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We Need HIM!

If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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April 14, 2021 1:00 am

We Need HIM!

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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April 14, 2021 1:00 am

Revival is happening in the midst of dark times! Mike & Robby talk with friend Wayne Dozier about how God is working in people's hearts and why we have reason to rejoice instead of worrying.

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Woodrow Kroll here wouldn't train one pastor and some donor friends are standing by to train a second call 833-443-5467 or go online and train a Every gift counts and now every gift is double training hi, I met my cohost Breanna Michael Paul and I sound like Jan Mormonism to be brighter than we were told it would be doing is for discussions about our journeys Mormon to Jesus chosen should just enjoy most of listening to the podcast network. This is the Truth Network joining the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America, also known as PRC PRC life is a fraternal benefit society that offers a variety of different life insurance portfolios for all stages of life.

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This is not a ghetto are not part of the vast right-wing conspiracy, you know, so the but the USA today wrote an article and it said why you should go to church not only for holy week, but every week thereafter and what they did was they actually did a study of all of the people all the different groups all across country when they showed on that every single group that they interviewed became more depressed and their happiness level actually went down over the last year.

They said that there was one group whose happiness actually increased over the last year and that was Christians who regularly attended church, even through the pandemic and you know it's funny, I always think that it's funny when the world actually catches up with the Bible you know it's like I mean yeah I mean it it it happens all the time living as matter fact, here's the verse Hebrews 1025 not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the day approaching and you know it every day that goes by, you know, we can argue with people about this. However, we want every day that we that goes by is one day closer to seeing the Lord Jesus Christ returning and I mean I don't know about you guys but I'm excited for that and him and I'm ready for that day and and we were actually talking. We have our Tuesday night Bible study last night were talking about last night were you know it says. When Jesus when he went to the cross he was he was he was killed for our sins, and then he he rose from the grave he ascended up in heaven. Jesus actually said this, he says he put Satan everything under his feet and then Monday morning we have. I have our room. We have our Monday morning meeting in Burlington at the Burlington city park when the net know well and I went to the park and when I went there. My back was absolutely killing me up and lifting weights is in the whole time you're at the spur meeting. Something told me you need to have these people pray for your back and the end of the meeting. I said look, guys. Just a wonderful meeting but would you guys please pray for my back and they were happy to do. They all got around me. They started praying for my back and I noticed it wasn't three days later when I went to the car.

All the pain that I felt it was just completely gone on and and and and we serve a great God right but one of the things I was thinking about after after the whole thing it happened was we don't need to be surprised when that happens, I mean that's what we should come to expect. I mean, Jesus, he said according to your faith, so be it.

I mean you know Jesus said the same things that I do. He says greater things will you do you know I hear people talking about this will all over the world and all these different countries. God is working miracles, which we don't see that in United States and I've got a word for that baloney.

It happens right here it's happening right now were seeing revival happen right now in the United States.

Yet there's a lot of bad things are happening but a lot of people were coming to Christ. Her friend Andy been, nor Bible studies we've been praying for you know we got a good frame good friend Wayne note Dozier here mean, I've been introducing him to people, God's been introducing him to people and you had a story where there was a guy who wanted to commit suicide is that right wing year you a few weeks ago you you actually made the connection.

You could medical disk. I was able to actually have a conversation with Vilma and and I knew where the outcome of rooms would just be able to talk to his heart. Hoping to see that there is more to to all of this than what we understand and ultimately all comes back to God loves us and wants us to love one another and he's doing a lot of that. I think I think he's doing a lot of it right now, especially over the last year.

If you look at the statistics and will oversee an internal if you talk with suicide.

You know, the suicide rate is up exponentially, especially in teenagers. A lot of people out of work got a lot of things going out right so we try to give hope to lean on God, yeah.

I mean, as a matter fact speaking of suicide. I mean I remember when I was 14 years old I had taken a bottle bottle of pills and I wanted to die and and and and God actually brought me through that.

But Rob, you are actually talking about you know if if we had actually succeeded in our suicide. What what are the consequences of that and you know I had some folks that were very close to me that it tentative and you know I was in the same position that Tom Lehman talk about what I was talking and all of a sudden God, just convicted me that well. Had I succeeded.

