in the video with you. Is that right yeah so to get back to what we're talking about earlier.

One of the great conservative civil rights leader that doesn't get any really cannot love because he doesn't vote on the progressive side is a Gavin name Clarence Henderson. If you look at the great pictures that are even in the Smithsonian or the aftermarket Museum near Washington DC. He is one of the four guys are seated there. There was some Gaza Strip first day he was working. He was a 19-year-old young man shows up the second day in the press capture that famous picture that is now iconic in it was a time where for this movement needed to take place for people from all backgrounds could use the same restroom in the same restaurant with this guy. His life has been about the you're really the Lord working in way.

So when we launched our campaign. I reached out to him.

He certainly was happy to endorse this but I wanted to show that what we believe is conservatives is is is good for all of our communities, and by partnering with Amway pits allowed us to kind of really continue to push that narrative that we believe that if anybody understands or believes in individual responsibility wants to work hard. This is the land of opportunity for everyone also let you know one of the issues that you know you hear a lot about on television and we talk about it a lot here at the Truth Network is the abortion issue. This and I was watching a video this morning and it was little bit about Margaret Sanger.

Oh yes you know much about her absolutely yeah I know Margaret Sanger and I and makes me think of this that I actually had a chance to question under oath due to the director of Planned Parenthood at the time, Cecile Richards and asked her one question, could you get five minutes.

You probably seen the hearings in this kind of ties and what we been talking about this thing seems like could be developed developing decisiveness richer to just have one question. Does it bother you that there are more African-American babies aborted in New York State than actually born is Richards. I just wonder if it bothers you.

She had no answer. Look into her notes.

Try to come up with something there because the truth is it doesn't. And oddly back to Margaret Sanger which was about eugenics. It was it was it was about purging different races, probably one the leading white supremacy of her day that actually started Planned Parenthood and there's a lot of people in this struggle you're going to don't even realize how Planned Parenthood that the original goal of Margaret Sanger and I in it who she was and course that it carries on today because of talking with a friend of mine when you have the aftermarket population, which represents about 13% in about 40% of the abortions are from one specific minority. You have to wonder you know is does Margaret Sanger hurt his original goal be manifested. I know that's a Hartswood look at this, but that's the reality. Evidence should break all of our hearts, it should and just I was watching something that's I believe there were 42 million abortions last year around the world and it's just you know we always hear about things like human trafficking, the sex trafficking which is awful, but a lot of people say that you note abortion is something that's legal and it's happening right in front of our faces and if there doesn't seem to be a lot that's happening with it.

But there are a lot of people who are praying we actually were involved with a ministry called love life that I will be go out and and we pray outside of the abortion clinics every every Saturday and I remember one Saturday I was there and I was praying and I said I want to pray Lord right now that somebody walks out of the abortion clinic in and changes their mind and I found out later on they said at that moment. We were praying lady walked out and decided to change her mind. So when I think about this. I was actually driving. I was going to Pella North Carolina yesterday and the GPS actually was taking me to Siler city, but I realize that I was about halfway that I was going the wrong way, so obviously I do to put the other address in the GPS and I turned around so I guess if there's some people were listening today and they say will maybe him I'm hearing some things that III may not of been conservative before, but I'm hearing some things that seem to be making sense Mark and and and Mike that you know do I need to do a turnaround or does it mean that something is wrong with me or does it mean I'm just learning the truth. So what you think will work were living in a day and age in a culture where the knowledge and ideology that's anti-God is is really been implemented into our arenas. We seen that all the different entities, but specifically in this area. You now want to put some hope to limit limit many praise this with the darkest night ever spit in Congress was when we were battling over legislation read introducing legislation simply said this, that if the baby somehow miraculously survives a botched abortion provider is then required by law to sustain the baby's life and will be two parts of this morning but it in the night. Only three Democrats voted that a baby should be allowed to live to me. There was even a pro-choice or pro-life. This was a baby that was being born. I went back to my office that night about 11 o'clock open the top drawer road at three thank you cards to those three Democrats because I knew what would what would happen. All three were primary to were taken out. The only one left. The only pro-life Democrat left in Congress, Henry Cuellar, Hispanic believer there in San Antonio, Texas. That's the problem that we have been limiting about the whole part right is that some of the state legislatures. Texas has a heartbeat monologue. I think personally the best law that triggers when it's coming at Mississippi that we believe the Supreme Court for the first time in about a generation in our lifetime. Know your left arm a little to the new art is going to be heard. Good be taken up that we may make the first major battle against Roe versus Wade. And it's because God's people refused to back away from this battle. They have stayed engaged in the see the amount of young people on the mall. These national right to life that have refused to go silently into the night to be able to speak for those that cannot speak for themselves. I think were gonna see this battle.

One absolutely admit matter fact that it says in the book of James.

It's James. Two.

Starting in verse 14 it says was a prophet.

My brother and if someone has says that he has faith of it does not have works and so it talks about living out our faith through our works, but I'm sure there's some people who are listening today and they say will. This is great.

They say and I I want to do something I want to get involved. How could they get involved with you with with you or your campaign work through.

Thanks for asking. The first thing I think is praying for country you know you you reference James Alcala go over a couple chapters. James 517 says the effectual, passionate, fervent prayer of a righteous person. Righteous man avails or changes much we were there. There are times in our country were this country has gone to its knees collectively in prayer and I think even just 20 years ago after 9/11, we how we came together to seek God's guidance work were further part of the country right now. There were 20 years ago and I think God's people praying and seeking God's guidance is number one specifically for us.

People can you know it's at. This is in God's hands and not to be flippant about it but people can look us up. They can follow some social media rep. Mark Walker website is walker for or if they want to DirectX they can text my last name Walker 227101 and that will provide them any information they need. As we continue to move forward in this U.S. Senate race that that is awesome and and and and friends. I I hope you I hope you do get involved enough of met a lot of people who have said oh well you know something maybe one Orion 2020 and things are.

We have to do everything that we can II heard a story. Years ago it was about Napoleon Bonaparte over and there was there was a battle and I in the middle of the battle, he realized that his his troops were losing and so he actually sent a message down to the bugler he said to blow the bugle for retreat in about 10 minutes went by and nothing happened. And so he said send him again, tell him to blow the bugle for retreat and didn't do it. Finally, Napoleon said I want to go down there myself and tell this kid to blow the bugle to retreat and so he goes down and he talks to this kid and he says blow the bugle for retreat, he said, Napoleon you never taught me how to blow the bugle for retreat and Napoleon said I didn't and he says no he says will then blow the bugle to charge and they charge that day and they want and so one of the things that you know when I read the Bible. One of the things that Jesus never said is Jesus never taught us to retreat and so in the closing words more Mark Walker were glad to have you all in, but with the final thing that you like to tell people before we leave. The final thing and I love that story about Napoleon, but I would go to Galatians 69 the kind of puts it in perspective. When Paul says, don't grow weary in well doing for new season you will reap if you don't faint the enemy wants us to face the enemy wants us to quit elected. I'm not saying that our hope is in politics, but there is a reason that God raised up people to her. 52 or seven years ago that were willing to engage the battle everybody for the black robe regiment to people like Roger Williams and William Bradford who worked in the political arena and passion. On Sundays we have a responsibility to engage the culture to engage in the public square. The public arena and for people that are listing today to you and me. My I would certainly tell them be informed understand the issue verification Asante object because this country is at a crossroads and the list that we engage the more that you will has a chance to permeate our culture and I hope that everybody will understand.

Obviously, godly holy involved politically, not on Facebook and get involved.

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