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The Body Formed in Eternity Past, Part 1

Grace To You / John MacArthur
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November 20, 2020 3:00 am

The Body Formed in Eternity Past, Part 1

Grace To You / John MacArthur

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November 20, 2020 3:00 am

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We personally ask God what we already have notices because we don't know our resources. We go to God are so bad anymore love I just want to give you more live in the Bible already says of the love of God is shed abroad in your soon incidents, was missing since not battling hunger. The elements of loneliness and then one day someone finds you and offers you rescue as well as everything you need for the rest of your life would you say no to that and instead continue to struggle for survival. Turning your back on profound blessing. Of course you wouldn't. But is it possible you're doing something even worse. Rejecting the unique abundant treasure.

That's yours if you're Christian, how do you embrace that treasure and make the most of it.

Find out with John MacArthur here on grace to you as he continues his series titled richer than you think. Follow along. Now, as John begins the lesson. In most of Paul's discussions of the church as the body of Christ in most of his discussing that he is referring to the present here and now operation of the church, but in the first chapter of Ephesians, he goes way back into eternity past and shows how God master-planned the church as the body of Christ before the world began, so this is really a look way back before history look with me at verse three through verse 6A, there are six aspects of blessing in verse three, but see what they are. First of all, the blessed one is God blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ second element I see your blessing is that God is also the bless her is not only the blessed but the bless her, who hath blessed, who hath blessed so we see the God is the blessed one and the blessed are also who are the blessed. But after the word blessed it says us that's us folks were the blessed how much blessing does he give us look at the fourth element, the blessings themselves. It says blessed us with all spiritual lesson he blesses us with all that is possible to be dispensed to us through the agency of the spirit of God, and you know it's so ridiculous for Christians not to think they have any resources so I don't know if I can really do that. Oh yeah, here I was sorry Romans eight one time reading that text voice as we know not what to pray for as we ought to remember that.

So the spirit makes intercession for us. You know, one of the things we do is we constantly ask God for what we already have you noticed that because we don't know our resources, we gotta say that anymore love I just want to give you more live in the Bible already says that the love of God is shed abroad in your essay need that long.

What I need is peace. I'm so distressed.

Jesus said when I left, my peace I leave with you, not as the world giveth, give you. Never let your heart be troubled. I got that to write what I need to sign in July.

I'm not happy. No read John 15. He said that he was going to leave his joy in us that our joy might be what full and only that either no why do what I need I need strength.

No, you can already do all things through Christ, you already what strengthens you see, we spent a lot of time asking for what we got single one of us was asked for James that asked for wisdom, and wisdom is the sense not to ask for what you got see God has already dispensed to us all spiritual blessing all blessing connected to the spirit is a well. Have you received the second blessing. I was a and the 5002 all when I received Christ I received, how many all spiritual blessings look at second Peter chapter 1 for a minute. It says this in verse three, according as his divine power. Now that is the source people. His divine power hath past tense given us all things that pertain unto life and godliness is he's already given us all things that pertain to life and godliness. There is no missing ingredients, the blessed one is the bless her, who has blessed us with everything we need all the resources of their their all their and in Philippians 119 Paul calls it the supply of the spirit, the supply of the spirit. Sadly though we don't always appropriate. Our possessions but I want you to know people. Your rich bless God he couldn't give you more than he gave you in Christ there is nothing else to get. I mean, there's nothing else to gat. It's all there. All the pneumatic class. Blessings all the good things that the spirit can dispense have been dispensed to you in the presence of the indwelling Christ or yours is not a question of finding someone else to question of using what you got. So don't go stumbling around saying well I don't know if I can do it when you can do resources or their your rich you are rich, incredibly rich, so the blessed save where are these plus well he tells us the blessing location in the heavenly's in the heaven. Nowhere is the heavenly, so we will say was heaven. Well, not strictly speaking, I think it includes Evan but I think the heavenly simply means the supernatural world of God. The domain of God. The divine realm isn't just heaven. It says, for example, the six chapter we wrestle against not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness in the heavenly's so it's the domain of the supernatural. So were not just citizens of the earth but were citizens out there. We we really aren't even citizens here anymore all over Rome and around we start out being citizens of this world were saved to become citizens of heaven according to Philippians 320, our citizenship is in heaven for which we look for our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. So were citizens of heaven, we live in the heavenly is the dominion of God is that dominion by which we are able to understand the supernatural. The natural man understand not the things of God because he is of the earth, earthy Jesus said in Luke 16. Eight. They are the children of this world, but we have been transformed into God's kingdom.

