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October 30, 2021 4:39 pm

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What's Right What's Left
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What's Right What's Left
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Heart Health Radio
Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

Traffic dry operation crest reduction is one way to address this number of deaths and decrease of this year WPD about the weather forecast cloudy today in a high of 64 times leave O'Brien in the W PDF newscenter October is breast cancer awareness month Skype argument for advanced body scan of Raleigh according to the American Cancer Society.

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I'm serious because depression is such a big problem right and this is an essay almost a miracle. And this is among people who were ordinarily not treatable or or if their treatable. It's not complete. Another words yeah you get out your funk.

You don't want to kill yourself remember. But you're not happy right and these guys at Stanford to not tell you Stanford to place in these guys at Stanford of come up with. I think something that's gonna be revolutionary in the mental health field. It will jump into that but I wanted deal with the story that we ended with the last week and we never got to properly mother of three takes a DNA test and it's for insurance purposes that she had to prove that she was actually the mom and she wasn't according to the standards of the of the you know the law sheet. The DNA didn't match.

How is that even possible so people don't realize-cannot before I saw this article. I didn't really rip that when you are in the womb.

A lot of times there's another baby in their avenues. The baby doesn't survive.

So there are multiple instances where there are twins or triplets and two of the embryos don't make you make, and then extremely rarely kind the twin is absorbed into your body.

Now this all happens before anybody knows you're a twin or a triplet. Yeah, it's not like sharks sharks have twins, they only born 123 at a time. That's not what I'm in a sense, because what happened to this lady was at her twin that normally would just decompose because it wasn't right got absorbed into her body.

So this woman. The media ever. The bones ever okay yes is her yeah her blood yeah this her twin sister. No joke so well joke.

So when they soberly tested the DNA right they did with blood. Blood right they got her sister and so her sisters not the mother of her kids and isn't that amazing now. There's also a situation where the cells emerge at an early.

And they're basically half the sister or brother and half them all over and the most amazing thing is you can take a black light shining on her back condo and there are stripes like tigers of your brother or your sister okay now this. This is along the lines of where I think people are making things up just to get on the show. It's not made up its twill and so I it's really amazing thing about life yeah and it's not always what you think and how rare versus extreme literary but use these examples to show how accurate testing of genetics can be and I think the most amazing what they did. They took a biopsy of her muscle children and that was her kids mom so the blood was her sister and the rest of her body was her unbelievable.

This is fantastic, and I viewed and even 23 and me know what that is yet I said it in okay I swabbed my cheek put in the tube and send it in and I lied okay and I must admit it right now.

Yes I live, you did.

I told him I didn't know who I was.

I didn't know what my genetic background that I'm in Osan, Orford, and so I want to see you know yeah right Chinese and Norwegian, you didn't get that out. I really been an circumspect yet not only half Norwegian attorneys and, yes, but they knew my dad's family was from a town outside Oslo heal and they knew my mom came from Shanghai. I kid you not got it right 100% right there at the most amazing thing was what set 1.8% Native American and I'm more Native American than Elizabeth Warren. Should 1.6%. And why is that you don't have to be very Native American to be more than she. Why is that because you don't know your history will I do know where. The inhabitants of North and South America come from.

They walked right over the bearings from from Asia, China from China sits specific specifically pasta ethically across the Pacific yesterday from John so and the funny thing is because I'm half Chinese half white people. Guess they think I'm Polynesian yet. I think I'm Hawaiian but when I was a kid. They all thought I was Native American to know what my nickname was in high school I do Tonto.

I loved but anyway so genetic testing is fascinating. And then there's another thing happened but for okay so 23 immediately tells you who your relatives are. I've got thousands of cousins in China. I never knew about, really.

And I have emailed them that we've talked. It's fantastic. I've got cousins in Norway. Yes, that there's a guy name we filed in Norway, which is like really know what it does for living he's a professional base jumper that is jumps off of buildings with a bungee cord and occurring at the sport of Norway okay but the reason why he looks like me is that he's half Lapland are half right and you will notice that the brewskis 10,000 years ago pushed out the native Norwegians and push them up toward the North Pole okay and they were from Central Asia was a fascinating plot we ever going to talk about medicine today. This is medicine. This is genetics. This is where we come from, and I think this is fascinating image but here's one thing for them I wouldn't do know that I knew what nevermore, the government will try to do it right. That is not true. The second thing he said what my cousin yeah right is a murderer. Yes, and they traces DNA back to me right now and so they can prove he's the murderer said yeah and I said if you cousins murdered and she wanted to get caught, you do do I mean I got a lot of dodgy cousin said that that I think by cutting their what I wanted to be to go but I'm really there so some brain stimulation can treat depression to tell you what I some brain stimulation so the MRI. What is an MRI due to an magnetic man resident energy and what is how does it work so the magnet takes over your whole physics that we are chemical sure.