Back when I was 16 years old myself when I took the pills and kind of thing, then well. Not only would I have killed myself, but I would've killed all three of my kids and at this point in time five grandkids like what yeah and it is like you not only murder you your your mass murderer so there's there's obviously huge consequences not only to the lives that you take.

But since you know in my life for my wife's brother committed suicide and the guilt that was passed around the family as a result of that is almost unthinkable.

So when you look at the consequences of this you know her huge amount of suicide going on you know it it it it it affects generations.

It affects a whole lot of things and it certainly affects the guilt that that's on other people.

However, the people that are trapped there. I mean it's like you said when you got have a heart for them because it's it's a really hard place well in being in that position.

You know that in that moment that really the only thing you can see is hopelessness. There is no hope.

There's no there's no hope in God, there's no hope in money. There's no hope in whatever it is that's called ownership situation. There's something that's bringing this this upon you, like you said you couldn't see all the lives you have destroyed after that. Not only that, but you couldn't see how this is gonna turn out. If we lean back on God's word he says all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord will all things includes the release sorry like the psyche parts like United right includes all things. You know when I was thinking about a year ago. Well, you begin God had me do some crazy things of the last things that in quite understand and it's happened a couple times over the last year and each time it seems like there's some ray of light the shot that shows up directly afterward. It's really funny is like almost directly afterward. There's no hope.

And all of a sudden I would've missed this one. Ray of light showed up every year. If I would've done. Not to mention all the light at the end we just don't know when the heart stops, but it eventually stopped eventually stopped, kept us but then mass also those people were didn't stop right and then you got the family and so you have a real experience for the friend of yours recently that he felt like God showed you some stuff yeah about a month and 1/2 two months ago at a really close friend from high school, a friend that I grew up with.

Ever since I was bold enough to ride a bicycle group in that neighborhood sheared the shield had some things going on that a lot of people didn't know about an amazing woman. If you ever met her in person. You think this woman was just the raise of Jesus shine off of her.

It was just happy she brought joy to everyone. She was always looking up of always taking care of other people. The last time that that II saw her she was actually giving away she ran a particular store. She was actually giving away her product to the customer who came in because he was a friend and she should known for a long time and she knew where he was coming from and she just kinda gave it to him and he is trying to pay her and she would take this, she was so began a couple months ago and after mosquito that we find out it did that she done this in an I had actually I would have gone back and forth in my beliefs and what happens but no, we don't know we just don't know. Well, I had actually leaned a particular way in my beliefs around this particular topic right. What happens if you do this and I had a dream about this class about two weeks ago and in this particular dream you that you have to understand the way I see things, but my suit Bentley. This particular girl anytime that I saw her a very specific song came to mind and I always sign it always sounded in my mind out singing out loud. Saying that because I was very helpful letting when you sing it, I can immediately relay the song was hey Mickey, you're so fine you're so fond will not hey Mickey minutes. It's a very young revising Herzog's song. This is fixing it but every time I saw her I thought of this well in this particular dream and skip to the pieces relevant to this, but in the dream I am in this living room and I turn around and my sister is sitting on the couch and she sitting on this couch know I'm looking at her and I'm as I'm looking at her. I point to her and I start singing that song will look over to her side to her right my left and I see another young lady that I know of Naaman. Again my whole life and I've always called her my sister from another Mr. I going to call her by her name.

I call her payment message from Mr. well in this particular dream never had it. I thought I'd believed something very specific. I thought it meant okay. My sister maybe had built with the same thing and maybe this alien lady that I knew who was my sister.

I am a little thick sometimes, who was also my sister maybe had issues with these particular things with the middle class. This is make it so the blisters can follow that essentially you had previously felt as though somebody who committed suicide that they were committing murder and it was not and they would not. That would not go well for them right and I did actually derive that from something that I'd seen in Scripture and the reason really talk about this I think is because we were talking earlier about how you really need to be careful with what you think. You believe in the end, and what you want to stand on because God can change your mind and heart beat and you not realize it, and then you got some things to work out later. All right and clearly he can decide that Judas you know is gonna make it and can decide that Mickey can make it so you know, these are things that you know some people really, and other theology Walden back but I read some of it that Oswald Chambers said this morning that you know if you believe you understand everything God can't turn on the light and show you what's really going on because you arty have visas you want all this Oswald Chambers 90.

