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Spreading the Real Doctrine

If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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June 13, 2020 9:00 am

Spreading the Real Doctrine

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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This is Jim Graham from the masculine jury podcast where we explore relationship instead a religion every week your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it. Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening you for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

You're listening to the truth and all welcome to the stories of earned euros might swing well we have a real adventure for you today on if not for God much special guest Ray comfort so Mike, this is exciting. This is exciting. I actually heard of about Ray comfort through my friend Chuck Chuck Riche and Chuck interviewed him several years ago and at the end of our last show.

One of the things that I was talking about Ray was. I said that nowadays if if I wanted to go and tell somebody about Jesus. There was a time where I would actually have to go to them face-to-face and I would have to say Jesus loves you, or God loves you, or God is good or something like that and I said nowadays with social media. We can actually go out there and we can you know push a few buttons and with the Met within a matter of moments, hundreds or thousands of people can actually hear your message and I said but I said that is actually not an excuse to not go out and talk to people face-to-face and tell people about Jesus because that is still the most effective route that we have in in Ray comfort actually grew up in Christchurch in New Zealand and he got saved when he was in his early 20s, and he immediately said I need to tell people about Jesus and he actually goes out in some of what people would think are the most hostile areas in Southern California. He speaks to atheists. He speaks to unbelievers speaks to Jehovah's Witnesses and he he just tells them the true gospel of Jesus Christ and his YouTube channel has over hundred and 20 million views and without further ado, Ray. What would you say pushes you every day.

Oh the hell held out a link to them. East Coast of the Australia and yourself. My little hot out like that I can live a life of self-indulgence with people going to hell and horrifies me.

So every day I go somewhere I don't want to go to say something I don't want to say to people who don't want to hear it.

That love provokes me love and concern that counts budgets and if you know consent unsaved and not say just don't be sure that I want evidence that you've passed from death to life is the love of God will dwell within you. Love cannot sit on a pew sit on the La-Z-Boy Lawson is going to hell while while that's great, the, you know, one of the things I saw one of your viewed videos right was where you said that you know how how do you do with Angela's of this and that in one of the things I heard you say something about five dollars subway gift cards. Can you tell us a little bit about that. Yeah I carry. If only the time and up until the coronavirus area would go twice a day to a local college and I got to students and say hey would you like to tell me what you thoughts on the afterlife using it exist and say I think it does. I said you think about it much and I say all the time. I say will talk to me on camera better on a YouTube channel that they said no on Sanibel good. I'll give you five delegates cannot justify the time they still did not say is a gift out anyway and the reaction is just amazing. You need to do that sentence because a caravan want to show you that I care about you and so I always carried his gift as I given to people who come on camera and people who don't come on camera because love is is more powerful when it comes actually run just while in one of the things that I heard you send your videos right was that you said that use every time you go out in your to do direct evangelism and you're gonna talk to people and like you said before you're talking to people about something that they don't want to talk about and but that you face fear.

I knew it was it was interesting me because I think a lot of people think, oh, you know, the people who are out there doing direct evangelism will they've got something that I don't have.

And you know they don't face the fears that I face and you said you you do yeah think it is public new book called anyone but me and that I could really feel like I granted him.

I am send me reset your I am in him and earth anyone but me that I got to convinced you every time I want to witness to someone.

The CS instantly involves him to Goliath.

Suddenly my imagination goes crazy and I'm going to drink the do what David and stand there and look at Goliath ran at Goliath and if you run to do God's will and will help you deal with it isn't like I use a little analogy. Could you have a jump into a pond village full of huge chunks of ice so call to get die within three minutes of exposure to say no, never want say a four-year-old boy fell in that pond and seeks 10 feet and reach the bottom and he began to tremble. What you do, then it instantly jumped on that pond you forget about the freezing cold conditions you forget about your flesh, because love does that.

The Bible says perfect love casts out fear will go to mature level to push aside FP is granted, the waters of personal evangelism freezing cold. Love level push aside CSO. If you have a problem with fear. Don't pray Valencia pray for love because that's the problem. Pray for love, pray for love and in you know the old the old Nike saying just do it. Just do it.

NOS Canada it's it's tough. It's tough, but just do it on one of the things that that I was really want to say something here think it is not a mere that really isn't tough. It's not as if we're preaching in Saudi Arabia. We live in United States of America leasing also songs about God and we have in God we trust on money when I pray 83% of Americans want in God we trust on our money.

When not in a hostile environment when a big problem is is a fear of rejection. That's a form of pride and want to do is say Lord please help me get my fee is the perspective I'm being here, but I've never been stoned to death.

