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The Book of Jonah

If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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November 24, 2021 5:00 am

The Book of Jonah

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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November 24, 2021 5:00 am

Mike and Robby are joined by Pastor Goode from Northside Baptist and also the Author of the book Marriage Triage. Join as they venture to the through the first book of Jonah and discuss the times, they disobeyed God and how they were realigned in their faith once more.

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This is Darren Kuhn with the masculine journey podcast research the ancient paths to find ways that God brings light to dark and help set me free from the struggles that we all face on a day-to-day basis.

Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting just a few seconds. Enjoy sharing most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. If not for God pastor Steve Goot from Northside that passed her Steve was willing to put his livelihood, his church on the lawn. He actually let me speak at his church a couple of times but it's all about living on the back… But we actually have him back here today. Pastor Steve is the author of the book, marriage, triage, and Goot is spelled G OOD E just really has an exciting ministry that he does with the homeless. Another time I think will do a video on that today were actually talking about book of Jonah Dino pastor Steve you're just talking about that yesterday. There's a lot to it and when I look at the book of Jonah.

I definitely see God's mercy because this is a you know Nineveh is not a place that really deserved anything but God told Jonah to go there to tell them that judgment was coming and maybe they would repent this or that. The other side of his that is just the disobedience to God that you saw and Jonah. Jonah says no God, I'm knocking to do that and he ends up being eaten. I guess sucked in or swallowed by a fish. Not necessarily a whale, a big, big, big, big fish before Jonah finally says okay got all do what you tell me to do, but what is your main take away from the book of Jonah.

Well, it went well. Jonah Jonas, the story of my life in a way because I was called to ministry when I was 19, so I felt that like tugging that at with that was the directionto go and what I did was I said thank you so much for that opportunity God but no thanks. I got some of the places to be under that primarily by the way to because I was a preacher's kid. I had been behind the curtain church. Most of my life so I always kid about all those years I spent in police work.

I did not learn about the depravity of man from being a police officer. I learned about it from being a preacher's kid man behind the scenes get people in the church can be mean to me.

You see, you see, people, warts and all, but that's the cool part two about church. You do see people, warts and all different personalities different different ways to look at things that many people are just, you know, if the hard to get along with outside in their day-to-day walk to hard to get along with the church to do so but also saw some departs throughout my dad's ministry, but it never deterred him.

He just kept pressing so anyway 19 years old and that's how I felt and I said man I'm going in a different direction. I in the military I did up a security officer. Alice Paul Block Mall cop for about a year and 1/2 or two over four seasons mall in Greensboro.

I love doing that to and do amine wheat we had a blast and then was hired by Greensboro police did that for 11 years. That wasn't enough I said I went on into computer work for about another decade and and finally, there came this moment. After all that that I'd been doing is up and running. My wife knew it.

April knew it. I've been run in my whole life. It seem like ever since coming out of my teen years because I knew that call was there I knew people were there and finally God ended my job where I was.

He finally said okay look you're doing good, making good money at this job, but it's time and enough. Finally, a thing is when I finally surrendered and said got I'm tired.

I'm tired of this feeling that I constantly have that I'm supposed to be somewhere else and it's time is, I've asked Surinder and God forgave me for my disobedience but he put me on the path and I got to see the fruits of being in the will of God that was awesome. Okay, back to Jonah so now are Jonah and Anna EC Jonah and by the way, did you notice out takes all of about two verses for Jonah to be disobedient, didn't waste any time. I mean an Israelite prophet brought you know probably live just lived and it cut not too far, probably from from Samaria and but the moment that he gets a chance to go and minister to these evil people on these cruel people these enemies of his people on Isaiah, I ain't doing it. God, there's like I'm not doing this at all love people realize to about that this Assyrians how brutal they were when we overlook about how brutal he really were many Syrians would literally skewer people that would shish kebab people that were political enemies.

It's like if your political enemy and they want to make a point.

If you were to go to the city of Syria you would you would.

