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Re-Created - Part 1

God 1st / Brian C Thomas
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January 15, 2022 2:00 pm

Re-Created - Part 1

God 1st / Brian C Thomas

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January 15, 2022 2:00 pm

Sexual immorality is a stronghold for many, nonetheless, every person can find hope and healing through Jesus Christ. Join us today as we speak with special guest Dr. Abidan Shah, PhD, pastor of Clearview Church, on his recent series covering this vital topic.


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God first program committed to encouraging viewing life through the name in honor of the one and only true God think I am finding Jacob doing today is the name of our great Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My name is Brian Thomas always going honor and privilege week.

I want to thank you for tuning in. I am very excited today. I'm honored to be joined by folder have a guess he is Dr. Shaw and he is coming on to speak with us about a very very important topic. I have been following his ministry for a number of months and the recent series that he gave really resonated with me so I reached out to him and ask if he would come onto our program to talk about the is very very important topics of Dr. Shaw want to thank you for taking time out of your schedule to come on to speak with us today.

Thank you so much for having me on your program.

I really think the radio waves.

I'm really beer. Thank you so so you are the pastor of Clearview church in Henderson North Carolina. You've been there for 22 years old, a PhD in New Testament textual criticism. You are the chaplain for the local hospital, police department and fire department married to Nicole and have four kids, Rebecca Abigail Nicholas and Thomas. So as we were speaking off air you were talking about the fact that you were born and raised in India moved to the United States of America. So before we really get into talking about the series.

Can you give us a little bit more about your background and the things that have influenced you and how you are to today come to be a pastor for our great Lord Jesus Christ. Oh well, I grew up in a Christian home and in fact, more likely, I grew up in a pastors home. My dad was pastoring and to share.

After pastoring his first and only charge for almost 55+ years.

But the interesting part of that story and that my dad was a Muslim before he came to know Christ, so he had made had an amazing Testimony that were trying to put into book form where his family kicked them out. It was on the streets and down and then to the help of some missionaries. He was able to go to seminary and all of the whole story, but it I have quite a heritage that my dad man, a man will condolences to your family and the passing of the data know that is a sad thing, but as I always say to people believers when we pass on the hope that we have is that that love one is now rejoicing with Jesus Christ are going to see them again and so that is that hopefully we have the we look forward to and that is why it's just so awesome to be a part of the body of Jesus Christ and little agreement about a man I know my father in the presence of the Savior followed all his life and given up so much better job in no I think back I look back to the times when he would talk about what he gave up and he would often say nothing nothing compared to what God gave me the sacrifice Christ made on the cross to write perspectives. Now it is that he is also perspective. All Risa Douglas. Also, I've been following your ministry for number of months in immediately when I heard your messages. I thought I need to reach out to you to invite you on the program to see if you're willing to come on and talk and you gave a recent series that just really grabbed my attention and I was listening because you were speaking on homosexuality and as you were talking you began to talk about the Andy Griffith show.

When I heard that that really sealed the deal for me because I said this is my God. He's a fan of Andy Griffith. I think you said you watched every episode 20 to 30 times and I will bid for myself by watching the Griffith probably 3 to 4 episodes per day Monday through Friday so I will bet fan is with both of Andy Griffith. In all seriousness, you know really what it was. Was that your your standing for the truth of God's word because where the time now on, which, sadly, a lot of Christians and sadly a lot of pastors if you just don't hear a lot of talk about seeing you don't hear calling see and what it really is what you see and if so did a series called re-created and you were speaking on homosexuality and so I wanted to bring you want to talk about it and you began the message by speaking about again with Andy Griffith. You talk about Mayberry and yeah we look at our nation, things have changed a lot since the days of Mayberry. So, so, can you start us off by talking about how we seem to change from that time periods where we are today. Sexuality has been around for time to get to know that more people have tried to explain it away as an hospitality and all of that now scholars okay. You don't have to conservative scholars, even scholars, on the other side of the fence. Even there yet not have nothing to hospitality. It was same-sex relationships and that's what was happening in Sodom and Gomorrah has been around for a while that have been. Throughout history were certain cultures. You know he was a link that or treated as sort of abnormal but it's okay go along with it. Among the Greeks, you know that they have that homosexuality had the form of manliness for whatever but in our culture. Secular Western culture. I would say in the past hundred years, and coming in the late 1800s.