No one stunned me and all the time of okay preaching three or four, 500 503, four, 5000 times money been beaten up once and that was by woman and that was my fault been spent on Jerusalem, that wasn't too bad I didn't get killed and so most of that fee is totally irrational that the not justified. I got to some looks like a grizzly bear is not told him find out that he is like a teddy bear and is thinking about issues like this just a matter of studying what to say. Realizing that if you walk up to someone and say and are you going to hell is going to want to punch in the face, but if you gently got on say excuse me what your name is written, Fred. I got a question for you. My name's right right you think there's an afterlife. Fred says well yeah probably. I haven't told about Jesus God the Bible. If in hell almost all the things that upset people and make us fearful of just asking for his opinion that there were certain things that help bring out fears in the proportion realize that not going to be realized when I get a be killed for F8 when to be like Stephen know Opal James was killed with the sword look up the horn outside so we need to take advantage of this one.

It's lowest to God. That's awesome that's awesome and you know it's interesting I've seen over the years that a lot of maybe pastors or people in the ministry may have the right message, but what they may do is they may do things that could turn people off and one of the biggest complaints that I've heard about pastors over the years from non-Christians and even some Christians as well is that all man you never leading this church were there leaving a ministry and they are just living a lavish lifestyle. I saw a son interview on your with you for 60 minutes and one of the things that they talked about with you was that you don't even own a car. You lived in the same house for for how long now will like about things like that about 23 years. I think right so you know you're you're you're not out there living a lavish lifestyle, and I think now maybe I'm wrong but is it you said and in New Zealand where you're from that's not really a big thing but is there more to it than that. Or why I think that as Christians we need to be without reproach, and we should be without reproach, and be relatable to unsafe people and many pastors and preachers that are motivational speeches and vast sums of sound. I don't preach righteousness in the great congregation then it never mentioned hello · judgment never open up a whole.

The model shallots and soap pastors would get the message right and start sharing the gospel with their people and saying look I join a racquetball club and I told him in the skies. Nike is this what he said.

The congregation will imitate the pastor if you pastors into prophecy the flock will be in the prophecy passes into a certain prosperity preaching whatever they'll do it to that if he begins to emphasize evangelism. The people going to hell with God, everlasting life will go to my responsibility, but I could not cure cancer. I see pastor condescends to the lowly task of evangelism able imitate and do the same and reproduce themselves and execute reaching the lost from the body of Christ realizes that we have a moral responsibility. Like Paul said woe unto me.

I preach not the gospel and that that's my testimony. I cannot that's that what you have seen in that's awesome, that's awesome. You know, one of the one of the issues that I see that you're willing to take on where a lot of other maybe pastors or even Christians don't want to touch is the area of say abortion or marriage or politics in something like that and in you what I've seen you witnessing to people at the end you said are you good about this way, where it's a pro-life way. So can you tell me a little bit about that. Yeah, my my hopeful of the pro-life message is that we not getting anywhere. Still, 60 something million babies being killed or still allows the state and that's because we need to take it with the weapons that those humans that are not carnal, but mighty through God to the point and a strong by that I mean close every Christian should go pro-life.

That's not answer, you can turn people becoming pro-life or make time go to hell is on our agenda but I became a Christian I was instantly given. You have your desires. God righteous will work on your hot and causes you to walk in a statute. So do you want to do the things that God wants you to do without even telling you two so the moment I became a Christian I began to thirst for righteousness, I immediately you that marriage of one man and one woman. I immediately feel is wrong to kill a baby in the room, I immediately knew it was wrong to commit adultery to write deal alive fornicate to look at pornography these things instantly became my standard of morality because God gave you that's what America needs is not a change in government but a change of heart. Gospel that our agenda isn't to clean up the nation our agenda. People for the day of wrath.

Jesus saves us some parachute should be given the past not to improve like life because they can jump out of the plane, leaning as the face of holding on that lifestyle is also frustrated with your real estate agent are trying to sell your home yourself with your the Winston-Salem area urine Mark Joe Locke open-door real estate about property management you been struggling with that would try to find someone to help you with your real home.

Joe Locke, you're not right.

Mike used Joe for over five years as my property manager for my rental homes. You're right, Robbie.

I was in luck if you want to be in luck. Go to open-door Triad That's 336-930-3202 versus ugliness Ephesians versus eight is 839 and it says for for it is through faith that we are saved and in that's deftly true, but one of the things that that that I like about you is you take a step further and you say yeah if you if you're a Christian, you know you're you're saved by faith in Jesus Christ.

