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Freedom in Jesus - No Longer a Slave

God 1st / Brian C Thomas
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July 14, 2021 9:49 am

Freedom in Jesus - No Longer a Slave

God 1st / Brian C Thomas

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July 14, 2021 9:49 am

We can glimpse back at history to learn and grow but, we cannot stay there. Denita discusses how you can become a slave to the past and this world if you don't keep your eyes focused on Jesus and who you are in Him.


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It's an honor and privilege to come before you all today and I know that here.

I got first.

We've been sharing a lot of information about events that have been happening today and the reason why were doing that is because we want so much for our brothers and sisters in Christ and those who are not in Christ to be able to look at what's going on today through a biblical worldview is so important because there is a lot of deception that is going on today and is just important to us because we care about your souls. We care about your your relationship with Christ we care about where you are in your walk with Christ and we want to encourage as many people as possible to seek Jesus in these last days that we live in.

And so outlet to share something with you that had been on my heart a lot and then my quiet time this morning as I was reading my Bible and on and as I was praising God. There was us the few Scriptures that I came across and I got stuck there and in my time of of of the candlelight waiting in those Scriptures. There were some things that came to my mind and I really feel like it was important for me to share them with you today that we look at the time that we live in there so many people who are so so focused on the history of America, particularly slavery and and I got to thinking about how we can take a glimpse back in our history, but the purpose of doing that is so that we can learn and we can grow but I don't feel that God intends for us to to stay there. I feel like our focus should be. Who are we now who am I now where is my heart now who are the people around me and where are they now and I feel like just like when a person is born of God and receives the Holy Spirit of God and believing in his son Jesus, that they are now new right and so we don't turn back and wallow in past seasons, we want to teach them and share with them.

God's word that they are forgiven and in Christ, we are free, the word of God tells us that we are free and so we have to look forward and continue to grow and learn from learn from our past mistakes. But if we go in and if we cherish our seasons. Then we stay there. But if we are cherishing our new sales and who we are becoming. There is so much joy. That's why the word of God talks about the joy of my salvation.

I have eternal hope in all things. I have eternity to look forward to and I have Jesus on my side to have G that the Holy Spirit of Jesus living within me. So there should be joy. So when you are in Christ you are God's own child and you're no longer a slave to sin in a slave to this world and we have to help other people have that same kind of eternal freedom is someone to share a verse with you and that talks about how we are God's own children. We confess our sins and repent end and accept Jesus Christ in our hearts we reconciled to God. And it comes from Galatians 4 verses six through seven, and it says God has sent the Spirit of his son into your hearts and now you can call God your dear father, now you are no longer a slave but God's own child and since you are his child everything he has belongs to you and this is this is so rich and I went back and I put different pronouns and they're not like the world is today with the women and me and all that stuff but I went back and I read it again and I said God has said this, he sent the city where he sent his solution for you. God has sent the Spirit of his son into our hearts into my heart and now you can call God your dear father, I can call God my father. I am his daughter.

You are his sons and daughters and then it says now you are no longer a slave for God's own child. So now I am no longer a slave but God's own child, his own. He calls me his own. I don't belong to the ancestors of the forefathers.

I mean they have done our ancestors did a great work and for those who don't know, I'm a black woman, but I am a Christian black woman and I care about what my ancestors did to overcome the period that they lived in so that I could have a better life. So I appreciate that, but who I am today. I am God's own child. I am not a slave to sin. I am not a slave to white slave owner from the past.

I don't belong to them. I belong to God and the verse goes on to say, and since I will assess and since you are his child. Everything belongs to you so I can claim through God's promises that since I am his child everything he has belongs to me, so I am not oppressed. I am free. I've seen where there been people in the house of a person in the House of Representatives who have said that you know we are not we are slaves. Today, we are not we are not free on bond that is a lot from the pit of hail.

Those who in Christ Jesus our children of God, you are born of God, you are not a slave to sin. You are not a slave of this world.

