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Romans Ch 14 w/Special Interview from Laura Beth Perry

If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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March 23, 2022 8:30 am

Romans Ch 14 w/Special Interview from Laura Beth Perry

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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March 23, 2022 8:30 am

On this episode of your favorite podcast Mike Zwick and "Kingdom Pursuit’s" host Robby Dilmore  will be discussing Romans Ch 14. Mike and Robby also have a very special interview from NRB where they were able to talk to Laura Beth Perry a Transformed Transgender woman about her life story tune in to hear how God touched her heart.

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Currently I gently dig near Mema with storytime Mema and answered prayer for stories that point children to God on the Truth Network for kids your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting just few seconds in Joliet.

Share it the most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network. This is good Truth Network will not forgot stories of hopelessness that turn to who here is your host Mike Swick welcomed if not for God with mugs with quarterback fresh off the RBL forms as brim walked up have Mike there this year. Very fun and the were hot on the Romans 13, perhaps rightly we are mad and you know before we do that you don't want one of the things I was thinking about with a kind of tired of this is years ago.

There's a movie that had this in there and it was late. You said she said you know I got a joke, is what's the joke. She says there's there's a pop a tomato, baby tomato, tomato, tomato, and they're all running and the little tomato little tomatoes lagging behind and so the father says hurry up, hurry up and so the baby tomato Liking behind. So finally, the father goes back to the baby tomato when he smashes him. He says catch up. So which leads me into Romans 14 because instead of the father tomato helping the baby to beta and smashing him completely ruin the whole thing and so Romans 14 I think it's saying that we as Christians sometimes when we attack each other. Sometimes words were like that.

Poppa tomato who smashing the other tomato ketchup, will he obviously can't catch up with these catch up. Romans 14 says receive one who is weak in the faith, but not to dispute over doubtful things. For one, believes he may eat all things, but he who is weak only eats vegetables let not him who eats despise him who does not, and let not him who does not eat judge him who eats, for God has received him, who are you to judge another servant to his own master he stands or falls. Indeed, he will be made to stand for God is able to make him stand. One person esteems one day above another. Another esteems every day alike.

Let each be fully convinced in his own mind. He who observes the day observed that to the Lord, and he who does not observe the day to the Lord.

He does not observe it.

He who eats each to the Lord for he gives God thanks and he who does not eat to the Lord.

He does not, and gives God thanks for none of us lives to himself and no one dies to himself. For if we live, we live to the Lord and if we die, we die to the Lord. Therefore whether we live or we die we are the wards for this end Christ died and rose and lived again, that he might be Lord of both the dead and the living. But why do you judge your brother, why do you show contempt for your brother, for we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ, and Robbie. One night when I come to look at this you know there were some things that I thought about it says you know that we are not supposed to argue over disputable issues and that you and I know have talked about several disputable issues, but there are also some issues that are what we would consider non-disputable as well and some some non-disputable issues number one and in you said this is that Christ is God, right, and he says you know he says I the father are one. Another thing you know that you, some people are saying this in the church and you said What will churches know these are conservative churches are now saying this that there are many pathways to God. You can get to you get to heaven through Bhutto you can get to heaven through Mohammed are all these different ways. But Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life. So that is a non-disputable issues of you is the inerrant word of God. The inerrant word of God. You know that that God's word is true. So there are some issues that are non-disputable that we we you know that we okay we these are not to dispute the this is something that God's word says and we need to believe this in order to in order to be a Christian is matter fact, one of the issues. Nowadays it seems coming up on is that you know throughout church history.

They said if you don't believe that Jesus Christ is gonna come back that you would not be considered a Christian.

So there are now some Christians who have said will Jesus is Artie come back. He came back and the person he's not coming back again and so you know to me that would be one of them now are not the ultimate judge but you know what we what we really any what I really see in this chapter are the.

The issues that are disputable and were what I hear Paul the apostle Paul who wrote this rightful ramrod what he would he's talking about. He says were not supposed to argue over some of these disputable issues because it's just it's it's a way that just brings division within the church amongst amongst believers as well, but you actually had a story he set about starting our two stories bitter. You got what I got one so these are urban legend.

