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Breaking the Stronghold of Food!

If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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June 9, 2021 11:12 am

Breaking the Stronghold of Food!

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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June 9, 2021 11:12 am

Mike is joined by Line of Fire host Dr. Michael Brown to talk about his book, "Breaking the Stronghold of Food," and the role of diet in our physical and spiritual well-being.

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Your host Mike would if not for God with Mike's wick today.

Boy do we have an exciting guest of Dr. Michael Brown from a modifier when he comes on the Truth Network every day during the week at 3 o'clock.

He has an hour-long show when it is also one of the things that I was think about was Stu Epperson actually gave me this book about a year ago. It's called breaking the stronghold of food and it was by Dr. Michael Brown with his wife Nancy Brown, and it shows how Dr. Brown and his wife not only lost a bunch of weight, but how they really got shaped up Dr. Brown of I've got to tell you something that happened to me. I read your book I did what it said to do the book and I lost 25 pounds art. What happened after that was a I saw something on the Internet and it said that if you just put an ice pack on your neck that you could lose the weight in it and you be fine because her something called brown adipose tissue. So what I did was I I started doing that I went back to eating Ben & Jerry's and and Mike you'll never believe what happened I gained weight that does so recently in the past, probably about past two or three weeks, the past month I've listen to what the book says I've done what it says I got rid of the ice pack and the Ed things are going well again, but I think he said Dr. Brown.

This weight loss journey started and was it 2014. Is it right. August 23, 2014 minimum per ally and and that my wife and praying fervently at her and I said to her working on your goal for my plan is not working. What I meant was she understood the code language between us that all of them over the years will cut back on suites will cut back on this will get rid of fraud food. Below I will have booths that working because the older I got, the heavier I was, and I travel around the world very intense schedule worked out heavily as well and I was almost 63 per 275 pounds high blood pressure.

I was getting tired with my schedule and for the first, what was wonder, how long can I keep up this pace of ministry, and I knew how to make a change but problem most everything that I like to eat.

I could meet an old stuff. I don't want to have to eat and how can I keep up a healthy lifestyle while traveling all about the knew something had to change and Nancy had been really concerned knowing what I push myself healthy with the way I was eating and living solicitor. My plan is not working.

She said right. Nothing passes through your lips without my permission.

Only when I give you and all thought I knew how to make change and the next day was the beginning" turkey off suites got rid of all the stuff I had eaten all these many years. One country alcoholic pizza every day and chocolate. Other things like that went through three miserable days of withdrawal and it was so much harder to give up chocolate in certain foods and it will stop shooting heroin when I was 16 when I got saved in 1971 and then after three miserable days of withdrawal that the bad stuff left in the amount of the new my mind change my attitude towards food because food was my reward. I was able to realize that that with ministry and traveling where push that that was my built-in reward after ministry in any common life, travel, etc. so new my mind to get used to the lifestyle but I went from 275 pounds 280 in less than eight months despite totally healthy eating and living blood pressure went from a high of 149/115 to about about 105/65 used to have two or three headaches a week sometimes usually bad to take the pope all the time. Busy haven't had a headache and seven years now because the lower back pain that this appeared, had to travel around the world with the CPAP machine for sleep apnea all the weight loss reviewed the dramatically enough that I deleted the machine anymore so it's just an extraordinary my immune system is probably 10 times stronger than it used to be. If I get a cold, which is super rare. Now it's it's really mild and it goes really fast. So everything is been changed. Energy level. Everything is been dramatically changed. I literally feel like and getting younger every year and 66 now, but literally feel like getting younger every year and once I realized God had intervened and done something supernatural in my life because I was the poster boy for unhealthy eating. All this is not a glutton but just an unhealthy eater that when I realize got into being unmoved.

No plague us with this don't mess with this so that's been no exception from those words, there is no teeth days and gotten with me is been an amazing journey that's awesome you know it's funny when it when I started to I really wanted to talk about this book in the show.

One of the things I kinda came to my mind. Dr. Brown is there are some people out there who would say will hold on we got everything that's going on in Israel right now.

We got the pretrip post rib argument we we we people need to be saved and there's all these other things. Why are we talking about diet food and losing weight and if you have an answer to that as well. Right. What I'd like to be alive to help people like to be alive with the Bible to write. I'd like to be alive, to mentor the younger generations. And looked Dr. Joel Fuhrman not not a believer. Jewish probably agnostic, who wrote the book to live in the end of diving we follow his his food guidelines and I often quoted in the book he says you never fill your life goals. If you're chronically ill or dead, so certain things are out of our power to get a car accident. Note barely surviving future rehab or you have some illness that's unrelated to diet, but the vast majority of the physical problems that we experience in America are diet related.

