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Keeping Christ in Christmas

God 1st / Brian C Thomas
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December 25, 2021 2:00 pm

Keeping Christ in Christmas

God 1st / Brian C Thomas

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December 25, 2021 2:00 pm

We welcome Elder James Faison and Dee Faison to the show to discuss the critical topic of keeping Christ the focus of Christmas.


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Mary Mary Christmas to everyone. What a joyous day this is all man into such a privilege and an honor to be able to celebrate Christmas day to celebrate the birth of our great Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and I hope you can hear the smile of my voice because I'm just so full of joy. What our Lord has gone coming to this earth we could have the opportunity, eternal life, and we are forever grateful for this joyous occasion come to magnified to celebrate our great Lord and Savior and is denied to be able to celebrate Christmas with you. Thank you for tuning in. I am enjoying the studio today by my lovely wife Donita thank you for joining us today and Merry Christmas to. We also have guests that are joining us.

We are very honored to have Elder James facing the open Church of God in Christ in his lovely wife Dee.

They are such a beautiful wonderful couple on the inside and on the outside and they have taken time to come on today to talk to us about this again joyous occasion, the birth of our great Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you both for coming on and Merry Christmas to you and work well let me think. Certainly the pleasure is all I was to have you again as I say this is the time that we come to celebrate our Lord Jesus Christ and you know the interesting thing about it is that this time of year. There are a lot of people that even that are nonbelievers in Jesus Christ and yet they still celebrate because they say there's something special about this, you just know that when we come to this time that something special about even if they don't accept our Lord Jesus went. When we look at it that there's a reason for that. This is something in the air that is pointing to Allison Rhonda. Not a lot of people that want five of Christmas, but if you are really quite amazing thank you, dear, you can take a look a lot of people I get my work as a model organism present, so they get extra nice and happy right and you know but the sad thing about it is that how much commercialization that is been brought into as as a talk about the presence I was listening to the show earlier today and the lady was saying. She said if you win this time at your columns and if you are stressed about giving presents to someone if that's was in the forefront of your mind, you have your priorities out out of whack because that is not with us about this is okay to give gifts but is not about stressing all present as it is about celebrating the birth of our Lord but I unfortunately there are a lot of people that instead of really looking at Jesus Christ. It is concerned about not getting presence and timing on I think part of that virtual signaling the Virtue and I want to say what I've done this I've given this to that person because I think part of the issue we have today is Christmas has become more of a cultural thing you know, America celebrates Christmas or you know those types of things is become more cultural instead of looking at what the true meaning is and people just cannot fall into the tradition of it all and say well obligated to give gifts in the name right next running around in the last week before Christmas, trying to fulfill obligations. I think I'm rather than focusing on what the meaning of Christmas is and if they don't fulfill that obligation.

They're worried about what someone may think instead of you know really focus in on what they need to focus on your work will for you know what it all works out very important book that we got a real arbitral meaning. I will talk about how we all tradition for Christmas and we talk about talk about, talk about all the and a lot of times we forget to mention me a lot.

I'm not doing well. I now what burial and what it think about it well and if anybody deserves a celebration for their birth is Jesus Christ right and I think to eat things are passed down from generation to generation, and D probably can relate to me on this being a homeschool mom one of the major things we try to do in our household, and I know you probably do the same thing is incorporating Jesus you know you have to make him part of the season you teach your children about Jesus Christ and his birth, and you go through the word of God to even start preparing for the season.

We always go through and have our Bible studies and devotionals without children throughout the year, but during the Christmas season. We are implanting that seed of why celebrating Christmas and so I think a lot of people have gotten away from training up their children to understand what Christmas is about and so that gets passed on because all of these traditions get passed on. So if you were to instill that in your children. Then they pass that on to the next generation so we can see today really the product or the fruit of what has been instilled in the people because as we go through time we're seeing how people are looking at Christmas is just the time to get together and hang out and give out gifts and counterparty in a sentence. And you know everybody's off work.

We can party as long as we want to and just get together and they call that joy and peace. But the real joy and peace comes from the Savior Jesus Christ.

