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April 10, 2021 2:00 pm

Tackled by Faith

God 1st / Brian C Thomas

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April 10, 2021 2:00 pm

Elder James Faison joins the program in part 2 of our interview on his book "Tackled by Faith: When Sports and the Cross Collide." For Part 1, please listen to the second segment of last week's program entitled "Our Sacrificial Passover Lamb."

Guest: Elder James Faison (

Book: "Tackled by Faith: When Sports and the Cross Collide"

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Welcome to God first with Boise, when committing to encouraging you to put God first, while viewing life through the window in the Bible. Now, in honor of the one and only true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob left join Wayne see Thomas for today's message really is the name of our wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is always a joy and honor and a privilege to join you each week on the God first program by name is Brian Thomas and today we have a special guess that is joining us, James basin, who is the elder at the upper room Church of God in Christ in Raleigh, North Carolina, heads the God first campus ministries. He's here today to talk about his book which is titled talk about faith when sports and the cross collide a student athlete's guide to success. As you were a member of the football team of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill during your playing days. If those this is a bold warrior for the faith demanded I just admire so much and I just want to thank you James for for coming on to talk with us on the program today and invite absolutely. It is an honor. Truly an honor to have you weld so this book that you wrote.

You yourself you are a student athlete or maybe you can say your former student athlete. I don't know maybe wants what you but I wrote this book that is targeted toward student athletes but but there I think is something in this for everyone that everybody can glean from this so I want to start by asking the question what was your motivation for writing this book tackled by faith when sports and the cross collide excited to talk about the Lord. He deftly had a way to bring back around everything into perspective.

The reason why will talk about faith for all the providers at all where you don't write a book sell a million copies. The Lord give me an assignment he said look I want you to hear the good news the gospel of Christ. What better way to do it through book and so what I did. I combine Mark's student athlete experiences of the mall to collect college student over 2 Chapel Hill and I combine that with also my campus ministry experience whenever I was in campus ministry of the student and then also just taken on a leadership role in His ministry and so combining the two of those and an opportunity just to talk about it and share the good news of Christ mounted and made all the difference in my life and continuing is making a difference as well in my life, my family as well and I'm glad to share with someone else, you had a chapter that was titled the power behind the purpose. What is purpose. You know what I was writing a long talk about the commanded. My mom was to follow a lot of people work go throughout life makes you basketball what is not what he called me. What is my mom and Lily walk about people in their service themselves and or and and then the mortgages he over the Monica J.

Given all that Monica may decide that is the whole purpose of our life. We set our life around that everything else will fall into place so that was the whole reason behind the curve is what we miss out on go purchase books for a purpose driven life church and not just look all over Matthew 2819 were the more talk Christ talk about the great commission. So we been commission we have an assignment not want to encourage everyone if you're still searching for your purpose. You still Circuit Court what the Lord is calling you to do evangelize special part of some part of your life working for you to manage about the nature of this act as right as you know, so, so we'll talk about a little more as we go further, but so purpose. The purpose is not bigoted in a sales not make it to the not to do this or that and I was listening James to a radio show a few days ago and they were revealing that this interview they surveyed parents. They asked him what is the goal for your child or your children less than 5% of them said to spend eternity with Jesus Christ. They saw gave all kinds of answers like you know being a professional athlete or being some prominent law. Your evil things of that nature.

Very few of them talked about the fact that their children, you know, wanting the child to have salvation, eternal life, and it is destitute to the point that you're speaking on not just us wanting that for our children but we should want that for everybody. We should be always looking to evangelize in making disciples for Jesus Christ so I just love that so much what you are saying you also you had a chapter on sacrifice. You mentioned the sacrifice that athletics right now.

I played sports in school. The best I could do was intramural basketball in college.

I was not a real athlete like you are you play college sports but just to taste that I have bill from from playing in in middle school and high school level. That was a sacrifice though.

But I don't think it compares to what the friends of mine that I sound that they play doughnut on the collegiate level to the sacrifice that they made and so is deftly a great sacrifice, but I want you to talk to us about what the sacrifice mean then speak to what you defined in the book as the ultimate sacrifice for our leader melts along, all know look years ago, but I can remember it vividly, numerically, was literally a full-time job and thankfully I had my trade whenever I wanted to college and am also a straight on the a lot of mulching but there was a lot of time drumming we we just couldn't raise your literally sweet and drink football all day long and this just got a lot out of the Army musical Tom Zorn benefactors right in the spring right now a lot of college students do not plan football. There are going through spring training and they're getting ready for the spring game and and this was my first time Jim introduced her to her days are never experienced before.

