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Navigating Race in America - Part 2

God 1st / Brian C Thomas
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July 3, 2021 2:00 pm

Navigating Race in America - Part 2

God 1st / Brian C Thomas

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July 3, 2021 2:00 pm

A lot of influential figures, from Lebron James to Michelle Obama to media talking heads, are speaking on race issues in America. Are they speaking truth? Denita Thomas, Co-Founder of God 1st Bible Fellowship, joins the program to further discuss how we as Christians should navigate race issues in our nation.


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Welcome to God. With economic committing to encouraging you to put God first well-meaning life. The window in the Bible.

Now, in honor of the one and only true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob joined Wayne see Thomas for today's message goal is to let leaders lead, but in in certain times, people you know. Look to us often what would he think how you feel and we know that while were all breathing a sigh of relief over the verdict, there still work to be done and so we we can't sort of say great that happen.

Let's move on. I know that people in the black community don't feel that way because they many of us still live in fear as we go to the grocery store or worry about our dog locking our dogs or allowing our children to get a license to me. Just imagine driving there driving but every time they get in a car by themselves.

I worry about what assumption is being made by somebody who doesn't know everything about them. The fact that they are good students and polite girls, but maybe they're playing their music aloud. Maybe somebody sees the back of their head and makes an assumption I like so many parents of black kids hafted the innocent act of getting a license puts fear in our hearts. Welcome to the program. My name is Brian Thomas and we are continuing this week in our discussion on navigating the race issue in America that was former first lady Michelle Obama and she was responding in an interview to the Derek children trawling his guilty verdict and she saying there will although that was a good things for the verdict goes, but there still work to do and that Blacks are still afraid and so will continuing this week I have a very beautiful wife is joining me and we established last week how beautiful she usages has random strangers come up and tell her how beautiful she is, were out of public and again, but they just ignore me as if nothing so that's okay though. I got to you. My wife and I'm just so glad to have you on the program with us today, so thanks for coming back. It's a privilege to serve with you. So Buck said were talking about the very serious topic of the race issue an American so much of it is related to policing and as a result of the so-called police harassment of Blacks we been here for so long.

The group, the organization that that spring out of that. Years ago, following the trave on Martin case, I believe it was was black lives matter so this week let's let's pick up with talking about do you support that organization black lives matter. I do not all lives matter and God loves us all and I'm I just think that the BLM organization is if you look up look at their website once again. People seek knowledge, but their organization is built on in and stand on ungodly principles and what they promote does not help black people and all they don't help black people have a better way of life according to God, or anything like that and also they are professing Marxists so they are proud of that and we if you look and do your research. Marxism is anti-God and anything that pushes God out is cursed, and so few other things that BLM promotes and pushes are things like they want to dismantle the nuclear family that means go against what God says as far as the man being head of the home.

They want women to be the head and they promote sexual immorality like the LGBT Q plus movement and then also the anti-Israel and they just reemphasize that recently since the Hamas attacks on Israel.

They made sure they made their public statement to show that they are anti-Israel, and of course that's not godly and and just on top of that, they just simply do not operate as if all black lives matter.

They only focus on those that are killed by you know about the police and it must be a white police officer with the black person right and so and then I also want to defund the police.

They want to tear down the police which we talked about last week how that's the part of converting a country into more of a socialist or communist state of things. You know they get rid of the police and then they start to federalize the police and things like that.

This is something that the Marxism they would know about right and also they don't do anything regarding black on black crime or the killing of the black unborn baby through abortion. They don't speak out against like Planned Parenthood and is just if you were to go to. There is a website that I visited recently that talked about all of these things with Planned Parenthood and they are called get the name right I want to share it with you.

They are called protecting black and then and this is a little bit of date it is not that form that far back, but they talk about how Planned Parenthood surgical abortion facilities are mostly in black and minority communities and they say that at that time in his problem.

It could be more now approximately 79%, 80% of the of these facilities are in minority neighborhoods and and this contributes to the high rate at which black women obtain abortions and you know so BLM their pro-choice they don't deal with the issues that are pretty much destroying the future of black people that they they are totally just out of line as far as them saying that they are you know black lives matter heavy polls there for just a moment.

This is really interesting when you look at certain groups. People in their positions when it comes to certain things because you mentioned a black lives matter the organization is anti-Israel. A lot of people that just goes over there.