Heart diseases number one killer in almost all heart disease could be eradicated with totally healthy eating and living the vast majority of it. So many of the things we suffer from a kind directly with diet so to me it's of the matter be a good steward. Look at it like this, let's say you're called to support missionaries around the world and God gives you $10 million. Well if you slaughter all that money if you wasted on gambling boat and I can help in those missionaries that you're supposed to help with that entrustment will we be given health and life and and if we are not good steward's over that then were you being a look let's say your your 45-year-old male your your obese you eat whatever you want to eat all kinds of fried foods and unhealthy foods and addictive foods and things like that you may never get to walk your your younger daughter down the aisle, which is getting married.

You may never be.

There is a grandfather. Forget I said that that matters, especially when it's in our power to do something about it when basically what were saying is yeah I know but these foods are unhealthy and I know I'd be a better steward of my body and able to help more people and reach more people with the gospel. If I ate differently, but I like my food that's idolatry that addiction and we wouldn't do that with anything else. Yeah I I know that this adultery will destroy my marriage and destroy ministry, but I really like this groundhog then we need we need to look at this the same way and went. When people will ask me. We only pick me up at the airport and saw how much weight I've lost the change almost always the first question that I be asked by the pastor pick me up at the airport, traveling and speaking first question how often do you cheat my answer would always be how often do you cheat on your wife.

That's the way I look at. I fully understand that that having a dish of ice cream here and there is not the same as coming adultery or or you know having some French fries and a burger one time a year is not the same as downloading porn for me. That's how I look at it for me it's wrong. It's sinful that something out of touch because I've seen all too many people in Nancy's own story splurge days teeth days play around with the CT initially after she made the transformation first in her own lifestyle and her parts of the book are finally the best part number insights observation salon same, but she set it up that every so often she have a splurge today know very measured three plan but then the one day became two and the two became three and she fell back for a while and found it much harder to to break out and and you consistent. The second time around. The first time around.

So when God's grace comes in your life you don't mess with it and I just asked the question if you could minister more effectively. If you could serve others more effectively serve God more effectively be of greater blessing to your family by transforming your diet isn't worth it I think so. And when I was when I was gonna do the show will of the things that I thought else is there is a verse in the Bible word Jesus actually says that man looks at the outward appearance, but God searches the hearts and when not when I was reminded of is that you know yes when we look at other people were not supposed to look at their outward appearance were supposed to see their hearts were supposed to see them like Jesus does.

I agree with that but there's I think there's a part in there that people miss and the part that people miss is that man looks at the outward appearance, so how would how bad would it be if were out there trying to share the gospel with people or were trying to go about our business and try to help people out and try to win people for Christ. But they're knocking to want to listen to us because they say look, if you believe this gospel, but you can't even you can take the time to take care of your self and be healthy while what I want to listen to you. Don't be.

It is in first Samuel God Samuel that the management the outward appearance, but goblet the heart. But here's the thing I I have great compassion on people who are obese, especially morbidly obese.

It feels so hard to ever make it back for Clive destroyed my body in a little never looked normal. All you know it can take years of food is such a massive stronghold in people's lives. So the last thing I'm here to do is judge anyone or criticize anyone or make anyone feel any worse than they do.

Right now I want to encourage them and if God could help me he could help anybody but but consider this angle. In keeping with what you say. One of the fruits of the spirit of self-control and yet there there are people of very very small minority of people who have some type of thyroid related issues of metabolic issue and they don't eat much, but there there really heavy, but the vast majority of us if we are obese or overweight. It's because of poor dietary habits and and by the way exercise is important. That's maybe 10% of the equation.

90% of it is what you're putting into yourself. So think of this.

If if I am demonstrating a lack of self-control than what am I telling about my own witness or I just felt even though no one criticized me for being big and hooking them on the big guy, you get away with the overweight Borneo people are not health status. I was, but it struck me as this is the testimony of lack of discipline that I live a very disciplined life in very serious life before God and in this area. I don't look discipline. Again, it was because of unhealthy eating choices and late-night foods and and all those kinds of things and yet the Ben & Jerry's of course we have the hard-core even a New York super fudge chunk and I get one of my continual small containers and eating two sessions over one night and I'll get you destroy yourself and doing it and I said to myself what a fun having a debate on a college campus and I'm debating some slick young gay activist about Kenya became Christian, etc. I don't. I want to turn off half of those young people by coming in there looking like a slob. I want to lead a fundamental guy that I love. Try to looks like, etc. but I just want demonstrate the delivered discipline life.

