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The Believer and Indwelling Sin, Part 1 B

Grace To You / John MacArthur
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April 29, 2022 4:00 am

The Believer and Indwelling Sin, Part 1 B

Grace To You / John MacArthur

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April 29, 2022 4:00 am

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For I know that in me that is in my girls no good thing. He says the flesh is still there. I'm not in it but it still in me.

In verse 25 with the mind I serve the law of God with the flash of sin no longer in the flesh is on talking about making the choice either to go to battle against attitudes and actions that contradict God's law or to allow sin to control you. Where do you stand in that war and how can you fight the battle more effectively.

Consider that today on grace to you as John MacArthur continues to help you answer the question why do I still sin. That's the title of his series, and now with the lesson. Here's John. Let's open our Bibles and look together at Romans chapter 7 Romans chapter 7 verses 14 through verse 25 is a picture of the indwelling sin in the life of the believer. This is a very poignant passage is a rare passage in the Bible because it does something it rarely happens and I cannot think of another passage that does this. Just offhand what it is is a series of limits is a series of plaintiff cries is a series of desperate sorrowful urges and they are repetitious. There is one and then there is two and then there is 1/3 and they basically say the very same thing three times.

This is the cry of a broken heart of a distressed soul of a soul in great conflict now. Each of these three laments follows the same pattern. Paul describes his condition gives proof of it and then describes the source of describes his condition gives the proof these in that condition and in the source of his problem. Let's look at the first lament verses 14 to 70 and we may spend a little more time on the first because having interpreted that when the rest will just be apparent to us. The condition is in verse 14 he starts each one of the laments with the condition first begins in verse 14 second begins in verse 18, and the third one begins in verse 20, and each begins with a statement of the condition. For we know that the law is spiritual, but I am fleshy, sold under sin.

The word for tells us Paul is not introducing a new subject is continuing the same subject in the prior passage that is the goodness of the law. The virtue of the law in that it shows us our sin. The problem is in the law. The problem is us and the reason is talking about the laws because the questioners who would've questioned his teaching would've said well when you preach salvation by grace through faith apart from law, you are speaking evil of the law, you're devaluing the law and he says not at all. The law is good. I'm sinful. The lot is a good work.

It doesn't save and doesn't sanctify but it does convict of sin, so he says we know then that the law is spiritual, but I am fleshy, so understood, because of the straightforward affirmation that the law is spiritual meaning comes from the spirit of God comes from God himself. Thus, it reflects the holy divine nature of God just like you said in verse 12 member that wherefore the law is holy, and the commandment is holy and just and good. Now again let me remind you that I think you have to have here the testimony of a regenerate man.

I do not see that unregenerate unredeemed ungodly people who do not know Jesus Christ have such perception of God's holy law. In verse 18. He says the same thing really I want to do God's law. In verse 19 I want to do God's law. In verse 21. I want to do God's love verse 22. I delight in God's will. I don't see such a delight in an unregenerate man's heart but Paul then goes on to say, I got barrier to doing this. Even though the law is spiritual, here's the contrast I am flesh E starkness. I am human. I am earthbound on physical.

She doesn't say I am in the flesh, she doesn't say I am totally controlled by the flesh. That's not true. Look at chapter 7 verse 54 when we were in the flesh, the sinful impulses which were by the Lord and work in our members to bring forth fruit on the debt we were in the flesh. I'm not in the flesh anymore verse eight of chapter 8. So then they that are in the flesh, and you need to underline in the flesh in 75 and 88 in the flash is an unregenerate condition. In his terms are very precise here in the flesh is an unregenerate unredeemed position. He says I am not in the flash but he says I'm fleshy, I'm fleshy I'm carnal say can a Christian be that way. Listen to this. First Corinthians 3 verse one and I brother and could not speak unto you is under spiritual but is on the carnal, even as of the babes in Christ. Verse three for ye are yet carnal. For whereas there is among you envying, and strife. Are you not carnal, and walk as men because of the Corinthian Christians, your carnal, your fleshy directing in a sinful fleshly way.

We are not in the flesh, but listen, the flesh is still in us were no longer in the flesh in terms of being captive to it.

A look at verse 18. For I know Romans 784 I know that in me that is in my flash drive is no good thing.

He says the flesh is still there. I'm not in it but it still in me. In verse 25 with the mind I serve the law of God, but with the flash, the law of sin. You're no longer in the flesh. The flesh is a new that is simply a term for our humanness.

It could be the same term as chapter 6, verse 12.

Let not sin therefore reign in your what mortal body, it doesn't rain in your new creation. Your new nature it rains in your mortal body, and so is terms are very consistent sin is in our humanness. Now any Christian could make the statement in verse 14 people have problems with this for me to make it sublime flesh. Did you say that I said I'm is true you say yes, but you're certainly not talking in technical theological terms, none of, I'm saying I'm good, I says, it is a Christian I'm I'm a sinner saved by grace. I'm still sinner. God help me if I don't if I say will since I been saved. I no longer soon. My wife will be up there to give testimony to the point is, I can say that I can say I'm fleshy or fleshly carnal.

