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Have You Heard the Voice of God?

If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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June 16, 2021 1:00 am

Have You Heard the Voice of God?

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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June 16, 2021 1:00 am

Mike is joined by friend and missionary, Jeff Hoover, as well as Robby Dilmore, to discuss the miraculous, including hearing the audible voice of God.

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Your host Mike, good to be back on what we can, today we got a special guest Mark Jeff Hoover we do. Jeff is a personal friend of mine whom is done Bible study that we have every Saturday and Robin and Jeff just kept coming, and I met Jeff at Wednesday in the word but just has some really cool stories. Jeff was he was a missionary in Israel for a 18 years and he share the gospel with Palestinian Muslims, and so we got some good stories book book before we started that Robbie we were talking about audible voices are. You asked if I'd ever heard the audible voice of driving you lose all kinds of ways that we hear from God. Usually the still small voice. You know that when we feel like we believe we heard it were not quite sure. Like so many things one might actually about 2005 I was praying diligently about a lot of things that had to do with the dealership at the time of my family in. I was just kind on my face. You know, just plain prime, Brian and all the sudden from you like nowhere. I hear this, Robbie.

What do you want and it wasn't just a voice. It was a presence like I've never felt before or since. That was just clearly and it was terrifying. That's why motor good. It was completely terrifying and I glibly.

You know, because it shocked me so bad and it scared me so bad I decide I want to serve the Lord, but was my response. Yes, and he responded back to me in a funny way, I cannot tell you how he managed to do it but he said oh, do you any did not.

He was not sarcastic and saying that he just said, oh, do you, and when he said that immediately experience was, you know they say your life flashes before your eyes drive all the sudden hundreds of things that he had said to me start flashing into my mind while you're supposed you know call this person get in touch with that young to have lunch with this person you would said this at every one of those situations were interpersonal things that he had put on my heart that I had not done yes but as I was sitting there watching this like movie in my mind a boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom abusing flashing in my mind I went oh, I can still do the stuff. So I went and got a piece of paper. I start because I didn't want to lose it. I started writing down all the things that he had brought to my mind of things that I told him that he would give me opportunities to serve. While each wall or other people and so after that I went back and started to pray okay and repenting like oh God, I'm so thank you for this. I can see now what it is that you really want me to do and this is simple and I can do this. You know I was really excited. It was interesting that a repentance like now I really know what you want. Yeah, I can like this is some I can do if and as I started to say that. Then all of a sudden there was this golden glory would start showing up in the bedroom and something welled up inside me. I had no idea was there and I was like screaming in my soul. You can see his face. You're going to see the face of God. Right now he it's coming in here comes a story of this bright bright red yachting and I was so excited I woke my wife up to me him to see his face on Missy's face as she looks at me are broad out of the kind of just a moment, and the glory faded and there was even a dislike of this been on the mountaintop and now here I was, I had my chance to see his face and I was like Peter you know I think about happened yet. So all of a sudden once again the audible voice says to me Robbie, now you know what you want. So the question was actually somewhat rhetorical original question that he had asked me was to know what you want.

Well, there were two things, it became more obvious to me, the more I thought about the incident. Over the years and I've never forgotten that obviously was number one I did.

I I want to do what he wants me to do. I want to serve. I'm going to write I think was exciting to me that I really wanted to do that. But even more than that, something that I did not know.

Is there something deep inside of me that wants to see his face desperately yes and again the things I'm going to know will get to see it sometime. It doesn't it says and says in the New Testament that I was blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Yeah and that's that's actually Matthew Matthew five verse eight, but Jeff you. You've got a lot of mission work in Europe and also in Israel and in one time when you were in Europe and you were contemplating going to Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia you had there was an audible voice as well as her right yes I was in a mission group and there's 12 of us and we were.

