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Heart Health Radio / Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander
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November 20, 2021 1:56 pm

Heart Health

Heart Health Radio / Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander

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Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander
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Specialist Dr. Eldridge was never information purposes only.

Talk to Dr. this is heart health radio Dave Alexander. He is Dr. Franklin we fall you doing it's Dr. Franklin. Sniffles we fault what's the what's the problem with your son.

I don't regret our shoes, their seasonal by getting pretty bad in the spring and that I get them really at certain times in the fall will be gone on Sunday that I can't figure out what Lisa's hi Jill, certain student testing when they start to fall. It gets some chemical neuter. It's like terminus Beckett's not on my nerves.

Thank you for sure know where pretty. I have gotten permission from my physician to do something partisan and the reason is that some anti-inflammatory time. You now why do people get these things. It's because of I GE type of antibody. Nobody knows why you have them think that they may be helpful in killing cancer nerves but the IGE binds to the allergen so somewhat and causes mast cells is another type of immune cell to get rid of histamine and mattress makes the flood that that's the cascade. So I rinse my nose out with normal saline solution helps because it gets rid of them and then I took some prednisone to help tamp down my immune response losing Flonase topically called Asselin which is topical histamine and I'm still a mess. So it's not coded. This is now one year that I have tested myself just about every day and you always toward good buddy and talk about this and I have allergies that may be a sign of a heightened immune system right okay because you're overreacting.

Of course I overreacted everything anyway so I think I'm super immune and everybody in my office.

Laughs always told you that the reason is I mean there must be 20 or 30 patients who really do the survey. No symptoms blob on the exposures that I hear a week later I gather the hospital later coded the day after you saw them so you know I'm thinking and contemplating whatever, but never got your testing you every day every day while because I don't want to be the one asymptomatic and given to Tom. I will flex so anyway, if you hear me sneeze. If you hear me cough. There's no sneeze or cough button on this microphone. Sorry, just realize I don't have covered the only people in here that people are listening alive. The folks who listen on Apple podcasts or by heart health Be assured you will not hear sniffles. I'm going to have to go through the whole show and headed out every sniffle on the recording.

I think that's a good word what sniffle… Patient's word in Johnson County exists gringo really says sniffle that makes you strangle you have a whole bunch you sniff a whole bunch of validity comes in the back your threats. Thank you. Aspirate single word today strangle in the news today OSHA is suspending enforcement of the vaccine mandate. While the lawsuits continue to have to know and I think the number one reason is that the going to lose a lot of people go to court right and I think that businesses return for now because 12 million unfilled jobs in this country. I didn't know 12 million more jobs open by like 50% of employed people of McDonald's is offering $600 bonuses. I think it's up to 15 $16 and tell show plant. Let me tell you a loser board had a really bad day.

I have a lot of a lot of tough patients a couple of ungrateful ones so that I were to be like to show so I'm driving along, mumbling to myself what was me. I got to eat the best leaders go the drive through McDonald's get a couple things and even the car did you try not to driving driving anyway. I was rejuvenated because what did you eat like ribbons back okay make rivers back. I want everybody is listening to know they are bad for and there's no doubt this loss is full of sugar yet you got the bread the repurposed meat. I've now learned that the terminus whatever it is, so they take pork shoulder that actually is really but if you ever open up a McRib, you'll see that it's got looks like gas indentations. So what the McRib is his pork shoulder and other stuff. It's ground up. Sure and pressed into a patty that has those ridges try to think it's really and then the last process.

They paint stripes on it. There indented stripes there indented are actually in depth.

It looks like a live but what it is.

This auto forcing ounces of absolute heaven. Yes, it is yet suck and it's copies it's got these long, fresh onions is not the caramelized.

No soap tomorrow for lunch. If you were an early lunch and you wonder what the week is another McRib in the news also. The CDC is investigating a major flu outbreak in Michigan College. We got we got ECMO questions, no ECMO. You taught me that term. I know what ECMO is and there is a study that says pregnant women who smoke pot tend to have children with mental and behavioral health issues.

That's what happened to gentry. I don't think that's not all the millennial smoke weed right yes but it was a most amazing thing to me once that I don't know of any millennial who had gently babies or any jerseys in the don't smoke weed all the time.

So if this is true yeah. Yeah, good group of behavioral challenges. Issues chill driving is really important that the investigator I have this thoughts that I want to generalize, ever about anybody but you know when my wife was pregnant and when this might let water go. No we didn't put they watched my daughter and my wife did everything they made sure they had extra veggies. They had to know this that the other thing I think if you're a pregnant woman and your get baked your smoking cannabis call getting baked getting baked out Allison Atterbury came up with that we called it dope. Now it's weed okay if you call it reefer if you're doing that. There maybe other things in your life which might result in your children having behavioral health issue, but I actually think this may be true, really. Again, I'm not saying it is true because of the studies have been done on how to get into a double-blind case-control study. Now you can smoke when you guys spoke for your product is limited to file your kids for 20 years to write, but you know the chemical THC is a powerful drug. And for some it's wonderful to get rid of cancer nausea through the headaches in some people with migraines. It helps for chronic pain. No doubt about it, but it definitely has psychoactive effects on the brain and on developing brain tissue. It probably does so so many people smoke smoke.

