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Making Amends – How to Heal Broken Relationships

Hope For The Heart / June Hunt
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September 1, 2020 1:02 am

Making Amends – How to Heal Broken Relationships

Hope For The Heart / June Hunt

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September 1, 2020 1:02 am

With the isolation we’ve experienced, and other new stresses, chances are you have had some rocky times in your relationships. When a bond is broken, what can you do? The Bible says, “if it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone” (Romans 12:18). Listen as June Hunt looks at a practical way to put this verse into action.

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This information is misaligned relationships, misunderstanding. Unfortunately, relationships can unravel. I would imagine every person would be able to say yes. I was very close to this person and never ever thought that we would be a part never thought that there is such a distance and with certain people. There's nothing we can do to change that course meaning you can't make another person think differently. You can't make another person respond that you can set the stage. Will that was too hot and this is hope for the heart with the isolation we've experienced in other new stresses.

Chances are you've had some rocky times in your relationships. When a bond is broken. What can you do. The Bible says as far as it is possible with you.

Be at peace with everyone today, June presents a practical way to put this verse and action. So let's get started, as we find hope together.

There times when things are broken relationships are very painful when a broken, especially when you had endeared relationship. Why, obviously, miscommunication is huge. It can be thought you meant this. No, I didn't mean that. I know that sometimes it's imposing on to another person or somebody imposing on to you, but supposedly you thought most frustrating experiences that I've had when I was told what I meant by certain words you meant this.

I know you did what you do when somebody is absolutely sure when you know that wasn't it.

All in your heart, misinformation, misaligned relationships, misunderstanding. Unfortunately, relationships can unravel. I would imagine every person would be able to say yes.

I was very close to this person and never ever thought that we would be a part never thought that there be such distance and with certain people. There's nothing we can do to change that course meaning you can't make another person think differently. You can't make another person respond that you can set the stage. You can what I call, nurture the soil of the heart, so that when the seed is planted, it has the opportunity to take root and bear fruit. Obviously we know in Scripture. There are illustrations of nature that Jesus used that Paul used and part of the helpfulness about the way the Bible communicates biblical truth. The right Jesus specifically spoke, he would use common ordinary objects or events, athletics that you think about the word. The seed, the seed planted. Unfortunately, there are times when seed falls on very hard ground you say well okay hard heart. What we could do is get a hose plow the field plow the ground.

There are times when there is something that can be done and the Bible says as far as it is possible with you.

I think that most interesting Scripture as far as it is simple with you. Be at peace with everyone now. The implication there is not everyone will allow peace because for some it's an issue of power. If we look at causes. Why would someone not want reconciliation will Marlene hurt me. I just know she's hurt me because I thought I heard something that she said to Dennis about me I'm about to let Marlene have the satisfaction of her just saying June. Please forgive me. I mean, that whatever see if she has hurt me. I can feel a sense of righteous indignation, not just being wrong I am right about this and if I accept your apology in my superior position gets leveled out, so sometimes it's an issue of the one who will not reconcile the spirit of pride.

They don't want to give it because they may lose their leverage. Then they lose their leverage. Do you like feeling good anybody here ever get on a seesaw to go up and down. You have a partner.

Some people just like to stay and that's the problem with those who are prideful. They like being and they like others to be down there is a critical spirit that's involved so many times now I tell you one type of scenario. There are other reasons, but what were talking about is fair is a true humility on the part of the one who is come to you and said I made a mistake. I blew it.

I meant if I could do this over I would do you know that's what forgiveness is all about forgiveness that leads to reconciliation. Then we had to say well is it always right to reconcile is always right to reconcile. Well, we know that God is a God of reconciliation.

The Bible says that he gives us the ministry of reconciliation. What you think is always right to reconcile. We will thoroughly look at that is.

It's very sport that is key key issue. You could if you take Scripture you could build a case for both.

If you only look at certain passages but one thing I want us always to do here is if you plan to be biblical.

We've got to look at the whole counsel of God. We get into trouble if we take one passage out of its context of the whole. It's a very important issue for us to look at when dealing with peopling and all your life you can be people let's face it, this is going to be huge help for you to be able to walk away.

Understanding thoroughly.

