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Are You Really Willing to Reconcile?

Hope For The Heart / June Hunt
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September 2, 2020 1:02 am

Are You Really Willing to Reconcile?

Hope For The Heart / June Hunt

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September 2, 2020 1:02 am

In a broken world, relationships aren’t easy. Maybe someone has pulled away from you. Instead of making peace, it seems easier to avoid the situation or to blame others. June Hunt encourages us to consider those we’ve hurt and take the initiative toward biblical reconciliation.

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Second line sure to is that deep within the heart of every sign and daughter is the hope that one day things would really change and that I could have the best relationship possible with my mother with my father regardless of what passes for and it's like maybe one day things could be different in a broken world, things break that includes relationships. Maybe someone is pulled away from you instead of making peace. It seems easier to avoid the situation or to blame others will. Today, June Hunt encourages us to consider those we've hurt were learning about reconciliation and restoring broken relationships.

Let's hear more from June you're on hope for the heart.

Has your heart ever been broken over a shattered relationship and you never thought that would take place with that relationship. The closeness was cut. The specialness severed no matter how hard you try, you could not get the relationship back together. You couldn't restore harmony. You couldn't have proved unity, pain of someone dear to your heart being gone, so changed that person still is around hearing everything everything apart your heart you pray God, you can change this God draw powerful God I pray I will pray whatever needs to take place just do it and you know he is all-powerful and it doesn't happen. Pray for things to be different even just get turned back if you just get back to where we once were, of course, in the process that persons changed. You've changed and the relationship stays painfully changed. What do your mindset. What should it be to recapture what we want, and yet there doesn't seem to be any movement that direction.

It can be a parent child relationship.

They can be husband wife.

It can be sibling sibling. It can be friend friend. That relationship is not there, the once special relationship. The wants endured relationship. The wants, feeling safe relationship.

It's not safe at all when we think of reconciliation. Unfortunately, there is alienation the opposite. We listen to a call from a woman who feels alienated just doesn't know what to do and either cover huge huge percolation of her daughter's age 43 and 38. I have just about zero relationship with them and my grandchildren as well with either of them know I don't have any relationship at all. One daughter that lives locally for lifetime. He called me to more or less let me know that the holiday coming up as a birthday coming up. He doesn't say it like what are you going to do about it and my other daughter. Nothing she says she has a huge situation or obvious question, but she calling about.

It was understand why it's like not only daughters in their grandchildren. But this zero is normal. No, there's a reason why that apparently she hasn't connect the dots. She doesn't know what to do about it or she would be calling will continue why well file on my middle very very turbulent life that's putting it mildly. Micro have both raised without a father. My first house that I were divorced after five years I learned I was a my second daughter the day after my husband walked out. Neither of them has really no father blaming you for that. They never have.

But I had very very unfortunate marriage. My oldest daughter was about 13 and eight I married him. It was so awful I never do that again in the lineup about 30 years. I had no desire to have a relationship with somebody of the opposite sex was a relationship like between your second husband and the two girls there was no relationship at all. Was there any abuse that I know it was only verbal I never thought I do anything physical to them nine months and married a my children to stay with my sister and brother-in-law and they never came back home is the reason they have told you they did not come back to you children think that you abandoned them. They never voiced that is in their hearts. It's very possible. Did you catch them away, but what happened they never what came unusual wording, I took them over here to be cared for and then I brought them back your nursing and she says well they've never said that she talking to them and she asked of relationship that special that you want to have reconciled is the relationship in terms of sharing heart-to-heart. Getting a closeness that is special surface relationships working. You have work relationships that, assuming the relationships are in your heart really really make a difference under any red flags that year. Picking up here. She said they would verbally abuse verbally and physically, but they will verbally abuse is what she said, throwing off well just verbal abuse sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. Isn't that possibly the biggest lie that's absurd you remember words that say do you for years and years and years when they are calloused when their painful words are huge was going heavy actually sat down and had a real heart-to-heart with each one individually. In this vein know my older daughter wrote anything in that regard she would become a clam award race he would not deal with it.

