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Daniel in the Lions' Den B

Grace To You / John MacArthur
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June 19, 2020 4:00 am

Daniel in the Lions' Den B

Grace To You / John MacArthur

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June 19, 2020 4:00 am

The temptation to compromise could hit you before this day is over. So how can you maintain integrity no matter what? John MacArthur answers that question today on Grace to You.

Grace To You
John MacArthur
Grace To You
John MacArthur
Grace To You
John MacArthur
Grace To You
John MacArthur
Grace To You
John MacArthur
Grace To You
John MacArthur

Who gets the glory. In the chapter, Daniel, not Daniel Freeman.

Daniel was just there.

That's God the glory. I believe that if you see one thread through the book of Daniel is not the exaltation of Daniel is the majesty of God stands against his sovereign on you to file your tax return or submit an insurance claim. Maybe it's when you're looking for an excuse. Any excuse to get out of a commitment you made or when your friends ask you for your views on sensitive subjects like abortion or gay marriage.

The fact is the temptation to compromise could hit before this day is over.

How can you maintain integrity in every circumstance and where you turn for practical strategies, and encouragement. Today's message can help you answer those important questions.

John MacArthur is here to show what a life without compromise looks like. So follow along. Now, as John begins his message titled Daniel in the lion's den were looking at Daniel. Chapter 6 the famous chapter in which we find Daniel in and out of the lion's den.

I want some keywords to take us through this text, the first one is promotion, promotion, and that deals with verses 1 to 3 God allowed Darius to recognize the capability of Daniel and to put them in a very strategic place, a place of influence second word. The first is promotion. The second is plot versus 49 was a group of and that made a plot not all of them agreed, but just get up all those individuals just intimidated and they all consolidate said to establish a royal statute and make a firm decree, that whosoever shall ask a petition of any God or man, for 30 days except the videogame shall be cast into the den of lions verse nine he signed the writing and the decree now there was a law you make a petition of any God. But this God and you go to the lion's den. So we see the promotion of the plot is 1/3 word perseverance verse 10 perseverance. Now the word got back to Daniel and I want to know what he did now and Daniel knew that the writing was signed. He went into his house and his windows being open in his chamber toward Jerusalem. He kneeled on his knees three times a day and prayed and gave thanks before his God, as he did previously. I like then these men assembled and found Daniel praying and making supplication before his got you know what it said what I see here is perseverance. They made a law and Daniel went back is limited. What he did every day. The pattern established originally by David apparently Psalm 55, morning, noon and night fell on his knees to pray.

I say will couldn't of Daniel been a little discreet. Couldn't he just close the window and pray the same way. Yes, good live just cool for 30 days talk to the Lord standing up and walking around and would been as visible yes, but any compromise at all would have been read as self serving and it wasn't in his character to do that so perseverance what a truly virtuous and godly man and there's another keyword that takes us through the text and that's the word prosecution verse 12 now the plot thickens. Then they came here and spoke before the king concerning the king's decree. They had spied out Daniel. They saw what he did.

I'm sure that they went in the morning and they saw that deal right away. Maybe they sought at the noon time.

That's probably more likely they became and I got the decree going in the morning they went there to Daniel's place at noon to watch him do it. They just saw the one time and they ran back to the king and they spoke concerning the decree passed now not signed a decree that every man that shall ask a petition of any God or man within 30 days except the deal king shall be cast on the net of lions another put the monkey and the kings back. The king answered and said the thing is true according to the law of the Medes and Persians, which all there is not. That's right, then answer day and said before the king that Daniel, who is of the children of the captivity of Judah, and they forever thrown at it in that foreigner that prisoner that captive. Not even the right stock. God is not the only king was a true I wasn't true wasn't Daniel was a loyal and faithful servant.

As long as it never caused him to violate his principles. He regarded the king in the way a king should be regarded as our Lord said he render to Caesar what was Caesar and he says he doesn't regard the decree that you signed but makes his petition three times a day.

I know they didn't hang around all day to see it all three times they just saw one and that was the assumption that he was doing and it was a correct assumption, so they confront the king. He started out as king for a month God for a month and wound up as a fool in one day. What a fool. What a stupid thing to do unthinking you know he was angry at his wise men himself. He was angry at himself. Verse 14 then the king when he heard these words was very much displeased with himself, and I like this. He set his heart on Daniel delivered antilabor till the going down of the sun to deliver. Let's assume the thing was signed in the morning they hustled out to see what Daniel do it noon. Daniel was there praying they ran back and told the king and now he had all afternoon because execution according to their custom was to come before nightfall, and so he had all afternoon and he exhausted every legal means possible. He went every way.

