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Heart Health Radio / Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander
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October 17, 2020 1:48 pm

Heart Health

Heart Health Radio / Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander

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Heart Health Radio
Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander
Heart Health Radio
Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander

Specialist Dr. Franklin and Dr. Mrs. heart health Radeon Dave Alexander. We are here to chew gum and to do great medical radio and were all of gum at the same time as secure a lot ago did you really and then for some reason I quit I did the nicotine gum for a while. Jim take the bed so I mixed it with juicy fruit, but now the kingdom returns pretty good Dr. I would think that nicotine gum is gotta be better tasting than, say, for instance, a cigarette, no, no, it's not all the suckers out there smoking. That's the problem. Sure is pleasurable not to hear the difference between considering it's the warmth and texture. And it's the way it feels in your lot. I'm sorry, don't smoke or not do what I do for the first 10 minutes of the show was number one.

Tell how good it is to smoke and that is how hard it is to court is the number one problem with physician that they don't smoke used during the 50s doctors used to advertise sure what it is now.

They don't know how hard okay okay quit smoking quit smoking and quit smoking about your doctor on how little milk or smoke of human kindness. Yes, you know, I just understand how hard it is to quit. I talked her for years to get me to give up eating a lot doctor to write this it would get article sitting here but we also have the telephone sitting here for a moment vacant 919-860-9783 call right not get yourself on the radio and get some advice. Mostly all the bikes today command with Dr. Dr. heart symptoms only women get. According to some sort of online is a pretty pretty big content for distributed article and the symptoms are great but the story that it's only women I want to totally disavow okay. How long should one biological process take and I don't depends on whether Internet summary told me of the day we got a start talking about more common problem yeah yeah this is a fantastic solutions. These are fantastic solutions to their common problem and legs open of North Carolina health news coming up later in the program will start with what okay so there is idea that women are different from men when it comes to heart disease. I will go along with that, I will say this when you look into the medical textbook number one part Delta textbook and they'll say what are the symptoms of same external chest discomfort sometimes right into the shoulder and left jaw and shortness of breath and diaphoresis which means sweating now can I tell you the number of times patients have said those thing probably about five and most of them were faking their symptoms and read it on Google so the typical thing is not typical. Yes, very, very untypical so external chest and the other problem the patients with pain doc pain is a cut.

Pain is a broken arm word I use when I taught my patients is have you had any tightness, heaviness, pressure or discomfort in your chest or around there and that pretty much covers 85% of the way people can present that women sometimes present the classical symptoms, but more often than not there symptoms are what we said our typical. The good news about this article is that it talks about symptoms and I agree that these are good symptoms to recognize if you think you may be having a heart attack sweating in the medical term for that is diaphoresis all the time right so so yes, a lot of women who present with heart attacks, do so with just some lubricant in a cold sweat and it's called sweat in the sense that you're not doing anything when the sweating happens. Men do this to I'm telling you I saw two last week. Symptoms of coronary or disease blockages or cholesterol preventing the blood from getting to your heart muscle like sweating diaphoresis. Not everything is nausea and you know G.I. symptoms that's not uncommon in all women and basically not even had women who say that… Nothing to eat for a month and then 15 unexplained succeed you just worn out and there's no reason for it. So you have been working out you been sleeping because it benefited just like a sleeper kind of doubt, your thyroid thyroid can constitute a low thyroid, but you gotta be. If you're in that risk group if you're just tired and worn out, and you can't do the things you wanted to go see her doctor and asked them give them symptoms now. The one thing that bothered me is they said women will have discomfort below the shoulder blade. So are not left shoulder blade and in the jaw.

Yes, those are really prime symptoms of a heart attack or or blockage of cholesterol in the artery to the blood happening meant to a lot and so I don't want people to be thinking.

I'm tired therefore darkly focuses on how to heart attack or a movie nauseated darkly focuses, therefore, none heart sank and pay attention to the symptoms if they come out of the blue, or after persistent if your brother had a heart attack at 35. Dad had a heart attack at 54 I'm in a say this, everybody doesn't want to admit this but I think the number one risk factor for having a heart attack, his family history.

