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March 27, 2021 3:52 pm

Heart Health

Heart Health Radio / Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander

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Welcome to heart health radio specialist Dr. Franklin was never information purposes only. Talk to Dr. this is heart health radio where you can get better stay healthy and spot medical mission formation Alexander behind a big microphone will Dr. Franklin we fault I don't talk about what better yeah and stay healthy bowed about. It was a week ago Wednesday. So were talking to one week from last this this past Wednesday I had my surgery and we got a jampacked show in response to back Dr. Brian Bolton from wake med heart and vascular as well as my wife is in the studio Ione. We had to give no push look at how surgery affects families, you know, it's just we got to let people know that the family support is really key, so I wanted to bring in my favorite family support.

She said just help me out. Not cleared to drive yet. In order to get a doctor cannot drive. I don't know but I'm not clear. Dr. Brian Bolton joins us from wake med heart and vascular server could shop. I survived the procedure that really pleased with every aspect operation itself in the recovery and you know you are okay.

You currently get to know your wife and you be a part of this chapter of your life. I had dinner at Alexander's last night and I was just amazed you know just how many patients recover this quickly. Quite a few don't think yeah yeah everything in the recovery process. What was out there that a joint effort between the care team and the patient and everything went went very well and an open and pleased with all aspects of things in somebody's motivated and followed by the addition yeah yeah they can have an answer couple questions because I was wrong. Show about three weeks ago when I thought and said that off pump bypass surgery was reserved for single vessel may be you know a little bit more and as I understand it, Dave.

Surgery was off pump. Can you explain how that is how the heck did you do that, because when I was in my prime over the hill. It was not done so kudos to you how to judge how did you manage to do extensive bypass surgery without the bypass pump removing all the blood from the body and put it through machine and putting it back in, and on their very five-point center and one country for choreographic surgical training out of them out with an area of focus and people throughout the world directly comment observe and learn from certain there, and so I know you always stand on the back people to come before you and Dr. complex was my mental and but yeah me from the beginning of my back hurt and that's something that I've incorporated.

And though it it even at the same no results at the same at the end where you end up with feedback about Amax operation conducted very differently and and the techniques are somewhat different and skill that that that you know needs to be developed and maintained but you know what's been shown throughout their years that no higher volume surgeons are able to get better outcomes in an area compared other surgeons and then compared that in them unique areas are not unique, generic to compared to traditional botnet terms.

Am I correct that he keeps talking about off pump is two weeks to do this thing was to stop my heart completely and then take over from the heart. Use a pump to empty a word off right and then you put a hole in there, would you put blood back in.

You take the blood out from the right side of the heart or the right and the other way is to slow my heart down so Brian tell us more about how this is actually done because I think it's just amazing. Her you correct your traditional way on pump at the Hartland BiPAP machine. It was reported that it and though that that's where you stop the heart and for the patient utilizing the heart-lung bypass machine and then went on the you know the non-beating collapse part, you're able to to go on our heart, all competent without using that machine.

Therefore, the unit heart still beating in that you know what keeping the patient alive during the operation, though I know you can you can through the chest being open. You can do this in the heart in a variety of different positions to get that different sides of the heart that though on the artery just like you know you if you stand on your head. You know your heart still beat you can kind of elevate the heart and it will work just fine and and though and then there's some great devices that have been developed by companies in and that stabilized local position of the heart the way to think about it you have a little you know a small little fork in the and in between the times of the fork. There's some suction cup that goes on either side of the vessel that can embolden old hold that part of the order. The heart still within the actual part of the heart in the vessel you're selling on it is relatively still in faith based field so you have to attach the bypass too big to come in out of the heart how you punch a hole in the and so the bypass on it. While the blood is still flowing… Tells how you do that. So yet though it's a magic that you know without some of the bypasses are you only you can artery in and got wanted the one and in fact from its source in the cut the other end so that on the heart. Another is where we take an artery or vein and the one end of it artery beyond the blockage and then we need a source of the blighted, though the other source will be coming from the aorta and aortic assembly. The tree trunk of the your arterial tree until we go on an already aortic to deliver blood to the other and so the other two ways that are commonly John wanted. You can bit, but just a small you will recall side biting clamp on the aorta.

