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August 7, 2021 7:01 pm

Heart Health

Heart Health Radio / Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander

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Heart Health Radio
Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander
Heart Health Radio
Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander
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Heart Health Radio
Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander
Heart Health Radio
Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander

Following is a paid program and the views expressed are those of the host suggests, and do not reflect the opinions of W PTF recruiters media group information provided is of a general nature.

Listeners seeking specific advice should contact a licensed professional in the appropriate area welcome to heart health radio board certified cardiologist in internal medicine specialist Dr. Franklin we call a cartel they found a health radio is never information Dr. this is heart health radio you can get better stay healthy and spot medical misinformation and and it's never been proven with live longer were sitting here in the studio sweetheart what are we going to talk about Dr. we fall searching and he finds an article that says there is a recent study that says while Arnold hey Arnold measures cough and the Temple University so he looked at people who who sought out education about their heart condition and in general their medical condition and they compared him to people who are hermits and didn't turn on PTF or listen to us on Apple podcasts and the people who sought out education and listened live longer so they live longer.

They had a 20% or so reduction in hospitalization, heart attack, death makes MAC E more morbidity. I don't know what the ACE stands for anymore cardiology events. I guess this is a good thing not only are we having fun here saving lives. Helping people live longer. I think we were always doing that this doctor just always makes sense that the more you know about your own situation. I'm diabetic I need to know the details involved with managing my shrug or also why it's important then the simple things in life you know no no direct okay so I'm really excited. I just saw this and knowledge saves lives well is not the first study done that but this was some way to but this is one of the good studies where governments or scientists together.

You know the point he had thick glasses types and they proved and cyber excited was a lot to talk about. There were some everybody's been very much stressing on covert cases right now but I'll tell you right now North Carolina's but it's in a tough shape because on 7 July of this is about what the eighth seventh of July there were 410 people hospitalized in North Carolina with covert for 10 were now a month later, 1715. We have will.

This is a problem. Okay. Remember one thing though is that the number of deaths and death is not the only thing we look okay that's is not going up significant okay how hospitalizations are, but we got a lot of treatments now and so most people who are getting Delta are not being hospitalized and sent the majority are nothing hospital and the ones that are, even if they go to the ICU.

The recovery, so what is Astellas hotels is number one with Dick. We've gotten a ton of experience about how to treat this. You remember back obviously back in March 2020. In April 2020 made it to the ICU. You were gonna not exaggerating a little bit by we know now that early integration is not good that is put a breathing machine. We know that steroids help. We also know that giving monoclonal antibodies early in the case help and so were were making progress.

Now there is an Israeli drug that has just been tested in Greece. The guess that is what Israelis did have enough sick pay people to test this drug and they gave it to about 80 patients right and 79 left the hospital so that's a big breakthrough in the thing that I want to tell people out there who are wringing their hands and who are you listening to the doomsayers that I read one article that said Delta and now this lambda very sure were going to spell the end of civilization, you're making a bold prediction and not know the thing that that I want people to remember is that technology is a wonderful thing. Not only hardware based technology but I'm trying that the technology of medicine and you go back in time you're too young for this but I remember in the 60s and early 70s. We were all going to die by 2001 from starvation, starvation.

If so, what happened, we at that time we had a certain amount of food production per acre and we had a climbing population throughout the world.

So China, which at that time was the world's most populated country, said only one kid dudes can only have one kid that if you try to have more than two. We got spies in your village never forced abortion and if you do have this kid many girls because in China boys are favored, they take care of your parents of the girls know it's it's a complicated Confucian thing.

But if your girl you marry somebody you go live with his parents, and you take care of them so we were blessed enough to get my daughter Emily was born in Wuhan and she was well taken care of, but her mother could couldn't take care of her. We were able to go with Dr. but we are all going to die by 2001, we had to stop having kids, we had to order food. Guess what happened. Technology and now back in 1969 Iowa farmland best and most productive farmland in the world hundred and 45 bushels of corn per acre now your server 300. So what happened, we were able using technology to expand food production and now what is Elon musk saying what is trying to say we don't have enough people, so this lambda China. Not only can you had two kids. They did that last year. Now you can have three and why are they doing that because American enough workers in the same thing in United States.

Well, you know. And so what I'm trying to say to everybody out there who's reading this stuff on Facebook.

That's how to pronounce Jefferson County Facebook and twitter other people. Johnston County Art twitter there are tweeters but anyway just when you see they were all going to die just don't click they just move on. There was something that I saw just preparing for the show and it had to do with mental health were concerned about people's mental health in this whole process. This entire you call the ClickBank. It's the fact that the headlines that sound like it's doomsday scenario. People are going to read them because people will read those and eventually they become saddened by their possibility.