It is genetic it runs in the family so you need to pay attention to those symptoms and they're not just in women's atypical symptoms are more recall the trip more common in which we I'm to go ahead and add trauma to the suite showing maybe next week so I telling you I felt lousy this week really just felt lousy not get a history of heart disease. Bad enough that they put stents in what I've never had a heart attack right. I had the tightness in the chest and they'll have it now don't have that now so I'm just telling you you kept going on about fatigue and that's what I've got.

Let me tell you another thing the summertime of patient is that the symptoms you have when you had your first heart problem right are usually were come back okay so the fact that you tired out. It's it's the light bulb goes off in my head right and then I would ask the patient okay so what is your feel like when you first touched your heart problem tightness in the chest x-ray.

Are you having anything that even remotely reminds you of that because the symptoms can be on a scale of 1 to 10, so you can have like a two of the symptoms you had to say. Well, it wasn't as bad, it's the similarity tightness. If you had let me tell you the best and not the best of the stenographers patient but I got a call from a dentist not on the table here about the driller to follow nothing wrong with the truth and the guy says that when he walks he gets discomfort in his jaw is a rather common sign of having blockage of cholesterol you can get this with exertion, which means the cholesterol blockages allowing blood to flow when you're resting. It's not allowing blood to flow when you're exerting and if you haven't rested means that the artery is blocked. Your heart is screening out instead of the discomfort in the chest. It's in your jaw that's just getting nothing anywhere else. I had the weirdest one the right pinky not the left pinky talked about Pinky Dr. I was a pinky doctor as I spent some time and I said was if you are interested. Discomfort when is it happen when I'm picking up something like that carried five bags of groceries and sure at one time or I rushed up the stairs.

Every time I do that my pinky starts to feel uncomfortable so I did a stress test, it was markedly positive and we did the heart cath is just bad high-grade blockage and when when you hear the doctor so you got a hybrid stenosis. Yeah, that means it's tight enough to fix up.

I did put stents in that time of the dot-coms in his mug body yeah this is what her symptoms are said necrotizing Tatian. I can believe this gets pinky discomfort exerts himself so he was hesitant to do but he did it and I thought I back in the office and pinky is great. By extension, heart was greater, so yeah that's what's important about the communication relationship you have with your physician, man or woman looking yeah because you can look at you right now and you can say to do.

My pinky are smiling and you know there's no anxiety associated with the committee on the site. I got some Italian. My pinky hurts when I walked a lot this look of concern on her face with if your docs look I said to some time with your doctor. Looking at the computer and not you flip the computer live down turn off and look in your mission looking make him or her, looking pinky can be a sign that your pinky sorted today, but we will call out for the rest of the show I'm in trouble. You know, I've been going to web MD and just checking my symptoms and there's one here that argue whichever. Apparently I got with you. Thank you. Which FAT is like that. I'm a you know the thing know it's for you. You very cute for her to write about it. I'm telling absolute rest of the show. If I happen to do a have a heart attack.

I know it's going to be totaled. Cheo's what my pets whatever bro what is the technical terms that are Facebook live studio was almost complete and then some happen so we got it about right about. I'm blaming it on Sunday and you see the sweat on his forehead call the show or if I'm not actually there. You turn the phone patient love you name it at me to follow the floor we got trouble from the root word talk about this fellow Bill Gates and how he didn't go to that school. Fact only rethinking graduate from any college, but he certainly didn't go to med school but he's making predictions about the thing about this he works closely with my college roommate Brett Smith is president of Microsoft's lawyer, but again and fix their antitrust things and he's been there Brad if you listen to what best men I know the spirit. Bill Gates is brilliant. There's just no doubt about it, they started in a garage and they built $1 trillion business that employs hundreds of millions of people Barack. He retired so that he could be a philanthropist in his biggest things were illnesses and preventable diseases and vaccines in Africa right and so now what he's doing and he's become this group about covert a lot of things he says are true. The vaccine needs to be developed and he's really working on a way to make it fair and affordable for everybody across the world working to talk about what Bill Gates did say that I don't please qualified to say and that's coming up on heart health, radio should be ashamed because what he said.

The world's worst predictor of the coronavirus pandemic was frequency, we folder. I was totally wrong. Okay. And the reason I was wrong as I didn't understand the nature of asymptomatic spread and we all were wrong about that.