We are adamant sodium cesium response easy and so when the magnet goes on. It's very powerful man in the eye have I saw a video on YouTube of accidents in the MRI with yes never bring an oxygen tent and severe Moron on the solid iron magnetic return on the magnet, nothing flew its development near Bittner heavy 2030 pound flew across the room and slammed in the magnet as quickly as you could say Casper the friendly girl.

Micah felt we have chemicals in our body that react to magnet so the way it works is that the atoms in your brain or your get along whatever engine lineup in one direction with the magnet because they are magnetic so they all line up in one direction and maggots on the thing I have heard it yet supercooled on the stuff than the turn and this and this nuclei start going back to the same position, but they let off an electron in the pattern of electronics coming out of your brain are imaged on the detector and the computer says that this is how the electrons looked coming out. This is what it must've been like on the inside but what does this mean it means that the magnet affects your brain that changes the chemistry of your brain ever so quickly, ever so slightly, so there were some people who are really depressed and they wound up getting MRI scan and some commands that I feel better and not depressed and they believe him right now because the placebo the possible effect yeah were some guys at Stanford's agreement with his so they have the handheld magnets that admit the kind of magnetism that MRI does to do the taken MRI in the try to figure out where this party brain as they slap the sucker on your head and they give you an amazing jolt of magnetism yet and they do 20 nonpatients in a just called open label, so the patient knew what they were getting in the physician there with their 28 of them came out really well.

They had some people who were suicidal Big Bend depressed and suicidal since they were in high school course I got depressed and suicidal in high school, but I got turned down for the prompt. I'm joking but anyway that's the difference is that is a joke because you know that's the difference between when you said you depressed because you got turned down all you are when you have a biochemical problem with your brain that is not allowing the emotion of happiness in the suppression of these negative thoughts to her so they have decided they decided on some are ready to do a double blinded study so they took half the people who were depressed yeah they gave him the intense magnetic treatment is over five days.

Yes, and they gave half nothing and they pretended okay so they sit and they asked the people do you think you got everything he didn't get it in half and half right and 28 of the 29 God it in the study were markedly improved and only 5/30 in the sham group showed any improvement whatsoever. So the bottom line is I think this is going to be revolutionary psychiatrists or dinner. The treaters I sick put them in the machine. Yeah shaman I'm going but it's five days of intensive magnetism.

They had started to do this with like six treatments of now kind of a Lotos magnet in it when you really object that you should magnet yes pass a Tonka truck with hold that to the head. Now these guys at Stanford had the cojones. Yeah let's give them a big dose for Joseph, magnetism, and it worked. So listen people like me. If you're out there dealt with depression who are on meds if it gets worse or if you are not off, listen, help is coming and I think this is going to be FDA approved. Talk to your psychiatrist because you could even get in the study. Now the places that are doing. We already know it's safe yeah.

And because we been having MRIs for years and years and years and years working at pickup with Ray in Nashville coming up. This is heart health radio in the heart health radio network listen to heart health radio on Apple podcasts or heart health Ray in Nashville. Welcome to the program. Hello are y'all doing were doing. Are you at Dollywood right now know you were different National Guard to the Nash County. I don't write doing real good. I want the doctor there that hate here that DNA bank as my wife found my family on my bedside. Not everybody I got the conflict with they all look like me. My grandpa look like needed like you talking about that I never would've found them and I don't knock it all. I recommend everybody honestly I not get Dave Knox and now I love it.

I got a lot of dodgy cousin Sue probably don't want to be known.

You know it's interesting there are all these people were born with artificial insemination sure mothers were single moms with her dads and moms couldn't have the baby there now getting together as a chat group initially finding out about each other from 23 and me and some of the sperm donors now have been identified and their their allowing themselves to be identified and having reunion this one guy at 120 kids and they all got together and they all love each other.

