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Heart Health 10-1-21

Heart Health Radio / Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander
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October 2, 2021 2:05 pm

Heart Health 10-1-21

Heart Health Radio / Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander

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Heart Health Radio
Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander

The following is a preprogram of the views expressed are those of the host and guest do not reflect the opinions of W PTF recruiters media group information provided is of a general nature listener seeking specific advice should contact a licensed professional in the appropriate area welcome to heart health radio board certified cardiologist and internal medicine specialist Dr. Franklin.

We call ourselves a way radio is never information purposes only. This is heart health radio FM 98, 5 AM, 680 W PTF with its little after seven report time. Yes we are. We are not Brian. No we are not we are not working like were going to travel some of the roads that he sometimes travel but not the road.the Fox Road. If you have a health question.

This is your chance. 919-860-9783 we feel honored to be on in the evening here.

They've never let me on during the week at all, I've only been on W PTF on the weekend. The weekend price to be, it's important to me now with our kids told me about James Bond credit.

Jenny Craig introduced this group on chart outlining said ladies and gentlemen, the Ouija will now apparently that may result. I got the text with that name on it at 5 o'clock to the weekend is usually weaker well.

Enjoy your weekend. But call us 919-860-9783 got a couple things talk about the Merck pill.

We've got us not to tell the pill pro well it's a pill. But it's not for that. It's a covert or very excited about this could be a good thing to trans females as athletes, nasal spray, that's a totally different story of God. God is a difference, a trend that is okay so sorted. If if there is sort of a Venn diagram with transferring mill on one side nasal spray on the other. You can count on the show to get hospitals are firing people can write like this you know the thing that really is bothersome is that they already have a staff shortage you hear that the ICs are overwhelmed.

It's not because they don't have the bed of the nurses and staff to take care of this so they have closed. Nurses are leaving in droves I don't think it's necessarily a pay issue at the hospital, but there is the burnout right from the ICU and covered issue travel nursing trade after you told me yeah anyway so what I know from my own apartment building. I go to the pool work were supposed all these were to be sit around and do nurse work well for travelers company they tell me they used to be. Intensive care nurses in Chicago that offer the $20,000 signing bonus and $5000 a week to go to Raleigh to save the intensive care unit at Rex Hospital pay for apartments no that's free to. And guess what free, and so another working alongside the nurses who stayed right didn't leave didn't quit making you know customers how much less so it's it's real tough situation here in the nursing shortage is amazingly bad so anyway I just off on a tangent, but it intersects a lot of things because it is really devastated a lot of industries in one of them is the medical industry itself. One of the things that's going on is that everyone, regardless of whether there nurse or doctor teacher in KG Tech deals with people but everybody is reevaluating what to do what they're doing.

You know something you had had a year or more and you were either home or is sitting at home or you are working at home or you went to the office and at some point you said maybe there's something else there is this all there is. I went to my favorite diner. The shiny diner rocking, the Congress work but because real guesswork. The kinky people could hardly run McDonald's is offering $600 starting bonuses while $15 and I signed up but I can just see you leaning out the window with server. You do not need this not get the extra fry just just media, not the other thing is you can lose weight. Giallo the menu. It tells you how many calories you can lose weight by restricting your calories is a 1600 sure three for three months.

All she did was yes and she watched her countless euros 50 per building Raleigh hi Bill equipment Dr. O. Anyway you could go absolutely. What caused okay now this is really good point blank that something the clinical depression is very, very different from some of you said you know I'm depressed I didn't get to get the food I wanted her my card and start clinical depression is this want to emphasize that when you are clinically depressed. The brain is functioning right the dopamine is not there dopamine is one of those magic neurotransmitters that causes happiness or something's not right. Serotonin those things get in your brain put you up and make your mood better it works in different parts of the brain hippocampus, so I was clinically depressed, brought on by certain situations in my life and I got better definitely better for years and took a couple crazy pills go to wean myself off of them.