Here they don't pay attention to that in the and our ministry. Our parent ministries. Blessings to Israel have a strong heart for the nation of Israel, and I don't see how any believer in Jesus Christ that is filled with the Holy Spirit's cannot have a heart for Israel. I will get that. But there are some who claim to be Christians but yet they don't seem to have a careful usual with their anti-Israel, but then also you go down the list and you look at all the other your moral stances that they take the gorgeous the Bible and inflows it should be for four Christian when you look at this issue should be read flashes going off all over the place.

This organization is not on the side of God right in the name they love to point out, social justice, and I asked myself what do they know about justice with all of these immoral things that they have on as far as part of their you know what they promote and II don't I know they don't know what the word of God says if they're going to say they're out for justice because God's justice and if you were truly wanting true justice you going to look at things according to what God says about justice, but they exclude exclude him out of everything in the Bible tells us that justice is not separate from righteousness. If you ever going just read through the Bible or even just do a word search. If you do a word search in the Bible about righteousness you going to see justice and a lot of those verses. Here's an example Psalm 50 verse six it says and the heavens proclaim his righteousness, for he is a God of justice and in Psalm 99 verse four it says the king is mighty.

He loves justice and you have established equity and we know that equity means the quality of being fair and impartial. God's justice is impartial and we know that a lot of things that are done today is done because of partiality like CRT they want to put you in groups and judge you in and organize you and look at you it based on a particular thing about you such as your race, your sex and things like that and BLM there the same way. They don't care about equity.

You know they are, you know, don't care about these things.

They don't care about being fair and impartial and and so they know nothing about what God says about true justice and's and on top of that I failed to mention that they are into witchcraft. They call on the soul of the dead to give themselves power. So anybody, especially a Christian should definitely be saying I'm going to stay away from that. The word tells us to stay away from all kinds of evil. And if anybody is studying witchcraft to call on spirits and things like that. You definitely need to stay away from an organization like that. So when their sins see her name say his name that that's calling on spirits of the dude right right and you see the look of the MBA they have that on the jerseys on the court and a lovely place, say her name say his name. That's why folks are using the my protesting bill go up to people we've approached some some politicians out on the street amid yelling sin, say her name say his name and that is as accurate with her, don't you and is sad because it's a lot when people just jump in line and start doing the same thing that people are doing you know you need to do your research before you jump on certain bandwagon because you now you know you happy but they're probably not unknowingly, are participating in their their spiritual quote unquote spiritual way of doing things and you have to be careful really do let me let me say something to correct service in the MBA they have.

I've seen it on their jerseys. I don't think you have it on the court, though I don't think did over the summer.

I did say her name sounds. I hate her name now. They had black lives matter, right on their coins IN inequality. Things like that on the court, yes, but there were some head who had say her name or say their names on their jerseys. I believe they do, but at this point, I think, MBA woke up to their pockets were little little hurt and hurt a little bit because they took black lives matter off of their courts right and you know enough is nothing about black lives matter. You can see how much of a fraud and abuse and how much is coming to light because they said that the woman, Breanna Taylor, her mother she's on record as saying that black lives matter is it is a sham. She said that they she's not received a penny from them and her daughter's case is been one that they've been out there pushing there's another guy who was one of the leaders of one of the chapters and he resigned because he said to Saul that it was not what it was was claiming to be and so and that's something that we been trying to get people from the beginning to understand churches don't go along with this this this organization the wicked. This is not of God but so many have been deceived and it does a classic Marxist. How should I see it tactic in which they will use a quote take a name for something that sounds good. It sounds right. Black lives matter his people. People have a hard time really saying will know black lives don't matter, but all lives matter of course, but they take something that is is easy for people to swallow, but then there's this wicked agenda behind it and it is rooted in Marxism like you said Satan is cunning in the know you're very smart so let's let's move on to the family issue because when we look at so many things are going on the way that that Blacks are interacting with with police officers. I think it is directly tied to things that are going on with within the home. So what what are your thoughts as far as do you think the breakdown in the black family is is really tied into this and I look at how I do and I look at BLM in one of the main things that they stress is that they are going to dismantle the nuclear family and and this is it.

Over the past decades. You know the breakdown has been happening, but BLM has become almost like this religion in a sentence. So many people are flocking to their movement and so they're actually helping this along and is been proven that when there's not a father in the home. The result is more poverty, more households on welfare. More rebellion from the children and that leads to a lack of respect and obedience towards authority right and so you see these children who treat police as if they're in no there no one and so there's no wonder we have a lot of criminal behavior neighborhoods where there is a large percentage of children that are born out of wedlock and the father fathers are not present in the home and then there's also this the immorality and sin, you know, I look at BLM and their part. There pushing this you know the sexual immorality with LGBT Q plus you know and God does not bless this stuff, of course, and one is a one of the biggest sin players is that sexual sin and having sex outside of marriage it, you know, that results in an babies born out of wedlock or abortions. Unfortunately, and then you have these I'm single mothers there raising children. They don't have dad there there having to struggle. More possibly, or they just choose to say I'm the dad is not going to be in my life. So they they may choose that the bad choice of killing a baby through abortion.

