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Romans Ch 13 Pt.2 with Dana Coverstone

If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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March 9, 2022 8:30 am

Romans Ch 13 Pt.2 with Dana Coverstone

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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March 9, 2022 8:30 am

The Romans sequence continues with Mike Zwick and special guest Pastor Dana Coverstone. Join Mike and  Pastor Dana as they discuss Romans Ch 13 and the importance of Living for God and not for the flesh.

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Stories of hopelessness that turn to hope here is your host Mike Zwick. If not for God with my rent, we got after Dana covers down back were doing part of Romans chapter 13 and Pastor Dana it sure is good to have you back.

Okay let me come back first really doing what you doing ministry was out there and led to that little girl growing up and get bigger old five yeah she's in the 40% offer height which even the 90 some percentile for weight so many male elders you now live on March 8. They grow up rather quickly. They do man will thank you but anyway I wanted you get right into this because I believe we have a very important show today and I believe some of our list server to hear some stuff that you really change their lives and start to look at Romans chapter 13 verse eight it says nothing to anyone except to love one another for the one who loves his neighbor had to fill the walk.

You shall not commit adultery. You shall not murder, you shall not yield, you shall not covet, and if there is any other commandment is summed up in the saying you shall love your neighbor as yourself. What does no wrong to a neighbor.

There was a moment of law do this, knowing the time that it is already the hour for you to awaken from sleep for now. Salvation is nearer to us when we first believed. The night is almost gone in the day is here. Therefore, let's read ourselves of the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light. Let behave properly as in the day, not in carousing and drunkenness, not in sexual promiscuity and debauchery, not in strife and jealousy. But put on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for the flesh in regard to it was an investigator. When I read that when I look at that one of the things that I'm reminded of is that ethics for so long in America as Christians recede on Christian TV or Sony to churches show many people are encouraged to prayer repeat after me.

Okay find that your state are good to go.

Whatever allotted time, then everything follow-up of those people what they're saying is you stay somewhere you said some prayer when you were 13 years old and you can basically live how're you want to live. You can do what you want to do sleep with everyone to sleep with. But you're okay because you said that prayer when you were 13, but I don't know about that we that I agree with your point in Philippians chapter 1 verse 27 Paul said only conductors in a manner worthy of the gospel. I, your man, I may hear about your standing firm in the spirit one mind striving together. We should all walk in a way that glorifies God is also in chapter 3 altogether. Talk about you that I can all think of the laws and views about the value of knowing Christ use my Lord. We must sever the loss of all things, and count them but rubbish in order that I make in Christ know him and the power of death, and resurrection verse 10 we can say prettily how we want is not biblical in Jesus main thing is that will be my disciple. You deny yourself across the following in the denial means you stop living for the flesh you stop letting those things that lead your life guide you to quickly affect him to take every thought captive numbered.

You think you can just think how you want to think you gotta make sure the bottom of your mind. Glorify God so called "walk in a manner that glorifies God walk in a manner worthy of calling walk in a manner worthy of who he is leaving the world and the church world. A lot of people talk about all the hypocrite will the hypocrites are people who are not actually living for Christ, the living will either live the life they want to live as one comes up, but they may got no limit to light lit. However, I want Jesus to know you have to live by how I want words that that deny yourself is when you fight the flesh, that means you're not living together and having sex before you buy will says marriage better than the file that right there said before marriage outside of marriage is a violation of God's work and God cannot or will not honor the denial felt convincing on the look of the Decalogue to say anything to have the better to think of a cross and follow me. And the thing about that cross is only one thing you do want to cross you dial nine cell pickup Peter, James and John, the Bible. That verse are probably thinking oh my goodness that's deeper likely that the birth of the surrender and look right back. They give a happier party says give me the whole thing say you give me 98%. He says give it to me all the desires of the cover crop quality becomes the main because what we gotta preach and teach.

We cannot live this. However, we want God's word very clear on the Old Testament time where people begin to say we wanted him like every other nation even corporately like Lambert will have the tank will care about what your word says about no governmental structure we want to have a king like everybody else.

But God gave McKay that King send them down a long way path will always measure leadership goes nation goes down. The principles we as believers are supposed to be an example of who Christ is.

