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Is Hell Real?

If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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March 3, 2021 1:00 am

Is Hell Real?

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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March 3, 2021 1:00 am

Mike & Robby talk about the common phrase, "I know the Bible says this, BUT..." and why we must trust God's Word and be thirsty for the truth.

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The cuticle of the Russian nightmare know the devil's nightmare here from it's time to man up challenging men step into their true manhood. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcast network. This is the Truth Network for a deal on life insurance and consider joining the holy Roman Catholic Union of America also known as PRC you may like PRC UA life is a fraternal benefit society that offers a variety of different life insurance portfolios all stages of life. PRC UA life is also known for fit index annuity plans will yield up to 3.25% API as a fraternal organization, the PRC UA provides member benefits such as scholarship tournaments and numerous Polish American cultural programs and much more. Consider joining the PRC UA this week. Now through April 15, 2021 you can earn money in your 2020 text while boosting your retirement income open a new PRC UAL life annuity deposit of $500. Take advantage of their competitive rates plus is an eight-year annuity with 3.75 TTY one year guaranteed minimum guaranteed 2% to lower your taxable income while increasing your retirement PRC PRC UA welcome to If Not for God stories of hopelessness that turn to hope. Your host Mike swing welcome to if not for God with my today show like are you first. Are you thirsty I guess. I really see it that way you know it. One of the things is, are you thirsty for the word and we were talking about this a little bit before, but one of the things I was thinking about this week Robbie was the authority of Scripture, and what I'm seeing more and more, especially lately is people who are saying, well, you know, I know the Bible says this, butů And so they may. You know they may say why believe the bite but it's maybe something else that's getting in there. Were there saying I don't completely believe in week one of the things were talking about is how we don't believe that hell is a literal place in and you know you just died at the grave and its separation from God stuff like that. Will that that's not what the Bible says and is better fact in the book of Revelation on its Revelation 22 in verse 18 it says for I testify to everyone who hears the word of the prophecy of this book. If anyone adds to these things, God will add to him the plagues that are written in this book and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part from the book of life from the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book and I like what he says.

After that, Shirley I, I am coming quickly, we can see that that but when I when I see that one of the things that I was thinking about as far as the authority of Scripture.

This is the word of God, we have to leave it if somebody's gonna say why don't believe in that hell is a real place where it's permanent or it's not a place of torment and what they say. They say things like, what separation from God, and I would say why agree with that. You are separated from God. But if you if you go into Scripture and you look Jesus gave a specific example he talks about Lazarus and the rich man and Lazarus was a poor man and he would stand basic begging at the gates and that you know he was. He was miserable. He passed away. The dog licking his wounded manhood.

That's the one that this leaves a mental image that dog yeah that's right. The dogs were licking his wounds and he said they both he died and he was brought up to heaven and Abraham was comforting him and in the know it's funny Robbie.

He doesn't even say the rich man's name that just that's just a side of PW not even report you have not even important enough to say his name, but the rich man is brought down to hell. This is where he was and when he was and how he was in torment torment. That's not just being in the grave are not just being separate.

That means your perfect he was in such torment. He asked Abraham to take a take some cold water and just put the tip of it on his tongue so he would he would relieve he would be relieved of some of this torment in addition to that, he says hey go go send somebody in and tell my relatives about this place so that they don't come here so it is a little place and it is it is permanent and it's not something that you can just get out of once you're there and that's just one of the things that I think that we have to be very careful because there are a lot of teachers that are out there and we talked about this before. There's a lot of good teachers on the Truth Network. There's a lot of good Christian teachers on YouTube and on the Internet but there's a lot of people out there who I believe are or leading people astray, so we have to take the word of God. Literally, we have to believe the Bible. I like what our friend Pastor Marty says up in Boone. He says if it's in this book he says I believe it he says if it's not in the word of God is like. I don't know about that but one of the things that you were talking about Robbie was you said you know not only just having the authority of Scripture. But you say, what is it believing the word, but falling in love with God it and in and enjoying you and talking about heaven is real cool thing. The more you read it right. It transforms your mind, but it also builds your faith and the more you read it the tent, the more you tend to want to become thirsty and in the more you begin, understand, so it's interesting to me. One of the main themes of all of you ever notice this in Genesis is that the place to find a bride in Genesis is where the well almost always at the well right now that's your you might remember when Abraham service servant went to find a bride for Isaac and were defined or right Rebecca so that you know there's a deal she wanted the camels and the whole bit. Well, it is much longer that. Guess what, when Jacob goes to find a bride for himself. I mean it when Esau was on his tail same kind ability find Rachel finds her at a well well you do everything that were Moses found his wife Anna. Well, okay, and you may have heard it said that the Bible makes you thirsty so when Jesus right. He visited the woman you're not missing this I'm sure, but the bride of Christ is so much in Genesis that points is pictured like when God may be one of the grab on Adam River on because he knew he knew that Jesus is side would be pierced, not unlike Adams and and out of that place flu flowed Jesus's blood which what makes you the bride right and so as you begin to connect these dots in the Bible and read them for yourselves not what Robbie tells you what Mike tells you just begin to read and the more you read, the more you become thirsty, have seen it with my own kids. I've seen it in many disciples that they just continued to get more thirsty and so is not a surprise that in a Blessed are the thirst for righteousness will where you go find what's right.

