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June 19, 2021 9:16 pm

Heart Health

Heart Health Radio / Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander

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The following is a paid program and the views expressed are those of the host suggests, and do not reflect the opinions of W PTF recruiters media group information provided is of a general nature. Listeners seeking specific advice should contact a licensed professional in the appropriate area welcome to heart health radio board certified cardiologist in internal medicine specialist Dr. Franklin we fall prey. They found a doctor yet. Better stay healthy and spot medical misinformation by listening to the show heart health radio with Dr. Franklin we pulled I we are here today we are ready to rock 'n' roll. We've got a bunch of stories we have stumbled into a weird part of the world you have anticipated. This would happen.

Weird situation where Jon Stewart is suddenly the voice of reason I had of that happened. I think it's just been that kind of you deserve some corridor foodies eating because if so I want to feed it to a lot of people listen.

We used to have a Lyme disease vaccine. We don't now and it's very interesting what happened to it. I remember it came out in the 90s was very effective and then got destroyed.

It's a hot summer it already is a hot summer with her to be terrible and working to talk about how to stay clean and listen if you don't listen to anything today.

Listen to what we said. I'm seriously to save your life to save your life because it's going to be hot. Yes hot hot hot. Are Dr. found she said this week that I know you said we were to be fashion free, but it's too important to be fashion for this is what Dr. felt. She said, leaning towards feeling that this is more likely a natural occurrence. We always felt that you got to keep an open mind to all of us. We didn't get up and start announcing it, but we've always said keep an open mind and continue to look. So I think it's a bit of a distortion to say that we sit deliberately suppress that this is about the Wuhan lab leak. Have you ever ever been in the screen room no answer padded bounce off the wall but you can also scream at the top. I feel like I need to visit that room right now.

Yeah because it was his email said you know this is ridiculous. And then the guys he was involved with the nonprofit that he gave the money to cover the ground lab even congratulated him on kibosh showing the whole concept that it was leak from the lab I bald-faced lie. What is she thinking is he thinking that people won't remember.

You know I just drive me crazy.

He was the number one guy saying it had to be a natural occurrence, including the been from the lab and now he's claiming he was open to that all the time and I don't know what to say. This is God's.

He uses the Royal we. If you if you notice is the one we always thought because remember that he said if you criticize how she yes you criticizing science right right. I'm not criticizing science let's let's go over. You know the reason why we think it's the one that suits or can we can we have this preface by famous virologist Jon Stewart, you know what whatever Jon Stewart is eating and changing his brain. This is what he said but what what what you mean, but there's a chance of desecrating the lab's investigation a chance. I love you here.

I don't know novel respiratory coronavirus overtaking Woodland China. What we do owe you. We could ask the Wu hand novel respiratory coronavirus lab disease is the same name as the lab that's just that's just a little too weird so I just like this. So wait a minute you work at the Wu and respiratory coronavirus lab. How did this happen, and the like a pangolin kiss. The turtle mode. They: Occam's razor yeah you know this is the most simple explanation to be right. The problem is we grew up in the last 20 years with CSI and only when you can prove some things that you have. Evidence that absolutely points to the murder.

Yes, that's not true. Circumstantial evidence, especially when it's overwhelming. Okay is definitely something that would be proven in court will use to prove something in court. What's your what's your chain of evidence is so natural. Let's go over evidence for natural. It occurs in bats.

Yes, it occurs in bats and cursing back. I think you said that before, but the whole point. That's an excellent where is the bat getting to the human.

Tell me how it had to be through an intermediate where's the intermediate animal what we think it was from the meat market.

Okay which one well you know I probably from the meet me. They have no evidence that it came from a natural source so all viruses come from natural sources. Know what's evidence for the lab. The lab was studying the virus.

The DNA of the coronavirus contains a sequence and just say that it's if you're not biochemist, but DNA and RNA.

It's an RNA virus has a sequence of chemicals. ACG your T the three letter code mixed approaching where there is a sequence easy's ECG CCC and it is in the coronavirus gifts were also found in nature. I have no idea. Nowhere. Nowhere, yeah, this is what David Baltimore and David Baltimore. I know actually personally from my previous incarnation as a biologist when his Nobel Prize where he pointed this out that this sequence of letters found in the RNA structure of the coronavirus did not occur in nature and also is a signature of genetically manipulated organisms because they have to splice themselves in any way. You know he got criticize roundly because he's part of the part of the whole scientific thing that previously was debunking time and he said it was the smoking gun and all my gosh he got phone calls from his buddies from Harvard and always MIT. It always other places saying how can you do this, how can you go against the left-wing science contingent safety walk, but now they claim he walked back okay this is what the process and believe that it when I still believe but he said I wish you had use the term smoking gun selling whatchamacallit incontrovertible evidence short or smoking gun. Now the other thing is okay lab scientist got sick when I cannot was October, November, and guess what they had aggressively illness with fever and got real sick and then what else happen right around the time they barricaded streets outside of the Wu hand Institute yeah all the cell phones got turned and it was shut down.

