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July 17, 2021 11:48 pm

Heart Health

Heart Health Radio / Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander

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Heart Health Radio
Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander
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Heart Health Radio
Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander
Heart Health Radio
Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander
Heart Health Radio
Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander
Heart Health Radio
Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander

Welcome to heart health radio certified cardiologist and internal medicine specialist, Dr. Franklin and radios member information purposes only. Talk to Dr. Visser's heart health radio in the heart radio network now 100% doubt you free. Were just talking talk about.

We had something but refreshing for I was you know there was an article but flip it over and right in the back.

When we talk about the Delta variance briefly. We got Todd sorry. I want people to know if you're vaccinated just for Steve Irwin. He died in 2006 and there's been a an explanation from Dr. about it. Really, what happened, I knew that from her first right of the sea.

I heard well member high that it was just a he he he had venom in it's not then how are you talk about something called deadly spider venom which is funny because I saw them open up for Pink Floyd deadly spider venom.

They were sorting molten rock group. Anyway Pink Floyd you listen to that yeah yeah you are you are like a heavy-metal metalhead now say that I listen to the assorted dreamy Genesis summing stuff and I was Billy Joel.

The way you dog ownership as years to your life. You got a story that is a sad day for me.

If you'd if you notice there when you're listening that I'm not happy happy, although you know the music that starts off immature happy.

I have to give up my dogs today on taking out of my taking them out of my apartment and I'm going to give them a home on a farm with 15 acres upon the reason is not because I want to. It's just because I have to. What happened now with the big dogs are not my talks yeah you got about a block Newfoundland and he's 100 pounds and I have from Walter is a brown and white hundred 50. They have different personalities but Lebowski when he was a puppy is to get attacked as he was a big puppy? He used to take a gourmet start fighting back and so are one of one of the main reasons are too strong for me.

I walked them together told the story and when I have them tied in the leash.

Okay, I slipped on a little hill overlooking upon this family of ducks in the pond. And they took off down the hill.

Yes, I have the leash on him and they dragged me into the water.

I was like being a toad like a water skier yes and the docks took off and stopped chasing him and that was just awful and then another time they were together and they saw a lovely little dog play just took off and so I sat down thinking I can hold. That's 300 pounds of dog yeah it pulled me across the sidewalk so one of things I'm realizing is that you know they're too big for a little and then the other day. People not for pit bulls in my apartment and we came around the corner in the pit bull went nuts and this is Lebowski lunch and snack number tell you. You may think pit bulls are the supreme predators never to news from Madison really love humans will never ever hurt a human. They were bred to rescue grounding sailors. That's why they're so big, so get a jump in the water. They were bred to fall in love with strangers.

What because why would you jump in ice cold ocean water to save a drowning soul will they do but they will fight back if another dog attacks and I thought Lebowski killed and Lebowski has the ability to do so.

You know Walter would Walter got different personality just lay down.

He would get killed but Lebowski fights back so I realize that they need.

You know, normal Newfoundland home to Rome in a free swim so the good news.

It's a friend of mine and I'll be able to visit, but an unkind word will forget about me and what if they don't know me when I go to see you they will think I guarantee it. Come back in a month from now on tell me a story because I'm going nuts to see the reason why I'm talking about this from the point of view is that you don't know what the sign says about dogs make you live longer on average just two years really yeah and the reason number one.

The relaxation that you have read a loving dog cast reduces your stress hormone chordal cortisol and the other thing that it does increase hormone called oxytocin. How do you know what they do right. They take people without dogs given the stressful event they measure these hormones and then they take people who have dogs with them is how to stress over the hormones for oxytocin are high so they're happier and for the cortisol is lower so they have less stress.

I've also thought we talked on the show that dogs can sniff out cancer here so that might be one reason that they make you live longer if you could speak dog and say hey buddy go to check out our you know some cancer is a is a good night sleep an important part of a healthy attitude sure yet because my dogs actually prevent that. I have a narrow strip 24 inches wide than I'm allowed to sleep in. The dog is a dog sleep on the size bed, king-size bed and into California. And we can't yeah I know, I know we get a California king. Why do Californians have to have the tell me that there is because they can okay that's the only reason they're not taller than the rest of our Steve Irwin died in 2006, the listeners watch TV and they watch what happens when somebody gets nice from the chest.