We as believers are supposed to live by his standard, his word will compromise it water now goes to just get by God expected to excel. The Bible does whatever your hand finds to do, do all forgot anything and everything we handle because we do involved with was excellent with great integrity. I agree with you there because here in Roman. After 13 letters behave properly as in the day behave properly. The words all say hey that's not what you're supposed to live. I can even think about in chapter 6 and verse nine pulses this melatonin that verse 11 is do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God. I write this means that people would practically stand and what they want. Living how they will not face not inherit the kingdom of God not be deceiving the fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate homosexual growth easily covers or drunkards nor revolvers or swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. I love this verse. All the pictures you sent and were some of you know the words all you liars and fornicators and homosexual thieves and brother but not now that's worth of of patent that you want sanctified, you were justified in the name Lord Jesus Christ. Paul said but you got say you change your life and your whole world turned around because you change something so Paul makes it very very clear trajectory that you do not know your body, the temple of the Holy Spirit who the commute from God that you're not her own human body. The price therefore glorify God in your body so people slip I can do what I want I flip I want, not according to God's word not going to what Paul said not important better than Jesus said that the now part of everyday for the rest of our lives part of our discipleship that's letting you know. Second Timothy chapter 4 verse three it says for the time will come when they will not tolerate sound doctrine, but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance with their own desires and what I get from that person. If you sleep with whoever they want to sleep with. Basically what they're going to do is find a pastor to preach. It's okay to live a certain lifestyle, and it's okay to do whatever you want because you said that little prayer. Whatever but I actually studied revival plate. We have studied many, many were bought and what I see pretty much every revival.

There's been to think faster than the thing is there's been folded prayer, Christians have gotten together in three or revival.

The thing is is work tempted.

If people feel start the crying out to God. Any when you look at Jonathan Edwards when he was preaching centers in the hands of an angry God actually had to stop in the middle of the sermon because people will beeping. So wow so you don't understand.

How can you preach the gospel. How can you read look at the whole New Testament and say no it's fine. You said some prayer that candidate me and I don't know if you're like this but when you say that where would you accept Christ in your heart when you give your life to Christ.

That's just the beginning.

Yeah, I pray with people out at luckily this way. I think the Lord is on my heart and help me to live for you and we really get involved in discipleship and things like that verse three in verse five he says there are people who will hold to a form of godliness, although they deny power and Palm to avoid the judgment of the meso.

We have churches that are there was fire in the public. There'd be no ice in the pews model called the missionary quota that looks really good.

They look at.

They got altogether spiritually but they have no power. They have no authority that no Bible knowledge they have. They have no commitment right they go to church. They check out the box and they go home and they lived one way. On Sunday morning in another way Monday morning. The rest week. So what we have got a week anemic church born resident taking care of itself itself on the back in and love the idea that God allows us with American Turkey Creek done so much for the Bible so Peter told judgment will come first, the house of God. The first one said that the folk God trying to say like the church. I let them know that we gotta preach the gospel, we gotta teach truth. We cannot let week. We cannot link us in. We cannot just we have to deal with the issues as pastor as a pastor I gotta feed my flock. But I've also got to remind the movie should not be less irrelevant dealing with billing preparing right now, a series of sexual sin, probably early late ring March or April.

After M youth receive the timeframe that you would do with the issue that are out there with the church and got the drift event because nobody else to endure the theology of sexuality in the word of God makes it clear that God is in the marriage between a man and woman in the book of Hebrews is the marriage bed than the file that's God's way things look sexual relationships law between two people that are very few people that are committed to each other two people that were are gonna be there for each other over the years.

The decade though even the first world there's been a a a compromising on the theology of sexuality is been a compromising on what what sin does and does not do and not mention the holy, pastor at Alyssa messages her service. I do my best got something I want to do with issues we dealt with in this last Sunday and Monday my messages. I will call sin sent from the pulpit without were developing their mad about and I've had people leave the church that I felt loved, love talk about certain issues, especially sexual thought that had people get mandolin. I even addressed all of the follow-up at this, the family should go back to the whole world of their own nation loss and the idea that you like you said you there Craig, okay, I believe the people who said that prayer they mean to do their best to live a life Lord change their prayer when he was 13, I got for my 15 for 15. I never changed anything in my life.

I never open the Bible and there I never saw what God's plan for my life would look completely different now than it does today. God expects something that cross following him. That's what matters in the pulpit. We Know that their passions out here we got to preach the word and the thought one of that, simple people. The soft one about making a mad I've had people tell me you'll preach on this. I'm gonna stop my file you wish about that on the site they go there's the door I gotta preach what baptism are our priest truth and one reason the church is bed place today is because we do not preach the truth. The people are responding.

Truth not dealt with issues we let our kids learn all the things about this audit. The friendly school of the parent will talk about it so we got ourselves a place we've got. We got to dress a whole lot of things don't have room in the amount of time to do it that we got give the answer to culture the Bible addressing questions of the Lord were effective. Some of God's word to God's standards are yet the UI I heard something years ago they said it. If you want to know what's going on in the church.

