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Witness to a Conflict – When Is It Right to Intervene?

Hope For The Heart / June Hunt
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September 22, 2020 1:02 am

Witness to a Conflict – When Is It Right to Intervene?

Hope For The Heart / June Hunt

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September 22, 2020 1:02 am

In a broken world, relationships aren’t easy. Maybe someone has pulled away from you. Instead of making peace, it seems easier to avoid the situation or to blame others. June Hunt encourages us to consider those we’ve hurt and take the initiative toward biblical reconciliation.

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Conciliation is famous for reconciliation reconciliation relationship forgiveness focuses on the effects reconciliation requires at least two people to people to reconcile. Forgiveness requires only one reconciliation is necessarily reciprocal is directed to ways. Forgiveness is not necessarily reciprocal, it can be directed only one way movies are some important distinctions between forgiveness and reconciliation.

Then there's more coming up today here on hope for the heart with Junot the first feel something that she would like each of us to consider what if God called you to be a mediator for someone experiencing a broken relationship. Julie explains the valuable role of a mediator. As we get started with our time together here on hope for the heart guy name is Stella.

He's got a dead end job.

He doesn't like it. No opportunity for advancement, the environment is stifling.

The work is Monday saying day in day out as he languishes in deepening despair looks around his coworkers. There's no hope there. He just knows that they will not ever aspire to anything more than this man over him, sounds a stern command get back to work jolts back to the task at hand, not much time to muse and the surroundings just work work work. Things just don't change in the work environment and one day Nick realizes he's had enough to break free from this belittling bondage so he comes up with the plan interesting.

By the way in terms of our plans. The model says in his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps are plans many times are not God's plans. Meanwhile, when opportune time comes.

Nick escapes he runs he feels he has to get away far far away from this painting atmosphere that continually squelch is his personal growth and self-esteem travels over land and sees the big city seeking to immerse himself in countless opportunities just to start over in regard to his former work. He recognizes that reconciliation with Phil who is the owner will now be impossible since he quit and disappeared. No matter what, he must make things work in the big city so many sights and sounds so many faces and fears, but then Nick's ears are drawn to a voice on the city street boldly proclaiming something about good news. Something about the gospel of Christ, someone proclaiming actually the greatest story ever told. The basic message he heard was asked 1338 can be summed up this way. I want you to know that through Jesus, the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you will. If anyone needed good news. It was Nick.

He was alienated from all he ever known and he was totally alone. He encounters this man who is speaking who talks about this great love of God and the great sacrifice of God sending his son Jesus to die on the cross for all our sins have been rising from the dead three days later, Nick learns that he can have his sins forgiven. So we can go to heaven, but he also discovers that God wants to be involved in his life right now this is just some religious experience in order to get to get out a hell and a ticket to heaven. It has to do with Christ being involved in his life decisions daily decisions Christ guiding him, helping him will Nick cannot seem to resist the kind of irresistible love. He's hearing about until his new friend Rall leads him into a life-changing relationship with Jesus and they immediately formed a close bond as brothers in Christ. Rall is the embodiment of this verse, a friend loves at all times. A brother is born for adversity and indeed Nick is in a very adverse situation.

He actually does not know what to do with his situation.

Now, if we rewind this story about 2000 years ago to the original cast of biblical characters. Nick is actually on this mess in the Bible. It's a story about a runaway slave of Phil was actually Philemon Rall is the apostle Paul who speaks truth and hope into on this Mrs. life so he's able to deal with hopelessness, fear, alienation, despair, and in truth. Here's this man who is truly changed. We need to understand is a huge cost like death to the runaway slave in that era and that culture on this. Mrs. actually tells Paul everything about his former life's work environment is running away and subsequently Paul takes on another role. In addition to friend in addition to mentor now.

Paul becomes a mediator on this mess must address several major issues that he cannot avoid.

But he also can't do this by himself. Meaning as a now Christian.

He is to do what is right.

But what is he going to do. The Scripture implies that he stole money from Philemon, but this long journey to Rome so Paul immediately. Make sure that the matter gets settled in a poignant illustration of our sin being charged Christ fully placed onto Christ at the cross.

Paul tells Philemon to charge on this Mrs. debt to his account in Paul's own words. This is what he said if he has done you any wrong or owes you anything. Charge it to me. I Paul am writing this with my own hand.