It excludes the blood flow through a small area of the aorta and blood can go around the area you plan and beckon it with a device called the heart string device and basically what that is that you know that will punch a hole in aorta and simultaneously employ death, like an upside down umbrella and so then you can go to the old.

It was created by the punch because no blood is coming through because of the upside down umbrella on the inside of aorta and then when you're when you're done filling it all in it. It's all coiled up like a no braided rug or a coiled up bakeware you: one end and it unraveled is a long string, so that month. Everything flowed up and and you can, therefore, can be removed safely without causing any bleeding. This is okay as I have at least one family member who have more than one bypass surgery. Dr. Bolton as much as this was a wonderful experience.

How do I avoid coming back to you in 10 or 15 years looking like the doctor we called water know we had all we had were going to have stakes in storefront next week so we got special dispensation for that but no sugar, no sugar were not allowing them to sugar. I'm a diabetic and am watching my sugar. I'm also going to be watching the cholesterol number like crazy) and what else blood pressure and never smoker.

Your group affected the type of heart disease that that you have is the type of art caused by diabetes. Diabetes got part of the lot of know it specifically that mean that no blockages and are your heart and keeping your diabetes under excellent control and targeting hemoglobin A1c with a round pick, that demonstrates that over a three month time. You've been maintaining a very tight control of your diabetes that will deftly help slow down and prevent further disease.

Keeping your cholesterol under excellent control in one of the things that the demonstrated take a drug called a statin.

Like Crestor, Lipitor meant that over a 10 year. There is an increased survival on the statin. That's not related to the lowering effect of cholesterol, though we learn that the statin will also slow down the development of new blockages. Even if you have optimal cholesterol can control and don't necessarily need that simply because your cholesterol being elevated in aspirins vitally important as well. Absolutely.

That helps prevent any future parking a decreases risk of heart attacks and help bypass graft. They open longer and work better. This is some I have no aspirins. But what is adding Plavix or Breitling turn to that helpful to keep the grass open yet so there's been a variety of of trials looking at that and what we refer to that of the dual antiplatelet therapy first agent of Aspen in the second agent is something that works on pilot a little bit stronger like the polenta and and so there's been basically a handful of trials that showed us that it is either doesn't help or does help, but it doesn't hurt easily with the trials that she is now everybody Plavix I put everybody on Plavix for at least three months after surgery okay there's other data there's other data out there that will utilize ample enough you had a heart attack. There's evidence that being on on Balint. Plavix will help decrease. You improve your survival if you stay on that released a year after a heart attack. The compass supplement had a mild heart attack. There's other reasons why will put them on doing everybody's listening to those two dockable tire chains a perfusion asked the nurses everybody top 50 hospitals in the country for cardiac surgery. That just is fantastic. We've got you and your crew in the hospital here in Raleigh to save lives. Thank you Dr. yet appreciated not appreciate you giving shout out to the team with it without me thinking that we have a wake med there's no way that we've been able achieve that topic. Heart Hospital United States by IBM on analytics two years and wrote back, not just highlight expertise of the entire team and I bless you, so thank you for all to come apart seen a couple weeks.

Big shout out to the folks on the ICU ward. The first two nights thing was a first and knows a lot of lost time when you're in the hospital. I think I spent two nights in the ICU and it was a you know they hear it is the middle of the night and there happened those nurses are really on okay will talk will talk about other things today including covert in herd immunity. The former CDC director says blame it on the Wuhan land use these in a heap of trouble from press now for having said that, yeah, because they just don't want to believe pop tarts good for you, bad for you because I had one this morning.

Did you really hope I don't think you're good for me.

Turn hot good fit for you. Not sure taste good. They do find that's on heart health radio on the heart health radio network listen to heart health, radio, and Apple podcast sort of heart health was a story out saying why you should never eat pop tarts ever. But the thing is okay. We talk this is been a theme of the show. There will talk with a low glycemic index of things which not only help keep you in picture.