What do I need to know about reconciliation what is right all the time reconciliation. What is it was going to go through a few definitions. Reconciliation is in fact of settling our harmonizing differences and when we usually think of reconciliation. It's involving relationships, especially resolving differences between one another poly relationship will not always be salvaged.

The spirit of reconciliation always reflects the heart of God. Please think of reconcile bank accounts. That's helpful. I think everybody would like a reconciled bank account not going the wrong direction for all the sudden you go, no variance settling can cause a great deal of worry.

That's true with relationships out of whack. Relationships can cause great worry out of relationship with God.

Visual peace is a piece put this for alienation. I chose reconciliation versus alienation was that mean and what does it actually look like. Alienation occurs when a person withdraws or separates from another person, causing one to be excluded from others.

It's hard. Remember seventh grade, I knew there was a party that my school friends had and I wasn't invited and some only called you we couldn't get you. You are there like I knew I'd been anywhere because it I was here, but I said softly I knew was an excuse I know it's like to feel excluded. Most people do. At one time or another, where it really hurts when we want to be included in or not it hurts what do people do that kind of mindset is there. Obviously there different kinds of alienation, hostility toward friends and family, or even the values of others. Personal withdrawal from people certain people.

Alienation of affection, a term that's legal. That means the marriage can legally end in divorce. Not for any cause that's specific is separation and that's it. Course a person can be alienated from God again, a lack of peace. This is what we are pulled actually in the Bible we are alienated from God before we come into a life changing relationship with him that we are alienated so there is a true separation.

This is hope for the heart with June hot and will hear more. Just a minute.

First let me invite you to join June on Facebook for daily messages of hope and visit hope for the for free resources are new keys for living series and more right now. Let's get back to this broadcast this prerecorded phone conversation. Julie was talking with a woman is asking about reconciliation after divorce from her better for our get married again. Dr. Abbott already married Warren. Why was there a divorce about three or my BA Garvey dedicate my heart, Lord, I would agree that in my Bible and everything absolutely put a woman would have written about body will have a live but if you did is moved from the law of if one of the be married to another man.

Filby: adultery but it can be created free from the law is no adult though she be married to another man fill out every Mary will be an adult. He remarried United remarried a genuine attempt to reestablish a relationship before your angrier life. I wanted to come back in my life started over again and argument all my BA start all over again with the way back out of my life.

So now there were only 39 years old, typically to live a life life is just one she's coming. I was the adulterous one wanted to have a reconciliation and then I just got angry and I just anything else about her. She's reading the Bible. It sounds like she has a high view of Scripture, and she wants what God's will understand just know. Perhaps a lot.

It's like I'm wanting to understand what this means, so will just keep going. I'm impressed about a couple of things.

Number one, so you really want to do what God wants you to do what I'm hearing is you have a high view of Scripture that's great number two I'm hearing it. You been on God's track for only six months six months ago there was a recommitment of your life to Christ did your life really change at that time I got through greater favor Lord I pray morning when I leave home and 321 explain talking with someone fishing expedition to the presenting problem presenting problem many times is not the real problem and many times you have to come peel the layers of the onion peeling the layers of the onion so I asked a lot of questions because people use terminology.

Somebody tells me something like present last year you a Christian I'm moving 15 seconds I was no more prison baboon. I know that I'm just aware of what I didn't know in my total ignorance so that's what I'm saying this many times on a fishing expedition. What is this person needing to know you feel that it's possible that what you had is a religious experience where the truth is that you want a relationship with God. You have a religion but not a true relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and you want that relationship. I want to know Christ is the number one thing that God wants for you. Number one thing he wants with you.

The Bible says God so loved the world that you he so loved you and those whom he created.

He so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have ever lasting life. When you say that everlasting life that's talking about a relationship of the issue isn't well he just want you to follow his dues and don'ts because that's not to be what satisfy the inner part of you. I think what's happened is the Lord's been drawing you to himself, you're saying you know that you want more than just to in your head. No Scripture and in your actions, go to church which makes you feel good.

Years ago I was teaching a class and before the class had a bolder and up through some eyes and ears on this boulder put this Boulder is pretty heavy on this stool and I had a heating pad underneath it that guy come up whom actually I knew it was not a Christian.