So get it. These are issues we hear look at it like this if if you're going to the fitness center, and you say hey I understand you get a personal trainer once a month. That's right in the personal trainer comes in and the guys belly is flopping out of his seat and and he's huffing and puffing as he walks across the road like I don't think I want you to train me. Now I understand that preachers and pastors and other fitness trainers.

I fully understand that but there is this aspect of discipline and and why is this allowed notes if I was wearing some other sin there be consequences for why is the sin of gluttony allowed in the church and why we even cultivated with our constant feasting.

There was a brother from Ghana who was visiting a friend of mine in the states years back with the powerful prayer ministry and every meeting they go out have a meal afterwards and then potluck dinner and this and that and the guy from Ghana said to him, now I see why God is not moving in America. He said you spent all your time feasting. We spend all our time yes, and in it one point, I think you were in a prayer meeting one time and you said something about it was to stat to fly yet. Yet it was late 1982. Early 1983 was part of a church. We had a real powerful outpouring of the Spirit and the highlight every week was a son that I prayer where some people pray. We open the building at different times and now Sunday night, we come and meet with God is a good three hours of just powerful prayer in the Holy Spirit ministering and we really look forward to the special times along with our prayer times during the week and this one particular prayer meeting. Everything was this all flat in our prayers work, we can. The Holy Spirit was in speaking and moving as one of the brothers does will produce a brethren said. The boys who said word truth that the flies is that we just right before prayer meeting at a big Sunday meal and you know and we come straight from that to prayer and it was true it and I started to realize with preaching as a young man and I don't want to preach the message go to fat to fly out at a lunch and it was a women's aglow luncheon Long Island some years after that we were really in a nice restaurant and I was asked to speak in the message God baby was too fat to find out about spiritual discipline and I couldn't believe it when right before you even after we ate out to preach. They have a local minister, local pastor get up and give thanks and this guy was massive I mean he was tired and he got up and said, Lord visited you know I love you.

I love this. I thought although I had a present too fat to fly after the but. But I realize early. Alma started preaching that I could not have a big meal and an hour later get up and pretend I felt the food weighing me down horrific. I just finished feeding my body rather than feeding my spirit so I just made it a life habit for decades to not eat for a good number of hours before preaching that I did make the deeper connection that was the types of foods that I was eating that if you indulge the flesh. It's harder to walk in the spirit yet now you read in the book that you know this isn't the first thing that you tried rights all yeah III okay so I did the discipline thing you know, in terms of I was fast.

You know spiritually but sometimes this for fiscal discipline and the artistry. Many years ago were where only had sweets. One day a month. I did that for better course of the year, but that I lost it fell back with that or I wouldn't have any fried foods or things like that cutting back.

I did that many a time, only to.

It wasn't enough that it was it was just a small step in the right direction and ultimately lost it and went back to the to the old ways because what I was doing was constantly depriving myself of foods. I was addicted to, rather than getting rid of the foods I was addicted to and eating only healthy food so that that's why I'm thriving. Those I will feel like I'm surviving and barely made.

I'm thriving. I don't think I go to any restaurant with you can eat whatever decadent meal you eat like a judge's but trust me on that. Anything you I'm not wishing I could have a I'm thriving because I love the healthy foods that but I tried every gimmick that was out there whole chapters, but was eventually ice pack things that maybe it's because I was a heavy drug use in two years before I was saved and is popping a pill had an appeal but you know I try these energy. Take these pills in a big boost your metabolism or take these pills when you go to sleep at night. They burn fat while you sleep and I try every cut I differently probably the most embarrassing one that I never told Nancy about some years later I was flying. One time when I was reading on on it. Airplane magazine and it was the special anti-fat cream you would put you know stomachs fat like sky, whatever that you would spread the cream on and leave it on for hours and it worked against the fat and you lose fat like that so I actually bought the stuff to try us and not only was it miserable to put on.

I mean it was oily and smelly as a cook. If you put it on at night and then put your pajamas on over that yellow wash the pajamas. The leg stated Toby cookie with this stuff. If you put on during the day, you pretty close as I did it a few times it was just hopeless and that I do the stuff away. Many years later told Nancy about it but I say I tried the gimmicks and here's the bottom line if you just get rid of the bad foods eat good food and exercise, you lose weight and you'll get healthier.

