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March 6, 2021 2:16 pm

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Welcome to heart health.

When you board certified cardiologist and infernal medicine specialist Dr. Franklin with an old radio cartel radio radio radio talk to Dr. Hart, health radio, now a two hour radio program. If you begin the radio in Raleigh were two hours on the on the Apple podcasts were a good two hours Dr. Franklin we fall here in the studio them. Talk about medicine today as opposed to last week we talked about other stuff home improvements. I don't know Johnson & Johnson vaccine yeah let me try to explain because the Michigan Detroit Mayor yeah was good to get 65,000 doses of the judgment vexing and return them down said don't bring them to Detroit. He didn't, there I want to make sure everybody understands that the J&J vexing is a wonderful vexing. What's the problem is that some of Derrida and the Pfizer are supposedly 92% effective, but 75% effective know what is that really mean in the study that they did Jesus vaccine thousands of people and they gave the vexing, the placebo vexing to thousands of people, and of all the cases that they people wound up in the study getting covered 92% were in the placebo group.

Only 8% of the Pfizer and the motor group got because it had had the vexing okay now J&J was behind in time. So when they did their study of the people in this study got coded 75% were in the placebo group and 25% were in the comfort of the vexing but remember one thing the J&J also would words drawn in the South African.

Your right hand and the British.

You're so now we know that the Pfizer in J&J vexing the Pfizer in the dirt of vaccines are less effective against those variables so you can't really compare them. It's it's comparing apples to oranges and oranges being those tough and nasty variance.

Now the most important thing to remember about any vaccine that you can still get the illness. So please, vexing some near their 75% effective right some year that only 30% effective.

Why should you get the vexing anyway because if you've gotten a vaccine on the bottom by large you get a less serious infection right so the J&J had data that the Pfizer Motorola Match and that is the people who got the J&J vaccine had far fewer hospitalizations, but knowing that nobody died, so nobody died of the virus right who got the judgment vexing. So if I'm offered Johnson & Johnson's vaccine taken the heartbeat take it in a heartbeat be because it it's it's as effective. I think so. If you now again.but unlike Dr. Fauci I don't like to make predictions okay. My major prediction about how bad this would be for this country was just totally wrong life and I don't think people should be making predictions because I mean this is just bitter crazy pandemic where it's defied logic and some with but what I'm saying is I'll bet you earn more than likely that if they did the study now yes J&J versus motor. I bet they would be very similar. Because remember, the J&J was tested tried-and-true before the South African variant was huge and the J&J got a ton of South African variant exposures during the trial, so now you know what is how she said he thinks the Pfizer Derrida are probably 75% effective against the South African variant.

It's not 92% rush so the advantages of J&J don't have to store -80 and number two it was proven 75% effective with one as they say in Britain, one jab that yes they shot Najaf jab take it yeah and I think the Detroit producer Detroit Detroit you say Detroit. I have a Detroit I think is wrong. I'm not going to give him the shame like this is listening to quotable quote experts that it's quarter quote less effective right but take if you can have it and I would I choose it over motor. I whatever when I can get force. Yeah. So if you're out there listening. Don't believe the people who say it's less effective if you get the J&J vexing to be in that group who got a vexing and not died from covert and that's amazing when you think about were still losing 1400 people a day. It's just awful.

Although our numbers are down there… Is nationally undergoing down the numbers are good going down but still high like it was October can only mean it is that this order search was worse than productive going. They all said all finally get together and sing Christmas carols and all it did you have a Christmas party. No, I didn't either. No, no, we did not get what we did in the office.

What we had the best Christmas party. So, are you not this past year with Europe before we rented out American Legion Hall and we had TJ and we had ever seen Photo Booth sure that we can dress up in these costumes.

It's a mirror, magic mirror yeah and we danced and everything. I missed that right so that's one of the things that I hope we can get back to soon because were social. No animal we love to get together why because that's how we get a large part of the wonder in our lives. Using social and not so today show and talk about a prediction from Dr. Fauci that the vaccine might have a limited lifespan that is protect your protected for a certain period of time and not after work I will talk about women. Symptoms could set a good news about migraines organ to talk about the idea of the doctors are becoming dog rumors know I saw the headline for this doctors becoming dog rumors will look at that and apparently your business the business of being a doctors agony. That's what it's coming back are used to see 40 people on average a day I'm up to 30 but during the bad, and I still probably get six or seven cancellations a day.

Really it is for people who are number one expose length at high risk or symptoms, and those people who say look, I'm not ready to conduct the office because I'm afraid you're gonna get it on the get it from somebody. We are very careful with her so we call everybody and we ask them if they had covered like symptoms. In the last 15 days and if they been expose.

If they had any reason to get a covered testing with the cover test showed that we screened her carefully were doing something that we thought would be effective. It is not affected the Mexican temperatures when they come in the slide open the glass door.

You stick your head through the report that infrared thing again for head up okay but the only people who have gotten in my office and been covered. Positive were asymptomatic to the answer no to all the questions I except one person lied and they went to church and the church had 15 people test positive in the mechanics of writing think I should have to tell you that because I don't have any symptoms, thus wobbling. She was positive that nobody got covered in my office. Not one single person has been placed to my office getting covert for a while there before I got the vaccine I was testing myself every week because the last person in the world I wanted to believe he asymptomatic her house in 30 people today and so I were my mask in the office. It's very difficult because I have to leave lips in order to really understand why so every nominal assembly took the master cyclist & high-frequency hearing loss is a terrible thing I know and that's what I have on the neurons in my high-frequency receptors are. And you know that's been people have discovered that they have hearing loss during code because they can't understand what people are saying and they don't realize they were using liquid to also understand along with the sounds. Why would doctors become dog, so she look at radiology. For example, radiology is dependent upon a lot of elective studies selected CT scans elected a motorized show elective x-rays. When you bake some practices are down 40% in their elective studies.

