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The Hand of God in Lantern Rescue!

If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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February 17, 2021 1:00 am

The Hand of God in Lantern Rescue!

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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February 17, 2021 1:00 am

Mike & Robby sit down with Lantern Rescue team leader, Mark, to talk about the team's most recent mission in Africa and how God is constantly working in their ministry to end human trafficking.

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What a show we have for you today on if not for God the energies. My good friend clearly hosted lantern rescue marker. Our team leader and he gets to meet if not for God, Mike Zwick, and so wow I like being upstaged in this case because you know Mark is fresh back from West Africa need operations as they get to hear it first on.

If not, forgot absolutely and if one of the things that I'm that came to my mind is James 122 through 25, where it says, but be doers of the work and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. For if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man observing his natural face in a mirror. For he observes himself, goes away and immediately forgets what kind of man he was. But he who looks into the perfect law of liberty, and continues in it and is not a forgetful hearer but a doer of the work. This one will be blessed in what he does and so Mark what's going on West Africa paper so Mike is awesome to collaborate our shows in this way crossover and that's pretty cool. Thanks for Truth Network doing that in the second thing little bit prophetic, I was thinking of that exact verse driving in and how it I was thinking of it out of a little bit of frustration of eye of reaching out to people who were supposedly in the fight against trafficking and asking for some help same. You know, but I is hard to find doers there a lot and I'm not up and down planners out there okay and we plan and we do our best to bit there a lot of just planners, planners, planners who don't ever do so over taken time to do right now to begin this year is really talk about how amazing God is in a particular area of the country of the world that we got a work in, and that is in West Africa. I really appreciate the time you showed it sure about it two years ago I walked out of high politicians office to the direct report of Donald Trump.

At that time and the concern from that meeting was concerning West Africa, the fall of Anglican church. The rise above the hurrah and issues of her hand, the suffering of Christians and and when I left that meeting. I mean, I propose a couple things but when I left I was frustrated because I knew that I wasn't sure anything be done.

That should be done and I went home to my wife and just like other things from Iraq and see if you've heard it. Other of Lehner show.

I went on my facet and wish I had the money I would just go over there. You know I would train some tribal people would the battle and we make sure their kids were safe right steers you will jump forward a few months ago a lesson a year ago I get a text of an individual whose try to rescue a kid on the border in the conflict area. There, at first, it's Israel's guys trying to come over and my team Integris kidnapped hostage in something but it became apparent he was valid and then what occurred was we were supposed to be in Asia Pacific. Then I just recently and what occurred was they closed up, because in the strain of cover from UK seen the government government agencies that would work with. We could work with that we had put that chip off well literally three days later we make plans were headed to West Africa so we get there and we need a guy who I mean I just want to share his testimony and God through him. This guy's sister's three children were taken by Vaccaro was on the sex slavery.

His sister died of a stroke from the agony of it.

He said I gotta do something so he starts going to the border every day and every day gets arrested. They say no, you're not supposed to be at work will take care of this and they literally arrest him and taken back to this country Will drop them off and say don't come back, but what you did next morning. It's up against ordering site and is persistence. He meets a friend they become great friends and is a tragic story is great friend dies on a motorcycle try to get to the border. One day just to go pick up that he tells me about picking up the body of his friend and taking it by was laying on the side of the street because the difference that can get it. What is he due the next morning that he goes back to the border. Nothing deters it for four months he gets arrested every day and sent back after four months someone from the Inspector General's office reaches out to other countries as well.

You know what you're doing and he tells them why and they say okay in our Constitution, would never allow this building to Jesus down there in charge of trafficking antitrafficking. You have full authority of all of our borders right right till this guy, this and he is so like you're kidding. So what was he doing and what he tries to recruit pastors and other people to get the border in helping writers to gain intelligence. Each he starts doing us because Inspector General business authorities now got policeman under him very policeman take the very policeman that used to arrested now works for one of his closest police friends, and so we are you know where we show up so he finds out about us.

Teresa's early on, you know what today's trying to take care of this order, he reaches out through a UN policeman knows us from another country work in and that guy says you need to talk to these guys right you will go by will interest you give us about so so you need to reach out to them. He reaches out to us so Asia-Pacific closes.

We show up in country.