It was amazing yet found out mine on trying to think that one of I man my daughter would want to know about it. So anyway, my 25%. English would make my mom with English, but in a came back that majority of the native 37 director of the think they way about my dad and everybody else are you going on the Pottawatomie regulation everybody that greets Mike native immediate all my life. People look down what you there's an article that I saw that someone did not know the destiny ancestry found that they were 40% Cherokee and they got the money from the casino and the basis in other words, if you're a certain writeup you can share in the largess of the gambling casino. But the other thing we have talked about his health so you can get on 23 and the need of the BRCA1 gene.

The bracketing for breast cancer don't tell you if you happen oh yeah and so I'm participating in bunch of trials I get permission for them to use my DNA and that I gave an extensive history in her medical history short and there collecting all that information and trying to find out the genes responsible for some of these things. So I think it's I think it's well worth doing. I recommend everybody in the government's not going to track you down on the basis of your DNA artist ARF track me down years ago wanted one with Western Shane for not paying the tax ends up but I think there probably is one I've got it, but that's fantastic.

I'm really glad you found in estimates for me really strange people and in all these Norwegian yeah you know that I never knew and you know when I go to China and then we can have a weekly reunion in Shanghai that I'm in a have to pay for it, but luckily will be dumplings, but I have no idea what you knew how fortunate I wanted to go. Yeah right now. That's because you like to work else that with the help message.

Which one did you do ancestry or 23 and me. My goal was completely and it works really good thing there remarked why my you know part know that thereby everything wanted and that through it we would really think it medical thank them never bothered me know my daughter Want to know what I'll have a grandpa. What would be like, you know, and I know I don't owe native and I thought my goal was I leave here about one of my daughter know where I think that's college test which you did not want to emphasize that there's going to be a lot of lot coming out about health and about the genes that are responsible to reserve a movie star Number 923 and she came back with the genes for breast cancer and she said okay I'm going to go get examined and she had and so she got bilateral vasectomies and took out all the breast tissue and then got implants and save her life. Now looking at down the road.

Doing exactly what you think about all my help thing for me talked about all the way around work were pretty good, but the I recommend right thank you Ray. Have a great day and take care.

People who eat meat are less anxious than vegans.

Jan and I know why Kelly why you ever meet a vegan.

Yeah, they're the most brittle people in the whole world.

There was so worried about the environment so worried about everything that she states is all anxious to begin with well and I actually is it really the meat that makes you less anxious and possible yeah I mean you know were we vegans originally yes okay I'm catching writing. Why did we evolve into the smart people that we are that develop culture and tools and everything. It's because we started to eat and if you don't believe it. And don't believe the proteins are so essential in the fats are so essential to want brain growth and so what separated us from the chimpanzees in the bottom of your 99%, DNA 99% of our DNA is an exact match to a chimpanzee. It's that 1% and it is associated with brain growth and brain development and you can't do it without proteins now get this. Vegans can get enough printing right they got a directorate where they got it garbanzo beans and soybeans and stuff like that. There now. I will entice some of the other dates to Mikula. I was looking for some A1 steak sauce yeah so I say this off label status on steak sauce 100% vegan, you're going to feel better eating a big hunk of porterhouse because your steak sauce is vegans day so I work in a pickup and in just a moment with some interesting articles, one about leaky gut which I don't believe exists but I hostess it does that's not why I'm saying let's start healthwise. Talk about now back to heart health have a question for Dr. we fall.

Call 919-8609 73. This is heart health radio both of us are sitting here with headphones off or just leaned back. I had my feet up on him again. I was drinking my Mountain Dew and I so the subject is a leaky gut syndrome. Let me get the telephone number your 919-860-9783 always call between noon until on a Saturday and Dr. we follow talk to thinking gut syndrome. I have a lot of patients Say got reprogrammed we can go out and thought about asking to take off her trousers in the back of their underwear assistance colored that you got some leaky gut not to that supposedly this is alternative medicine people. There's 20 cellular supplements. Yeah but you got not leaky and you know it just is amazing. Maybe it's true, but it hasn't been studied. So what is the concept of leaky gut. The concept is all the poisons and toxins. Instead of staying in your small intestine leak into your bloodstream can make you show that, sure, and so it has a theoretical basis, you know, this small intestine has a purpose and that is to absorb nutrients right so if it's leaky that is to say all the tight junctions between the cells aren't really strong then maybe some of those toxins can leak out of your gut and ensure brand strength so they try to sell you all this stuff and I really remember what it is to stop the leak. He got now there are some sorry it's not taught medical school. By the way, if you go to Johns Hopkins and used go to the gastroenterology section. You won't hear anything about leaky gut. Although it is a woke concept so yeah okay you know and so it may start to be taught the alternative medicine thing. I embrace some of okay because it's been proven to Merrick as an anti-inflammatory agent is not sure all running to Merrick.