Diabetes prevent heart disease, but are important to avoid apparently now because number one high fructose corn syrup little use cane sugar US anymore. What is that they take corn make a commission out of it and then add an enzyme which turns it into fructose and sucrose and glucose and apparently there are some people who believe that the high fructose corn syrup may actually be worse than regular sugar. But the big thing now they're saying is the oils and there are certain parts of the oils that they claim will decrease your immune systems fierceness so I will say this okay yes pop tarts are good for you but like everything else you know, get yourself a pop tart.

Reward yourself once a month. It's a frosted cake. How could he possibly be good for you. Absolutely no you don't.

What they would avoid that with this horrible thing of the week. Everything's gonna kill. That's right into the pop tart you eat is not going to kill you unless you eat a pop tart three times a day for life or if you're diabetic, you should not at all. Catherine Clemens thank you for holding on how you doing today Catherine good. What can we do for well figure out what I need to do like my hideout.

I went to my doctor have a new doctor for my back.

I and when I was leaving they said something about pulmonary hypertension would never had before.

And then my they took my blood that day. My cholesterol is 220 why my HDL is 83 and my LDL with 125 amide triglyceride list that I need to not like if I should be going to write Dr. find it, take a statin note, try to take reggae ready to write something to help you know regulate what going on things that really learn the subject pulmonary hypertension how to figure out percent said only that, that it was on my chart that my previous doctor never mentioned it because I know I never heard it before. I never heard that I can't have you ever had an echocardiogram or heart ultrasound on your chest with a summary picture I allow hot race around and light 40 feet and I basically have what they consider a regular irregular heartbeat. Several healthy ways that we think okay with the diagnosis pulmonary hypertension spinal for several weeks. We do this fancy maneuver will be see how much blood is flowing through the right side of your hard, shy, and it's real important to know that you can be tagged with having pulmonary hypertension and is not true. So yeah if somebody thought the past year, public hypertension, I would get to a cardiologist and have them redo the study because you sound great. Usually people reported hypertension of lung disease. The shorter breath. So I'm saying I'm not saying you don't.

I'm saying that quite often of my practice.

I see these numbers are come out on the ultrasound and they're just not correct. Now can I ask you a rude question was posed as women have major it's incredibly sensitive, good. Is there a family history of heart trouble quarter I don't know exactly what my parent of light 40 years ago. She had high blood diabetes and I get he had the problem that I diabetes and that he had gangrene in the leg and began operation in 19 Hathaway is the standard Dr. find out if you can take a statin and asked the doctor if you should they save lives. I'm very much in favor of stands for everybody.

You can take them certain people can't deliver disease.

Things like that but don't listen to Facebook. Don't listen to the People's pharmacy when the studs are bad or great. They save lives. Second thing is exercising. You don't need to be Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you lift weights that's good it does help. That's been proven but walking 3540 minutes at a brisk pace to five times per week. That's what brings down the risk of heart trouble and then blood pressure keep it under control. Never smoke cigarettes and I think my recommendation would would basically be sick cardiologist asked them if you knew statin.

They can do other test you have cholesterol buildup in arteries to the brain, in which case that's an ultrasound test you would sublet you might need a statin and then check out this pulmonary hypertension business because we haven't talked about public hypertension in about a year with a very serious condition have a blood pressure in your body yeah 120/70. But when you're right heart pumps your lungs. It has to pump to get a pressure to an anything really over 25 to 30 is high and it constrain your Harlequin come from sleep apnea can come from lung disease. So somebody put in your chart. The AAA hypertension. I would definitely see a cardiologist get that checked out Catherine thank you thank you very much. And a certain age should we all have cardiologist no and I'm looking to say that because that would be kind of self-serving. You should see a cardiologist. Anybody with shortness of breath and chest discomfort. No matter what age you are because you don't. I've had a two-year-old. She had had open heart surgery price never arteries you bore the wrong place where they were born with arteries in wrong place. If you have a family history of very high cholesterol. If you have very high blood pressure that you can't bring down with you and your family doctor working together is all sorts of ways to fix that. You don't need to run after cardiologist. If you feel great, you don't smoke blood pressures on the control and you don't have a family history you don't have diabetes see your regular doctor are your internist or your family physician. Primary care physician regular basis, but no more than a talk with Rose open North Carolina health about vaccine eligibility to talk to my wife here in studio on heart health, radio, now back to heart health have a question for Dr. we fall. Call 919-8609 73 had better stay healthy and smart medical misinformation on the heart health radio network in the show. Dr. Franklin we fall.