Just look at what's going on in the world in 10 years later, the church will be doing the same thing and so you know when I when I read the word of God. It says that were actually supposed to be the example that people are supposed to look to us to see these guys had the answer is a matter fact deleted first Peter 315 if it if anybody asked you for an answer for the reason of the hope that you have within you. Always be prepared to give an answer, but you know the problem with pastor Dana, as I believe there's many people out there today were talking about answering questions that nobody culture culture loss we had marriage redefined that identity redefine look even an administration that the power right now part of energy that was just put in the picture of him wearing makeup and addressed at a banquet or something and you think my first thought was my good people realize how ridiculous they look at what they're doing and mockery. God created male and female that was that he created the male and female.

If I say while I'm really woman. What I'm really saying is I like what God did what I like what God made him happy with that.

You Bible says that I empirically and wonderfully made my God knew me. So were born we were planned or not, whether our parents were married or not.

What matters is God knows who we are and God has a purpose and a plan for a lot and everybody up there right now trying to find things and invite things alive and bring them value of the purpose of the most part, none of those things bring value purpose.

There temporary thing and Paul said that was a sinner temple of the things which are not seen or eternal principles are that God called us to live a life that glorifies him and live that kind of life means that we have to make the sacrifice means that that we may not be doing the things we thought were going to do.

We follow his will, his word and even example of Jesus in the garden politic of Me. Nevertheless, your will be done. Even Jesus lived that life out the life of surrender life honoring God the father and Ethel were supposed to bend that this one baby niece about your tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the father. C1 Jesus name and what resulted was involved with the father's Lord told him so. We got a lot a lot of ground to cover. After one thing going to be involved with that the church world has become so compromises the water now, but does not notice her ship with light and were supposed to be salt and even if even if they were presented.

I think the church is a pretty garage. I know there's a lot of pasties that are doing drafty bed there underneath their American Holy Spirit, the fridge and the truth are going out and others on the desert to try to get by the week and Roosevelt's nomination to become more more liberal left a little I mean leaning towards then rather than against it with you that having butter until I draw my body, breath, all of the Holy Spirit's work in me that I can make a difference and that I can view I can be. You lead the charge. Takethe word list with their with these issues at this address. The saving of the world asking questions and obviously they need answer. So the Lord God, so hopefully we can do that that's that's my hope and my prayer. Yet my mind feeling you are one of the one of the things that I've seen one of the things that I thought about recently is as were talking about believing the word of God in preaching the word of God is that there are some denominations out there that day. Okay, yeah, we believe the word of God. What they say that prophecy and healing in almost all the different things that the disciples were able to do in the first century. They symbol that was just the first century and that can't happen today, but I tell you what it's been 20 others. I go outside I so insurance and recently I've been going out. I always pray for people, but I pray for people specifically for specific there was a guy yesterday broke his back and when I started to pray for. I said how do you feel any said I feel better.

He said I can I can move my toes. Now I could move my toes. Well, it was just in the first century. How can that happen. I think you know that there was it another time recently about a week or two ago I lifted you need prayer. I said I still believe that Jesus heals today and she says yes would you pray for me and I pray for her. She's liking and see. She said all I can see so I I almost wonder is if were saying okay were knocking oblique prophecy were not believing healing that was just something that happened a long time ago. Is it possible that we could be getting rid of some of the tools that Jesus gave us will be able to share the gospel. Exactly.

And you know if we think God is due anymore. Who are we to say that it in his words. Jesus said innovative things we do that I Hebrews that you Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever) 13 which is bandwidth between the two chapters 12 and 14 about the gifts of the Holy Spirit in verse eight it says love never felt there are gifts of prophecy. They will be done away if there are times they will see that there is knowledge, it will be done away. We know in part and we prophesy in part. Matthew has Mike is knowledge gone. Knowledge keeps increasing extra exhale exponentially almost every day you buy a brand-new computer off the shelf today is already outdated by eight months to year, according to some is that is both when Paul says these are the greater gifts earnestly desire prophecy in chapter 14 first Corinthians nisei but this for a while this until you possibly gone artisans on the no calls Paul is trying to encourage them to be used you in the gifts and you go back in history you can find. You can find opportunity where people work speaking times are pregnant you been using the gifts of the spirit. Over the centuries all the way up to the early 1800s 1920 centric. You can see God moving, and a lot of those they will. God is a move like that anymore. I think a lot of times a second, then I want God to move like that in her life because it brings responsibility and you you and I responsible for what we know.

If I know something I'm responsible.

What I do with that information and if I know that that God still baptizing people in the Holy Spirit and the God still does miracles and healings living the people to fill. God is the miracle anymore. The tell me why we hear about all these miracles in Africa or South America or some other foreign countries of the house.