How you how you find what's right, like anywhere else because anytime read authority. What's the only thing that if you been watching any media lately is that right, I doubt it is anything on social media is the enclosed why don't know. I mean there's no authority there because I don't have one.

But here's something that God has protected for centuries to make sure those Torah scrolls got to the point where they could be translated where no doubt you know is John wrote those letters are not Paul and all those things.

He's protective that and made it available for more people than ever and there's never been a time in history where you can do more Bible study has at our fingertips, we can look at seven translations. I can tell you what the Hebrew is look up it in Greek.

I can make go to the Septuagint and begin to understand what that is and and also some things I you know you have to go to the library that was unbelievable to begin understanding things and it was one of the things it really made me thirsty course.

A lot of people know I came to Christ through the Bible. I you know I was just reading through it and all of a sudden I got to Job in his dart tournament as Leviathan home if I clearly did not know what these were. So I completely even car salesman that I was. I went down to the Bible bookstore there in Raleigh and I walked up the guys like you have me books like that explain some of the stuff is all you need to come to earth and so you know here's is he that I bought at Matthew Henry Taft man Matthew Henry became my best friend because Lee's teeth you could look at a passage and begin to see what you know somebody really can help you interpret that and I found over the years first places I disagree with Matthew Henry and imagine a lot of places a back injury would disagree with me but that's above the beautiful things is if you're reading it. You can see what it says. The more you read in my view, the more you study the more you become a Proverbs 31 woman because when a lot of people think that Proverbs 31 is for a woman and there's no doubt that is true, but when we really think of our position where the bride of Christ. And so we better be getting up early. We better be providing for the all that stuff is applicable for all of the bride of Christ. That's right yeah I mean is matter fact speak about this it's I'm looking at Hebrews 4, verse 12 it says for the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

Neither is there any teacher is not manifest in his sight, but all things are naked and open unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do. You know I'm I'm reminded of a story Robbie. It was many many years ago I started to sell insurance.

I was selling cancer insurance. We went on one of these trips.

I think we went to Chicago or something like that. But we went there and I had a roommate. Guys name was Matt or whatever, but were sent. I was asking all these questions and he was explaining to be all these things that had to do to sell insurance and this and that he was really really really hope, and so about three or four months later, my boss, Vince Davenport said Mike you're not still a whole lot of insurance and want to know what's going on or whatever and she actually spent the day with me.

He watched what I was doing talking and I told my civil yeah you do this you that he did. He has Mike where did you hear all the stuff for Michael. Remember when we went on that first trip was like there was this guy named Matt and Matt was telling me all this stuff about how to sell insurance advance was like okay you know that's not really selling any insurance any sense of the tibia never forgot it.

He said Mike he said be careful who you listen to if you're listening to this today. There's a lot of voices that are out there that say their preaching the Bible were there they know the word of God or this and there's a lot of stuff out, I would caution you today.

Be careful who you wasn't. I couldn't agree more. That is my prayer every time I get on the air that people could now eat the meat spit out the bones. Whatever it is I'm saying but more importantly what my real prayer is my hope is people go to the Bible and look for themselves and begin the journey themselves and work through their own way to interpret that passage. But then keep going. There are no maybe a thousand different passages that I would interpret completely different today than I would've 10 years ago based on the fact that I now know things that help interpret that thing that I couldn't interpret before I and so it's okay that you know somebody comes in all freaked out because you're interpreting this passage, whatever. It's okay, God will teach you if that is your heart to learn the Bible, but you can clearly see for yourself that it says don't commit adultery or you can clearly see for yourself.

Jesus talked about hell constantly right because you know when you think about being tormented. What scares me more about somebody going to hell really been being hot and I'm sure at top but can you imagine a place that's hotter help you where nobody no one cares anything for you. There is no love right. Can you imagine a place where there is no joint right because in your presence is fullness of joy. So when you say whoops, now you're separated from the presence of Christ. How much joy you got. I'm not talking about laughter all their laugh and their mocking the heck out of you. Believe me, there gonna be laughing it your buck teeth are what have you got a I could I give it I can appreciate that politically way, there's really laughter down there. Don't get me wrong, but there's not to be any joy. Can you imagine it's like a mocking spirit mocking laughter.

