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Back to the Beginning!

If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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April 21, 2021 1:00 am

Back to the Beginning!

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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April 21, 2021 1:00 am

What's the Gospel all about? And how do we share it? Mike, joined by Robby and Stu, goes back to the beginning in Genesis 1:1 to get the answer!

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Security needs are. What are three homeless Roman Catholic America during life and protecting members helping retirement are seeing a light day of affordable life insurance community. Write an additional member lower your income. Are you a light transferring 3.75 with a one-year guarantee hundred dollar RC.4 how your level are a reference 33677674 ERC life taking life throughout welcome if not for dog stories of hopelessness that turn to hope. Your host Mike so sometimes like it's always good to start at the beginning your today show you really were to go back to the beginning Genesis 1 what it says in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, and I don't know if this is still the case, but Adrian Rogers, the old Baptist preacher Rice thing still comes on the Truth Network. He said you know the most read Bible verse and he said people thought it was John 316, or Philippians 413 said no it's actually Genesis 11 he says because at some point a lot of people's lives.

They say I want to see what this whole thing is about and so Genesis 11 at and probably now I assume is is the most read verse in the Bible, but you said you been doing some digging into the Hebrew right. I was invited to Bible study in our neighborhood which we are attending. They wanted to do the study in so my question first chapter Genesis widened it past the first verse because I decided to just start to really look into what that is in Hebrew, and so if you'll allow me just my translation of what the words say you been told your whole life what it says but when I look at it in Hebrew, and I was translated based on what I know about the letters that are involved in those words. This is the way I would translate creation was appointed by the creator God is heaven's first and so it's a beautiful thing when you realize that you know there's a lot of gods out there is used Elohim is the word used in Genesis 11 and so you don't know necessarily what God did this except they preface it with the creator God. To tell you that the creator God as we know is Jesus, and very interestingly the first two letters are a bet and a radiation which means bar, which means the son. I like you heard bar Jesus write your member or or Barabbas if was the son of the rabbi, but Gottfried instead of Jesus there that that bar means son and so here you are. This the very first two letters would be son and actually if you had a LS which is the first letter in the Jewish alphabet you get creator and so it's got a call when you think of the word creator. It is just a son with an LF which has to do with really the finger of God, wanting to touch the finger man and so when you get this creator God appointed by, and then the other things beautiful that's not translated in English, they just say the heavens and the earth, but was actually there in Hebrew is at heaven extra mime at a rats you know they're there. Talk about and that is an Alice in a tug-of-war. That's the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet into last letter of the Hebrew alphabet. So when you are Jesus, the book of Revelation, and he said I'm the Alpha and the Omega well here we go.

So the Alpha is the first letter in the Greek alphabet in the Omega Jesus since he spoke Hebrew and we know that he probably said to John who also spoke Hebrew, but I met Allison on the top and that's the at. So when he said at heaven and at first it's got like the stamper Jesus approval, but more than that. I want you think they were all made in his image. Even the birds made in his image, and so a bird, they do when they want to make a home which is what God wanted to do in the beginning he wanted all in the very first letter is a bet because he was making a whole when we make a home we make a mess so God was making his nest in heaven which is the spiritual place that we all experience even now we go spiritual. Jesus often wanted us to do theirs and asked that God is made that you know we since were made in his image want to make a nest to our house and set there you go, but we make a nest of our own so this is a critical thing that is we begin to make these nests for these homes like God's heaven. In his earth, we let people into our home that we trust. We don't let people in our home, be it physical or spiritual that we don't trust and is the same way with God is good to be certain people he allows into his nest and there certain people you you know you hate me and you don't have anything to do with me giving you not to get in yet yet, and we, you and I we actually had a couple stories about this of about you know who, how, how we act and how how people view us, and I can give you an example of yesterday actually want to go solo would go talk to me about their life insurance. I was just checking on him saying hey, this is not, and then what happened was, was that all the sudden she said oh Mike noticeably came by and I canceled the pie they cancel the policy that you had with me and they got me a new policy okay that's fine is only just check out what they did. She said sure.

Yeah, she said I still got some other policies with you. This not and so I looked at the policy and I said, they cancel the policy with me to write you a new policy that was more expensive. Number one, which doesn't make any sense, which is a good for the client which is to help them in their number to your two-year incontestability. Was almost over. So in other words, in the first two years of life insurance policy of writing passes away, the insurance company can go back and contest that claim once they live two years in a day.