You know it's a spice experiment. It's been around since time immemorial, but they studied it in chronic back pain and it did have some effect and for me in particular.

I started taking turmeric, and I started taking purified fish on a started taking ginger because my C-reactive protein, a measure of chronic inflammation in my body was extremely high.

Okay now I'm a sugarhouse sugar in the morning sugar in the evening sugar at supper time to better submit to know my dancing at all times and I have not cut back on my sugar. I have not come back, cut back on my white flour. I've made a choice for me right yet my C-reactive protein is less than zero point once it's gone from really high to immeasurably low without changing your diet just addresses adding something right so I am not suggesting that you will go out there and start that stuff in which the thing on Fox News that you combine all the celebrities are selling now the cash I can't believe I can remember this. It's a supplement for pain right it works.

Sebastian Gorka Dusty, yes, yes, eat some if I could remember how well it will think of it the second it's on my shelf right next to the all of that stuff right is to Merrick and Ginger yeah milk thistle plus resveratrol. We haven't talked about resveratrol, I don't take resveratrol, but that's another one that is made from grape skins and that's another one of these natural compounds that has been studied in a scientific way and it does little inflammation so I'm not counting all the stuff to tell you that's can assure your diseases. No, I meant to tell you that it lowers the level of information your body which has been shown to help your health okay so wanted some people in coven got Cody get so sick there body producing inflammatory was respondent that messed up their breathing and their lungs and clots and planes. Inflammation is the number one work on the show if you want to talk about health, you can lower inflammation like doing when I say that I don't let's cut out sugar, white flour. Cut out white potatoes cut out white rice and go to whole grains and husk is really important not to collect you got the husk but inside you still got the endosperm to match the white somehow, and I don't know the biochemistry having the husk sorta cancels out the bad part of the white rice okay the bad study went just to tell you I do embrace some of the holistic things that I just don't know if we can guess we in this.

The thing that they're selling is polyphenol just feels. I forgot polyphenol I don't know. I don't know if polyphenols can hurt you.

That's the other theme of the ship right is if you want to take a bunch of B vitamins have added because they can't hurt you okay on it. It'll make your toilet bowl yellow because 99.9% of it is going to go out right in the PP but I don't know.

But as long as things don't hurt you. The thing I want one people about is buying all these Chinese herbs and stuff.

Arthur yes because you don't know what's in number one are made in China and there's no quality control sip right zero. A lot of these Chinese but I called generic drug maker fracture on the model be sawdust paste right.

Oh yeah, the date this one Chinese company got levothyroxine on the mark, which is an essential thing for people with low thyroid function. Okay, it's a fake. It's a chemically induced thyroid hormone and it was pretty 10% of what we sell United States at 25 g was really about 2 g got in the United States market by selling it to a bunch of people in Romania then got it to a friend, a French company who sold America as a generic levothyroxine and I know this for a fact that a patient who was on an American levothyroxine called Synthroid that was brand-name, very good, very 100% safe and effective drug and all of a sudden the tire their hair started to fall. They gained a lot away and they were depressed and so you know I heard of this and we sure enough, the pharmacy had switched to a cheaper version MHR should the same amount of money to do more. I'm I'm concerned there are advertisements long 30 minute advertisements where they convince people through the course of that 30 minutes. Not only are they ill with their their solution is just this thing and they run the ad every week and it's on a competing radio station and I'm just disgusted by it because I just it.

The lie in the story is always you know the people of taken this for a thousand years for something rather we know something that doesn't mean it's effective right there are going to be what is Chinese medicine. It's gotten his or her yeah I don't watch the show Goliath on Amazon. I have the last season you know he got shot suppressing cities in San Francisco going to a Chinese doctor yeah the Chinese doctor has in with a tea shop. So after he examined the guy who writes Chinese characters on his wrist in his hand in his best to go into the tea shop in the T-shirt person hog are getting the good stuff today mixes up something that he drinks it okay that my mother yet. Bless her heart, and bless her soul was a big believer in Chinese medicine and so you know over 10,000 years of civilization, trial and error, they might've come up with some good stuff.

