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Re-Created - Part 2

God 1st / Brian C Thomas
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January 22, 2022 2:00 pm

Re-Created - Part 2

God 1st / Brian C Thomas

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January 22, 2022 2:00 pm

Sexual immorality is a stronghold for many, nonetheless, every person can find hope and healing through Jesus Christ. Join us today as we speak with special guest Dr. Abidan Shah, PhD, pastor of Clearview Church, on his recent series covering this vital topic.


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Welcome to God, committed to encouraging you to put God first, while viewing life through the window. Now, in honor of the one and only true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Let's join Wayne see Thomas for today's message greetings in the name of our great Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My name is Brian Thomas and is always it is a joy honor and a privilege to join you each week. I want to thank you for tuning in. This is a great day that the Lord has made. We are rejoicing we are glad in it because of our great Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the one who we come to give glory with the one who we come to give honor the one who we come to give praise for our great Lord died for us. There is no greater love than that of our Lord Jesus Christ because he died so that we might leave you and so we lift them up, and we praise and honor our Lord on this day will focus today I'm going to play for you.

Part two of my interview with Dr. Shaw who is the pastor of Clearview Baptist Church in Henderson North Carolina view with us last week you heard part one and so were going to play part two today.

If you missed part one, you can visit our website God this Geo depot number one is you can listen to part one, and I encourage you to do so because Dr. Shaw just really give so much great information concerning sexual morality and it is something that is so much-needed in our society today, and even within the church because folks is sad. That is a topic that we don't talk about him enough in the church we release, we tend to sidestep the topic and guess what the world is talking about it and if if people coming up in this world. If they're not going to to hear the truth of God's commands when it comes to sexual morality will then the world is going to teach them and that is what we are finding so many are going by the ways of the world and so we as the body of Christ the church. We need to combat that we need to speak God's truth to overcome to override the deception of Satan, because so many people are suffering today. So many people are struggling in life because of sexual immorality, a lot of heartache, a lot of pain a lot of regrets could be avoided if people would just turn to our Lord and follow his ways and his commands that are laid out in the Scriptures so again I out. I was so privileged to have Dr. Shaw to join me and we talked about this this very important subject and he did a series on a call re-created in which he spoke about the way in which we as believers in Jesus Christ should approach this topic and how we should reach those in the world the loss. So without further delay.

Let us join Dr. Shaw, pastor of Clearview church in part two of our discussion or re-created were continuing though with your series. The questionnaire that you gave out another question that came in is is there a gay gene that is a thing a lot of people talk about now. People born that way and you gave a lot of statistics concerning this or can you speak to that question. Is there a gay gene also.

They know that 90 we have to do it paper for epic class and this was the same question. Even back then. Is there a gaging that done research and found that the and the short answer is no. And a great scholar who had already been a great work in the direction of J Allen branch. He wrote a book called born this way on the sexuality defined in the Scriptures and and he he explains how people talk about the execute 28 or 8Q 12 regions in the genome that there could be something that the operative word in all of the even those who are not an outside believing that there is negation is inconclusive. Find held that all of this research about a grid gaging is inconclusive and so where, what, why do we keep repeating yes out of the talking to a lady and she is a hairdresser and by to get her current and and they kept telling theirs again found the gaging that found the gene and so people are born this way and we are repeating false information, all under the guise of all that the client while spying to themselves or say. Even those who are gay this thing. We think there's something there but we are still not sure this is one of those things that's you. When you hear people say that you meet me person. I don't know about you but I have to really sort of counsel myself in in not allowing my my my anger or or blood pressure to rise when I hear it because I'm hearing so much now. But I have to have to remember is you said we are firm but yet compassionate because there are people out there and we have to understand when when people especially when they do not have Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. They don't have the Holy Spirit, so there are some things they are blinded to the can't see the truth. It would be just like asking someone who is physically blind to get in the car and drive to the store, you know that they just can't do it. They can't seem to do it and so so we do have to to have that patients with them when it comes to those things. But you mentioned earlier about how yes now when when people want attention. All they have to do is come out as being gay you are, or transgendered. And we've seen this thing even trickle down into sporting events. You know when when you sort of cross over into the area of transit transgender is of allowing biological meals to compete in sports with with girls and in this is causing so many things that just do not make any chronological sense at all and I know in your your series, you did spit it out as far as homosexuality and transgender is him is two separate messages because as you. You mentioned they're not the exact same but there is some some somewhat crossover because we know the LGBT Q, they they can. They look at all in together. The key thing is I guess you could say is that all of it comes from seeking an essay deception and it goes back right to the book of Genesis, because that's where God tells female a male and female he made an image so you know what went that the question is 1/27 of God. Man image in the image of God he created him male and female he created them. So the question is what and and I explained it later, but I'll bet that were really talking about the Trinity or the plurality in the God so God the father, then there is God the God the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament, they are there, but not clearly laid out as we see the baptism of Jesus. There is the son. The father speaking from heaven, and the Holy Spirit in the form of a dog coming down. We begin to think much clear but the point is when God God made it one image in the image of God he created him male and communicated them. What does that mean what it means that the way the father relate to the end fund relates to the father is how God has designed the man the husband to relate with his wife and the wife can relate to her husband. Holy Spirit is there to.

