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April 10, 2021 2:59 pm

Heart Health

Heart Health Radio / Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander

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Welcome to heart health radio board certified cardiologist and infernal medicine specialist Dr. Franklin was an old radio cartel radio radio radio talk to Dr. I visited Alexander, Your Honor, heart health, radio, live from the North Carolina Fairgrounds show were to talk to some of the people who are who set up booths here at the home show there is an overlap recalled you could do in your home and help what I've always said that we people's homes. That's where you spend most of the time and I think that I've got evidence in the patients that I take care of everything that when they make big changes to get better when they moved to a new home, but doesn't have all the mass right so it's really important thing to talk about the home show here has so many interesting gadgets I'm called the gadget man. We couldn't get you through the building you Stopping at every booth. Pac-Man was one of these special air devices or air cleaning devices. They look fantastic. Many of Bhattacharya. I am really excited about the concept of fixing your home to fix your health. We are actually at triangle radiant barrier rock to come on the show but here's the thing. They mold remediation talk about mold because mold is is the unsung villain. I sent so many health problems. There was something in the stack of articles about mold and a heart condition. I can't believe that all I do talk about what bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold can do to your system especially are our number one inflammation so there's a part of that. But now the interactions that are bodies with these pathogen creating particular chemicals that my dad had so much mold is house.

It was ideal for black mold may have contributed. I think it is may have also to talk about Ted saying that Anthony found she has some explaining in your green green so much to talk about the straw that broke so she's back which is England versus now check this is the Brooklyn accent saying about what he thought it was less full of stuff really. England decided to do something bold. Where no man has gone Star Trek principal. They look at the data. First of all, they said if you get 86% protection from the first dose right of five and you get 92% after the second, why not try to achieve unity, which is where everybody can go back and do the stuff they wanted to, because the risk of getting sick enough to die so small by giving everyone the first dose then when everybody's had the first right back.

Second dose would be fine if it was a it was a.m. a flu vaccine because our flu vaccine is like 50% right.

We are getting better than that with just one dose of any one of these guys and you know the funny thing is, think about the Johnson & Johnson is one so he back that, but then said no. I think if we only get Windows community is to fall off a cliff and will never get better instead of looking at the date it was scientist and they said no if you follow people gotten only one dose right lasts for six months now. It tells off a little bit but without she relied on was that anybody and he's supposed to be infectious immunologist expert in one of the great things about vaccine is not a they fire up the killer T cells right so it's not just the and also you have memory and type body producing so yeah just sit there waiting to pour out in so when he criticized is not only criticized once he's criticizing it now where do you think England stands right now I herd immunity just about I would if you look at France. If you look at Germany. They're closing down right England. I wish we had a visual but if you look at everybody had outcome of cases. December and January. They all drop England discontinued five deaths, which is unbelievable and the hospitalizations are going Germany and France and Italy. Now they're getting an kit we now say I can't fellowship get on TV, comb his hair even put on the sunglasses and that magazine Vanity Fair that was wrapped but why can't they say okay stop giving everybody. The first is wont ever that is about everybody says why am I going after found. I'm so upset about the choices that he in spite of evidence to go ahead and make everybody wait for two doses instead of giving everybody in the country first dose right then go back to the second is putting the blood of a of figure what yes.

Vicki putting I'm not allowed to say the kind of putting starts with spotted, I can't use the no I don't want it spotted plus a word that we don't talk about really.

It's richer and talk about it. It's very popular so now. Truth is not only that, the fact that David done it.

Why can't they now say I was wrong right bridge right from now on.

The people haven't got the vaccine. One dose yeah will achieve herd immunity in a month or two. Yeah. And there was an article about Fox News criticizing NBC news and it was Fox News saying that ABC News had always people on and they were befuddled we can that Texas that opened up wide open three weeks ago is not suffering a four way they are not having an their experts were incredibly confused. If we open up will we get 1/4 wave.

For instance, in North Carolina going downstream to Rosa Tobin at 1235 right but were not spirits of this is a function of the golden cherry awards to I don't know you work yeah Michigan and he basically anointed with best outcomes combating states and he just got audits that were heading toward 1/4 way because the country is not coming down to Michigan work New Jersey all the states that he loved right to come in that scenario were heading toward Bethany Hillsboro's online I should say that this is still calling show 919-860-9783.

Always between noon and two hi Beth how you doing I'm doing very well thank you my bathroom Hillsboro hello.

Welcome to the show are you doing thank you. You not magic science side of this size.

All right, let's talk about it is if you're listening, there's something here from an article that said can blog from young people, slow aging, families betting billions. It will so you know you know people didn't have useful aging.