And so God is not pleased with this and then you find a single mothers may have to more likely get on government aid or something like that so no fathers in the home which Mina people almost you know a lot of women I hate to say it that Lotta women are. I can do this by myself, you know that thing. But God instituted this the nuclear family for reason and part of that is that the father in the home. There is this representation a physical representation of authority who deserves respect. There's his physical body there that that had set the tone for respect and discipline and so that's why God made this this order for the family and so this is not by mistake is not, by design, it is by design is not is not a mistake that God created it this way and so you know that's why fat Satan wants to tear down the family BLM is helping Satan do that you know they want to push for this women led communal community type of family whether the female is the lead in all of these things like that, or have same-sex marriages and things like that so it just throws the family all out of whack and God designed that so anything that pushes God out is cursed. Alright, so let me back up just a moment. You said that there is an order that God put in place with the family yes. Now what is that order again. The man is the head so towards them for the man is the head. Okay, a lot of people don't want to hear that but but that is your exactly right when you have all of the single mothers. I think that it is created just an epidemic.

We can talk about pandemics from from covert, but driven epidemic pandemic one of you want to call it over generations of young men who they grow up. Often times a single mothers are bitter because the fathers of the children have left them so they're doing what they're trashing their dad is right the children grow up hearing about how the dad was no good. So they grew up with this anger. There's a rebellion therefore gives their own father's death, and so they they have this rebellious nature. So when they are not respecting their own father, then they're not going to respect police. They're not going to respect authority they grew up with that embedded in them and fathers you need to step up to the plate. You know I'm not Michael put this on the single mothers there's a breakdown on on both sides of the altar with with fathers not taking care of their responsibilities single mothers make and making bad choices on who they are choosing to be the father of their children. Yeah.

And I think to get the whenever you have one parent in the home you're having to go and work work work to to take care your family and then that the time it takes to really so into a child.

It suffers and so as a result, you see that there is not. There's no respect their some children are left to their own devices and and just kinda having to go and do things on their own and so they miss out on that that you know you don't have as much time is so until the soles of their hearts, and so into them the right things and things that and if you ever end up on government assistance.

Not saying it's for everyone.

Some people genuinely need help and things like that.

But when you start to depend upon the government for everything you, set a standard for you know your family and you know is this is the heart situation, but is so important for that to have a strong masculine man would not let me there is no such thing as toxic masculinity know you need a strong man in your home to help you and to take care your family right right rifles you just now joining us. We are in part two of the navigating the race issue in America want to take a short break. On the other side want to come back and wrap things up as the needle has a mission message for the church's global way tuned into the God first program you're listening to Brian only got more wine visit around the library.

There you will find one article of downloads on various topics such as salvation is just a minute if you could also sign up for our monthly newsletter and visit with God. Welcome back to the program on immigrants almost be joined by my wife deleted. We are talking about the issue of navigating race. America so they need a list wrap things up with the final question what you have to say to church leaders when it comes to this issue because it seems that most churches are either silent or there on the side of black lives matter. Yeah it it actually hurts my heart pains my heart to see in churches have things like the BLM signs up and and things like that.

Knowing what BLM represents and I just say that a lot of times to churches. They'll say they don't want to get caught up in some of the stuff and then you have some that will will say their all into. You know they let you know that on March they'll do everything. Some of them a margin right now will open the church door, but churches should definitely be informing their their congregation, and especially unbelievers in their community about who BLM is and not promoting and and the fact that BLM is so anti-God is like.

I wonder how in the world do you get tied up with such an organization. Everything about that organization is just wrong and I look to you to say you know if there up there in the from the pool pit. You know, talking about the police are evil and things like that because that has happened as well you know and I'm like the police is there in your neighborhood to protect you every you know all the time and so is sad to to see how a lot of these black civic leaders who are some of these black civic leaders are pastors and preachers and ministers, but a lot of them support policies and organizations like BLM that destroy you to black generations.