We had gone on short-term trips to the Czech Republic into me to Czechoslovakia and to enough to Poland and all this stuff and then we were following up from Germany where we lived. Driving to the Czech Republic and in doing Bible studies and then while we were back in in Germany. We were also working on those Bible studies and things like this so everybody was like, well, why don't we just moved to check and I said well I want to hear from God. Everybody else had good excuses for moving and and that's you know understandable, but I wanted to hear from God so this one day 11 people. We had a meeting. 11 were already ready to go okay. I was the only holdout okay so after the meeting I went back to my room and continue to pray in talk to God and I sat down and God just spoke to me almost as soon as I got in the room and it just said Jeff go to check okay and so and that was your answer and you went to the Czech Republic. Then I went and told my leader that I was ready to go that God had told me now spoke to me and told me I didn't say with an audible voice but it was an audible voice immune install actually only time that God spoke from an audible voice, but this was an audible voice that you know just told me Jeff go to check and that's what we did Jeff go to check and I remember Robbie last year and the whole coded thing was going and people were making all this all these predictions about the election exactly what was that happened I think you said it. There was a timer. You said that you can't be realized if nothing else, we can't really put God in a box. Is that right yeah yeah you know, but it's a beautiful thing in its own way now to see, how God is been moving through this and really helping us to see some places where we had cracks that need to be filled. I mean our own needs for him are more desperate than I think we realized that and so with some opportunity for growth. No doubt, absolutely and in speaking of stories of hopelessness turn in the hope of Jeff you actually there was another story that you told me about it was in in Russia, and Christians were being forced to choose.

As I write. Yes, I really had a book that was given to me. I didn't experience this but I have a book that was given to me about some of the things that Russian Christians are going through and one of the stories was that they line them up. The communist did in the winter along a frozen River.

They cut holes in the ice and they were going to make every Christian jump into those holes and they said to them, if you deny Christ in you come up out of the river. Then we will pull you out and we will we have a heater over here basically was some kind of ceramic kind of old heater that try to heat your body back up and save your life. So there was a soldier who was up watching everybody and if any Christian tried to run away. He was to shoot them so they were lined up they went over the holes and I don't know if they were even pushed in, or whatever. Or they jumped in, but they went into every hole and this soldier says that he Saul these crowns coming down from heaven over every hole while and then he saw one crown come down and he got almost over the hole and then it went right back up into heaven, and the guy came up and denied Christ, and so they pulled them out and they tried to heating the heat is body back up and he died anyway. But what happened was the soldier put down his gun, and he came down accepted Jesus as his Lord and took his place took the other guys place in that hole. He jumped in the hole himself what you know but he accepted Jesus as his Lord while in it and it says in Matthew 1039 it says whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it and that's what kind of reminded me when you are saying that there is one guy who actually came up denied Christ.

Not only did he possibly lose eternal life, but he he lost his life on this earth as well.

So we end up with it all anyway, but but that was interestingly you you actually said there was a time were we were driving somewhere, but the gas was a little empty. Is that right Jeff. Yeah, there was a time where we were traveling from Germany to Poland and we were going to. As missionaries we were going to go to teach Howell. Polish Christians could use music and drama on the street to help lead people to the Lord and on our way to that camp when we were leaving Germany right at the border right around the border, I noticed that we had like 1/4 tank of gas and that some they said I should fill up well at that time I didn't know that was the Holy Spirit. So I said, but where you know surely there's another gas station is a Sunday, but in Germany you could get gas so I figured that in check and you know as we were traveling in Austria in all that we would be able to get gas well I was wrong. Everything was closed on Sunday. Okay.

And so we got down to the red little, you know, right before the E and I said will you know Lord just help us get to the gas station so we went to the first gas station it was closed so that I had to pray again and say Lord just help us get to the next destination so we can make it into and we just kept going and then we went about 200 miles doing that because on ED just going you know, praying that God know the.

The hand never moved off of the E but we kept going and going and going till the next gas station till all the sudden the next day in Poland. We were able to get gas.