But for this analogy, you know, it's father and son and then we see how Christ relate to the church.

We know that it out of Christ being the head of the church and so also the husband and wife so when we begin to neutralize the and make it man, man or woman woman, how are we dishonoring the image of God is there really such a terrible because where telling God that he is wrong. Trinity has faults and so help me out a lot why are you making so much worse is because when we talk about homosexuality were actually challenging the nature of personal God. And in Denver walking on very dangerous ground and you can and that can explain and help us to see why God calls it an abomination, you know, he just doesn't call Olson's an abomination that is when he says it is an abomination and there is a reason for that. That was the enemy that is just such a powerful picture that you gave of how we been created in the image of God. How that is displayed and how we interact with one another mean that is his soul so powerful and that is why people when we have our marriage is between a husband and a wife, we we only tend to a lot of times think about or from an earthly standpoint, but it goes so much beyond that is is the symbolism in this you said with Christ in in the church and I love the fact that is all that you willing to say that just as the Bible said God created things in marriage. He designed it to be for the husband to be the head of the wife. I have listened to so many interviews where pastors were asked that question, and they refuse to stay, to say that they is as there as a husband where the head of the her wives. He would say we are weary of a partnership or something like that. You know which is saying it is is out of the order of what the Bible declares how people can get around that. But I want to know the head of every man is Christ that a man had a Christ of God, to where a imagery out and entered the old ministry and the beginning of time. God has a mystery and it was revealed in Christ and the church. So for Christians. Evangelical Christians to say oh that is a matter or this was more time bound. There were things going on in the Corinthian church that Paul was addressing well okay read entire first Corinthians 11 Paul is referring to Genesis.

He's not talking about the situation in Corinth in the in the Greek people ate here talking about Jennifer's exactly and that should cause us to think twice about why our marriages are where they are because of we have lost that order. And again, let me clarify it not for a moment, doesn't mean that the man props of the feet on the coffee table and barks orders and tells like a great great exactly for factor five commercial relationship but just as Christ made his life down for the church. I am delayed my life down, like a man exactly that is what things that I highlight for casino. Sometimes you do see women wills will puff up at that idea and you say will look mean Jesus Christ he he did what he sacrificed himself he gave of his his desire. His pleasure for the sake of the church and so that is what the husband to do for his wife and associate recycler and am so glad you pointed that out to have another point he wanted to make that that to me all connected happening in in the marriage relationship was happening with feminism in our culture and now homosexuality on the are bedfellows okay were dealing with a but one issue, although it manifesting itself in marriage issues and of course feminism has been around for a long time and that of course homosexuality got like a storm right now all connected and they all go back to the image of God. Simply enacting the divine image in everyday life and when it is not understanding the role of the husband-wife relationship are not understanding what feminism how dangerous that is and and not understanding homosexuality is an abomination. All connected all leading back to the image of God. Issue yeah I agree with you. I agree with you totally and again you note to the women out there that they might not like the sound of that idea of the husband in your head. Remember, as we said a man of God, a true man of God that is looking at this biblically.