But it's a chemical thing. I hate you sort chemical imbalance is a good way to describe it, and how to go ahead. No, I don't want to. What I want to follow up with what what I read a lot.

Sure, everything I read indicates there is one one not only want, one remedy for depression that you do what what would you what would you say number one technique to or to the press that's that's tough. There is depression that is genetic that is handed down and so definitely if your parents were depressed if they had a history of major depression runs in the family and the major way to prevent a serious illness related to depression is to understand that and be aware and have an intervention early if you talk about the depression that comes on situationally and then gets worse and leads to a major illness.

The best way to do that is to have a social interaction network I think is what social network that's been taken over by Facebook friends and family interactions and discussions of how you feel and how the situation is because people can intervene and believe it or not. Talking with somebody you care about will release certain neurotransmitters in your brain. Endorphins and that will help ward off worsening of depression but the most important thing is to catch the symptoms only work on talk therapy get medication if you need it, but there's nothing that we can do to say a urine test for blood tests had been. I'm sorry. Yeah a lot of been able to leave no I would like the know what to do without having to put in all the work that you put in and I realized a lot of it is a lot of work was personal experience to know by personal experience. Since I like that I like… The things like this. But the point I'm trying to make it work.

What I want to bring to light is not enough people exercise and what I've been able to study and learn and observe the number one solution to. Illness and something more to life for you say, plug in any hospital, but you only hospital in this area that I know of that actually have like an exercise program for people going when get their vitals checked and all that… That yet. So I think you're right. What we know chemically how that happens when you exercised your release were called endorphins and they are very similar to narcotics, they're not – they are addictive, so if you see some of these young Germans these millenniums and now even people you know older there addicted to exercise with me. It means that their brains need that endorphins search from heavy exercise to keep themselves happy. On the other hand, if you are depressed or if you have a tendency to depression if used just like you say, if you start exercising, you can really pull yourself out of it. Now I want to say there's a manageable attorney for there's talk therapy their socialization. There's an exercise of his medications but the most important thing is no body should be ashamed of having depression or having bipolar. It's a brain disease. It is no different than diabetes and high blood pressure, and we have to treat it that way. There's no stigma involved in the more we talk about it the more people will understand that one of the ways to treat depression is say look, I'm not feeling well.

I need some help exercise. Talk therapy. Medication. Whatever don't shy away from reading you need help in that regard should get better and there's lots of things we can do first step is your GP yes yes and you know the thing that I think is that one of the things that happens is that sometimes it's like you don't have enough time to talk about your embarrassed to talk about war you're talking about other symptoms and Tyler got a headache. My hearts palpitating and if you are aware that that could be depression, that's great. One of the things that your doctor can do is pull all the symptoms together and I don't say it's all in your head. Now it's in your your brain at all these things are manifestation of bad things chemically going on upstairs so I really appreciate your courage and this is one of my pet interests and not as people need to take what we call mental illness and say brain or center.

The brain illness. It is just like in the pancreas illness for diabetes and liver illness for hepatitis and some brain illness. We have to approach it that way. It's not all chemical in terms of treatment. There are lots of great things we can do but exercise is absolutely a good thing for people who want to help pull himself out of depression bill. Thank you very much will incorporate call and call us again this is heart health radio on the heart health radio network. We have some audio for you tonight. Hugh Hewitt is a broadcaster who is mostly Christian stations. I don't know why Dr. found she thought it was a good idea to go on the Q shoe spoke. He said what we've all thought and will hear that in just a moment. The heart health radio on the heart health radio network FM 90 5 AM 680 W PTF this is heart health radio Dr. Franklin we pulled Willis absolutely I'm here. Merck has come out with a pill. Yeah, I'm really excited. Everybody knows I think about Tammy fleet about Tamiflu literature not to be flew under Tammy, no, no, no. Tell there are several others whose names I can call it Tamiflu Tamiflu Tamiflu. I don't think there are several others and what the antivirals will prevent them from replicating, making copies of himself. Merck has been working on ethics also to people have been working on antiviral medications and you might want to call them antibiotics, but they're not. And so they tested it. Thousands of people not covered early on took the medicine and 45, 50% got better quickly reduce the risk of hospitalization and death just about as well is the Regeneron so I think one of the reasons want to bring this up in front of the market, but everybody's down in the dumps. We had another big with with with Delta. What we all should realize that our technology, our ability to meet and confront any technological issue and solve is another example of there probably three or four other pills on the horizon to what this is going to do is develop an idea that antivirals can be a big thing for us, not just sexy short, but given medicine.