You are not a slave because your ancestors were slaves. You are liberated through Christ Jesus, and you belong to God and everything he has belongs to you that God is rich God is not oppressed, so how can you be oppressed if you are in Christ Jesus you are liberated and belong to God, you share in his glory is God oppressed no so those who are in Christ Jesus you are a child of God and you are not (so don't believe that. And so I just wanted to say that Blacks in America are slaves, no more because of where we are today. Even those who are unbelievers. You're not a slave in the sense of like you know how America had slaves in their past. You're not a slave today but I say to the Christian black and I put Christian first. Not black Christian to those who have said Christ you are my Lord, I believe in you to those Christian Blacks. I really pray that you will find in your heart to praise God that you are a slave no more, and that you are eternally free. We don't want to diminish what God has done for us and try to say that were still slaves you know we can't do that and what our main purpose should be one of our main goals today.

It should be that we should teach people share with people so that we should share the word of God and who what God says about who we are, so that other people to especially black people who are buying into this lie that they are oppressed. Those who are who are not believers. Show them what freedom really is through Christ Jesus.

And so that they too can be free and no longer slaves to sin in their past, their their recent past as well as they are not to be waddling in the past of American history learn from and take a glimpse learn from and teach children. I don't feel like the public schools today have a problem with teaching children about slavery. That's not an issue they do teach about slavery, but their goal is to also share with them the opportunities that this country gives and is said that, of the Bible was taken out of schools because if they were still in school. They could also be share with children what real freedom is and how this country was built on biblical principles and that we are free in Christ Jesus.

And though they are not slaves you are a new creature when you are in Christ Jesus.

And then they could also be guiding people to guiding our children in the schools to Jesus Christ. But of course that does not happen in today is a worldly standard that runs in our schools today and want also share with you all that Christian privilege. There's a lot of things going around about white privilege white people are oppressors and I say to my brothers and sisters who are not black and who are our white that if you know who you are in Christ you will know that you are not an oppressor. If there is truly racism in your heart, then you have the opportunity to repent and ask God to help you with that because I'm not saying that racism does not exist as long as there sin in this world and their people who need to come to Christ Jesus. There will be forms of racism. I'm not ignorant to that fact.

But I can't look at every white person that I see and say you are an oppressor.

Just because they're white that's not fair.

So I say to those who are white and are in Christ Jesus, that you have Christian privilege. Everyone who is in Christ Jesus has Christian privilege and that privilege is eternally valuable and everything God has belongs to you.

As I mentioned from Galatians 46 through seven and you can't get any richer than that and is the ultimate and only label that is of the people of importance, so don't take any of these other labels and say just because on one item in oppressor that is alive from Satan.

Are you in Christ Jesus. That is what matters. Who are you now what is your heart, posture, Nick, do you love the way that God loves. Does your fruit. The fruit that you produce show God's way, which is perfect. There is nothing that is not a flaw in God's way at all and so I say to those who are not in Christ. You just have to if you draw to him. You will be freed from these worldly ideologies. If you don't have Jesus, you are a slave when we may have to look to history, black, white, Asian, whatever your ethnicity may be if you do not have Jesus you are a slave and I want to say to that. If you focus on race so much that you are almost obsessed with it by everything you evaluate in your life is based on race, every reaction you get from someone is based on race and if you are obsessed with the past and just totally obsessed with it and you accuse people of racism just by looking at their exterior and you are not focused on God on Jesus Christ. You are in bondage. You are a slave is like you are a modern-day slave to those things that have almost become an idol to you because there dictating how you live and how you view everything and everyone in your life. There's no biblical worldview to hear and I don't. I really do think that's a sad way to live.

So if you follow that type of a living, black, white, or whatever your ethnicity is self evaluate self like check your commitment to God.

If you are a believer in Christ and you think in this way, for those who are unbelievers and and you allow this type of worldly standard to define who you are and how you treat people and how you approach everything in your life.

But no, based on race.

I asked that you just asked Jesus into your heart be reconciled to God. But I do see that there are many Christians who are I know God will probably look down and I'm not speaking it for him but I just can't help but wonder if he just looks down and says do you know who you are in Christ. I mean I just feel like there's an evaluation of a self evaluation needed.