There will be these walls that surround it. By the way there's walls in the city get a figure at either be walls are and then you would see all of these post and they would just be jutting out with with sharp ends on them. But if you look at the bottom of those posts what they would do their political enemies is they would literally put them on those they would grease those polls. They would then put them in on those Paul's mouth first and they would let them slowly run down the poles eaten so okay got realized the context of where Jonah was going. Jonah was told by God to go to their enemies who do that kind of evil, and by the way, where if you want to see that kind of evil. Now all you have to do is go to said there some some Middle Eastern countries now Afghanistan's ones, and this is the kind of torture tactics that are used on people, even to this day. But if you were to go there so that Jonah was told to go in and preach pay 40 days will be destroyed, how long you think he is the last and in so they set up not going so he already had that spirit of disobedience in them, but I hate to give Jonah like just a little bit of a understanding pay syrup a little bit empathy but that would have been like friend is to be tapped.

Told that you're going to go. You have to go and give a message from God to the enemies of of your people that you know that we we are named to the point where they actually listen to them and repent.

He just didn't want to carry that message disobedient women like you said it to give Jonah little bit of leeway I think about how many times in my own life where I felt like God was tell me to do something I didn't listen.

I learned the consequences of that and I tried to listen to God and I tried to obey his voice, but I think sometimes we all sometimes were all disobedient in certain areas but Robbie, what about you get on the hot seat. Robbie, let's it was interesting. I didn't have that experience mean a just I love the book of Jonah. I really really really do. But my favorite part of the book is actually the crazy plant at the end that he keeps get mad at you I mean I love the fish. I really do and and I love that that God sent him to Nineveh and I've read those same things about Nineveh and it was not too hard understand why Jonah was reluctant but the thing that just grasps me is here. You were you actually had a chance to do something for God. And now you're upset and you know he uses such a unique way for those of us who love nature is just a plant right and it goes out to shade them and the next thing you know, now I'm completely relating for me to Jonah, I can completely relate to his bad attitude by God, I don't understand why you did this right why you are good to somebody else you know it's it's a matter of iniquity and it's it's really a cool thing because I have the same struggle so I don't write so much the disobedience of the fish but I relate completely with a bad attitude at the one of the things that you know it when were talking about this.

Another part of it is in.

I think we kind of touched on.

This was God's mercy towards those who did not deserve mercy that sound like anybody.

We know a lot of scholars by the way in their life. There will even characterize this as the first time that God told a prophet to take the gospel mean a total talked to the two non-Jews to those that we were not within the Jewish population so it was kind of that first time, to carry the gospel outside. It also shows where God's going with this, that he's already showing that the gospel, you know, in his sovereignty, the gospel was never just for the Jews.

The gospel itself. He brought it with met heat as a messenger.

He brought it with the Jews, but that gospel was always going to expand to all people, and I think at that bit big piece there thing is kind of a critical piece that this is like the first time Jonah.

Jonah's experience. He gets to carry it that I don't think Jonah saw it as a big delight, you know he a God make you so much. I get gas coming on the first first thing is that what you mean about how excited are we preach the gospel to our enemies mean 70 times we talked about all of these in your center before these Middle Eastern countries were there torturing people and you know their unit. Things just don't seem fair over there.

There are persecuting Christians in you know what, if what if God told us to go in and share the good news with them or what if God told us to go and say hey there's going to be destruction on your country. First of all, like you said, how would they receive it and then send then second of all, you know, is there a part of us that almost what's the worst for enemies AAN and I mean like you said before week. You could almost understand if somebody did not want the best for their enemies were that would come from looking in Romans of Romans chapter 5. It all started in verse six it says for when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly. It wasn't for the great people he died for the ungodly. Verse seven. For scarcely for a righteous man, one will die get peradventure for a good man. Some would even dare to die that God commended his love towards us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for my favorite so yeah.

And by the way, it cannot put the bear for minute "cannot really put the bigger so so God is think about it right now. The problem of illegal immigration right now is kind of the big big hot button topic right now this just can we play a scenario game here. We've all got get imaginations I know you do. Kayla was soaked. So God comes to you and he says Michael I want you to go carry the gospel to all of the illegals that are coming on the board.

I want you to go make a ministry of carrying the gospel to the illegals on the border. The reason I say this is right now the church. Here's where I may be poking the bear of some churches because I am a Christian through and through who I am is is a Christian I am bought and paid for by Christ, I am clothed in his righteousness who I am is not a Republican who I am not a Democrat who I am is not illegal. All of that. It's not that and but the church.

The mission of the church when it comes to even illegals is we still have a mission to treat every single person, no different that the gospel goes to all.

There's not a limitation on who we share the gospel with if God calls me to go and in fact right now we we actually minister to a significant number of undocumented aliens even in our church now that are living in Greensboro of all things, you know it if I could if I want to get an attitude.