I come here. I think that what you're saying now from these antibacterials in these doomsayers is a negative effect. It's almost like a disease that is floating through our society and causing people to be stingy, dejected and be unhelpful for the future and their taken surveys of the young people in this country who are addicted to social media and believe what social media sites that suppressed as hell right and they're saying, why should I do anything wrong in a diet pretty soon and the thing that fascia I hate to keep banging on this guys head but you listen to fascia and were all going to die that got shut down again and we got a wall were masked again because of Delta now Delta was horrible for a while in India, what happened to Delta in India. It went away that you can't say that it was from more vaccines because the vaccine rate is not, you can't say it's for mass because you're not wearing you what you can say what nobody knows why they went away in England. They had another Delta variant, now if you look at the data, the number of deaths in England did not go up in association with the number of Delta cases hospitalizations yes but not deaths. So what is this mean we sacrifice the life that we know the the country that blended millions out of poverty.

If you don't believe that. Don't listen to these people who said that work you know that dejected, dejected and work were not paying attention to the poor.

We listed 8 million people out of poverty, and the year before the covert thing. So come on like this is looking up for us and here's an article that I want people to know if you are fully vaccinated 99.999% chance you're not going to die of Delta Sigma CDC said this rights so why are they telling everybody are all going to die and you better mascot than stay home now I believe in getting vaccinated and because it helps you if you been vaccinated, and you get Delta you have a 99.999% chance of living three nines after the decimal point that did you get the car today. I did is I got my car today what your chance of dying from current home at some point one in 100 K select 99% chance of living if you give vaccinated. You have a 99.999% chance of living even if you get coded so listen to her show go out, walk, smell the roses believe in the future of the United States of America and the world is another example of what I said about technology.

I have been waiting with baited breath for know the facts and it is a new type of vaccine, so we have motor which is and I'm learning is that mean it's a you have a chemical that codes for the spike protein gets in your system gets in your cells. And it makes the spike protein in your cells, it gets out.

You make an antibody and T cell or cellular immunity against it and you have a great chance to limit what the know the facts was developed in my hometown of Gaithersburg, Maryland yeah it has been approved yet been approved in other countries, but apparently FTA is really giving me a hard time because of the cloud" adverse outcomes of the other vaccines okay. It is made approaching, so they designed approaching and they were able to proteins or amino amino acids okay so they are little proteins that are linked together little acid things that are linked together and they fold up on their own and they made a spike protein. If you give the know the facts to somebody he's had McDermott and 4502 doses. It is a Tom Mendez tremendous benefit even further, so I'm not saying that we should not get a booster shot. I was considering for myself. I had McDermott two shots I was considering to going going on and get the Pfizer jab, as they say it like I'm in which whenever the data is fantastic and I just wish the FDA would use the same standards that they use for McDermott and Pfizer and approve this thing and let us all get a job and then we have even more protection. 95% instead of 60% of not getting Delta and now there's another one coming out lambda your lambda yeah it's coming from South America and that's the doomsday virus were all gonna die from that and it's ridiculously settling not support except please have some optimism out there believe in the wonders of science and technology in this country. They saved us before. Right to save us again and I really do believe if you look at climate change. Technology is gonna save us again were all going to go on living happily, not happily ever after, but happily and we should be happy when you think your neighbor say hello when I see your neighbor say you only have a 99.999% chance of living even if you get it if you get Delta so go on living go on being happy because we had a reasonably find somebody from the World War II generation and talk to them about things in I don't know. 1940 and the know. It was the wine was a mess. In 1943. Yeah, in ways that we can imagine now that I can barely imagine. But even even healthwise okay right now you get killed storming the beaches of Normandy, I mean that in Vietnam you know what that life expectancy of a second lieutenant, freshly minted new out of West Point taken over Appleton and landing from helicopter into the firefight. What was his life expectancy days 34 seconds 34 seconds since he had the insignias on and they shot him. What I'm trying to save his life gets better you look at 1943. You have a heart attack.

80% chance of dying from right. God Dwight Eisenhower, Pres. Eisenhower hero of World War II is having subsurface chest discomfort, diaphoresis, shortness of breath is lying in bed with maybe it was his wife, picks up the phone calls.

The presidential physician presidential physician is going well except for know what his recommendation was snuggle up to maybe fall asleep okay. Why was that you can do nothing about.

And I mean if you don't go back and read the headlines from the 60s. Even in look at all the celebrities sure it would drop dead of a heart attack just giving drop dead right heart attack was was anonymous synonymous with the is not anymore.

