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2021 Spiritual Prophetic Forecast

God 1st / Brian C Thomas
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January 22, 2021 11:42 pm

2021 Spiritual Prophetic Forecast

God 1st / Brian C Thomas

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January 22, 2021 11:42 pm

Pastor Bill Jenkins of Destinyland Christian Center joins us to discuss his most recent book, "The Prophetic Almanac 2021".



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God committed to encouraging you to put God first well-meaning life now only true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob left join Wayne see Thomas for today's message greetings in the name of our wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

My name is Brian Thomas and it is always a joy and a privilege to join you each week on the Gompers program and I want to thank you for tuning me with me. Well this year.

We are in the year of 2021 2020 is behind us and I can recall so many people as we were approaching the in the 2020 and they were saying they just could not wait for the year to be over because of all the things that were happening on the negative front and I sort of had to forewarn some people that will, it would be nice if we could get a clean slate. Whenever the calendar year returns over things can start all over brand-new but it doesn't quite work that way and I don't mean to be a pessimist but often times problems that we have in the previous year will carry over into the next year and if you look at things from the standpoint of covert, 19 and the political climate you can make a case that will things in 2021 also were start what we had in 2020.

But on that note I had with me special gastronomy by phone pastor Bill Jenkins and he is here to talk about this upcoming year 2021 he is the founder and senior pastor of destiny land Christian Center in Rancho Cucamonga, California, and always love stayed in the name of that church and city. He is a television and radio host's award-winning author and is rapidly becoming known as an apostle of God with a prophetic voice.

He also married his beautiful wife Britain in 1998 and they have three sons, Bryce, Brock and Brady vestibule is always an honor and a joy to speak with you will want to thank the criminal program today. Looking forward to work who are looking also awesome so we are discussing today your book, the 2021 prophetic almanac want to begin is can you speak to God's prophetic plan in vision for 2021 as you have referenced in your book. One of the things that I do, I write down the number 1102 persons in the Bible every first for collar 20 or number mentioned there for a reason to bring a little bit more interest to the Scripture. And so what I do is I look at the number in the Bible and most people write the prophetic on your virtual equivalent to the Farmer's almanac Lavalley for breaking the people of God based upon the important number for that year and mentioned mentioned." It revolved when mentioned in the Bible.

Also awesome okay so on that note, use their meaning behind the number 21 because we are in now 2021 2020 allow divorce in 2020 has to be the year of vision. So now 2021 so so do you find very special meaning behind it. Behind the number of 21 in the Bible. Yeah, number 21 a really revolved around court number 21 is only mentioned four times that it revolved around Fort revolved around number one and so no that's not really a great thing right. We talk about wow I believe that to her. The world and the church in a awesome way to get to hear things worried about thing here on the new 21 revolved around the first king of Israel allowed you to follow 21 different chapter 3 at 21 for the lab that year were not necessarily find out multiple bent up getting 2021 top of iniquity must be full before the Lord come back in about now you remember in the summertime right before and what we want when we want it now. I don't know if everybody understands what you mean getting what you are doing. You want to come your way. I found out find out on writing a print job. The last thing you wanted and needed. In Revelation chapter 5 through chapter 20 where people are going through the tribulation. Directional 21 different jobs, then you have all put turns 21. Become an adult right always got a mature adult different supreme baby doll don't work maybe create working so if you want to know where you're at, sort of on your debut adult spiritually detached yourself in my working for the Lord to build the kingdom on my union work for other people, for building the kingdom in this have to be a really grow up before we go up we Need more spirit for mature we can't be an adult and still act like a baby. I don't drink out of a bottle change my diaper. I'm a grown man.

So we need to get to the point where you know we are growing up and we are able to handle things in profit and 2021 2020. Really a lot of in the church. If you think about it. God is born. That's not good for people write because what happened. We want.want to fix the problem but yet… Building character and what happened when you go through think I will run through 2028.built character as much as it reveals the character and showed me the change in my football 21 is about breakthrough. I kept attending print that happy day 21 day and finally the angel came down at that height on the very first fadeout sent for God's word so we have same judgment, adulthood and break to go to the poor thing that number 21 mean when mentioned in the word of God also speak a few things came to mind. I graduated, my undergraduate degree in college is in mathematics, so by nature I'm a numbers guy. I love numbers and then on top of that, when it comes to the Bible.