I could go guy thing on follow the law. They broke the law by coming in to begin with… I don't have that luxury.

I don't I don't have for that matter, I don't have that luxury, because because God get God. God loves all of them so I that's just the mission of the church can never be surrounded by that of those kind of appalled that that kind of political atmosphere and I guess one of the things I'm thinking is that you know whether they broke the law or not.

It looks like there to be here nobody's really doing anything about it in no though it were not saying it or not saying okay it's just okay to break the law and it's okay for them to come in here illegally by I like what you said as well is that if God is telling us to do something that we need to go do it only ask you. Robbie has been a time for God is told you to do something or maybe you didn't want to do you know he always gets the bike he gets a high state of what actually came to my mind, as you know I get to do when resting so I often interview Mark. You can imagine how difficult it would be when you had in your class.

Somebody that had no basically brought on the rape of his own baby.

I mean, literally, baby. I'm not talking about a 14-year-old girl or some I'm talking about somebody who brought on the rape and the and not a full use of their own child and all these different things and I have seen Mark like just become completely like I had this person is a victim to sign and and and I'm just glad I got like in all because you know that that's an invite right there right or get people to beheading people like you said in Afghanistan are always different things. Nobody gets up front and personal for me because you know sometimes I have relatives that live in my own house that are related to me by marriage, not imagining that there's lots of opportunities that God gives me so yeah it where does it as it hit me it actually hits me in the act day to day like you put me on the big stage with you know yeah well I can you know. But when you're actually in the like there in your house and they've upset you and they were upset you, and they've done this in turn their back on you and all the stuff and now God says Robbie I wanted to go in and fix breakfast you want me to do what this for a plan to my mother for some show of slow sometimes and this is this maybe a word word of warning to use pastor Steve that I'm sure you've seen this in your church is a lot of times would all talk about something on my show. Like a just a show about forgiveness and now I'm really having to live that out only allotted times when I talk about something on the show and I'm sure you seen where you talk about something from the pulpit, then it's like the next week minute it hits you right in the face all absolutely, absolutely.

In a it is not.

Next thing you know you know you're having kind of those wasn't one of those micro runs hacker reference expect experience or and up. By the way you notice we haven't got in chapter 1 of Joan Mrs. Tsao. This is also interesting that Joan is such a hard fast ma'am you know you get in and get out, but it's so deep it's so deep here and were to that point and by the way, the one thing about running from God run from his call your life to is the impact it has on others around you and this this is key. The when Jonah ran men lost their livelihood because of him and while he was trying to sleep in the boat.

Thank you. And if if nobody sees me, then I'm cool I'm cool I just stay in the bottom of the boat here but it intern. What ends up happening. We got men that end up in a violent storm God caused the end up throwing over goods that they're making money on to take it to the next port and they lose their livelihood because of him always tell people you know what don't ever think that you sent in secret don't.

There's no such thing as secret sin.

I mean after all, God knows. Anyway, but your sin has a cascading effect fact, I even write about this like in in my book that there's a cascading effect of that happens with your sin that you don't even mate you may not see your may not know readily what is happening in in Jonah because of what Jonah did.

He sees that the cause of his sin.

He sees men lose their livelihood. Men put into total total fear because of what he did and I think it's that's nothing like they were not even out of chapter 1.

All of these things are happening and finally they realize who he is as a prophet of that Hebrew God and and it scares them to death. Here's something else always thought is so cool but as a theological. It's the fact that that even though Jonah was in total disobedience in defiance of God. These men who were calling out to their pagan gods is 8-bit and follow the one true God. When all is said and done, begin to want to lift up sacrifices to the true God and once again Jonah still in total disobedience means been thrown out neonates thrown over the boat boat but Jonah did never saw.

He never got to experience with these men. The fact that he caused a revival to happen on that ship he case start a revival I mean a literal reawakening for these men and they came to that. They came to a place where they actually paid homage to guide, but once again you know what Jonah had a choice. He could have been in the will of God and share the gospel with them and watched all of these things unfold, but he didn't do that.

He was still staying in willful disobedience and I tell people about this.

You know you got a choice in your life.

You either. It's like if you're going down the rapids.