Talk about the Quito diet. We got two goals one says all this is is bad stuff get another article said no. I don't know this is a really good thing if you're limiting your carbohydrates. Because of you know, for dietary reasons. Go ahead and hang with us were tell you the good the bad and an iPhone. Actually, that the risk aversion that I was skeptical. IPhone monitors and I watch skeptic I'm maybe not so now. It saved a man's life. Details coming up on heart health, radio, welcome to heart health with board-certified cardiologist and internal medicine specialist Dr. Franklin we phone call us with your health questions at 919609783 held radiotelephone line 919-860-9783 call right now will get you on the year very quickly on the radio program Quito diet. It's similar to the know know diet in the eye. Lawrence is sort of like now now now now now now and is yes for fat so that the Quito diet is eat a bunch of fat and eat a bunch of and maybe introduce some complex carbohydrates later on. By that I mean like white rice and white rice, brown rice with Oscar okay now what it does. Since you don't have any simple carbohydrates in your diet.

It turns your body into the Quito machine and what is that many ketones are a different chemical that supply energy to your bride and it's an acid and your body gets a little more acidic. And since you don't have any sugar or individual sugar molecules come in your body. The fat in your body which does not store fat.

Remember if you eat a hunk of fat that releases they apply that directly to your five member now that is a storage for sugar and it's a complex chemical thing, but it turns it into take sugar terms and in fact so if you're on the Quito and you have no sugar, you turn the fat into these key terms and you start to lose weight so there's a guy here who wrote this article key Quito diets are disease promoting disasters and let me tell you this guy's name is Chris member war and he is an old time nutritionist and under what I started putting people in Quito 2025 years ago. I couldn't believe Emily's nutritionists and dietitians were tell me that I was crazy and nutcase while Casey read this article and he says well you shouldn't eat red meat should meet fat. So therefore the Quito diet is a disaster waiting where's the data you know where's the beef people don't know the commercial member where's the beef and there's no data. He just says I don't like it and it says it gives you risk for kidney disease and pregnant women were at risk and these diets increased LDL cholesterol which is a lot because there are so many articles that document the long-term health benefits of the Quito diet and what's the number one health benefit of the Quito.lowers your LDL cholesterol certainly deleted the truck fat and you eat a chunk of meat you donate, you know, stuff on the no-no listed on the white flour stuff your LDL cholesterol goes down. Not goes up and you know what else the secondary benefit. Actually, maybe this is even the primary benefit in inflammation.

So what is inflammation. It is a state of being of your immune system in your body where it's hyperactive all the time when it's hyperactive all the time these little communicator proteins are saying from one immune cell to the other, get active bro and that ruptures your your cholesterol plaques. It inflames your brain so your brains getting fluoride the Quito diet is one of the only diet that remarkably lowers your information so they trailed me. The cholesterol medicines due to sought. There's a thing called C-reactive protein.

It's it's pretty good at measuring overall inflammation.

Ask your doctor check for my was like 6.5 which was above the cutoff for how inflammation right so I went on my statin.

I went on my injection called the path of I started taking turmeric I started taking milk thistle. I started taking ginger all these anti-inflammatory things I said about your latest check again less then 0.1 what is that mean it's on measurable so my level of inflammation in my body went from high to basically zero and we can do this while I am not the Quito.I just had potato chips and shooter issue didn't you can do it yet. Let me just say that we got Rose hoping coming up in just a little bit, talk about North Carolina's numbers with COBIT and other issues that's coming up on the show we'd love to hear from you during the first hour or the second hour. But honestly, we get a lot of people call in at the last minute. Let's not do that today.

Let's call early. The telephone number is 919-860-9783. This is heart health radio where you get better stay healthy and spot medical misinformation.

Now back to heart health have a question for Dr. we fall. Call 919-8609 73. Listen to heart health, radio, and Apple podcast saw red heart health

I'm David Alexander is Dr. Franklin we fall and we welcome Rose open of North Carolina health news rose thank you very much for joining us. Are you doing welcome back yet you, you've written an article well course, the entire website pivots a lot your website does you had the pivot two years ago with the with the rotavirus right, but you've written about and it's fun because I paying attention. You don't write a lot. You do a lot of editing apparently IQ you know we don't often see the roses written something, but it says Delta variant compels local health departments to pivot again. What's going on what well thank you I get a lot of email from different health department parted with it because we have a county by county guide on how to get a shot. We kept current.

Until then okay but weekly in updating and I hear because I was too old to put sunscreen on I screen on or outside like a longsleeved T-shirt on.

I'm checking my email cleared out and I noted that Brunswick me know. I get email, I noticed Bentley would like where killing a vaccine clinic every day this week I packed my stuff other counties are having ramp back up to and so I started calling around to my dictation.

Yeah I know but I figured we were in bed like I was right near grandpa County where an ongoing county, but we drove down on Saturday on our way home and stopped in at the church that was having a big family fun day and they had asked that the band to show up and so I talked to help the man. I took the books of the church. It meant calling around the mother local health department then heard about some of the things that they're doing and people are starting to get creative. There, they're not standing up big vaccination clinics where you got through in your car like it was the ring. Now it's more like a we have three have public health workers who can come out to your event and you vaccine. There encourage people to get back there or will they hurt all kinds of things we I heard that there were just going to the story now the whole week. I know everything happens a lot faster than you can't let you know like they went to Durham County. They sent out people to a job fair you know quit given a weighty gift card is let me ask you, in general, are they being successful with these efforts well know, the fact that people are people get because you have to make a definite uptick in the number of vaccination and accurately in the number first shot.