Didn't think I would get tired of football but are certainly better than most hated it because they were good coaches will take you to go anywhere just go spell your name to go back and study material. It was lifting weights. I mean it was a regiment.

They literally do they literally make sure that you care for that screen getting in some time just amount of effort they put into it just to get ready to fight my was a big sacrifice because then there is a lot of volunteers and not try to encourage that big on student athletes do not occur to wall and despite look man, that's only going to be temporary for short time in your life and you got to really make sure that not only are you making a sacrifice for four athletics what you need to make a sacrifice where it really matters in the book of talk about ultimate sacrifice, which hung 360 God so loved the world he gave his only going to believe in him shall not have everlasting life, tell you that the ultimate sacrifice and even at work were ready to celebrate you steer me real loud would be required to give them a call forth by demonstrated wealth logos while we were yet in Christ.

God forced Charlie got his beat ultimate sacrifice on what we do in life. Nothing will ever compare to what he requires of them for us and we all went to him to serve, the result of what he's done for us and so I'm just glad the I'm glad that you allow me to write this book to share share this message but I'll tell you this book is far from being about meeting people back to the cross and like you said, you know the sacrifices that we make in life when when we are practicing hardened loans are burning when you're tired and that's not all that stuff.

I remember playing basketball coach when he would we would have these legal and the gender conditioning and we walked out of the court. He was placed in a trashcan at each year of the floor. Everybody knew that meant you want to run to the point that you start puking so but as bad as that was, it is no way compares to the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We just cannot wrap our minds around the fact that I will Lord he came and died for our sins. We should have died the death of Jesus died, but the thing about it is we die that death because the Bible says the wages of sin is death at the Gilberts of God is eternal life, but so we if we die we we would we would go to eternal damnation if we die without Jesus Christ it it if it had not been for his sacrifice and that's something you James that you know when I just think about the scenes in my life just means one single person think about Christ died for all of my scenes that are multiplied by the billions of people that have ever lived. He took all that upon himself at one time when he went to the cross and so like you said that the ultimate sacrifice. I don't know if we can ever really fathom it really get a grasp on on what that really meant and into maybe we step into eternity.

We we really see him face-to-face certainty right not only we should all reflect on what you done for us, our hope and pray that audience. I don't look at it. Okay man, reflect on the cross deftly nears. Think about it constantly every day and illegal sense of how we should live our lives out on because working about all the sacrifices across the doctor also reminisces 24 circuit everyday for me and operated it would be a relationship. Everyone else not religion but a relationship a man will say if you know James is saying that I picked up on you from you from the very beginning when I met you several years ago.

You have a great spirit about you you the type of person that you see the joy of the Lord.

It comes through is very obvious and when reading your book, you said that there was a coach that you had and he would unite in conflict smiling during practice and not so cool because I have a have a little store detail about that too but speak to speak to us will moan about this current time that we get all you about smiling and practice. Remember coach on the train, help me to grow my walk with Christ. But I'll never forget. I remember just like yesterday and I'll never forget were all prepared for game game week were in preparation we were running a play in an way that I did over making a mistake.

I would just always, smile, and, moved all the coaching coaching. He did not like a sleepy smile looking for, the more because of it, was running toward Christ and the Lord showed me how to how to respond to that meeting on life is what happens to your 90% how to respond to mention that and I'm grateful that I knew how to respond because this I had a real good buddy on the team who this guy was a McDonald's All-American Re: played basketball and play football as well to know how to handle this critical coach when I say this coaches literally took all all of his life out of the sport. I mean this guy. I'll just tell you this. This was better than Margaret.

Well, he was the talk of the town of but I'll never forget it is one coaches literally just took the wind out of men, I literally saw the coaches talk down to the mall.

The economy really didn't encouragement that coach out. The Lord say so got reputable, that was just the way that he coached the sun, I'm just thankful that the Lord show me how to respond to because it just kill my confidence and discolored, just maybe look at life in a whole different matter but I do realize I love the joy of the Lord is my shirt and others on the Lord and to stop doing that, but respected me for who I will have a personal issue for you because any yardage with the Lord, you know, it is this going to come through is just one show and he reminded me of the time in which I mentioned earlier played intramural basketball in college. So we had a team and we went out to play.