We are with us and Rose open for North Carolina health Rose thank you very much for joining us. How you doing how are you doing you know something and feel good. I'm looking at right now Rose look for colors we could go a week ago Wednesday. I felt like I had been kicked by a horse had been.

I know they brought a horse of your word kicks you asleep, open me wide open to the world and close me up in good it did me some good. So I'm feeling great. This is a testimony or testament to the great Carrie got it's just phenomenal. Listen, the vaccine eligibility is starting to open up and we're having an internal discussion here in studio. Where are we now know about about 13 adult has had one vaccine in North Carolina wanted five adult is fully vaccinated in North Carolina so and flagging demand in a couple counties like Cumberland County angered Craven County's letters so governor said let you know open up vaccine eligibility so April 7. It it gets much more open and it'll be open to many many bordellos and a good thing that got a lot of friends were like now is seventh. Do you know where I don't think we are in group or so it spoke to our adults.

It still only adults over the age of 18 for the Pfizer vaccine and thinking during a vaccine can save. That's all it studied and completed studying right now and bring group for which it spoke to have their like essential workers to have a pre-existing condition that could put them at risk that once I get the group 5 in early April. Everybody so it's going to be under the canopy. Hopefully a lot more demand and and people who are looking to get vaccinated.

You know folks in their 40s and 50s who haven't been eligible up as I was looking at the glass cases and I saw like a little uptick in this kind a little bit to cover that isn't real or we see well you know you know that hospitalization is a lagging indicator at cases and what we're seeing is that I think that that drop off that we saw from January on what flow you know the governor is, I think that as of last night lathers mandate went away and I think there is a worry that we may see a little more case activity having their seeing that and in Michigan, for example, there have another little search. I think we want to be advantages we have here in North Carolina that the weather is warmer than a place like Michigan so if people want to socialize. They can do it outside. It's not miserable. We had folks over in our backyard. Last night we that you know can put part we were able to chat around all maintenance and people and that was great plenty warm. But if you're in a place where the colder and you want to your kind of feeling like you know I've got it to my wife doesn't have friends over a thinker starting to feel little more case activity in a quick spring break and kitten bar and you know the right thing that they think well yeah and that is that is that that is the fear so but the good news is that many, many, and you know II that actually is good. That brings up a good point that is something I like to research which is how many people over the age of 75. What percentage of the books have been vaccinated. What percentage of the 70 age 65. My guess is that it help getting close to half if not more so. It means that those folks are less likely to be in the bull's-eye for the for the virus know where the were saying the British South Africa Brazilian variance now because I have what I understand, I asked the secretary and secretary comment about this week how much testing, genomic testing are doing pretty low amount. Carolina really doing about four out of every thousand tests that we can test and other states are doing five out of every hundred for example, so we really need to step it up and think they call and said that they are starting to really ramp up that genomic testing. Apparently the variant that we are seeing most here is British variant, which I understand is far more infectious.

Whether it's more dangerous lining.

If you're infected it's dangerous right but whether it's gonna make you sicker is it still a little bit of a? But we are seeing the British variant that Brazilian variance way I would be happy if we kept that way for good because it sounds like that one is a hot math think you know I want everybody to just to search out and find North Carolina health and and consider joining up for your newsletter and contributing thank you, thank you so much for little talking actually I try we put it off long enough. Ladies and gentlemen, my wife here in studio most dangerous moment of my week now.

What I like what I'm trying to let everybody know that it's not just the heart Hospital. It's not just the surgeon, not just your primary care physician and cardiologist is not just the radio host. Component of this team is the family and especially for men and others.

It's a wife for wives, it's the husband and so I want to give to Melissa Alexander the great job without you. He wouldn't be hearing so quickly.

The first nights I was home from the hospital or tragic to me. They were just I could barely move.