So there's a woman in California who was in a big radiology practice and she was last hired, first Lakota she's on a furlough so she said what you know there's all these online radiology practices where I considered my office and they send something from India where they send something from Africa, and on the Internet and I can leave the study that I can send it back okay so she quit after being enrolled in this program because she was supposed to read 9200 studies for $2000 a month that on the average radiologist. For example, get 80 bucks for a CAT scan know that's what the radiologist gets radiology practice for a CAT scan is a thousand. That's why there are independent radiology practices nonsexual to the hospital because the hospital will get facility fee or the technical free and the radiology practice will get the technical sleep loss and additional physician Street.

So for example when I do an ultrasound of the heart, I get a whole lot more than if I'm in the hospital reading the studies because the hospital gets so even if you look at the smaller physician Street. She would've gotten $920,000 on average from reading 9200 studies. I don't know any radiologist in my social group or business group or practice their inner office get region who it's 9002 studies a month to ridiculous 2004, so she quit now she's a mom and she's homeschooling her kids. There are several physicians who were in emergency room's believe, and I'd rethink some of she rooms a rocksolid partner not an urgent care centers rent way down. Some are not.

Way down. But a lot of marks of this document furlough so what are they doing the work in boxes whether they were committed to operating places.

The working hardware stores there working in any job they can get you pull up to the drive through and there's your kids. I remember Elvis.

I know Elvis is alive because you saw him at the drive-through will now I know my doctor still alive because I haven't actually had them in my fries and then had a touchless payment system. I get my cardiologist was at the drive through.

He wouldn't say would you like fries with this he would probably say something like Mr. Jenner. I don't think you really want fries with this we have a slice that we have healthier options right there. What are you writing elected to it that they're not going to McDonald's in the happy meal option was extra fries were sliced apples was no question.

There were good extra fries. That's I raise my kids are probably wrong. I listen if you want to jump in on this conversation or any other you hearing the radio, or if you got a question about your own health. 919-860-9783 is the telephone number. Shame coming up beyond the see what people are saying you only hear what folks are saying and are saying is wrong that's come up on the shame segment on heart health radio on the heart health radio network.

This is heart health radio hour telephone number 919860978 recall any time and get up on the show absolutely reloaded when you call.

Don't be afraid vernacular, your voice will sound good on the radio and the questions that we've gotten our surprise. Not surprisingly, but are amazingly great questions and I think that you wore questions help what were trying to do share which is educate get people to stop thinking in the wrong way to accept the fact that modern medicine is a great thing and you don't have to believe the stuff you read on Facebook about how crazy the world. Now I have found a couple of articles this week or have been made aware about a couple of articles that one. One said it was from up a website called best life.

You know, sort of a lightweight article of this is the whole website is sort of you know, because I health and medicine and is says that you will if you drink this, you'll become resistant to antibiotics and it was and it was artificial sweetener yeah and you know that thing is that they do some studies here in a laboratory to produce some your scientists will return to the bunch of bacteria addition then add amoxicillin and say well you know it didn't quite kill the amoxicillin didn't quite kill the bacteria as well and then they'll translate that into don't drink aspartame you know there's no data there's nothing to tell you that this is true. And so what can happen don't corruption off and working a sugared: instead of diet coke right because there's no evidence of this in sugar is so bad for you I been harping on this for a long time and sugared is so many bad things for your body. Course you know I'm drinking a sugared Mountain Dew right now but sugar causes inflammation under some evidence again on the can say this is true that the more surely the worst susceptible humility to bad coded infections because of higher doses and higher levels of inflammation, so that don't believe that all mesh is one of the things that I will call fitness. There was another article that said that niacin, which is B3 or something of the three commitment. It would save you from all bunch of things that are participant losing no dying of cancer. There is no evidence for the cemetery niacin can hurt. There was medicine the amount that was a slow release niacin and why was a slow release. You take a bunch of niacin, and you were gonna flush and I mean your face is difficult to read and the other problem. Niacin is the can really hurt your liver know that's one of the things I said about statins. Don't take a stand and hurt your liver will niacin, which is a quota quote natural compound in very high doses which is what it takes to lower your your classroom lowers the audio and it raises the HDL. So they made a prescription brand and guess what, when it was finally studied in the right way they randomized double-blind controlled study with good half thousands and thousands of people. This controlled release, high dose niacin regular placebo. It wasn't hard to tell who got niacin because they'll flush and just want didn't help the lowered raise the HDL. But just as many people in both arms got heart attack so that medicine is off the mark because they're more like so don't rush off and start goblet niacin or vitamin B3, they may hide it on the bottle and call it B3 making much more likely to get sick that it is to get well wanted the article did a kind of a weird thing and I just want to spy like just 1/2 a second here. What he did was it claimed that there were responsible that one up was a link to the Mayo Clinic said the Mayo Clinic determined that the will you know niacin will help you beat X, Y, and Z what what it was was okay if your niacin deficiency right, you can get this you get this right is easiness with vitamin D like people who are vitamin D deficient. When they get covered that have a higher risk of having a serious complication from the garbage truck when I said let's supplemented with vitamin D in the Tibet study and the people who got supplemented with vitamin D did not get protected from the serious covert illness that wasn't me probably means that people who have a natural low vitamin D have some sort of defect in their body that they can absorb vitamin D. I mean you go out in the sun and you let the sun hit your arms every second or so somebody knows this will yield 25,000 units of vitamin D are produced in your skin you great but estimate again this is not racist. Don't call me up and say I'm a racist, but this is why think that people in northern latitudes don't have as much melanin because the skin needs to absorb as much UV resolution as possible in the north because you produce your own vitamin D.