Sure, it has to be started. I'm sorry it has to get this before I take it okay and there are remember some of our most effective drugs come from herbs and tree bark.

Okay, how do we get aspirin use. Believe it or not, the Native Americans used to chew on willow bark when they got headache and so they said mother must be something to it and salicylic acid is the main ingredient that when you shoot the bark of a Berkshire eventually right. It makes you go right on digoxin or digitalis in the 1400 1300s in England.

There's a lot of people congestive heart failure.

By that, and it hurts that we can flabby and they wouldn't pump the pressure would build up in the legs would swell up. It was called dropsy because it's like your body was dropping down into your feet. That's edema, congestive heart failure was some. He said you know we got this foxglove and my wife mixed it up with some other herb in my dropsy would and so they figured out that the foxglove is flour.

I guess we and they rounded up and they started using it and then eventually when science came along and you know chemistry can roommate found that it was this medicine called the Jackson that we'll use it as much anymore. I use it more than most, because when you use it you know I don't to write with it and you don't measure levels and stuff like that it can be dangerous since James Bond. Yeah, the last of the first one of with Daniel Craig.Casino Royale. That's how they tried to kill the aunt them enemy I was playing poker with his girlfriend, took his James Bond shaken, not stirred martini and poured some poison in it because at this card has to have defibrillation now.

It's not real, but poison was to Johnson Ridge Citic.

Think that you have to if you give you the Jackson make sure your doctor check your levels since were already talking about Chinese medicine, China has come out well.

They've announced that they've got several people with H5 and six bird flu.

Should I worry about this. You because it had a H is one protein on the surface of the flu and that and I can member that is called neuraminidase on what it does. But there are several classifications so the worst when we got was in the 70s and those of us who were alive then remember Gerald Ford getting on TV saying get your flu shot were having horrible flu and then those of us were alive in 1918, which is number will remember that it was H1 and one harlequin massive flute to the H1 through 12. The and discussing the numbers on the and one through whatever every year of the flu recombine so that I get one screen one year that's HUM three okay the next year is H1 and one number. All that I die, will this year the H5 and six is pretty bad okay is going to cause a pretty serious illness and a lot of people are susceptible individual. All I can tell you this last year Dodge member they said let Julissa show you. Remember that we are really worried about a combo last winter of coded and flu hitless at the same time right turns out we masked up. We washed our hands. We socially isolated and we prevented the flu on the didn't have anybody last year.

Not a single person that I saw with influenza this year already.

Two of my staff of God there are for week influenza their influence a positive net is ANB there both bad okay just remember there's different strains but the one coming out of China now is H5 and six and our vaccine is not very effective against it, but what is it to keep you from getting really sick and remember Tamiflu and some others. She did influenza to the hot coach your doctor's office time. Do not do law circulation was lineal to everybody else. In fact, okay, call your doctor. You can go to the lab and get the test to confirm if you want to but if you've got muscle aches, high fevers, dry cough got the flu. If you broke through from the vaccine.

Ask your doctor whether you're a candidate for Tamiflu. It's a medicine that prevents the flu virus from replicating as much lower your symptom complex and so it's coming on.

I don't know if it's can be as bad as before, but I got my flu shot it on your yes okay one night not walk to your nearest pharmacy don't need a prescription it's covered by your insurance right picture flu shot. I tell him doctor.

We fall dissension. I want to pet Summerall either doctor.

We've all had summer. I have one question about this. I would remember in the past there was a there was a different shot for senior folks, which is more powerful.

It is the high should I have asked for that.

I got it.