Here's this guy I've never met you know were meeting at the airport first and in the very first day. He has us meeting with every full authority of two countries user that takes a year to develop.

You have to go overseas multiple ties me personally build the relationships within the government explain the parameters are were told that it's free of charge is what were going to do is not working to do and this is how this is going to work you know you try to get authority to do this here in the first 48 hours. We have all that with this individual is how God this has how much God cares about children is how much he wants them rescued two years ago. He put this in my heart. He works about the life of this individual in country who gains authority gets in place to rescue kids somehow correctly meets us through a UN police officer right now to a country that we haven't been in yet known West Africa and now closes other opportunities that we might show up and be with this guy, this is how this is our God always works in our our team always. It's always this way.

I have so many stories like this so we shot we have full authority. Now the border we trained 18 more police officers we drink seven intelligence officers we get to work and we start controlling border border crossings, and these are border crossings of right five countries are sneaking smuggling kids, you know, day one where they were intercepting child brides Christian girls nine years old, 15-year-old Ingres 15 has up as it is pregnant. Her Muslim husband puts her away because he cannot for the child she sold in domestic slavery. The smugglers taken into a slave life. Her and her unborn child nine-year-old girl was tattooed from is that this video in this region to heavily tattooed just like we've seen in other countries boys girls boys are promised hey you can go.

But you learn how to be a bricklayer. Okay, you know, in that there they about this kid and the parents don't know. They think the child can go and you know have a career of some sort. Well we intercepting we know we know this guy the smugglers. We know this kid is going to a Brickyard to be a slave all day long 12 hours a day 13 hours a day to also just like the females be sold at night as a sex life with her usual self, is a great work were excited about it in the.

The other thing is that we have committed to. So we've Artie bought a vehicle for Volvo motorcycles for the widget we getting them gear that they've never had before we give the training that any we set up the border stations themselves with them improve what they had and now rather try to find okay I mean and it's under either way if you wanted to help support Wright's lantern rescue right.or let me say this. Some things cost a lot to be in some operations for the world this whole operation for a little under 50 grant, we can run it for all you and we will rescue thousands while in somebody listing may not be able to get fit).

But even if it's 10 x 10,000 young I was putting it out there.

I'm absolutely that God always has a candy for us how much I believe the Lord is that I feel like if I just say it shall go okay here it is.

Is everything is been God's control. At this point, he sure is a God is here to do all that. To see this in yellow glow and when you when I hear you talking am reminded of John 15 where it says the white shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it and also the story about that other guy were you said he didn't necessarily know what was he just Go to the board right right you only knew that I might get arrested you're just going to try to stop cars trying to stop motorcycles trying to intercept primary I was down Proverbs 24 verse 16 for a righteous man may fall seven times and rise again, but the wicked shall fall by calamity. So another words, when you fall down Mark. You just keep getting up right yes I know he was easy to ease inspiration and my team. I made.

I know my team rises fresh a lot of people but I wish I could taken the life of some of the pastors and people that we need to work with overseas risk so much of said in the past and this guy is an inspiration to me. He is just trying to serve the Lord is trying to change the life of a child and it's a beautiful thing because within that country. We also have a great facilitation of aftercare We're improving. That is well enough for them and one of the things that were setting in places that every victim is going to get a immediate like we do another country's right to get immediate backpack with care items. The gospel gospel in their language everything right and then in this particular region. They go into protection facility. While investigators do further investigation.

Sure, we've arrested the suspect handed them over to you, whether it's immigration law, whatever. And then at this point the child getting further investigation and determination of bringing the parents. It did the parents sell the child do they know where the child was going to do as well or is under no parents.

And this is a straight out this given Trafford for several years type situation and what is the NGO placement or social services what are they looking at so we we try to help all that you know we facilitate aftercare outside the slot were tactical unit train we operate. We raved support those people there that would facilitate aftercare because we are Christians we want to make sure every child is the gospel is the care and Robbie Roddick view you've been involved in the in the radio show.