Right now there were thank okay I'll go out for example and beginning of the month.

There were only 37,000 given out in the first week of the month, but the get last week that week that began the 26th. It was 77,001st doses given out and I'm guessing that you're doing shaft in your office. Dr. we thought and take a little extra time to get all that data in the data that may lagging will probably be that last week the week of the July 26 that it'll probably be about 115,000 people got shot, which is the think uptick in climbing for the past couple weeks. It's great to yeah. I mean, you know, I know you got follow me on Twitter but you know I will little bee in my bonnet and the thing that I said on Twitter was that you know where were continuing to see an uptick and I tell her that I thought myself of what occluded hospitalization, and there is a group that you know that has all of the data from Medicare and Medicaid around the country and their their upper and lower bound. They make that at minimum hospitalization is about 38,000 (insured patient, and the average hospitalization. About 73,000 for an uninsured patient you if you multiply that by the people who are in the hospital in North Carolina right now that anywhere between $525,000,000.01 right because the government gave out contract vaccine makers you note to they gave preemptive contract can go ahead and manufacture lot work, then you know will have the vaccines ready to go. We paid one now with panicking people I get in chat patient directors relativism works.

My office last year she got it did not hospital. He was really sick, I see you he was a little ventilator he had ever click three and half months in hospital. It was built was no known $1.5 million is incredible is one of the large holes in the area which she telling me when I thought her in June that she had a patient with 43 three care. He had been in hospital coded late January on event like. Half months.

She had just gotten in her inpatient physical therapy unit and that their goal was to help him get up on the side of the bed debilitated and I read I meeting at the day that I'm trying to member what state it was a local local weather guy and I like the meteorologist on local TV station that he and his wife were with his brother and his brothers wife and July and that the brothers wife was pregnant. 31 weeks pregnant and a week later the white sister-in-law got coded and hospitalized because it's worth if you're pregnant because as you know Dr. we thought when you're pregnant.

Ms. baby and there it's hard to get a really good deep breath right so she on a ventilator. They did they deliver the baby by C-section and the woman died. She was 31 behind two children. That is extremely rare and things I want to tell people these really sad stories of the reason why the stories because it's a rare you don't hear much of a car wrecks, which are about to play with really rare.

It's tragic but remember, that's where I rose very young but still you can still get a few rocks and what's the biggest percentage of vaccination count with County is the biggest percentage of vaccinations in North Carolina and I bet you can all went wrong with the second note when Kelly third, what will know but what I'm trying to say is a triangle is doing really well, yeah. Now, right next to where can you go from 77% vaccinated 39% step over the border in Johnston County where I work. You go from 77% in wake County to 52% yeah so everybody is out there and I think the penetration of believing in Facebook craziness is higher in Johnston County and higher in Harnett County. So if you're listening after you get your advice from Rose is an RN and is an established, award-winning writer or WG D who went to Johns Hopkins Princeton and do you not since the world's greatest doctor got my diploma so much, Franklin's family thought MD F ACC WG D Jack vaccine. You're not going to become magnetic Bill Gates has not put in a microchip and risk in the logotype.

Everett's word about our mRNAs causing this myocarditis 2000 cases out of 300 million doses. The mass of 0.0005% and your chance of getting killed in a car wreck is 100 and if you're driving a pickup truck at 90 miles an hour in the pouring rain.

It's about 90% and so have breakthrough getting probably more attention than they really are because I think like 35,000 breakthrough case that about two weeks ago and added that how many hundred 5 million easily vaccinated people talked about my and we talked about this and show your chance of surviving and not done. If you're fully vaccinated and get adult is a chance of survival 99.999% right now. Go get yourself a just please go get it. Rose thank you Calvin and listen don't go to the beach anymore. The shows no good thing you can do is what I do not broadcast from the beach once yeah yeah get yourself an iPhone sit there absorbing son, having fun, and you're talking to me and I that was the day we had to leave and we were packing up the car and I have you on alarm on my I am so sorry I North Carolina health news.okay so there's this weird cholesterol drug and spent a lot of time this week.

This is like the merger of what I do and cover because you've you probably written script for for those I don't like stirring much anymore because there are better drugs for heart patients offender for brick acid works like war excellent medication to lower your triglyceride which is the amount of fat in your blog you want to start your blog, your LDL or bad cholesterol goes up and I don't know why they decided to try to use this medication except for one thing, it reduces inflammation. Remember, that's if you if you walk away from her health were know one thing, it's that inflammation is bad. Anything that lowers information is good

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