So now what's happening is Bill Gates is saying were going to have another fall outbreak it looks like we are also saying that the death rate. Listen death rate in the terms of the percentage of people dying is going down and it continues to go down.

So if we have a really big push in terms of total cases, major death numbers go up, yes, but to say the death rates can go up to is a prediction but you have no reason to make it. It's just scaring people. The second thing I think Bill Clinton should not be doing is focusing just on the vaccine because what if what do president. Trunk show us this guy obese, you know, each McDonald's and we talked about sugar and white flour being a risk factor it's in now acknowledge respect right because the more sugary the more white flour. The higher levels of inflammation. That's the key to the person who gets corroded and has a sniffle versus the person you grips Corona and stopped breathing because her lungs were full of fluid is a difference in inflammation. The went is Bill Gates forgetting to talk about. It's the therapeutics that we have and so this preformed antibody that we talked about from Regeneron you get an immediate effect of vaccine considered waiting two weeks for your own body to produce antibodies. Sure they work. Why isn't he talking about using his Microsoft billions to us to help with the production of these preformed monoclonal antibodies and get them all over the world. That's what we need to do that whether or not you believe that Pres. Trump was saved by Regeneron around us of your I don't care as the proof is in the pudding.

He was getting sick in the next day was much better now. Other studies have shown that there is every reason to believe this is true. So while yes I believe in the vaccines. I think the answer to the ongoing deaths that were having our the therapeutics. Regeneron's in the room does of your chosen room desolate on work. Yeah, let's not get out should shut up because everyone study versus 20 studies that say it does work. I'm guessing on the numbers sure so Bill I love you Brad but stop making predictions and start spending money on Regeneron's file and other companies monoclonal's and get them out to the world and vaccines. I really that we have gone from a situation where we trusted experts at the beginning of this year. I'm to a certain extent some people work totally willing to the basis of some experts reformulate the economy because they had some issues with concerns about climate change, regardless of how you feel about that particular issue where now to the point where we're not going to listen to a single expert ever again. And that is going to the other side but the key thing we gotta do is still listen to experts but also recognize they can be wrong right I mean anybody can be wrong know the son of the expert, and so she should just how she do this, no, no more First Republic to say you wrong when I got on the TV in February late February, two weeks before the pandemic INR for the country that we didn't have to change our ways because we can have a very minor parent and have fun and she just says wrong… I would only mask and then he should say I was wrong. I said that because I did was she still amassed from healthcare workers courses winged homemade cloth mask at the time she could've told people to do and would like victory gardens and little to like victory Sally and petrol. Thank you very much for calling us up on heart health radio what's going on. Sally hi Sally how are you what's up borrower I like what court order happening now like on wall and Sally's that you had trouble with. So the question is why is it ever stop that now here is the issue and this is not an uncommon problem. So she had some back surgery. I imagine that during this period between the back surgery. She would have a tough time getting around immobilizing is that right yeah so what happens the veins in the legs carry blood to the character slowly and so if you're laying around like a airplane or sitting in an airplane and not moving your legs. The blood flows even more slowly.

One of the things that causes Klotz is slow movement of blood and when that happens, the clot can form and then you can break off and go to your lung and that's called a pulmonary embolus so that you have winter yet.

She said she so that that can kill your family time to be served to celebrities or plane ride from Australia to Los Angeles And walk in and out out of the plane and the drop dead. That's why so happen is the chemical medicine and makes Klotz not form and so you're constantly forming Klotz cut him down, forming Klotz break them up so happen prevents him from forming any more than your body goes in and choose choose among others. Another way to get rid of Klotz and that's with the clot buster that's actually medicine that she was the clot that why would your leg continue to swell where here's a problem is that sometimes the Klotz never go away. They just completely clot off the train and then there are other thing about 20 veins in your legs three or four major ones, and the other thing is to take over and carry the blood flow that's no longer going through the clotted thing and sometimes are just not strong enough. Now the other thing that could happen is that you can have a persistent clot that is still active and can break off at any time, so did your doctor do a second ultrasound or referral percent in the leg with the clot looks like that's my recommendation because you could have what's called a completely clot of blood and that means that one thing we had the clot is now organized around us. It's turned into hard material that's no longer clotted we could have a clot that still present and could clot off again in the computer ultrasound for you carry what please okay we got to go to break them in to do was talk about the five things that can make you clot off all the time and then and then I'll see if you're on a medicine that can prevent everybody. Talk to your doctor before you do anything and stay with us. Chris Rose opened North Carolina health news is coming up next.