There are things in me that represent that I get angry. I get irritated I don't fulfill my duty as I ought to all the time. I don't maintain the diligence that I should in the pursuit of the things of God that I desire. I see my wife humanness my fleshly nurse getting in the way of the accomplishment of all of the things that I ought to do. I'm insensitive the people and when they need my gentleness and I'm not gentle when the need my kindness and I'm not trying to. So for the I see myself as human. I see myself as sinful. I don't always speak godly to everyone who speaks to me in the way that I should. We can all say this, it's a general statement. You know there been times when you've been the captive of sin I'll tell you when the times are every time you sent every time you sin you lost the battle soon took you Right so Paul puts all our feelings into words by articulating the basis of the conflict inside the believer and we all understand this perception. We can all see that there sin in our lives shouldn't be there, isn't the truest thing about us isn't our new cell was there.

This is just every Christians conflict is a sense in which no free in the new nature were still bound by the humanness.

We dwelling the proof of verse 50 is the proof for that which I do. I know not for what I would that do I not, but what I hate that.

Do I self-righteous moral man may deceive himself, but a true Christian, led by the spirit won't he sees the proof in him of indwelling sin was the verse carefully, that which I do. I know not, and then later on he says what I hate I do were no speaks of an intimacy of love.

It was said of Joseph that he had not known Mary and I think it's used here as a contrast to the word hate gives us the liberty of understanding it that way and what he is saying is that which I do.

I do not love and that which I hate. I do, which is another way of saying the same thing now that is a real psychological personal inner turmoil of conflict of the most profound kind.

He says my my will is frustrated isn't so much that when he wants to do one good thing you can't do it, is that when he sees the law of God, and he wants to do it all.

He can't stand is not a debilitating thing that says well here I am, as a Christian I like to say a nice thing about this dealer. I'd like to do something good. I like this something honorable and only do it is in the idea that he's talking about one specific that he can't do what he saying is there is a hole of God that I want to obey and I am utterly frustrated and trying to do it and you know that frustration no sooner have you done something right. Your pattern on the back for doing it and immediately you just did something wrong he got proud and you frustrate yourself and you say just what he said. All wretched man when do I get rid of this conflict is will is frustrated. Isn't that evil wins all the time.

It's just that he has such a high standard because the law slowly so just so good, so spiritual that when he sees the high standard of the law. He wants to win all the time on God side and any victory for evil looks to him like Karen.

This defeat. That's why I say so often do I say it that the road to spirituality is paved with a sense of your own wretchedness always write your own self glory. Here is a truly spiritual man. This is a broken contrite heart. This is a man crying out to God, I can't be all you want me to be.

I can fulfill all your holy and just and good law and you know there are a lot of Christians who are at this point, it is because they're so holy it's because there so thin in their comprehension of God's holy law. Well, he's given us the condition, and he's given us the proof and now he gives us the source.

With this in verse 16.

If then I do that which I would not. I consent to the law that it is good reason. The lustful because I want to do the law.

We say what's making you want a latte which make me want a lot of new creation that divine nature in me that incorruptible eternal seed in me that part of me that John spoke about when he said the if you're really born again you won't sin that no part of me kid really longs to do the law really wants to do the law and so I affirm that the law is good because the good part of me wants to do it.

You see below is good now that were 70. If it is in the law. That's bad. If the loss of my problem now than it is no more I do it, but what sin the dwellers in me listen very carefully to miss the whole thing for Mrs. the Christian has in his heart the sense of the moral excellence of God's law more mature that Christian is more profoundly committed to the direction of the spirit of God in his life.

The deeper his love for the Lord Jesus Christ, the deeper his sense of God's holiness, the greater the longing to fulfill the law, and since it is the best part of him that wants to fulfill God's law, then God's law must be the best and so it is in God's law that supra. The problem is sin that dwells in me. It's our humanness again.

But here in verse 17 is the key statement to interpret the whole passage in verse 14 he just spoken generalities any sort of give us a perspective of his unredeemed humanness is sort of dominating himself and you and I know that experience we get the feeling sometimes it singes dominance. We just can't be all we want to be forgot.

I'm sure felt that way.

We just can't be as powerful. We just can't be as pure. We just can't be as holy as we know Islam wants us to be in so we can say in verse 14. I'm flashy and I I see myself captured by ceiling and that's a non-technical statement that's just a general statement and he says I am fleshy and is not dividing himself into 2000 well, it is meets with it's sooner that when he just saying it's I'm responsible. Verse 14 is very important because it it it says to the Christian that if you sin was responsible. If you and it protects us from sort of philosophical dualism, and this is being taught in many circles today that when you sin is just her own nature, so let it sin. You can't correct an old nature. Anyway, let it do its thing, and that God is old responsible. Just your old nature. He says I I and accepts responsibility and so must you. This meet is not to people speaking in non-technical terms when I see God's pure and holy law. I see my sinfulness and I say, oh how simple I am in the more I understand God's law, the more I see how I am captive to sin, but I don't want you to get confused. He says in verse 17 and me just clarify this.

It isn't any more. Really I do it, but what is not important. You see, now he's given you a technical distinction.