If you get influenza get it.

Even if you have the flu shot.

Ask your doctor for one of the anti-influenza medications. Tamiflu is one of right we might come out of this with better personal of anti-flu medicine so anti-you know the common cold, disloyal not been cured right, but the common cold is a coven cover is a some corroded coronavirus coronavirus is the adenoviruses. In fact, one of the vaccines. JJ was made out of an adenovirus that was mutated and made to produce a covert spy perching that a body in your body. But anyway, I think this is another thing we've realized for example Regeneron monoclonal antibodies we could do that with influenza right if you get influenza. We could have off-the-shelf group of monoclonal antibodies like were doing with covert and give it to people who are ill with influenza so they don't get sick. Excellent.

There is a I don't know why, why, Miss Dr. found. She went on this show with conservative Christian broadcaster Hugh Hewitt but she Hewitt said there's not a lot that the doctor could respondent we hear the doctor but mostly this is Hugh Hewitt talking about and talking to directly to Dr. Faucher the box testing at the beginning. No research on mass for children in primary care. The J&J pause the controversy over the the use or nonuse of fibronectin and there was no study yet completed doctor calls for me. If not done yet.

The the no discussion of natural immunity which existed not to be out there the discussion of herd immunity, which is Swiss switch back-and-forth the mass discussion at the beginning don't wear masks.

The noble lie and then wear a mask now equity issues in the FDA panel scientific discussion. I've lost confidence in the CDC and the FDA, and I actually believe a lot of Americans significant part of America.

Now I've lost confidence in you. Dr. Faucher is there a point where you will say I do more harm than good, because people don't listen to me anymore and step aside no we unequivocally not amazing. Sorry, I mean I agree with a lot of the things that you've been saying you come from a different perspective than I do, but I think the thing that gets lost in the discussion and that people need to understand and I do know that some people don't understand it and don't accept it. Even if the smart people who evaluated in their own context is that we have been dealing with an evolving situation and I just get back to what I said before and I totally understand and respect your difference so so basically someone finally said it to the doctor is on television.

I was on the radio a meteor and I will say this, he answered without being bad without responding in a negative way like we usually see. I'm starting to feel sorry for the confession and I don't mean that in a derogatory sense. I feel sorry for him because he is so convinced that whatever he thinks is right that he won't even stop to consider that people are going to be aghast when he goes hundred 80° on something and doesn't say what you know is wrong about this because it's sort of like I was right all the time and I said that before I was) announcing the opposite on right now it it's terrible what I think. I've never actually heard the sky Hewitt sounded like he's pretty brazen on the ball yet he's reasoned any of the noble lie that was yeah yeah don't remember in the beginning when the mask is said to her that that was his noble lie so you didn't take them from the healthcare worker. So I agree with Dr. Hewitt.

I actually think it's time for fellowship to head off into the sunset so many people are just fed up with all the confusion we're going to talk about a nasal spray that you might want to know about a gift. Kelly got a hi Bill for a covert test.

I know tens of thousands of 54,000 yeah I was too much that's coming up. Also, trans female athletes their great that's coming up well me the great attic that's coming On heart health, radio, now back to heart health have a question for Dr. weevil call 919-8609 73 Phyllis lead to heart health and we are the heart health radio network with question about trans female athletes. This is an example in my mind of the ridiculousness. This is a medical research.