How I have radio, this is health radio news radio 680 W PTF is our flagship station. We are heard all over the place inclusive on the Greensboro radio station goals, rules sorry Goldsborough's greatest hits 98 three FM also talk 96.3 and 1037 the eastern coast of North Carolina and in Charlotte, Greensboro, High Point that's the Winston-Salem enrichment.

The Timbuktu & well it's a ministry so that you know there they probably want to be in Timbuktu of the Truth Network Rose Hoban from North Carolina health news rose welcome to the show.

It is very good to have Jan hi doing well. So the case numbers North Carolina are up in my correct on that had Never really got it from Bob Carico and her concern and that there were a lot more people like 30, 31,000 people every day while they they had a one day the week there were 2700 positive because the numbers are so high. Even though you have high case numbers are level of high art number of positive Coming back are about half percent which is easily thank is higher than she would like, you know that the good news is that we about the thing that we have a lot more people in the hospital than we did know so jump quite a bit of about 900, 900 and there up about 1111 50 right now so quite a quite a few people on back in the hospital.

One thing I want to understand this difference.

There is no difference between a positive positive PCR which is the presence of the virus called the case no matter what. So if you're asymptomatic or she's got the sniffles or if you're on a ventilator in the intensive care unit. Those are all cases. So, right.cases that 50-50, 60% are asymptomatic but there's still Canada's cases that's why when I see that you see that article Rosa said coronavirus got patients have memory problems okay what I want yet.

What I want people to know as those when the wishing said sick hospitalize coronavirus patients who been on ventilators often have memory problems because if you test positive and you don't feel anything you're not can have the memory problem so cases are all positive tests equals a case you have your choice of my order. That's that's what everybody does belong about how bad this is going to be because asymptomatic scenario around kissing each other on the beach.

Then they brought home the grandma risks and she got sick so the case is the case, let's get Rose story one of your elders wants one of my brothers house all night and they all grew up around people she went to her brother happen rather in family and her kids.

They were like all of her time writing about the bank that he would like an embankment that she kept her mouth got it out, hanging out with them, and two or three days later they like that you know the sun had a positive new birth, he was able to pass at the very considerably older. We have the well my mother-in-law is in her 80s. She is in Syracuse, New York nor Circus New York and were in a kit really big Catch-22.

We do not want to necessarily bring her down right because were sort of a hotspot and she's just afraid of it, but you will. She's in New York State.

If we go there. Your quarantines you quarantine for 14 days or 10 days or something silly like that. I mean I'm not silly, but that's what we can visitor because we visitor were stuck in her two-bedroom apartment for the whole time my mom that that hang out at home.

Yeah. And then we got in the car and drove my mom and then we spent a bunch of day that with my mom in her apartment take her out to.

I like that but we felt like we were late because we done our quarantine and we were able to go in taker and I think that the way people are going to have to think about holidays right you're gonna have to felt like a lean week before Thanksgiving, and theta all of your siblings like everybody at the question at the school like Junior is cool what you do about that family are going to have to figure out a way to note work around all of those things that they can mom so not break her dread everybody to go to North Carolina health yes you can contribute. Yes, you can sign up for a newsletter and you can read things for free everyday website.thank you Rose telephone number here 919-860-9783 thank you Rose very much for being a showing of the special musical introduction to this story is about basic biological function in the headline figure Internet headline how much time should take.

Well sir, we got a cardiovascular surgeon herein, internal medicine, special. What's the answer 1231. The bottom line out good health, worry, know all the stuff about the rest of the body because the heart is affected by everything and I had to know a lot about good health because we found out that you have more bacteria got the need to human cell is somewhat here this thing got in, got health do you mean the sort of random spaces in between the organs in my body you mean inside my judge.

I dreamt the human being is equivalent to okay your mouth. Uranus is one surface okay soft discusses stomach stomach goes to the small bowel just 23 feet; which is officially and you have another whole.