Okay the first thing when rescuers get there.

The first responders are what is the term greater is he pulled the knife out onto if you're on God. Hope you not impaled with something nice you know that people can impaled with treatments right in your trip, you can get impaled on the fence.

Yes, so what do you do you don't do what's on TV deleted in okay and I know it sounds just frightening. Yeah, to look down and there's a knife in your chest.

Why delete called it Tampa nods or holds down the blood vessels so they don't bleed as much snow you get the bleed, but the reason why people die when you pull out of knowledge was because the bleeding. Now becomes greater that your picture stuck in the chest and you pull it out than the long collapses. Nugent was called attention pneumothorax where the error builds up in the space between the collapsed lung and the chest wall and it builds up pressure cuts off blood flow to the heart, and you cannot yeah Steve Irwin was was doing his thing was, historically, are stupid either scuba dive and kissing a man and we government for functionalist forgotten shaver was a naturalist, he had a TV show they call the crocodile Hunter but he didn't hunt crocodiles did for a while hunt.

Well, you know you don't kill them know you wanted to hug and kiss him. He had admitted he had an enclosures and he would feed them chicken and it was that you knows it.

It was his thing to be in a dangerous situation.

No smile, so he was doing his underwater swimming went over and stood right yes there was a stingray stingray has a sticker on and so a lot of people so he swimming over raises its finger and impels him into his chest and into his heart and everybody thought it was Jeff instantly but it wasn't the stingray doesn't have poison. Okay, it's a barbed right so it looks like a bunch of arrowheads strung together on a stick, so the video showed him stopping and looking around and then looking down. It was an instant. Yes he died because he pulled no I don't. I'm not saying that it's his fault because I think you watch TV in the immediate reaction is to pull out something that's impaled you and so what happily pulled out so there are barbs on the end of these things and he pulled it out and it was in his heart, so it made the whole bigger in the heart and not only that the whole had been plugged by the right stringer that was in there. So there was nothing leak around it so he pulled it out toward the blood started pouring out and it poured into the sack around the called according and what happens when naturals blog you get was called pericardial Tampa. Not that sounds crazy, but never talked about Tampa nodding the blood vessels. When the knife is in their yeah well when the pericardium the sack around the heart.

But the blood compresses the heart and if the heart is compressed from the outside.

Blood can flow into it so you know this may sound crazy that I'm talking about this, but if you're impaled by a tree limb corrects often, people in the car impaled by something, leave it in and what happens the rescue people like I saw the good guy got impaled on offense.


And when only through his body broke the fence, but the post went through all my gosh that was the first thing that interested poured out and cut the fence cut the fence good for them, put them on the stretcher and took him to the hospital to remove it from the operating room so that they're all set and ready to go to close the blood vessels so you saw this article, we finally know. Now we can finally know why Stephen died with him from the beginning and the sad thing that they had the video of him pulling it out, you know, I kept saying no right go to the surface such that the lessons hope to God you don't get impaled but is nice a fencepost or a rod or something like that.

Leave it on, I'm very good deadly spider venom down the Delta variance pharmaceutical companies. This is all coming up in the next couple minutes. This is heart health radio in the heart health radio network get better stay healthy in spite of medical misinformation by listening to heart health with Dr. Franklin we fold an actual Dr. went to medical school.

