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Golf With Jay Delsing - Scott Hovis

Golf With Jay Delsing / Jay Delsing
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June 1, 2020 12:11 am

Golf With Jay Delsing - Scott Hovis

Golf With Jay Delsing / Jay Delsing

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Jay Delsing spent 25 years on the PGA Tour and is a lifetime member of the PGA Tour and PGA of America. Now he provides his unique perspective as a golfer and network broadcaster. It's time to go On The Range with Jay Delsing.

On The Range is brought to you by Pro-Am Golf. Hey, good morning, St. Louis. Good morning, Perley. Good morning, Meade.

This is Golf with Jay Delsing. How we doing, guys? Ready to roll, baby. Ready to roll.

All right. Well, let's just jump right in. We formatted the show like a round of golf and the On The Range segment is our first segment. It's brought to you by Pro-Am Golf. Check us, our social media outlets out.

Extremely important to us. Twitter is at Jay Delsing. Facebook is Golf with Jay Delsing and Jay Delsing Golf. LinkedIn is Jay Delsing.

And we have an Instagram account that nobody knows about the handle. So, all right. Cool show today. Love what we have going on today. We've got an interview with the executive director of the Missouri Golf Association, Scott Hovis, who is also, Pearl, I don't know if you knew this, he's also part of the Missouri Board of Tourism and he's very instrumental in trying to get the state involved with the Ascension Charity Classic coming up. So we got a neat interview with him. And we've got a lot to talk about. Man, we just had the TaylorMade driving relief. We've got, I've got details about the tour coming back and how they're going to do it.

And so let's just jump right in. I wanted to mention, give a shout out to the St. Louis Junior Invitational. It's rescheduled now for July 30th through 31st. You can find them at 72 boys and girls ages 14 to 18 will play in this event. This is the second year of the event. It's held at Norwood Hills. And Bob Phillips is the driving force behind this along with Jimmy McLaughlin, my buddy.

But Bob Phillips has something, Pearl, that's really cool called the Shining Light Player Scholarship, which uses GoFundMe pages for families that can't afford to get here. So it's really awesome. Last year, I think we had players from about six or seven states.

We've already got about representatives from eight or nine different states. So we want to check that out. So that's a pretty cool thing. I know you love the growth of the game and you and I are definitely into the junior program and the and the younger amateur events. So that's super exciting. I'm glad they're rescheduling and I'm glad they're rescheduling it that quickly. You know, Pearl, the golf is booming in town right now. The places are absolutely locked and loaded in this crazy pandemic time that we're going through. Golf is kind of the only Oh, my gosh, I don't know. I hate to say the only but one of the only places that's really, really safe to hang out and this weekend.

Yes. The tailor made driving relief happened down at Seminole. And Pearl, what was your initial takeaway? Well, first, you know, you appreciate what goes into a regular event, and what it takes to make you look fantastic. And obviously, you know, this wasn't that regular type of thing. But the first thing I cared about is that there was sports on TV.

I just wanted to see sports on TV. So that's that was my first and foremost. And then the next was I think it was kind of fun.

But it's a far cry from a full production. Right? I got it. I've had the you know, Seminole, this is the first televised event ever. That Seminole Seminole is one of the most exclusive. And when I say exclusive for me, I'm not caught up in some of that stuff that goes with country clubs, Pearl, you know that.

But what I'm saying is, they just like to fly under the radar. They just like to do their thing put on a great experience for their members. Bob Ford is the director of golf there and he is just a man he is kind of like the model for our our buddies, the golf professionals with the PGA and he is terrific. And one of the things that stood out to me john was how cool it was to see the boys just grab their their their sticks and walk down the fairway and everybody was all over the place. Dustin Johnson drove the ball. He had his driver finally tuned on widespread.

This thing he sprayed it left and right and was all over the place. And the guys were playing ready golf. They were putting with balls, you know, it was just nice to see that for me for whatever reason, that felt really nostalgic watching these guys carry their bags. So one of the things that can't get overlooked, we've harped on this. I'm sure the listeners are tired of me saying this, but I'm going to keep beating this drum $5.5 million was raised for nurses and for the CDC through this four and a half hour event yesterday. It's just absolutely spectacular to me. It was fun to watch the money climb through the events for sure.

Yeah, and I'm with you too. Obviously, this workout, I didn't know I didn't know what to expect. I thought they would just have something with the caddies and they would be social distancing with their caddies and stuff. But obviously they carried their own bags. But you got four wildly fit guys.

So that's not going to be the problem for them at all. But I'm throwing a plug in for the caddies because these guys miss clubbed all day long. They they're they're lost without the caddies.