That's the implication of verse 14 he set his heart on Daniel to deliver him antilabor till the going down the sun. I don't know what he did but maybe try to find a loophole in the law for maybe five try to find something in past meeting. We don't Persian law that could undo this thing.

But technically there was no way out. You know what I love about this. Daniel never says a word. Dale never takes up his own call.

Daniel never defends himself like Christ is done before.

His shearers and opens not his mouth.

See he had such confidence in God to result all these years that he would just commit himself to God.

There was no defense right was noted. What could he say except that's right, I was praying and I'll just keep on praying was nothing to say. So the promotion. The plot perseverance the prosecution. Another keyword comes in verse 60 that's the word penalty verse 15 says then these men assembled under the king and Senate of the king. No king but the law of the Medes and the Persians is that no decree nor statute which the king establishes may be changed, you're stuck with it. Then the king commanded, and they brought Daniel and cast him into the den of lions. Now these are real liens folks real liens, liens that were purposely starved to be used as execution and I don't know how many there were in there but the one just a couple I seen pictures whether two or three lines. No, I don't know how many but there must've been an awful lot of lions because when you get to the end of the chapter and everything starts coming down on the heads of the people made the plot they throw all of them in there and they throw all our families and together, and they get eaten up before they hit the ground lot Alliance and one commentator. Similarly, if you and Daniel found a corner and hit no known was a big place right he found a corner knee hit in this drawer will know lots of lions and there were lions like you think of lions, and so the stone was brought and laid on the mouth of the den most likely Kievan side of the hill and on the lower place where the entrance was the would have a stone to cover and then on the top of the hill there was a whole with a great over that the reason we believe that is the word Dan is literally the word gold in Aramaic which is related to the Hebrew word which means pit and so it was a pit. That's basically the idea group in Hebrew means to dig.

So here you have a sort of an underground pit with a side entrance where they could sort through that natural cave entrance. Bring the lions in and out or do whatever they need to do to feed them and in this top entrance where the whole deal could be viewed as the people who were to be executed were executed. I don't notice it says in verse 16 the king spoke and said to Daniel thy God whom thou service continually.

He will what the liver they don't get that idea was, you know enough about Daniel to know that if Daniel had been hanging around for a year, at least by now, and perhaps to that Darius had heard message after message after message about God and you will also know that the history of what Daniel had seen God do in the past would be known to him, and that's perhaps one of the reasons he appointed him to the place he did, it would seem apparent to me that Daniel would be one who would make manifest what he believed and so I'm sure the message was very clear about the power of Daniel's God, who had delivered.

I'm sure this man knew well the story of Dedrick Meshach and Abednego they had been delivered from the fiery furnace and so we knew that this God could do it. This is great because this shows that Daniel's evangelistic effort is having some result so the stone was brought it was sealed with the segment of the king and the Signet of his lords. Neither one could break that seal the purpose might not be changed concerning Daniel and all of this leads to another keyword preservation verse 18 then the king went to his palace, you know the Holy Spirit is so subtle about things you'd think that you'd want to go right to the lions didn't write. I mean if if I was watching a film, for example, in the film came to the climax when it took Daniel and the women of the lions.

Then they cut to the king's palace.

I go couple I see the king's palace.

Take me back to the lions want to see what's going on. The lions den cut to the palace never says anything about the lions nothing in the king past the night fasting. Who cares, right what happened in my getting past the night fasting and neither were instruments of music one text says. Actually, the Aramaic word is diversions. It could be music women dancers whatever they used to divert the king but he didn't want any of that. No music, no dancers, no food, no nothing is sleep went from him and he just paste around in here. It rose very early and went in haste.

By the way the very early in the morning, means literally at the brightness of the dawning as soon as the sun was visible he was gone and he went in haste and most commentators feel he was probably around 62 or 63 years old, so he was hustling for his age hustled out of the den alliance. The crack of dawn to try to see what's going on how this indicates that he had some faith doesn't gotta Daniel verse 20 and when he came to the den. He cried with a lamentable voice, a sad sorrowing voice, a voice of anguish, a voice of anxiety and he cried under Daniel no hoping for the best, perhaps believing the worst Daniel Daniel Sir out of the living God.

