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Persevere – Response to A.B. 2223

God 1st / Brian C Thomas
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April 30, 2022 2:00 pm

Persevere – Response to A.B. 2223

God 1st / Brian C Thomas

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April 30, 2022 2:00 pm

But he who endures to the end shall be saved. - Matthew 24:13. This week, we feature a sermon by Pastor Jack Hibbs in which he encourages perseverance in response to A.B. 2223.


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Welcome to God, committed to encouraging you to put God first, while viewing life the window in the Bible. Now, in honor of the one and only true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob left doing fine.

See Thomas for today's message production in my name is Dr. Vance Waldheim in OB/GYN physician. I've been practicing here in Sacramento.

31 years.

When I first read about this bill. I indeed thought that was about preventing the prosecution of pregnant women who suffer from an innocent and heartbreaking death of their unborn child that it was to my shock and horror as I read the bill in more detail. A clear and gruesome intent can be gleaned from this. It's not the intention that were arguing with it is what's said in the bill that is problematic in the phrase perinatal death due to a pregnancy related cause should not be investigated is problematic. Welcome to the program where we encourage you to put God first, while viewing life through the window of the Bible. My name is Brian Thomas. Folks, we are at a time in which we need those of us who put God first to be more active, more alerts, and to be watchmen on the wall.

More so the never goes we are at an unprecedented time in our nation in which immorality is being promoted. Morality is being passed into law, unlike anything we've ever seen before. The voice that you heard in the opening was that of Dr. Vance Wong was given testimony at a hearing before the assembly health committee in the state of California. There he is giving testimony in opposition to a bill known as AB 2223 this is a bill that has been proposed. It is not yet been passed into law is going through the layers of of legislation, but it is a law in which it allows for the taking of the life of a baby up to 28 days old. You heard me right.

This is a law that allows for what it is is murder of a baby up to 28 days old. We need to call out to our Lord God for mercy for these things that are taking place, let us continue to hear the remainder of the testimony from Dr. Vance Wong again before the assembly health committee in the state of California. First of all, as stated clearly in the bill and I think we all agree that most perinatal deaths are have really no etiology. Yes, there can be some explanations for it, but the most. The majority of these perennial deaths are therefore unknown and how can you classify it as such. The second problem is that the most obvious pregnancy related issue is that there's a baby so if I'm not a legal scholar, but if it says it's a perinatal death due to a pregnancy related cause will the pregnancy related cause was that there was a baby and let's say if a gentleman and get Sadie's partner pregnant.

He's unhappy that she is pregnant and the causes her to lose a pregnancy through an act of violence. There's a placental abruption due to massive traumatic traumatic event. He will claim on the court that hey you guys can't prosecute me. This was a pregnancy related cause that led me to this action because after all, what happened was related to pregnancy and it's really not. I'm sure you're thinking that the concerns of infanticide are paranoid and ridiculous.

However, the moral acceptance of killing babies is gaining popularity promoted most recently by Prof. Peter Singer of Princeton University. He stated, of course, infant infanticide needs to be strictly legally controlled and rare, but it should not be ruled out any more than abortion. The ambiguity of the bill is clear, however, a close inspection of this bill does allow for the legalization of the killing of innocent born children up to the age of 28 days. A yes vote is an unequivocal and complete approval of the legalized killing of a newborn baby and with all my heart I oppose AB 2223 and urge you to vote no.

So as you heard Dr. Vance Wong point out that there are people in our nation that want infanticide to be legalize, and in this country we have killed tens of millions of babies and the mother's womb for four decades now. We've even put put lulls in the in the legislation. In some states that says will if a baby survives an abortion to not give it care that is okay to just allow it to die. And now there are those who are pushing to say well we should be able to up to 28 days. Take the life of this child.

If the parent decides they don't want it so this is a step in the direction of infanticide in we need to cry out for mercy to our Lord God for what is happening here in our nation of another person who is also speaking on this that I want you to hear from is pastor Jack cubes. He is also giving testimony at the same hearing. So here are the words that he had to say concerning this bill, AB 2223 yes my special objectives cover Chapel Chino Hills, and thankfully represented about 3000 people this morning that were out on the capital steps and my passion is more one of experience on the survivor of an abortion. December 24, 1957.