That's the way I thought. Well, well, we got to go back to that. They miss clubbed. I saw them hit driver everywhere.

Where was where? That's what I'm saying. It's just it's just it's a bomb show. But coming down the stretch when there's some critical shots they wanted to hit, you know, twice I see guys, you know, these world class players posing on it. And it didn't even go on the green. So, you know, I just got a kick out of I just wonder how different it would have been had they had their caddies because normally, they're bouncing ideas and clubs and feel and amount of wind off the caddies.

And so I'm just I'm putting a plug in there for the caddies. I think those those guys are kind of lost without them. Yeah, you know what I the whole thing almost looked eerie to me what I really loved.

First of all, shout out to United Healthcare and to farmers. And then rocket mortgage sponsored the blimp shots. I thought that was spectacular to get some of those overheads. No, like the whole overheads were awesome for me because I have not played some at all. As I said, I had not even ever seen it and paid any attention to any pictures that might be out there. So the overheads gave me a perspective.

I just kept saying to myself, this is not what I expected at all. But the guy is has a rich, rich history, obviously. And it was probably the perfect event. They played a tight golf course. DJ may not have finished a hole. No, he'd still he'd be out there.

They may not only would they have lost some of his t shots, they may have lost him. He couldn't figure out if he was going to miss to the right or to the left. And that included his putter for the for the record.

Yeah, yeah. For the most part, he was missing to the right with his putter. But he had the putter on widespread too.

He was just off yesterday. And but who you know who was not off was Ricky Fowler and Rory McIlroy. Man, those guys.

They carried the water for for both teams. Well, I get a kick out of it because the three other guys are bombers and Wolf was unbelievable bomber. It's so they're all over Ricky, you can just hear the little sniper sniping comments in the background. And then Ricky makes what six or seven birdies. Yeah, so he shot he shut down the the long distance. This is for sure. Okay, so Pearl, what did you think about Matthew Wolf meat?

What did you did? What do you think about Matthew Wolf's? He's got that crazy little jump trigger start before Have you ever seen anything like that? I have the little jerk that he kind of does. Yeah, I've never seen anything like that. I don't know how you get anything consistent with an approach like that. It's pretty interesting because all of us have like a trigger, which is a starting mechanism. But I'm watching this thing.

And I got like, 15 texts going. What's wrong with this guy swing? You know, somebody was like, is that is he gonna be Charles Barkley in another two? Don't put that on him. Anyways, watch. I was watching with my brother in law.

That's what he said. He said, this is a closest thing I've ever seen to Charles Barkley. And at the same time, I was thinking to myself, Charles needs to go to George Jenkins and just refine his swing a little bit because there's a lot of similarity. I gotta tell you, it was when Wolf stepped up on number two and had 320 yards to carry that left fairway bunker and Jerry Foltz is calling this ball left. And it flies the bunker by about 20. And he on a 480 hole Matthew Wolf had what do you have left, bro?

110 or something like that? Yeah, chipper. I'm like, Oh, okay. Yeah, it was. It was pretty neat.

What did you think John of Azinger and Gary coke in the booth to buddies of mine and played with both of them multiple times, but two totally different styles. Very contrasting. I thought.

Oh, I like that part. Are they are they friends? Jake? Do they do they get along with each other? I think so. I think so.

Yeah. I mean, they're both, they're both wildly, wildly competitive. I mean, if there's a single thing, neither one of them had, I would say the greatest golf swings in the world that neither one of them even were traditional. Maybe Gary was with the, with cutting, but that's why I was just wondering through the years growing up in Florida when, you know, they're beating each other up on who's going to be better. Obviously Gary's older, but you know, I just wondering if they were, they were buddies. I like to contrast. I've always liked Gary coke.

I think he's just solid and I've, you know, a personal fan of, of Azinger for forever. So I'm going to like pretty much what either one of those guys do. Yeah.

Burl Zing would make, you know, drinking coffee, a competition. That's what I'm saying. I mean, that's just him. Yeah, that's right.

Yep. So I, I actually thought it was good. I thought, you know, it was kind of a skeletal sort of a crew for obvious reasons. And I thought it was, it was interesting. I, I didn't care for the interviews that were going on while they were playing. I thought they could have done without that, but it was interesting to think about John Rom world. Number two, also tailor made staff did not feel like through, he said through the company and through his, he and his family did not feel like it was smart for him to go from Arizona to Florida to play in this event. Oh, good friend. Everybody's got to make their own decision.