Well, I just get the host I could like see what God's been doing in over the last year so in the stories because you you see the work but with what I get to see is the heart of the team know because it is not just marketing markets is clearly a big part of that. But man, here's these dudes that in a clearly good clear room you have, but that their hearts are soft and and and you see in that and then you've got Renton who is this just brave young woman. I mean it just is is is taken on this mission and so it's really a beautiful thing to see how God in note answered this man's prayer and he sent them. Essentially, the A-Team, I mean it that you know that I picture this seemed like man I I can see these guys walking in the knees like oh my prayers been answered.

The day we showed up.

He said this is the best day of my life. Yes, they were like what he does. This is the best day. I didn't know if you were real is I will and what we are sure you are really there.

He's like I did know your real but here you all are me. This guy is just amazing.

It's amazing how God works Mike when you think about this guy's heart just break like every days lost a sister he's lost his nieces. I suppose that that would be the way that it would be and then and there is on his own standing there with an God hears that and in mobilizes the entire country because you think what what you just heard right.

But they gave him this authority and you know I just honor the people that did that that sought righteousness and right in front of their eyes.

You're the guy I mean in that beautiful that that the we show we just didn't get the show we just didn't have the words like you know God does not qualify the call to me. You know he I mean he does qualify the calling, the unit doesn't call the qualified, so this guy, this stuff is wrong at some's gotta be done about it and he was willing.

He was really willing to put himself on the lawn and when you talk. Matthew 24 because this is what we said before the washer Robbie Christians we be willing to put our wife's lives on Matthew 24. Nine then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you and you will be hated by all nations for my namesake and then many will be offended, will betray one another and will hate one another.

Then many false prophets brought prophets will rise up and deceive many. And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold, but here it is, but he who endures to the end will be saved. Many shredder passes concerning the persecution of our faith and that is what I see in this part of the region of the world.

One thing that were so excited to be intercepting involved in is that it is. It's 90% Christian serving trafficker okay whether slavery, slavery, sex slavery or force broad situations. It's it's just Christians you know are being taken and and we we in America are so blessed that I know everybody's filling pressure you know will fill the persecution and we see for sure this is a form coming at us, but where we live today is our freedoms are so far greater than anyplace else in the world in the world so most of your lives up either you know is a yeah I mean you know what when I think about this and Robbie just talked about this before the last show of her story about Napoleon Bonaparte. And there was a they were losing the they were in a battle they were in a fight and they were losing the battle. Napoleon said I yet gotta blow his horn to retreat center guy. 10 minutes later the guy came back and I never blew the horn set another guy. The second guy went there came back.

The guy never blew his horn to this time Napoleon says I'm to go down there and tell him myself to blow the horn we need to retreat to. He goes down and he sees the He says look I don't know what's going on here, but we told you twice you need to blow the bugle we need to retreat young man looks up. Napoleon says so you've never taught me how to retreat and Napoleon said I never taught you how to retreat kids at no he sorry blow your horn to charge God has never taught us to retreat that right every man and I'm telling you when that moment in your life comes that you feel like you should retreat boy.

Be careful my consideration. I'm all about taking a knee wrong but catch your breath taken the but you're right Reed retreated is not something we should do when it's a God size purpose.

You know, because that's when you see this when you see miracles as when your faith is exercise. That's when you overcome doubt is when you overcome fear you now and you step into those environments and God always does something miraculous. Every so many times I gonna complain about this on know I'm having that feeling when you have this horrible feeling you know, I have generated. Do you know section, the country that is extremely volatile.

Everybody's got a guy named Marty wanted there anyway. Your teams already in it expose situation you know this could get really bad and the but that's when you see miracles. God always comes through. Yeah, I mean their inner and Robbie, I remember you used to say that your dad had a favorite quote and it was by Theodore Roosevelt and it says that the credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who knows the great enthusiasm, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause. Who it best if he wins, knows the thrill thrills of high achievement, and if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat not heard you talking about a little bit before is exciting when you got to do this, you are before we talk to Mark about that. I just wanted to comment that if ever I read recently in her actual Jewish publication that to become a Jew meant that you are willing to lay down your life for righteousness. Okay the way that Jews look at another Jew is are you willing to lay down your life for righteousness and I think about this man out there right mean is is a great line that was in the movie Camelot you know there's a peace that only comes on the other side will and there's a time works good men have to stand up and actually say no you're not coming any further with this.

