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Heart Health

Heart Health Radio / Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander
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January 2, 2021 4:56 pm

Heart Health

Heart Health Radio / Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander

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The following is meant for information purposes only. Before taking any action on anything being discussed. Consult your medical doctor. Welcome to heart health radio board certified cardiologist and internal medicine specialist Dr. Franklin we call a heartfelt day.

Health radio is never information purposes only. Talk to your doctor know I think it's information and entertainment will if you can't hold people's attention by being entertaining than what if you don't, you've created some of the other medical radio shows that we've heard over the first time she said forget NPR listen to them. This is your with her health was quite jazz music in between all the stories we could have background.

We got a lot of things going on but we'd love your phone calls 919-860-9783 I'm Dave Alexander. He is Dr. Franklin we fault were going to talk about the found she affect. I'm not sure that that's a good thing, but will talk about the voucher effect. Also, hypnosis we've never discussed that on the show before your dear things I met with the hypnotist and he told me affect after I met with them. I feel compelled to bring up hypnosis on to 32 countries have the UK covert variant. What is that mean and Dr. Franklin we fall does exactly why we have looked this year I went for return until the boxes are gotta particular story. I got together with my staff on New Year's. We were open half of their strict scrutiny are safe and I said don't go to parties okay because you know young people are asymptomatic and they'll give it to you and you'll be asymptomatic and come back to my practice and you give it to my patients. The good people and really a really good staff, they getting well on the summary very young and today I should know yesterday was there for I lost with these holiday but yesterday it came to my attention that two of McConnell party like 35 people and they posted pictures on Facebook and Instagram of everybody crowded together give each other and she kisses saying I was on the start and I sort of hit the roof. They will not be coming to the practice for at least seven days testing negative, and you know II told him don't go see your mom and dad don't go see your grandparents. You statistically out of the group at least one maybe two is positive for covert. That's the way it is, how it is going to continue to spread about the group at the park right right and the young people have that urge in this country to socialize and there is an urge for girls and boys birds and bees together and so this whole political campaign was that Trump was responsible for 300,000 deaths.

Right now I'm not saying that these young people are directly responsible but got to wise up and be responsible become responsible and realize that they're going to have to give up their routine party is getting together because they're going to get conveyor to be asymptomatic and they're going to come to my office and give it to my patients could go home and give it to their mom and dad which you said and I think this makes a lot of sense they're not coming in right until your convinced right. They're not going to pass a law number one I can afford it are my practice to be a source and it was a super predator you know what, and most importantly, my patients are at risk right there elderly diabetic heart disease, high blood pressure over my diabetics and high blood pressure people control the point I'm trying to make is that we all have the civic responsibility a moral responsibility to do all those things that we can to minimize the spread icing people at Harris Teeter not wearing masks running it just ticks me off and I'm not saying that masks are hundred percent foolproof. If it reduces the risk even 30% right, then we've done something and that's what we gotta do we know that is the does boil down to the thing you and I can't control how transmissible the viruses right we can control what we do right. That's all we can. We have a social, civic and moral responsibility. I go to work I go to the convenience store where they're not. The clerks are not wearing masks when I walk out there on the other side of Plexiglas, but everything I buy they touch right because they spin around to get to the UPC so I think this is a really great store that I went to his vineyard vines on file.

This prep stuff I'm wearing now. They don't charge day. We will now bail you around. The thing you not to touch it, you stick it in and they also sent you.

You can have a debit card that uses a credit card you just hit the cancel sorry when they ask for your code and that turns it into a Visa card or MasterCard so you have to touch it all. I don't even touch the machine I take my card out. I wave it in front.

I don't want to honestly let's be honest here. When you walk in there and you they've done everything right. You slide your card in there and then you got a push cancel or approve, so you can just type your card yes but here's the thing. I know you can do that with Apple Perry yeah I do that with my car I identified gets sold as it machines and never touch anything except the product a button that I didn't know well hello I do like that of the whole point is yes I believe in individual liberty and freedom.

But you don't have the right give right to bear arms. You have the right to assembly, but you have the right to hurt somebody write a massive thing you have to understand, and if you don't think you can be quarantined. You better think again and look up Google typhoid Mary. They put her away and did you know if if if you don't think that you have a moral and legal responsibility not to hurt somebody. And most the time enough to know you're hurting somebody and I just as much a believer in civil rights and our rights under the Constitution. Think about it.

Also, if you love this country were not going to be back on our feet economically were not can have people back at work until we beat this virus right now were losing losing badly.