My goodness, and now it's it's interesting when you when you're talking about miracles like that. I'm reminded out in and I told I went to Calvary Calvary Baptist when I was growing up before I went there, probably the first church I went to was ever an older Presbyterian and there is a good pastor pastor little and Robbie you were sick. One time, right new bathroom little gal. There is no doubt I have lymphoma cells told stories of hopelessness, turn the whole. There I was, I had a very strange case lymphoma. It was called cutaneous lymphoma and it was even called killer cell lymphoma. My sister called it when she saw the pathology report. She worked at the University of Michigan hospital at the time and so now they were like brothers.

Only two people United States that have this kind of even one of them made it a couple months and so the way it looked was that there were these little tumors and all that little women are popping up all over my skin and said, look like Job limit and all asset sores were coming up all of my body member flattening around and so I looked, like a freak and I was still working at the dealership.

There on Cloverdale time and of one day pastor little came in pastor at Rinaldo Presbyterian and he said that the Holy Spirit told him somebody was there that need to be healed and my friend Joe was Joe Paulson, dear friend said what must be Robbie's coming home is back in his office because he never wants to step down public so he comes back. There was a time I've only been a Christian maybe three or four years and so I have no idea about anointing with oil are being laid hands on or anything so I did not like it wasn't Robbie have the faith to be healed okay but just like if I actually got his nicest man was. I thought it was a little freaky but nonetheless he prayed, and I'll admit that it was just really unusual prayer and I felt something happen right, but this was on a Friday and I was covered in these tumors I was supposed to start my chemotherapy on Monday and when I woke up Monday morning. I did not have a single unit because you could see him all the director in my skin and so I was no no tumors anywhere went on to the hospital that day they took pictures.

It was unbelievably did a biopsy base at all while the cancer turned on itself made itself somehow miraculously, but I think we all know what actually happened.

I still did do chemotherapy for some here today on this one a lot here since 1996 and is coming up on 30 at some .25 years.

This year, if not for God was an awesome certain in then Jeff said there was a woman who was sick for 20 some years is when we went to Bulgaria as a group.

There were some people that we saw God really move with. We prayed for them. There was a lady who was in her bed, laying flat she had not moved out of her bed and are not set up in 20 years and she just been laying down there and everything so we prayed for her and we really thought that she would know get up completely. But when we pray for her. God touched her, and she didn't get up completely, but she set up in the bed and they said she hasn't done that in 20 years while and she set up in the bed and praise God.

You know she still me that was just the move of the Spirit there and then there was another lady who we pray for that was having a problem with her leg and in all and when we pray for nothing happen you know really.

But then we will walked out.

We told her that you know just continue to have faith that Tina God was moving and we could. We knew that God was moving, and in all. She thanked us, hello there and then we went out her door. We walking down the hallway and then all of a sudden she comes out her door jumping in the air down the hallway or God. He touched her she was completely healed another lady. It was her eyes. She was blind and soon his way brighter.

Pray God touched her so is God did some mighty things, you know that's I've seen other deliverance and other things like this, but but these were all healings and all that I saw. Praise God in then you know another friend who was in in the Palestinian areas and we prayed for him is his brother was a believer and so is he brought his older brother to be prayed for and so when we prayed for him.

He felt the Holy Spirit move in his life ins and we'd ask him pray for pray in Jesus name. So as we prayed for him. He felt the Holy Spirit so he can't he ask his younger brother who was a believer. He said I want to know more about these what was going on. So they called us and on we went down to make a long story short, that later on this young man came to know the Lord. So we would give God all the praise and honor and glory.

Amen. Amen. And you know I'm reminded of the story.

There is there is a guy who went into a bank and all of a sudden the bank was getting rocked and the when the robbers were robbing it one of the guys. His mask slipped off for a few seconds and he turned to the first person and he said to that person.

He said did you see my mask off and the guy said yes and so the robber shot just like that, Shanda.