But you know it also means that it's gonna produce some fruit in it in your life in your knocking to do the same things that you did before. You know, do you only ask you this because there's a lot of people out there who you know claim to be Christians in their lifestyle. There still living the same way that they lived before they supposedly became a Christian. We ask you this. Do you think that can can you be saved and still go out and fornicate every day and and commit adultery and do all the same things that you did before you think that person is saved, I got saved a little but I would say examine yourself if you're the fate of the certain things that should happen at the moment become a Christian that is this right Jesus one. Many will say to me on that they'll want a log inside the pot me look of iniquity. I never knew you, and that put iniquity means lawlessness. Somebody is called antinomianism. When someone says I'm a Christian, but they don't depart from iniquity.

I would say to that person. Examine yourself and see if you and thank you for the fruit of righteousness. You, the food was brazen give the fruit of the spirit, love, joy, peace, patience, goodness general spite maintenance intemperance you have the fruit of righteousness because someone can't say I'm a Christian continue to fornicate line steel that's hypocrisy and that's deceiving yourself and that's what sin does. Self deceiving inside try alarm that person by saying know the Bible says let everyone names the name of Christ, you know, we are so foolish when it comes to send one thing that keeps me free from sin is the knowledge that in faith a bedfellows.

They are married together sold, but since it shall die. Wages of sin is death last spring's will sense and absent conceive brings forth it until whenever we are enticed by that the aluminum of the pleasures of sin, we should always remember that day comes with it. That's how serious God is about sin gives the death sentence for that helps me to be free from the enticements that we like muscle strength, especially in photography. I find summary professing Christians a regular looking at pornography.

I had a couple yesterday I shared the gospel with and they were so there was so right in their writing until I said you two having six and I said yeah and they dived out of it in shame. The Bible says fornicators will not, but also about both use blasphemy regularly and so I challenge them and said examine yourself and see if, in the face and they said this is been good. Thank you for talking about this because this is people's eternity.

This is the salvation they sold their life something more more valuable than the eyesight in the health so what we need to challenge people and say you get out of the pigsty of your chronicle yet out of the pigsty will give you new rug righteous absolutely that that that's great Ray so on. Tell us a little bit about your latest book was anyone but me yeah help you to deal with your fee is looks that I think can make major reasons Christians refrain from sharing the faith and tells them, and overcome it. Whole book is written in the New Zealand accent to make it easier for reasons not that's okay. The yeah and you you had a you actually had a show with Kirk Cameron in one of the things that I think I was muddied in the 60 minutes segment that you did but you said summary as you will.

How have you made it so big and he said what had a Hollywood actor call me again.

It's all you have to do deliberately popular Hollywood actor and that I can list your show and admitted into no doubt hundred 90 countries in attendance that season and that trip was very very kinds of payment the celebrity to our ministry actually had a teaching courthouse best kept secret, which looks of the principles was touched on today I can do a treaty at the bottom of page of living but that's success. The only him he should transform his life in a raucous world of controlled ministry and wanted to by ministry, which we did and that was a wonderful day living and they can find out about half school of Biblical evangelism hundred and 20 license this out over 20,000 online students that help you can equip yourself. These principles were talking about a can make an atheist backslide what the state occult how to deal with the fear of man and the fear of the principal to hundred my lesson don't run I speak right this is Robbie. I was curious on your book can only describe the 10 different spheres. It can be overcome and I know when we go on a project with God. He sometimes teaches and stuff like Mama and see that one coming point when you're writing your book. Was there an experience like that were like oh I'm even thought about and God came in and was started teaching you along those lines show every Christian is that I know what to think. I say something else, it will. That was good must be in the Lord and that that happens regularly in the Bible that help gives us wisdom and every day I clamp the gospel without fail, as I'm actually a dummy and I need wisdom I need to learn to overcome my fear is a need to have known Anna Megan atheist backslide and sickens different principles that help me share my faith because that's what I want to do what I want to get not just on my belt and say III thought I was responsible for his become a Christian. I don't care about that. I just don't see anyone else make one a defined everlasting life with God literally billions of people across the world with tormented daily. The Bible says to by the fear of dancing. My heart breaks I'm horrified at the thought of any human being, likes and concerns of life and laughter and friendship and family ending up in an outlet that grieves my cell and that's that's great Ray, one of one of the things that I that I saw the just a video on that you did about Jehovah's Witnesses really, spoke to me because I feel like a lot of times and I and I've heard some to say this before. They said that a lot of people know their false doctrine better than most Christians know the real Dr. and you know I was.

I was watching the show I said you know I'll be honest, a lot of times if if I have a Jehovah's Witness come by your latter-day St. or something like that. I just say have nothing to talk to you and then that's it.

