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Resolving Conflict with a Right Heart

Hope For The Heart / June Hunt
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June 2, 2020 1:02 am

Resolving Conflict with a Right Heart

Hope For The Heart / June Hunt

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June 2, 2020 1:02 am

Conflict is something many of us try to avoid. But if we avoid conflict, how can resolution take place? Should resolution always take place? Listen as June Hunt shares insight from God’s Word and helps clear up some misconceptions and expectations regarding conflict.

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The last conflict is easy act of striking together, clashing with striking together are clashing with even get the picture of fencing being on opposing sides jousting striking together clashing.

This is in the game like fencing would be some sport even though there are some who actually view it as sport because it can get you upset that have control of the will of June with an interesting illustration about conflict conflict is something that many of us try to avoid but if we avoid conflict. How can resolution take place if that's the best thing for the relationship today on hope for the heart were going to talk about conflict resolution. So let's get back to June as she shares a personal story about conflict number of years ago I saw some plaques that I bought and put it in my laundry room. They were real letters from children. Dear God, it's very hard for you to love everybody in the whole world there only four people in our family and I can never do it God, please send Dennis Clark to a different camp this year. Dear God, maybe Cain and Abel would not kill each other so much they had their own room with my brother.

Dear God, if we come back as something please don't let me be Jennifer Horton because I hate her. Hate anyone. As a child I remember hating somebody in kill her in my grade in school.

This person was so irritating and so snooty in and I remember thinking I did not want to go to a girls school beginning in ninth grade I thought at least I will get away from her. At least that is the one bonus that the one advantage first day at school.

It was hard for me to go that really want to do it that I was trying to have a positive attitude. There was, I could not believe it.

And for the next four years we were together. It sure made a difference.

Several years later when I learned that indeed I needed to change life.

I truly hatred I have seen her body weight in my adult years.often, but every once in a while and I just smile and I do something fun away do something when I see her don't know what's going on in her life, but I know I had a change life to Christ and I know that's what she needs.

So instead of focusing on her fault. When I think of her or see her because there are those class reunions when I see her or think about her immediately turn it into a prayer that whatever would be necessary would take place for her to come to see her need for the Lord Jesus Christ in her life that protects my heart from bitterness.

I have learned that I can be bitter. Just like anybody because there were a number of years when I carried severe bitterness not just with someone I sought school. I know it's like to have conflict. I know it's like to hate, let me give a basic definition.

Conflict is a disagreement struggle or battle over opposing issues or principles. It's interesting when you look at the Latin conflict is easy act of striking together, clashing with striking together are clashing with even get the picture of fencing being on opposing sides jousting striking together clashing.

This is in the game like fencing would be some sport even though there are some who actually view it as sport they love to rile you up to get your goat there again because if they can get you upset have control of the Greek word for conflict is very interesting. It's agon.

Our English word agony is derived from the Greek agon and originally it was a place of conflict is really a place of contest like the Olympics and later came to be the actual contest itself not just the place and later the derivative of the word. It just became to mean a conflict of any kind.

And Paul said is been granted to you for sake of Christ. You should not only believe in him, but also suffer for his sake engaged in the same conflict that you saw I had, and now here that I still have one thing you want to see in this particular verse conflict that Paul had and that he still has. I would love to tell you I would love to be able to with confidence. Assure you that one day all of your conflicts will cease and be no more. I don't read that in Scripture that is not accurate. So what do we need to know in this world you will have Jesus at what trouble. But take heart I have overcome the world. In other words, you may be hit with trouble, but you do not have to be defeated. Trouble some people say will, but if if I'm going for conflict resolution, then why wouldn't it all be over. Why would it not be ultimately resolved and there be reconciliation. I would just say to understand these two words reconciliation and resolution resolution is finding an answer, we see the work solver you're trying to get an answer and so there are answers as to how you deal with certain people. Reconciliation, however, is 100% restoration to harmony. There are people who will not allow you to reconcile, but you can come to a resolution within your self and you do not have to be controlled by the dysfunction by the on healthiness medicine of another person. I remember one time trying so hard. I kept trying trying trying trying trying trying trying and in a situation I was trying to get the relationship. Please send Pleasanton finally someone said June. It will never work. No, no, you're wrong know I'm a try and make it multi piece. This friend of mine said June you were to do everything you could. No matter what that would mean she would have to give up her power and she's more power oriented. So if she can be down on you, you, Dan, and she feels powerful seesaw somebody can push you down.

