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November 27, 2021 4:46 pm

Heart Health

Heart Health Radio / Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander

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From the medicine specialist will tell you they have radios never information purposes only.

Talk to your doctor. This is heartfelt radio in the heart health radio network. I'm David Alexander.

He is Dr. Franklin. We call Dr. on hold. I'm so sorry. Not good to take my jacket for the cold, cold but they happen because of the cold weather sure that you were really cold. You gather inside and you spread germs so if you have a cold in the summer should it be called a warm, no warm warm because you're outside playing basketball or sports in the contract gives you the cold. Now I'm doing silly people used to think that if you got cold. It weakens your immune system maybe studied that took a bunch of squids are native people and submerge them in icy water and then look to see the answer was a good shoulder so her neck and neck in the cold. Just so you know it's the reason why the column colds. I would appreciate if you wouldn't mention germs for the rest of the show. Don't like that term germs germ yeah germ warfare. I think whatever whatever could it be that many people not want to talk about germs. Germs are good outline why because if you're exposed to germs. You become immune, that immunity crosses over to other germs, which is what will talk about in terms of super immunity later on it on the omicron there is a new color variance, it's omicron right in the hell out of his work in the stories it said multiple mutations just this one, 32, are you very afraid. I am concerned that were going to see another spike in infections but sure to see another spike in hospitalizations and deaths that doesn't mean no that's not can happen but it there's no evidence that that's the case, and in fact transmissibility does not correlate necessarily with morbidity and mortality. So what's the story here. Apparently, there was one person again who had an autoimmune disease and got coded because it stayed in the body for a month and when viruses reproduce things naturally need to okay because there's error.

There are errors in the DNA, RNA, machinery, so they create mutations in the reason why we don't mutate is because we don't have as many of the reproductions as a virus to okay what a crosslicensing Byzantine tiny particles and there are billions and billions of them reproducing every whatever minute or so and so there's bound to be rotations in some of these mutations are bad, they make the virus not very strong but some of them render the virus are more potent.

While this particular variant, omicron has 32 different mutations from the original source code of the two and for me it just seems kind of weird.

I would think that that many mutations would make that spike protein so weird that it can't bind to the ice purging which is what happens in our nose along the ACE inhibitor angiotensin-converting enzyme summary receptor is what it binds to think 32 mistakes right for it would make it less potent, but it might every time we hear notation there. We think this is going quite well.

That's why most cold go away because the virus is mutated to a benign form and quite frankly I thought that was good happen with SARS to the ops how many mutations are out there that didn't become benign. Probably many many more right than the once it became more potent, but I still can't figure it would have liked the name and omicron I do I know you know, here's the deal.

Remember when we when we were calling them by the geography and some people wanted to call the original Hunan virus Chinese SARS or whatever and then the WHO, the World Health Organization signaled it that's racist. Let's not do that when I can call it the Indian very political very politically correct Ferris Alicea naming him for the Greek alphabet. Now here's the thing. If you were a fraternity member you had to memorize the Greek alphabet. I never was a front for your Friday knowing him for six hours yet. Sorry to drag you through something like that yes anyway so you go along in the alphabet and you get to move in you mirror and then you and you knew and the WHO claims that listen we didn't want to call it the new because it's too similar to the to the word in English or the next one up after new easy XI, which happens to be the head of the Chinese Communist Party and they skipped over that you ever omicron. I just think it's amazing.

They are so scared of China that they did this. If the next letter was Tromp.

Do you really think they would've skipped it. But I think that would have to have a coded fraternity. What a coded fraternity often Alpha Delta omicron and they could all hang out pretender scientist studying the coded and Saturday nights get drunk as all get out a specific fraternity for out for cover.