I miracle that was a fast growing church on the planet is in a ran as well, mostly by women so you think how the world is. This happened because the Holy Spirit gets older people whose okay God I trust you to take my life and you and he does so I filled with God-given dreams and visions and dreams because on the book on the day of Pentecost post. Peter quoted Joe for the last days before my spirit out. Will Peter Paul said last days perilous times will come. Now we can put together they will contradict each other because Peter said so out from the spirit last night.

And Paul said a great great falling away. Jesus is a grip on what is that girl find but in those type of travel plans. We need the power God to be working to make a difference in Vermont to make a difference in the world nightly guy was blocking the fullness of the spirit and the people not walking just there welcome not to go walking along with it was the word of God says literally, to stand on them and it I want I want God to use me in the gifts I want God to use the power we demonstrated in my life manifested in the life of people in and you go that present in I've open a service will present guy was fantastic. Women and slaves really wanted this place, even though Jesus is now look at my life and I believe those are walking in the get go there spirit filled and pulled the power of the Holy Spirit that room to see some great things done because we took that step weekly we went we did it and I think the power God is still at work once again and they wanted not not what I want I want everything that God has for me. I want everything that God is in the word is for me to have and I need those tools I need that power and I need that authority to the world which we live in today so people can choose to believe what they want to blame it. I've experienced I walk I live it every single day and am thankful that Israel I'm gone I'm thankful to be spirit still unfaithful to God use me in the gifts. I'm thankful to God still does his people all around the globe. Today I'm grateful for absolutely mandate you know what I could tell you the example of you talk about speaking in tongues several years about go back in 2015 I was at a prayer meeting over in Burlington and this guy named Joshua his real estate agent around here now. He we were all getting together and we are praying for people to be healed and there was this lady and there he was. It was on drugs. She was a Christian at the time that she heard everybody begin and she actually gave her life to Christ that night and so I just saw. I heard the guide I saw was right next to him and he was speaking in tongues and at the end of the meeting.

She said you know when you were speaking in tongues earlier. She said I understood everything that you said and I tell you what man I needed like to deny that you got it. I just I don't get how you can deny the gifts of the spirit you another thing to do is that not you believe.

Maybe that was a time in this country where you could not be filled with the Holy Spirit where everybody was a Christian and it was easy to be a Christian and maybe you can get by, but man when were facing persecution like working in right now. I think people are people getting force to get the shock or lose their job or whatever. I think it can be really hard to stand for Christ if you're not the Holy Spirit. What you put.

I agree absolutely because the persecution of company is not going to get worse is good become. I believe file and the reason the time Holy Spirit came would give them boldness and courage was to get the gospel message out to the uttermost parts of the earth. And there still people have never heard the name of Jesus. Still, people who never read the Bible has the gospel given him. And Jesus said to be baptized with fire fire job that has one of you will be baptized with fire, and power. Not many days now and he said when you're baptized will undergo power to be my witnesses in Jerusalem today is a rare and the edible part that boldness that Ray was looking up get the gospel out and I want the fullness of the power of the Holy Spirit in my life every day because this can open doors of opportunity for me, but also assures me I can get the job done. I have the tools that I need to get the job done the samara for my boss and me to put a roof on a place I have no tools and I have no single, but I have no tarpaper. How can I put a roof on that placement. God gives me the tools I can do exactly what he needs me to do were revisited to do so. I will like you. But I will tools not.

I can't wait to be used and I can with the proposal to work every day replace the go I want the Holy Spirit in my life like a negative effect of this was something different. Holy Spirit in a sling yelling at Jesus being glorified everything within the amended brother and and people are worried about what's going on.

People are living urine etc. etc. and oh by the way there's a lot of people in the church but you know I think it's an exciting time that were living in right now. I believe that were living in the book of Revelation. I believe that were living in the last days and so talk about in Ephesians chapter 6 were talked about putting on the full armor of God, and I just want to encourage the workers were listening today. If you're hearing this, and if you're listening to this nisei.

What is this about the gifts of the spirit.

What would you say to the pastor. I would say they need to study the book of prescriptive shipping 12 1314 they need to find some books on the spiritual gifts written by Pentecostal people I have to do a podcast every Tuesday called tribal prayer not talk about praying in tongues praying and scraggly praying funds on that on that podcast live every week.

I had never heard LaFrance and visit all the things about the people never heard talk about the first to get all sort the books and resources really good things that are out there and find the things that are available. Pastor Dan what had gone again. You got a YouTube channel and a cover so ministries of Every cell and got a new book out in the name of the book full accountability is a 30 year plan that I've had helping me be accountable helping me to minister to them alive with my face as a member years and hope it helps a lot of people session in the accountable and build another way, my life, 30 years of walking the walk along lattes and not this is the Truth Network

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