And so they really don't know the piece that you know is really there and I think that's a sad thing is that it starts out with what you're teaching your children Christmas and then they pass that on and make that part of their families and in the next generation and everything will say about both of you. And that's that's one of the things that we do the years that I stressed to our key is to keep it in the forefront of their minds that this is about the birthday of Jesus Christ and as we leading up to it all start asking them say early December. How many days is it until Christmas and so they're calculating is a math exercise in and then I'll say what's the reason for it and they will say Jesus birthday and we had together on Christmas morning we we do have them open gifts and everything. But I'll tell them before we open gifts were going to say happy birthday Jesus. And so I always try to keep that in the forefront of their minds. Great children will port to the Lord all my time on the Lord that he is smiling because you know he's you received the greatest gift the gift of eternal life to celebrate the birth of Christ, and I know that for our Lord and Savior. That is the best gift that anyone can give to him as their sole that's why you came. That's why he died. And that's the reason why we we celebrate so so man that is just so also you know, last week I was at the doctor's office and we were sitting in the waiting room and a man struck up a conversation with me and he started talking about different things about God and everything and so I sort of sensing in my spirit that this probably wasn't going in the direction that I was going to wanted to and made a statement, though he said about their lot allies out there and deception, which I agree with what he said about this holiday is coming up. He set up all these lies out there about Jesus and him and so I said well you know we teach our kids that that Santa Claus is make-believe hoping that that was sort of the thing he was talking about, but he started saying that Jesus was not God. He said that first and so then he said Jesus really did not have any power in that if he did have power.

He would've came down from the cross. And so I just said no I can't. I can't let let that go and I said no it was because of the fact that Jesus loved us.

That's what Kept him on the cross because he loved us and him him and had he came down from the cross, we would all be hit if we eternal damnation. So so and is about Jesus and that's why we even display the calls even at Christmas because he was born, but the whole reason why he was born was that he came to die were Christian in our real-life story right now shall challenge you and you will read or not the word of God like a sure resurrection of Christ. Yes, I like that you pointed out that people are not really studying the word of God, and I know that the Lord gives us our strength. He gives us wisdom and understanding, godly wisdom through his word and if you're not in his word and allowing his Word to penetrate your spirit, then your you're not going to be able to discern what is truth.

You know you won't know those spiritual truths and is that's why so important even at young ages to start teaching to study the word to read the word because if you don't have the word.

The word is is Jesus, and print the word is truth.

And if you don't have that in your biblically illiterate, then you lack understanding and you lack truth and that's why a lot of people don't tie in the importance of Jesus and what Christmas is really about. And I think to do that makes it makes it so that they do not know Jesus. They don't connect with him and another thing to do with really studying the word of God.

What I like to tell people and in even our children is how the Old Testament is critical to understand what's going on in the New Testament. You can teach people or show people all of the prophecies that point to Jesus starting in the beginning beginning then you study how he's woven throughout everything, even from the creation all the way through when you see his presence from the beginning.

You start to appreciate him. You appreciate his power and how God has placed him in every bit of the word of God from the Old Testament to the New Testament, and you start to really appreciate how he has come from the beginning until you know the Word became flesh and took up residence among us, you start to see those things and really understand who he is and when you appreciate who he is. Then you appreciate Jesus himself, and you appreciate Christmas because you know that it is wrapped up in him, you have to go into the word of God and unwrap it and understand it but I think understanding the prophecies from the Old Testament and how it points to Jesus and how he's woven through all of the word of God. It helps you to relate better to him and so you draw closer to him and then at Christmas. You are able to really really fully appreciate how he came in and how he is God and became flesh to be with us to save us. And so that's where your joy comes from. That's where your peace comes from.

That's why it's so many people around here today who were fearful and they're more worried about what the government is going to say about this mandate in my going to be able to be with my family and all of those things, but our true joy and peace and comfort comes from knowing Jesus Christ knowing who he is and why he came and been able to appreciate that. That's where our joy is that I had no meaning it will not wear that wicked gland and are not guaranteed and not come out from the mind on that cultural – strategic agenda that really cried and not glorify Scripture or child will be born will be given to what will rest on his shoulders and will be called wonderful Counselor, mighty God, the eternal father. There will be no government or kingdom.