We don't know that there fact that they do make sure a good example of what we talked about today so my story I've heard for years was that DL Moody was famous raising evangelist start of Moody Church in Chicago decided he wanted to go meet Spurgeon, which you know how: Spurgeon clearly unbelievable man of God and great sound doctrine, both of no doubt about it, and sound doctrines of is a huge issue that cannot disputable but anyway, somebody's got a heavyset guy shows up at Spurgeon's front door knocks on the door got a big cigar in his mouth and when Spurgeon Sanders spoke on the cigar. You know Moody gets offended and is like I just can't believe that you, Charles Spurgeon, smoke a cigar, get that thing out here and he said Sir I'll take the cigar out of my mouth when you take this for, your mother, is that there's an issue there in over me, but again they would be an absolute shame don't know the truth of the story.

Just think how it would break your heart. But here are two of the most wonderful man of God that that that that we've had in the last for 500 years that these guys wouldn't be the closest friends in the world because the closer you get to God because you get to each other right and so it's a beautiful thing. I like your story better. My well Leah I like your stories well because from what I understand Moody and Spurgeon were both Baptist) so you would think I was there going to have agreement on on many of these issues, but you know many of the issues and problems can come up between people of the same denomination. But there is another story and I believe you said this might've been Calvin and Wesley Wesley okay got the famous Armenian, the famous Calvinist) supposedly so we came up to it was came up to either either Wesley or Calvin whoever was and they said to them, they said let me ask you, do you think that your you think that you're going to see this other preacher who has some different beliefs than you do. Do you think you're gonna see them in heaven and II think it was Wesley who said no he says I won't, and the reporter thought he had thought they had him they had a good story. This is really why not and they said I Wesley said you know what this other guys get to be so close to the throne of God. I doubt I'll even catch a glimpse so I rinse it you know it just is a beautiful example to me and I'll both show you know how whether was the cigar. Both Moody and Spurgeon are both dead right now. They died of lung cancer or they died of gluttony isn't merely issue of the lives that they live for Christ and the sound doctrine that they did share on so many different occasions that that here is just an absolute absolutely wonderful thing that Paul does in my opinion because I can't tell you how many times I've seen no good friends in almost come to blows over crazy stuff that that would fit under the heading of disputable matters like and I seem because you know when certain areas of the state of North Carolina and is on the Seventh-day Adventists and you want to see some firepower member may start talking about you.

You don't know you know you go to church on Sunday when that's his know the Sabbath is clearly Saturday in an off and off and off they go and okay there's a lot of stuff within those two denominations that that could be divisive, but you know again it's really good to know what is this person believe that Jesus died for my sins. It is the believe that you know God's coming again like you said you because he believed you know that the word of God is is is no perfect for teaching and rebuke in all these things, you know, I think it it's a beautiful thing in the unity that is critical, IMO, Phillips actually told the story one time and he said once I saw the sky on a bridge and I he was about to jump and I said don't do it. He said nobody loves me and I said to them, God loves you. Do you believe in God, he says yes I said are you a Christian or Jew.

He said a Christian I said me to Protestant or Catholic. He says Protestant. I said me to what franchisee said Baptist. I said me to northern Baptist or Southern Baptist.

He said northern Baptist. I said me to northern conservative Baptist or northern liberal Baptist.

He said northern conservative that I said me to northern conservative Baptist Great Lakes region of northern conservative Baptist Eastern region. He said northern conservative Baptist Great Lakes region. I said me to northern conservative Baptist Great Lakes region Council of 1879 northern conservative Baptist Great Lakes region Council of 1912. He said northern conservative about lakes, Baptist, Great Lakes region Council of 1912 and I said die heretic. I put an example is not what Paul as my doc to write the but you know, one of the things we talked about was drinking in moderation. Some people are smoking yeah I don't know personally I don't know that there's a passage that talks about smoking was as Moody was down there looking at Spurgeon and then yet you know there's the idea of your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit in in all these things again. You know what you find. Time and again is all I've seen it and using it that if Jesus catches him.

He cleans them yet. It's not our job to figure out you know where somebody's in an and I and all that stuff. It's it is our job to extort the right to to bring them up to see where you see God's glory in them and speak well of them. I'm sure that we have children realize that there are certain things that are disputable matters on disputable matters.