My other daughter on the other hand would probably talk my arm off and laid off, but she wouldn't say anything he would just jabber so trying to talk to our relationship is so not that it's almost unthinkable to sit down and talk to them about it in your question for me is well and I keep on blaming myself he finds myself around the block for the fact that my children did not turn out very well start feeling that she's kicking yourself. I wasn't hearing that here blame turned out well. Your heart like God is somehow I listen very, very carefully what people say discussing three child wants the best relationship they can have with mom and dad if he could, even when things are good all still desire within their hearts could have a good relationship. If you have a great relationship to be fantastic, even if that meant that the parent had to change the would like to have daddy and a mom that really wasn't any clues as to why she finds herself in this predicament. How would you describe this. She's really in tune with herself like she does that question to me appeared almost like I get out of this about her happening. I feel guilty and I didn't really hear her asking or even any real attempts to communicate with the daughters. Did you hear her say anything that she felt guilty about. She just wanted off with sound like she wants the things to change, but she hasn't done. What's needful for there to be checked and the truth is, it's understandable that she wants change because no one likes to feel just totally in their relationships that I like your word attuned not attuned herself and we can learn things we can better become equipped to go. Oh, this is what I need to do, but alienation which there's reconciliation. But then there's alienation. She just totally alienated your listing the June hot dog hope for the heart and will hear more in just a minute about this phone conversation is from June's nighttime radio program hoping the night if you'd like to talk with you all the year gives a call at 800 night 17. That's 800-644-4817.

Now let's go back to work broadcast as June urges. This mother to connect with their children before it's too late. I don't think that should be the focus of your life. For sure you need to realize that what is typical is that deep within the heart of every son and daughter is the hope that one day things would really change and that I could have the best relationship possible with my mother with my father regardless of what passes then it's like maybe one day things could be different. My thought would be for us to strategize how least you could make an attempt so that there would be an evidence that you have truly tried. Would you be interested in that. Well that somewhere one more thing, I will grant equation.

I've had three very.

The couple of them almost worked well that's just a sign of hopelessness and yet God is the God of hope as well as the God of reconciliation.

So let's do what we can do because God does offer hope for us now. There has to be a reason why there is not a relationship with either of the girls.

One daughter does call you. She tries to make contact but somehow you are not connecting. There's nothing of substance that is said about a wired but what is happening is that there is not any real intimacy between either using the older daughter is a young daughter. I don't know my girl okay no I don't have a clue how much do you want to know them for getting to wonder if I really do. At the same time guilty about it all. I feel like everything going on in their life can park right there at my front door and because they are adults they can make their own choices that help know it still clueless there don't make their own choices, they can choose to respond to me. Obviously there has to be a huge mind set change. I don't know that she understands a heart of reconciliation for her to say I don't know them but I do you want to know them, but it's almost like will know to the commitment strong to get to know to me she seems selfish.

She self focused, life narcissistic to think about why she's alone now what I can do. I think your work.

Self focused is absolutely right on, and therefore what can she do you know she's got learn to have a heart of reconciliation because she's not even sure she wants if she is determined. Okay I will do everything I can on my part. Whatever I can do.

I will do it while it is true, there may be a few things that you could do so that you know that you have done everything possible in the book of Romans. There's a very interesting passage. It really highlights God's heart on having the best relationships that we can with one another. Notice the wording. Romans 1218. If it is possible as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. As far as it depends on you, meaning you need to do what you can do to live at peace with everyone so the issue here is, let's determine some specific things that you can do once you've done these things even if you were rebuffed or rejected, which does happen, but your consistency of seeking to reach out, which I still think can be an important part of your role as mother.

There are certain things that you can do without them, responding either of them responding, but I'd like for you to consider several things that I had found had made a big difference in certain relationships. Do you think it's good for her to think of my daughters just a chatter box disclaims up. She see them as daughters with heart labeling the DC sometimes has how we frame things in our own minds that can help tremendously. What are a few things that she could be doing now begin to do in her life she's minimizing like everything that she does wrong or something, I'll just call open the climb up as much is actually wanting to communicate with them as you see like she's always a victim should is the responsibility for what she did. She doesn't want so the whole conversation taking any blame for anything other okay so you got her on the phone and you're the one talking to her not meet your talking to her is anything you can say or do to challenge her with that you know more about you know what-what she felt she could've done better to make of the situation turn out the way she wants it now believes to go back and think what could I have done differently to begin to think if I could do that over and that's valuable. There things that I would do differently in certain relationships to evaluate what could I have done differently, and possibly some of those things could be put in place. I think she just needs to accept responsibility for our own actions. She seems to think she's been a victim throughout her life, for whatever reason, and she doesn't realize. I think if she addressed those issues why she feels like such a victim might help her realize how she's not victim in this situation. Her daughters are more the victims if they can't open up to her.

