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Heart Health

Heart Health Radio / Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander
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October 23, 2021 4:29 pm

Heart Health

Heart Health Radio / Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander

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Listeners seeking specific advice should contact a licensed professional in the appropriate area welcome to heart health radio board certified cardiologist and internal medicine specialist Dr. Franklin.

We call ourselves. They may health radio is never information purposes only under this his heart health radio, heart health, radio network, I'm Dave Alexander. He is Dr. Franklin we fault. How are you sir, he is here. I'm so glad you are the royalty it's hard to do the show without your on today's show we've got a lot of important things and some really trivial and Israel can be important right okay which will talk about it I think is what you think is trivial, winds up being okay. Also, your phone calls 919-860-9783 we are alive and on your radio call right now and will get you let's see some of the other things that are working to deal with on today show, CDC has expanded eligibility for boosters I qualify.

So I'm going to get in line as fast like candidates are interesting about the boosters you can and how to get Pfizer says the covert vaccine is 90% effective on children. There booster or their shot is 90% effective so there is that possibility the kids will be getting it. Also there is a story. It's the most click baby story that we've ever This is total nonsense like tabloid mother of three takes a DNA test to prove that her kids are hers and guess what, they're not hers. It's amazing well and we can explain how this turned… I don't want to explain now were going to and I think that it shows an amazing aspect of the human condition in the human body and what can happen in the womb dismissal that is coming up. Also lead story to stories really.

One is that the wall hung lab actually we now know did want to genetically engineer a coronavirus and release it into the wild none that would me. Now that's what they wanted to do did they do it. We don't know we don't like people need to understand communism is especially what the Communist Party of China and what the historical background of the concept that individuals don't matter.

It is the beehive so your programs near the drones are disposable. So, we'll talk about that and what I think it means in terms of the scope of business also. We have determined or the National Institutes of Health have announced in a letter that, in fact, yeah, they did fund the research on covert gain of function research on bad viruses in Wuhan that's coming up after we talk to Ted in North Garner how you doing Chad terrific what's going on short weeks out of very severe breakthrough.

No man had me in bed for about 10 days. My doctor said divided notes right sugar, inflammation, joint. I one of the things I've been experiencing is every joint that worn out the past incredibly incredibly achy and what have you not to get that. But the question I have is what do I need to get the next step booster in my life on my body. What's the best thing which one Pfizer both.

I know I had and then how long after that. Did you get sick couple months I was April when I got it early September when I when I got so then you got for symptoms were what Seaver coughs. What were you just maybe just a little bit and then coming on three days later and you were superintendence costs. What was everything every every single symptom explain it every symptom consistent and held your three and how many risk factors, diabetes, high blood pressure or anything but standard did you contact your healthcare provider and got tested positive, but the healthcare provider refer you for the monoclonal antibodies. My wife never had one and she was vaccinated to disorders and got back Dr. work but next step flu shot yesterday what I think you would have been somebody different again you're not my patient. But if I had somebody. In fact, I've had 20 people very similar to you and we did two things that I mean we the world with my practice.

Like I would. I pounced on my patients to get them that were general on monoclonal antibody treatments and I can tell you right now. Every single one of my patients… The 20 of them. None of them got hospitalized and all of them got better within say two or three days. It really does work. The other thing I I gave these patients ability or was started on prednisone or Medrol date steroids right away so you were laid up for 10 days but never were sick enough to go to the hospitals are now mine.

But you felt terrible.

And so I think this this is a an example of why the vaccines are actually good because I think you know, given the fact that you got it is Scott breakthrough case you might've been really really sick if you hadn't gotten vaccine and I think that it also goes to show that the might've gotten better, quicker if you got Regeneron because you are the prime example somebody early on, got caught. You know, got tested in and then the disease was discovered and I think if you'd gotten Regeneron there be a very good chance she would've recovered a day or so. Now I'm glad you're doing better than I think you're doing all the right things now. Interestingly, you are now one of those people who are really okay.