The effort has been barricade to make this normal and to make it habitable, especially among believers among the church of the Christian realm, and each time you will, like you know pushback by a pendulum swing getaway felt like okay I think people understand the danger of going in this direction and then it came back again or 30 came back again.

The 16th but now it come back within the past 20 some years but pushback is not there like it used to, even among people.

You would typically call the evangelicals bury their head speak out or there can click because maybe someone in their life family friend charge whatever or somebody that my wonderful person other than the fact that they're hesitant to speak on really shocking because it and it makes you wonder why why not saying something we can be loving and kind and gracious, but at least called yeah yeah just the right job observance experience the same things in and as you said is easy to see and we would be very clear in the Bible is very clear about that that it is seen in but as you said, it seems as though there are some that just refused to touch the subject, or if they do talk about it they will not call it sin. But you stated in your your series.

He said that it is unnatural and what is important for us and I love the way you stated that we are to be firm in calling this CN but at the same time be compassionate, so can you speak to that as well know Christ was compassionate with the tax collectors and sinners. The rough people in society that came to him and felt at ease around but at the same time he never condoned sent so now what we hear is when I factor I heard that some time back accretion, the same subject of homosexuality and I and I had a lady tell me how you know Jesus hung around tax collectors and sinners.

Don't you think so yeah anything that means he was out there. Soul winning. That does not mean that he was condoning them right calling them from darkness into light and he told her, womankind, Veltri and Eggleston.

No more so I really think that the whole idea now that old Jesus with them which means he condoned far from that. I agree because you know it is very clear.

A doctor what is a doctor need to be around. The doctor needs to be around people who were sick, they need healing and when he does that he's not condoning their sickness.

He's there to heal and so that is exactly what our Lord Jesus was doing as well. Now you also in the series. You mentioned the questionnaire that you will send out about the topic prior to preaching it in. So I want to to focus on those right now so you began with the question that you think someone submitted from the church. They asked the question what about consensual committed in carrying gay relationships right that the hot topic right now for some crowd back in the 80s I remember hearing about this and we understand where hopping from club to club and and get old changing partners every week or every weekend.

All that's wrong that people should not happen but what if you have the two guys least two ladies. They are in a committed, consensual carrying gay relationship is better, the question somebody asked and the answer is very simple, gay relationships, or homosexuality, and to to somehow mitigate that with overcommitted caring make it right and go out the short answer is it doesn't matter that caring. It is a matter of the committed, that still doesn't justify the fact that God called yeah yeah I agree and you also mentioned that when you look around in the world, just in general.

Right now we're going through this pandemic with Kobe and it just seems Dr. Saul, like you, you look around the world there just this so much unrest there so much trouble and so many areas and you you would think that people would come to realize that we need to turn to God, we need to repent from our sins, but it seems as though the majority instead of saying we need to repent and ask for his grace and mercy to deliver us from the troubles. Instead, they seem to be continuing to embrace Ian into promoted as you said to to try to condone it to make it okay because it's between consensual and and committed people and I look around and I say why why are people not calling out to God for repentance and I guess this is the hardness of heart that is causing man to be in rebellion and refuses to embrace the truth of God's word and that what he calls CN we are to turn away from it.

We are to repent and believe that whole pandemic patch two years have been the great revealer because it has really expose what in the heart of people in church because we did not respond the way Michelle responded but did not respond with fate rated by respondent with calling on God and for God, what are you doing, we either began to yell and judge each other, or both at each other or completely shut down the churches and walkabout.

Be careful, we need to know. Take precautions but but we very quickly revealed that church was not essential was not essential regardless was far from our minds. We did not for God made calling on you to heal our land that we went into a hole different protective mode. We talk about Jesus having conquered death and life.