The skin outside your body is the outside of the doughnut and kick your mouth to your this is the whole sure. So think about. That's a huge part of us needs to be healthy and you need to have a poop every day now so maybe another day but you shouldn't have to strain if you're just a story, just remove people are thinking this, we were this close to being sponsored Krispy Kreme this doors closed because the human being is $100 million deal we would've made more than Joe Rogan and we goofed it up okay so telling her for trying to say got health is so important you know this is true I turn certain in my gut health went to Jessica so I try to find out what was I mean I used to regularly without any prompting experiment every day now even like him okay from 1 to 6 and you're supposed to have a four okay what's up for like a banana soft easy to come out with what's her one little tiny pellets what's the other one skill is when it's blown all over the inside. You want to have a nice, but if you take 12 seconds it should not be something you gotta get out of what could be wrong could be wrong food so if you're eating only Krispy Kreme's for leading sugar and white flour. That's a bulk that it's going to stop you up water.

Okay, so what makes a bowel movement soft. The amount of water because the rest of it is solid particles that are not dissolvable. Keep yourself hydrated and then the other thing is the actual bacteria got the gotta be a nice balance wire, some people totally skinny in the 5000 cal a day versus somebody needs 2000 cal a day is morbidly obese. Please tell me there's genetics but it's also they look balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut that bacteria will take piece of bread and turn it into 5 teaspoons of sugar which are absorbed completely and turn in fact, some people can look at their bacteria to show sugar at all. It's amazing, but maybe some people genetics allow certain bacteria to grow. Others allow the good only the good bacteria to grow.

But you don't talk to your doctor. There may be a reason not to, but probiotics can be good and they work. I take one that is baby Dr. Sam lactobacillus found in babies. The other thing that I do and please talk to your doctor before you do this as I went to Maryland every day and the Virginia Maryland border.

What I do I like apple juice and apple juice got a lot of sugar in it for diabetic fine water. Drink water but MiraLAX is polyethylene glycol that is not observable, it keeps water in your bowels you take. This was great about is little if any portable Report, and 8 ounces of water or juice. Here's the key thing people don't do. Don't stir it until it's completely clear that you could put in coffee and put it in which you can put anything but the key thing I put it in clear clear liquid so I can see that it's completely clear references all cloudy like a snowball thing that has a Christmas thing and it returns clear when you drink it and you have some more water on top of an it's wonderful. It's not dangerous unless you have a bowel obstruction. So, suppose you have a scar within your abdomen is twisting your bow and you're not pimping for that reason don't do this because so that's one thing that's your doctor if MiraLAX is the word. Some people go with fiber and so they'll take fiber something like bowel health is so important. There are ways around there are medicines and we talk about that help Let you have a bowel movement don't want to take laxatives everyday that will kill your bow, so we have time to talk about more of this crap or not, you know, obsolete, other medical radio shows would move on to just move on. Just moving or not.

We don't we all realize that they didn't. Okay to spend the rest of the show on this little thing coming up on this radio show.

How could Korn be good for us if I'm not finishing it sends anywhere we got there we go to take a quick with six or seven minutes down the hallway and this is hard health ready on the heart health radio network what you know his name is Leo people to shout out, including Jerry Stephen stomach Jerry strictures regarding my position for a long time. The jury years ago that Jerry has a problem, but really took one of the arteries off her chest wall, looking to remember got a nerve problem. Nurseries got constant discomfort and so it's on left side of the shaft.

It's very hard to know whether that's part not be that as it may, diabetic, high blood pressure and heart trouble. So is not obese but is a little overweight and the key thing is that he sort of fits in that protocol of.Pres. prompt but not quite.

Your cousin and I have permission to talk to him about his medical history is calling the medical board and slams the email cough and a fever.

He felt terrible. Pretty confident this is another prime example that people with risk factors. People get covert don't all die and it's still a very small percentage of death. In fact if you look at the number of new cases, the number of deaths, the death rate continues to go down even without a vaccine because of the therapeutics that we have no jury to get any.