They studied this and the people who have breakthrough cases haven't got Madonna are really really protected so I don't know what the answer is about getting a booster in a couple months or a couple weeks. I don't think they studied that so my feeling would be let's wait and see if the date is going to be there so many people now breakthrough cases because of Delta right now, 98.4% of cases in the US either breakthrough were primarily dealt so I'm really glad you by Dr. that I was affected by multiple people and there are not followed. People vaccine could when I came home I only had one like about me so it was people and I think I got several of my question is stronger and what I do next but got the flu shot, but I think that's great. This is another example, the flu shot is no interaction whatsoever and no contraindication if he's hardcoded recently or if you even have the car the vaccine same time so I'm so glad you're doing well.

I think your really good example of what's going on in the country right now. Although if you look at North Carolina really really going down the number of cases that we have so stay healthy, and I don't know the answer as to whether you should get a booster. It hasn't come out yet.

I don't think it could hurt you to get one.

Quite frankly, but I think you you you should feel good about your chances of getting it again which would be I think extremely minimal because you've got the immunity from your vaccine and from getting dealt on top of it.

Good luck to you to thank you for calling. Let's appreciate it another talk about super immunity. Yeah, I think I'm super new. I really do.

Yes II have been exposed inadvertently 20 times and I test negative everyday I get the rapid testing. I do it everyday. I maybe last person to give it to somebody. I Eddie in Durham and thank you very much for calling you so speak right up and tells what is going on with you so will participate in the three COBIT 19 oil not been approved by the name nova back it's not been approved yet. I think it's going to be approved in one of the problems with. I think know that's very exciting.

But how did you do with the trial of the cottage. How did you wind up feeling shot, while little bit more fatigued and tired: for about a day, you got the real vaccine. The placebo light will actually I had started getting report later not right when you buy through another back getting use approval of a unblinded we could request to be invited because it did, and I found out that I had got here is my concern that in January for now my plus month out the information. In mid-September they were adding a booster to the protocol and more becoming not heard another word about that and you think they were there pursuing approval, but I started this in January. Got a bill for approval of the summer dog at the September knowledge. Think all I'm actually a little concerned that FEA make a will. What we got back like if you want to come in for approval. That's fine, but we don't need to do anymore which could push this out even further. So my question to you really is that I can figure pursuing one of the only approved you like Pfizer basically drop the trial just go get the Pfizer vaccine and can I get it, will they give it to me at the top of another back and would I treat that as a booster startled over my thought master question. Have you checked yourself for antibodies, so there was a time when Rycroft was doing body and I give blood regularly and so yes during that. I did give blood. One thing I did. They did confirm that. So here's what I meant to tell you very fascinating issue never vexes a different type of vaccine, it is not the mRNA by Southern Company and Gaithersburg were by the way downtown made a protein, they figured out how to make a protein that mimicked the spike and they made a vaccine and published in the New England Journal of Medicine. It was one of the highest efficacious virus vaccines.

90% effective, so it was fantastic and the trial, and I imagine this is the trial you took participated and the reason why it's not been approved is very unclear to me.

I have excellent data they haven't submitted it yet and I'm not quite sure what you're up, I got more information from the financial sector for the provided information to talk and information they provided there is that all the drug test, you know, the trial went well. They got good response but they had a manufacturers haven't submitted is because if it gets approved supply but there also.

This is very interesting there looking at using nova box as a booster.

So, since there not to be able to get it on the market as a primary vaccine in time because Pfizer Madonna work both well. So well and they've got a huge supply so the concept is you have the mRNA vaccines there. They've got your anybody's level up and challenge you with a totally different type of vaccine, which is the printing but here's what I think.

I think you're pretty well protected and month out. There is no data that can tell us what to do.

Okay right. I can tell you what I would do if I were in your shoes and I'm not your doctor, and I'm knocking to tell you what to do, but what would I do I go get the motor because I really believe that number one they work differently than they were completely different and I think that that might be a good thing.