Yeah. What did you think about the in in play commentary? What did you think about they had bill Murray who I thought was okay. And then I thought and then I thought Donald Trump was, you know, off the mark. Well, I wish bill Murray wish they would have set up a little bit better because they said he never was on Skype before and obviously he didn't know what the microphone was. But and then as that, that delay is always so difficult. I think unless you're well practiced with it, it really gets funky.

Obviously Trico is, but Murray wasn't. So that was unfortunate, although there was some kind of funny lines. You know, I thought the whole thing, you know, relief in my mind was for several things in the name of the of the event. And so we did not need the president to come on and start talking about that kind of stuff.

This was released to get away from the world, watch some golf, have some fun, those kinds of things. So I thought that was really unfortunate that they did what that was in Trump. Yeah, absolutely. And I was I was I would have been in for more on course interviews. I wish Steve Sands would have been more in there and done more of that. I mean, hell, four guys, you could have you done it could have done an interview every other hole, but I'm sure it was all done per per format, you know, through NBC and things like that.

But you know what that is going to wrap up the on the range segment. We're coming back. We've got an interview with Scott Hovis. He is the executive director of the Missouri Golf Association and Pearly and I will be back on the front nine. This is golf with Jay Delson.

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Welcome back. This is Golf with Jay Delsing and Pearly is with me. I got me taking care of us and we are going to the front nine. I got to give a shout out to Whitmore Country Club. Man, the last time I played out there, we were on the south, I think it was the back nine of the south and they had some phenomenal par fives out there, I can remember. Man, when I played with Bummer, he hit one beautiful shot. I think it was on like the sixth hole on that nine and made a birdie and it just kind of pissed me off a little bit.

But anyway, let's go to something a little more positive. If you join at Whitmore, you get access to 90 holes of golf. Not only do you get the 36 of Whitmore, but you get access to Missouri Bluffs, the Links of Dardeen and the Golf Club of Wentzville. The cart fees are already included in that membership, so they're not going to ding you for additional cart fees. There's no food or beverage minimums.

There's no assessments. They've got a great pool, three tennis courts, a 24-hour fitness center. The year-round social calendar is really great but if you get over there, you got to go in the golf shop and you got to say hello to our friend Bummer.

He's been on the show. He's a terrific person and he'll want to help you with your golf games. He and his staff are running golf leagues and skins games and member tournaments, couples events and it's just terrific.

There's a kids club in the main clubhouse, so if you're looking for a place to hang out, a great family-oriented place, you got to go to Whitmore Country Club and you can reach them at 636-926-9622. All right, we've got this interview with Scott Hovis. Scott has been the Executive Director of the Missouri Golf Association, which is so interesting.

The Missouri Golf Association routes go back all the way into the early 1900s and some really neat stuff, so let's go right back or let's go right to the interview with Scott Hovis. Man, some weird times, buddy. Some weird times in the world.

I know your family's safe and healthy and mine is too. The game of golf is really holding a special place, I think even for our country and you're in charge of the Missouri Golf Association. Let's talk a little bit about what's going on for you guys.

Yeah, this has been interesting and crazy for all of us. We've got events that start in April, usually every year and we've had to backtrack those a little bit and postpone them to later in the summer to fill in the further part of the schedule. But we've just been kind of working with golf courses, making sure that the clubs in Missouri have what they need so they can be operating and open during these times. Make sure we have the social distancing guidelines down, just so that way people can get out and enjoy this great game that we love and give yourself, give their mind a little peace of mind for 3-4 hours, however long you're out there and get some great exercise and get your minds off all the troubles we might be having going on in our country right now. Yeah, absolutely. It's not nearly as important as our frontliners and our first responders but it is nice to be able to give ourselves some sort of relief, get outside, get some exercise and get some fresh air.

Yeah, I mean the people who are on the frontline, there's not enough adjectives and verbs and nouns that we all can say to thank these people for what they're doing each day and getting in harm's way and protecting us and making sure we're all safe and sound so we can move on and try to live in this sheltered life that we have going on and help us get ready for whatever the new norm is going to be. I don't know what it's going to be but you know I can't say that the golf economy right now in Missouri from the golf course standpoint are very strong. A lot of the courses were open during this time frame, were still open and a lot of people were getting the opportunity to get out on some really nice days to enjoy the golf course.