He looked to the second guy and he asked me said have you.

Did you see my mask falloff in the second guy said yes.

So the robber shot him as well and in the third guy was there sitting there in the robber said did you see my mask falloff and the guy said no, but my wife did so. The reason I bring that up is because right now Israel is in the news and you actually ministered to the Palestinians who were living in Israel and right now it seems like if if the Palestinians or the Israelis were probably in a bank something like that might happen seriously, so what I mean what what you're there for 18 years. Would you notice well there so I look at things a lot different than what I did when I first came when I first came there. You know, I didn't know much about the Palestinians okay and for and what I learned about the Palestinians from here was that they were bad people you know and stuff.

So when God called me there.

I want to find out who the Palestinians were. And so I was talking to the Lord all the time about the Palestinians and in all and what I would encourage people you know the Bible says that the force to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and and I would encourage you to pray for the peoples of Israel. The People's meaning both the Palestinians and the Jews, and one that one day I was praying over to Braun went down there and I was praying overhead.

Braun and God showed me a picture of two men and they were holding hands and walking together and I said Lord I said, what is this and I thought that maybe he would say friendship because as Khalil in Arabic, which is have Braun is means friendship, so I thought God was showing me a picture of have Braun, but then God said no and I said well I said okay so I looked as thinking then I start thinking about brothers and I said well is this Isaac and Ishmael. That's what I was thinking because most people look at the Israeli situation, the goats, Isaac and Ishmael for an God said no and what God told me that day was that the next thing I came to me was that this and I asked God about an it was okay. Is it Jacob and Esau ago.

And God said yes okay now. Not everybody agrees with that but I feel like God was showing me that. Mostly there are no pure peoples on the earth at all. I mean, you can say this people group or that people group or whatever, but they're all mixed okay but there is an overall spirit behind the situation and when you have the Palestinians you're talking about Jacob and Esau in a way I look at it and Jacob and Esau both have Jacob was the one who got the promise Esau sold his birthright, but the thing is that God also, through Isaac blessed Esau. So there is a blessing on both Jacob and Esau and it's a blessing to live together, and so I pray that for that blessing.

That piece between both the Israelis and the Jews because it's coming and the Palestinians and the thing is that I say that they are the descendents of Esau because they got the name Palestinian from the Romans. Okay, that now there were Palestinians that that were the enemies of Israel. Okay, but those pallets that those Palestinians those philistines in the Bible were called Philistines. They actually came from somewhere in the middle of the Mediterranean. Okay, could've come from Malta to come from Creek could come from other areas, but they were those kind of people's boat people. Okay.

However, the Palestinians have taken on that name for two reasons. One, that Rome didn't after the last uprising of the Jews, Rome decided that they would squish any other uprising, and they would do this by naming the people naming their land after their enemies and so they named the land of Palestine or after the Philistines and that's where the name now Jesus.

It was called Palestine. When Jesus was there.

Okay, so it was Palestine, but the thing is that we know in the Bible.

Also that through faith that God gave Abraham covenant.

You know, and that part of that covenant is the actual land of Israel. However, the blessing is that Jacob and Esau will live together, and if you look at this.

The Jews are the other people who design, who are the designers they are the ones who make all the plans the Palestinians are the builders so so if you put that together. Put it together.

Just like anything else you can you can really work together and Jeff.

I wish we had some more time today, but I really enjoyed your your stories about Israel is after with you about healing Robbie enjoyed your stories as well with pastor little and audible voice tell you what you imagine having mind these turbulent times. Peace of mind may be the most valuable lessons feeling secure your financial future is worth its weight in gold and liberty bankers insurance can help provide you with that most precious life-affirming sense of security. We work hard to create smart and innovative like health and financial plans that help ensure your family up not trust the stability of certain future potential desire to create a generational legacy of peace of mind liberty bankers insurance. Not all products available in all states. Visit LBI for additional terms and conditions. This is the Truth Network

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