People who live toward the equator have more militant because that protects them from the direct rays of the UV light, and they produce just as much vitamin D, but they don't get as much chance of skin cancer so again there might be something wrong with people who have a low vitamin D level that makes them susceptible to a bad case of because it but giving them vitamin D didn't help was the same thing. The Mayo Clinic says those that are niacin deficient or before deficient art hire was for certain illnesses but again that doesn't mean if you take some it makes you less susceptible and so that's where the strangeness of medicine. It makes perfect sense in your mind that if you give yourself which are deficient in you'll be better like, and it does work on deficient you know if if I didn't drink my water every day. I would, I would be being clear in your letter be in terrible shape but drinking 2 gallons of water every day probably is not can improve my Outlook that I think what yeah I meet you drink enough water and where they recommend are a glasses a day. I don't recommend that people heart failure because what happens to them as they fill up with fluid. The Philip of fluid, more often. So before you go off and drink a glass of water a day.

Make sure your don't have kidney failure or we could meet.

Make sure you don't hunt first with the same deal and I can't trailer people have hurt from coming fluid overload every time and most of us a question how much water you drink in the drinking too much water.

Another time to get into it right now before we have to take a break, but Dr. found she says that you might have six months of immunity after getting the shot or the shots from another prediction and you're not a big fan of his productions now and then. You know that's the problem we should never make tried-and-true predictions in this this is heart health radio. Now back to heart health have a question for Dr. we called call 919-8609 73. This is heart health radio you can listen to heart health radio on Apple podcast or the heart health and you can participate in the show every Saturday from noon until two by calling 919-860-9783 you want to talk today about weight watchers are they catching up to the no no diet limited Weight Watchers is pretty successful. I got personal experience my physicians assistant way back when.

About 15 years ago lost 100 pounds on Whitewater. How does Weight Watchers work. Back then they didn't care about the type of food you have a points system yeah so people have these books and they would read and Apple and that was 100 points okay and you were supposed to have an account I can't remember how many points ago you were supposed to have.

But what it was was caloric restriction wasn't mean. That means that most humans I IC 4000 cal a day in the house. A tremendous amount of food I never gain weight so I had something in my gut that wouldn't let me absorb calories but about 1800 to 2000 cal a day is what the average person eats, so will be done at 1400 hrs. reflecting on account so yes you got your points should spread them out.

I guest then you lose weight and you lose weight over time. But now they wised up a little bit and understand that the types of things we talked about which are sugar and white flour products and white rice and white potatoes. Now they've assigned those extra points because they realize that there is something called the glycemic index or the amount of sugar sugar equivalents that you can remember slice of Wonder Bread is for equivalent to 5 teaspoons full of sugar and people to realize that and in sugary things. Simple carbohydrates are returned in fat, my diet recommendations are greens and leader what you should do right and don't know no white flour products like biscuits, bread, and things like that in sugar and they both work pretty well if you're willing to restrict your calories now when you hear a diet plan that says you can eat whatever type of food you eat. Yeah, I want to put in very small quantities right right so you have to make a choice than I did Nutrisystem.

Okay, that's the one Marie Osmond yeah recommends that I did Nutrisystem in the loss remain in the portions were small and I was so hungry all the time. Yeah so you can do caloric restriction. Now remember super size me that was a movie yeah words they went and got supersize from McDonald's every meal and he gained 50 pounds in a month and he felt like you know what yeah so the lady said limit.

One of the nice things about Mickey D's is that everything tells you the number of calories in that particular ceramic and so what you did what she went on the McDonald's diet. She went there for breakfast, lunch and supper and she limited her intake to 12 to 1400 cal a day and three months.

She lost 50 pounds now. Did she have suites now does she have the cookies. Yeah, she had the big Macs with bread yeah but the way she did. It was caloric restriction without which it could have tried and I'm sure the people have tried this get that stuff that McDonald's like big Mac and eat only the greens and the show where the bond so I've had some people who have done.

No, no, or no, no, I called which would be there are no diets that that exclude the white flour, sugar products, and so they go to for example Burger King and I tell you, do you like on the whoppers. No I actually don't don't know, but they would eat a whopper with out the bread take off the bond they beat the whopper nationals were not driving. Of course you know I'm just saying you giddy when you drive yes I do I do to its terrible Corsica and terrible for me because I spilled juice and yeah on all over my sweatshirt and you can have. You can't just eat the meat and cheese and the size of minor standard fingers Livingston Meadow.

Now I'm just at.

It was so is Weight Watchers on your first works but remember you going to be hungry yeah I you claimants restriction I've managed to figure out how to lose weight. You know how you lose weight.

I don't eat so much. I just know what here's another one. I don't need caloric restriction can happen yeah it's called portion control sure in the problem we have talked about this before is you got your mother in the back of your head with food, a wooden spoon yeah about the history across the universe as you didn't finish her plate yeah and so finishing your plate is one of the ways that we get fat. And that's because you eat too many calories when you're full. And the other thing to do is just remember what you used to put on your plate and cut it in half. Or better yet, have somebody serve you. So in your family. This is not a sexist thing was reverse closure woman wants to lose weight, all right.

Have your husband put your food on the plate all really know you not know I glimpse I don't want him putting my food on my plate and or the other way around to find more.

If you are back to have your wife or shouldn't complain about my weight anywhere. That's one thing almost. He's not taking care of himself in trouble the fat has been have the wife put your portions that have your daughter put you portions down and then if you're full even with the smaller portion don't finish it.