I don't don't be put your hand on that stove right but that there's other things that that we do a whole lot better encouraging them and then we do by know what they say this kid hears you know, now 20 times every yes that you know you your crush their little hearts mean it. Yeah, I mean it is matter fact you are one of the things that we were talking about a little bit was there was a there there was a story about you know Billy Graham where he said there was there was a football player and he said he saw the essence of the guy picked up the football and that he started running in the direction he ran all the way down the field and he ran and he scored a touchdown for the wrong team even ran in the opposite right he ran in the wrong direction and there. There are some people who say that you know whatever you believe it doesn't matter what you believe as long as you're sincere about it, then it's okay. In an instant that doesn't make any sense at all. That guy you if you're running to get a touchdown. You have to go in the right direction roster to get. I believe it's a safety in so there are so many issues that are non-disputable that we can focus on that we don't need to focus on the disputable issues on so that's one of them in the other thing is you know we talked about the several times there's a passage probably one of my favorite passages in the whole Bible, Luke 18 Jesus said there were two men who went to a who went to the temple. We don't know whether it was a Saturday or Sunday for the tax collector and a Pharisee and and in the Pharisee looked at the other guy and he says.I think you are not like this man says. I give 10% of land he says I don't commit adultery basically says I'm a pretty good person. The tax collector when you look up. He beat on his chest and said God have mercy on centering in.

Jesus said that the second guy he went away justified and not the first and Robbie looking at this passage in Luke 18. In reading Romans 14. Midnight.

I hope I'm never the Pharisee in that situation, but unfortunately, I'm sure happens so you know from my standpoint.

I know yours to Michael to have grace for somebody is is critical to what Paul is getting at here and so you and I we lived. An example of this. This is unbelievable. At the NRB and actually I told you it may be my favorite actually could be my favorite interviewer the NRB but I did 47 of this clearly in the top two because you'll never I you know the grace of the mother that you will hear here is is what makes all the difference. If you review what what the story or fixed here and think back of what happened because his mother didn't judge her daughter and so long to carry yeah but I think before we get that if if you listen to this today. You know you can cry out Jesus is there for you and I think you'll see how merciful he really is. We want to see you in heaven If Not for God. This is, if not for God with Mike Zwick today. We got our good friend Robbie DiLauro. I do the podcast with so many times we got Laura Harry who wrote the book transgender to transform and our group yet. In Christian school. Every program had a lot of outside nations. Okay you actually know our good oil alone.

I don't remember remember our Robbie but we did a show with you. Remember I do, yet it is the garlic and Brent so wow you are you have an amazing story coming.

Just amazing to share with our listeners will be about, you know, how that happened was really little I just had such a distorted view of God. I think in I tell little bit of my mom's story and not to blame her at all. She told us her own testimony we stick together sometimes but when I was she had grown up in a very very legalistic household and she had the same thing refuse to sanction colleges on his performance treadmill for God and she could never be good enough for him and she was just involved in everything she can return to do more and more more kindly more spiritual. She didn't understand having a relationship on and so is like sugar, pastors, and thinking. You just need to try harder so she was so stressed out all the time. She said she is like she is trying to hold everybody together so when I see such stress on my mom and as a result, a lot of times it was like no way get off of me, leave me alone just as I was pushed away all the time so as a kid, I perceive that is rejection. I didn't know my mom is killing herself trying to do things for me.

I know the family got a kind of working anything but I will always push toward my dad and she is very close my brother so at a very early age I was very jealous. My brother, I want to give my brother he's popular. He is very athletic and sort it had everything I wanted. So from a very young age I began believe that I should have been a boy to an end.

Throughout the years, I fantasize about that more more I played video games of male characters and just begin to develop this sort of alter ego as this is this boy in the high school I was just really mistreated by now is getting so much of a sexually trying so hard to be fulfilled, trying to find love in all the wrong places, and after years of being rejected and Johnson abused like the reason this never works out. I'm never happiness relationships is because I was supposed to be the man if I was the man I know hundred hatchery woman and I get a preset lifestyle and had to hormones in her facial hair and a deep voice eventually had the breast removed. I had a hysterectomy and overestimate all of that know and in all that time. I kept thinking this is going to solve it but it was like it was like taking painkillers for a gaping wound was just getting worse and worse and worse and I'm feeling better nonsense, but there still this underlying issue that's not getting resolved and so I was just getting more and more desperate as I gotcha went red like this doesn't sound anything. There's got to be more to life. This I started to just like there's there's got to be more answers but I didn't know yet what it was you found the Enzo got a been pursuing a small time.