I will pay it back. Paul mediates also in another way, realizing that on this. Mrs. Christian duty is to return to Philemon, who is also a believer. This is what's interesting now on this mess has come in authentic Christian and Philemon, the one whom he fled from is also a believer. So Paul encourages the two men to reassess their roles now as brothers in Christ realizing again that the punishment for runaway slaves is death. So Paul once again mediates on Anissa, Mrs. behalf. Actually the mediation is successful for own. This myth becomes a faithful ministry partner to Paul later. These were the words said written to Philemon by Paul. I appeal to you from my son. Notice he uses the word son words are so important.

Tone is so important. I appeal you have to appeal to you for my son on this mess, who became my son while I was in chain welcome him as you would welcome me what brilliant words Paul was brilliant he had a legal mind for him to write the treatise of the book of Romans is phenomenal. When you study it.

He had an ability to build a case and build it well and is one chapter. Philemon is only one chapter you see how he appealed to what was deep inside Philemon not looking at the letter of the law, but looking at what Grace would mean he would be appealing to Philemon to give grace to Anissa mess and mercy seat.

Grace is given you a gift you don't deserve one side of the coin.

Grace is giving a gift you don't deserve mercy is not getting what you do deserve he deserve death and yet what is so poignant here is Paul using change that is standing right by Anissa mess and he's saying whatever it is charged to my account and Paul was so well-known even though he is in chains. His influence was phenomenal.

He was the greatest missionary in the world and indeed it worked when you think about a mediator there would be times when you will be called upon by God to be a mediator with certain situations. It takes an outside person where everything is not emotionally charged, you know, there's no way on this. Miss could have said come back in. Death penalty DC he needed Paul. Paul took upon himself to do this and there times when you need to be wise and think, is this something that I need to do this is hope for the heart coming up next June. Talks about a painful time for her family and how they found peace in a world where our differences seem to be dividing else. I'm so grateful to Julie's having this conversation about reconciliation.

For more about hope and help for relationships. I invite you to visit us of hope for the Now let's get back to June. As you here's how God restored harmony in her own family.

I remember a number years ago when my sisters was deeply hurt because she was supposed to do something with my mom. She lived out of state that my brother who rarely Brearley asked her to do something to go someplace he said would you like to come with us and it was like three or four day getaway. My brother had not done before.

Mom was so excited she said honey, I would love to will the nose to mother. It did something to my sister my sister telling me never to come back again.

I was listening to this she is wounded. Mom has no clue.

So I went to mother and I said mom I need to tell you something we need to have a meeting and have the meeting at my house that I want to explain this hurt her so deeply. I understand what you're thinking. I understand, but she doesn't and what I like to do is get us together and I initiated the situation, said mom so-and-so had mentioned about being with you and since my brother invited you to do this then you changed and she's just so hurt and mother oh so so sorry. I would refer the world. Please would you forgive me and and it was genuine by virtue of how mom then made an appeal, please, please forgive me. I now see what you're saying. I was wrong.

I understand it melted her heart. I think my sister would've told my mom and there times when you are going to need to be a mediator in your may be the only one who can really do. So pray God when it is right for me to be a mediator, whether it's between family members, friends, sometimes it just a different person who cares about both, or who can speak the truth in a way that it's not emotionally charged mediation is intervention between conflicting parties to promote reconciliation. Mediators are outside agents. Those on the outside brought in to produce a change or compromise between opposing individuals. There are personal mediators that were looking at types in that case I would of been a personal family member, a person who authentically cares for each individual and relies on spirit of God to help clarify communication and reveal truth. They can be a professional mediator. This is an objective, unbiased person.

The role of the mediator is not just confronting somebody. It's there's a plan just like Paul had a plan regarding Anissa mess a mediator. It's interesting when you look at a woman named Abigail.

This is in first Samuel 25 there were these two men who had great conflict with talk that David and her husband.

Her husband was a very wealthy land owner and he refused David's legitimate request for food and shelter and began to hurl insults at him and his army, not a large army, but he needed food and shelter, wisely assuming the role of mediator between these two highly angered men.

Abigail staves off David's impending revenge by first serving him and his men a meal fit for a king. If you will. She appeals to David since of godly leadership and the ultimately prices her for her good judgment.

Abigail is excellent example of an effective mediator. When you read how she did this she had persuasive arguments and actions that really highlighted her wisdom in just dealing with conflict. This is a highly contentious and potentially explosive situation. There are people who are very wise they think about what is it that would be meaningful to this other person that one of the things we need to do if we're trying to help think about what can appeal especially to the conscience of that other person is talk about reconciliation versus forgiveness.

This is extremely important because many people never thought about is reconciliation. The same is forgiveness the answer is absolutely not reconciliation and forgiveness are not the same because reconciliation focuses on the relationship. Forgiveness focuses on the offense reconciliation requires at least two people to people to reconcile.