Now the other thing people do have drink two or three glasses of water that supper with them at whatever mill that will distend your stomach and make it less likely screwed over so social control works its caloric restriction. See the portion control and my family doesn't work because if my wife puts the food on my plate. She says oh I love him I love him a lot. Let's give him more. Yeah let's give him more food really is like that. She actually set up my plate and she had microwave some leftovers and she put twice as much food on the plate Gasset stop wonderful thing but probably little note. The problem with me is because the spaghetti now you know when I'm full I'm doing about 10 more bites and wiser, tastes good and it assists feedback in your brain.

The clerk calms you down when you're eating food that has the texture and the taste that you grow accustomed to in love found. She says that I'm good for about six months that on this vaccine is in labor, February and February of last year over year ago he got on the news and said codes Lockerbie Promenade says no. Then he said massacre to help us and then he said no. We were one that has never you were to mask the predictions and the advice have been wrong enough that what I've learned that as someone who has a regular show and has some you know influence the community. This don't make production because this has been the worst and Adamic pendant pandemic situation where everything is gone against what we thought it would be number six weeks and refund. That's right. We know where 3 here to this, we are you away from two weeks to flap their and I I predicted 10,000 cases. I'm off by hundred million and and so there's no way to predict this and what she's stating what you basing this on the net is the drop-off in antibody levels in people with hardcoded here's the big mistake is that every time you see someone who's conquered twice is on the news answer. Fingerling is a rare soap car car wrecks.

You don't see too much of Mr. spectacular hundred car wrecks risers of common plane works.

Any plan emotionally dinners because it's where you're safer in a commercial airplane than in any other form of transportation, including one walking across the street.

So if there's a plane crash. It's very spectacular it's very rare, extremely rare to catch care of the twice and when you do the Summerwood system terrible.

Now you can't really tell how susceptible someone is to get encumbered again on the basis of her antibody level. There are illnesses that we had were antibody levels are very small and very low why we resistance them because they're ignoring one of the major initial and immune system protections that we have missed T cell user T cells have nothing to do antibody snow… Go over this again.

Antibodies are little teeny worship urchins that latch onto an invader like a bacterial or a virus and they recruit other cells and macrophages and she sells to eat up and destroy those invaders. What there is an initial T cell response is T cells are called natural born killers were the movie humans are natural born killers are told killer T cells and their roaming around your system they can attack things I'd never seen before. Number one and number two. There are a lot of with memory and we don't quite understand the memory but there will be around and say we, I remember that coated yet, to eat that thing they do so that idea you can predict on the basis of previous antibody levels that plop when you can actually had covert versus when they drop after the vaccine and means that we've all got out six months and then we got a shot up again. The putter masks on and go hibernate. It's just ridiculous production and what I would say is we don't know the states. I know you don't want to predict states are now opening back up their students are going back to school is a time limit limit. Put it this way, we cannot destroy our country and longer in the country has been destroyed. We talked little bit about doctors becoming photographers, having students in your family. Yeah, I mean I talk to college kids ice. I have hired some high school kids who work in my office now because there's nothing else to do right and I said go ahead when it's time for class back in the back room and open up your computer do the classes might about two hours a day. That is terrible and I don't know what were doing to sacrifice over year of education to our kids and my daughter think Josh got all just say it returns to Catholic school if they have not stopped classes. I stopped in for one week when they had eight new cases is that okay let's cut back for two weeks and then they went back again and she's very three days a week and she's on her computer tutors with an I've looked at her doing computer work and it is identical to class worksite number lucky that we can afford. We have high-speed Internet we have really really good computer set at home and you have to none this is what the kids do now is a throne soon. Yet, they can block themselves of being on soon and then go and have a coat 40 minutes and come back to walk away and the pharmacists as Your Honor you listen to him. This meant that you can't block your soon my daughter school have to be there and so we got a reopen in regard accept the fact there were limited cases and I must say this now. The publishing for me every week is the teachers unions of the public school is getting hurt the most. In this, it's the underprivileged. I don't know if that's sure a bad word now rely on sale or privilege. Not only can yes using the pictures of of of young students going to Starbucks and their neighborhoods.

Why not to have her coffee or a $10 lot but to use their free Internet right because they don't have the damages you're in? I have no idea why it's at least 100 yada I used to get the cable with my now that I got all these apps that you know our distributor this like $90 a month yes but it's really fast and high-speed sure a lot of underprivileged kids live in the University and don't forget you want to live in the rural areas. You don't have Internet to begin with. So we are wasting our year of education where we say you have to take a risk that you were the teacher dying of Kevin, no I don't think there's a teacher in my daughter school his cotton covert from being in school. Mother are subtly done because of the traced to an exposure in the community. So we've got it open up again. We gotta get these businesses back then we have to accept the fact that there are people who are going to get covert okay and the ones who were susceptible and you never want none number one and number two are susceptible to uncontrolled diabetics and rubies and so half to be really careful because why am lowering my blood sugar and I'm trying to lose weight and go to do. I'm going to do it. I'm going to do it. A telephone number here 919-860-9783 we have had a phone call today love to hear from you. I would love to hear from you any questions at all.prefall is never been stumped, but maybe once or twice but he's almost never been stumped on either a medicine the church taken that he can explain why what I've been stumped, stumped on one or two I think the lady with the optimal logical problem or not another, because so there's a contest stump.we are stop stumped weekly call is up 919-860-9783. This is the heart health radio network, dad. You know this is heart health radio get better stay healthy and medical misinformation by listening every single week on the shout out to today in any Louise Wilkerson. She has a major reserve parking.