Yeah, that's awesome. Hobie, I want to jump backwards a little bit and talk about the you guys at the Missouri Golf Association have a really rich tradition that started man well over 100 years ago in St. Louis. Talk a little bit about 1905 and the four golf courses St. Louis Country Club, Algonquin, Normandy which just reopened and Glen Echo and how that kind of started things. Yeah, back in 1905 there was a group of gentlemen who wanted to start up an association and those four clubs are the ones that kind of took the reins and got the association and the state amateur put together and since that time you know we have grown in the last 100 plus years. We've gone from just hosting maybe one, two events to now we have over 60 championships that we put on and we've evolved to just not putting on normal championships for men. We're now putting on women championships. We've got junior championships. Our foundation has built a handicap accessible golf course, nine holes, no hole over 130 yards with field turf screens on it so anybody who has an opportunity to get out and play you know no matter restrictions you might have if you're in a wheelchair or motorized cart you can get out and enjoy the game. We're just trying to evolve to give everyone an opportunity to play this lifetime sport and enjoy it and enjoy it with their families. Each year we're just trying to grow and become stronger and better for golf in Missouri to give everybody a chance to play.

Yeah and what a chance. I mean you guys have the Missouri Amateur Championship. It's going to be held at Ozark Nationals golf course on Hollister. Talk to us about the status about that. Tell us a little bit about some of the challenges you mentioned and spoke about the new normal and it's there's there's things that aren't even close to being normal yet for this is there?

No and it's it's every day is a moving target you know it just evolves each day with different things that come up that you really don't think about until you have to. So we're going to start May 26th will be our first Missouri Amateur Qualifier. It's in St. Louis that week at the falls golf course. We'll have four more qualifiers throughout the state of Missouri and St. Kansas City and Springfield and Central Missouri and Southeast Missouri and then we have what we call our last chance qualifier for players who don't make it through the first one they can try again for a four spotter they go to Rolla Missouri and get another chance to try to end the Missouri AM which as you said is at Ozarks National in Branson. It's at the Johnny Morris Golf Complex that he's put together which is world class. Ozarks National is the Crenshaw Coeur golf course that was designed and it is fabulous. It's kind of a link style type of golf course where you have to hit all types of different shots you can run balls onto the green you've got to fly balls onto the green and the greens are huge.

