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The Girl Nobody Loved

Hope For The Heart / June Hunt
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August 7, 2020 1:02 am

The Girl Nobody Loved

Hope For The Heart / June Hunt

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August 7, 2020 1:02 am

Unwanted, rejected, neglected, and abused. As a child, Dorie Van Stone was sent to live in an orphanage. She had no concept of self-worth until the day she heard about God’s love. June Hunt shares the inspiring story of how this broken child found her true worth in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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During no recent Doreen was never found in her childhood. She was rejected by person after person. Her father, she only saw him three times in her chart. He didn't want her and when he was around the two children he would say, isn't she cute, of course, only referring to Marie not unwanted and rejected as a child, or even stolen was sent by her mother to live in an orphanage in their view abuse not only continued but it intensified. Dori had no concept of self-worth until the day she read about God's love today June hut shares the inspiring story of the girl nobody loved how she became a woman who was securing her identity.

Let's get started with today's broadcast of hope for the heart happens when you crave your mother's love and get your sister is the only one to get her love is when you long for a present and yet your sister is the only one who gets present what happens when you long to sit in your mother's lap but your sister is the only one who is allowed Dori Van Stone Dorey is a precious precious person. She's a friend of mine. I've known her for many years and I'd like to share a little bit of her story because I think it will be insightful for us all. Dorey wrote a book called Dori the girl nobody laughed children, your father and I can't take care of you any longer. So you're going to home where you will enjoy. I carried out a few tattered clothes in a paper bag.

We had no choice. We just arrived before lunch so we were taken to a dining room when they were about 65 children sitting at long tables Doris the matron said you will learn that you do not talk at the table if you want anything raise your hand at that first meal, we were served beets like these. I told the matron he will be dismissed from the table until they are eaten. Doris ate your beets but I didn't eat. Finally the other children were dismissed.

I sat still midafternoon. The matron took away my chair. Eventually the other children came in for dinner.

I was given nothing since I had not eaten my beets. I sat until 9 PM. Again, they took away my chair. I stood that I didn't eat my beets. I thought I was winning, but the matron soon came along with a thin, long paddle and gave me a beating. I will never forget that first night I did something that I repeated every night for the next seven years I cried myself to sleep after a few days I began to inquire of the of the children. What do you call this place orphanage. This is a place you go nobody watch where nobody wants you there. People who feel that way all their lives hurt so badly.

That's why were talking about this topic.

That's why were dealing with self-worth. Dorey had no reason to feel valuable Dorey was never found in her childhood. She was rejected by person after person. Her father, she only saw him three times in her chart. He didn't want her and when he was around the two children he would say, isn't she cute, of course, only referring to Marie not let me introduce you to Dorey, the girl nobody left this is just a short clip of her explaining about her own life I had working just short of six years and every single night before I went to bed.

I was beaten and using Dorey come on, they forgot some days I didn't because I was so naughty and so mean. As I walked around the yard in the dorm and the girls would see me coming, they would run and hide his way to pull her hair. I picture but the boys are just music girls go in the boys yard and being against the fence not take my hand like this and I can do that for didn't like it for you know were nowhere to fight just got meaner and meaner and they did a couple other things.

Let me just remind you something because when I talk about these kids a little later than thinking they were mean recent buttermilk on Tuesday and Thursday night I hated in and until all the concepts that are round table landed two years of putting portable kids there to put me in charge is low, but I was mighty and when the major wasn't looking I would rotate the kids on Tuesday and Thursday. I think they mean a different seat and when they finished the I look over and I take their empty cup (mine and look again very carefully give my full Drink and a drink. She wouldn't. In her words, I was mean mean mean but one should not help us understand those who are bullies should not give us compassion. They are the ones that feel like they are cast feel that they don't matter and typically they're trying to get even, because they've been in so much pain. I do want to mention one thing in regard to abuse the big question the why question and this can be a huge barrier. If God really were loving God, why would he allow this one way that I answer this is God did not create a puppet state where everybody had to do exactly what God would have in his perfect will for them to do. He did not create a robot existence. We all were given free choice. From the beginning of humanity.

When God created male and female in the garden. They were given choice did they do what God wanted them to do no they did not and therefore the ramifications that were huge but the point is God who is all powerful, has chosen to allow those of us whom he has created to go against his will.