Forgiveness requires only one reconciliation is necessarily reciprocal is directed to ways. Forgiveness is not necessarily reciprocal, it can be directed only one way reconciliation is the choice to rejoin the offender notice rejoin forgiveness is the choice to release the offender when we talking about release the offender. I will tell you from personal experience, I certainly had a horrible relationship with my father. I resented him I thought it would be wrong to forgive him for the way he treated my mother. That was the number one thing I thought I was right to hate.

I remember reading for the first time.

First John 29 talks about is how you're walking in the light and and you take your brother will then you're still walking in the darkness the darkness is blind you don't know where you're going on now new Christian for the first time reading Scripture's good principle, and then I will later read, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you think well these ideals in the Bible that I've been in some practical let me know love their enemies when you mean you love them and I knew nothing about agape love. And that's what that word is in Greek but when I was reading English, love your enemies, agape basically is seeking the highest bidder.

The other person seeking what's best in behalf of the other person the highest and best so if we love our enemies is not based on emotion at all is not based on the recipient of the love kids and would seek to do what is in your best interest and that's what will you do when people are difficult in our lives. The fact is I was wrong about the issue of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is literally you make a list of all that was painful. It's all the specifics you think and you release set in the hands of God I got. I just give you office pain and I literally am taking this person off of my hook putting this person onto your hook for you to do what ever you wish. I pray he will be convicted up a hill. Have a changed life would see if that person so busy finding you in your finding that person.

That's where the focus is going to be as opposed to releasing that person to God and let God.

Now let the energy go there and just keep praying.

Bible says pray for those who persecute you, and what I learned when we pray in behalf of someone pray for our enemy God protects the heart from becoming embittered and people can tell if you're in bitter toward then you've got a position you need to take care you heard the expression, people don't care how much you know that they know how much you care when you pray for those who persecute Matthew 544. Pray for those who persecute you, then you're doing what you're supposed to. If you enemy if you got to my, who's persecuting you you're not given an option that's not an option. It's you, pray for those who persecute you that pray for the pray that they will learn what it means to have a changed life that they will experience a change like that they would allow the Lord, by the way, it's not God change them is willing to change anybody and everybody is off base that they have to be willing to Lord, do whatever is necessary to make them willing to change. When we forgive is one way when I forget my dad it was totally one-way. There was no reciprocal relationship but you know what when I forgave him. It's interesting. My focus changed.

I was truly like her.

The burden was off and I just kept praying for his salvation with his that's what he did need. This is hope for the heart with June Hunt. As you heard, June knows what it feels like the struggle with unforgiveness and she knows what it feels like to let go and let God have that hurt focus changed and she said she felt lighter because the burden had been removed more guidance about reconciliation can be found in our keys for living on this topic, you can order your copy you visit, hope for the or call our whole care center. That number is 804 88. Hope now let's go back to June hi this is June again. I have been humbled by how God has blessed this broadcast by reaching millions of people over the past 34 years we've been sharing the vital message how God's truth provides real answers to our real questions after October 2 daytime broadcast will transition off the air, but you can still listen to our nighttime program and I invite you to our new website, June Here you'll find my audio teaching resources just like you've heard on this broadcast plus our keys for living series will be available addressing relevant topics like anger, abuse, grief, forgiveness, marriage and family issues, and many other topics people face in life.

Words can't express how much I appreciate our loyal, listening audience. So join me as we step into this new season make June your place to go for biblical hope and practical help or I'll continue to provide God's truth for today's problems any time anywhere well with this announcement, we want you, our listeners to know how grateful we are for you know you'll be able to hear June anytime anywhere on her new website that's June MS coming online in October. You could also listen to her on her nighttime radio program.

Hope Benoit. Of course you can still follow her on Facebook and there's one more area of ministry but it's fairly new. Listen to this. Caregivers come from different backgrounds, education and experience that they all have one thing in common, a desire to help those who are hurting lifeline to hope is a brand-new caregiver training offered by hope for the heart. This 10 week video-based program can help you deploy a small effective group of caregivers in your turn biblical caregivers who can help meet the needs of hurting people, connecting lives in crisis with the new renewed life in Christ. This comprehensive training shows the biblical model for caregiving include sessions on effective listening crisis intervention family dynamics having a ministry of presence and more.

1114 reminds us that where there is no guidance. People fall but an abundance of counselors there is victory. Discover more lifeline to we really excited about this caregiver training that website one more time is lifeline for June. Remember that there is hope. No matter the circumstance.

Join us tomorrow for more help with the heart

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