Let's talk about the felt she affect it has been announced that UNC medical schools and and will you do. UNC medical schools are seeing an increase in in the number of people who were applying massive increase in order to my brother, my buddy from Johns Hopkins yet faculty that went to school with me there swamped with applications now to remember the movie 101 donations yes do you know what happened after hundred one Dalmatian, you couldn't find a Dalmatian. I commend you know what happened about four months later, know I don't. The shelters got swamped with unwanted Dalmatians, so be careful of what you wish for and this is the problem with medical school and people wanting to be Dr. Faust where they see a doctor found sheetfed nice 80-year-old gentleman from Brooklyn, you know, everybody's uncle on TV being famous.

Yes, do they see 3 o'clock in the morning with somebody sit it on your shoes and your responsible conflicts and that they see that you give up family life that you give up personal life they they see Soucy on TV that what's going to happen. I think we have the highest dropout rate in years from now than you've ever seen before and the other thing is I hate to say it people. You're not going to get into a dermatology residency. That's the number one sought out thing is this generation. Jen season millennial. They don't want to be cardiac surgeons. They don't want to be neurosurgeons. They want to be cardiologist labor shortage of cardiology really because they want the easy life, not there are obviously a bunch of dedicated people who are doing neurosurgery and they're doing pediatric neonatal intensive care they're doing hero jobs. Yeah, but they're few and far between. Compared to those who want to be Soucy like on TV and being you know raconteurs and not the real Dr. things you gotta do listen if you want to be a doctor. Watch the best TV show about doctors ever once had a skull sign elsewhere in the Kansas 80s yes….I know I was in medical school and residency. I wanted to be a hero so if you are thinking about the file she affected you want to be a doctor. Yes what you do not who saw all the episodes on Hulu.

I think there are some on YouTube right watch it and see if you really want to do this. I like that you was great.

They had a doctor on that show who is it turned out, wasn't very good right and then David Morse was the actors like in the beginning he was really smart in the first episode there was a code and he walked in and like Clint Eastwood did. The code got the guy back. It wasn't until the second season, they decided they have to have goofball wife if you remember: Boomer hand. His wife died in 100 heart. It was the first heart transplant St. Alicia's and there was a great scene whereafter the heart transplant and his wife died.

Boomer walks in the heart transplant patients room, takes out a stethoscope and listens to her heartbeat. Dallas is a great show is a Toronto. This is telephone number here 919-860-9783 if we get talking about Marcus Welby. Gotta cut us off know I love Marco when did you do get certificate we could do the whole show. When just TV.that's the hope is that you know this show connects everything it does. Those richer, they were great shows, call us up 91986097830. Remember, the surgeon that I think it was a cardiac server… He would walk in the beginning walk with the swagger down the hallway as a hero and then Ed Begley Junior played his assistant who was like a resident and he be that the old guy just insulted this kid forever scriptural 919-860-9783. This is heart health radio we are going to talk about people jumping the vaccine line heart health radio in the heart health radio network. This is heart health, radio, heart health, radio network, Dr. Franklin, we fall. Some people are ending up jumping the line and getting the vaccine early and I think it is to be expected to have because the people who are in charge or local right what they're claiming is that they thought too many vaccine bottles at them. They run out of people to give the answers that had come on down mom, dad, sister, brother. If that's the case, they should have a list of vulnerable elderly diabetics. A list of people running them okay how about this. This is not even there.

I am the non-doctor here they were in the hospital and they had extra shots like they were in a building full of sick people right.

Could they have not found non-code of the non-covert shot. That's when trying to say have that list, you know, okay Jimmy Williams is on 3B floor in place. Just had surgery and he's a diabetic and he's hypertensive pride. Let's give him the shot and they're not doing that and they're making excuses now I'm loose. I'm waiting for the first report of a hijacked truck delivery okay yeah and then you know you hear Luigi Erickson to be $1000 and it's going to have our apologize. Apologies to anyone named Luigi region.I love God for this, but could you imagine John Vito yeah having access to 5000 vaccine bottles easy, is it not worth its weight in gold. I think so so that we have two more Garrett and then we have the funds working in the AstraZeneca is already approved in the UK and I think if we can get the FDA it's good of you." Because I think there's been a lot of people who are upset about that initial dose that we talked about this last week the AstraZeneca vaccine worked okay.

95% effective. Just like the more Garrett. It doesn't require cold tech that has cold temperature, but here's the problem. The 95% or so. I got the wrong dose in the beginning they had half of their proposed dose by mistake. But once you got the photos first in the folder. Second, as opposed to the mistaken half dose in the photo. Second, the true warns that they were only 60% yes there was no damage there was no side effect.