Which one Princeton Princeton doesn't have medical school doesn't have another know it is graduate school to physics or social undergrad and I graduated, there were better with the Johnny hop becomes I think of Johns Hopkins Medical Center and it overshadows my memory of the school. The school started. First will actually go the hospital favors the Y because first place to purchase medicine from a scientific point of view. Yeah the heart is guy William Osler from Canada and this was probably the most famous physician because he was the consummate permission people just flocked to him because he was such a great diagnostician remember one thing yeah could do much. Dr. Appleby's fancy technology back then, knowing what was wrong with you was a good thing and he can trigger they with Oxford. I know why I don't know my son got killed and service in any way to well I would people want you to know that you have you got the credentials I should write about my college Oswego State alum in New York State was not as we go right over to my number two and number one I don't know what that means but there the ranks highly of my colleges in snowy parts of the country's real estate has a great hockey team and art. Pharmaceutical companies say should be ashamed of the cells my mind, this was a shameful thing. There is a shape in the United States of America document listed rugby cost of thousand bucks a month in Canada it's 10 bucks a month in England at three dollars and France were given away for free, why we paying so much what they claim that it's because of the research that goes into making the drug and its crew. The average pill now cross $1 billion to get it through the FDA approval because of all the things you gotta do and so you know they claim this the reason why the church so much is that Medicare is not allowed by law to negotiate prices. Blue Cross Blue Shield and if you notice if you go to a doctor's office and you want medicine B which is very expensive to get your card that gets you for 10 bucks co-pay and the reason they can do that is because the system of rebates where the insurance companies will get money back from the price they pay to the drug companies anyway. What I found out the reason for the charts in March is not the research they spend more money. The drug companies and what they call stock buybacks. What is a stock buyback. It's when the company purchases their own stock from people out there in the public that haven't wanted to do because if you have 100 shares right you have a certain price of two dollars a share. What happens if you buy 40 shares and taken out of circulation. You only have 60 shares for the price goes up all and so who owns a lot of stock. The directors Board of Directors, the president and vice president. So what they're really doing is using that money and paying themselves is not a bonus at the hidden thing.

Yeah, because bonus would go directly to them and that have to say it's a public company wages. Dr. X is the chairman of the board 10 million bucks when the buybacks stock and the price goes up which should this then they don't have to say that Dr. Erickson's chairman of the board just made about $20 million on the stucco so shameful thing is that you're not telling the truth they're not there saying that we spent on this research but they're not saying we spend sometime to work on stock buybacks. Times were just mad look, don't get me wrong there. The system we have in this country. Profit motive brings us amazing medicine. Now there are some that are developed overseas, but if you look at all the great medicines that have come out and saved a lot of lives there US medicine so it's a double-edged swordand I hate that term because it you know it is used so often by the way, if you're ever impaled a double-edged sword. Please don't pull it out so kudos to them for developing all these great drugs, but come on now you guys make enough money you sent money for more research. That's my let's open up the phone lines 919-860-9783 always call between noon and two on a Saturday 919-860-9783 Dr. name Christopher Dench nicknamed him Dr. death.

Was he incompetent or was he just bad. First, he was incompetent. Oh okay but he was very passionate guy yeah wanted to save lives.

Well then something happened to criminal and he purposely botched surgeries to paralyze people in effect even kill. He wrote an email to his girlfriend say I no longer want to be the passionate loving physician that I am I want to become a cold blooded killer. One thing that bothers me is that I shouldn't. Everything about this well know you particularly okay to come on now, you caught obviously bothers me, breaks my heart know that Sarah wait a minute, there's just one thing, there's this other thing is that got passed from Medical Center to Medical Center. He has even though patients were being named Dolly. Yes, he went from one place to the next and still did it. Now, finally, some of the operating nurses just had to blow the whistle right. He not only was Satan which is the color civil action was arrested by owners don't they charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and deadly weapon is An attempted murder but couldn't get them on the ones of God because they claim to know that lawyers claimed that they were sick anyway.

Blog about law that is now in prison. It will not be eligible for parole. Yeah, I just think that thank God there are so few of these yes you sure you don't tell somebody is malevolent in medical school and before the reason get into medical school, but if you are an operating room nurse. Yes, you were the greatest people there or be you know he or she turn these people do it.

Just two minutes just talk about deadly spider venom.

Oh man. Well, there's a spider. It creates venom and it kills you different bunch okay but the isolated one compound out of it. I don't know why they even thought of this okay right but they isolated the compound and it turns out it turns off death signal. So when you have a heart attack or stroke.

As those cells are dying. They excrete reproaching that kills other cells next to it wouldn't necessarily die because they're not affected by the lack of blood flow so they give this compound from the spider blocks the death approaching and they proven that not as much rain is lost from a stroke and not as much heart tissue is locked so is not on the market yet, but this is another example of the good things the drug companies do now. This medicine is going to cost big time. Shawna comes out just like the Alzheimer's medicine which is your claim clinic study regular, working to talk about that. We will talk about that but while do we have a lot of shout outs. Yes, for this show. The next 20 minutes to show no no no no not word looking for the phone calls. Looking forward to have some interesting conversations.