The kingdom of his dear son.

Our minds have been elevated to class and three says we are ascended to the heavenly's our citizenship is there, and so we live in a paradoxical kind of two-level existence here on the earth. And yet, citizens of heaven illustrated I'm an American citizen. No matter where I go on over 11 American citizens fund an Arab country are five-minute in a European country Latin American or Central American country or an African country, wherever I might be whatever country I man I am an American citizen and have all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto, and you are the same. You are a citizen of heaven. Just because you happen to be traveling in a foreign land doesn't alter your citizenship one bit. You have all the rights and privileges belonging to a citizen of heaven. Our life is in the supernatural in the heavenly's we commune with God our father is there. Our home is there. Our Savior is. There are friends are there.

Our loved ones are there.

Our name is there arthralgias there Arlene was there. It's in the heavenly's that we live and were trapped in the tension of being heavenly citizens with an earthly sojourn like the king you know the king who by virtue of the right to rule is the king is still the king what is not sitting on the seat right I mean the fact that he walks in the world and mingles with the common people comes out of the palace and comes down and trips around with the folks on the street. The peasants doesn't mean he's not the king because someday he'll go back and sit on the throne because he has a right to do so and you and our kings.

The Bible said and were right now. Walking among the commoners of the earth, but one of these days were going to be going back to the homework where our throne is going to be seated with Christ in his throne fact in Ephesians 26 it says were already seated in the heavenly places. It's as good as done as you see, we are citizens of an eternal kingdom. We belong there. Everything we love is there, and were trapped in attention of the earthly and heavenly. That's why Paul could say in the midst of that paradox.

I am sorrowful, yet always rejoicing. I am poor yet I make many rich I have nothing yet. I have everything I am troubled on all sides but I'm not distressed. I am perplexed, but I'm not in despair I'm cast down that I'm not the stridency was the tension of being into and you may have nothing to may be poor in this world limitation when you're so rich in the heavenly's that it's uncountable say my problem is pulling at their to get here where I needed the work of the Holy Spirit and listening.

Galatians 5 is if you walk in the spirit know what you walk in the spirit, the spirit will produce everything you need. What love what are the joy, peace, gentleness, goodness, faith, weakness, self-control, all the virtues you can pull all riches right now by walking in the power of the spirit of God your rich you been blessed with all spiritual blessings in heaven say, how come why is God who is to be blast becoming the bless her to bless me with all these things in the heavenly's and allow me to be a citizen of his world why the answer to come to the very end of verse three because you are one of the last two words in Christ. You see when you became a Christian, you are placed in a marvelous union with Christ. First Corinthians 617 says he that is joined to the Lord is one spirit, and you became one spirit with Jesus Christ and as such all that is his is yours.

Is that incredible case that bothers your mind and maybe need to affirm Romans chapter 8 when the apostle Paul reiterates for us the truth. It never ceases to thrill me. Verse 1716 says we are the children of God and 17 says if children, then heirs, heirs of God and what joint heirs with Jesus Christ. All this is ours. We are in Christ we are as rich as he is all the resources he had. We had listen beloved.

You are part of the church of Jesus Christ because you are planned into it before the world began, and it's all being planned into it when you came to know Jesus Christ. You became a joint heir with God, a joint heir with Christ in God dispensed at your disposal all the riches of everything the spirit of God could transmit by walking in the spirit it all becomes yours that's rich. No wonder he blessed God.