It's because that what they've learned from her more time if they can't open up to her that what they've learned from her good okay using get in touch with what could have been done that she didn't do and then bring up the point about a victim mentality and then accepting what is would make a difference in terms of back then and now. When this cometh to show is probably the result of multiple generational ask her whether anyone ever ask her experience level juvenile works. If you don't feel that anybody really cares that something pattern then many times it's very hard to pass on what you have never seen you don't have it. This is where relationships come into place. This is where I needed help in order to have incredibly meaningful relationships I learned from those God brought into my life. True friends who would get me to talk to me and continue to pour into me.

I didn't deserve it and I certainly did not know how to talk about anything growing up Google by the way, this is after you have gone to the Lord and said, Lord, I want the best relationship, but possibly could have with my children, my grandchildren ask you reveal to me anything I need to say to either of them. I want to be accountable. I want to make sure that I have clear accounts.

It's, like, if you have a bank account and there is a debt that just grows and grows to basically deal with that account to get current a way you would do that on a relational level. I remember I had a very difficult difficult relationship with a family member, even though I thought that person was primarily wrong, I realize we've been I'm still responsible for my area of wrong I was insensitive and I took for granted things that I shouldn't have this with my father. I remember going and saying I would like to talk with you. I have come to realize I have had an ungrateful spirit and not thanked you for the mentioned three specific things. It God brought to my mind that I needed to mention and I said would you be willing to forgive me father at that time I had zero relationship I could point to a number things that I thought he done wrong, but that wasn't why was there I was there to take accountability for my area of wrong when I did so then I did notice it did seem to change the dynamic that what I would suggest is for you to say those words wherever God brings your mind and then ask what other areas that I have blind spots and where else did I hurt you. But wait, that's what you hear this from an alienation standpoint, this woman so alienated yet there is hope for her heart.

God can do amazing things, even in the most difficult relationships. This is hope for the heart. Would you thought that she will be right back. You know, even when there are valid reasons to feel hurt, even with the other person is undeserving the spirit of reconciliation reflects the heart of God. Discover more about reconciliation with our free download. It's an inspiring and helpful little God or find a more comprehensive look at different relationship issues with our cheese for living is all filed and hope for the or call us at 804 88. Hope that's hope for the or 800-488-4673. Now here's Julie Jim it's about the big with you today. No one escapes the pain of relationships that are in conflict.

Relatives refused to speak for years because of the dispute at the dinner table. Even churches can't escape the destruction of discord, of course, there are valid reasons to feel hurt, but we need to examine our own hearts as well. Ask yourself, my holding on to attitudes that alienate or do I reflect the heart of reconciliation. Hard to piece in Matthew 59. Jesus describes those who endeavor to make peace when he says blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the sons of God.

Prepare your heart to resolve differences, allow the Lord to reveal the road to reconciliation and all your relationships, do it today will be a stressful time. It's good to hear how we can restore broken relationships, you know hope for the heart is here to help you discover what the Bible says about the hurts the habits of the struggles of life. Listen to this message taking them off my hook and placing them onto God's hook. I get justice in my dried hardened heart was softened. I cried to my father for mercy and forgiveness. It was a cultivating experience a renewing of my mind. Enjoy. I had not experienced joy for years. Our mission this year and hope for the heart is to help millions on the Internet like Brenda understand how to believe, trust and apply God's truths to their life to do this, we have an urgent need to convert more than 100 print teaching materials into videos every day more than 13 billion videos or view people are right now surfing the Internet looking for answers, start your monthly gift of $30 or more today to support this. I hope video project and receive a copy of June's counseling through your Bible handbook make this eternal Thank you for sharing. Hope by responding to this, the website again is the fortune join us on Facebook for daily access biblical hope will hunt has her own Facebook page for hope for the heart and remember that there is hope nobody will be back tomorrow. So join us, right here on

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