The secret trip secret trick to live forever. According to one will not secret. We've talked about it here. Noto Bonomo died in a 45-year-old man died after visiting the ER twice.

Talk about that next. Welcome to heart health board certified cardiologist and internal medicine specialist Dr. Franklin we fall common health questions at 919609783. This is hard. Health radio on the heart health radio network on Dave Alexander this is Dr. Franklin we fault and if you want to call us up 919-860-9783 is our telephone number just guileless between noon and two on a Saturday your radio station may broadcast this show in a different time is a 45-year-old man who died after visiting the ER. Once but twice I'm looking at pictures yeah is God's little girl to screen Godwin is a family man.

He went to the ER complaining of chest know this is a British story, the color AME accident and something I don't know a and if that's not the ER. It's called a unity. The doctors made. I think obviously a fatalistic in the ER with chest pain unless it is obviously a heart attack because you changed.

It's very hard to get a definitive diagnosis of what the chest discomfort is coming from the could be mown yeah it could be a straight muscle. It could be acid reflux you, but we all know, especially women, have have symptoms that sometimes can be different, just fatigue and atypical sure chest discomfort and so they told him he pulled a muscle. Okay really goes home he gets it again and it goes back in the city were you doing here you pull a muscle, so he is at home and he gets this pain dropped on their the autopsy showed his heart attack now that one thing I learned when I did ER's for €10 because back then you could move like so if you're a fellow needed some extra cash.

If you are working the night shift in the ER and do pretty well and one of things I learned during that but also begin attending cardiologist going down to the ER to evaluate people. It should go tell somebody that you know for sure whether chest pain what the chest pain is now a young section of the chest pain centers okay so they even they even certify them certified chest pain center. The Whitbread has one yeah Rex has one and the whole point is is that since you can't definitively tell unless they are clearly having a heart attack you watch him and then you do the testing you need to do to find out and make sure that it's not there to be a fatal heart attack in the next few days and you'd be surprised at the number of times people come with atypical symptoms and a lot of times a reason why they say atypical symptoms they not in touch with the bodies they really can't describe what's going on. So in the US today. They're not dumped on the street until you have a pulled muscle when they're not sure so there are hospitals that have chest pain centers and we have them in our area and their great so Joe, you know, don't diagnose yourself. Write what you chest pain is go see somebody because it could be it could be something that is totally preventable in terms of the bad outcome if this fella had been in an ICU with the monitors on any had the last cardiac event.

They were saved really because what happens when you drop dead. It's because of something called ventricular fibrillation. So the electricity goes nuts because it is the blood flow to the heart muscle, and it starts the image discharges electrical current and so that's when you can put the panels on their way to patches short sticky patches you put battlefront and blast away with 240 V of electricity and it just sort of eliminates the bad allows the group to come back fiscal defibrillation and and you know what he died of and what he died of was fixable.

Yes, you have blockage. They did a non-toxic right and so don't let someone to know what your chest pain is from. You told me something about the ER ER doctor says I don't see any problem with your heart but you ask for whom in the hospital you ask for cardio cardiologist dip stress test to get even now do CT scans we could do a CT scan in front. If you have a block you read the jacket read the white jacket and if it doesn't say cardiologist don't leave only the ER or you're doing well yeah, don't leave without a referral in the next day or so. Yeah to Carl in Durham. Welcome to heart health, radio, how you doing Carl got terrific. What's going on repo sure you would like that all let having a hard time hearing you speak up as well. As you can and tell me it's a knee replacement that you need right. I elected to go or whether like January and recalled by good girl like you doing right by my back.I'll call you. I know really bad bear right but maybe you the orthotic involved right now or after white that they do some call marvel like no old, I heard about or that would walk describe its ablation oblations. What is ablation ablation means they use either real cold things were real hot things to destroy the nerve that is transmitting the pain sensation up the spinal cord into your brain. Now here's the thing.

Yes they could get rid of your knee.