I don't know how to Bob going off topic here but the readme we are afraid of death and Connors comes to how you think about repentance and revival. You got to get the nail right on the head. I had that very conversation with my wife talk about during Covidien Sally Dr. Saul there still some churches that are close now, they have not reopened during the pandemic and this is just mind-boggling in my life was saying that she could she could imagine that God is looking down and seeing why won't my people stand up. Why won't my people be faithful. Why won't they go to church while they are afraid and I was thinking your you so right. And like you said, I think you just revealed that people are so afraid of death, because as we were talking off air that defined the wind would you we a believer in Jesus Christ when when when our physical body dies are sold. The spirit goes to be with the Lord. And that is the ultimate goal. That is the finish line to become Jesus Christ and that is something that we should not be afraid of. We should not fear that it doesn't matter where where we walk out into the street and in trying to get our sales Q you know you don't even God's wisdom and timing, but when that time comes, you know we shouldn't be afraid, but I think you're right. So many people holding onto this life and not looking at things from a eternal standpoint and I think Kobe has really really revealed that nothing that is this a major, major problem that we see in the church that that not enough for you eternal reminded so so so glad you mentioned that in. Also, you mentioned during the message that when you look at nations and when God's judgment, a nation the last steps in the judgment is homosexuality. Can you speak to that the Christians, so it kind of 12 frustrating which is often.

I don't need housing to spend the thing to help. Born into sin nature and I'm under the penalty of sin. So I am I cannot escape by coming to this world on the Jesus but the point is often not on the same level you can read Paul's letter to the Romans.

In Romans chapter 121 lays out the grease slope for us all it out because all the new God glorifying God became futile and on and on. To change the glory of the God started worshiping animals and creeping things, and then God gives them up to uncleanness and to begin to just dishonor their bodies and then comes verse 26 I believe. Where it says even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. Likewise also the men, same thing began to lust after other men now read that and I am in no degree. Each great no other way you can take that. But this is the last step on the way down where where eating trash which eating right through the trash And God said, I've given him over and and when you look around. Our culture were scary scary because that's where we are today, homosexuality is not glorified. Talk about young kids and get it in the past three years I was in the past year of her parents ask me what do I tell my 12-year-old because she's telling me, telling me that he is gay. She is I'm thinking 12 years old when you get this idea what I want even concerned about sexuality what happening is because it is so prevalent in social media is just is just fueling that than in stars.

If your career is going downhill tell people your gay and all of a sudden you know you have five cows alike how the light and you become the star so now kids are using the same tactic. If you feel down.

If you feel left out a coming out and all of a sudden start sexuality is now the cool thing to say but what living in some very, very dangerous times absolutely, absolutely. And you know as you speak, and I think about. I think back to a few years ago when our president then it was Barack Obama. He decided since in light of the White House in the rainbow colors as a representation of of the celebration of homosexuality, and I was just thinking them, my God, look at how our nation has fallen. When we have the top leader of the countries is celebrating what the Bible calls an abomination and you're right there.

There are different levels of sin.

There are some people that don't want to to confess better to admit to that, and I heard someone in the ministry that was speaking on that very topic. Some years ago when he gave the the analogies it will imagine is as a man, you go off to work one day and you come home and you talk with your wife and you say honey I went out for lunch and I was a glutton I send. I overate I had to head to three burgers and I just overindulge. Would you forgive me anything. So now imagine the same man. The next day comes home from work and he says will honey during my lunch break. I met another woman at a hotel and we had sexual relations. He said no. Now is your wife and have the same response to both of those is she going to say okay honey that's fine know was going to be a totally drought response to to gluttony from even eating versus having to have a sexual affair. So yes there are different levels of semen different consequences that come so so II totally agree with you on that in him you know Dr. Saul Ganis says when you look at what is happening in to your point, I have kids that are are not yet teenagers but I'm constantly having to monitor the things that they're seeing you notice it used to be where you could just allow kids to watch cartoons.