So, for example, blood pressure, we still like these. One medication right and bumped the dose way up if you didn't respond. What we know now is, for example from lisinopril that works one way and it's not working completely and amlodipine which works in a completely different way. And it's been shown to work better and actually have a greater protection. So if I were somebody that participated in the nova facts and I can't tell you for sure that you got the real vaccine as opposed to the placebo but you have antibodies and you had a reaction. So I think that's a high likelihood I just bopped on my pharmacy and get motor and why would I get Madonna. It's now come out that modernity is probably the Pfizer mugger gives you greater protection. I think over time and I just want to say thank you for your service. Thank you for what you did. How did you get recruited you to get into the arm studying how to find out because I had a drug problem. Personnel requesting people to volunteer that I did that early on it was late fall early, maybe in months went by and I didn't hear anything and then out of the blue. In December, they called and said are you still interested in participating in the drug trial and I said yes. We went… Let's let us know what you said would you get to modernity or just one.

If it were me, and I'm not telling you what to do then is the medical board list for me.

I get about if it were me, please. A brand-new patient. He hasn't gotten now I get about you I would get both to get one of the bursar if it were me, that's what I want lots of other things to talk about today, including teenage girls getting text, not the little teeny tiny bugs, but the Texas amazing product you got a look at this video and ironically enough, it might be because of tick-tock, which is on tick-tock. It's very strange story coming up next. This is heart health radio.

Now back to heart health have a question for Dr. we fall. Call 919-8609 73. This is heart health radio kids are getting text is terrible. So what is happened is syndrome where these kids are watching tick-tock and they want think they have Tourette's syndrome noticed rents and it is amazing is a physical condition where these young people. In fact, even old people Will have involuntary movements in their right face will no ticket in the mail actually say cuss words right yeah and I just string him along and so these people, these young girls mainly put these videos on tick-tock of themselves having tics and one of them was really popular. It was say watch this. My tics are so bad when I pick up an egg and then she had a check and threw it across the room and it smashed into the wall that became very popular. What happened was a avalanche of kids going to the psychologist boiler primary care physicians with new onset tics and they were having. They were physical things they couldn't stop right.

But they were mostly in individuals who had psychiatric or psychological problems, and so it was a epidemic of tics caused by the imprinting in your psychological stature of suddenly saying your mind was saying. I got at least six to so it they didn't develop Tourette's syndrome from watching the tick-tock videos but they had printed in their mind the idea that they would have them to write.

And so, after nine months of the psychological therapy and sometimes medicines say stop watching these things and just to emphasize, there are two different conditions here.

One is an actual organic medical condition. There were some people were true Tourette's who showed how they reacted on what their condition was like on tick-tock services. A true Tourette's person having the text having you know that the string of obscenities come out in the other thing is people who thought they should have it and developed some amazing how your mind can go wrong and they couldn't stop. It wasn't as though these were voluntary tics in the individuals who developed that they had unbelievable yeah it's just amazing. Watching these things.

You may want to just eliminate tick-tock from your menu and you know it's very similar.

One talked about this before statins, so everybody thinks it is. Statins can cause muscle aches okay so I did a study right but gave people a statin and told him it was a placebo trying to get people placebo told him was a statin and the people who work told that they were eating a statin. But it was a placebo. They got the Muslims on don not the words you really got the step further to talk to art in just a moment. This is heart health radio welcome to heart health board certified cardiologist and internal medicine specialist Dr. Franklin we fall common health questions at 919609783, also on heart health today were to talk about Dave's creatinine.

I know ahead creatinine. Apparently it's higher than it should be. That's potentially not a good thing, but will find out you know and if you have like my profile of diseases. If you have diabetes and you have you: conditions not as out disease yeah sort like the word of the 90s is doesn't mean that you're a bad person. Sorry.

So if you got my credit if you're built like a pair and you got diabetes and you know these these things happen to people like me you a hard heart conditions, and blood pressure and things like that follow follow your own health with my health challenges art in Raleigh.

Welcome to the program you are on heart health ring part of it my way. Talk about your father and thank God I'm a person who bends over bending over and see what meeting Hector I feel proud 80 years old think that what if they to an actor is looking for good doctor would do this to find out where you have a Primerica physician. I do have a primary just happen to have your shield order density scan and it is very simple thing

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