But it got to the hospital because of the low oxygen level or worsening shortness of breath. He would've gotten Linda severely would've gotten Medrol or the steroid thinking again I'm not prescribing for him, but we need to get everybody to preform monoclonal antibody the Regeneron I think the evidence is there that it's not just one is the combination I think Jerry said great guy and a great resource for the Goldsboro screen absolutely so yeah so Scotty Lutz and Jay Circe and Helen Kurtz and Michael hope and you not following Benson. I do know you. There's a whole bunch of molars you know a lot of people there watching Jay Circe's tooth problem of one French really regret one day in jail if you actually listen and call the number. We'd love to talk about your story because you got a great J you get time this week. 919-860-9783 is her number or if you don't have time this week. Write it down. Call us back next week. 919-860-9783 if you got those numbers down time now, you'd be on the show, avocados. I assume the good for you because they are absolutely no taste but it was a really interesting article is adorable. She's cardio. I don't know if I am already impressed with her. She talks about the foods that she eats is a cardiologist in contradistinction to the foods that ducked we fault which is a good one and I actually like, because of the common II think that they have no flavor of how they got a really good flavor and you know how you really get the flavor out what ranch dressing course for people to my family pizza with ranch dressing retro thing is actually not bad for you don't get the light know that light stuff. That's the sugar, the ranch dressing in the avocados have no sugar, and the best thing about our Cotto is fiber that we talked about good health. I left something out, which is high-fiber diets.

Okay, those are very, very, very good for you. So when I talk about greens and meet what you should eat fresh vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower, green its equivalent. It's got the same healthy background, avocados, and they have special oils. They are not battles.

There are some bad oils that can turn your cholesterol into the colon oxidize this with the rusty cholesterol and not to be more damaging but I think she's got it there because the avocado has just about everything you need. The types of fats that are great and there's a monounsaturated and polyunsaturated and the other thing is the fiber, but don't have sugar and they don't have white flour so the not turned in to be sugar molecules that I recommend not to. Who else makes avocados that I really like Tom. So it comes in the 70s yes but he grows avocados you know why really, really popular shorter now avocado farmers have to have 24 hour security. They got instead of dogs that you know was an avocado dog, but they got guys with guns roaming the hillside to the router, avocado, phone stolen. This will young, millennial's coming in from Starbucks the right piece of toast in one hand and a knife in the other avocado toast anyway so Tom grows, avocados really are big trouble avocados take a lot of water to grow sure so he was going to come to the local fire hydrant and fill your cup water tank is big tractor-trailers, but it was all water and select wrestling and then water his avocados and so he agreed not to do it. Idea he was just having somebody do that for me wasn't Magnum PI guy in the middle of the nights are tough guys filling up a big tank but got caught, got his finger in the avocado water will let me let me ask you about. I lost my train of thought made me ask you about not being able to remember things so that is actually quite common on this is one of the things that I get a lot of my practice. It's very very tough because memory loss can happen anytime you know I can't do a Member names like ICP's patients in the grocery store and in my mind.

I can look at their heart catheterization for your blockages look like I know what the real deal with that sort of comes up in my mind is an image with the name a lot of member names. People think that means you're a jerk you didn't really care about him that tells what memory is certain parts of the brain. We file things away. I no longer lose my car in the park really because I take a mental photograph. Yeah, and I wake up in the morning with Michael comes back. So everyone's memory is different mind is more visual. So routine memory loss is when a call and you lose your keys, if the key thing when your memory is pathological pathological going back when you lost okay so I have patience.

You tell me that we fault I got lost on the way to work today and with your office today. That's been I got about a minute to pick up with Bobby and Carrie body. Thank you very much for calling what's going on quickly. What's going on. Why alleviate or eliminate information to top let him spend a minute here. I think that your really I just talk about one thing. Now that is really really good and that is purified for sure there's a medicine and it's it's called, because up until a very good to go. Memory loss and is a sleep is the brand name and I think that omega-3 fish oil.

Number one mechanism is missing information and then consider taking a supplement. Don't take something that sugar and white flour.

So eliminate sugar eliminate white flour. Eat a lot of fish that contain omega-3 fatty acids and talk to your physician about VC.VAS CPA accounts up until death was the best segment to thank you Bobby. Best segment of the show having to do with me not remembering my next question that's hard health radio of the heart health radio network heart health radio is for information purposes only. Before taking any action. Consult your doctor

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