Today's April 17 look about for yourself.

He said if you you know just dog across passages like that and you say why understand this and God can illuminate it for you because it you know you not give the Holy Spirit any leeway in what I hear you saying Robbie is that we have to be coachable and teachable and and so I don't know if anybody has ever been like this before, but I sold insurance for years.

17 years years and and I can help a lot of people to listen. There's a few there's a certain type of person I can't really help if they know everything and I tell him. So we I know that oh yeah, I know that. Oh, not on on and it's like, like if you're not gonna listen to me.

II can't even if you're not in a listen to my advice. I can't help you and II think that God is saying the same thing worries that you know he wants to help you. He wants to be your father. He wants to give you what he wants to know as in he walks with me and he talks with me and he tells me I am his own will, yeah, but not if you don't listen to them. Not if you won't listen to him and so he does want to help us. He wants to help us in our everyday what he cares about us, but we have to go to him every day in prayer and we ask have to ask him. Lord help me you know is is long as as long as we want to do it on her own were never going to get there. I mean II think about the story that you know JD Greer told that one time of the there is a group of kids from school and the teacher said all right who did their homework and the kids to set okay at it do my homework the kids who did their homework actually carried the backpacks of the kids who didn't do their homework and it sounded counterintuitive, but about halfway up the mountain when they were doing their hike to kids who are getting their bags carried who did not do their homework, they hated it because they don't want somebody else helping them out.

You know will 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ. He died on the cross for our sins, and he said all you have to do is you believe in me, and you have eternal life. But we have to humble ourselves and we have to say Lord I need you remember that song.

Lord, I need you I need you every need you so until were willing to sit down and say look, I need you, Lord, you know that and then were networking to miss the part in the market will never get there and maybe if you're listening right now, today, you're saying will yeah I'm listing on being entertained or whatever, you're not being entertained. Whatever. You know whatever it is, but you know the fact that you just say Lord just open up your hands and say Lord I need you.

We all need you, Lord. We need you right now in this country. Lord we need you to step in.

Right now we need you to intervene when Egypt, Lord. I'm praying right now that you're going to intervene in marriages right now that seem to be broken. Lord I pray in Jesus name right now for you to restore those marriages. I'm praying right now in Jesus name for somebody who's thinking about committing suicide right now that is you listen right now you cry out to Jesus and Lord, we just pray that you deliver that person from suicide. I want to pray right now for somebody who's lost maybe you're just listening on the radio right now you don't even know why your listing. Lord I just want to pray right now that if you're listening right now. You don't know Jesus, I want to pray that you cry out to Jesus.

I want to pray for miracles only pray for supernatural breakthrough to happen right now in the United States right now with the listers.

What I want to pray for revival to break out because Lord, we know that you can do it and I know that over the past year there's been a lot of bad things that have happened. Lord you are in control. Lord you are going to make a way where there is no way in Jesus name, amen. So getting back to the story which you know for people that have lost somebody to suicide that are struggling with that question. You know, I think the rest of the story is extremely helpful Wayne to share when after the dream, how you did at Scott I need you and he showed up and eat it sure did some interpretation. You really didn't expect you and I think that's can work on but now is a lot of people need healing not so much in the nation.

A lot of people were hurting at home through backyards so going back to that dream so that you I'd say I'd sing that dream and and whenever I woke up and prayed about FL I got was telling me one very specific thing around. Maybe my sister in this other young lady that maybe they had dealt with the same issues, etc. and this is a couple new couple weeks ago will I was driving home one day and God reminded me of that dream.

And he said giving not audible in the still small voice in a suit yet this was not for you I need you to call the Schenley's mom and I haven't spoken with the young ladies mom since she had passed away, actually before that she was not at the funeral home. When I went up there that that particular evening for visitation and guy just kept coming, tell me to wait just just you'll know when she disabled her accounts amended as a parent losing her daughter, especially daughter of this age limits its we can understand it will again I'm driving.