I think that approved the AstraZeneca half dose first folder second and if I'm lined up to get the AstraZeneca telecommute 1/2 dose all sign all the papers to do working on resolving the we gotta get out and once we have three vaccines at once. We can get it going. You won't see the shenanigans that somebody let a bunch of this thought out it was her.

Apparently deliberate. Yeah why we understand this was a employee of a Wisconsin hospital Aurora Medical Center in Grafton and the rest of the sky and he took out 57 vials put them overnight at room temperature and then he let them get the vaccine thinking that the these patients were actually getting the correct vaccine and it doesn't really say why he did it. I don't know maybe he was just being a jerk you can think of what simile would you know what I can link this is me. Shame Roberts Fitzgerald Kennedy Junior, RFK, Junior, the son of the former Atty. Gen. and you know very famous guy delivered river watch you hurt her yet so the Hudson River was a cesspool and you know he got from his name, he got a lot of good things done and there are no humpback whales off the coast of New York City, which never happened for 200 year will somehow he became an anti-boxer and believes the stuff about the vaccines cause autism right then he uses his pulpit to scream and yell and so he's taken up the cause of the anti-coded vaccine people and is claiming it was rushed that it causes terrible side effects, but it will kill you well here's the thing there is Kerry Kennedy and Kerry Kennedy are less than there was Meltzer but you notice that all call yourself social Kerry Kennedy Meltzer you okay I think that's fine you call yourself. Whatever you want to call yourself but she wrote an article in a big Journal, spiking the artist now which was but she said two things I love my uncle and I think she does. I mean, the Kennedy family.

They love each other. There together group of people.

But then she had the courage member, John F. Kennedy Road profiles in courage were he would include Kerry Kennedy, Meltzer and profound commit to standing up to the leaders of your clan and she said I love my uncle but he is wrong and she went through a really good explanation of why we should all get the vaccine that it's safe and effective it will prevent those individuals from jetting covert but also as more and more of us got it. It will protect the elderly and little protect your firm and I just want to read the last thing she said article and it says please get your vaccine for yourself, your family, your friends in your country and you know what it wanted JFK say in his first inaugural address, not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country and she had the nerve, the courage to stand up to the patriarch, the new patriarch of the family because you know he's a senior guy but also say that she loves that now when I criticize how she does this mean that I don't think he's a great map nonacceptance before he's a great man and I appreciate what he's done, but you need to have the courage to stand up and say when someone you love or respect is wrong and I just can't believe how great she is. To do this and I are just this one the great things that happened this week we're going to play a piece of music and it's a happy piece of music. But it's not.

When I present a given for I happy purpose. In fact it's very sad news is obviously you know the Gilligan's Island thing you may already have guessed that were going to talk about Dawn Wells who was 82 and she died of covert and Marianne was my favorite. So Dawn Wells was a great actress of people don't realize that she was Miss Nevada.

She was one of the runners-up to be Miss America get the castor is the girl next door and she was a beautiful girl and she played her part and I love that show mean it was escapism with the criticize and save.

This is not Shakespeare. Why is it on to the well you really what Shakespeare wanted Dawn Wells to be the sweet, nice, happy person to make us after the end of our day. Feel better and she got covert and I don't know that the articles haven't said how she got it, but this is why I brought up what I brought up in the beginning the young people in this country have a moral obligation to stop partying and the stop spreading out a symptomatically to our elders and I are at risk populations.

That night I met a miss her and she had some health problems earlier and she had to have a go from the page to make up large numbers of medical bills.

And you know what people stepped up. Surely she got what she needed and now it's sad because were losing a lot of people were losing a lot of people in her demographic group. I think we talked about her before when she had a rather health problem right and I was surprised and asked. She was 82 years old I could kiss you always think of her right like you know my brother died at age 31, a car wreck, and you know you think of him, and he's gone but you just can't imagine Nozick's G agent heaven, I don't, I will find out this is hard health radio on the heart health radio network.

Now back to heart health have a question for Dr. we fall. Call 919-8609 73. This is a hard health radio with Dr. Franklin we fault him Dave Alexander. We got Rose Hoban on the line rose welcome to the show were glad to have you on and talk to us, rose about the this schedule now has been revised for whose first for the covert vaccine right I will bear that number one people who are getting it, but there's been some changes and who will get back and so were going to be both an quick 75 and older, not just in skilled nursing facility, but anyone able to even if they don't have a chronic health condition no and then group to that front line workers who are a little younger though I that there there bumping up the older folk because back then, they have been the one to really Dr. most during time so use this writer's cleaning always schedules his he's in charge of this well. I am now working with advisory Council on patient practices. So they're working with

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