He is going to do what he's going to be willing to to lay down his life for your sink. That is what I hear. Does he sacrifices himself and his wants and desires for the better of his wife and so that is something you must keep in mind, and you definitely have have expressed that Dr. Shaw know you wrapped up the sermon this one re-created by addressing the question about sexual orientation change efforts, some out there say that is been proven to be harmful. So can you speak to that well it happened in 1015 years ago there was a institutional or movement. I guess you can say or ministry really that was really leading the efforts on helping people leave a lifestyle going and no learn how to walk with Christ. Whether it is relevant or you being single or or finding a person of the opposite sex was going great.

All of a sudden the ministry comes to a halt and the waters put out that this was very hard for this was terrible. Be ready. Apologize to the world what we've done to you on were no longer shocking to me because what we were thinking wow this was good. Now understand maybe some of them know what they were doing. Some people had some some problems or didn't really respond well to the biblical discipleship that they were going to get, but to say that people cannot change or there cannot be a hard change you're going directly against four Swinton chapter 6 and Christian faith is revelatory at its core, which means that I believe the word and I will filter science and history and everything to the word of God, of the word tells me an important and thick.

Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God and do not be deceived or the caterers of the idolaters adult first homosexual nor sodomite will inherit the kingdom of God and altered in verse 11 and such were some of you but you were washed, but you were sanctified, you would just about Loki but and I forgot the word tells me that people can change course.

I personally know several wonderful friends who have left the old lifestyle dear life that I know what a gentleman who has a lady who have left the lesbian lifestyle and she and she message me on Facebook at that. Thank you.

I'm sending this to my old friend because they need to hear that Wilde signed no changes possible and and and but went people in our own corner begin to say in all, the whole sexual orientation change efforts of dangerous year, you're messing with people and people may hard themselves of.

We need to stop and really think about what were saying yes but think that God cannot washes inspected by justifier. I will also add sometimes people come out of that lifestyle may struggle struggle of the day they leave this world with temptation just like a person in no alcoholic people by the body, but struggle to meet completely free and I can drink all you want. I'm part I often cocounsel people. If you come out of my don't go near that yes the condition is real.

There are people who may have same-sex attraction, but now they know God is working in me and he will finish what he had started one day a man, a man in the shower when a wrap up with years when ask you to pray for those who were battling with this because again as we said yes there is a part of society that is celebrating it and embracing it. But also know there is also people out there that are struggling leave. They want deliverance and they are seeking. It we want to pray for all those people, even the ones who are celebrating it because I think deep down inside, even when they were there alone behind closed doors. They really know the what they are doing is unnatural and so we want to pray for the deliverance and in just one thing I want to share. I spoke at an events several years ago and I used to view CN really in general and simply is wrong you know you are in rebellion against God, and you need to stop is that plain and simple, and at the end of this this sometime when I spoke a young lady came up to me and she said that she was a lesbian. That was how she described herself and she said that she know that is wrong and she's trying to come out of it. She asked me if I would pray with her. And so as I began to pray with this woman, her heart, she was just broken Dr. Sharma.

She was just crying her heart out and I could just feel her pain and it really gave me a different perspective.

It really showed me that yes, these are people who are seeking deliverance, but there is a stronghold in their life. There is a demonic force that that is there that has them hooked into that CN in we know the devil does that with others is like you stated with with alcoholism. You know there are people who he draws in with that temptation is for some people to get that temptation. Others do not. But but we are going to as you said we we want to be compassionate and understand the hurt. So if you would continue. Pray for the people out there that are seeking deliverance in and just in pray share with them the key is to how they can be delivered and have freedom in Jesus Christ is heartbreaking because there are people you hundred percent right struggle and this is where the church community comes them carefully, prayerfully, we are to be we are to be willing to come alongside people who are new in the faith or struggling with something like this and encourage them too often what we do in week say go get baptized and no by your Bible and hope you come to our Bible study and because legal and it is tragic because this either old friends who are waiting for them to come back and waiting for the next party, always there, and then the church people who they really want to be with their building their own world or their own ministry. And so the church community were going to really take this on a we want people to be separate the church community has to really see the importance of the body.