It really was the prayers of my parents. I know that that got encountered me in so many ways and I looked, I was having dreams about God and healing things me. There are times I just encountered the presence of God on their attempted stick near the radio actually listening to conservative talk radio about things. That's a bit of a long story, but McKay was revealing himself to me and eventually I was. My mom asked me to do a website for her Bible study. I did have any interest in brilliant her or the Bible say that you can pay me money and I thought I would summarize the lessons just to the website and begin to reveal himself no way had never seen before. Romans tells us is that the goodness of God that leads to repentance. And so my copy and show me his goodness is trustworthy, was all the things that he had done and I just begin to and on how the data begin to see this change. My mother was a huge part for me because over the years she'd really surrendered into his hands and just begin to perceive the Lord she really begin to lay her like that. The first time in her life begin to let the Holy Spirit transform a transformative work in her so it wasn't hard trying to get for God. All of a sudden it was God doing the work in her and she was so transformed over the years that I saw this change in her not as a kind of the gospel is true.

This is real because this isn't just an intellectual knowledge. This is a transforming work that I had never seen and that's what I give my life to the Lord was gummy a man of God honestly is going to be. I was telling all my friends I Jesus and so on fire for the Lord as I got you can have every purpose this like you can have a deck of cards.

You can have them all, but this one you know that God begin to proceed in the NEB in a drawn out about lifestyle and one day I said that I want everything you have for me. I don't miss anything. What you want from me and God said, if you stood before me tonight, what name that I call God does not share repented as I said I was sorry that I know I shouldn't, unless I can do anything that is now I Natalie surgeries that have a car or I have a job remotely known as male that appeared in the Lord said, remind me of John chapter 1 is Jesus Christ himself is the creator you can't claim the left knee and yet reject my creation has been condemned because I was not getting a Bactine peanut. I was just not even an option then the most loving boys have ever heard in all my life. He whispered to me and let me tell you who you are. That's what really the end of premium wasn't at that moment.

It was a very very long journey but it's like I knew it, Connor said something about me that I didn't want to admit that because of the last still painful to think about being female and really for a while ask for a couple months I started to take my life that I want. I live for you but I can't wait to Becky but I know almost right with me when he said, let me tell you who you are, but he didn't.

At that moment that you know it is like this is a journey in a process I expected him right then and this you know I mean I knew that he was knocking, Jake. I knew that he was calling Laura and I thought that was kind of the end. You know your lawyer that over the years it's been this unfolding is the way the layers after I left that lifestyle in 2016 and really was.

Just follow Christ.

I was miserable and I thought I was getting miserable. The rest my life and in one of the abroad and like a girl. Honestly, as he peeled away the layers I begin to forget my mother as I began to let go of all the bitterness and unforgiveness is again that remove the lies and replace it with his truth and it was like I was just transformed over the years so this linear process of him revealing how I was, so there was a moment where he started answered. I knew he was back in, Jake.

But at the same time it was this great reviewing of something so much greater than I understood that I was more than just female and Part of me was so much more profound than I understood you tell a story so beautifully that he kind of knew you weren't ready to hear Laura right right and they knew that you had a way to go before you and so was like let me tell you who you are, but I'm in a reveal is over. Time which quite honestly it does I will all of us. I think if we knew is just absolutely incredible and I spoke to about this but you know I never growing up in Rapides I talked about this, we had data show that you know if you were LGBT Q it wasn't something that you talked about and it was you know you were treated with such hate.

I would even say in the church that you know definitely could talk about it and it was seen as the secret. But now it's kind of the pendulum is kind of swollen to the other side. Does that make it more difficult for you guys. Sometimes try to share the gospel with the LGBT Q work that well because their stillness. Believe among the other key community that the church hates them, and that's the propaganda, but now they're finding these churches who are so just celebrate them in the firmament. All of this now and just welcome them with open arms.

But they don't share the truth think I'm so thankful I got demanded I live so I'm so thankful that people share the truth with me and so transformed and set free and very painful journey is not like I'm so thankful and recommended earlier. Now I'm getting married is completely redeemed and transformed my life and you couldn't pay me enough to go back.

So yes, in one sense, I thought I was happy at the time.

It's like being on drugs or painkillers. I felt good that the reality was God wanted something so much greater for me something so much more fulfilling deeper for me and it's like and ultimately, even if he had never change the feelings, the reality is that I'm living for an eternal kingdom that's never going pass away. I know that one day you know we will all be one have a sin nature anymore will all be completely redeemed and transformed even if he hadn't taken away. It's still worth it.

As he peeled away the layers hearings begin to change with it. So the book I could spend probably about three shows the spectacular as her so much weight we can't get to five listeners need to know about this because I'm sure they're all gone. I got give this book to share this message with somebody. I got a so what's the name your transgender to transformed because of that first stone ministries in the full-time staff member there for and also check out in his image.

A document or the American family Association is difficult, passionate response and in his image.more like a neon. This is the Truth Network

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