They have to pay and so basically you know we sat there, talk, and I ended up getting it fixed up. I she was able to get a policy back with me on that was not asked.

Well, yeah, and it was him it was and if not, forgot that because I would've stopped by probably like this weaker that day she would've enabled me, but it in the nick of time are able safer policy that was better than the new one that they wrote to make them to make themselves extra money, but at the end of the day right before I left. I looked at her and I said I see why people don't trust anybody. I mean I see why people don't trust anybody it in and we can say the same thing with the Christian experience as well mean like talk bad about anybody or anything like that.

We have to be realistic.

I mean, you know Robbie Zacharias was just preaching his whole life teaching other people had all the stuff does not, and then they find out he's doing all these sexual things we won't get into.

You know the guy from Liberty University he was doing some weird bad stuff and he's either running Liberty University. Then there's you know that the Jim Baker's of the world. The Jimmy Swaggart to the world and I think there's a lot of people who are out there who are saying you know what I I went to a bad restaurant one time and what Robbie and I are trying to tell you is not all restaurants are bad, but you know, just because you had a bad experience doesn't mean that all Christians are God and what I guess in a way we are, because it says that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

We all need his grace we all need his forgiveness but on the other hand, I think there's a point where you're just living like the devil and living in unrepentant sin and it's just like you don't care and you're trying to say hey on this great Christian. At the same time in its in there there there really I guess needs to be your wife needs to line up with what you say you believe, but you actually had a story Rob Robbie about a woman who wanted to give you a donation number of years ago I was setting up for a remote outage.

Think of the name outside mortgage here in Winston-Salem anywhere doesn't matter. I'm trying to set up and put up the tent. I'm out there by myself actually had a bunch of Krispy Kreme doughnuts all the stuff this lady drives up goes, what are you doing I suppose we got up remote broadcasting really I want to donate and so she starts writing a check; school generously and that halfway through her writing the check she sees across on something and she goes oh are you Christian and I said oh yeah definitely bless your work Christian radio. Well, I would give anything to you haters as she rips the front of me and I was like ma'am, I mean you know I never talked to before my life and and I know you may have had a bad experience like that you let me share that I you know I don't know what you're talking about if she would even go into it she wouldn't even do that. But you the old line is you know the people, so I'm not going to church.

I'll be there with a bunch of hypocrites. Well if you come you will just add the right and in so true. However, I'm in Scripture is pretty obvious, just be a perfect as my father's perforated right and and the idea is that wow is your bringing the kingdom of God and in and I think really we want to create our homes as kingdoms. We want to create friendships as can as I was telling you is where talk about the subject before I came to Christ, if I looked inside my world. How many people really inside my nest.

Maybe one or two people. I'm not so sure about the fit but when I look at it today, 30 some years later. You know how many people that I literally call in the middle of the night. I know would come running. How many people would would pray for me in a heartbeat if I needed $1000.

I did more than that, how many people will call me when they're in that kind of need and whatever like how many brothers do I really have and how much bigger is my world you know then it was prior to you know me coming to Christ.

And so my only way to become the perfect like I am perfect is not only to pursue God but actually pursue his love in my own life like I got one like people that know me, say you're right. It's got a bad temper is no road rage is not good Christian cargo.

It can happen if it is and and and so there's things when I see that is like a check engine light flashing for Robbie saying okay I just got really mad dog what are you trying to get I'm actually just the other night I was with another ministry also and I just fell all the stuff welling up inside me. As I was, check engine light flashed.