There also because if you are being led ended and allowed yourself to be defined by these worldly standards and ideologies that are out here today like CRT and and following some of these lawmakers who are saying, you know, America's racist all white people are racist and everything that happens is racist. Ask yourself, no havoc, which the Holy Spirit have. I did not. The spirit is controlled in my life have I did not God's word by going along with this worldly ideology we have to asked these things of ourselves in inches really thinking and is one of the main things we need to do today is think.

But as we are think and you know calling upon God, and looking in his word, and so I just say cling to Jesus, we have to cling to the word of God is so important because he's done so many great things for us and I look to you people who are of color and who have ancestors who were enslaved Jesus Christ was delivered up to us and raised for our justification. We are justified in Christ we are who we are in Christ Jesus, we are complete in him, we don't need anybody else to define as we don't need our past to determine our heart posture today.

First Peter chapter 1 verses three through four says according to his great mercy he has given us a new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, and into an inheritance that is imperishable on corruptible and unfading, kept in heaven for you. This is where our hope is everybody.

Our hope is in the Lord. Our hope is in Jesus is not in worldly ideologies and so I just ask if you could just everyone search search your hearts, and ask in my accusing others of things that they have not done based on the color of their skin and my loving the way that God has told us to love and so I would just say in my closing, I want to pray with everyone because I feel like prayer is just is a powerful tool that God has given us as believers in Christ, and he hears our prayers we pray in spirit and in truth. And so I just want to say cling to Jesus ask God what is it that you want me to know what is it that you want me to see to help me to live according to your word with that which is true and flawless so that I can live in this time that you've placed me and I was chosen to live in this time.

What do I need to know God, so that I can stand strong in you and flourish so that I can grow strong in and guide other people to you, Jesus, and the keep focus on you and so I will. I would like to pray and so let us go to God in prayer. Heavenly father.

First we want to praise you because you are God you are ruler over all things, all nations, you know you're not unaware of our history. You know all and you are present with us you are a little God of unfailing love from everlasting to everlasting and no matter what goes on around us got you are with us and you are present with us.

So God we are so thankful for your son Jesus. Romans 425 says Jesus was delivered up for our trespasses and raised for our justification.

You gave us your son Jesus, so that we could have eternal life.

So we're thankful for salvation and our new status eternally in Christ and lower we know that according to first Peter 13 through four that you are merciful and you've given a new birth into a living hope for all those who believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the day it and that there is an inheritance that awaits us in heaven and is imperishable is on corruptible this unfading is awaiting us and were so thankful for that and where thankful that we who are in Christ Jesus. Have you as our own father, you call us your own child where thankful that we are no longer slaves of sin. Slaves of this world were no longer slaves to the history of slavery were no longer slaves to anyone because we belong to you. Thank you that we can share in your glory and Lord God, I just ask that you will search our hearts if there is any offensive way in us, Lord, cleanse us and renew us and lead us into righteousness. Lord I just go through the spirit of confession for those who are listening Lord, if there any who have not acknowledged the power of Jesus Christ.

Because Jesus gives us freedom. Real freedom if there's been any, denial of the power of salvation and the power of forgiveness, Lord, if there any who have focused on the past and in the world. Instead of focusing on you God and your promise.

Please forgive us of God if if we have not acknowledged who you say we are in Christ. Please forgive us Lord were no longer slaves you word tells us there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus Lord made those who feel that they been condemned that there is condemnation. Lord I pray that you will just touch their hearts and remind them of that in your word. I pray God that if there any who have been accusing others who have not done wrong to them, accusing people based on the sins of the forefathers Lord God, we ask that you were forgiven just help them to not focus on that. Proverbs 330 says do not accuse anyone for no reason when they have done no harm to you. We asked for forgiveness for those who have have fallen into that in been accusatory because we know that Satan is the accuser. What I asked for forgiveness for those who have some division whether they know it or not. If those for those who have not been loving in the way that Jesus told us to love. We know that in first Corinthians 13 you tell us love is patient, love is kind.