In England they decided Friday.

Let's see was his bet female athlete or the trans female. Okay, first of all, I watch a lot of British television late almost never say blind. I just saw the picture Luther yes they say blind okay blind okay so as they research the research and they said I wonder why all these trans female athletes when I'm in the go into the women's Olympics. Yes or whatever and they always win. Why is that the answer is I believe this what they sent the letter faster and stronger and that's why I have testosterone so this is another example of let's let's spend $300,000 $1 million.

My study when you get the obvious answer so the point is, they did a study and spent some money serious money to figure out why trans athletes who started out their lives as boys, men who went then became land verified as women and I should be able to compete in women's events and are being allowed to effectively. Don't let them get banished from the earth and so they said one of the winning the well know either way whether you believe in that or not is not the issue is, they were when okay and that that's the way you wanted the three when I have four daughters, one of whom played intercollegiate sports at a high level and quite frankly if they had allowed trans athletes enter her sport, which is the cross she would never been able to achieve the level of skills hatches all Americans Division III so anyway. Be that as it may assist only reason I bring it up as a prime example of the ridiculousness. Notice some medical research, which is crazy. When I got funded by the national health service and blood yield England answer. Who knows I actually started nevermind but start out life as little boys and then at some point they go through puberty as and become men will not only that sometimes yes they are identified as females at a very yes there was a an interesting case where the father and the mother divorced him and mother decided that this young boy he wanted to be a girl, yes I was going to get sex assignment surgery reassignment surgery on an eight-year-old. Yeah okay Helio I believe that some men and some women identify as women are meant to leave but in my opinion biology still matters.

It's not just what you think of it may be a biological basis for someone to identify if there biological male is is a female. There are societal things that we have to consider and it's not just that person's rights. It's all the girls who want to compete and want to win medals and want to be in their own division so they can compete against.

Similarly, biologically equipped vigil. There is central trans female athlete in mixed martial arts right and it's essentially a someone who used to be a man who is now competing against women. I think that's just the start and how using a kit you want to write something to get hurt.

Okay well anyway, like I just want to go on record that almost every woman I know can kick my butt. So there you that's the Davidson okay so so from the medical news and finally the telephone line is open. Folks are probably saying to themselves. You know this is probably a recorded show they're not really as you know we are recording our lives a mother to call and we'll see if we can answer your questions or give you some advice. 919-8609 783 Amputations Are Way up.

It's just terrible that I had to send to people for repetitions this week that I think it might've been preventable. They did come to the doctor for over a year. As of covered wars and peripheral vascular disease is a big thing. We in cardiology take care of those individuals quite frequently. Vascular surgeons do as well because plus troubled up in the heart will also indicate that you might have cholesterol buildup in arteries should brighten up your legs so what happens, especially people with diabetes uncontrolled hypertension on people who have had high cholesterol for long period of time, especially smokers will get blockages, cholesterol numbers of people to their legs. The symptoms can often be cramping pain accounts when you walk comes on after a certain amount of physical activity. The bad news is when we see what's called tissue loss okay rest pain which means your legs are aching just when you're sitting yeah and then you start doing sores or ulcers that don't heal the toes off first and the reason is little blood clots can form with the blood is not flowing well on this cluster approximately confidentially in the large in the arteries of the end of the street which is in your toes. Yeah so the toaster block they get turned to anger is okay so for not being careful attention to your terms. You don't notice the black and that happens. I'm telling you that's why look at the feet of my patients. Even then, I asked me to yeah and so you don't go to the doctor and the doctor doesn't ask you about your symptoms and here she doesn't order some blood pressure to assess how we can diagnose early. I slept the blood pressure cuff on the thigh on the calf and on the ankle. Measure the differences as you go further toward the feet and as you get blockages in your legs. Those blood pressures ground you can actually see the flow going down. You can prevent applications by fixing that blood flow quick if you don't, you wind up having a dead footer dead leg and was seen the number of applications that are necessary to skyrocketing, and it's a shame because people have been away from the dock or or and this pandemic associated stay at home. This yes the word shirt on exercising so they can't tell whether arteries are blocking up in one of the symptoms were for diabetic often called a neuropathy can't feel the pain in right and that's why it's important to still keep going to your doctor and I know you know the answer. This have been there been studies on what you can get comfort from your doctors office. I don't think so. I don't think ice have you know shutting down a doctor's office because they spread covered no haven't heard I tell you, the only thing that was near to this. It was a negative situation member when it first broke out.