It's really simple. It's not a mystery, yet you know it's it's the old expression that there's no easy way out by but you also said that just like anything else that first it was a little tough and you actually told a story about where you were about to teach a class and you started crying. Here's a story that you want to make sure I put that in the book so I got over the withdrawal stuff that was like three days of misery and then really cried out to God.

The third night and Grace came sounds good with that then started to try to renew my mind and change my attitude.

Food is not my rewarding life, food, fuel that empowers me to live my CHANGING that. But still struggling to feel deprived a little bit here and there. I can have this I cannot let that up and I'm doing better doing that and I'm into this about all about three weeks into this and I came over the radio. One day, took a late afternoon nap as I often do, and then got up to teach my night class and are in our ministry school for school ministry and I woke up and I was craving something sweet and I remembered you Nancy to explain to me I'd written some affirmance stuff that that we have a natural sweet tooth, but that's for fruits. That's for things like that you know dates of your healthy stuff and I thought okay fine I'm craving something sweet just have some some mom know that the food addictions were broken at that point of discussion for but somehow there was any through the house now since I got to teach. I'm feeling weak. I guy gets up in my body so I thought okay I just am not time to going to grocery store and find something and cut something up at maybe by this gas station after pass on the way to my class. Maybe they got some cut up fruit.

I saw it the other day like cut up watermelon soup so I go in there and there's no cut up by going to another one of them driving, I pass it no cut of fruit.

I think one of Mike I gotta have something to click right Nancy told me not to fruit juices because they have all kinds of sugar in them. No, not natural sugar but the sweeteners and I find you don't make it juices up to the call and maybe they're better and saw I get one of those I drink half of that before the classes I thought this is Craig this is crazy this is.

I can't live like Carolyn like this. Just like never have another slice of pizza for the restaurant and never have a brownie or M&Ms or chocolate I did for the rest of my life and I'm sitting in the car literally two minutes before class literally in the parking lot with the students in the building and I break down crying in the car. I cares two things were happening simultaneously. One was coming to the end of myself and to I was watching myself. It was like I was outside my body watching this whimpering baby and I was laughing at myself crying.

So the crying was totally real, but another part of my mind looking at me and laughing at me and I realize this is just what you need strength and weakness. You acknowledge your weakness God strength will be made perfect in you. I wipe my eyes God spoke to me right then change subjects with teach on it ended up being divinely ordained by literally what appears authorized wanted to teach.

Have a great night and I was. It never had a crisis. After that we know couple times if I was traveling you didn't calculate things rightly like seven hours sitting in an airport.

I know food that I could find there to eat and I felt slightly bowed face it, that was my one and only crisis came to the breaking point and line encourage everyone to listen.

Maybe you're as wimpy as I was as weak as I was, you know. Yes, I'm a disciplined person but I was a food wimp much my entire life. God help me God gave me grace and I encourage everyone at the beginning of breaking the stronghold of food is this go to God beyond I'm really weak.

I'm terrified of the idea of eating broccoli.

I can imagine not having cheeseburger and fries.

A guy tried and failed. Just be totally off still make excuses just be totally honest. Excuses are for wimps to tell God the truth and say I need help and then take a step in the Jacuzzi help take another step before you know it will be a change purse Dr. Michael Brown if somebody wants to get this book, breaking the stronghold of food by Dr. Michael Brown. What's the easiest way to do they can order it on a website asked Dr. and connect with us for tons of other resources. SK dear, or if they want to get the e-book on audio version they can go to Amazon or Christian book or Barnes & Noble and of the online book dealers and get the book in any form.

Paperback, audio or e-book, and by the way, we got an amazing test was one of the most moving months was from a woman whose mother had died when she was young and then she had no type II diabetes and all these health-related problems and she said I knew I was gonna die my kids like in a get to have their mother so I'm I read the book that made the determination change in your four months later she's off insulin no more type II diabetes because it is treatable.

It is reversible and all the other at that how things had turned around and reversed and she said look I can be here for my daughters. My kids definitely want to hear from you can pick up the book and asked Dr. right yeah that's it, cannot use it.

And after that you really have to spend any money and you just do what it says to do in the book and not saying it's easy but it is relatively simple as that.

Right doctrine is relatively simple and it is possible for you.want help, let want self-control easy and if I could do it. Here it is now seven years without exception, and I'm driving my 66 my workout partner is WW wrestling start.

We work out together on 66 God could transform me and help me do it for anybody. Dr. Brown, thank you so much for sharing your story.

Ensuring the book, breaking the stronghold guys please pick it up today. Thank you very much.

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