But you say no you said we should engage these people you learn to know what to say. What I do is when some Jehovah's Witnesses come to my door late that you stood and that's come to my door. I think I hate doing nice to meet you my name is Ryan shake the hand so you Jehovah's Witnesses yeah I got a question for you. What is a knife in my back about three minutes to live, what can I do to get into heaven, and they say well and they say quickly is to happen but now I'm dying once and you tell me I want to lose the kingdom. I want to be saved. I know have done wrong committed, don't shoot my flight and terrified of going to hell. What can I do to enter the kingdom they cook.

I set two minutes ago help me and they shall have got you got to do things you go to want to do more and I said, not times that you can help another can help you. So I say what about the thief on the cross he turned to Jesus and said, Lord, remember me when you come to my kingdom the reason he was saved wasn't because he did anything he couldn't go anywhere.

His feet were nailed to a cross. He couldn't do anything. His hands were nailed to the cross only could do was turn to Jesus and repentance because he knew he was a thief and he is there, just really, I mean he wasn't saying he was justly being crucified by the Romans. It's ridiculous. No one should be crucified. He realizes he realized he was dying because he sinned against God violation of God's all… You shall not steal any turn to Jesus and that's what we do once we realize that we violated God's goal and so I'd say to these Jehovah's Witnesses do you think you're a good person. I think I'm really good inside taken through the same laws he lied and stole and looked with last if you got is God's name in vain they say yeah good person like the rest of us. You just told me you're lying, thieving, blasphemous adulteress because Jesus it if you look at lest you commit adultery in your so happy and you escape God's damnation to be guilty on Judgment Day and up and Helen said that's what it do now you turn the Jesus you can't do anything but turn to Jesus by then, but by doing that you can partake of God's grace is was saved by his unmerited favor. Nothing we do bike race. We say through faith and that not of ourselves so we saved by God's mercy in Jesus save thief on the cross and so I think I think you for listening to me can think about will be told that no state yeah I really and thanks for talking to me you can do this and you can do it via just watching your videos again and again will go to the €2000 on a YouTube channel is just living what is YouTube and as you see again and again. The same principle you learn to do it yourself and says not scary if unranked predicts the same find enough skid of atheist us get a Jehovah's Witness get a Goliath because now God with you and help that's good God. God is with you and he will help you.

One of the things we talked about before we got Andre was II asked you what I said a lot of our show is is people get a miraculous healings and and people just just these amazing things happening and you said that you actually will pray pray with people yeah I don't regularly print something up-I believe so, yeah, no problem. I don't believe in God, sovereign, and that is about people. Yet, one of the things that I've seen Ryan. I don't know if you seen this as well.

But you know maybe there's somebody who wants nothing to do with God or they don't want to talk about Jesus or any of that stuff but some of those same people. When you ask do you want me to pray for you though say oh yes you can pray for.

Have you seen that there were only got two things outside whenever we talk to someone physically will know that no one speaks up to God. The Scriptures say that Romans three is none that seek after God. They have their own conflict of God on their own little celestial cynical to find their own image of God but the God of the Bible support to users name is accounts with hate God without evidenced by the fact they do that. But last night or two very very powerful weapons that can often of number one is a sinner's will to live. Every single person has eternity written on the hot Bible says that God is written on the that something in them and says oh I don't want to die.

God give the will to live.

I think you think about the afterlife. He afraid of dying.

Now the thing is that going to conscience would conscience means with knowledge Connors with sciences knowledge. Every single person has the work of the law written on the heart is an Romans to versus being there when we bring out those 10 Commandments shall apply shall not steal. They have a knowledge of sin.

Inbuilt the consciences like it impartial judge on the courtroom of the mine is an ally right now of enemy little loss little work with her. So when we bring up his commandments is Jesus didn't obtain verse 17 with the rich.

I will was pulled in an Romans to reset you say you shall not steal, do you steal, you say you shall not commit adultery. If you commit adultery. We know we have the conscience that will echo the truth of the commandment bring the knowledge of sin and do what it did with Felix. When Paul reasoned with him about righteousness, temperance, and judgment that will make them tremble and bring them to the foot of the cross.

That's awesome. And so, if people want to hear more about you day they can pick up your latest book anyone but me is that right anyone but they know they can get a website. What and listen free audiotapes and sign up for a newsletter which is like packed full of free stuff and then go to YouTube channel and subscribe and watch videos free of charge 2000. As you mentioned early on for hundred 20 billion will enjoy them in the health as you can see how to share some of the stuff if not for God is right there available I think thank you, thank you for listening to not shows Reimann-not God.

More information on my contact if not for God's online

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