Know what you think he learned that what you think you learned that same servant of the living God, I'll tell you what I learned from Daniel Dale given the many lessons servant of the living God is thy God whom thou service continually aim a little early from the lions.

Frank, it's a little late for that question busy now or at the crux of the matter.

We got able will verse 21 then said Daniel under the king old king live forever and have those amenities in their when you talk to a king. You just can't say I'm fine. You have Seo king live forever. Then verse 22. My God hath sent his angel and shut the lions mouse. By the way, that's got to be extended to mean that he sort of the took care of their pause to because they could ripped them to shreds. God sent an angel. Now he's is a powerful one angel took care of 185,000. The Syrians and slew them all by himself. So one angel would be plenty. My God sent his angel to shut the lions mouse and they have not hurt me for as much as before him, innocence was found in me. That's not proud.

That's true and also okay before you. I don't know hurt either just to get the record straight. Isn't it interesting he defends himself only after he is given God the opportunity to put them through the test, he will put his life in his in God's hands and a lie instead. It's as if he was saying out God not understand why more that lines them and maybe you have a reason. Maybe you know something in my life that is in writing.

This is part of, and only after God delivering could he say I haven't done anything ominous you know you're innocent because God had a perfect chance to chastening didn't do it.

He waits for God to evaluate that.

Well, verse 23 says, then, was the king exceedingly glad for him and he commanded that they should take Daniel out of the den. I lets get an indication that it was a pit probably drop some ropes and that nearly 90-year-old guy grabbed onto the ropes and a PK is taken out of the dinner, no matter of hurt was found upon them because he believed it is God believing in God doesn't mean that the lines are going to eat you. There have been martyrs throughout all the history of God's dealing with men that have leave God in diet. The issue is that we accept God's will.

If it is to live it is to live if it is the diet is to die.

But in either case were never defeated.

In fact, if Daniel had been eaten by lions, he would've been in the presence of God right which would've been better than looking up at the rise in single king live forever could lose we never lose if you'd been torn to shreds that Angela came would've carried them into the presence of the Lord in Abraham's bosom. All this is followed by another keyword.

The word punishment verse 24 and the king commanded. They brought the men who had accused Daniel.

The portion of the satraps, the princes, the presidents that it accused and they cast them in the den of lions them, their children and their wives and the lions had the mastery of them and broke all their bones in pieces before they came to the bottom of the den. Please estimate from this amount ally and well you know Daniel didn't get eaten because the lions were not hungry hungry they were hungry enough to eat this huge group of people, some of even suggested the Daniel didn't get eaten because the lines were old and they were like Clarence Chino cross sideline. It's amazing what liberal commentators try to do the Bible, but the point of this text here is to show you they were old and toothless. They worked filled up. They were hungry and they were so ferocious they shredded those people before they ever hit the ground God to the miracle horrifying scene.

The picture of retribution and vengeance of God, by the way, it's a very interesting glimpse of pagan law law, the Medes and the person said on account of the guilt of one all his kindred must perish. That was the law of the Medes and Persians and so they did. We see the promotion.

The plot, perseverance, prosecution, penalty, preservation, punishment two more keywords proclamation verse 25. Then King Darius wrote unto all people, nations and languages you know that little trilogy is used many times in the book of Daniel, which just encompasses all the people in the room and he screwed all that dwell on the earth. At least the earth as he perceived it. Peace be multiplied to you. I make a decree that in every dominion of my kingdom men tremble and fear before the God of Daniel. That great one and he literally affects the entire fire now though all empires fallen under the decree to tremble and fear before the God of Daniel. Doesn't take a lot of people.

It just takes the right time, for he is the living God, and steadfast forever, and his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed, and his dominion shall be, even under the enemy sound like the psalmist is a pagan king boy God is put on some convincing demonstrations in this book as an nations come and go, and whether they be Babylonian or Medo Persian.

When God puts his men in the right place. His message gets through. He deliver verse 27 in rescue. With any work and signs and wonders in heaven and earth, who hath delivered Daniel from the power of alliance, asked a simple question. Who gets the glory and the chapter Daniel Daniel not Daniel Foreman. Daniel was just there.

That's God the glory.