Yes, so where does assault come from you ever watch the old large sample Ivonne Sipes must lose out blood, but what you're saying now. I want to infuse your blood if you give somebody an infusion of Youngblood. Is there anything in that young one which could make an old person feel younger. I don't know. And here's the bottom line is they don't have they done the study know they have okay so we have to do to get 10,000 in the bottom up 5000 young person's blood sugar and 5000 placebo make placebo.

I just don't nursing. There are chemicals approaching in blood that will suddenly turn around right aging process. You know where this comes from vampire movies Cynthia Keene Canyon is a biologist at the University of California, San Francisco. Right. So there was room. She started similar was mutated a single gene now that suggested that if you mutate in humans that is similar sure you can slice right where they come up with blood from young people doing. I don't know young people. Young, old, yes.

So there's no reason to think unless there's a study and I'm not.

If it turns out it works. To say I was so I'm not saying that they never have a process of infusing blood that lowers your age right right but I'm saying there's no. I just want to feel like 22 again. I was an idiot or 22. I felt better.

Here's what I infuse me with experimental myself sure I'm in a go, to find a 18-year-old yeah who has a positive yes that's me. Sure, I'm integrating off three units a mile. I can get a minute get one week limited I don't know I'm going to get somebody to give me some type of saline for three see which one then I'm going to do the blood again then he's going to the clubs now hear anything knows the song I get a manse as well make it blind never the Mendocino trial with statin know that we talked about that. The teacher gave you told somebody they were taken a step yeah and it was a placebo yeah told somebody they were taking a placebo is a statin satyr man like which proved to do this. Blinded yeah put a blindfold on sure that I could tell me which is which of the fifth.

I'm little worried about you experimenting on yourself. I've seen that movie to come on coming up on the shoulder talk about mold to talk about something called BSC media trial. I don't know what that is in the healing power of dogs and working to talk to Bethany Hillsboro next on heart health, radio, this is hard help radio live from North Carolina Fairgrounds and the home show. Would love to see out here were mask the shame segment includes Dr. Crouch… Say his name. Dr. found Dr. and and there's something else to talk about it know what that is but any story that says Dr. found she says yeah is click that sure what that means is everybody so set about a year. It's been a year of this of our collapse in the way we see something without their click click it says now she says this insistently with advertising so it's bait and switch. It's how she says all that God then you know by these specialty products.

The cost thousand dollars each and how they self help. I want you to understand if it says foundation don't gotta click don't now. The bottom line is, do we have to wear a man if we see so that's a good question. The rule is now that if you have you are in everybody's boxing right Dr. found she tear off. We can take them off.

We can take them off safely. Now we need to wear a mask vaccinated and will with people who have not been back to Penn right if their high risk.

Now what is it mean if it is a vaccine. 92% effective is that mean you have an 80% chance of getting no doubt what that means is in the study. If 100 people got started 92. So we don't know yet from the challenge okay the way we would know the risk of getting this to have somebody fully got right then challenge them them in the same room with somebody got papyrus and see if they get shelf. It appears that it's not transmissible from somebody has two somebody sure I'm in a tell people the CDC recommendations is now if you had your vaccine in the room all had. Let's pick up with Capt. Hillsboro Beth welcome to a hard help radio I you doing I'm great, thank you that's excellent.

That's what's going on what unique well about my medical care. I am earning a five year time in relatively good health except for arthritis and hypertension which is controlled by medication. I might be Dr. at one of the I'm in the triangle and I think Dr. that one of the local medical academic site and okay now I am in and out. I get very little time with the doctor I'm wondering is Mark it would fit me to think about clicking care to a area in D or an internist geriatric background that's I think I know which satyr here's the problem with that is that they are deathly about being audited based on their records and having the money to because Medicare under Obama. Obama promise this is not political. This promise that we would save money because doctors were charging. Therefore, they had to document everything they did in the list was so this is one of the things that bothers is that they don't spend time with this is been a recurring fee show. I'm not putting myself back, but I don't bring the computer. I don't have a young person coming with a clip or computer to take down your history. I walked in the room with a piece of paper and pencil. I sit down I said relax.

I want you to tell me because the story is when you say way that you talk about how you're feeling, whether it's good or bad. I spent 15 minutes letting the patient just tell me this, but Dr. however will usually places like this will spend five minutes with and then rush off and start typing in the computer, or worse yet, type in the computer and not look at you while here's my recommendation if you like your doctor in the sense of bedside manner. The little time he spends with her. She spent time reach out and grab the laptop and shot it look them in the eyes and said I'm painting my insurance company is paying in the front for time with and make them do it now if they won't because doctors that work for this places not working for themselves that working for the tells them what to do and they can have their salary docked if they don't finish the note sometime if they don't respond to the text.