The first night and could barely move and I've been forcing myself up but but you know in order to get up when you've had this kind of surgery you are supposed to have helped Helms what is you have to do to help them is first wasting I think the hardest thing was getting him up and out of the bed when you're in the hospital, the better are raised and you can have an electric bed, no, no, everybody should like, I agree. Now describe how you would get him out of the bed. He would kind of put his arms over his chest, and I would kind of come over him and pull off on his one side of his shoulder, lifting forward for him to bring a seat around it was rolling over would not be a good start as her hands hands her elbows sword in your arms as you hurt your back.

My back was sore because you know the last thing you will want this heard me.

Thanks. The other thing I think is is the cook. Have you had to do more of you if you ever help around the house. How do you find yourself you so to be honest I work from home so I was trying to get dinners together. Anyway, that wasn't a big thing, but I would say definitely working from home taking care of him getting dinners that it is a whiny know that I would've expected him.

He just went up and down the rope and down and telling me stop. Yeah just slow down, don't do that.

I disagree long as you're not lifting, pushing, pulling with your arm so for walking is fantastic. Don't sit easy bore out. If you have a book by Julio Calandra. Yes, I do work alone to think anybody so you know this is something that told me not to bring up on me to bring it up bowel function.

Postsurgical can be extremely difficult, thank you pastor you in the hospital was safe. No, sir. Have you have a number two is a number to know what all had about Anna, and I think now. But you know there's plenty of time for that we put off things over to don't do what you do when he was in me you basically went to nurse mode. Tell me what you do want you to know. So basically I went to the drugstore and I got bottles of you can hang me see him something, citric Museum, citric Got a couple bottles of those fleets. Magnesium citrate is about an easier compound should not use that if you have kidney failure or kidney problems because the magnesium to toxic levels. Okay sweetheart among his phosphor so that its phosphorus yet so yeah don't use that if you have kidney failure. Make sure that before you do what were saying here that your doctor has said this is okay. Yes, but then didn't work. When prunes you send you mixed up a deadly cocktail juice and MiraLAX with a little pinch of gunpowder little pinch of them. How long did it take another course was a real difficult started. All I'm going to tell you at this point from now were just put a line under this organist stop this conversation. I got one more thing to talk a little bit once it when it was all of the plug MiraLAX and watch out for strangers as much because it's got sure.

Now when the time we did a job, not utilized something called the black cow yeah it's milk molasses.

Okay. Works like a charm.

Source sailing to keep the fluids up milk and molasses recalled in the black cow yeah let me tell you it's an enema and it will get you going and sharing its own natural.

Thank goodness. Thank you, Melissa need a list of the unsung heroes yes okay Melissa Alexander, listen to what she said don't whine right right and when they ask you in the hospital.

Have you had a bowel movement taking a series right it is a serious medical condition.

Although it's embarrassing Jim and four Oaks thank you very much for interrupting this conversation I'm doing. Jim will go right in. Job's Dr. this is the program I enjoy program been a loyal listener probably laughing 40 cereals for over 70 you well but anyway the reason Colin and I have a history of heart and family have a backup so they'll figure that? You but I have a good cardiologist you inserted group. Dr. Janice and the will play even though I'm real close to your boat sometime I would love for congee. I have a stroke couple years ago words don't come out clear or Dr. Locke. I intended the question to the doctor and congratulations and thank you for is what technology do. My question is about nicotine addiction. I live I have never smoked, grew up in the back of form, new better than? I do have an addiction for chewing tobacco not the snow along with all the beach. The red man and addicted to give you the warning run on.

I now know it goes back right every morning. My question for the doctor is how nicotine person has a history of you is not nicotine because nicotine is is not my cell phone for me. There's some people went out there is nicotine is a good drug that helps people come down officially for you. The issue is the stuff in the spirit so y'all know you put the big charger mouth and you carry around a little thing and you spend that brown book is can cause mouth cancer and you get a swallow something that you don't want to cause cancer of the esophagus, and cancer of the stomach for me. Smoking is is is pleasurable not just for the nicotine affected my brain because we feel the Malones and for a lot of people who chew drip is called the snow.