Even I was out there now. I was a guy was enjoying myself and I will talk to the opposing team. You know during free-throw breaks and things like that and I was smile made me crack a joke or something. One of my teammates got mad about it though.

He started to tear and a man we we are you trying to win and why you are you smarter than the stuff I'm thinking this. This is not this is not my enemy. This is that this is Portis is a sport we are here, of course, right know you. We want to win, but this doesn't mean you can't you can't have a good time mean the whole point is Boise supposed to have the time right in Arizona, but when I read when I read your your your story, your account, it reminded me of that and also to say this to folks the high school that that you went to James the Clinton dark horses yell had some serious serious football teams through the years. I remember back in my school. We played basketball as a said in the football coach. He came to me a few times and try to persuade me to come onto the football team is a lot I thought about it for moment, but the only thing I could think of was, big guys like you and he wanted me as a wideout.

He said yeah man I can put you as a wideout only thing I could think about was going across the middle and looking back.

Laura for passing and want to use like a safety when you bit Gaza safety school linebacker hit me with a blindside and get you to take a mojito and after your team tamely played out school in in football. I remember one year in the playoffs. This is clear is is like yesterday and I just remind all ran circles around us and behaves like every place seem like it was 4040 yours here 50 yards. There still has them also. Also football teams but I'm I'm glad today that I stayed a football field must look to the round ball at a light getting hit but really have really my foundation returning from home mom really came to the Lord and really coming from home and I'm really 100 or for what you going in life on the job.

I'm grateful for on the coaches back at home but stayed only a minimal character SkyDome is located on making sure that goodwill with what was left checking chips are also detonated one of you are left with little to no treatment and everything but man yeah but why don't you know Tom, I'm grateful that the best time to my life have been living for the Lord.

I'm very excited about. There is nothing like the Lord, you also write in the book. I want to read a quote you wrote quote. Moreover, according to the New York Times, polls, studies and anecdotal evidence suggests that the divorce rates for pro athletes are high by common estimates among athletes and ages. The divorce rate for pro athletes ranges from 60% to 80% read it again folks.

The divorce rate for pro athletes ranges from 60% to 80% New York Times article also mentions the reasons why the National Football League and other sports marriages fail rapid infidelity. Women who target athletes, trophy wives lifestyle is not conducive to marriage and players being surrounded by entourages which can discourage intimacy." Speak to that quote force her research that was found that really made me really think about my future to go and I'll be honest with you. A lot of young people they'll say man I want to go to the NBA. I wanted I wanted to be significant. I want to do and only thing they see your dollars but they don't speak the heartache and the conflict divorce just all managed entourages come in and taken over, and I'll tell you this.

I had a lot of buddy that when they played in their federal and local to but I could probably name a one in one hand out of I'll say 10 of those that work in an affair a minute ago Gaza married and probably only made three or four that are still married that audience and the Lord showed me a watch outyourself man.

Maybe I made a wrong choice production around the filmmaker should try little bit harder than the Lord like no merit never would have opportunity to write this book never wanted minimum on I will be married to the level of my life would've just been in a whole different different place, just really functional football but whenever I saw those because we cannot follow things back in the day. The book forkful reason because I want people to see that member suffers this will, and I mean it really good sources and those are some really some really good articles, never came out with the boat and the finger still known as wall children so I'll be looking better, make improvements on the same time.

If you have just discussed with Bill happening at the sad truth but is still happening but I'm glad that I made certain that I did so definitely God's plan is ideal for me to do what I did so anybody else out there. This thinking a question man did I make the right choice are made right, you can never make the wrong choice by submitting to the will of the Lord involved always make right a man a man and and what to so many things came to my mind as I was reading this and what one of the things I thought about is I remember back in college how so many women were just throwing them sales at these athletes know it was like that. The glamorous life, thing and in and you look at it and like I said earlier with this interview or the survey of parents what they said the goals were for the children and it just brings back to my mind that no matter what you do in life whether it be a professional athlete or actor or actress you can make a lot of money, you can have fame you can help Fortune, but if Jesus Christ is not the center. Those things are not to satisfy, and I think that that is what this is just showing us to people that you may think getting to a professional level in sports, making a lot of money being famous beer will know for woman you know women can also you know that professional sports, but being married to someone who's who's a professional athlete.