Every one of us have done all we like sheep have gone astray, each one of us turned to his own way for Scott gave the solution, the Lord laid on him. Jesus Christ, the sin, the iniquity of us all so that he's provided the solution for us. But the point is, there are times when you will be the victim is nothing you can do about the powerless over situation and God does allow that. But if he didn't. That means that everybody would be any would-be individuals you would just be in essence, God's robots when there is pain when there is hard when there's trauma in our lives.

The one thing I can know is, even if I can't save a lot because of this that one thing I do know is, will stretch your capacity for compassion so that you can turn to others, reach out to them and those very areas of her and you can make a difference in their lives. No trial, no trauma is wasted when it's put in the hands of God.

The truth is, God cares and he says Isaiah 1311. I will punish the world for its evil, the wicked for their sins.

I will put an end to their arrogance. I will put an end to the arrogance of the hottie and will humble pride of the ruthless end of the works God isn't finished yet dealing with those who have been causing pain, hurt and tragedy on many people's lives. The last chapter has not been written.

Of course, when you look at Dorey Van Stone what you know after looking really at her life, you find that she was a in her words and ugly duckling in the early years of her life.

She considered herself the ugly duckling. In fact, let me read from her book, Dorey said I must have been the ugliest child I was ever born. I felt so ugly on the inside that I believe I was ugly on the outside. Maybe it's my curly hair or my nose. Marie was everything I wanted to be like me. She had brown eyes, but I thought hers.

She too had dark hair but hers lay in place. Her skin was fair than mine. My dread of those special days and this has to do with at the orphanage once a month from the perspective parents would come to view the children. My dread of those special days escalated month by month. No doubt, I reflected the rejection I felt I must've sulked.

My shoulders drooped with agony and I could not look up with smiling. Anticipation is to keep children dead.

I detested being inspected by people I knew I would never be accepted right. Ms. Gabriel would send someone to find me and I would be dragged into the room with a dirty tear stained face.

I was asked is this a real person and yes and is this is the story true. Oh yes, this is listener supported hope for the heart.

We do not the story were hearing today is truly heartbreaking but there is hope in the story and will hear that in just a minute. If today's program has brought up some of your own personal pain. One of our hold care representatives can pray with you and will guide you to additional resources, and care.

The number to call is 804 88.

Hope and our website provides a wealth of supportive resources as well.

Just visit hope for the right now. Let's get back to this powerful story of Dorey Van Stone we pick up her story where it is the time when she's a teenager at age 13. Those in the orphanage had to leave and so she and her sister Marie were taken from the orphanage driven to a house. They were just told to get out of the car go to the door and there be a man that would meet them at the door. She was left alone there on the curb.

No introduction. She knows nothing about the family no one to smooth the way she rings the doorbell and a man answers who immediately sets the tone for what kind of life she would have for the next however long it would be. She calls this house. The house of meanness you are Dorey. I didn't come and sit down with us kids. I should run away then see this when he said he got to rule Rule number one rule number one, you will never ever be allowed to sit at the table and eat with us ever. Rule number two. We have a lot of fish the hands and the tales are yours. The center part of the vision for the family if I ever see you have to go.

I'm telling you the truth I never ever at the table with him in his house of meanness. I was only allowed to take a bath one day you might really wash my hair once every eight weeks when I say that I was a dirty filthy little girl please believe me because I was stuck when I walk by people they could smell me and I would go to the bathroom, locked the door made everything so I just ordered my face, my hair, just matted. They would write notes at school at Oak Ridge. I read him this kid or letter come back.

They did something they did sheep dip down kill all the headlights, but you can't comb the hair and finally because it got so bad and so matted that you shave it all off put a towel around my head and I go to school. Some smart Alec Boyd get pull it off and had a beer head Naegele said in the classical ugly dummy in the night. What did I just one wall and see me cry.

I say that because of the things happened in that house.

The house of meanness. I say that I had a cop going into this now they used to say when I told the Dorey story that would sleep in that cop on certain nights yeah I did, but on those nights were the nights when they would allow men to come through and get me and I was molested of meanness, I began to learn. As I read God's word wonderful he was and that he loved me and that he loved me and I conduit my conduit when I be in the bathroom at every morning I did this effort. What I face a little bit and forget to call me I would kneel down by the bank that the technology New Testament that had in the pocket and put it on the rumor that I did know anything about systematic memorization and is the pages I found the words I can see where it says I'll never leave you never forsaken. I was looking in Philippians where it says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me shall never amount to anything and then went to those words when morning and I saw these words, God so loved the world. John 316 times detested my pocket. I locked the door and asked if this didn't happen once in a while every single morning the men would take me and told me against the wall and slap me with his hand in the back of my face like the fight with his wife diffuse like that and slammed in my face and I go to school with a black higher blood knows we might think it when that bad Doherty come on when that bad. Yes, wise people. Today we call them abused kids fields to walk and you got your schoolbooks 12-year-old beaten up. You try to clean up and not try to clean up the music the way you are on the way our I learned that the gas station to restrooms and going and try to clean up. He didn't look very good so Water the paper.