I certainly agree with you there is very important significance to numbers in the Scriptures and I love what you stated about justice because there again people out there in their claim and we need justice, justice, justice should be served into your point that when we are doing things that are not right yeah justice can call but does not want to come in a manner in which we will be happy with and that points to the Galatians book of Galatians, in which I will Lewis is you reap what you sow, if you sow good seed, you will reap a good harvest but if you so a bad seed, you will reap a bad harvest and so I'm very glad you you touched on it and framed it in that way because I think often thousand people think about just as they are not really thinking about will what is it that we really deserve more times and I will really deserve is not good so I'm so glad you spoke of it. From that standpoint and also from the standpoint of people need to be prepared for suffering be prepare for pain because I often hear out there.

Those with the prophetic voice and it seems as though they only speak about positive things happening this there speak about prosperity in the new year and all these great things, but the Bible makes it clear that being a follower of Jesus Christ means that there is suffering, we have to be long-suffering just as our Lord was but the reward is going to come if we do not grow weary and jump.

Probably one of the things that people really don't understand. The most we cry out for all summer long on the street throughout America were crying for justice. When I heard the Lord was preparing for 21 one year of judgment your objectives regularly deserve. Think about that. The opposite of justice is mercy. Mercy is when we don't get what we most of the time people are praying for mercy past year. In 2020 people crying out for the Lord spoke to many years you're going to get justice not you know I try to look like we are not perfect but you know I got a little when the Lord spoke to 190 know when I would wake up ran out to the Lord. What do you have to worry about. Don't you ever done anything wrong.

You have nothing knowing that mercy and grace to chase you down good things coming your way. If you don't write it down right then you're going to feel the judgment and you're going to experience judgment in your life and so I think it was very cold. Everything that happened last year was set up for God for this year so it was in a way that year was complete downtime is really an opportunity for us to sort of reset our life by your client. I like for the I believe the last and final days of the Lord to do what we built the kingdom and you know limiting more than we ever done before with the Lord leading the way, we could have number one will see it.

I agree with you totally. You know is going into last year into 2020 so many people were saying 2020 is your vision is going to bring great clarity and I deftly think that happened but when people are going into what I think they didn't imagine it happening in the way that it did nothing.

God expose a lot of things. Even within the church and to your point, when it when you talk about wrongdoing and there's going to be just as foreign as a nation when when we glorify sexual immorality. When we glorify killing of the unborn God is going to bring judgment for that. He's not going to just sit back and wink and he's going to bring judgment is going to bring justice and and I deftly think we are reaping what we have sown in that sense but I totally agree with what you stated in that if we as individuals are standing true to the word of God. We are fighting for the life of the unborn, and we are fighting for biblical marriage and we are doing the things that the word of God says to do.

We'll have to be worried about it. God is going to take care of us, and I truly believe as you say we are living in the season of the Lord's return and I think it will be very long before we're going to see him coming back for his chosen ones who he is called out to be separated from the world.

Yeah, I think you're right on. You know the Scripture, you reap what you sow it probably your payment want. So if you're done well and you're just like the Bible set on the very first fadeout 1% you I was sent to the Prince of Persia. What the Prince of Persia.

The Prince of Persia is the spirit of delay have anything to been delayed and are lying and they really been put all the more because the box and John put your payment come.

This is the year when you have to understand if you think waiting for something, believe them for something putting the effort in your gonna get it and you know what may be mad at you because you're getting good thing.

But that's not your fault doing the right thing and break taken on never apologize for. If you happen I'll tell you what I really have been playing for people really get right with support this year when the pain of the times we forget that Scripture and Roman year. You don't have to pay out and I think working memory area I think was in chaos and confusion a year ago.

It before the year started. I hope you change the 2020 was a year of change. At the end of 20 1912 Michael 2020 vision like the year of change, knock on everybody, for he will know what the White House in your house and everybody blew it all out for a while and wow look at people all over the world. You got in there and while you this pandemic is everybody not just in America but throughout the world.