I can think of no people in my own family, nor somehow doing some who just found out it really day yeah I think it's really weird that we haven't looked at the long-term health effects.

For example, is anybody really studied whether smoking marijuana causes lung cancer just now going to start looking and retire there a lot of lung cancer cases coming out now.

I think the fastest growing population of lung cancer is in non-smokers now could be right on. Natalie could be genetic no possibilities but they gotta look into this. Marijuana smoke or it could be people who report that they're not on tobacco and night right it could be a lot of different things, but I think we really need to look into this because I think it's a potential dangerous situation for the country if it's true, I don't know if it's true in this story is that there's an increase in when they follow the children of women who admitted that they smoke pot right that they had more behavioral health issues and mental everything is nowadays among agencies they don't lie about know they don't yeah I smoke weed got 100, not you, but I'm sat with us.

I got oh ever heard of hotbox in your car that is the other thing I thought so what they do know they smoke so much with the Windows close yes fan off. Yes, that is hazy for marijuana.

Yes, I drove up stop next to a car rolled down the window and I got high and that I have patients who come in yet I could get high just by sitting next to him and smell yet. Lastly, hotbox you, you know that that term because I know is I think it's a good listen. If there are long-term health effects of smoking marijuana, which should be either behavioral or no heart attacks associated with sure what you have to work. No brain damage in the future we need to start looking at now because there the legalization is coming even even here in the buckle of the Bible belt, North Carolina work, the longer we wait, the longer the more likely you want to ask the doctor question health question 919-860-9783 is our telephone number 919-860-9783. Talk about a couple studies that I don't think the real wrongdoing in the shame segment. Coffee and tea and coffee and eggs might be good for you might be bad for you and will tell you in just a moment on heart health. Really this is heart health for you in the heart health radio network 919-860-9783 is the number of you've never heard the show be a great way to jump in show slight call Marge in Apex you are on the radio, how you doing Marge I got more here. Years and years and years and 25 by developing her doubt we are not share got a lot gone out back. Yes, it's a new thing get off of that stuff Marge has she talked to her doctor about it now.

I think you know what it's called. People need to hear. This is called CHS cannabinoid hyper emesis syndrome and you don't have to if you don't have to puke all of assortments and you have to vomit all the time but long-term use. In this we talked about changes your brain and it can definitely causes this is something that will now see that we talked about long-term health effects.

This is a syndrome it's happening more more the other people now who smoke marijuana for 50 years of their life.

So, my dinner, my sister, my daughter has a medical condition called, gosh, my brain is not working. Anyway something really yeah summer already and she hurts all the time was Joey Beckett doughnuts absolutely anyway so she gets her prescription for marijuana from her doctor and what's her syndrome that she needs it for her medical cultures, how I can't 30 she's about being shipped. Was she a tough kid to grow up with it are rebellious and stuff that's it's hard and know what the answer is fibromyalgia. That's what my daughter and I should smoke some weed especially help remembering anyway when she was growing up as you call it leaders you call it what you call in Wheatley called now to (real time and don't find yourself the influence of the culture is we should go to high school Apex the peak of living.

Anyway, there are high schools in Johnson County that just have drug dealers walk through the hallways. This is terrible and what you do some people blame it on the lack of jobs, but it didn't sound like your luck for a lot in Apex a minute sister the peer pressure and everything else. So here's what let's get to your daughter and she needs a psychiatrist. Does she have a psychiatrist and she needs something to get off of marijuana is she on any other psychoactive medications. Now, you probably don't know. And so she tell you this is the tough situation and what to tell you had to have children now now but not like how her and other people question when or event, or about the call and at the and cry thinking about waking up and tell her she has CHS. Now I'm not diagnosing her so don't call medical board in trouble, but I think there is. She went to a doctor if I had a patient like her I would seriously consider Ken M cannabinoid can then avoid hyper emesis and wrenching to get that stuff out of her system.

Now she needs to wean off needs to definitely get off of that stuff and you know what is interesting is that I've met you. A lot of her anxiety and a lot of her other problems will resolve at least get better when she gets us out of her system. So tell her that the world WG world's greatest doctor only. So, now that is just a benign thing when I was growing up and said that everybody would say marijuana leads to her savings they will does milk lead to alcohol. You know you drink one of them there, but I definitely think there is a nation we have got to do something that will listen.