I did not know that won't let me just say this women at the doctor. Wilkerson were observed an obituary. Yes and with a 8000 baby she delivered with us. That's not what so fantastic about her. If that she became a prominent physician in the day when women were not doctors in general) it was that there was back when it was called weight Memorial Hospital. She was the first woman to complete an internship and residency that was that Rex then she went to where it met yeah and I just a fantastic physician and this was in the 1930s and 40s and I just want to shout around because nobody can say that they did as much not only to deliver healthy children in this community to build up the concept that women can be just as good if not better physicians than men like she has her home. Mr. falls like nothing. Nature preserve. I recommend that if you have the time and you have the inclination to see the spiritual part because there's lots of little knickknacks and trivia about her and I just can't get enough of her.

There is on WR an article about her and there's a couple of really nice pictures of her and she's just a fantastic lady a fantastic doctor and a fantastic individual really did a lot for our community and for medicine and John Snoopy's on Hillsboro St. in Raleigh. Closing. Now here's the thing I want to tell you.

Most doctors on the regular organist. Say what you had a hot dog, lazy, and I believe that if you want to Snoopy's once a month or twice a month to get the best hotdog in Raleigh and what happened at 619 a victim using a cultural tradition and in wake County and erroneously produces closely and I tell you I used to love the 11 o'clock at night or 10 o'clock at night running down there and get what you and your hotdog I got catch up Chilean arguments they could do it anywhere you wanted and I also like hotdog stands so there is a Lowe's that I go to ribbing on them, which is a home improvement store white line when reason they got from here's what I want to tell you if you're on the none of diet I know know is not 100% no no no no is like what your mother said no no no no you, but still never knowing when you got enjoy your life and so yes the enemies are what we talked about white flour, sugar, white potatoes and white rice. That doesn't mean that you can't do that in my blood pressure is okay a salty hotdog is not that bad that you shouldn't do it all time now entertain example I had a guy who's been 400 pounds, and high blood pressure fine and I would ask what GE said I don't need anything so I finally got his wife was 400 pounds light to proceed through diary yeah what is that she would serve him soon and she would secretly write down everything he had it six hotdogs for dinner the night before his son for small and so is asylum on the right track is going to be a very difficult thing and you know what I'm going to recommend to him what Dr. Piper server because it works because when your stomach is shrunk because it's been sliced and diced and rearranged in 186 hotdogs and in the other thing is that the changes the bacteria that are in your gut. So even if the ovaries hotdogs.

It's much less likely that those bonds are returned and individual sugar molecules in the distorted side under big believer in just a bypass surgery for the morbidly obese and I'm talking about body mass index is greater than 4350 pounds for the pound it works.

And now the general medical community is being educated about how it works and how well it works. And now the fact that they can do the surgery through laparoscopic means, and they do it well.

I highly recommend that if you morbidly obese and you can't lose weight but you find a doctor who believes in customer by customer driven before you think the insurance companies are another letter for our they will all yes and here's the problem with insurance companies. We don't have enough time element had a few minutes with who took the breath had you switched your insurance familiar and online because you work for the state. That's right. I used to shop around.

So I would switch from United healthcare and then the broker, not your back to Blue Cross Blue Shield. Then the deliverable, not good at it.

So the insurance companies were paying for procedures and for medicines that would provide a long-term benefit right because they were short term right I could save money by not giving out this medicine. Even though in for five years.

It was sure benefit, but now I think the getting smarter and I stuck with Blue Cross Blue Shield and I will say this, it's the best insurance on her. I got a $6000 nondeductible. It's affordable. I self-insure that $6000 deductible for my employees and are still made out like a bandit I'm saving $72,000 a year if I got a $500 deductible. It would have been way much more than an extra $72,000 and their pain, their pain, for the more expensive medicines that, for example, reduce your risk of having a diabetic complication right in their pain forum and I think you're being smart because there really recognizing that if people really like their insurance. You can stick with it and not only that the company's consumer benefit fourth-largest on the lawn. Some of my diabetic medicine is horribly expensive failure. If I were to buy it.

I could not afford you know the GLP-1 inhibitor, such as soliciting right $500 a month right $600 mark.

That's right care for that I can't. I could not afford the arm patch them when I get the hat on the 50 bucks really think of him was what was on head which one did you get the name yet. It's no I don't remember.

Unlike another name to Fetzer anyway, that's it. It's a really great thing if you're diabetic is you stick it in your arm and a freestyle Libra is an exit on Libra is another when decks come. Funny how just some poor sap you can remember we gotta take a break. No way this is heart health radio another hour, welcome to heart health radio board certified cardiologist and infernal medicine specialist Dr. Franklin was a heartfelt radio radio.

Radio was never information purposes only and talk to Dr. better stay healthy and smart medical misinformation just by listening to the radio show, but even better by participating caller 919-860-9783 no question is out of bounds. Well, I mean sought relationship questions completely out of bounds but medical stuff. Dr. we fall will have absolute working to talk about organ continue the conversation about weight loss now and medical weight loss. In other words, talk to Dr. about this though because we treat high blood pressure, major health problem. Yes, we intensively treat diabetes.

My major health problem, but one of the worst health problems and right sides of America's morbid obesity and moderate obesity. And yet all we ever do sorta say that stopping this topic not walk, exercise Yep and you don't address it as a medical problem.

You know, I think half there is competition out there for patients. Some doctors do not want to hit you in the head with that one thing that your for that 800 pound elephant in the room. Pardon the expression that that you're saying kid you just gotta lose weight right so fat shaming is is probably the reason why physicians are hesitant to talk about not limiting what I do. I usually don't introduce the fact that yeah I usually choose the fact that when your font or the other just can't edit you just know I you and second are served yeah visit yeah and I explained to them that it is a and we know the night is a metabolic problem.