What I recommend you sound like someone wants to have a doctor who spends time and listens and gives advice and explains why the it's it's hard to find what you can find that I would recommend an internal medicine specialist as your caregiver. They don't necessarily have to have Julia tell you why you're not old 65 is the new series fastest growing age group. My practice we think that yeah hundred euros hundred euro incident. What you need and what all of this is a physician I use that listens, gives you time to give you advice explained that thank you if you call back leave your number. I'll call you got a great recommendation in the triangle. That's a great thing to put you on hold to get the telephone number and get that.we fall coming up on the show rose open of North Carolina health and were going to talk about mold were at the home show North Carolina Fairgrounds.

Now back to heart health have a question for Dr. we fall.

Call 919-8609 73. This is heart health radio from the North Carolina Fairgrounds home show Dave Alexander along with Dr. Franklin with Wahlberg and talk about bunch of things and just a little bit you have rose open from North Carolina health news, but with this now is Brock Emmons from triangle radiant barrier now that's only half the company really it is only radiant radiant barrier would be in attic thing right insulation insulation that sort of thing rest of it is in the crawlspace is a lot that goes on in the crawlspace. I let's talk about mold talk about mold so talk to me about mold that you find yucky calls anomalies that work is we we run into a lot of different kinds white mold is the most common experience that you know has the effect with a lot of our customers with allergy issues that he knows watery eyes, headache, and fortunately customers are asthmatic Mathematica well it's bad it's really bad and I think you know people have no started to recently. Considering the white as the source of asthma attacks in our and you know it's interesting when you look at the people who are getting the highest it's in areas with the highest and that would be people who have crawlspace definitely associated with the crawlspace phenomenon with hired as rates but also in inner-city and inner cities are just full because of leaky roofs which caused sure because of windows and poor insulation and gelation inside the house so what about black black mold is yeah everybody asked about black mold. We do run in the black mold growth spaces normally evident water damage if there was an interior water leak under the sink, the wax ring on the base of the toilet water is leaking down in the crawlspace you get into a crawlspace insulation in the crawlspace is some above your head.

Given interior water leak.

Most the time moisture between insulation for most of the time we run in the black mold growing on the sub now black mold is not sent bright white mold and never heard people talk about the musty smell right that's that's white mold growing, but it's not his nearly as harmful for the body as a black and people are necessary allergic to blood with the black mold reduces mycotoxin and mycotoxins have trucks they affect the level of information watch again, you're not producing this is actually a chemical that is attacking aspects of body. What can you get brain fog, you can get high blood pressure can have weakness and fatigue and not know it and not know it's from blood because there's no there's no dictation right. Besides putting a vapor barrier. Once you find it is probably not just on is probably inside on the subflooring on the choices that correct them will know your you're right mold meeting organic which is why you won't find mold growing on plastic covered really dusty mold growing in the most commonly find in their going forward sub for you and I had customers and had a thick layer of guys on top of their air conditioning there and you have tons of white mold black mold duct system that is like terrible just just spreading all those mycotoxins all the time) you know customers normally know if they have white mold and air conditioner must smell so it should not smell if you're the future on the AC in the springtime. You have an odor running through the house that's dangerous, typically means there's a form of growth inside the bacterial growth. The white mold and we talked about it on my show time the fence to the air conditioner not properly sealed. Right you get air leakage in the crawlspace will build up condensation.

Just last week with customers that ductwork so much water in them. They were sloshing around when we pumpkin will think about what's growing in writing when you're running your mission it is only now how often know you have can smell it is there but well it I would say probably 20 to 30% of the time. Incredible is absolutely no use to be. If somebody said you got mold. That's like death sentence for a building, but now it's not that big a deal.

Well, if it comes down, the costing of the reason they always said it was a death sentence is back in the day that everything terrible right right there. There are lots of efficient ways to remediate mold. Now there's a lot of companies out there that try to do mold remediation and to be perfectly frank with you if you're not Frank.

Frank Frank have to be VPA CRM. I is a certified mediation mold and then you actually have to have a separate certification with CMR and that's a certified mold remediation company name for the company mobile search, mobile call to take on the bad marketing were going to have you on again.