I'm very glad to be here, but in light of all of that's what I like to draw your attention to maybe appeal to the more moral side of you not to do.

Take away anything from what was said. The fact of the matter is were talking about human life were talking about this legislation that the spouse that the perinatal meaning that it can be defined or not defined is very loosely open. I assume that all of you read the bill that we were talking about. In a sense legalizing murder because nobody can investigate if you read that nobody can determine how this child died. It was mentioned a moment ago that a woman could be depressed or confused after pregnancy and during that time the child is dead. Why we need to find out why it's not the prosecutor to bring anything against anyone, but it's the value of human life and what my argument is, is to acknowledge the fact that we are going down a road that is not only one that could be criminal on me personally I with my high view of life itself that those that are supporting this bill is supporting a bill that legalizes the termination of a born child, a child that is now beyond the age of debate is that life is it a blog or is it whatever. This is a living breathing child and in the case where there's a stillborn.

We have mitigated these things for centuries as a culture, but were going down a path that is dangerous and that is in affronts and again today's display at the capital steps is something that all of you, I beg of you to take notice of, and I understand Mr. Rodrigues but he we live in the same almost the same neighborhood. I understand that it's time for him to retire. Thank you for your service, but this is something that is critical. It's not going to go away no matter how it's voted upon. Because this is a hill for moral people to die on and I'll leave you with this.

The Bible says in Proverbs 31 defend those who have no voice, and those who are destined to be crushed that's a 3000-year-old proverb that sounds like it was written yesterday and I would ask you to consider that rather than bring something about that would weigh upon not only your conscience but with all due respect is not your conscience. I'm concerned about. It's that child that should have a right to live and all of you are going to have that on you and as citizens we must hold you accountable to defend life as one who had a life defended unhappy was happy.

Still am happy to be able to be alive and to testify before you today. I urge you, please, on behalf of the citizens of California to oppose AB 2220 3Q so you hear the urgency and that the passion and the voice of Jack cubes and as he stated this is a moral heel that we as believers in Christ should be willing to die on because we should be in defense of the lies of these innocent children that people are saying that will, we should be allowed to to take the life not only in the womb of the mother, but now 28 days following their birth from the womb. That is where we are in this nation. And so Jack cubes. He is the senior and founding pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills located in Southern California, so the day following this hearing, he gave a sermon to his church, in which he addressed this matter. So I want to share some excerpts from the sermon in which he begins by talking about the need for perseverance or endurance in light of lulls and he's going to open by giving more background on this bill church tonight in light of our loss last night. This is a temporary loss. I want to talk about perseverance and I want to talk about endurance tonight. I would encourage you. I want to do a Sam Adams did in 1777.

I want to speak to you and anyone else is concerned about this that's viewing this service right now about what's going on in California and for that matter what's going on in the nation had a conversation today. It was pleased to get a phone call. Dennis and his wife Susan Dennis Prager and his wife Susan.

They were on their way to to some place in LA and and Dennis called and said tell me what's going on, whatever Sacramento and the so what's really great is that Dennis is a researcher so he's researching and he's getting he's getting ready to put things together to blow the lid off of what this bill is all about friends were talking about assembly Bill 2223 and for those of you who do not know about it.

I it is something that directly involves the book of Genesis.

The Bible, the existence of God and the Christian witness in the state and other words politics and politicians have invaded the realm of theology and that realm of theology that they've chosen to invade is the description definition and the view of a child's life. When I got about abortion know we've gone way beyond abortion. This is beyond the beyond that and I wanted I want all of you to hear me loud and clear because the media spin is out there. The lies are flying in from the woke generation and they're saying this is not infanticide. This is not infanticide conservatives that may have made it up. Interestingly enough, the author of the bill, Buffy wicks. She was offended by lawyers and attorneys and firms and people who read the bill, instantly concluding with the bill was infanticide that she wound up making an amendment and using the word perinatal perinatal means to that you can kill a baby after its born.

Technically, all the way up to 28 days. This is this is what they they listen, if you listen you need to have some you need to have some fortitude tonight.