They've got a lot of undulation in them and I'm excited about it there. I think it's going to be a lot of fun. It'll be fun for me to be able to set up the golf course each day and put and move tee boxes around so the players can have a different perspective of what the golf course looks like. But from running the championship aspect of it there are some things that we're still working out from you know scorecards will they be digital are we going to hand scorecards out on the first tee to the players or are we just going to have everybody use the tournament management software where you can put the scores in on your phone so that way you don't have to be passing them and transmitting scorecards to each other. Flag sticks you know right now everybody has the flag sticks in the cup at all times and you have PCP pipe or people have had the cups upside down or people have had foam tubing in the hole so we're looking at how we're going to run the championship that way you know we're going to keep the foam tubing in and keep the flag sticks in at all times. The bunkering bunkers I mean that's a challenge as well because all the rakes are out of the bunkers right now and you don't know if you'll be by that time if we'll be moved into stage phase 3 of the golf guidelines that have been out been put out where bunkers and rakes will be put back in and if they're not then are we going to play are we going to play the bunkers as GA where you know you can ground your club in the bunker and just play or we're just going to play it like Pine Valley does and how golf was invented where you know we asked the players when you hit the bunker to smooth out the smooth out the trap marks and if you get a bad lie you know a bunker is a hazard and just play on so there's a lot of moving parts here Jay that we're working on behind the scenes trying to figure out it's just not us it's every golf association in America there's constant emails threads going between all of us every day asking each other hey what do you think about this what do you think about that and you know it's something that no one's ever had to deal with before and so we're just kind of moving with it each day and trying to come across as the best the best way for each body to play but our main goal is you know the safety safety of the player the safety of the staff safety of the safety of the staff that runs the golf course so I could probably go on and on and on about the different things that we have to look at now that we never thought we were going to have to look at I mean did you ever think that you would go to the first tee and the starter would have a mask and gloves on talking to you so to introduce you and go through the stuff I mean it's just things that I never thought I'd ever have to see in golf but you know we are and we're going to tackle it head on and we're going to put on the same championships we always have before but they might just be looking a little bit different and you know as we always say at the end of the week someone's going to win we're going to crown champion and they'll be well deserving yeah you know Ovi when you're the first guy down a path meaning you know no one's done this before so there are so many small details that keep cropping up that keep going oh my gosh we've got to figure out a plan for that we've got the bunkers the scorecards all of those things just man they can be overwhelming at times I'm sure they are I catch myself matter of fact last night I caught myself at one o'clock in the morning kind of waking up and thinking of something I hadn't thought of and and leaning over to the nightstand and taking notes down saying hey make sure you look into this or ask someone else this question tomorrow to your mind just doesn't shut off because you do not as you say you know be the first one down the path here you don't want to make a mistake I mean you don't want to do something that's going to jeopardize somebody and you want to make sure you have everything right as you go and I feel like we will I know we will and we're going to make sure the safety of the players is our number one concern and we're also going to make sure that we play golf the right way and everybody has an enjoyment and enjoys the events that we put on. Okay that's going to wrap up the first half of the Scott Hovis interview and that's going to wrap up the front nine don't go anywhere we'll finish this interview and uh Perle and I'll make some comments about it this is golf with Jay Delsing and the back nine is on its way. Are you in the market for some new clubs maybe a bag and the latest style of sweet new shoes is this the year you decide to stop listening to your buddy's device and get some real golf instruction if any of these appeal to you then go to Pro-Am Golf today Pro-Am Golf has all the latest gear from all the major manufacturers call Steve today at 314-781-7775 and schedule a lesson with Tom DeGran. 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is brought to you by St. Louis bank welcome to the back nine this is golfer Jay Delsing Pearly and I are here and we want to thank the folks at St. Louis bank for sponsoring the this segment and we got the ascension charity classic coming up in November we give those guys a shout out we always talk about them but bro we're gonna go right back and let the folks listen to the second half of the interview with Scott Hovis he is the executive director of the Missouri Golf Association the PGA Tour gist I just got some wind of some of the guidelines you know that they're trying to use for their events and you know it ranges away from are they gonna let you know people do take out food to you know what's what they're gonna be allowed to do when they get back to their hotels you know there's just a whole slew of things that just keep coming up but one of the things I wanted to also talk about you're down in the Jeff City area and I know you have a lot of affiliation with the state the Bureau of Tourism and things like that let's talk about our friends down at the lake and talk about some of the challenges that those guys are facing because of this virus yeah you know right now a lot of people are not traveling that much you know for the first month or so and so tourism in the state of Missouri is the backbone for for the budget for the state of Missouri I mean for every dollar it's spent in advertising in the state of Missouri that the return on it is $46 so tourism is huge when it funds the state budget and I think everybody's been hearing how there's a bit of 700 million dollar shortfall is what they're predicting right now to state budgets and the and the the governor and the legislators have got to go in and make huge cuts to everybody across the board and there's probably going to be more coming and just in the future if things don't pick back up so you know the lake golf courses you know if you have quite a few courses down there they have the lake Ozark golf trail and I know that they they struggled a little bit the first few weeks