I hear father say this is about you. You need to call her. This is what it means, and he started to show me see what I was looking at my sister sitting on the couch I was seeing my sister but I was calling her by the young ladies night so I was seeing this young lady but she was my sister in Christ message of Christ and to confirm that he is the other girl from the dream was beside him or who always called my sister from another Mr. Wright, anybody who is my sister in Christ, is most definitely my sister or brother from another Mr. so I called up this particular and ladies mom and started conversation with her and spoke with respect for little while and and and I started to share my dream with her and told her that I felt like father told me that I took to share this with her and she told me in that moment that it was actually a question that she was. She was asking she was she struggling with over the last few days because same thing she knew who Mickey was. She knew that she loved and she will people she knew she loved issuing Jesus she knew who she was. But she'd also had doubts and in and things she'd heard over time things will change your mind about certain things, but around suicide and how that affects your eternal life in God and that moment was telling her that the that her daughter her daughter is okay she's fine.

She's with him. We we don't truly comprehend just how big God is really so again I you know the story. I thinks it is as remarkable that it is on your list in your asking how I interpret this this is what happened in Scripture speaks clearly that you know thou shall not murder but he also speaks clearly my supposed to call somebody bad name and soft and I don't know myself sometimes energy. How does this exactly work and I don't think we know who's got to be in heaven.

You know, I really don't think, but I mean honestly I could do something two seconds before I die right then. All you know is it is it in fact the Jesus blood can cover that you no matter what it is and and and you know clearly my prayers to stay as close as possible, learn as much as possible of God and love others and will let him be the judge will if the first sure any matter fact and also want to give a word of encouragement. If all three of us here have dealt with serious depression is not right. Serious serious depression so but I saw something want to give you a word of encouragement.

It's from Scripture. Here are some verses that if you're depressed right now I want you to believe and hold onto these verses. Psalm 99 the Lord is a refuge for the oppressed to stronghold in times of trouble.

Psalm 23, four, even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil for you are with me your rod and your staff they comfort me. Psalm 30 verse five for his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime. Weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning. Amen. Psalm 30 verse 11 you turned my wailing into dancing you remove my sackcloth include me with joy. Psalm 3417 through 18 the righteous cry out in the Lord he hears them he delivers them from all their troubles. The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

Psalm 42. He lifted me out of the slimy pit out of the mud in the mire he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand talking about setting your feast feet on the rock about Jesus Christ as the rock he is the rock he is the rock if we set our feet on him and we trust in him. I tell you what I do. We still have tough times right but we can come to be like that that USA Today article is as you know what, even though were going through tough times.

We have the King of Kings and the Lord of lords twos on our side and he'll never leave us or forsake us. I want you to trust in that right now yet so if you've never them in our dysfunctional how easy it is to trust in him, and to know that you do have that place in heaven with him and it just hurts by Sam in a Jesus.

I believe you are who you said you work. You are the son of God, and that you did come and you died on Calvary for my sins. And Lord, I believe that you can save me and I believe that I can be forever together with you and those who love you and so I asked that you would save me in Jesus name I pray you prayed that clearly I mean Mike would be more than thrilled any of us would if you would contact him at his website email whatever you want to do because at the end of the day right it's if not for God. It it is in its you know that the email is Z WIC KM like the number like M the Zwick and We'd love to hear your we love to hear your suggestions. Would love to hear your comments and and we have another minute. Your weight will it anything else you want to say to anybody other think the biggest thing is to know that he told us not to worry about tomorrow like it it's it's easy to say that out loud, but he told us not to worry for tomorrow, tomorrow has enough troubles of its own.

If we can if we can learn to just really sit still in right now and today. Maybe you listen to the birds chirp find something music whatever it is find yourself in a place where you can just be still and realize that in this moment you're still breathing that you still have purpose factor. You're alive now means father has purpose. Have a have something that you're meant he tells us in his word.

He dictates the time and the places were supposed so all of us that are alive right now are supposed to be right now because there's people that were supposed to influence purchase so many myriads of ways we touched the lives of those around us and ultimately love God, I forgot that this is the Truth Network

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