Don't go for an hour or two. We got a pickup with rose open of North Carolina health rose thank you for waiting you doing good. Where are we. We get better. Are we in the Michigan class are we in the text is not know okay find what happening. We are down in 5000 capitalization order people are in the eye. You will go every day and the fact that the folks are getting back and you can both coming up positive are dominantly and no they're not Bible guy more than half of our between 25 four cases are in 18 to 24-year-old and with young people, the pandemic with that was about it. Then cases were over the age of 55 more weeks at 908 eight among young people and old people and as a part of the total drop right because our lives of older people know at without without a doubt, I got my second one on pretty funky. I am praying and I I my going around 90 know that there will have back yeah you on my right writing myself and you know it would be better if more we get back I noted that there that they're still looking to get more and more people vaccinated, where about that fate had little more than 40 what you see when you get reason is the reason why people I I'm not getting much about it. However, I talked to a couple health directorate around a primarily rural but I talked to on a regular basis and they rely that way till out there not you I'm signing less then suspicious people and I'm also finding people who sing vaccines are killing and when you try to tell you look at the 300 million 400 million people throughout the world seem what you see is the click where one person got the vaccine God and then everybody looks and says I want this to happen to me, but what they don't understand something having too many people that it's far riskier to have side effects and people thinking that Albert then what are North Carolina thinking or people who got and get any kind, any kind of fabric at all and temporarily kind, patient, thinking about five came to after that 32nd call paramedic did not have any other reaction mentioned.

Good morning. Thinking after blood got yeah he needles one that increase the time she said that the normal symptoms when she is having a panic attack so maybe they only want to have one right you know that correlation does not equal right. You can 90-year-old Kristin who form and there in a nursing home and maybe not doing so well anyway and then a week later they die right back whether the fact that they weren't doing so great and there with Dan age that you think there temporarily to one another. That's not that vaccine adverse event reporting and then people look at it and thank you I'm so I'm so thankful that your that you're here every week. I want everybody to go to North Carolina read your daily articles.

I appreciate you coming on. Thank you Rose) paragraph there. Thank you. You were the biggest room. I been in this month. It's a huge room at the Expo Center of North Carolina Fairgrounds home show everybody's wearing masks not keeping people more than 6 feet away from us and you want I have had vaccine so were not on the word about you give it to me and some others as well.

You always should have which is which is what a lead-in to the school that is absolutely amazing. I haven't seen called I haven't seen bronchitis. I've rarely seen garden-variety this note, I had to stock up on steroids.

I had to stock up on utilization treatments to stock up on antibiotics to give in the office like a ceftriaxone and you get left over.

So maybe two people to 70 cases of influence on zero, really, and I was last last winter when serve the winter before I was right out the wiser. So I think that mitigation efforts made successful against Corona but they been tremendous against the common garden-variety art will talk more about that. Were also going to discuss seriously whether up the was it was exactly the way you should be taking your Tamiflu healing power of dogs and an Apple watch saved the life absolutely that's coming up on heart health, radio part health radio live from the North Carolina Fairgrounds that the North Carolina exposition center Dr. Franklin we fault, we shall Richard Templin yeah Richard, I'm chatting about the specific reason Richard give me permission to talk about his health. He had a massive fat so badly was on a ventilator. He had an artificial heart for while the heart to see me pretty well across and now that we've got all sorts of medicines to strengthen his backup better then had an aneurysm is that we had to put a standing burst now. He looks great.

Yeah you know what is decided something picked up a hobby is getting out of the house. Tonka trucks with talking about as big things that we will trucks will so now they're gone by the wayside at the talk of them made up last well he renovated stores this was telling me about it and I got on with it. Interest is interest, but they call it interest in my family and it looked like it was rusted, the wheels would turn it cost me like six bucks the vicinity can pick that up.

It looks better.

I got this baby blue color wheels turn I got it on Monday is active with something even if it's just that it doesn't have to necessarily be physically right so if you decide you're recovering from a heart issue you want to do something sure walk 70 minutes 40 minutes 45 times per week, but exercise that very few size the brain do puzzles build models, sniff the glue renovate and restore Tonka trucks. What a great idea and the happiness that comes from and if you exercise your brain find happiness to live long with less stress about your health right I tell you that being being told we can't go to work. I can't work right now that the Lord is the greatest symptom right now.

How can you be bored I don't know I just I don't have things to do with is violating the willful principle with that statement. I get something try to try to stay busy read. I do read the not as much fun as it used to be my eyes being what they are okay just a little. Let's let's talk about, I just wanted give people an update. I'm doing great. More than three weeks since I certainly want to know why the quickset so that I forgot about yeah you know it's like it never happened like it never happened. I will tell you right now the thing that I have symptoms about the healing itches the actual site has has the superglue phonathon.

I know I don't. I superglue cannot on bliss.