first month because people were didn't want to get out and I don't blame them and now that the state is starting to slowly you know reopen and and non-Kansas City and non-St. Louis I think those areas are going to start opening up after May 15th or May 18th whatever the date is but the rest of Missouri has been going through phase one of reopening and people are itching to get out and I know last weekend was Mother's Day weekend and a lot of people are staying home like they should and hopefully getting to see their moms and spend times with families as the best they could with social distancing but the weekend before the weather was good and they were starting to see some play I know speaking to them yesterday on the phone that they're looking forward to this weekend it looks a little rainy but they still think people are going to come down and play some golf and and enjoy the golf courses they have they've got some really quality places you can go play from Osage National has 27 great holes you've got old Kinderhook which does have a they built a hotel on it now Jay that has a hundred some odd rooms in it and it's usually filled whenever we are in our normal time and people are out traveling and the rooms are starting to fill up now and they've got a Tom Weiskopf golf course which is a challenge and it's a great golf course always in good shape and you've got some other you got some other courses as well from the lodge has two has two courses you've got Bear Creek I could go on and on and on about the courses that they have but they are they're encouraged they're starting to see some people make some tee times they're starting to see guys out of St. Louis Kansas City make the track down for the day to play golf to get away and maybe spend the night and then drive back you know have a quick little guy's trip or girl strip woman's trip and I think that they're going to start bouncing back here I'm hoping they are I think that people are seeing that it's okay to you know that the hotels are putting a lot of precautionary measures in whenever people are checking in and putting guidelines in and slowly Missouri starting to open up piece by piece but you know I just encourage everybody this summer to take trips to golf courses in Missouri just not the lake you've got great place in Farmington at Crown Point you know it's an hour and a half hour drive and get down there they have lodging and it's a good golf course to play and then you know if you want to keep going a little further south you've got the place in Brant you got Branson who have the quality golf courses and you have what Johnny Morris has built a big cedar with his four golf courses and then Tiger Woods Tiger Woods course which is state of the art which is fabulous has 13 holes open right now and they're looking to open the rest of the rest of the golf course open maybe by August September and we've got some great getaways for people to go play some great golf in the state of Missouri where they don't need to leave our state and hop on a plane and go fly someplace and I think right now the key is for us to help our local businesses to help our state bounce out of this recession or whatever you want to call it that we're having right now and and help our neighbors out and I know everybody is and everybody's going to do everything they can to help each other and and we'll get through this we absolutely will this is Scott Hovis he is the executive director of the Missouri Golf Association and we're going to do anything we can on the show here to encourage people from our listening area to get in the car and go and down there and see Johnny Morris's facilities are fantastic the lake offers tons and tons of of options there's such great golf in the state of Missouri it's not only St. Louis and Kansas City man there's lots of great opportunities so we're going to try to spread that word he will be talk a little bit about the Missouri Golf Association Hall of Fame I was checking out some of the players that are in there and you guys man there are some of the top some of my favorite amateur players that I had ever met some guys that were influential to me when I was a young man Jim Tom Blair the third comes to mind you know he was a member of Norwin when I was caddying over there was just terrific and Jimmy Holcreave obviously Bob Cochran and Jim Jackson those guys man they did great stuff for for amateur golf in the state of Missouri yeah they did there's some there's some who's who in our in our Hall of Fame I think some people are sometimes who are surprised that they didn't know you know that certain people did live in our state obviously you know you've got the the ones that everybody you know the first and foremost you know that comes you know Tom Watson's the Payne-Stewarts the Jim Holcreaves the Don Blisses the Jimmy Jacksons but you know like Horton Smith was just inducted into our Hall of Fame and he was from the Springfield area and people didn't realize that and then you've got whenever we merged with the Missouri Women's Golf Association we started induct we we put women into our golf Hall of Fame that needed to be in there and you have the likes of Ellen Porte who's won numerous USGA titles you've got Barbara Burke Meyer who's a staple of women's golf in the state of Missouri you you've got Karen McGee who we just got inducted this year from Kansas City who her resume is stacks up there with any man in our Hall of Fame in the amateur golf so you're right we've got a plethora of great players from our state who are in the Hall of Fame and you know we've got a class that's going in this year that is Scott Thomas from St. Louis who who has a fabulous amateur record you got Dennis Gettle who's going into the Missouri Golf Hall of Fame this year Dennis has been instrumental just not from how he was a good player but the way he's grown the game with giving lessons and being a world-class teacher and and the people he's taught from you know he's stand out Lee I mean Stan is one of the best teachers in the world and the things that he's learning and he's teaching he learned from Dennis Gettle so we've got a great class we've got a great group of people in the Hall of Fame and I encourage people to go to our website and just kind of look at who's in there and and I think a lot of people would be really surprised that when they look at that that they didn't really understand that who we had in there I mean look at Luther Buddy Godwin from Poplar Bluff what a great player he's in there you've got Ronnie Boyce you know we've got Scott Beth you got Bill Stewart one that we inducted in 2017 with Barbara Berkman and Ellen Port is Judy Rankin you know she's from St. Louis and what an instrumental catalyst Judy Rankin's not just been for women's golf across the world but just golf in general and the things that she's done so you know it's incredible the list every time that Jack Garvin who's our historian who brings me a name I just kind of just marvel of like wow I didn't know that and and it's it's