I realize man I feel like I'm a teenage boy I feel rebellious and sourced in all excuse myself for forgiveness and then went back next to him is a God, but why did I feel like a teenage pointing cycle. Remember that look in his face probably reminded your father when he kicked Joe out allow and as I began to process all that that it happened in that particular story. My parents had divorced my father was involved with another woman and was just a tough situation and you know I was rebellious because I felt hurt and betrayed by my father and done some things I should've been doing and so I played the hypocrite card yeah yeah the yeah I mean is matter fact, when you were talking about that Robbie was look at it more. Chapter 10 verse 29 it's a verse that we log. Truly I tell you, Jesus replied, no one who is left home or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or fields for my sake and for the gospel will fail to receive a hundredfold in this present age houses and brothers and sisters and mothers and children fields one with persecutions and in the age to come eternal life. But many who are first will be last in the last will be first. I think I meet. I agree hundred percent about what you're talking about, you know were I remember before I became a Christian I like you said I may have had two or three friends and that was iffy at best. I mean, but you know I think about now. It's like we we have the Bible study at my house on Saturdays and past Saturday. It's like we did have enough parking spaces and it's like I've got all these people who come really from all over the state to come to this Bible study and I'm grateful and since I got to come to it a couple weeks ago we did a Passover Seder and I mean I wish everybody. This listing could've been there yet because the idea of the Passover dinner that that did you celebrate is that people would ask questions, and these disciples that Mike has in his home. Many people had really great questions and the only people have questions or disciples by the those of the enthusiastic learner. Social people want to know how to how do I file you Christ and end the questions were just outstanding and I continued on our way home, thought man. You know that was real. Yeah yeah you know what else I like to is the stories and the you know it's funny. I refrain Angela Pierce she's a real estate agent over in the Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill area and what she what happened her this this actually happened her she was a heavy heavy smoker and so one night she went to bed and she said a voice woke her up and she said the voice said to her, audibly. I'm giving you a new set of lungs and so what she did. He said okay.

She said she started coughing for the next minute or two like she's never cough up order while and she said then it was done she went back to sleep. She woke up the next day she had her pack of cigarettes with her and she said she never craved another pack of cigarettes and so it's like the stories that we get to hear it in the people that we get to meet by becoming a Christian. I remember the 70 people told me before there like you know how got I don't want to become a Christian because I have to give up all this stuff and like the stuff that you have to give up nothing compared to what you get in return is matter fact speaking of Angela Pierce.

If you're thinking of buying or selling a home or you want to invest in real estate, then call Angela Pierce, a realtor with next home. The ideal group at 919-612-3363 Angela works in the triangle and surrounding areas and is ready to help with all of your real estate needs. What Angela help you find your next home 919-612-3363 so and you know I got a chance to meet Angela at that and she was one of those that came right out there know I was cooking a lamb, and she came out there wonderful Christian and in you know the kind of person I want to buy a house from you and and so it's Angela Davis, Angela Pierce Pierce okay. I'm glad I said that wrong so I can like oh I was appears for your transgression, you want to hope for it.

So Angela Pierce right real estate know that's that's really cool thing again.

You know when we are talking about the stories you know that's your testimony it's a study of your own life you have been trying to build this nest and trying to find God with cool thing is, as he comes in and begins to help you.

I can tell you quit smoking is not all that right but when you when you say I gotta give up all this stuff to become a Christian. It's, like the prodigal son, Sam, and I can give up these pig parts man.

Let that you have a steak dinner later tonight sign is rescued on the road. Her sons Galatzer and become run and inure to the beat and have meat rather than a then these pig pod. So you know you don't necessarily realize their pig bods when you're eating them and I've been there. Believe me it out on so many different levels as it feels good sometimes get really mad at somebody does. It's a big part unit speaking of you quitting smoking or drugs or stuff like that.

I've actually met people I've heard stories of people who actually quit the drugs and had actually quit the alcohol quit smoking.

This is not, and then it's like when there even though they quit there something that still missing. In other words, they thought that by me quitting this it would bring me happiness or joy or peace or whatever it is, but then later on a lot of these people. They found Jesus and the like. Am glad I quit drinking. I'm glad I quit smoking but it's like it's it's how much better is it to meet Jesus.

And that's why let you know I like places like I was a teen challenge or something like that because not only do they help you quit drugs but they also introduce you to Jesus and I at if I told the story before but when I first became a Christian night. I didn't really understand much and so what I did was I was II went in and I went to a Catholic church, and so I went to the service and the and the priest he said I never forgot that.

She said he said when you're going out. He said it's good that you're feeding people. It's good that you're giving them water. It's good that your giving them close and helping them out, he said, but while you're doing that. Make sure that you give them the gospel as well and I thought that was cool and and you know I think sometimes people try to do one without the other and it's tough you'll especially, I would say growing up and in the war the conservative evangelical churches you would see a lot of people just going out and saying hey you need to trust in Jesus, you need to trust deed which is great and awesome, but they wouldn't do the other things that you know they wouldn't give people food. They would help them out with their maybe their bills or whatever they need, they wouldn't help them out and then a lot of people may not want to listen to them. But then, then you have people on the other side. I guess on the medium of the more liberal Christians or whatever and they would go out and they would help people they would give people food that would give people clothing but they really wouldn't share the gospel. So I think it's interesting issue because a lot of people think what I set know how my get exactly share that cost well. PACS gives you this beautiful understanding if you listen for.