Alpha Delta omicron okay I know fraternity, omicron I did another one in a gated Beta Gamma Delta 10K today Okay alright so we cut off the top of the hour news indicated that from South African from the other countries and people need to know what's going on. There's a lot of I think misinformation to cut off, we cut off air travel with them with my sister hearts okay until we know it is more transmissible that mean transmissibility simply means that it goes from one person to the other more easily. So where you had to be 3 feet apart ends got 15 minutes of contact in order to have a high level of transmissible debts. When I got the 6 feet from 3 feet 15, three and 15. 3 feet together 15 minutes. And so they said well it's double about the reason why is you just imagine as the as the particles of mucus go forward this threat out of the senior yes so it's by the square and so if you're twice as far away you are many, many more times less likely to get a particle anyway so what this means is that it'll it'll at 6 feet and five minutes. It'll get you in fact that's what it means transmissibility. Now what are we really worried about is worked ability and mortality so morbidity will just use that as a buzzword for hospitalization. So you get so sick that you can do at home and you gotta go to the hospital get some oxygen maybe get one of those BiPAP mask which is massive blows air into your lungs to keep her oxygen higher got from the German them later and then obviously mortality is – we don't know yet. Okay so that's one of the things to to think one thing we know is that it's more transmissible so maybe 8 feet for five minutes or something like that you can you can get it and then the other thing we know is don't know. I'm sorry is that we don't know if it's going to be more dangerous in terms of hospitalizations, but you think about it the more cases that we have more hospitalizations in terms of number. So what is this me out and the other big issue that you're scaring people is the docks are the vaccines we have now going to be effective against this 32 mutant variability and we don't know that either.

So what are they studying or not studying necessarily the faxing people are going whole hog on starting the booster people, and whether the booster know that is to safely faxing people.

I've gotten your two regular shots in your booster whether there can be a mere this is a tough question and it bodes poorly for the future because his name was and I have this forever and it's scary that to me is scary because we've lost something we've lost billions, carefree, happy-go-lucky life where we can go see our friends.

We can walk on it. I went to Nordstrom's in Charlotte yesterday for a shopping experience when that man is my mask except for those who are defiant. I was there till the parking lot. Really, this New Yorker was way down the end of the line and this was 10 minutes looking for a parking place and so I pulled in a car pulled out and I just zipped right in and next thing I know I'm getting ready to know my electric car has determined that I can turn off all the switches and stuff on my window really guys not one so I got my phone ready and I started video in because I thought this could be trouble in the guide. He says, but I don't wind on his you're getting out of the spaces is mine just pause for a second take this the calm okay this is hell for your talk about this to firefighter the firefighter taught me this calm down. Jacob took a big deep breath and I rolled my window on the car holding my phone up on video. Yes and he said he said this is my space and I said excuse me yeah I was waiting for five minutes sentence. He suggested did this on purpose insert I said I'm not moving so you sure I said I got my phone on their security cameras everywhere. Your wife is in your car, embarrassed as all get out what to do to make me move a city could hit me. Are you to shoot me and grab me and throw me on the ground because all three of those options means you go to jail. The other options you get back in your car and drive away, and he looked at me shocked that I would approach the Sunday come here you know calculating manner gotten his current level. My blood pressure go up a little bit I think. So what's the condition your car right now what is it in good shape.

Did somebody key.

I was worried about that worried about that. This guy was in Alexis. He was dressed and it was Nordstrom's okay.

I don't know if you know the crowd that shops in which it upper-class know I would fit toward each one will I be there that a name at Nordstrom's for the hortatory was good and you know the price is on today she'll talk about a vaccine for Alzheimer's.

You're never gonna believe were you, but I think this is another great tribute to American medicine and the researchers very good and potential breakthrough for type I diabetes is more than a breakthrough. You think it's a cure has been shown to cure this one guy okay and I think that this is a great thing that's coming up on the show this is heart health radio on the heart health radio network listen to heart health radio on Apple podcasts or the heart health with all the hot hits from the 70s, including shame we shaman today, but we should judge judge Dan Polster this is my take on the opioid crisis. It's horrible. It's terrible. We are in the midst of an epidemic of epic proportions.

We've lost 500,000 people in the last 10 years over opioid overdose what he is claimed that CVS, Walgreens and Walmart are responsible. So they prescribed the prescriptions that doctors were and they the pharmacist there, filled out most of the pharmacies that really went wholehearted on this. I'm sorry to say if your mom and pop it was the monopod that was it was limited site in West Virginia. There were two pharmacies in West Virginia that basically all I did was filled opioid prescription, but here's my take on this and you can call me a crazy right wing or whatever but I believe in something called personal responsibility, and by that I mean we didn't blame anybody in this.