really impressive this is Scott Hovis he's the executive executive director of the Missouri Golf Association he's been my guest this morning and you have done those things we so appreciate it don't stop man we need you to keep going we need to keep enjoying this great game and hopefully you can come and jump on the show again with more updates I appreciate it Jay and I just hope everybody stays safe and get out and enjoy some great weather we got coming and hopefully I can see you guys on the first tee soon okay Pearl the thing that sticks out in my mind is that I have been the recipient of all of these other people like the Scott Hovises of the world like the Kurt Rowie who who runs the Metropolitan Amateur Golf Association these guys are doing all of this work behind the scenes so people like you and I can just show up with our clubs and go tee it you know and it had no concept of that when I was younger yeah the passion behind those folks it's just fantastic and you know we did every concept of much of everything when we were younger just for the record that's a good point that's a good point you're like awareness of awareness of what yeah yeah I am one of the things that's going on right now because of this COVID and because of social distancing it just makes everything so much more complicated so Scott called me last week and said I need your opinion on something I'm like well you know I don't know what it's worth but I'm glad to give it to you and he said what are we going to do about the bunkers what what you know people are good subject good subject people are all freaked out about you know handling rakes after others should they distribute a pair of gloves with each contestant so that you know they rake the bunkers and then you know use these gloves and it's it's really interesting I said you know Hovey what I guess the overall idea is to keep people safe and keep people that's their main concern and should be and is their main concern and I recommended one of two things playing old school smooth hit hit it in the bunker smooth it out with your foot smooth it out with your foot afterwards and if you hit it in a you know in a bad lie the bunkers a hazard and I don't care if we ever play with with rakes the rest of our lives I if they put gloves out there I'm going I'm going to pick it I'm going to pick at the event oh no the gloves would be given to you it'd just be one more thing for you can't even show up early showed up on the first tee into someone time with like 45 bottles of water I said I think we're okay with water and you're like yeah I got a few too many oh my gosh it's like a camel oh yeah you know what I'm out there taking care of you and you're throwing the end of the bus 20 years later unbelievable I wish I was there I would I would stomp out of the studio right now oh my gosh that's so good anyway what they were going to teammate he is right what they were man that really tickled me I don't know if you could tell you know what what they were trying to do pearl was they were thinking to give like a a glove one glove to each guy and I I said man I just it's too much it's too much trouble my first recommendation was leave it yeah we got it I I'm with you though I think we should the only thing that he was concerned about there was speed of play because it is amateur it is an amateur event and it's for it's qualified the first event for them coming up oh gosh next week just a couple of days is the Missouri amateur qualifying here and so I think I think they're going to just you know play it as it lies man get it in the bunker and after you're out smooth it over with your foot and if your lies not so good that's how she goes well speed of play if you don't have rakes you're going to spend less time looking for a rake dragging a rake over there raking it I think this also absolutely goes with the with the importance of the of the game of the of the intent pearl or the integrity sorry thank you for that the integrity of the game spend a couple seconds and smooth it out nicely correctly the best you can heck yes it's a bunker it's a bunker you might get a bad lie it's one thing that bugs me on the door you know because I've never raked him very well in the tour the guys would yell at you pearly raked the bunkers poorly and these guys would chew my ass out meat in the locker room I was like what are we talking about only a couple times or several times oh my gosh it was so funny um well anyway that the the the guys like the scott hovises of the world at the missouri golf association do such a good job they care so deeply and that's that's what showed in that interview to me um um you know pearl that's going to wrap up the back nine so folks we're going to go to a quick break and come back with the 19th hole this is golf 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sniper sniper there's this thing called the internet you get them right there that's a piece of cake there's also this thing called your buddy who says he's going to give you some like several times and then does it it's amazing how as soon as i get golf stuff how many friends i have to meet i don't know what to know so um i did i don't meet i walked i know how you got to i walked into the the studio and i went i forgot your golf balls he's like damn i'm just gonna lose them anyways it's fine i'm down in arizona promoting your golf balls and i don't have any golf balls to promote it with so other than that yeah i don't see a problem here sniper hey um pearl the one last thing about the missouri um uh mega make us make america great again and missouri golf association kind of interesting how they're the same yeah um they're they're i don't know exactly where to go with that i know you don't i love it yeah okay so let's go to the 19th hole um i want to go back and talk about the the tailor-made uh uh driving relief just a little bit more um i thought it was i i my my entire takeaway of the event was there was some warm feeling i got i've got to go back and talk about this one more time about these guys carrying their bags and just playing the game that they loved when when they got into the playoff john and you were mentioning you know a caddy not being there and and the playoff consisted of 125 yard shot with quite a bit of wind blowing into a very tough portion of a green on the 17th hole matthew wolf was the first to hit and he's up there at 125 yards and he and his partner ricky fowler are talking and the conversation goes like this wolf is is indecisive on what club to to hit and fowler says you're in between you know pitching and gap aren't you and he goes yeah i am and he goes he goes i i want to hit the gap but i'm going to hit it up in the air and it's just going to get killed and ricky says you got to hit a shot here you got to hit a shot here and i don't think matt wolf knew what he meant when he said that no i don't think he did either i was sitting with my brother-in-law and he's like well what is that i said what it means is you got to play something you got to