They rise up some some people are not wanting reconciliation. Can you be at peace with that. You understand that some people are not whole in their hearts. Some people will not allow for healing. If you are listening to me thinking come to figure out exactly how I can be sure that we have reconciliation. I cannot guarantee that their building blocks there certain things you can do to move that direction, but reconciliation takes to forgiveness takes one you can forgive the person. Reconciliation takes to there can be a resolution that you can have it may not be everything you want, but just think about how Jesus must've felt when he was on earth he knew what he could have done every single person's life that intersected his life that he touched it.

He was face-to-face with. He knew what he did and he was speaking truth and he was God in the flesh, God become a human being and so no matter how much truth. He spoke everyone did not respond. I say this because I don't want you beating up on yourself saying I guess it's my fault. This is what I hear my father must be my fault that we are not reconciled is because it says as far as it is possible with you.

Be at peace with everyone.

Romans 12 as far as it is simple with you. Be at peace with everyone towards God and his words is acknowledging not everyone will allow you to be at peace with them because they're not peace. You can be at peace in your heart. And sometimes that's what you have to do you have to evaluate okay if Jesus wasn't destroyed because of the terrible things that people did to him then not be destroyed. What do I do so I won't be consumed within us, to get issue is for you to realize that everybody will not be where you want them to be.

Some people will choose not to change you know who the people are choose never to change. I'll give you one word of caution and it has served me so well.

Never ever ever put somebody in cement. You'll never change, that's an inflammatory thing to me. I had the ability to change God interchangeably to watch your words as I had to watch my words be aware that yes, at times we do need to change and the situations change, but that's mean can never ever be changed. That Scripture from Romans 12 tells us so much about conflict resolution in just a few words. As far as it is possible with you.

Be at peace with everyone. This is hope for the heart which you about you sharing biblical principles and practical help for conflict resolution. If you missed any of today's broadcast you can listen to our mobile app or online hope for the Now let's get back to June as she shares a pre-recorded phone conversation with her live audience is with a man who was trying to resolve a pretty significant conflict within his family. Let's listen to her ear while you have a sister or brother.

Is she in the same city. The reason she has not been of help her daughter about resort hardware.

Powers of attorney for mother Earth. Our declared mail fraud, credit card fraud will will okay let's get practical here. There is such a thing as elder abuse is sister doing attorney he's headed and she's fraudulently go from there you think this is conflict is even caregiving. His mother is 15 years what is often the reason why somebody gets power of attorney money somehow being able to access what that person doesn't have without power of attorney is painful. If you are on the line with him. What kinds of things would you say is there some legal it's illegal, it is illegal. Guess you could go to the place to turn place.

There are attorneys you have to think outside of what you normally do because you're not typically in that situation. It's amazing how many avenues actually are open that people don't think about. That's what I'm wanting us to do just in this short call once to realize that times there will be a genuine conflict and you need to go beyond and be able to give practical help to someone who literally feels her hands are tied behind their backs. Power of attorney will father died four years ago. There power of attorney to you so you have sought to report this. Who did you report it to our report reported through the Adult Protective Services. That's what they're supposed to be in existence for you would think so write out your warrior for and they said okay. I'm so sorry? So now your mom is where Virgil took her to a nursing home earlier to her home. Her or talk to her about phone and yet you actually have power of attorney where else you could go district attorney. Yes, sometimes what you will meet a brick wall. But don't be limited by any other place you can think of the district attorney Atty. Gen. judge. He knew some people that his sister, respect, and maybe there would be someone can get things mediation try to mediate this or yes that's true. Obviously this person in the ethics department is sorely lacking halted when he was arrested, he appealed to Caesar meaningfully appeal to a higher authority. I'm going to mention some higher authorities when you're not getting due representation responsiveness family attorney, one who practices family law you gone to the police sometimes getting somebody else in the police department who ever you get first may not be the right person. Another would be your local District Attorney's Office. A friend of mine. Her mother was a part of the staff of a congressman and that's all she did. She just dealt with these kinds of issues she could get action in behalf of the Congressman to help facilitate getting what is wrong wanted to have you thought about going to our placing a call or writing a letter or a combination of number due combination to their local congressman. You tried Centro's office because they have staff that deal with these issues. It's important for you to try these avenues of appeal did you ask elder protective services there suggestion of what you can do what one part of Rachel Longfellow help about 45 there were far world order for him to break my heart after three different filters through different children. What happened get out there want to go out there. The report will be on file. Take action. Why is it important to build a file mean to document everything you do with an attorney.