Okay, now what's the other piece of evidence. The other piece of evidence is that they studied their and they were looking at their there were no bats that why would they think there might've been some bats there, but they didn't get out sailing evidence. Like I said in October and I'm sort April 2020. Yes, we played that back. We thought then that I think now it came from the lab now. Do I think it was developed as a weapon.

I don't know I don't have evidence that it was developing a weapon is sapped that the Chinese military had scientists in the Wu hand lab studying the coronavirus. That's not the fact I would hate to think that they were doing and I would absolutely hate to think because what would you think what would Americans think if it did turn again. I'm not saying it did that it was a military buyer weapon that escaped 600,000 people United States have done you know what that is. That's one in 500 people think about that. Yes, one in 500 people in United States of America, has died of the kroner well and we had. What's now what hundred million infections.

I think it's on believable okay. Assuming you lost me write about it, the phrase RNA are I know know what a mind if you explain everything. High school biology a weight of it later. That's back in the 50s when biology was about docs and cats and dog we learned a lot about biology now, but let's use it isn't necessary or worthwhile for somebody somewhere to fiddle around with dangerous diseases, limiting the scary thing is happening all over the world. Okay, there trying to revive smallpox. Yeah it's smallpox is the one disease that has been according to all the countries scientist eradicated right E. Rada. Ron guess what lessons you bring in a backlight.

It's fun to study and just imagine all these things going on all over the world right now with their trying to create dangerous dangerous bacteria and viruses. Why we want to be able to kill them later.

Yes they did exist before so you want to create them so you can kill them later. I think you're the mad scientist yes number yes there mad scientist. It's like you trying to create heart disease so you can cure it right doesn't make any sense to talk about heart disease. We can do that in mice a way to make Peter everything will call Peter every now and then. Dr. we potentially an article about their there treating obesity in mice using the special chemical and I always text him back all. Thank goodness because we lose too many mice through the diet of diabetes and and heart disease are their feathers are just as good. Listen we got a lot more to talk about including your phone calls telephone number is 919-860-9783 between noon and two. Every Saturday we are heart health, radio and health radio on Apple podcasts or health will truly but on the talk. Anybody sick and talking about just for little bit. Alina Tran postdoctoral associate at the broad Institute at MIT and Harvard.

Yes, one of 18 experts who signed the letter in May demanding that the Wu have lab leaks. The investigator will hear some problem what she said last year that it was racist and had been debunked will have lab was the source and what now she's admitting why she said that you know what because she wanted to defeat Pres. Trump who had in favor who didn't really and NPR yeah finally admitted, yet it was something quotable when you look into a few realizes but Facebook and twitter yes had actually banned the mention of the Wu have lab leaks theory right until a month ago or even less. And so, to make wiki's rule yes okay the we feel only medical information rate. We feel number one is if the mainstream press uses these this language that theory is racist and has been debunked. Okay, if you hear that that theory is racist and has been debunked. The theory has to be true has to be true, including all debunked racist beliefs tell me where this word debunked came from. You seem to know the word Buncombe like that's bunk right that's a lie. There actually comes in relation to Buncombe County. What's wrong with but I don't know what it is you're listening on the Truth Network and you live in Buncombe County.

We are not insulting and were not skipping Raleigh.

Thank you very much recall and how you doing I'm doing great… Repo by the way the other Actium I learned in my training was so when you hear beads and courses.

My patient with fever probably does not have been the people I'm just say no and and let here's the question. This is what we preface that I think this is not a set up.

I promise this is a question I've heard about it. Your take on it.

Regarding coalbed vaccine. There is at least the word out some as part of it if not development testing used fetal cell lines that came from aborted fetuses then and not friends who have an ethical dilemma which works is a very good question because, especially among Catholics. The resistance to some of the vaccines and I'm back in and name them because I don't want somebody to say no deny yet another name which part which vaccine it was but it's not a direct connection. In other words, they did not use fetal tissue itself to make the vaccine, but they used a derivative technique if you understand what I'm saying.