You may think will that's that's my goal this my dream life but to look at this divorce rate in it. It just lets us know that unless you have Jesus Christ at the center, then it is not our in that doesn't mean that what were saying here folks is that professional sports and Jesus Christ are are I am opposite opposition to one another because there are some who are very devout Christians that are professional athletes, but turns though more times and not the focus is not Jesus Christ, especially when you're on that level right right you are 100%) for young athletes that are crossing over to that that mix chapter of their life. This is the one area where athletes are not greater a manner while not prepared to deal with the financial side of things, but most important spiritual side because there one day. They don't want to listen, and a lot of guys they go when they don't want our percolation of the normal agreement want to focus on making that money and give Ms. many girlfriend is a Canon just known whatever they want to do the boasting.

The church at which time you'll realize in statistics what NFL is known for NFL stand for National Football League but also staff were not allowed while God is only only there for about career average about 3 1/2 to 4 years if that boat had a 30 minute enter their money and so I'm trying to encourage and move it over and go pulmonary but whatever you do in life, like to make sure Christ is the center of not focusing on the long-term loan products corporate world are not trying to stumble, the latter by stepping all over somebody else I'm missing the book as well. Just make sure were forgetting to our goal in the right manner and we can get there.

We have the church of Christ will say it will said all I so want to wrap things up by as you come to the conclusion of your book and it will not share with our listeners how they can get a copy of it you speak on a new mindset. Why should we have the mindset of the three Hebrew Hebrew boys in the account of the fiery furnace started mindset no matter what happens to me in life no matter what trial no matter what terms that I'm facing. I can still make it through life because I realize that look. God is probably got so much of the even if you go to deliver me out of whatever I'm going through my I'm still gonna trust. I'll trust him no matter what. It's almost like you can even add them there or what apostle Paul said, I learned the secret of being content in whatever situation that I'm going through and he said that look.

The reason why you all the questions, such as music about how to be, learn what it is to be rich.

I learned what it is not to have not to have much void in their in their account. They just let they like to milk.

Another notable gonna trust God no matter what, we know that he can strike you can deliver seven solid photos, but if not, let it be known that were not going to bow down not want to tell the world I wanted to listening all the most important that look, you don't have to bow down to the world, and communities. You don't have to bow down to that of not like Christ. If you serve the Lord is going to look after you, seek you first got his right and all these things shall be at an answer you put God first on this like registration. You put God first work everything out for when it comes to your career to come to your marriage becomes your family. First, everything else will fall in place, a member of will, James. You have just let our appetites. He is so sincere with the listeners how how they can get a copy of this discrete will be written. Go to you can purchase my book America call talk about sports and across Clark that we've got to success can also book from cockle cockle definitely check it on Amazon and tell your friends about the world and ensure the book and I'll say this as well to burn plans that came and reached out to numbing this book back in 2013, couple years ago. Quite a few years ago, but having people still reaching out to God for you for reaching out as well to repeat or discern any member in house even touch them. Even some other nonapplicable older people as well to determine thank you for the opportunity yes or yes or else the book is definitely a blessing I will bless me personally and I know was going to bless anybody else to fix it up and read it so I want to commend you on apology and thank you for for following the leading of the Holy Spirit to all of this book.

And again, people, we want you to pick up this book and read it because again there something in there for everybody.

This is a book for everyone and student athletes. Please take heed to the things he saying don't do things today that's going to ruin your future is so important we we we tend to think that were going to be doing forever and that things were doing.

Now there are no consequences. But there are consequences for so many people that look back on life now. They had been down that road that you're on right now and they look back on this and wish I things differently. Please heed to the words of the older James face James want to thank you for joining us again. You have been a blessing to us, and I pray many blessings upon you and your ministry, and this book to your family.

Thanks again for coming on and it will be talking with you soon. God bless you and your family will all right thank you to our listeners. I want to thank you for tuning in with us, please come back next week as we continue to encourage you to put God first. While he would lie through the window of the Bible.

Until then, remember to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, bless God's great nation of Israel to the only wise God be glory through Jesus Christ, forever.

Amen. You can blame God for Ryan and I first was protected under our great wealth first

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