This is going to stop that righteousness needs to come for an you know there's military for that reason. And you know God's been training up the statement that lantern rescue for this very righteous act and I think it's so beautiful that I might almost as I've never heard you guys never killed anybody, right. The motivation there's times we could of sounds. We wanted to, but we try, we used a less lethal and were pretty big people compared to foreigners. You handle pretty well and guns are, you know so what I will say is what were talking about here is the driving motive. Roosevelt's inspiring quote statement is one that I definitely grab some.

I like to take that country for men this is this is inspiring and it is especially inspiring if it is integrated with your faith and knowledge that God is going to protect you and he's going take care and that if I die, it is completely one absent God's determination that in that I don't have to be worried or concerned that it is an early death is no such thing there be a lot of people say that we knew we knew Mark would make the volleys of their unit's been shot at runaround. Everything is know that's a hard look at it and I'm pretty sure on the Savior is not how will be on the show will will will you know that all because we were all called by God to do this and he continues to open the doors.

He reveals himself to us constantly. He provides 40 funds that he gives us favor, everything has to be in place. I simply have to have the faith to go into the dark place to lead a team leading foreign team. We have to have that to lead them into danger themselves. Trust me, we work hard places where there like when I got an you know we want to go there or you know all the guns drawn in any number of moments. We could've all been shot. But God's given us favor and is called us to do it when I adrenaline junkies, and honestly I really know Rob you know Alan and TC rent and the calmness of their spirit right.

I have seen there so calm in the most violent moments I will if I pulled up some video showed you guys where it is just such a volatile moment and just like they're just so relaxed and I think that's God and because of their for the right motive. They're not wheat we want to bring justice. Don't get me wrong, we bring it, but were there to to rescue a girl, and I was just beyond cool that God is literally been training Tracy's been training in other words, this wasn't something that happened that's right, you know, in in five years work in a right these people at, you know, God has raised him up and terawatt. You know, for this moment because you know the he hears the screams of those overall seizures and screams at what EE understands the test pressure even if they're making bricks there seven days a week. This little kid.

You know that's doing nothing but making bricks. It's unbelievable.

God hears every one of rent one of and how often is. She talks about depressed and is careful in Isaiah chapter 1 when awesome. You have read that right was by read Isaiah chapter 1 when you were talking about that peace that they had of us think about Philippians 4 starting in verse four it says rejoice in the Lord always again I will say, rejoice always let your gentleness be be known to all men. The Lord is at hand. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus is that is that the piece that you have when you do, it comes at different times we live in peace because we are at peace with God. We have justified those of us who accept Christ, but peace in those moments to his real thing. Okay, I have been at in unrest. I have been in fear and I felt alone and then in a moment the Holy Spirit gives the reminder of who he is and all that is done in his promises of God's word, and there is a peace that passes all understanding that comes over you and it doesn't matter if you're going into the most terrorist infiltrated area. The most game violent area you are at peace but I don't get it unless I continue in faith. Was I just move forward in the audience. The Truth Network plays a trial because they have been praying for these guys. Yeah, that's right, they've heard the stories you know they supported them financially in the beauty of this is this isn't just a team right right what you're on the team. Your lesson right now and so you know tomorrow when you go to pray God guide these people in West Africa help them step up in a provide for them help you Mark and the team you know do what they need to do and be able to communicate because your cross, and language barriers, cultural barriers, this is this is just like oh I'm in a go teach the guy that you know how to write clear room right they want to be able to get involved or if they want to donate. They just got a lantern yes or lantern there is a volunteer portal. There we asked for patients for volunteers because were small outfit were working costly overseas but you know we find a spot. Eventually every time somebody may come to mind you, knowing that bone volunteer portal but to donate to get a lantern give give you to give it a go see National Christian foundation will handle our tax receipts for you and all that so my Rob said.

I mean man. The number of prayers that have been added on our behalf.

Since I can imagine I can't wait to find out I get to heaven and then also love meeting once met a guy this morning like he said Alice your show and I listen to the show you my wife so Mike and I took a picture together like my wife would love to see you two together and so you know how it is to the outpouring of responses from people say were praying for you to meet somebody you that Martha Lynn recently.

You know it's it's it's a pretty cool thing here. This again and again and again on our show. Just take the first step God will take care of the rest. This is the Truth Network.

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