He just started coming in and I asked him one time about the Christian his experience, I came or how I phrased it, but I remember his response was the reason he thought his accretions because he felt warm when he went to church where I headed Boulder to become forward and said would you pick up that bolder so he picked it up in front of the class. I said I bolder feel. He said he feels warm. What does the boulder have eyes that he had his eyes. Does it have ears, yet his ears doesn't have eyes to see said now does it ears to hear, said now Bible says I will give you a new heart I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.

He says I'll put my Spirit in you and cause you to follow my decrees and be careful to keep my laws. So in truth what that man needed was to have a removed stony heart. He needed a heart that would be purified by God needed God's heart.

Then he would have a change life even admitted where exactly how to change life is, like I'm being drawn.

At least that's what I'm hearing.

Could you agree with that. I will. But I hardly like people like that you know when you truly enter that relationship with Christ. He someone will give you the ability to have those right attitudes to be able to love your enemies, to pray for those who persecute you. He changes your heart on the inside you're saying that you want the true relationship.

Would you like to tell God right now and are you willing to humble your heart and totally give him all of you to yield your will to the will of the Lord Jesus Christ and ask him to come into your life. Okay what want we just do that right now. Just pray for me. God I really need you in my life.

I want a real relationship with you and I may for you to put your creative person will pray for is Jesus right now in relation to you.

Okay he comes in to be Lord. That means master ruler owner he can guide you in the way you need to go.

I would suggest you pray the Lord is it possible that you are guiding me now that I have this heart that's totally yours. Are you opening up a door for me to begin a friendship with my former husband because I need to ask his forgiveness and be right before him, because I violated the marriage covenant. What I appreciate is that you are willing to admit that you not hiding you are wrong. You have taken responsibility choosing to be accountable. That speaks volumes. Is there any reason why you cannot go him and take personal inventory and say you know as I thought about. These are the areas where I was wrong in these areas where I wounded you. These areas where I chose my will and it was not right before God about why in the Bible.

Matthew 523 says if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there in front of the altar is forget about getting the gift to God right then it is first go and be reconciled to your brother and come and offer your gift is a God is very concerned about our relationships. He wants us to be right before others. Now everybody's done things wrong with other people. But what do we do with where we've been wrong we are to go and say I was wrong about this and issue isn't that you didn't say I was wrong, but you are too issue is just taking personal responsibility I've gone before God and I've asked him to reveal to me the ways I have wounded you make a list. Whatever God reveals to your heart. And then after you tell him and asked forgiveness just say tell me any other areas where I will let him be specific and don't defend asked forgiveness for any attitudes that were wrong attitudes and actions. That is right before and this is their your listing the hope of the heart with June Hunt.

She takes us through the often complicated issue of reconciliation. June will be back in just a minute right now I'd like to invite you to get our free downloadable reconciliation hope for the or for a deeper dive and more practical guidance order are keys for living on this topic that website again is hope for the or call and talk with one of the better women in our home care center. That number is 804 88.

Hope again 800-488-4673 note here is June again with some thoughts that take with you today in a broken world, things break. This includes relationships personally, I know what it's like to feel the pain of a broken relationship. I also know what it feels like to have a restored relationship where wrongs are fully forgiven and hurts are wholly healed.

As we talk about reconciliation.

I think of the words of Paul in Romans 1218.

If it is possible as far as it depends on you, live in peace with everyone. Remember, you can't force reconciliation, but you can pave the way for reconciliation. When you rest in your relationship with the Lord.

You can find your peace in him will.

Peace is something I think we all want for more about fighting peace through a relationship with Jesus. Call our home care center at 804 88.

Hope you know I'm so grateful that God is given June the ability to take his word and apply it to the challenges we face in life you can learn how to help others using resources that Jupiter team of developed. Here's more addiction, abuse, violence, grief and loss, depression and suicide, marital and family stress.

These are only some of the problems the church faces today as a pastor, you may feel overwhelmed with the needs of those in your church and community. As a first responder within your faith community.

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Equip your attorneys to connect my new life in Christ discover more lifelines hope lifelines. equip your church to connect lives in crisis with the new life in Christ discover more lifelike. The whole, as we wrap up. Remember you home and make plans to join us again tomorrow. Right here on hope for the

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