Please know that the trying exactly. I hate that we're in a litigious world, but the fact is abuse does take place in their various levels of conflict. What we have to say is okay if it deals with something in the legal realm, then you can literally continue to contact in order to build a file and then many times what you find is someone else will come later and report something very similar, and then Delco we've had here we have here so it's important to just assume nothing I can do so often, our mindset, I'm just one person can't do anything about somebody else is having a horrible conflict and you may be far more important in God's handiwork here it is he's wanting to move to the point of solution, you may be very significant in this area is indeed a report. For example, there was someone who talked with me about reporting childhood sexual abuse in regard to her brother and she was. Not sure whether to do anything about what would make you feel 10 years from now. You did the right thing. She said reporting well what are you going to do and she said I'm a report she did want to make waves well the truth is, she knew the right to report well. Nine months later there was a report by somebody else in regard to abuse and so because of her initial report on top of this mother report. There were grounds and the father was removed from the home and the children then were dealt with on personal compassion basis, so don't feel that one time of reporting is wasted. Just ready for crews to come to the surface father which you give extraordinary supernatural discernment paves the way for him to prepare the hearts of those who could be of help in this situation and protect his mother, ultimately, may truth and justice prevail. In Christ name we pray. Amen. Hearts are with you. You continue to hang onto God's hope to be taxing, especially when the crew got together give us some help for those times.

This is hope for the hardwood know all few of us choose conflict is inevitable conflict is going to happen is going to happen in your family, your workplace, your friendships and even with people you don't even know there's a great download is free and it's related to today's topic of conflict resolution.

Or you can discover more of what the Bible says about resolving conflict on practical guidance in our keys for living is all founded hope for the or call and talk with one of the men or women in our home care center.

That number is 804 88.

Hope right now.

Let's get back to June. Are you afraid of conflict in your vocabulary is conflict spelled TR OU BLE have to admit my natural tendency is to do anything to avoid conflict. Yet, as I think about the serious conflicts I've had in my own life I see times of greater personal growth than if the conflicts hadn't existed at all.

Because of these difficult relationships.

I became aware of lessons I needed to learn not only about others, but more importantly about changes that need to be made in my own attitude and actions everything been peaceful. I honestly don't believe I would have stretched my way of thinking or changed is I need to change years ago I heard this insightful statement never to disagree at all is a sign of love, but of indifference growing through conflict.

Well, that's a perspective we probably don't think about when were having trouble with someone more hope and help for those times conflict can be founded hope for the or by calling 804 88. Hope hope for the heart is here to share the message that there is hope. No matter the circumstance. It's June in June at hope for the heart has guidance from June helped you during a challenging time.

Maybe June helped you help others by pointing them to the hope of Christ during the covered 19 crisis.

There are two ways that you can help us honor June in June as she teaches us how to apply biblical hope and practical help to our lives. Send her a note of encouragement to and make a gift in honor of June 2 are covered 19 emotional health and self-care fund. These donations will provide more counseling, training, and resources to support people during this time of crisis covered 19 can't cancel God's work or generosity or kindness. Join us in encouraging Jane with an email to or make a gift, honoring June and June at 804 88.

Hope are

Thank you for helping us encourage to during the month of June. She and sold by the other Bible teachers, pastors, counselors on the front lines, providing spiritual and emotional support that website one more time is hope for the for June.

I'm sure will join us again Wednesday look at the hope we can find in Christ.

This is just an eternal home hope for today. That's right here on hope for the heart

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