How we need to gather help people by the spirit of God, not announcement, but by the Spirit of God to to walk in the newness of life and and when we do that, he prepared for the attacks of the enemy is in a calm and he is generally Catholic in every ways we also pray for protection of the body of God teaches daughters keep us humble and keep us dependent on him probably come before you today God we are so grateful for Jesus Christ.

Thank you God that he had come to set us free from the penalty of sin, free from the corruption of sin and God be. We thank you for ministries like this ready to kill with Brian, Lord willing to stand up and to tell the truth, but do it in love and compassion and got our hearts go out to people who are in the body or the lost or struggling who are going through difficult times in God. We know that we don't have the power we cannot change people, but it see you working Kula your Holy Spirit working through us that can change lives around me asking users use the body to use the radio waves by airwaves to talk to people board and in open their eyes help them to see the error of their ways. They will come to know Christ to be saved every pray God for those were struggle.

We pray God that she would break that stronghold. Maybe it's a memory.

Maybe it the way they were raised. Maybe it is something else maybe some experience.

We don't know what happened in God we trust. But we do know that you are more than powerful to help them heal and find hope and forgiveness of God be pray today for deliberately pray father to spend three and some will be set free.

Immediately some is gonna be a long process probably pray that your burden the hearts of the body. Men and women who will go along in an different people who are struggling in Christ name we pray. Amen.he saw. Thank you so much and as I said when I reached out to you by email.

I said that I wanted to commend and applaud you and give you a virtual handshake because again it is very very very few. Adding a very small percentage and trust me I searched high and wide to find the pastors that are willing to speak on this topic in images not many that will do so. So I want to thank you for your courage, your your commitment. Your devotion to Jesus Christ. I pray that he will bless you bountifully for it.

I believe that he's going to reward you in this life, but I'm sure he's already already have, but that the ultimate reward is going to come in eternity when when you hear those words will done good and faithful servant. And so I just want to applaud you for just one thing I want to and on and I know that that you are not here to to bash other pastors, neither of my we just here to focus on what God is called us to do, but I do have the question because in your prayer you mention is the church we need to to stand up when it comes to this, and to help those alone who were struggling with this. So why is it that you think most pastors will not talk about this publicly, and in what message do you have for them. Thank you, Brian Baker, kind work as well and thank you for your stand because the because of your boys out there. We have a voice on the radio airwaves.

So thank you so much for what you're doing. I believe it is the lack of being our leaders standing up because what's happening now in the past I would say 5 to 10 years people that I looked up to as Star Wars.

I would say man I know where they will land by Miller did believe I can follow their example imitate me as positive as I my second I can and then to speed them becomes silent, especially in the past I would say 5 to 10 years over issues that we should be standing up on speaking out what that has done to pastors is to feel like going there. My hero is not speaking for me to speak what I can do that because I may be wrong understand the issue or if they are scared who reminded in my encouragement to pastor Brent because I really love pastors and both sides of my family have pastors is a list and maybe it's time God is raising you to be that voice in the wilderness, so don't worry about the heroes you take the stand and God will handle a man, a man will say it will say it will dog us all, how can our listeners follow you and I'm just gonna say to the listeners. I encourage you to follow the sermons of Dr. Saul because you were deftly going to get the truth of God's word. So how can people follow your ministry and in here the great messages that you are are delivering each week okay well that way you can follow my blog on, EDI, DA and on your online and then of course you can find me on YouTube you can find me in faith in the church page clearly charge an interesting page and Clearview church with my methods are there as well to allow that way. But we would love for them to just let us know you have been a blessing to them. Good luck to you. A man builds his deftly been a blessing to me. I love it. It encourages me to continue to speak the truth as well so I'm again I just want to commend you and applaud you and and again thank you for taking the time to come on today, we look forward to have you back in the future. Thank you for I look forward to being there again all right into our listeners. Please come back and join us again next week as we continue to encourage you to discern the times by looking at life through the window of the Bible. Until then, remember to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, bless God's great nation of Israel to the only wise God be glory through Jesus Christ, forever God first, we continue to encourage God until next time

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