By doing a selective ablation. A lot of times when people had sciatica on back pain that radiates down the leg and they can't get the nerve free of the pressure will find the nerve and bladed in the pain go away.

Here's the problem with me is that the knee has to support the weight of your body.

At least half of it when you're running supports all of it for half the time, and if it's degraded okay so the gristle pop up in a chicken bone and you can see that white stuff currently hold.

I know it's right. If it's being destroyed. Pretty soon you can have bone on bone. I love that doc says I guess so here's here's the problem. You may not have pain but when the bone is rubbing against the bone. It destroys so you may not feel the pain and then eventually you may wind up not being fixable because all the bones destroyed and so the other thing though is that before you get bone on bone. There a lot of new procedures now that are coming out that they inject stuff into the knee space. It helps to rebuild some of the tissue so it's not degraded as fast. Yes, so the answer is yes they can get rid of your pain, but the question you have to present to a really good orthopedist is what's the danger of me continuing to walk on the situation in terms of becoming disabled, said the C word and on to say that and all you know if you're smart, you must be reading my mind. But so that's the thing, yes that you can find somebody who's really good and they'll deaden that nerve with either cryo, which is real cold will use a boat which is electric than McRitchie lot right right but they gotta get you come out of it. I can't feel my toe but I can feel my mind I'm joking. These guys really good with the but you know it's a Hickey's bandage six. It's a it's a pain fix, but it doesn't prevent the damage from continuing to unity that that makes sense yeah right I got a second opinion about your knee will be doing it but not brown. You about you doing I got about a month toward health. The more you get. Let Alyssa good luck to you. Once you decided what to do, which cost back. I want to hear what happens.

I write great appreciate you enjoying the show and tell your friends about absolute telephone number 919-860-9783 lines are always open between noon and two on a Saturday monkeypox was in the sounds that Doug it sounds like I'm going to have to worry about my pet monkey God, no, no I actually don't even know why they call it monkeypox but it's like smallpox yes creates these nasty red rose all over your body and it is if you really like smallpox, and it is here yeah but I don't want people to worry, there are some people who came from Lagos Nigeria to Atlanta. This is 8 July and someone to then they went on to Dallas and they got monkeypox now it smallpox vaccines don't really protect us. So if you have a swollen lymph node and you have a widespread rash in her face and body would know with little blisters on the please lost himself, then please avoid other people. It's just common and I but I don't want you worry about if you see you know that this is happened to not worry it's not the spread of art so far Lucia.

We learned two very important things and I can sum it up just like this so you don't have to go backwards on the on the podcast was small, think two things. If you're stabbed with the object and then pale and pale room that word. I hate that word below that we don't pull it out and if you've got a blistering rash. See your doctor for quick always ask your doctor before all in the night been exposed to somebody from Lego Starcher right telephone number 91986097830 lots of people to shout out will talk with John in Raleigh next on heart health, radio, health radio try to find people doing extraordinary things and what there's a guy who's, whose name is the most baseball name you're going to hear to rule Robinson, Drew Drew had depression and really serious depression. He attempted suicide. Blood is only survived, got better which you can do depression since serious medical if you want us you know it's not too sure you're bad person got better and he went back and played baseball with one I heard three homeruns was 11 for 80 and then he decided to retire. Not sure why but I just want to say Mr. Robinson which I would call him Mr. Robinson, you are right tremendous human being, we shout you out because you're one of God's creatures to got better. If you're out there depressed. Okay, get some help. It works and I just love that story. Tim Costa Tim is a patient of mine who I think 10 or 12 years ago felt really sharp pain radiated and was back and thank God he went to the doctor he had was called an aortic dissection which is untreated uniformly to fatal the egg orders the pipe that comes out of the heart and carries blood to the rest your body. Yet it has an inner lining called the endothelial map tears due to high blood pressure or genetic defect that care goes up in water on top of what's on top of the blood vessels to the brain, etc. he had fixed a great good that I just wanted to say shout out to you. Your great human being and every time I see you I just said how great it is.

We have the surgical techniques always: Morris, Helen is one of my filament. Helen only policy okay.

It sounded like Helen just had bypass surgery is a long-standing patient of mine.