If you listen when he gets home. This is the way you did it all. No no no no no yes no polish removal removal. It's good about the dinner with the called the place where the skin attaches to the superglue yeah you just just put a little bit gone there loosens up the I've had people where monitors monitor patches and they come back and they got those outlines of the monitor patches that are stick. Yes say those are terrible and they even make wipes that are specifically designed to remove this so you could buy nail polish remover in the jaw by nail polish wipes I get it off. I said I still have a little monitor patch outline on my leg leave you yeah it's been three weeks wide show you, but were in the middle of the room little but I don't want to look okay. The North Carolina Fairgrounds home show along with heart health, radio one wonderful thing that opening up again yes yes people wearing masks with their not getting extremely scared of getting my hands really that I didn't even wipe a moment. Without yeah I felt good about that and the medical boards. Listen, I know that I'm committing a faux pas, but I hugged my first patient all my I never thought you know what that's what that's like to know what that if you talk about a patient with a health problem, tried to convince him got a great chance of doing well for long. Right that you have them on the way out best medicine that's accurate when I was getting my was the we call it the stent procedure but they didn't put immense and extensive catheters and Position when done. The doctor put his gorgeous gloved hand put his gloved hand right in my chest was all he could reach laying on my back underneath pieces they also bypass just the physical touch on my chest felt comfort. Why do they call it laying on of the college has the touch. That's why I think it's a ridiculous target at the future of medicine tell you can't social touch up looking at somebody in the in the flesh is so important ask you the caller Jane was Beth. I apologize but terrible when she talked about not spending any time. That's just dance everything I I just hope for everybody if they find it quality. Dr. this is part health radio talk about the healing power of dogs and ischemia trial. Don't know what that means will find out your phone on heart health, radio, health, radio, cardiologist and specialist Dr. Franklin and is part health radio we are calling today were the North Carolina Fairgrounds show here is our telephone number you want to talk to Dr. Franklin Whipple 9198609789198609783 I will throw you a curveball I can to curveball. You can't. That's why the basement I got a bunch of things in my medicine cabinet over the all have.

While not all most and as a ID right in saying I know that it stands for non-steroidal. What time yet inflammatory. Okay, so this means. This means that there must be somewhere a steroidal anti-retro so prednisone Solu-Medrol still so what is the natural state is all helps regulate the immune system so it also helps to induce appropriate amount appropriate amounts of stress to wake you up in the morning to get your arteries, little farmers support is always essential. It's made in the adrenal glands along with those in anti-inflammatory is something that reduces the amount of overall information so it produces white blood cells from attacking things body. When you have also deuces the outside it seems that all those other chemicals that lead to pain and inflammation. So right register or suppose you have an okay that is caused by inflammation in your loans often from these things called eosinophil.

I generally will give a short course of still so prednisone Medrol Medrol was turned out to be really for reducing inflammation. So that's the steroid okay's now with the nonstory you. Let's talk about the most common one asked okay so aspirin in this nonsteroidal drugs work on a different pathway called cyclone oxygen. It's this prevents other inflammatory single protein. What are the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory cards that are common and said that's the class. Is there a leave right now.

Approximate that's in there are many, many others know they have to be laid because when you have a drug that has a nonslip time. Inflammatory because they have side effects too much can destroy the lining of the stomach. The protection from Bassett damage stomach think about right. The stomach that it's an amazing thing that produces mucus it produces.

This type of self.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory there is cyclooxygenase that in the stomach that helps protect it from. So not only are you getting rid of inflammatory products of psychological oxygen have wrist take the information can also destroy some of those protective things, stomach from the same sort of pathway. Instead of leading to the stomach and their people will say okay I got this thing says insane on and then two hours later and I'm still feeling pain, to take this thing also says insane salinity. Let me give you know want to take too much. You don't want to take too much answer but guess what works is taken together same time as they work in different pathway and said plus the terminal and some study done by Dennis right more effective which is caught right if you if you don't want to come together and suppose you strange that smoldered for 40 mg about with the meal with some food to help to three hours later take to the terminal works in the brain doesn't work at the site of the telephone brain will help less, have less of an experience right or is nonchalant, inflammatory development, once again a complete utter explanation of yeah little thing I wanted is not good. Can I get can I get steroidal without a prescription know my answer skip from Raleigh. Welcome to the show are on heart health radio.

I will welcome the like all and neurology consult really hard with no right all kinds of other things like talking right about touch releasing his right might like to touch window with the current fix my touch massage which is different.

Chiropractic is actually the direction massage and I think a big part of that is touch. Now you know the street. Dr. of medicine Dr. osteopathy back in the day that the bone doctors of osteopathy have become allopathic solution which means that even medicine even if pathological

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