Hold it just invited Richard just really going to be born more and more stores, no happy holiday out of the perspective and teach our children what was going on. Happy holiday is so right James.I communicate with so many people I can show you all do just going into stores and email correspondences and they'll finish up with happy holidays and I'll come back and say Merry Christmas, not just having a happy holidays I say Merry Christmas and that's why open the show with what I said Merry Christmas because we are we are here is all about Christ. We we we keep in Christ you Christmas and you know your reading the Scripture and is as you are reading what came to mind is also the verse that says he will be called Emmanuel will God with us about that and thinking back to that that man that struck up a conversation with me and saying Jesus was not God and that he didn't have any power and also the Scripture clearly says God with us. And so in there so many other passages we could point to that that that declare the deity of Jesus Christ and so contrary to what I heard of a poll the other day like we were talking about people who profess to be Christians but are not well versed in the in the Bible and it was well over 50%. I don't know the exact number think was 60% of professing Christians felt that Jesus, his existence began at his birth, and we say while because Jesus has always existed. You know he is God he is God the son, and so that's a something that I tried to stress to people and another thing to is out. I see some people that get caught up in the idea of the paganism and we are here to say yes we were talking about there some things that are being done in practicing Christmas that we do not agree with*people celebrate his birth in its purest form. You don't have to participate in that other stuff you know, don't throw the baby out with the bathwater and the thing that I hear some people say that they have a big problem with the Christmas tree and I heard several say show me where in the Bible it says to celebrate with the with the Christmas tree and my responsibility as well. Show me where in the Bible it says to drive a car to church you are going to find that right when we have the liberty we want to go to church on them on a donkey or camel you can walk or you can ride a bicycle. You have the freedom to do that. But the Bible says do not feel to assemble you just get there when it comes to Christmas, you know, say a man look there is nothing wrong with celebrate. If you want to put a tree up if you don't want to put the tree up so be it were not worshiping the tree we are celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior track light manager what you want to get your work will always back to?

What word when it comes to what you believe about Christ what God told the right back always share with people they don't want to believe the word which word a lot will look at your lifestyle and how you and what you yes I want to read John one because that tells a big part of the story about Jesus, his history, I should say and it says in the beginning was the word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning all things were created through him and apart from him not one thing was created that has been created life in him, and that life was the light of men that light shines in the darkness, yet the darkness did not overcome it. The word is Jesus. Jesus is the word he was with God in the beginning and he is God. And so that's something that we need to keep in mind, and the Word became flesh, and as mentioned in John 14 and he took up residence among us.

And so that's important for people to understand. He was there in the beginning without him nothing exists, he holds everything together and so it is that important to us men. Yeah well I tell you James the delete I feel like we just go on talking but we are just about out of time, but again we are here to celebrate our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

That is the reason for the season and that is why we live why we exist to serve and to celebrate our Lord in. I look forward to eternity because he not only came the first time as as a baby lying in a manger, but he's coming back again and so we we should be excited about the return of our Lord but it I do want to say there's one thing before we close those that there are a lot of people go around this time of year that it is not a joyous occasion for them and the reason being that they they've lost a loved one and and I know personally.

A lot of people who have lost loved ones around this time of year and so brings about depression because they have a lot of memories of celebrating Christmas with that love one, and in their no longer here and there a lot of people Jesus would want to get through this time. Just get onto the new year so they can get back to life. Someone asked James or D either of you if you would close us out bye-bye just praying for those people out there to give them some encouragement to to let them know that there is still joy that Jesus Christ gives that joy to the Bible says it surpasses all understanding. Even in the midst of their hurting their struggle so well if you would would graciously do us that to pray for those people out there who are hurting right now due to the loss of a loved one, for you know how to work with you for another day about anything and everything to bring Thanksgiving to let our request be made on you got got a heart monitor Christ come thanking you right now for the birth of your son Christ.

The reason for the four families all got lost loved ones will God will God think about the local Lord realize that you don't father God thank you right now to Mehmet comfortable right now because you are the God of all comfort, Lord God, you comfort us in our situation is going to follow God right now. Father child.

Right now the moment for the right now probably… Right now in the name of God right now probably got word that the joy of the Lord God coming right now. Got down here. Will God right now. Right now, word of encouragement will encourage a note right now that you have got right now what you going to do but talk with God because you have your work out right now because we know that you got right now. Right now right now in the name of God, you get all the glory on all the crazy right now.

Right now, we love you and we pray, thank you so much James, thank you deeply join us.

This is been wonderful. I've enjoyed it so much.

We thank you blessings upon you family again, Merry Christmas to you all ride to our business. Thank you so much for being with us today. Remember Jesus is the reason for the season we come to the door, our great Lord and King came the first time. And guess what folks is coming back and I'm looking forward to that day. We all gather around phrases and honor and adoration to our great Jesus Christ. So folks as we depart when again say to all of you out there have a very

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