Good luck. Call us back. Tell tell your daughter to call is all talk to her and realized I sure she can listen to my podcast.

What one thing that you don't want to do is feel guilty right your you are loving your daughter. There is such a thing called tough love and unconditional love that you're showing unconditional love by your concern.

Thanks, Mark love you lignite. It's just what to say up in smoke the whole countries up in smoke. There was a time when there was a feeling that you know there were folks who smoked weed and then there were other folks in the eye. The guys I went to high school with who who smoked weed. Honestly that's what they did fit in going to college thing go on to whatever stoners and there's this whole stoner culture now through but now the kids are going to college. The kids were being successful kids world doctors and lawyers are taking. Oh I know are no neurosurgeons and I know invasive cardiologist interventional cardiologist who smoke weed everything day. Well, it's catheters like you promised me that's after the operation.

Just have it in the it's like Winston Churchill really called him drunk just to get out he had alcohol in it probably had a blood alcohol level. Half of the driving limit his entire life all the time you don't get a little whiskey you have and so it's like that but with marijuana flow must listen we got a lot of things coming up again rose open from North Carolina. I talked to during the week and she says all on get with you guys on Thursday night.

I hope so were going to talk about the day we got Phil from Raleigh on the line. Hang on Phil working to get to you were going to talk about the difference between heart failure and heart attack and I've never had either one. But they operated on my chest so we figure that out and stents, which I also have our stents called for now or bypass Dragon interesting thing I think it's really important for you out there because I think there's a choice now and I want to educate you in case you do need something that is coming up on this radio program with the telephone number 90198609783 heart health radio. Now back to heart health have a question for Dr. we fall. Call 919-8609 73. This is heart health, radio, the heart health radio network and we welcome somebody back to the to the broadcast Inman for a while because our schedules are just not work rose open North Carolina health news.

I am doing rose we have missed you.

I house everything that God really we don't tell us what you know about those which the state budget health can affect health.

Well dollars really fun that are anything up a lot of help ending money or mental health treatment and air.

There everything 5 million for rural hospital improvement in her coded medication and treatment in jails and prisons money for money to help people with their heating and cooling bills of both Derek federal program by which help low income folks have air conditioning in the summer. As you know right at you. For example, have a heart problem and it too hot. It can exacerbate your congestive heart failure survived North Carolina before there was a condition I talked to my patients. Never in their shoes and they said it wasn't as hot now I don't know if that's global warming. I don't know that if you don't have air conditioning over your body's order gets to the point where it is acclimated to.

I don't know what to tell me their service. They said it wasn't that hot and I worked on the topic for three years. I think that you develop more capillaries in your you can get rid of heat more easily and I remember when I came back after three years. Asia I was cold all the time you look at pictures of the 1920s in Raleigh.

They're all wearing suits and hats it's 97° out and break a sweat. So one thing I want to know is it too early to find out whether the really saving money with the new Medicaid managed care. Is there anybody looking into really really have to quarter data.

It only happened in July and there still out the old first server really meant to tell you something I cannot tell you something I'm still fee-for-service.

And I know every single physician history for services whole concept of managed care that is is denying procedures really think about. I see Medicaid patients everyday from the blue Medicaid healthy blue.

It's called MML United healthcare one blob of the block and the really there's no difference. I mean, I have been signed into their programs. I get referrals from the physicians who are the primaries. I want to do a stress test I get on the computer system and not try to navigate this and then I get paid. So in reality I don't see any difference, except it's a different player with different requirements for me to prove that they need any judgment and so and so many of my physician friends just quit and on the sense of they want to get an ultrasound of the heart, but the get turned down turndown turned out because I don't know the secret sauce secret sauce like the McRib how to answer the question. That's what it so I don't I want to see if there really saving money and I bet they are because people are getting less tested and that may not rose that may not be a bad that may not be a bad thing. The over test also for-profit company overhead, yet works to get a capitated thing so you know it's the same concept as Medicare with a called Medicare the Medicare pays them.

Let's discuss $9000 a year for that patient. So how the government money by having the patient spend less money how to limit the most amount of money they get $9000 in general and the patient dies. Two weeks later to keep that money so obviously I'm not claiming that they are on purpose, trying to not have people do well but the incentive is for less care and that may be good in many situations. United boats the roses a lot of overture care but I don't know if it's the right kind of incentive. I don't what I told it's not your father. Medicare right where it was by me remember when they were having mess here.

You have to find out climbed 3 flights of stairs to get to the place we could find this green out the people who couldn't climb right.

It's not quite like that because I do know that in the insert the new wave of managed care like that there there anymore benchmarks for clinical quality care that a written contract, but still stay with. I know for sure really do a lot of tile because benchmarks of return. But listen, I'm so glad

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