So I would say to them you high blood pressure.

That's a metabolic problem I eat salt and I did all sorts about things like blood pressure stood on diabetes right sugar different when I try to explain that is metabolic problem that needs to be at rest. Just like use medicine for high blood pressure medicine for David, so maybe we need to use will pick up on the subject and got some, it wasn't medicine to talk about medicines that your doctor can prescribe you to help you lose weight.

So in Apex. Thank you very much for joining us.

How you doing Sue's one great my brother had been down there but cannot emigrate for time. March 24. Take it that was very relative and that a couple of people at work closely with them. I often are not planning to get the back and I got to protect you fairly well.

I get unvaccinated people lurking out of the canal that my take on this is not exclusive to the mainstream. Doing the right thing. Now suppose there are 10 people in the officer got the boxing thereto that haven't. You can't force somebody at work to get the vaccine and wiser because it's not officially approved its approved an emergency basis of the rules are, unless the vaccine is officially approved. You can exclude some were commencing at the vaccine. I think you pretty well you're pretty well would protect it is much as possible. So think about it.

Unit did you get them a burner or you're going to get what about hubby would know he must have begun what did your husband work with. Yeah, I got to remember, and I think that Dave equipment yesterday so I think that murder is probably 75% effective, like the drainage against all the strength of how you hurt 92%. That was the easy strike that was the original string on it wasn't me. That means that it's pretty very unlikely. Remember that only 25% chance of even contracting curve.

But with the vaccines. The chance to be hospitalized is very low, with a chance you cannot die from covert as it is almost infinitesimal hitch, etc. and it's very very low so going to work on. I think that we will still have to wear masks until the powers that be.

Said he leverage her community, but I think you can feel comfortable that you have a much lower risk than you do now of contracting covered, but even more so a much lower risk of getting really sick from it during the day. At night, holiday, and you do the right thing and mean you're protecting yourself not only that I want people to if you want those people who believe that we have the duty in this country, you know, ask not what your country can do for US what you can do for your country that JFK one of my favorite presidents because he really believed in public service you're doing the country a favor by telling anyone of the vaccines and so I have an American flag hanging out my door. What is that mean is I believe in the US of a that we all chip in and suck them in a patch on the back because you want that vaccine as soon as possible and I think that's great your Great American thank you so Bob in West Raleigh.

Thank you very much for calling what's up what's going on Bob hey you want to talk about polychondritis polyclinic again lapsing polychondritis let's talk about it. It's a way way way have frequent, go ahead, Bob wanted baby will be happy to know rock your radiant barriers going to be over my house.

All this after tomorrow. That's great blocked the other children is when you talk about the caloric counting and all that it dawned on me that mama cares and Karen Carpenter know know know know one another. No milk they'd still be with.

Thank you Bob okay and the third item is about the fate or no critical yes if you look at the commercial airline travel is actually number two in the safest form of transportation is rascal. What rascal students yeah, come on, thank you for showing me. I believe you, but I believe Bob about everything yeah so the public can't write us. What is it up to date autoimmune disease. It is dramatic can cause a really bad inflammation in the cartridges so the nose and ears and it's it's recurrent swelling and inflammation of the cartridges and it's it's really tough to complete and it's really tough and tougher to have because it is really really a tough thing. If you haven't, Bob.

How to help it how to what were your initial symptoms of wealth. Fort Myers started getting sloppy. They didn't swell up and get rid know not severe at all. It would notice and one of them sticks out or the but the real killer was when my nose got dictated three in a million current successfully rather and every time from onset of symptoms to diagnose the 2.9 you because time is you people know recognize my story about when I was in turn yeah then I met this guy from the emergency room at Johns Hopkins is called you and I started giving him antibiotics at a red tender ear and this this is what impressed me the Johns Hopkins sky was a cardiologist and they walked in this call be attending, so he supervised us for a month and I gave my whole spiel. Severe cellulitis of the mirror and he looked at me and said Frank that's excellent thought, but just relaxing polychondritis so we gave him the appropriate medications initially and got it under control. Are you taking any medicine right now is a work well yeah that only. Warrior five years of edit, diagnose and three players present for the slurs server. It goes back so it's not a disease, methotrexate answered tremendous medicine and its unsung because some people are afraid to get his methotrexate time his methotrexate for a lot of conditions, especially refractory psoriasis and I need God's sheep.

You don't pay much for your methotrexate.

How much you pay much for two real weaknesses 2.5 mg tab rest you take three of them were four of them that someone had to go to six and it's a great medicine because it prevents the reproduction of the immune cells that attack Bob Seeger or Bob's nose folic acid.

The reason why you give.

That is because with folic acid. It prevents as a vitamin.

It's a B vitamin.

It prevents the other self from being attacked by methotrexate and so use it because afraid of liver toxicity. You gotta check the liver and if there are some individuals really does wipe out your whole bone marrow. So how often Bob you get your blood tested while taking methotrexate six weeks every six weeks. That's why I do the month because I'm a little paranoid but guess how many of had stopped going out in public, but not limited tell you it was interesting about methotrexate visits it's actually less of the immunosuppressive. Some of the other medicines we like Humira that's an injectable monoclonal antibody that attacks certain parts of the immune system. I think your doctor is way on track with the methotrexate as an initial therapy and giving you pulses of steroids to really knock afternoon system when it comes back at you do need to be careful because yes you are a little more susceptible to other illnesses and stuff like that because of infectious disease control, being wiped up on the immune system so I would wash hands all the time.