She believes there are natural remedies which I think I believe in the ones that she believes because North American company to the been shown to reduce inflammation, etc. Jim Estep last year and she took alderman Les Rosenberger to know she had another episode came to the office I set her straight to the hospital.

She wound up getting bypass surgery then went to rehab called me through zonation, rapid heartbeat doing everything she went back to the hospital got that fixed.

She's home to call them a cell phone yesterday or today and I just want to shut you out, Helen.

She got a great family and she's going to live a long time now to be with her kids and grandkids and I just wanted tell you, Helen.

I'm proud of you Belinda meals been on the show. Belinda, you may remembered she had a stress test that was mildly positive. Recruiting hermetically and shorter wrestling match River grandson or maybe it's enough you can't remember and she started having chest pain went to the hospital was having a heart attack on the stent. Great for month and she's having chest discomfort, so she's about to have another heart catheterization was shot, shall Belinda.

I'm hoping that she doesn't understand what's happened is some of the clots that are involved in lodging themselves downstream, and there eventually gonna dissolve. So that's praying for. I told her stay at home, put her feet up, watch TV and listen to the show course Eric Warren is is one of med school student or graduate is graduated. Now this is this is all American story right.

His parents were immigrants from Mexico originally illegal immigrants. But if you remember, compromise, Pres. Reagan and ladies, I'm gave amnesty so they had five kids. Eric was one of them talked about their worth work ethic, inspiring him to be a great student and he went to the military Academy inside, then went to Harvard graduate from us will know when he graduated. Did he have like a party in his apartment to celebrate and now you know what he did. He brought all his friends all fellow graduates. They grow back to the farm and they didn't honor themselves in order to his parents and I think that's a wonderful thing and then you know what else he said he said this couldn't have happened in the country.

This is great country and he is a great number they went back to the place where his parents instead of having their party right in Georgia were he went to Mexico. They drove all the way across country and they had a party honoring his mother and father still farm at the farm nor the place the farm that he grew mom and dad picked whatever picked fruit are Johnny and Raleigh.

Thank you for waiting. How you doing John very well now you got good can I do for you. Nothing will kill the doctor remarkable medical treatment.

Yes, my son, David, David Logan is now 34 dear, oh yes, probably more than 10 years ago they were training to be a Navy radio and somewhat privately upon taking standard.

It was offered a legal contract but next day well yeah amazing and he went the best stamp. He was injured and eventually had to be a started training more trying to get better trying to get into some other form of law and eventually it got so bad that Raleigh. You're never going to be able to run or jump well.

He was not willing to start doing right they found your third young fellow unit probably mid the 30 ML and the Boston University group cartilage from date then did surgery performed one of his problem is that when included was unusually phony and rough in over the year and worn away all the cartilage so they got bone-on-bone.

I'm 24 yes well I basically moved all day then performed a APA with rotated his docket well degree for direction liquid pretty good for the ground well. They then implanted the cartilage will grew grown cartilage. This is the future will run 20 mile and the doctor we did a short documentary. He was called the second person in the world.

This is seen in Italy. This is the wave of the future but you know what I just did stem cell transplant myself and what are stem cells. They are pluripotent. That means there are cells that can turn into anything. Stem cells are contorted to skin and these are stem cells that are given a certain pollution of chemicals and proteins and they turn into compartments and you know how I knew this was going to work 10 years ago one of my horses had the same thing really. And guess the vets didn't have to go through the FDA approval right that's sure that I do whatever they want and they were the first ones to demonstrate that this technique works. They injected stem cells into my horses hip private group and the horse when so stated how David found out doing right and found it being done for animal thought, now being done for him. Yeah, I'm sorry John, I got… I know one thing.

Thank you for calling. Yes, you one thing, so I had a lady had a massive loss of skin and it was from a Mercer infection stem cells group that I didn't. This is heart health radio welcome to heart health radio board certified cardiologist and infernal medicine specialist Dr. Franklin was a member information purposes only. Start health radio health radio network on the flagship station FM 98, 5 AM, 680 WPP doctor. We fall how what day you have well I'm a little bit. It was also the text really good dog yeah one thing I didn't tell you is that you best to having a dog out of your life


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