We didn't have any sort of treatment for it already and you terrible and we hadn't shut down everything right to hair salon. This to hair care ladies I know they were beauticians trying to college or treated the I guess it's a long term they served 100 and some odd people right no covert right and they were wearing masks and they were met with Larry in Raleigh. You're on the radio W PTF how you doing I'm doing good what's up somebody are your wife's birthday and a lot of problem goes to the doctor and he don't really know what is like five or six Dr. Heidi found that Dr. thinking create like the whole way from your or your weight down. Without going to 45 special here is one of the things that's wrong with medicine's I call it the right toe versus the left (terms so you go to a doctor because he's the world's expert on treating you right great toe and you say hey Doc, can you look at my left great tongues is not. I got offended my partner (we become so some specialized know when I was at Johns Hopkins.

We prided ourselves and being physicians here about the term. Dr. physician is a term derived from the Greek, and that's where you are a doctor of everything is so; internal medicine. The only thing we can do is cut and so, although I did little to do what you need to find is an internal medicine specialist who was trained to think about the body as a whole.

So if you have pain, so your right leg. You got to know what could be could be the bone on bone, the femur bone. There are certain questions and signs and symptoms you look for the crew. The muscle there are certain signs and symptoms look for is a nerve problem is it a blood flow problem and that takes time. You had a center got a look at your patient, you gotta you gotta have a conversation. One of my teachers regarding Philip tumble to describe the interaction between the physician and the patient is a chess game. Okay, so that the patient is upon you decide as a physician ready to move your rook are asking the questions to help the patient tested checkmate. You know you gotta find a physician who does that. Now back in my day to places like Johns Hopkins and in places like Duke and UNC. There were the consultants okay. They were the people who were known to take on the tough cases that nobody else wanted to, right, and Philip tumble to it was one of us there were very famous people came from all over the country because they were sick and nobody could figure out what the with the hat and I could figure out some of my recommendation would be to call up one of the major medical centers and say look, my wife has a problem and you can there's a consultation part, call the main number and my wife is a problem I need a really good internal medicine physician who can just spent an hour with me and my wife and decide where to go from there. Review the records you all the old tests because it is very difficult not to step I do this I'm not saying you should come see me but I no longer just put Stenson put pacemakers and since I have decided I decided to use my internal medicine, skill, and believe me I've seen some amazing stuff from last year people have been told I do know it's wrong, nothing we can do and it takes time. I tell people this is not the only time a constituent of this is not the only trustworthy because you to come back and maybe something will fall out of the sky. When we talk again next time make the like to offer my head and figure out what's going on and what you need. You don't need a sub sub sub sub specialist in that situation. If somebody can't find it. What's wrong.

Generalist is really well-educated, you can answer my questions and I'm sort of figure it all out.

It's a puzzle. Larry does that make sense for me there very hard as I over Carolina nine if you're asking for a recommendation from hospitals from Dr. Lee for band which we should worship and without giving too much and I partial hip replacement way may doctor at way, but Dr. had private put surgery private doctor and take Carolina a lot of things going on, what, where is your pain mostly in the hip going down the leg. Well, it taken out of her right foot dictated is been swollen everything and bruised her knee hurts her right hip hurts her left leg

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