Now, obviously wearing a mask, but you know it's interesting you may actually if you get covered have a less of a chance of getting the deadly part of it because your immune system is exactly what we try to do which is prevent overreaction of the system. So interestingly I think you got a two edge sword and how your symptoms. In general, do we have flares every now and then did did it attack you enough that you got deformities in your nose and your opponent not totally collapsed but no cartilage so you have the saddle nose deformity and date and which in turn creates much bigger pressure drop across my airway, which made my breathing late to set the trachea twice is a hard thing that's made out Cartledge very rarely determine affect the heart because there's believe it or not, connective tissue in the heart that holds the structure together with you didn't connect a shipyard of your blog to just float switch sounded goes in a blob of the block, it can affect the G.I. tract so it everybody thinks of it is that she gnaws in that year, but it really can get you going, and it's a very difficult thing to you see a rheumatologist or an internal medicine specialist for your problem. My primary care man wake internal that's a great practice and course. That's a great demand.

The guy who first one to recognize the symptoms element. Douglas home whose fantastic and not rheumatologist Walter similar ski runs triangle area kind of arthritis I don't.

It's very slick with people with your illness to cataracts. Robert Stone I've had both went.

I tell you I'm really proud of you on this very difficult thing to live with.

Sounds like you got a good attitude about it. And you know, do you feel bad going public in terms of your nose and stuff like that all absolute. I don't know where, you know what limitations are and it's easier for me to say because on the physician and I take care of people with your with your condition is the proud of yourself.

You couldn't help. This is not your fault and you know it when people give you in a hard time about it. Just, you know what you say is their problem and not mine and you have people who love you and that's what counts. And you got us here on the radio recognize that your hero living through. This is extremely difficult, and it sounded like I don't see anybody here so I that's right cosmetically understand. I go nowhere other than in clinic in little and I donate blood every eight weeks for you said that the only place that I go to work, have you come over to my house. I met you patiently limitations what have you to offer an open bar. I guys break this up Bob, thank you for care to kill yourself to pick up with arts in just a moment. This is heart health radio on the heart health radio network.

This is the heart health radio network for the telephone number is 919-860-9783 compliments from our to talk with Dr. Charles Ashley man family and cosmetic dentist and Morgan's target weeks.

Actually, my dentist working with when I could've done about me and talk about some of the alternatives to to CPAP. I think it's really important. So I told if he can be if he can figure out a way that I can stop wearing that masking might be a good thing arch in Raleigh you are on the radio, how you doing I'm doing fine and good afternoon Dr. week. How are you to question one.

My wife and I are getting our second modernity got Friday.

No when he can take allergy medication taken in order for Claire and I think no problem at all the stuff about how all the students with the sure response and they really don't. And you know I'm glad that finally Soucy said yeah I was wrong to take, you can take Advil just take him think that it's the best thing to do when you get a reaction. You know I my first faxing is my second broad daylight, or the muscling slivered fever, arm discomfort, I took to Advil to terminal once we had something don't you know, okay. Second question several months ago. Maybe you could get an ointment at bleeding). We are bleeding out like a leg or something. It's called quick luck to you.

I can seal it with you I KCL female 03 used to be at Walmart. I've heard sometimes Walmart doesn't have it now Georgia clay. Believe it or not, the active ingredient is from a clay. George is called Cala crime. This mineral causes the blood to clot, so it used to be the quick clot was a powder reported on what now they learn the way to put it on a gauze pad.


So it looks just like a regular gauze pad, but it stops clot and a lot quicker not remember just don't put a pat on and leave it there pressure is the most important thing in stopping bleeding yet because the pressure as the platelets and the blood come to the surface. If there's pressure that stops them from flowing out and when the blood pools plus more simply, so if you're on warfarin. The front eloquence you will stop leaving the stop bleeding more quickly. If you put a quick clot on and to put pressure on.

If you can't hold it for a long time never heard of course take Colbert, you can pile a bunch of causes on maybe one quick clot +3 gauze is on top and wrap a tight space Christian quarterly set a time for a couple hours okay is a connection. I held my hand over and the medic came to check it out. So we I think I can do. This is very good to get on to answer both my question break the habit you have a great day to plan. We help Gerald thank you I appreciate your your phone call so Stanton's good for me. My Stanton I take care atorvastatin. It's not only good for my heart your heart into his is also good. Apparently for cousin is fantastic, really.

Yes, and there's a reason why not this the statin look at you give somebody a statin. Who's had a hard time and within a month and have a lower risk of another heart attack that kept me from cholesterol right because the cholesterol builds up slowly and it goes away slowly trike they found that one of the best things that a statin does is reduce inflammation because we talked about it before inflammation in the artery in the plaque causes it to crack and form a clot when you reduce inflammation and reduce risk of heart attack now what is wrong with sculpted in terms of the serious illness it hijacks your immune system and pours outside Kingston cause inflammation to go up.

Apparently the anti-inflammatory effect of the statin that helps the heart also affects how corroded conjecture and consumption in some studies as a 50% less chance of having serious covert right.

If you take a statin. I'm his seat now. Along with this whole idea that Stanton is one of the drugs I take the two prevents 100 got now what would I've got cholesterol I got build up to life and used to have the right used in my Dogon, we don't have time to dig into it, but I will doctors been given me some advice as you may know, I'm having heart surgery used: open hearts or is in the framing I say I would say that you're having coronary revascularization. Thank you, via a surgical approach.