Now what's this is no more I when he says day it will get to a negative adverb of time. From this point on sudden change now since Christ is coming to my life and I've been redeemed, is no more that deep inner self in a technical sense is no more high, but is doing this but it is sin that hangs on, you can begin to understand the distinction he makes. You have to understand this in order to understand the character of regeneration.

He splits semantic hairs in verse 17, not in 1414 just makes a general statement in 17 he clarifies by saying I'll get it straight isn't really anymore. I used to be.

I when I could say I was carnal and I was so letter sin and that was really all I was to I but now it isn't anymore really knew I it's just Galatians 220 all over again folks for I sealed I am crucified with Christ. Nevertheless I live yet not I don't lie Christ lives in me and the life which I live. I live by the faith of the son of God. Let me gives up on receipt. He's saying it's it's me, but that's not me, it's a new me and that's what he saying in verse 70, so after salvation, the part of man, where sin lies no longer resides in his inmost self no longer resides in the goal.

It's no longer there are in the very substance of what that man is that's re-created to be like Christ and sin finds its residual dwelling in his flesh in his humanness. He says that in verse 18 in my flesh dwells no good thing was the source of Paul's problem. The condition conflict.

The proof I don't know what I want to do I do it on the source end of her 70 sin that what dwells in me indwelling sin. May I suggest you that there's a big difference between surviving sin and raining sin. Sin no longer rains but it does survive in us are close.

If this were like an unskilled artist resume picture to be painted Clearview. Maybe he's out. He sees the mountains and trees and rivers got his easel that all of his little paints he's ready to paint this glorious landscape. Thing is, he's a real klutz and can't paint stick figures, let alone landscapes he has seen to be painted in all its wondrous majesty. He has the paints to painted but it doesn't have the skill he's debilitated by his physical incapacity isn't that he can't perceive it isn't that he doesn't have available tools, it's just that his clumsiness is in the way the fault is not with the scene as it policy. The father's name with the paint. The fall is what the artist's inability and that's really where the Christian finds his frustration and I believe that's where we come to the point where we asked the master artist to put his hand on our hand to hold our hand as we hold the brush and paint the strokes that we independent of him could never pay and that's why we have to realize that the victory we do experience comes only when we yield ourselves to the one who can overcome the flesh in Galatians a close with this verse 570 for the flesh lusts against the spirit and the spirit against the flesh, and these are contrary to one to the other so that you cannot do the things that you want some familiar.

Just like Roman 70. I know that battle how you want it back up one verse. This I see that walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill what the lust of the flesh. I believe the spirit can give us victory. Let me just warning the more victory you have and the more you mature in Christ. And the more you see righteousness winning over sin, the more you will recognize the sinfulness of sin and the more you will find yourself in Romans seven is a place for totally committed whole heartedly abandoned people whose deepest, most profound long is to fulfill the whole law of God, and they are in great distress because they can't and they cry out. Oh, which may when verse 24.

Do I get out of the what the body terms are always consist when this baggage get the glory and eternally fulfill the law of this is grace to you with John MacArthur. Thanks for being with us. John is a pastor conference speaker and Chancellor of the Masters University in seminary's current study from Romans seven is titled why do I still sin.

John, we are still early in this series on sin and as we say all the time. Sin is universal. It's corrupted every human in every culture throughout all of history. But, just as sin is universal.

So is the solution to sin. And that is salvation in Christ. Salvation in Christ is a message we love to proclaim it. It's a message. We are now able to take two more more people worldwide. Even many non-English speakers tried to Preach the gospel without preaching about sin, because the gospel is the good news of how God forgives sin and takes the sinner from being under wrath of being under eternal blessings. So sin is an issue, but we talk about sin only to offer the good news of Jesus Christ in your right Phil and all the history of grace to you. We've never been at a point like we are today was a few years back.

Back in 2013.

Actually, that we launched an initiative called grace reaches out GR O obviously the. The objective of grace reaches out is to translate the collection of some of our most important fundamental sermons into languages other than English. The sermon numbers about 600 we took 600 key sermons and the translation and voicing has recently been completed for Mandarin Chinese and Portuguese. Together these resources make solid biblical exposition available to approximately 1.2 billion people who speak a Mandarin Chinese, or Portuguese. The grace reaches out Arabic project will be completed very shortly and the French project should be completed later this year. So grace to you has extended its ministry through this grace reaches out effort by beginning new projects in Russian and Italian anomaly that we are prayerfully looking into the possibility of beginning translation projects in Korean and German only just sum that up already in Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, and of course English soon to be in French and Arabic and after that Russian and Italian, and after that Korean and German. All of these are translations of the sermons that I preached originally in English. The response of this is been astonishing. The interest is just global as you could understand.

We eventually will broadcast these multi language sermons on radio across the world in the places where the languages are spoken so pray for this translation work and pray that many will come to faith in Christ as the word of God comes to them in their own language.

That's right, and friend.

We want to get John's verse by verse teaching into his many languages as we can so that more and more people can learn about Christ and study God's word in depth. If that kind of ministry resonates with you, consider making a donation today.

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