Because what it says is you're going to receive power from on high right to be my witness what you're witnessing to is what God did in your own life you want to know what the gospel looks like is like why Robbie Delmore was a car salesman okay have hardly a friend of this world and I started to read the Bible and I found out the Jesus died for my sins and I could tell the story of what actually happened in my life. I'm a witness to what he did and the change in my life is in fact sharing the gospel. You see is the power in the is it says you're gonna be here to receive power to be my witness to what you witnessing to your witnessing to stop smoking work you're witnessing to, you know all the sudden I got more friends in my life from witnessing to what what what affected Christ really have in your life and why is that because all the sudden as we talked about the beginning of the show right I am building the kingdom will call it God's nest is as is I put him on the throne.

All the sudden he's making me perfect and at some point in time people see Jesus and they don't see me and Mama. Matt happens then it gets good. That's what we want to see me but I had been around a lot of times and I saw Jesus yeah okay will is what I'm saying is I will. I don't what made it. I don't want to point people to me exact.

I want to point people to Jesus, but I think what you're saying as well. If I'm living like the devil treating people horribly, then no matter what I tell people in G5 Jesus there knock you listen to me about Jesus. So I guess what you're saying. It is both. It is a new Pastor James Banks was church in Durham through this beautiful picture of the prodigal son ride. The dad is running for him and when he sees a dead, and obviously he comes to meeting because we just picture to lovers right there on this island and they been searching for each other searching for each other. They been searching and all of a sudden they come running from either end of this island you watch them and they're just like oh man, this can be great. They're going embraces to be beautiful that's you and God. Okay, now right before you get to God. You start to be concerned about your shoes and you look downright and uniformly new interface because once you take your eyes off Jesus and you start worrying about what you're wearing. If you got the right stuff on if you're doing the right thing than your you're going to fall on your face. So the idea is right.

Your lover is running for you right okay let's not look down at our shoes. Okay, let's get a good look in his eye and in an embrace him and he's can tell you it just the right place at just the right time.

Robbie, we need to work on this over here you know when you get when you're ready to work on it and when you feel the need to work on.

He has a good idea what commission you got an end, and he'll help you with issues okay but he's the one on the throne, so give him a chance to play that role absolutely that there is a there was an old song, and I don't know if you guys remember this but it's turn your eyes upon Jesus and we were talking about that.

It reminded me of it and it says, oh, so are you weary and troubled no light in the darkness. You see there's light for a look at the Savior and life more abundant and free. Turn your eyes upon GE's look full in his lawn deserve full pay and the sayings of her will grow straight. The angel lead and the data is galore re-gray hairs and harmonizing? There you go here and and and still it will let you get the last word got a couple of minutes, but you know when were thinking about this. If there's somebody you may have run away from Jesus or if there's somebody who's not walking with Jesus right now and and they listen to the show and and in and it got their attention. What would you say I would say your listing to three guys, especially this guy who were very very messed up in the only person that could fixes my first syndicate fix Chuck Colson was in prison for high crimes is our government and sporadically save him. The only person that could fix the sex addict alcohol addict. One person that fixed anyone is Jesus Christ. Love it. Dr. Evans introduced himself once is and I'm a nobody try to tell everyone about everybody about somebody who can save anybody and that's why we sing that song. That's why were asking you to try to get your eyes off us in your years in turn your eyes and ears Jesus Christ because we can't fix anyone else there. We are introducing this show if not for God is every week love issue introducing people to the one who can save anyone to the one who went to the cross for you lead for you died from forsaken by the father, so you could be adopted and be given a new life rose from the dead for his resurrected life into you raised with Jesus right now. If you're dead. Dead in their inviting you to trust call upon the name of go get a loan go get quite open his book.

He's texting you like crazy right now read it.

Read John chapter 3 go to Jesus and watch him work. We want to hear about that if you said yes to Jesus today. Trust him. Let us know some and now you are going to be weapon eyes until a whole bunch of about Jesus, the day that I met Jesus Christ change my life. Let's be about introducing others not forgotten my not for this is the Truth Network

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