I don't I just is hard for me to fathom how they could to get involved with these types of policies and organizations is like committing suicide is that your your leading them to the slaughter you're leading to the slaughter, and when they support BLM. There is like they're telling a congregation or an even unbelievers who need the truth morning about hills that what BLM stands for is okay and that they should note is okay to ignore those things is better to just be, you know, operating your blackness and became politically correct and those things in it an aside, I mention blackness and this is seems like a lot of churches and especially black churches. I would say that is seems to be driving them more than doing what God would have them to do. A lot of them will go in and talk more about social justice saying more than they will about sin and repentance. And we know that sin and repentance is what is needed today.

Race does not come before truth and a lot of churches are letting the media who are sowers of deception of priesthood at their congregation right there not share with them the that was right and what's wrong and educating their congregation on things that impact them as Christians and as you know, as is people in general and not.

I just feel like they are putting race before God in a lot of situations and they really should be pointing out this notice. Sinful lifestyles and all of the different acts that BLM promotes and talk about all the consequences. The judgment for those things. A lot of times they want to talk about just a social thing social justice part, and they talk about what a cop did, but they don't talk about the sin. Unfortunately, that the victim has gotten into the health has led them to have to interact with the cops and ended up in a bad situation. They should be working their hardest to snatch people from the flames of judgment by speaking the truth about the sins of BL, that that BLM promotes but they don't do that. They just allow people to go and contaminate their lives with the things that are being spewed from BLM and from the media and things like that so their congregation just rolls along with society. With the PC culture and all that stuff because there there in a fearful they're afraid they're going to get canceled airfreight. The tithing is going to decrease or whatever is something like that but you can't of the church should not operate in fear and ignorance. They should, of course, fear is not of God. God to not give us a spirit of fear but the fact that you are a church you have to have you have this major responsibility and accountability to so truth according to the word of God and if it doesn't fit with the word of God. You have to get get it out of there. It has no place there but also being silent about the truth is just as bad because we cannot be complacent. Proverbs 1 verses 32 through 33 says for the waywardness of the simple will kill them, and the complacency of fools will destroy them. But whoever listens to me will live in safety and be at ease without fear of harm so church we don't have to be in fear or be worried about harm and safety. If were seeking truth because we are all about leading people to light and taken them out of darkness and that's what the church leaders are so are supposed to do. The word of God.

God is sufficient your measure were talking it made me think about how we are in a time in which, as you said churches don't seem to be over the way you speak of, say, will stop committing the sins of crime and you can you can easily resolve this problem if you just quit committing crimes like like we said previously, but instead we're in an era in which they are glorifying criminals yes and vilifying law enforcement right so we are we just upside down and in churches it is time to wake up so delete I want to thank you for talking with us these past two weeks on this this very tough topic we've spoken on it before on where our ministry.

We don't steer clear of these these issues need to be spoken. There are there are 12 things to navigate, but were going to speak truth, and we pray that someone is being helped by by what is being said so in the final minute. Can you just give us your closing thoughts. I was just sent like to say there is a heart issue. A lot of people want to look to racism in all of these things hearts are at stake. Souls are at stake if I felt like Michelle Obama and Lebron James truly had a little high-level Holy Spirit then I would it I would really expect for them to be seeking souls and asked in trying to get people to live righteously and things like that but unfortunately I don't feel like I can turn to them for that. But church leaders you have a responsibility and and all of those who are Christians have a responsibility to snatch people out of judgment and into speak truth, no matter how no matter if you know you got it canceled. Whatever dude would you rather get canceled by the world Council by God to take.

We have a decision to make but I would ask that everyone who is a Christian will pray for the Holy Spirit and asked the Holy Spirit help you, because the Holy Spirit enables a believer to forsake sin and I'd say if your holy meter spirit is all is close to E you need an overflow every feeling I just want us to all make sure that we forsake sin and stay on God's side and help draw people and lead people to righteousness time is meaning of the Lord's return is not far away, so we need to lead as many people to righteousness as possible.

Elders add to that the folks don't get distracted by what is going on because George Floyd Rhianna Taylor going down the list. Their souls are existing somewhere, and that is what should be our focus is making sure that our hearts are right to go away to be with Jesus Christ. When that time comes, regardless of whether separate hands of the police with a B.

By the way, the rapture natural death.

What it really is make sure that we are in right standing so that when we do step into eternity. We are stepping into the presence of our Almighty Lord of the need or want to thank you again for joining us of age would have adjourned these last two weeks will live to have you back in it to our listeners.

Please come back again and join us next week as we continue to encourage you to put God first, while your life through the window of the Bible. Until then, remember to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, bless God's great nation of Israel. The only wise God be glory through Jesus Christ for pain

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