But now the stuff is being pushed everywhere. This indoctrination and I have to be very, very guarded in what they are seeing with their eyes and their years are a living and because Satan is really trying to indoctrinate people with with his wickedness absolutely and will shut down down that happened in 2028 meeting the 2021. This was a time where what it did what most people do that at home and data, watch TV, or they scrolled their phones nonstop where it became the media thing you can always blame social media or any payment for all the things you and I do cook dinner coming from our hearts, but it has really been a catalyst and pushing this evil agenda coming from the pit of hell. I believe, but also from some very wicked people pushing the agenda right into our homes no stronger come right in and were sitting around not realizing that your child sitting across from you scrolling dinner just liking pictures are from basketball players or no, something sport related that there watching some bad stuff.

It is altering their way of thinking is creating pathways around there and I bet that there mind and bad talk to parents who are struggling with this with their kids. It did the feeling of defeat. Defeat is unlikely we must be Blewett and we can turn back well heartbreaking because the people there godly people. And yet somehow in a moment of the find right here without right here right there but they are looking at something that you are not aware of right absolutely ask it at the end of the program you will pray for those people who are struggling through the times right now because we we really need that but I want to just again commend you Dr. Saul for speaking out on this topic because the again this is not a lot that are doing it and and I just had to have. You want to speak on it because it is extremely important if you are just now joining us.

We have the privilege today of speaking with Dr. Shaw on his recent series re-created report to Paul's for a brief announcement, but please don't go away. On the other side of the break will be back with more you are tuned into God first program you are listening to God first. If you believe in what we stand for God first, fellowship with us. God first point this program is based on Matthew 633 but seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added on to what was going to relational $6.33 per month you can help us share the message of placing God's commands when viewing the issues of our culture, please visit our website got from the Lord God first Bible Fellowship, PO Box 266, Knightdale, NC 27545 for more information let's return to the conclusion of the program back to the program I name is Brian Thomas, we are again be joined today by Dr. Shaw is here to discuss his awesome series re-created that he recently gave at Clearview Baptist Church where he is pastor in Henderson North Carolina. So it is such an honor to to speak with you on today on again is very very important subject before the break we were talking about the fact that this is one of the last steps in God's judgment upon the nation and for anyone out there that is skeptical we we can just look at history just go into the history books and look at nations because as you said earlier, Dr. Shaw, that homosexuality has been around receiving the Bible with with Sodom and Gomorrah you sought in the Roman Empire is been through many, many superpowers and when you look at the rise and fall of those empires as you said, you can see through history, that the acceptance of homosexuality, the glorification of it is one of the last phases, so were continuing though with your series. The questionnaire that you gave out another question I came in is is there a gay gene that is something a lot of people talk about now.

People born that way and you gave a lot of statistics concerning this or can you speak to that question. Is there a gay gene also back we have to do a paper for ethics class and this was the same question. Even back then is there gauging their own research and found that an there is an great scholar who had been a great work in the direction of Jay Allen branch. He wrote a book called born this way, sexuality find in the Scriptures and and he he explains how people talk about the execute 28 or 8Q 12 regions in the genome that there could be something that the operative word in all of the even those who are not an outside believing that there is negation inconclusive time held that all of this research about a great gauging inconclusive and so where what why we keep repeating. Yes, that was the talking to a lady and she is a hairdresser came by to get her current and and they kept telling her to found the gauging they found Jean and so people are born this way and we are repeating false information, all under the guise of all the client while spying to themselves or say.

Even those who are gay this thing. We think there's something there but we are still not sure this is one of those things that you when you hear people say that you meet me person.

I don't know about you but I have to really sort of counsel myself in in not allowing my my my anger or or blood pressure to rise when I hear it because I'm hearing so much now. But I have to have to remember is you said we are firm but yet compassionate will we have to press the pause button for this week as we are all out of time, but I want you to come back next week as we will play part two in the conclusion of our discussion with Dr. Shaw on his series re-created. I want to thank you for tuning then please go back next week. Again, as we will have Dr. Shaw with us as we continue to encourage you to put God first. While we would live through the window of the Bible. Until then, remember to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, bless God's great nation of Israel to the only wise God be glory through Jesus Christ, forever. Amen God first program we continue to encourage God until next time

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