That goes for all of us are here and the many more that are viewing right now tonight. You need to have some fortitude you need to think and you need to choose a side will as you heard the pastor say you need to choose a side. Folks, we are in a time in this nation where you cannot just stay on the sidelines and say I'm not want to get involved it. It doesn't involve me because there is going to come a day in which we have to stand before our Lord Jesus Christ and we will have to give an account as to whether we did anything to try to bring a stop to the wickedness that we see taking place in our world and so I commend Pastor Jack cubes.

He is definitely one of the warriors on the front lines of the faith who was standing for the truth of God's holy word.

He goes on to talk about what should be our commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ. The key is for you and I to persevere and to act or to conduct ourselves worthy of heaven. We are not of this world, we are only luminaries in this world for the kingdom of God. We are to be giving the gospel and shining the light, we are to preach the gospel to every creature and all the while go about doing good wife for the glory of one Jesus Christ, we just celebrate his death and resurrection, and he's worn the frankly of our commitments to the things that are good. Absolutely our Lord Jesus Christ is worthy of our commitment and he died for us folks we should be willing to stay in for him staying for his truth stand for the life of these babies were going to Paul's for a brief announcement, but please don't go away were going to hear more from Pastor Jack Humes on the other side of the break don't go away you are tuned into the God first program you're listening to Brian only got more wine visit God not all around the library. There you will find articles and downloads on various topics such as salvation. There is just to name a few. Also signed up for our monthly newsletter and visit our web store and here's the fortitude part.

When the vote went right down party lines in Sacramento. The Democrat said it's legal. Let's move it forward to the health committee and the Republicans said it's not legal it's unconstitutional and we don't want to move forward.

But there's more of the Democrats up there than there are Republicans. I'm stumped. I'm speaking pure truth and I'm speaking none political bias. I'm telling you the facts, it moved forward to the health committee and on the health committee out of that entire committee forget the number and I can hang on. I think there's 14.

I may be off by 14 there's 14 members, all of them are Democrats except three says you are Pastor Jackie of stating he's speaking fax folks exist. Speaking truth and you may get upset when you hear these matters. If you are a Democrat, but he's just speaking the truth in stating that down party lines is how this boat goes and we see it happening through so many issues in our nation where I just have to be honest with you and say the Democrat party is the party of death, the Democrat party is a party in which it advocates for the. The killing of the unborn and in and in more times than not, it is the party that is on the wrong side when it comes to morality as it is through the Bible and that is our mission here to encourage you to put God first. While looking at life through the window of the Bible and so I just urge people and let me just the this real quickly that I used to be a Democrat many years ago and the Holy Spirit. Challenge me, the Holy Spirit, open my eyes to things because I was born into it as a black person you are born into the idea that will we, as Blacks are supposed to be Democrats because will the Democrats are for the, the minorities afford to the poor, the unfortunate in the Republicans are all for the rich and the whites, but as I began to really get involved with things politically, and I began to be to be active to really shine my my Christian lights into the world. The Holy Spirit show things to me and challenge me and calls me to realize that what I've been feeding is not true because when I looked at the Democrat party and when I saw that it is in favor of taking the life of unborn children, and then I look at the Bible and is says God hates the shedding of innocent blood. When I look at the Democrat party's platform, which states that we should divide the nation of Israel.

Then I look at the Bible and God's word and he says that he will bring judgment upon those who divide the holy land, and so I had to leave the Democrat party.

And again, I'm just stating just like Pastor Jack Gibson stating is what is factual in this matter is the Democrat party that is pushing for this bill, which is to allow provision to take the life of a child up to 28 days old and so I was called as an expert witness, as was a physician with me and we testified before the state assembly yesterday and we gave them the truth. The doctor gave truth as of the fact that medically this is defined as a murder. I simply said that based on the law and based on God's law that if this bill passes all of you should be held liable for premeditated murder. If you pass a lot for feeling child or some there are some people who will say well you know the child was born, down syndrome and you decide that you after seven days, decide I want to put up with that a Minnesota bargain for one I want to know what a perfect kid like it'll fit and wanted any defects in one. So let's go to a mercy killing. Or if you're somehow pressured because you know what maybe maybe your dad pressures. The young girl because he doesn't like the boyfriend that got you pregnant call whatever you want. We have now entered the realm where we have elected people who play God and we don't need to get worried about that.