You can either be in that the boat in the raft where it's safe going down the rapids, which you really going on the rapids. Either way, are you can say I would rather just flounder in the water and almost drown in the rapids and not experience the comfort and I think that's what Jonah's word. Jonah was Jonah just PA just said forget it. You know I'm he's he was in willful disobedience, and he caused all of these things to happen that all of this in such a sample chapter 1 chapter of Jonah and you see all this. All of these will insights about how Jonah had was. He teaches us about what happens if were were willfully disobedient to him that you know in in in towards the end of chapter 4. This is something that really spoke to me because I forgot so many times were people of said will, how could a good God allow this to happen. How could a good God allow this to happen and what you really see in the book of Jonah's that will first of all, these people did it to themselves.

It's not that God made this happen or whatever, but because of people's disobedience. Finally, God says, okay, I've had enough or whatever, but even in the end of chapter 4. After that plant had risen up and that and then God allow the plant to die. The Abbott in verse 10 it says, but the Lord says you have been concerned about this plan. Though you did not attend it or make it grow it spring up overnight and died overnight, and should I not have concern for the great city of Nineveh, in which there are more than 120,000 people who cannot tell the right hand from the left and also many animal so that to say that will how did God allow this to happen. Personal God cares yet God doesn't want these bad things to happen but if we continue in our willful disobedience. There does come a point where God says okay I'm no longer going to allow this to happen, like Sodom and Gomorrah or oh may be somewhere else we know.

It looks that way. There will wait a minute, it couldn't been more willfully disobedient right putting benefit.

Yeah you know what I'm saying and then you know once you're in the belly of the fish that also anything more I studied the book in my is the one thing you say about Jonah is this dude was not opposer that they wasn't in a way right now. The nares is yeah he may have a bad attitude as I often do, but at least he comes right out and tells God what he feels what he things and you know, the hero of the Jonah story is an and I like to think how courageous it if you can write a book from Bible right. Here's the story of why messed up here and I didn't learn my lesson I messed up again and readily in the book. I've messed up and so you gotta think that man God is the hero of the book of Jonah. He is Amy. Think about that one day will be in heaven and will go worse. Jonah always that bitter guy over there in the corner. No I in it that's just it, that the story leaves us is the story I think the most meaningful part one of their several, but one meaningful part is the way it ends. It doesn't end with this and they all live happily ever after.

If I quite frankly I think were in around 760 BC I know some of you may remember it about 760 BC and remember what's going to happen work were coming to the conclusion of Samarian Israel in 722 BC, and the Assyrians are going to take them out of the city of Samaria and all out with fishhooks in their nose.

I mean literally if you could pick you know when your fission and you have all the fish on the on the big Cheney thing and yet you're carrying the fish over your shoulder will that's how they're going to treat the Israelites to take them out and they're going to disperse them all throughout all of the territories that they conquered.

This is Assyria so you know wasn't as bitter as Jonah was, you know what these same people. He carried this message to our going to end up conquering Samaria and Israel did not conquer them and and they've conquered so many territories. They didn't even have the manpower to occupy Samaria.

They're going to just like spread them out through all the territories and that will maybe keep some of the rebellions down and that's about it. In the conclusion of this yeah Jonah. Jonah walks away kind that with that kind of embittered spirit and but I don't question God's love for coming Jonah's love for God and a question that but I did. I do think he had up a long pity party in and who knows, wait you know it. Jonah may have lived to see the set. What happened in 722 out. I don't know, but he may have lived to see that day and when I look at this is second Peter 38 through 10 it says, but, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness, but is long-suffering to us ward, not willing that any parish but that all should come to repentance day the Lord will come as a thief in the night, in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also in the works therein shall be burned often and when I'm reminded it in that verse is the air in that in that passage is that God you know people say will.

How could god send anyone to hell he doesn't want you to go to. He wants you to go to heaven with him that's that's why he according that verse. That's why he hasn't come back yet is because there are still lost people who need to be saved. If you've never given your life to Jesus. We want to encourage you to reach out call out cry out, yet Jesus to be your Lord and Savior today and I pastor Steve. We thank you for coming on. If not for God has reminded us how fragile and unpredictable life is not about your landline in their financial security plan for the teacher what are landline six 1873 the Polish Roman Catholic America has been protecting its members and their families financially join our life today. Affordable life insurance right. No member and lower your income are transferring 3.1 year hundred dollar man in our work how your life are everything for our life, protecting life. This is the Truth Network

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