No wonder we are in Christ.

I don't understand that it's a fabulous thought we I am one with Jesus Christ so that his righteousness is imputed to me so that his inheritance is my inheritance. Let me sum it up by saying it four ways I am in Christ. So his position is my position for this privilege is my privilege.

His possession is my possession and his practice is my practice.

I said another way, where he is. I am what he has. I have and what he does. I do not place on the farm union with Jesus Christ and to be so planned before the foundation of the world and I am significant for you, but only because I'm in Christ, not because of myself right.

Remember what Paul said in first Corinthians 1510 I am what I am by what the grace of God. Not because I'm worthy well.

Having blessed God in that third verse he moves on to discuss how this blessed God formed his body in eternity past. Let's go to verse four according as he has chosen us in him before the foundation of the world that we should be holy and without blame before him in love, having predestinated us unto the adoption of sons by Jesus Christ to himself, according to the good pleasure of his will, to the praise of the glory of his grace. Now stop there.

That little section from 4 to 6 today is the first part of this longer section through verse 14 and the whole section through verse 14 discusses the eternal forming of the body, but that little section discusses the past aspect of it. The next section. The present aspect. The third the future.

The past aspect can be summed up in one word election. The present aspect versus 6B through 11 or so can be summed up in one word redemption. That's the present aspect. The future aspect the rest of it. Inheritance election redemption inheritance three keywords that show the three different aspects of God's eternal plan.

Let's look at the first one and were not going to get through it just to get through the first point in the first part. What is the past aspect of God's eternal plan. Well we see in verses four through six say seven aspects of God's past plan. Seven aspects first one is the method which is election verse four according as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world stop there. You know why he blesses God in verse three he blesses God in verse three because he's absolutely just overwhelmed that God has chosen him before the foundation of the world that it is a question of saying you're a good guy. You deserve to be in my kingdom that you're a nice lady you desire to be in my kingdom is not all it's gone before the world began setting his love on me.

See the method. The method by which God formed the body was election say it says according as he has chosen us in him before the foundation of the world.

People say mealtime. You believe in election. I say I believe in the Bible and the Bible teaches election. You mean you believe in God chooses people to be saved before the rubber bar in the Bible teaches you believe that before the world even began, Jesus and the father the spirit wrote down the book of life who would be saved, already down there and they plan that all they have absolutely believed you say will don't know what about what about free will. The first place. Free will is no biblical term is never used in the Bible because men may have a will, but it is free. It's bound to sin, but aside from that, what about will you believe that man is a choice.

Absolutely you believe anybody wants to can come to Christ. Absolutely I believe the Bible teaches absolute sovereignty of God election. I believe the Jesus said he may come with an MEL in the wise will cast out, and I believe Jesus said, whosoever will, and come. I believe that Jesus simply put it this way coming to me all ye that what labor and are heavy laden, to be rich and you see God has some things that he can do that I can't do and that's fine.

Listen, if I understood everything I'd be God. And if I was God. We would be in lots of trouble. I don't need to resolve it but don't do this to God's sovereignty and man's choice and try to find some middle ground or you just destroyed both of Limon, let the tension be there.

Let it be that God says he is sovereign know about how he harmonizes that with people coming to Christ. That's his problem not ours. He just says come come look the terms here. He had chosen as an heiress middle of the Lego which means to choose out to pick in the middle voice is reflexive, which means that God is picking for himself and nobody else is involved in is God didn't have anybody you know whispered in his ear a lot like it if you could include so-and-so, no.

And there wasn't anything for us to do with it. God chose for himself. He did for himself that it might be for his glory and says that in verse six to the praise of his glory.

It says it in verse 12, to the praise of his glory.

It says in verse 14, to the praise of his glory.