Good yes with the saw and I and I wave Keohane with hazy venipuncture. I know I Ted this is terrible. Working to easily give me some advice on the air in just a little bit and I want to talk about, never, ever going through this again because some people have gone through this and more than once you have the number one thing in terms of short-term efficacy and survival quality of the server okay will talk about that work took going to talk with Dr. Charles Ashley man in just a little bit and whole lot more, including new iPhones, causing some trouble. That's next welcome to heart health with board-certified cardiologist and internal medicine specialist Dr. Franklin we fall common health questions at 919609783 is a list of the heart health, radio, and Apple cancel held on or schedule on Dave Alexander this is Dr. Franklin we fold an online with us is Dr. Charles Ashley man, who is dentist in and operates our family and cosmetic dentistry practice in the Raleigh area not having a hard time pushing the button to get Dr. Mann on the radio. Thank you Dr. Manna hi first hello hey I am so glad to have Jan, first of all I want to tell you that Dr. a in your practice in Fuquay did very well with my teeth in your great with what is Dr. a.

What is Dr.'s real name. It's a fairly long all would name it Dr. Daniel Emrick docket Amber.Greinke when he grew up in Brazil is half Chinese half Norwegian all crimson so this is Dr. Mann. This two things that I think we want to talk about it.

You've got some sort of solution for me to get rid of my CPAP machine, because I got this sleep apnea is there a dental solution to treat what we got there we quoted all of the amount of auction bickered able to get it night.

A lot of people… Writing a lot of people are have been diagnosed they don't comply with the order, scared they don't move forward with nobody but you know what yes we look at will.

Client: mandibular by and what that goes with it, but moved to her lower jaw slightly outward that does is that open airway cut back your throat closes you all night. A lot of come back with the number one position that the cook quickly got on your board opens the ball back with Mac due to gravity and in the fact that outgoing black and open it all back home and owner Dr. went back closer to your protocol. The amount of oxygen. It can go down that: hop talking about not apnea going to completely close golf not getting any account holder with 30 minute okay will doing that multiple come during given our all throughout the night and ate our you're putting your heart to a lot of what oxygen throughout the body, who wintered a little metal box there got the blood drop school level going to bring the beat back the gold filled the plane going to Hartford? The weekly in creek cardiac event for the people next week that created and apply it over with Their good to go on with sleep at night. Chris called your doctor like go through think that we really be to a lot of doctors report. Craig now to recognize that the a lot of code command now.

This will this prevent me from snoring.

Absolutely no one in the cold north… The back go when wind. That thought better quickly going down so that your current work down at the monster that never existed.this is something I need to be fitted for viruses and likely on what about going with the good thing about the day technology with everything that is set up a report in a lower plan that will go out with concrete it out about 1/2 of a leader at a comically get to listen when you're not going to have that you like chocolate little sister works move it up a little more. Well, what we could have some a coat of fog we connect with the comment. Where we want to set it to begin with, and that about 90% accurate order on don't want to open it just started a point though directly quote where the people are going properly in the back of the clear Avenue evident position on the back and we could belittle air metric walked in the mall with the Gulfport and also we open about lightly vertically we have a current that we can determine where the debate would make that apart they started that but if we do with them concocted out. I'm really glad that we have your shirt because I don't like hardly any tennis to even look at this from a position sunning coming, you're probably one of the few that really have a practice, dental, and this is that correct you will build all really put on here that Dennis start screaming or the court noted on medical build on. It takes a while to get a board up and comfortably got enough about eight years and because I'm working them out with Mark Cohen and I want people with the misbegotten you will have better column on the mall and Katie are not a lot of Greenport now that the American film with clean up the card and hopefully we can the next 3 to 5 years. Dennis will become important so the website is smiled man beware the doctor man's name. His last name ends with two ends so much smile man know well I'm just saying if you want to go as I smiled man smile man you write smile and Dr. menu got offices in Fuquay you get your also where else Gorder. I thank you Dr. Mann appreciated. Thank you.

I'm glad for the updates. Thank you so much Dr. Charles Ashley man again smile he's doing. He's doing the chip on my tooth tiny tip on one of my teeth.

He's going to be doing my final cleaning and and they did a awfully deep clean enmity and all I'm to get Hollywood teeth. I'm I'm getting Hollywood white on my teeth yeah I'm getting the laser as nice as mine nearly as nice as your smile.

Yes, my thank you, but Dr. map telephone number around here at the radio Ranches 919609783 of the heart health radio network so I'm going to have some work done that I have have this heart thing fixed.

I have believe it or not, a clogged which is hundred percent. I have I am 100%. And how is a larger force loss.

How will my still walking okay so most of the time the blood froze northward, coming forward Cliff reorders sure the right coronary artery comes off the a word or on the right side and as the heart pumps. Most of the blood goes out through the big pipe. Good work. But some of it sneaks down the sword really write some of its leaks in the left menu and goes into the artery down the front of the heart, the left answer to something in there and around the left side called the circumflex muscle. When an artery gets blocked.

Believe it or not, you can self bypass that doesn't mean that your body opens up and does a dozen bypass surgery unsound for some to call the collateral vessel and the interesting thing. Some people get him something and some doctors think that there there or they're not there. In other words, they just pop open because you happen to be genetically predisposed to have an artery open from say the left anterior descending right includes little branches connect to the right and then the right flows backwards from the forward blood flow in the other for Some people think they grow so that when you have the blocked artery and there's not enough blood flow to that back part of the heart are some of the part heart that causes the blood vessels that are okay to start long you think and feed.

I don't know what the answer is, but I do know that I have a lot of patients were collaterals okay now just because you're the collateral doesn't mean that your bypass most collaterals are not strong enough to feed that artery that is occluded okay so I bet you dollars to donuts. You can about


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