Love does not envy, is not boastful is not conceded and does not act improperly. It is not selfish. It is not provoked and does not keep a record of wrongs. Love funds no joy in unrighteousness, but rejoices in truth, Lord, have we done that. Have we been loving the way that this this verse in your word tells us search our hearts. God lower where we have not allowed our focus to turn to you instead focusing on worldly philosophies, Lord, please forgive us for you. Tell us Lord in Colossians the believers.

Colossians 2 verse eight you tell us to not allow ourselves to be controlled by worldly philosophy do not.

It tells us specifically says be careful not to allow anything or anyone to take you captive through philosophy and empty deceit based on a human tradition based on the elemental forces of the world and not based on Christ.

Have we allowed ourselves to be captive by false teaching. Almost like were kidnapped spiritually because of these false and worldly ideologies. Lord, please forgive us for allowing that to happen and so Lord, we come to you with these petitions knowing that you are a forgiving God and that you give to those who ask to ask of you. Those who in Christ and know that you are a generous God, we ask the power of the Holy Spirit. Please restore in us a steadfast spirit spirit of forgiveness spirit of repentance. Lord, give us a grateful spirit for how far you've brought all of us.

We live look of blessed country Lord God, I pray for spirit of unity, especially in the church is where these racial divides have come in where CRT has come in and replaced what you say about Jesus, as atonement for us where it comes in, and then makes people call people oppressors and oppressed in labels that are not of you. Oh God that have nothing to do with their souls and their relationship to you, Lord God these things that divide. We rebuke him in the name of Jesus, and we pray for spirit of unity, a spirit of truth and discernment. What is true racism. Help us to have no more wrong thinking. Lord, give us spirits of truth and wisdom will return us to our first love you God your son and the Holy Spirit.

Lord, give us a spirit of love instead of hate. Lord, give us a yielding spirit.

Help us to yield to the Holy Spirit, not the world for less Lord with the Holy Spirit, especially for those who feel like that that the Holy Spirit meter is low. Lord, give us a spirit of a fear of you, Lord, and not the world. Let us not be afraid of where in Christ Jesus. We are liberated we have the same power that is income that you use to raise Jesus Christ from the grave we have that same power. Lord help us to acknowledge that Lord give us a spirit of rest and peace in the Lord, especially those who have felt overwhelmed and weighed down by things are happening today. Those who have been wrongly accused and are told that they have white privilege or those who have been truly truly mistreated. Lord, give them rest in peace, and you, Lord, give us a strong spirit of faith and help us to just be strong.

Your word tells us you are the strength of our hearts give us is that internal strength only you can give Lord God. All these things we ask God have your way, let your will be done. Lord God, we thank you in advance for the new things that you are about to do and those who are listening and praying along with me. Thank you for saving those who have decided to give their hearts to Jesus at this moment, Lord, we lift up those who were lost who don't know you tug on the heartstrings Lord drawl them to you, Lord God, Lord, drawl them right now. If there is anyone who has given their heart to Christ at this moment. May God give you strength. May God give you the ability to love the way Jesus loves to love yourself to be full of grace and truth because Jesus and is in you and there is grace and truth. Welcome to the kingdom of God and being born of Christ.

If you have accepted Jesus, you are free. I thank you Lord in advance for the renewal and refocus on Jesus Lord God, we praise you, Yahweh, the keeper of all of your promises will Yahweh. We love you and by the power and authority of Jesus we say yes and proclaimed that you've heard this prayer and that you are at work in the lives of all of those who lift listening and praying with me. May your will be done. Lord God we love you we know you are ruler over all you are in full control. In Jesus name we pray. Amen and amen to those who pray that prayer with me. I just I know that Jesus has heard he is bent down and listened as we prayed. I just pray that you will find quiet time regularly to be with the Lord and allow him to speak to you and to give you godly wisdom and discernment about the times that we are living in his word tells us to be attentive to be watchful. You can ask him for wisdom he gives generously.

That's in James one he'll give it generously had give answers.

He'll help you in decisions. He'll help you discern evil spirits as whale and things that are not of him please seek him be reconciled to God allow him to show you that you are free.

You are no longer a slave to sin. Satan wants you to be bound to the sins of this world refocus get focused on Jesus Christ and may God bless you and keep you.

Thank you


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