You did the shock of my life. What I with skiing about six years and and the guy asked me what the senior Ralph I said hello. Do you think I am wide awake at some ski places 55 is a senior right yes it was like 40% cheaper member we get the show on a Friday night I went I went down the road and had dinner and I was there at 4 o'clock and she will be charged me eight dollars. I like this is great, terrific, but why was it only a duck said I gave you the senior earlybird special. So I qualified not only for senior but the earlybird is the oldest thing I've ever done filling Raleigh how you doing Phil good to hear from you once thought all of the doctor sure I'm certain that I would go to Midas okay and that you know a lot about. From personal experience, go on. I've had it before. A complication from your prescribed audit problem, company go, what completely booked. I guess my question is Chillicothe my general practitioner, urologist, and the current Midas is something that is very difficult for some of the analysis of anatomy okay the scrotum is the sac that contains the male sexual organ called which the contest testicles and then sitting on Qiagen to be very careful of what I say because I think vernacular sometimes is better okay so the testicles is what you call your balls and candidates that round and should egg shaped thing that's kind of squishy on top of that, is a collection of tissue called the epididymis and the epididymis stores sperm and then when you have an orgasm sperm goes up spermatic cord and Jets shot out the epididymis can get infected in its retrograde bacteria to come up through your penis and down your spermatic cord and the reason why it settles in the epididymis is because things don't move around that much special for you not having had an injection of sperm from the not you might listen. I'm pointing at David it's been sit around for long time and bacteria can develop. Mycoplasma is a big soap. How do you know you have epididymitis, your testicles, not sore, it's that that clump sitting on top of the testicle becomes a really sore and and I felt when I had it. I thought I was gonna die and I went on tetracycline went away tetracycline's and antibiotic. We know you something on doxycycline Denmark but I went on a different antibiotic called Bactrim when away came back it was about a year before it went way now. One of the other treatments, men want to say the solution I think so okay is to ejaculate every day twice a day. Why now why it's to get rid of the fluid that's building up in the epididymis so I tell you it's very difficult to eradicate sometimes. Now some people get their dose of antibiotics and goes away and then come back in a worse situation than I've seen somebody had heaven rejected me because it just would not clear that's very important. If you think you have epididymitis and this is getting a long-winded approach to your question is go to a urologist and the reason is, it can masquerade as something worse which is called testicular torsion when your balls and your were one of them anyway hopefully gets twisted around the court and it cuts off the blood supply and it gets enlarged and tender and so I don't know the women are taught self exams men are running you've ever been taught a sexual organ self exam and the bottom line is I think we all should be taught that because you could pick up testicular cancer early, one of your testicles grows larger, you can pick up epididymitis. If it's tender on top testicular torsion. It is an illusion testicle. If you don't get it on twisted rather quickly. So this pushed the long answer to your questions cursive urologist number one, they may have specialized knowledge about which antibiotics to try since you may have tried others. They have an ultrasound machine specifically designed for your testicles that can you know give you nice picture really what's going on. I think a lot of primary care physicians know what to do, but I think if you had it more than once I go see urologist. That's not mirror accurate was getting choose not with an end, but you you urologist urologist you got it. Thank you Phil this is heart health, radio, the heart health radio network and you know this is heart health radio in the heart of where you get better stay healthy spot medical misinformation have a good time and have a good time. Martha Lillard has been in iron along for a long time decades upon decades.

She is still in the iron lung that what was the Myron longer so go back and Google the polio epidemics of the 40s and 50s. What was the major thing sure you get paralyzed and lose your arm.

That's horrible. The worst thing was the diaphragm paralysis.

So what's the diaphragm it's like a drum of muscles between the abdomen and the lungs. That's what makes you breathe right okay so your lungs don't have muscle. Your lungs are passive and they have air come and get the oxygen out of the Jakarta dark dockside out of the blood. It works by the diaphragm. So basically, the diaphragm contracts and its negative pressure in the thorax, which is the ribs in the muscles.

The long city in the thorax are now under negative pressure air comes there okay so when you're on a ventilator. It's working just the opposite. So you got this tube in your throat right in its blowing air into your lungs. So, it's the apps absolute opposite instead of air getting sucked in your long. We had a ventilator blows we didn't have ventilator specter. They didn't have plastic with balloons on the end that would go into your throat that some really cool put up collar out of Karnak and how tight it was. I'm I'm imitating what is that collar around her neck that was there type right when they put you to take two and the tube was sealed in his whole body was sealed and they would suck the air out of this huge tube that can change your entire body except your head sticking out and it would and then the negative pressure would believe air into your lungs right it was your whole body under negative pressure worked the People alive, and yet they were in the header outside. They were looking around. They were eating normally, you know, I was asked the question if you put something in your mouth when it gets sucked and pierced by the negative pressure.

Now you had to swallow still. But it was usually temporary because usually the diaphragm would get a little strong and then you could train it to get stronger and you get out of the iron lung Texans were made out of metal right okay so there's one lady left states of America who had polio entered diaphragms never got better. The last woman

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