We just needed do it sent Adam said, and that is can continue to conduct ourselves worthy of heaven. We have elected people who are playing God. Folks, we are going to have to give an account for that and that is why speak on these matters. To challenge people that your vote matters when you go in a you vote for candidate. It has repercussions lives are literally at stake in the day is going to come we have to stand before God and give an account of how we voted how we live our lives according to his truth and his holy Word. And so for someone to decide to kill a child that is completely viable.

They named this perinatal death and in the bill. The bill reads that it cannot be investigated by law enforcement by the corners office, nor can there be prosecutions in such a situation.

Thank you. One of the assembly members forget her name or what I said I should've gotten her name if anybody watched the hearings on TV. She was the one with the blonde here the only Republican to speak up, say her name Marie Welton Waldron, ladies and gentlemen, I want to say it again and I want to say publicly.

Marie Waldron I don't know anything about her previous voting record.

But I I think God for what she told the committee last night. She said when are we going to learn that when we do dumb stuff like this. We always wind up getting embarrassed because it's overturned by the US Supreme Court. She said I urge my colleagues to vote no on AB 2223 that is what we must do. We must vote no to these things in you maybe say well that's in California that doesn't affect us will. We're going to talk about it in in Pastor Jack is going to address it in. Would we all can do the part we all can play in so that we should not have these flippant attitudes towards the life of babies as he speaks on in the next clip there is somebody kill her left to her right my left. I'm going to get her name. She said in there. She's gotta be a whopping 25 years of age and the entire time. Testimony is taking place regarding the issue of life and death. She had her phone keys are set to sound, you know, when you hit the ABCD 71 depicted depicted depicted the entire time and I'm to get her name and working to make word and have all of those guys made known publicly and she sat back and she's getting and carrying on texting her friends and expressions.

I'm going to live in a great all-time pay no attention to the states business completely ignorant. In many ways, we must not grow weary in well doing, you cannot give up where it goes. Now, now it goes to the assembly floor where all assembly members get a chance to vote on it's not over and biblically we cannot is impossible biblically for us to say silent on this issue and he wanted to say silent on this issue of murder is complicit with the act priest, pastor, PO atheist. All my goodness I wanted to jump up. I was sitting I was sitting there at the table. There was a young woman from she came up she came up. I remember her name. She came up and this is Susie Q I'm Susie Q, I'm from San Francisco. I'm an atheist and I am opposed to this bill and she marched off and I just wanted to give her use.

You stay silent on this issue. You are complicit to murder. Those were the words of Pastor Jack and I agree with you totally." We have to stand for the truth. We have to be willing to stand up for God's truth and protect the lives of these innocent babies as you heard them say next.

He goes to the assembly floor for vote, then it would go to the Senate if it passes there. Then it goes to the governor Gavin Newsom for him to sign or veto. And we know what he will do so here's the thing, maybe you were not in the state of California and you say this doesn't involve me. Well, will you can you can speak to your family. If you have families in the in the state of California or if you have friends tell them to contact their assembly members and to vote no regard to Paul's for this week, but please come back next week I'm going to continue this report to because Pastor Jack has a lot more to say that I want you to hear and how we need to make a difference in this matter to leave you with Proverbs chapter 31 verses eight through nine. Open your mouth for the speechless.

In the calls of all who are appointed to die. Open your mouth, judge righteously, and plead the calls of the poor and needy Oaks. We have to open our mouths, we have to make a stand and thankfully there are a lot of people in the state of California who are standing up who are voicing their disapproval, but there is a fight on our hands, and you may say will again invest in the state of California, but trust me, if it passes in the state of California is coming to your state eventually.

And whether is in your state or not you should want to protect the lives of these babies who, at the tender age of 28 days. Their lives can be taken all for selfish purposes. So again were going to Paul's for this week is were all out of time to please come back next week as we hear more from past objectives on this vital subject of AB 2223 until next week. We encourage you to remember to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, bless God's great nation of Israel and its of the only wise God be glory through Jesus Christ, forever.

You can blame God for Ryan and I first was protected under our copyright until next time great nation of Israel first

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