It is, is it Satan makes a cheap imitation of everything and so you got all sorts of stuff, but you have real joy. You don't have real faith right when you believe it it be like with no hope my opinion would be like working for CNN facts.

Well, you know, that's opinion now is go to your own blog will see you know, one of the things this in and that's good for one of the things that I think is story that I've heard is like, you know, let's say Robbie that you have a rich uncle and your rich uncle leaves you $100 million and what you do is you gotta go to the bank and you have to sign the check and organ are deposited in your account. Somehow, someway, and on the way to the bank. 300 feet from the bank.

Your car breaks down what you did you get out of the car and start kicking the car in the look up at the sky and shake your fist at God's estimate. Now you just got $100 million unite behind a car with worry about it and so what I see some people do is they get the word of God, which is off and instead of being joyful about the good news and about all the way that God all the ways that God can work in there. What would they look at. They look at the water to things that they may not understand, and they just focus on that and they constantly constantly focused on all the problems that these will. How can this be or why is there suffering in the world. This is like you'll expression your you're missing what are you missing the forest for the trees for those older of us.

There's a movie once made called fiddler on the roof about Jewish family in Russia in a part of the Russian Revolution and or she might remember some of the songs.

If you listen to it and you know one of them is tradition on your next project and that may teach a lot of stuff, but there's a song in their which is sung in the movie by this unbelievable singer is called if I were a rich man who you know he talks about you know how we would have to work so hard he talks about he would have to be busy remapped that his wife would have served and she could yell at all the stuff but when he gets right down to the end of the song nurses. In the man's clearly looking for God, I mean he's got prayers always wearing nothing on his head, a Mima man's clearly looking for when he says, at the very end of the song that I would spend seven hours a day studying the Torah which is the primal and speaking with the learned men and that would be there above this line, and that would be the sweetest of all, if I were rich family you know what he just described takes no money you can study the Torah, the Bible, whatever you know you can study that seven hours a day if you want to you can get up to or three hours earlier.

You go to bed six or seven hours late.

Whatever what whatever you want, you can make whatever time. And believe me, if you begin to enjoy the word and enjoy other people of like-minded than how sweet is it. Think about it when we come together in here did record the show. Is there anything much sweeter than being able to share Jesus with one of the other and in in hopes of making fruits and and and you know when you really think about it. Isn't that available for every single disciple. What the man from fiddler on the roof said that would be the sweetest of all that's that's good I you know, one of the stories that I that I had recently heard as well.

Was I heard that Satan was having a yard sale one day for her here for his demons, and in in in the demons were all looking through this stuff and they saw one of the things that he was selling was pride in one of them was lost in one of them was adultery and and and one of them was greed, money, and all these different things and it ended demons. All these things they saw that they were all pretty reasonably priced.

He said, and then there was one little thing that the demon saw and in the sky was really really expensive. It was kind of old and worn out and stuff like that. They looked at the price tag and they said this is really high and the devil says expensive because I use it all the time. He says, and it works. Effective effectively. He said Christians are the Christians.

He says they don't even know this was for me. You know it was discouragement. Discouragement soak one of the things that I've seen that may keep people from reading God's word is his discouragement.

If there down all the time and and just stay depressed. Not saying we all go through seasons. Whatever. But staying depressed or whatever that it can kind of keep you out of this world, but it's funny because even if you're depressed, especially if you're depressed reading the word of God can give you joy, and it can kind of get you away from the discouragement soak number. What I would say is try to keep yourself out of being discouraged in the number two with you are discouraged if you are depressed spend more time in the word of God shall, when I think about this idea of being discouraged is is electing hope you're not seeing what's in the future, and a lot of people you know like you know spend time think about Helen. We talked about that, the beginning of the show, but one of great places for encouragement is due to study heaven yes right. Think about how cool that is going to be and what is the hope of our salvation. And you know that I was blessed on my socks last week. My daughter texted me and my moments in college in Sanford and she said daddy tell me again all the passages and stuff that's in Scripture about why there is none be pets in heaven and was eager to meet text like that from your daughters like she's thinking about having Mike what's going to be there and John Eldridge wrote a wonderful book I can recommend it enough. Called all things new and Jesus in the book of Revelation says he's gonna make all things new. And we know is going to give back what the locus of Eaton. You know all these things that were stolen, killed, destroyed, rusted know he's gonna make all things new.