I believe that if you see one thread through the book of Daniel is not the exaltation of Daniel. It is the majesty of God, who stands against the nations of the world and upholds his sovereignty. Finally, the prosperity, so this Daniel prospered in the reign of Darius, even in the reign of Cyrus the Persian prospered. I want to listen to me as I close, I want to sum up very rapidly just a couple of minutes was as we look at this chapter. What we see about Daniel human we study chapter wanted to. We took all of the characteristics of the virtue of Daniel is a young man and we catalogued them and we study we saw what makes a virtuous godly man will hear, we are 20 well know, 60, 70 years later.

What we see in him again. One of the elements of character. We can translate to ourselves what makes a man able to affect the nation. What makes a man or a woman have an impact. It is as far-reaching as an empire.

What is it in Daniel, we suggest some things, running down, just listen to the think them through. First of all, this man transcended history.

He was great and he was useful to God because he transcended history. He got his feet out of the muck of human issues. He sought the kingdom of God.

Secondly, live a consistent life from start to finish. He was virtuous when he was young and so he was virtuous when he was old and I really believe that there is no way to measure with a human measure the power of a virtuous life of that many years.

The tragedy is that most of us find our virtue coming and going through those years, not Daniel.

What are the lessons we learn about a man of God. He transcends history. He lives a consistent life from youth to old age. This makes for great usefulness in his old age. Thirdly, he utterly fulfills his calling. In other words, he lives in the absolute center of God's will is only desire is that God's will be fulfilled forth. He has a right attitude.

They kept saying about him. He has an excellent spirit.

He has an excellent spirit, for he will be envied and he will be hated by the world around him, but he will never be bettered by six he is condemned, but if he is condemned he is condemned for his righteousness, for there's no other flaw. He is as an elder of the church should be what blameless seventh is known for his virtue and integrity even by his enemies.

Eight is a faithful citizen is subject to human laws until they would cause him to violate the laws of God. Nine he is willing to face any consequence within the framework of God's will and leave the outcome to God. 10 he will serve faithfully, no matter what it costs him personally 11 never defends himself believes that the God 12. He strengthens the faith of others, giving them hope in God, did you see this in the king coming. The king was even believing because of the great faith of Daniel 13. He is delivered from all harm and is preserved for every purpose within the will of God.

14 he is a vehicle for God's glory. I wish we could just preach on that we as we as Christians are to be above all things, a vehicle for God's glory. 15 he will be avenged by God, you will be avenged by God's enemies to be dealt with by God.

He doesn't have to deal with them himself. Finally, he is exalted by those around as well as by the one above principles manifest this chapter shows a virtuous life of a man of God.

That's John MacArthur on grace to you. He's chancellor of the Masters University in seminary today. He showed you one of Scripture's most powerful examples of a man of integrity, a man who refused to compromise man named Daniel John to help our listeners to be faithful no matter what, like Daniel did talk about the influence that a person can have. If he refuses to compromise what kind of difference can our listeners make in the world if they choose God over anything and everything else the world offers. While I think it's summed up in what our Lord said he basically said if you live a godly life if you let your light shine before men, they will glorify your Father who is in heaven. In other words people be able to look at the life of a Christian and have no human way to explain that kind of character. In other words, it ought to be so transcendent, so unique, so different, so obviously virtuous and godly that the only explanation is something transcendent you your life should never be able to be explained if you're a believer by anything natural I think that's Christian testimony.

You know that was what the food of the German philosopher said hi and said show me your redeemed life and I might believe in your Redeemer, you keep talking about Jesus transforming your life. Show me your life. If your life is transformed, I might believe in Jesus the transformer. So again, our light only shines when people see us and there's no human explanation for how we live and how we speak. That's the power of integrity and again were talking about that, regarding Daniel, but it gives me the opportunity one more time to remind you about the book the power of integrity. Integrity has immense power.

It is the very issue I just spoke about it is your integrity, your oneness with truth and with the power of the truth and the spirit of God that causes people to have no human explanation for your life and that causes them to turn to say where did this come from.

And of course it comes from the Lord and that's the opportunity to open the door of blessing. It's your life that gives you the credibility to talk about Christ and the gospel.

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Check your local listings for channeling times and then join us next week when John launches a series on one of the Bible's most encouraging doctrines eternal security be here Monday for another half hour of unleashing God's truth one verse at a time wasting

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