It's the taste that it's the feeling of that expansion of juicy stuff in your mouth so nicotine addiction is not so bad nowadays because there are nicotine replacement things calm lozenges you got all sorts of things. So for you the shawl is not the nicotine danger. It's the poisons that chemical that are in the brown shoes that can cause oral cancer, gum, cancer, mouth cancer, esophageal cancer, especially if you drink alcohol and chew because the alcohol dissolves the chemicals that it floats all the way down to people who drink alcohol and shoe have a very high risk of mouth, esophageal cancer you heard from the doctor. Jim switch several years ago sugar-free product so that's about understanding what about the product. Product Jim you say is if you were switching to sugar-free bubblegum you might be a whole lot better than sure they are a lot cheaper product I've ever gotten ridiculously when I first started, probably 70 years ago. All I product was about $0.50 or less, clouds over five dollars per pack. That alone is a good girl. 02 by raising taxes to get people to smoke. Plus it works sure Jim got a go okay will thank you for your service.

I endured the program.

Melissa never wake and continued the good work and probably listen them. Thank you can call us again.

We love talking to Sir she got a bunch of people shout out some great news medicine including Duke and Krispy Kreme not often we put them together. It's a shout out for Krispy Kreme in just a moment on heart health radio in the heart health radio network. What you are sitting here saying we shall we know what we got a bunch of people shot first. I went to a funeral this morning.

It was wonderful, beautiful, wonderful human being and Valerie Tompkins is the mother of my personal assistant is doubtless Tompkins. Valerie was my patient we found along this long story short, she had a very aggressive type of lung cancer was two years ago we kept her going.

Dr. Russell Anderson and some other people involved in her care and she passed early this week it out. She's in heaven she's smiling. She's not suffering.

The great thing she got to really good years after diagnosis of an aggressive lung cancer is a testament to the care she got not just from the doctors, but also from her family were just wonderful group of people. Krispy Kreme is one of offering a free doughnuts will know this is either a shout out, or she could because we were into sugar and anti-flower white center glazed doughnut flour and sugar and so if you get a coronavirus factory you get a free doughnut once a day from Krispy Kreme and don't have to wait until the sign goes up that is hot and ready you and so that's good because it can encourage all of us to not listen to the Facebook weirdos get your vaccine. It'll really help not just you but the country but then there's a two edge sword. So if you going to do it right, but not every day to say once every two weeks to get your glazed over. I can't. I can't go ever. Well you crew at this point I'm not get invented glazed doughnut that's made out of what sunflower people you I don't almond flour and Splenda. Yeah, that's nothing to be good because you never know. I know every time we try to replace sweet stuff with something that's not going to hurt me or flour and saturated fats with something that's not going to hurt me, it ends up taking the cardboard cardboard. Not bad. No supreme sure is good for certain seaweed or something about Duke University's Dixon involved in something that I think we should do it from the start, and that the kids need the vaccine so there now involved in the study of kids talking about young kids, to adolescents there studying the covered 19 vaccine I didn't predict that it's going to work and it's good to be safe, but I didn't test when we came out with Pfizer, modernity stopped at age 60, right so and then the idea pregnant women.

There are voluntary, some of more to be in studies to see if it's safe, and so I'm just a shout out this whole program, Duke Jenison answer. Yale University finally got around to firing the psychiatrist and delete what we she was abolishing about six times right and she's a psychiatrist who took it upon herself to diagnose Pres. Crump as a paranoid schizophrenic homicidal maniac and anybody who supported sure homicidal suicide, not suicidal, homicidal maniacs and you can't Mrs. Martin are very careful with my callers can't diagnose you or them over the phone. It's not right because you have to look at the patient. You have to listen to their heart and lungs. You have to have a prolonged conversation before you diagnose somebody and she never went to the White House and investigated. Examine Pres. Crump or any of the other supporters and so this was sub rosa. I mean I just found out should been fired because the new story is one of the trump supporters is suing her for announcing on error that he was mentally ill. You you can't you cannot even worsen across the table. You are not my cardiologist to open your rehab. This is a boundary right okay the boundary issue is that you and I are close on a personal level and so when you are close and personal with your families, your close friend should not be there doctor right but you could not diagnose me you don't have my chart chart you know everything about my medicines but you don't have my chart I got this right right but I also don't have a stethoscope to listen. Sure, I don't have much sphygmomanometer right right what is that all you knew that I knew that and so you know who let somebody know laid hands on you and stethoscope so you would look you in the eye and talk to extensively diagnose you, which is wrong. I mean, you suspect strongly that I'm a paranoid schizophrenic your sure know I think you're delusional. Delusional because because you think that I'm a good guy and that's really delusional that's very this is heart health radio get better stay healthy spot medical misinformation another hour coming up next. The following is a paid program and the views expressed are those of the host and guests and do not reflect the opinions of W PTF or Curtis media group information provided is of a general nature listener seeking specific advice should contact a licensed professional in the appropriate area welcome to heart health radio cardiologist in the final medicine specialist, Dr. Franklin is better stay healthy spot medical misinformation to heart health, radio and podcasts heart health on FM 90 8568.