And then when you think about what's the passage in Isaiah where it says that the line is gonna lay down with the lamb them, and that the little child is going to stick their hand and that asked nest and and define their you got two interesting thing someone we got children heaven Ryan every thought about that and then clearly got asks, got lie and you know we got lambs you know is is tell you that there's animal Jesus, back on the horse unite, if not now, do you think that your your father or mother.

Possibly you want to be a father and a mother at some point time you got this beloved child you got it you got to King David for a kid that just been worshiping you always like you got this kidney says in his heart you know he's been missing his God major since he was six years old now and you make all things new and you don't think you're going to give that child back his beloved dog. We know that's not in Scripture doesn't say therefore I will give you back your dog say that this is some Robbie opinion, but there clearly are animals. You can't argue about that.

How could there be animals in heaven if it's all pearly. That is, make a lot of sense.

And so he says he's gonna make a new heaven and a new earth right right and so you don't think were going to hang out mold if Jesus is coming back on a horse ride. That means there's horses and you know it. It has to be there for first for that to happen.

I mean, you know, in I actually just recently heard Smitty say this last night. They said that for the non-Christian.

This is as close to heaven as they'll ever get in for the Christian. This is as close to hell as will ever get one of the things that I one of the wonderful things I think about heaven is just the absence of all stuff that's on this new thing that no more worry no more death no more.

You know having to wonder you not having to trust people you know because somebody's got it in for your something like it's just just peace know people always talk about. They want peace there will be peace in heaven and there is by the way. Peace in heaven and and we are seated with God in the heavenly places, and so one of my favorite exercises is like going to prayer is in Solomon's throne know he had this thing almost like a Disneyland ride that picked him up and took him and put them on the throne*that be really cool so one of the ways I go visit heaven myself in prayer is I have what I call Eagle one Eagle one okay and Eagle one you know I jump on his back, literally and in and hug his neck and that you and go up there and hang out with God.

The seven spirits of God that are thrown right big huge thing is pictured in the Emma and I anoint Jesus and I spend time in God's lap and that's that's part of what I do in prayer which you want to speak to that I found out of the Bible study that I do lately that people were misled about, you know that I pray for our state while when I'm trying to get connected to God where I feel like I'm actually connected with him that might take 1/2 an hour before I begin to get connected and then I can only maintain that for maybe 10 or 15 know it takes me almost before first hour to get to the point where I'm actually praying okay and then I get a chance to spend actual time with Jesus and begin to listen to what I think you have to say to make sure then what I do say Jesus, what are we going to go discover the enemy where we going in the Bible and so one of the key things that I think people get discouraged, reading the Bible is they don't realize how much God's involved in the Holy Spirit specifically is there to teach you what this means is all the best pieces of advice I ever got my life was from Norman Vincent PO's that if you're going to get up and read the Bible. It's critical that you do that in prayer. So a great deal of the time that I spent actually engaged in prayer like I'm really feel like I'm connected to God's. I'm actually reading and studying the Bible sees a will or spent that four hours will that was sometime in actual prayer and that kind of stuff, but there's a whole lot of time that is me in God working through things that he brings to me that all of a sudden I have questions, and then he takes me on adventures where I learned about Solomon's throne or learn about what UNIX names mean the man walked with God and he was taken away up if you look at his name. The definition of it and Hebrew would be, according most Christian commentators devoted because when you devote something like they would devote these cattle to dedicating the temple that was that word again.

So how is the word devoted in the word dedicated connected right, which is a question by the way that I dance like that's the kind of thing ago Jesus how these houses fit together for that you to be trained up and so he said let's go look somewhere else.

We went over we looked at the midrash, which is of Jewish tradition on who Inigo was and what the deal was and there very clear that his name means educate, they don't go with the idea being dedicated late date. They say that he was very much an educator and then my God showed me was a ligament. If you spend that much time in the Bible devoted to the word of God was can have beauty, you can't help but talk about this dog. Right. Right. I mean, you're so fired up about what you just learned. You can assure it was somebody. And so you will be an educator so EA that walked with God showed them some amazing stuff, whatever. And because he knew this stuff man Sheridan yeah I mean, and in Revelation 22 it says and the angel showed me the river of the water of life is clear as crystal away throne of God and of the land and Robbie and I we want you to. We want you to go to heaven and you want to go to heaven. What you do is you have to trust in Christ you have to give your life to Christ and if you've never done that with you just pray with this right now. Dear Lord, I know that I'm a sinner. I know that I have sinned against God and against, and I have not done your will. I repent means I turn for my sins. I turn to you and I give my life. Jesus this is the Truth Network

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