you got to take something off it you got to get the right spin you got to get your right trajectory and wolf wolf chuck was like well i know i have to hit a shot in other words he didn't say you have to hit a good shot he's like you got to play you got to play here i know i think we didn't have a caddy right i hear that that's what i was going to say i'm lobbing this over the plate for you to swat at with foul what fowler was saying is you got to flight a ball in here in between clubs and when ricky came up and unfortunately hit the worst shot of the day for him he he was trying to chip a little nine iron pearl in there and what did wolf say it's it's almost impossible ricky to hit a nine iron 125 yards into the wind like that and that's just that that new uh mentality it's just but we did that all of the time hit those little chips in there and a little low cut or a a little bitty you know knock down draw and um uh it's interesting this whole thing brings me back to rory who said i'll never be known for my wedge play yeah which is another when you start thinking about the best player in the world the number one ranked player in the world who who would not be considered a great wedge player john it almost astounds me it almost doesn't make sense but i like what you were talking about because that is the new generation and you notice that when you're out on the with uh fox doing the us open and stuff that these guys just stand up their wind or not and they just hit these towering shots they don't work the ball and that kind of thing so yeah that's that's uh that's interesting yeah i heard rory say that but i'll tell you one thing he's honest because sometimes his wedges are terrible oh my gosh i thought we saw a lot of really terrible wedges how about the very first hole dj bombs it down there like 65 yards from the hole and hits it uh 40 feet you know i mean there was just some really poor and i mean guys are probably rusty let's give them a little bit of a break but still man the caliber um uh of play and talent that was in that group um was was pretty remarkable well you and i never agreed on that and we had plenty of caddy caddy player oh we'll say negotiations but i'm with you on the rusty you know me i always needed to play a couple times yeah a couple tournaments i even went and played a tournament before in c double a's just because i knew my nerves were up and i needed to go play and you never quite saw it that way but i think we we we saw and i know you're not talking about two months gaps but we were talking about taking more than a week off or whatever but you could tell a lot of rust down there especially dj i also saw dj put on a couple lps i noticed too yeah he looks uh i've i've been checking him out uh checked out his workout online the other day and um one of the things that they they try to do is they're trying to put weight on him and i'm not exactly sure why um i didn't know that yeah they're uh his his workouts are pretty intense and um as all those guys are but the other thing that came across pearl is this is not your this is not even your father's pga tour or your grandfather's or your father's pga tour you look at those kids and it looks like any one of those guys i mean dj looks like he could play on the hard court you could play basketball anywhere and you look at um matthew wolf looks like he could have been a middle infielder or a uh you know a shortstop or something he just looks extremely athletic and the same for rory and ricky yeah i've seen i've seen dj as a defensive end i mean that guy just he's just kind of a monster those long arms and just just a big guy and you know you do through the years you also know how athletic the guy is well as a basketball player and other things like that yeah they're they're fit rory every time you see him he gets more fit i mean it's really something you know they talk about people changing their their body types their body shapes go look at him 15 years ago 10 years ago no no comparison oh john they showed a picture of him with that white hat on and his love handles just kind of this young you know soft kind of floppy kid obviously a great player actually they showed him making about a 40-foot putt when he was at age so yeah so not a whole hell of a lot has changed what did you think about ricky fowler's putting routine this will be the last thing we touch on but i was just so impressed with he looked so committed to everything to me i'll tell you i when he's rolling it good and obviously the commentators every week talk about it when he's rolling it good that ball just is it's that sinking the hole i mean it's just spectacular and he knows it too you can see because i like his routine of course and the rhythm of his routine which you and i talked about it's just not what you do one two three four it's the rhythm of which you do that and he was all over it it was it was for some rust on those guys there wasn't a rust on that putter and ricky didn't have any rust on his tan his tan game was full on i was like wow this guy looks like he's um he's been out in the sun for a bike well he probably has been every day um the last thing bro when let's just talk about that routine and i want to mention the rhythm of that routine for the people that are listening out here that want to putt better you can get yourself so locked up with your putter and so locked into line and and speed and all this stuff and if you watch a guy like ricky fowler or an old routine like davis loves routine it hasn't changed for years and years there is a definitive rhythm to that and it's so much more athletic and so much more similar to some of the other sports that i would really encourage our listeners to try that because it can really help their game you watch the best players in in all of the sports and it's not and it's the rhythm which isn't going to make a sense to a lot of people unless they're into that it's the rhythm of of the routine it's the rhythm of how they do things not just the sequence uh it's it's a big deal and i think you're exactly right to point it out well that's going to wrap up another show in the in the 19th hole perley uh thanks for being with me oh i want to do a shout out for my my friends kathy and bob donahue at donahue painting and refinishing uh they do a fantastic job bob ritel and i used to talk about i used to be able to see a shot and he would say try to paint the shot with a ball the way you see it in your mind and these guys do great stuff for your home so if you have a vision of what you want your home to look like get a hold of bob and kathy donahue probably we will see you next week meet thank you so much for keeping us together here this is golf with jay delsing hit them straight st louis that was golf with jay delsing brought to you by whitmore country club tune in next sunday for more from jay john and the other pros and experts from the golf world in the meantime you can find all of jay's shows at 101 as well as at
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