See what God chose the church. He chose it for his own glory before you ever chosen for the church's own good, in fact it says in chapter 3 verse 10 that the reason he put the church together was that he might display it to the angels that they might see how wise he is not how wonderful we are so elect before the foundation of the world. We were chosen in Revelation that is also stated in two passages 13 eight and all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world. The book of life folks was written before the world began. The same thing is true in 17 eight of Revelation, it says at the end of the diverse names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world. The book of life was written on the foundation of the world was election don't have a problem with election. It just means God chooses everybody was saved. That's right. And it's always positive.

You never see it in a negative sense God chooses will be saved. Jesus, for example, in the back open showing another angle. When God's chose Israel he didn't say all right, all you nations, you have a contest in the best nation gets to be my nation on if that was the case I don't think is a limit. He says them. I didn't choose you because you are the most righteous. I sent my love upon you, because that's what I chose to do and in the Old Testament. It says Israel mine elect another Israel mine elect got elected Israel was when it came to angels. First Timothy 521 God says they are the elect angels. The ones that are still glorifying God. They were elect to first Peter 26 is isolated in Zion, a cornerstone, elect, precious Jesus Christ was elect Jesus said to his apostles, you have not chosen me, but I have chosen you and of Paul. He said he is chosen by me as an apostle of the Gentiles.

Israel is elect angels are elect Christ as elect believers were elect for apostleship and believe me when it comes to the church. He doesn't switch gears and say an ounce of referral. God will be consistent with his nature. The church was chosen before the foundation of the world in second Timothy chapter 1 verse nine it says that he has saved us and called us with a holy calling, listen, not according to our works had nothing to do with us and nothing to do with what we did or did not do or what he anticipated. We would or would not do. But according to his own purpose and grace which was given to us in Christ before the world began.

Can you believe that God set his brace on you before the world began.

Your birth in this world was not incidental. It was the consummation of the divine plan of God was unity to go to some psychological seminar to get a sense of value. Is that enough. You were master plan by God in his eternal plan. Second Timothy 210.

Therefore pulses I endure all things for the elect's sake, that they may obtain the salvation which is in Christ Jesus. In other words, this is on try to reach the elect.

The ones who are already chosen, that they might take hold of the faith that is already been granted them in God's sovereign decree. Second Thessalonians. I just would remind you of 213.

We are bound to give thanks always to God for you brother and beloved of the Lord, because God listen to this half from the beginning chosen you to salvation like every declare that your chosen chosen before the foundation of the world you are strategic you are important to God. The book of acts it says in many believed in chapter 1348 because they were ordained unto eternal life. They were ordained under eternal life.

Now listen, you say, but if God chooses everybody what we had to do with it.

We have some to do with the two because the Bible presents that part of it. Just leave those to where they are believe them both and let God resolve it in his infinite mind. But I'll tell you one thing, God is never a victim and it is the doctrine of election that lets God be God and God be the sovereign of history and it is the doctrine of election, but says to me you are of value eternally in the heart of God, humanity, Jesus came to shed his blood to purchase you your important so God has eternally formed his body, beloved your part of your Christian don't struggle with a sense of self-worth. You are worthy, and don't struggle with a sense of inadequacy he has dumped on you. All spiritual blessings in the heavens. The resources are available to you are unlimited and you need to use capitalize on them in order to live on God's best level. Use them in order to minister with the greatest amount of power use them in order to build the church Jesus purchased with his own blood. Let's pray how wonderful it is father to know that when all the world about us seem so confused and sometime we wonder where it's going.

The word of God tells us it's all according to plan. The blueprint is being followed. The church is being built in the gates of hell will not prevail against all the father gives to me said Christ shall come to me and I have lost none of them you will build your church will all be there because that's what you've planned and father, help us to know that each of us is important.

Important in the ministry, we have toward you for each other for the world. Help us to realize that you've equipped us with all spiritual blessings with all things pertaining to life and godliness so that we can do your work in your way for your glory. Thank you father for what you can do and what you wanted. As we become available. Pricing that's John MacArthur continuing his current study here on grace to you titled richer than you think, along with teaching on this radio station. John also serves as pastor of Grace Community Church and Chancellor of the Masters University and seminary know something important to mention for the past few weeks.

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