So there isn't any protein or DNA that that came from the fetal aborted checks is made aborted fetus to be very careful what I say here but you can trace back the technique to aborted fetal stem cell tissue. So this this was brought up with the Pope.

Yeah it was and would the Pope tell Catholics not to get this particular vaccine. And, you know, the Pope said it's okay if so, you know, I am treading water and walking a tight rope your I personally knowing how this happened. How the techniques behind it on ceramic trip myself concerning careful I don't think that you can say it was developed from aborted fetuses tissue fetal tissue Catholics were told they could use this vaccine will get this vaccine that makes a great very reasonable answer.

I appreciate it and know it is a problematic thing and and I and I remember when Ronald Reagan son was saying we need fetal you know stem cell research. Just say both did you know they can all the research announced himself coming from adult stem cells. You can take stem cells from the skin and turn them into any kind of tissue you want. There's no reason to use fetal stem cells is no reason.

Thank you, Skip great phone call in 1820, the North Carolina representative Felix Walker going to speak in front of the U.S. Congress. It was supposed to be a was going to be a really big long speech they tried to talk him out of it and he said I quote I'm not speaking to Congress I'm speaking to Buncombe okay now we figure it out and it ended me. He meant Buncombe County, North Carolina famous, but what's what is in the county what is in Buncombe. I'm sorry that I was looking at what I think is the center of the universe right now yes yes everything the great doctors and think to listen. We used to have a Lyme disease vaccine might we not have one now limited Lyme disease is a big deal. I see patients with it all the time and chronic lenses is real. I know that there were a lot of physicians who said chronic disease is not real because I got a Lyme disease test and its negative.

Guess what, the Lyme disease tests have huge numbers of false negativity I've had for five in order to get a positive reliable test. You have to take the blood and if the measure.

The word that you like DNA and RNA is don't understand the blade developed yet in the 90s, they developed a Lyme vaccine and it worked and got approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It reduced your risk of getting Lyme is called line bricks Cal YM ERI Oxnard you know as soon as I got it from the library so here's the problem with the CDC advisory committee said no it's a European vaccine. Hardly anybody gets Lyme's disease of rich people and this is even before AOC came on board right anyway they said it's for suburbanites will pay a lot of money for their Nikes in the spring and shop at L.L. Bean's and they traveled to Cape Cod. I hate to say it. Lyme disease is huge in North Carolina. Yeah, it's usually in Iowa. It's even huge in California. Still, some do your text is OH I don't shoot badly anymore.

Okay were not allowed shoot man yes there are some places in New York where the biggest car accident cause is hit the deer.

You can kill him anyway so they made this vaccine and it was pretty cool. Didn't work the same as other faxing what it did was when the tick bit you rushed into the tics got this stuff and kill the bacteria in the tics got weird.

Anyway, the FDA had claimed in the studies had shown certain side effects and these were borne out in the tens of thousands of people who got the vaccine and who were starting. Unfortunately, some lawyers got together and sued the company saying there is adverse effects now one of the company do that.

A lot of companies do. That's a fatal mistake. They settled okay and they settled in without admitting guilt and saying that we don't want to have to deal with the second so basically they took it off the market eventually because they couldn't sell. I think we need to bring back and I hope that they do because I'm telling you cardiovascular problems with Lyme disease you get a cardiomyopathy with her gets weak, most dramatic case I saw about 15 years ago I was called to put a pacemaker. Yes 27-year-old man in his heart had blocked off the skull complete heart block, so the electrical signal from the top part of the heart wasn't getting to the bottom part of the heart of the bottom part was only beating 20 beats a minute because it had a backup you know pacemaker in the bottom part is very slow. I looked at him and I said are you Hunter is yeah I got this I simply ask a question you'd like to know what the lucky disease tricks of the side of the pinhead you have a rash since I got one now. This is his shirt. It's a bull's-eye it's called erythema. My grandson and starts his little fingers and blue anyway. I give him antibiotics and steroids are black with good ash Rosen Buncombe County Asheville and so was Black Mountain. While this is heart health radio welcome to heart health board certified cardiologist and internal medicine specialist Dr. Franklin we phone call us with your health questions at 919609783 is doing well. You're making your heart health in the heart health radio network, Dr. Franklin, we fall roles open for North Carolina health news and rose you got an article on the website were puzzling over it says the doctor won't see your new burden newborn now what is the story that we ran from one of our partner organization right and it that template. There is shortage of doctors that they're using nurse practitioners to 15 new mom and I take care of baby's in the hospital or the office were both Lake Norman regional hot but it elicits a healthy one.