And so we saw that 2020 year of change and so God had given up that opportunity now is the time for us to experience whatever justice we deserve to document what a man will send you deftly hit the nail right on the here concerning the year 2020 in your book and concerning the book that we speak on today 2021 prophetic almanac will speak to the listeners at the end of the program as to how they can get a copy of each of those if you just now joining us. I am speaking with Pastor Bill Jenkins, pastor of Disneyland Christian center were discussing his book the 2021 prophetic almanac concerning what to look for concerning this upcoming year don't always want to take a short break.

On the other side of this announcement will conclude with today's program on 2021 God first program listening to Brian.more crying library where you will find articles downloads one salvation is just to name a few. Also, sign up for our monthly newsletter and back to the program. My name is Brian Thomas and you are just now joining this you can listen to this message in its entirety by visiting our website God DoD the number

You can also write to us at God first Bible Fellowship, PO Box 266, Knightdale, NC 27545 okay so will pick back up pastor deal with the question of concerning 2021. Do you think God has any specific commands for the church in this upcoming year. Yeah, I absolutely knew one of the parts of my book that I love the most is when I go through the old and the New Testament and I lie with Joel Michael a lot of different things going on the 21st day of the month was a whole chapter for you on character of the 21st day people look like on Scripture prophetic workflow America fun facts about the number 21 review of the year and my heart is always when I allow the old before I go to every chapter 21 in and when I give you an overview of exactly what you like Genesis 21 is about patiently awaiting the promise you'll find me there got the promise of their son. 20 want you to get your product to get what you directed at 21 about thinking before you actually Leviticus 21 is about meeting with entirety number 21 chapters in the entire Bible about the look on Ronnie. 21 but working together – with 21 prophesying figures 31 of the greatest revelation that you can ever learn.

Learning how to prophesy to your city and prophesying over what I would like to take you on a journey give you a summary of everything. Chapter 21 and that sort of the methods for so you go like New Testament in Matthew 21 about funding the temple, God wants us to find work for public repeal the public about the opening 2021, and so I picked you on this journey you absolutely love chapters on the old Jordan reveals a little pattern as to exactly what God is going to doing what he talked to Karen 2021. I love the fact that in your book you speak from a spiritual standpoint when it comes to our nation. So for the United States of America. What spiritual forecast do you have for us in the year 2021 break down the states in the five Regents old Northeast, Southeast, Midwest wealth without work I state for every one about my digital prayer for that region, a book of the Bible. For that reason Scripture for that region. I didn't give me like a flock in a landmark lot tonight reap critical part came up. You know that month.

You really need to sort of junior year into effect when Luxembourg is wanting to do so that I did you a general word for miracle and it is really another warning where we're living in the lab were living and not lack think the collapse of the life they can help judgment is not just going to come to the world in terms of the charged metal type started coming to the world coming to the church first. The Bible said the judgment will begin at the house of God, for God deals with the world church forgot thank you so I give you some command that God had given you give the people continually do not never stop learning, lifting and need correction. Don't fear started work. Be courageous if a positive frame. Let go of your path. All of the right sort of dissect each one. Give the Scriptures talk about this word in the chapter where I prophesy over America and take great chapter but this is the right church and when I got married 20 years.

My wife a lot of time to really need that they like to know what to get ready for the wedding flowers us for our after-hours clock in the morning for 130 2 o'clock when you get ready. I know you don't need makeup makeup need not look caring the way we should. Don't God get ready for problem alarm appears to be well and so the word for America is hopeful you taking advantage of 20/20 life and prioritize something in your life you need to get ready. You need to understand, ready or not. From the last line thank you think you need to do to your heart. Becoming a global man those are great words and as you're speaking I'm thinking to myself like that wedding day how excited you are, especially the bride she's doing. She's really like is it she's putting in so much time she's plan forward for so long and as a church we also should be getting excited and in getting ourselves prepare for a little was coming because we are about to meet him soon face-to-face he's coming back for us and you know I been doing a study recently in the book of Revelation and in those first three chapters in the letters to the seven churches we see where the apostle John writes, he says to the angel of the church, and many think that that Angel is actually another way of saying to the pastor of a church and he's giving warnings to those and and I think this is a time for pastors out there.