I think there's the blame to be taken by the addict herself and everybody wants to say that the poor addict is not responsible. They have a disease in the first person to blame is the doctor because the doctor was pulled a pill pusher gave them to write prescriptions now were there doctors who were pill pusher. Yes, it's like saying that there are bad cops. Does that mean that cops are responsible for all the crimes that a few bad cops do well now let me ask a question what percentage of legally written prescriptions for people who have legitimate medical dates for opioids are overdoses of the overdoses.

How many came from legitimate prescription less than 1%. So 80% of the overdoses today are from heroin and Sentinel Meadows are illegally used drugs by drug addicts and believe it or not it's amazing and I'll talk about the recreational use of heroin and Sentinel. These are people who live normal jobs to have normal lives. Even families and every now and then they got hit themselves with heroin and Sentinel. What's the problem I'm sort, and 19% are from diverted prescriptions. By that I mean people who jet Percocet.

That's the number one seller that's dropping you know why. Now you can get him Sentinel is so cheap oh my God, the manufacturer fentanyl is a very hot line because then I'll be respond to a simple thing. It's a simple fact it's simpler than creating math from Sudafed and you can get Sudafed without showing your license that actually worked another.

I didn't that actually worked with cut down on left, but the point I'm trying to make is that there has to be a level of personal responsibility. I know somebody who decided one day there snorted Percocet for fun. It was pure Sentinel that was smashed into a tablet pressed into a tablet and even had the little indentations that your medicines hundred literature, medicine, and the like I matter or some like that crossed snorted and dropped over dead. Luckily, they were revived and she had kidney failure, liver failure, you name it. Failure so can you blame McDonald's for your heart attack and think about know is the food addictive yes it is delicious and French fries out well so come on now Shorty is online. What I Shorty how you doing good good last time I saw you look marvelous yet so awesome for those who viewed initially as my pension and she's got a pacemaker and some other hard issues, but originally I thought that was something from the neck, but it can, so she's had cancer surgery and then you had chemo and now you're having something really cool right are you still doing immunotherapy so what that's trying to do is make her own immune system kill off the cancer and then just getting radiation therapy in the way radiation therapy works to think about it sounds kind of crazy and extra noble causes cancer and what they do is they focus in the of gamma rays which are the radiation very high powerful same as lightweights. But just in a different spectrum and the cancer cells are dividing more quickly. So what you're trying to do is destroy the DNA of the dividing cancer cells while leaving the good cells alone. But what happens is you get the radiation therapy 10 is your skin all dark with a countdown was that mean they lead all your walking, talking miracle of modern nonsense even make some call the gamma knife yet so it's really concentrated.

It's a really concentrated beam of radiation and its big, nice because if you have a tumor in a certain part of your skull blame.

They can do CTs and MRIs and create a map and then take this machine that looks a little like Star Trek the photo. Another photonic port torpedoes the phaseout and the right in their and and knife out the tumor so that Shorty would need when you got started with the radiation did they have to set you up to figure out exactly where input, lasagna. So you had.

I'm so proud of you. Just awesome.

Take care shortly love you. I do like the fact that you and I think you shorted Dr. we've all asked me. You know the gamma knife is sure I mean last week as I'm writing I will when I come to talk to Charlotte, I'm driving down 85 and there's a big billboard advertising really have the gamma knife gamma knife you should know I got to Charlotte.

Apparently I should pick up with Linda in carrying just a moment. We also expect to hear from Rose open from North Carolina here and this will be a good show. I hope you could just stay around and listen to us.

This is the heart health radio network.

Now back to heart health have a question for Dr. we've all call 919-8609 73 get better stay healthy and spot medical misinformation by listening to this radio show and maybe even calling up Linda in Cary, thank you very much for calling him having that weird thing where I can push the button again hi Linda how are you what's going on driving appointment. Another appointment for you dry and he called my home and night whether I would driving appointment.

She's been home about two week pay for me to have her in my car and drive her to appointment.

Let me tell you what I would say nothing is 100% safe. But let me ask you the most important question.

Are you vaccinated yourself, including the booster so I think that I'll give you percentages. I think it's about 98% that you will not catch care of it from her and I think that to me the biggest question for this situation would be, would you give her credit or sell anything and so what would I do if I were you, not what I'm trying to say here is very careful because if someone were listening and they did a similar thing in the covenant God, they would say will Dr. we followed said. And so what I'm giving your percentages.