Doubt you face in your walking to school like this in your new just like a battered mess and you see people when they pass you by because you had had a bath on my smelly kid home. I just mailed her his people. This going to church?

So when you go downstairs and going to the Sunday school classes. I try to go to singe request the other kids say where she comes in we go out. I did want to, but that's what hurts when they all get together. Those kids that lean against a walker like that would be a part of them. I heard him sing the song Jesus loves me. I memorized was like him so when I'd be walking the streets after that got me up not going is your position to walk with my books like this and maybe pass me by me are the duties feels he is good, but I knew separated. Now she says she needs is interesting how powerful a little song can be a little song truth is presented all the difference in the world we read a little bit more of Dorey's words just before my 13th birthday, a group of students from the University of California, visited the orphanage. They invited us to sit on the floor to hear about study children, even if you forget everything we have told you. Remember God/she spoke with such sincerity that I was stunned. I grab hold of that love.

I remained seated and took the risk of talking to God.

They said you love me stars if you want me me instantly I felt God was beside me. In fact, I want to say that later someone gave Dorey a little Bible a little New Testament. She carried that Bible which was the first president she had ever received in her life. The very first present never did her mother ever give her a present.

She said I didn't understand all the parts. But the ones that I did understand that some really did change her realizing that God's word has the power to establish the standard his word establishes what our value is not put other people think of the people say one day at time and that orphanage when she heard those words.

She even said to herself.

This must be God because, in her heart for that first time she had an unexpected piece.

She said I've never had peace before I didn't know how to recognize peace. Peace. Just at this point, she grabbed hold of love, the love of God and he grabbed hold of her and never let her go me 31 eight is a favorite passage of mine is the Lord himself goes before you and will be with you. He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid to not be discouraged, while what a testimony of God's unconditional love Dorey vent installed as proof of the healing power of God's word. This is hope for the heart with June Hunt June will be back with the closing word about finding our worth.

But first, I will let you know. But just as Dorey found healing and God's love you too can discover your infinite worth. You can ask God to show you what his word says about your value. You could also call and talk with one of our whole peer representatives there are here to pray with you and offer additional resources and care opportunities. Just give them a call at 804 88.

Hope that's 800-488-4673 or look for are keys for living title self-worth discover your God-given value. This powerful tool will help you discover how you were uniquely designed. You can find this out hope for the Now let's get back to June 1 more time.

There can be contributing factors that are held in place by wrong beliefs that you embraced over the years, maybe even since childhood. These wrong beliefs can even put you in survival mode, but the low opinion of yourself can be overcome by replacing those wrong beliefs with right beliefs. Your self-worth is not based on how you see yourself or how others see you on how God sees you. You were created by him and in his image.

Not only did Jesus pay the highest price for you by dying on the cross for your sins, but if you're an authentic Christian. He also lives in you, to fulfill his plan and purpose for you. Ephesians 210 tells us we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared for us to do, but encouraging reminder there from June hope for the heart is here to share the message that we are valuable to God that he cares about what happens in our lives. You could help us get this message of biblical hope and practical help to more people. Here's how taking them off my hook and placing them on to God's hook. I did just this in my dried hardened heart was softened. I cried to my father for mercy and forgiveness.

It was a cultivating experience a renewing of my mind. Enjoy. I had not experienced joy for years.

Our mission this year and hope for the heart is to help millions on the Internet like Brenda understand how to believe, trust and apply God's truths to their life to do this, we have an urgent need to convert more than 100 print teaching materials into videos every day more than 13 billion videos are viewed people are right now surfing the Internet looking for answers, start your monthly gift of $30 or more today to support this.

I hope video project and receive a copy of June's counseling through your Bible handbook makes this eternal hope for the did you hear that number 13 billion videos are viewed online every day.

That makes me excited to see how God uses your support in 2020, to reach more people with these. I hope videos you can give out hope for the or by calling 804 84, June Hunt were so glad you joined us today. Remember that there is hope. No matter the circumstance.

Have a great and meet his back here on Monday for more about this right here on hope for the heart

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