We are in error and with so many and I and I know pastoring is a very tough job. So not trying to come down hard on pastors.

I know you are pastor vestibule, but there are so many out there that I see the give the soft cushion you feel good messages to sort of give people a pep talk, or, or to talk sort of thing but we really need to be getting the people prepared and in warning for the judgment that is coming for those who are not ready yet. I'm not here to scratch your ears tickle you know your side and make you feel better. My job is to preach the truth so I don't like we need one for preachers in the pulpit better centers on the people in the pew, and I will. The book actually. You may need to get it I will click on the seven churches in Revelation, Revelation generation all about the first three chapters of the book last year that is about the rapture manifesto what to do if your left behind for so I get what you're saying and we gotta quit playing game but it was not my clipboard. There's too many people immature about one year of occult rollup and quit playing games with thinking you got what needs to be done in order to align yourself with God you want to be thoughtful you're not long-term without being connected for you also mentioned in your book specific dates, places and people to watch for in 2021. Can you share some of those with this like a whole chapter preview. It's really cool chapter.

People really love it that I talk about the animal beer movie your lot to watch for Ivan talk about like the superfood did your Scripture Bible story of the word of year one of the great planet of the year. The date of the year the fourth-year different people and date. I called prophetic date and so like January 1, February 3, February 21 March 7 March 23 I go through the whole year I give you 21 in your ear and let them what the Lord want you can be trained to you know to hear from the Lord, not on 21 different dates you everything you and so I give you 21 date and then I also get people to watch for Princeton could be celebrity or don't know trucker Lawrence is one of the people are probably the number one crap like the NFL, Robin Raab, Robin, Robert, you thinker? Aldo now travel with name 21 Bill Gates holding back my trial time). Bring all the people I get to watch them so you know part of the new part of the new cycle in 2021. There really is a fantastic book is a fun read the hundred and 40 pages filled with inspiration information Revelation if you want to know the plan of Dr. 25 on the topic better. On the market. Other than the Farmer's almanac with is all about the world I did you want to know what God's people to get, 20, 21, very, very interesting interesting and okay since her listeners if they want to get a copy of this book and your previous books that you've written. Where can I find them go to Amazon you can download a Kindle. You can go to so and all kinds of books on eBay believe that you can go Castroville pastor Bill Jenkins stop work if you go there you need a copy of all my forks… The book so like resetting your life decoding DAD if you want to understand how to unlock the mystery of main numbers and colors and people of the Bible, equaling it is a great book for you.

I have the rapture manifesto. I got the Revelation generation on the seven churches of Revelation talked about their possible get along for you my friend about 20, 21, prophetic almanac, but you can also connect with me on social media like Facebook politically think the Grand Prix Park and YouTube and you can get my minute. But not one that little video devotional and so no matter what platform you're on the south go and check it out at one minute that stuck out and their new one every Monday and I know to be a blocking piece without and check it out today. Plus, when you go to pastor the 30 minute little radio program that we view on the prophetic, are all archived there and you can listen to absolutely free. So if you want to buy a book list before radio program. One minute little emotional. But just like you don't Pastor Bill Jenkins found work and for anyone that is in the Rancho Cucamonga area of California would like to be a part of the church talking to do so yeah combine were about 30 men from our line. Beautiful weather running 7590. Beautiful weather here like people like down not hope our work are located between two major pretty late and Rancho Cucamonga California information #3451 probation 90977345 call that number you want to one 2975° today because we are in the media 30s into satellites new to come through this morning: all right vestibule it is always a joy and honor to have program want to thank you so much for coming on to speak with us today and many blessings to you and your ministry should be in with your knowledge. Thank you thank you dance well listeners I want to thank you for joining us again. Please pick up this book is very interesting concerning 2021 there is significance in numbers.

The Bible God gives us a lot of messages through numbers, but we have to be aware of what is going on and see the meaning that God is placed there for us to want to thank you for tuning in. Please come back and join us next week unsealed and remember to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, bless God's great nation of Israel. The only wise God be glory through Jesus Christ, you can blame God for Ryan and I first was protected under our well

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