I would think that if you wore a mask in the car and she wore a mask in the car and she sat in the backseat okay and I know that you might think that's mean no because you know I want her to feel good. Sitting next to me we can chat but I think what you're doing is God's work you are being a good neighbor in your showing the love of other people, which you know Jesus asked us to do and I think that the chances that you would passcode to her or she would passcode to you are very small is a 98% chance that this won't happen if I were you and I have the time to do what you're doing what you doing but nothing is 100%. But the fact that you are triple dialectical triple vaccinated.

Okay, I thought your triple vaccinated.

You had the flu shot.

Are you going to wear a mask and you can have a very positive and warm feeling and why does that matter. Because stress makes your immune system less active. So yeah, I mean think about it when people get sick, gotten sick and last 10 years is when I had a real bad situation with my mental health and I got sick and I got the flu influenza, and even though I've been fascinated and I got all sorts of viral… So here's what I'm Jenna set a limit to say it carefully. If you wear a mask in your happy and feeling the love of Jesus in your heart and you are doing what you think is right and she wears a mask and use it. She sits in the back seat, but I think the chance the children of passing on between each other is extremely small and so if I were you I would do it back. Great heart. Nine. Walker very hard time. I have a small card okay so that if you have her sit in the front seat and it is true. When I called my dad around. I have a nice car for flux. Big big backseat. It was so much harder to get amount of the backseat shoe in the front seat.

Okay, so sit in the front seat IEP that increase the risk greater but like I said for you on the risk is even smaller. I think the risk that you are now an asymptomatic carrier passing on to her is extremely small, but I'm going to tell you if you do what you do in your happy and it gives you warmth in your heart that's more important to me that because it overrides right.

I believe the natural immunity, but there are cases and again I'm I'm saying this not to scare you but there are cases in very elderly people are sick and have been triple vaccinated had cousin and have gotten it again and I suppose there is someone out there who is actually died this way they think the omicron variant came from somebody who is chronically ill with an autoimmune disease in the Cova just brewed like Eastern a beer bottle so I know live phenomena use the term if I were you not what you should do based on what I'm telling you, I would just say if I were you I would be happy, and it would make my day to take her to her doctors appointments. I would not feel worried I wouldn't about transmissibility and the situation now let's find out what omicron, click on the clock, condos, and if it invades our immunity, then that's a whole different story. But God bless you for doing. I think you know if we had more of this kindness and generosity and warmth of spirit, the world would be a better place. You're making the world a better place.

Did you know that no real issue are yes you are making the world a better place you want to come people out there going she's taking elderly people to her doctors appointments. I'm going to do that to write call pay it forward. Thank you Linda. Pat yourself on the back right right Taylor all come all come dismantling and I have a fancy concert and he says that like like he's not going to be in the senior citizens clientele is not while I get my wheelchair in his truck. That's exactly right. And I bet you people will stop for the church to One day one day I'll come I'll come visit you in the home.

We all now I will I will be there for Larry in Raleigh hi welcome to the show are you doing Ariel doing good all the quick thinking time mother and father, or 85 and 80 effectively backdated and more shaped ones back thing was really… Right way that you work good given an antibiotic couple weeks ago and had know anybody with their original vaccination that normally is that fairly common practice, reason for the call that is fortunate situation and I think that you'll see CVS and maybe others offering free anybody test, I would not base getting a booster on whether your antibodies are there or not I would get the booster anyway. Now, does this mean they're not immune. Let me tell you about antibodies and something I think nobody is telling you about is that they can disappear but doesn't mean you're not there, it means that the levels are lower than what the limits of the test will detect by immunity is also T cells okay so B cells make antibodies and the antibodies are the first line of defense and most people some right in the attached to the form thing and then they recruit killer cells, the T cells, the white blood cells to finish off the job.

There things called natural killer cells that roam the body there like the Guardian Angels and city several hits okay and they struck first so I wouldn't panic.

I would definitely get the booster for your parents and I would just go about your business. They could have natural immunity from the T cells and the other thing is, even though your antibody levels are low when the virus hits the B cells go into overdrive. They have memory and so there are B cells lurking in their system that will immediately produce antibodies that they had before. So everybody's different. Some people maintain high levels of antibody. So for example if you got the measles vaccine. I'll bet you that you have measles antibodies floating around in your blood.

You could not they could be quiescent is the time that we call and so you know I would just go about your business. Get them on the booster shot and not panic.

I will get what you will you monitor

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