I can understand and I love nurse practitioners and I think that the physicians assistants and I think the focus on the newborn baby is restricted in terms of what you can look for but I think I do not think I'd be okay with that. If I had a newborn again. I'm too old but I do newborn again. It was a nurse practitioner who was experiencing that I don't think I be upset what would you think rose tell me show a lot out where called advanced practice nurses or APRN that men get it and get data out there that for now and that the care the level of care is as good time and a lot of no primary care setting as as bad if you about it. There's a big conflict between Dr. nurses and I could weigh in that which I'm not gonna find it, you know, I think part of it is that there is worry about like that but the reality is that that the data all show that MPs do a pretty good job especially in primary care. It's limited and we do not allow that.

You have to have a position supervisor, but insensate instead of having that position, cortical supervision, which in North Carolina doesn't mean that the supervisor actually need their likes to say this right now, bushes listen. She was my nurse practitioner for 15 years. She's the best cardiologist force besides Minnehaha cardiologist.

I knew I would trust her with my heart and so II think like anything else, there were good doctors and about doctors and I think if you can get a hold of a good PA in that field, and a good nurse practitioner Crisco you know I went to the ER for something simple about a month ago and I and I actually ended up going to urgent care. After that about a week later. Okay this is for my knee.

Will the car. I went to heal. You sort of fistula, kinda. But here's the thing, I actually ended up seeing either a PA or some other unit in the ER saw PA and then went to urgent care, which was an orthopedic urgent care and saw someone who is not a doctor and then I went back to the ER because I wasn't sure I had the best care ever turned out I did by sucking Anthony.I have had patients who come back from evaluation by physicians assistant and I miss something. Of course I've had patients come back from a doctor and they missed something. So yeah, I think you got a good PA or physician's assistant. A good nurse practitioner and I think you're okay baby's gonna be okay when I get around that path between Dr. and APRN planet idea of the other APRN landing back practice nurses graduate from there there.master level program. Part from some people have a doctorate level program, but that `Masters level programs and then you work directly into practice for like two years before you can go out and hang out a shingle and I think that's something that gaining support residences. I think that's a great idea.

I got Mike and Carrie was champing at the bit rose I want everybody to go to North Carolina health and check it out to the great thank you website. Thank you rose thank you, Douglas, Mike and Carrie, welcome to the brachial program are you doing I'm doing fine where I like their doctor about eloquence of the blood thinners sure 253 a month. Can I ask you pry the question what kind of insurance you are like prescription for Medicare okay with C part D to read you know it's that's the Medicare prescription plan.

It ended the court date yet is it Humana Blue Cross Blue Shield and you know what it is as I can tell you Blue Cross okay let me tell you what did your doctor get a prior authorization on this must have right and then they still said it was $200 as a co-pay is what is this a picks up is the generic name eloquence is a great medicine twice a day and it works differently from warfarin warfarin affects all these different proteins, a picks up Aaron or eloquence affects one and it keeps you from plotting his wife have a fib. Is that what it is not the enteral lag okay that they deep venous thrombosis and how long they wanted to stay on a long time forever.

Just a short time.

Well in her third month out. I wanted to go out late mother, college students or something that they don't tell you about eloquence. The company is actually pretty good about helping people and they give you a free one month's sample when you start yeah okay.

Did you call that the ship the activated or not activated with carbureted okay and here's the thing that drives me crazy is that if you had asked them.

Can you help me get a cheaper, they would've done, but unfortunately the FDA rule is they can't offer you have to ask, so you still have the card yet you call that number out call the number again yeah and said I activated my card this crazy cardiologist on the radio told me that if I ask you to help me get a cheaper would help me know. There are some individuals that can help. It has to do with how much money you make has to do, whether you have commercial insurance and if you have commercial insurance again were 50 you pay five dollars.

Yes, ensure Medicare.

They can't give you the same discounts because they disallowed it, but there are programs that are sponsored by the company and also through Medicare and they can guide you with that that there's a second where you can get helped on this and unfortunately the powers that be in medicine are trying to squash this and that's called samples from your doctor.

So I am independent amount ruled by anybody. Some people forgot should be, but I get samples and I get on samples and there are people who were to be on the for short term and there in the doughnut hole which means they have to pay for everything I can help them by giving them free medicine that is I don't pay for it, but I get it for you so I look to you for free.

Now if your doctor is employed by city Duke or UNC are not allowed to get

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