This is your last hours union Dave Alexander on the recorder bypass surgery just about nine days ago. It was a week ago Wednesday, so that's 10 days I feel good and looks great if you could just see him and soon we will have our our Facebook log back and were heading towards YouTube channel. We still want you to listen because you never know what don't we fold to say or do but he's got rosy cheeks, you know, I want to say this rosy cheeks use hand surgery is a good thing. Really miss smiling okay right on rosy cheeks means you're getting better now, rosy cheeks can be assigned something called fifth disease your no because there were four no common illnesses in viruses and kids and it was the fifth one describing call slap shakes electric syndrome certificate is rosy cheeks, and consider that Dave looks fantastic and blessed are we had a surgeon on Brian Bolton and he talked about it so if you want to hear, and you haven't heard Apple podcast you go to W PTF and then you can find it on there because it was just a great hour and then we have Melissa Alexander on talking about how families support and save lives in the postoperative patient. Yes were going to talk at this hour about the X CDC director who says guess what Cove did can be blamed. More than likely on the Wuhan lab and boy did he stick his foot in it and I happen to agree that there is a lot of evidence that it screw right but I'm not on the step of 11 for I know it screw the J&J vaccine. Where can you get because a lot of people are now all that's the number one question. Therefore there saying to themselves. I only want to get stuck.

Yes so so so auto resolve. I just found out working on getting 3000 versus last week of the children vaccine.

Unfortunately, not being distributed evenly yet, but wake County has it so if you want to find out how to get specifically the J&J wake County health Department will be able to tell you we can get so you can get your vaccines now many different places and this is one of my barbers is that elderly individuals need the vaccine offered to have computers right and so on. Walgreens and CVS. I believe Walmart make you sign up online so if your kids are out there. Their computer savvy. They can do it for you. You don't personally have to do it they can do it for you. They can sign you up and it's real important to get this vaccine now everybody wants is primed exaggerating. I do this a lot a lot of people want the J&J workshop. That's quite and I think that don't don't worry, all three of them will be effective for you mostly prevent you from getting the when you if you do get it more than likely you have a mild case, so the stuff that while so-and-so was tested positive, and had the vaccine that's going to happen. We know that's just like if you get the vaccine.

You can get the flu but it's much, much, much more likely to be a very mild case and in fact would J&J AstraZeneca. Not a single person in their studies who had their vaccine versus the placebo.very few went to the ICU and another 76% effective 92% effective. Those are very high numbers for vaccines so I definitely encourage you J&J's a single shot. The Pfizer motor are two shots now one one-shot a month apart from the other shot get whatever's available right, don't hesitate J&J's great but if you can't get it in your county and you can get the motor shot doesn't hurt that much to me when you got yours. Did you I knew nothing on the beach, honest the shot itself didn't hurt us next day with the first dose.

I had a little bit of soreness. I got no not for loop with the second dose muscle axis II days later, low-grade fever, I felt achy when away in a couple days and believe me, that's nothing compared to what you get what Cove Steve interim welcome to heart health radio. Are you doing Steve well that you really well thank you very much what's going on with my question is about the vaccine. Now someone Dr. is recovered at about an currently antibodies that that will get the database.the one one-shot good I'm reading it. Thanks, shot at something called a viral vector, and it might not work as well.

The others because of the way of reacting to the violence which one might be more effective because of its


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