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The Great Reset - Part 1

God 1st / Brian C Thomas
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January 2, 2021 2:00 pm

The Great Reset - Part 1

God 1st / Brian C Thomas

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January 2, 2021 2:00 pm

Dr. Bruce Logan joins the program to break down the real meaning behind "The Great Reset" that so many world leaders are desiring.

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Welcome to God first, with wavy, when committing to encouraging you to put God first, while viewing life through the window in the Bible. Now, in honor of the one and only true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob left doing fine. See Thomas for today's message is provided an opportunity for Reese, this is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality and climate change.

Welcome to golfers Bible prophecy addition, my name is Brian Thomas and as always I am so honored and delighted to join you this week and I have with me today.

A special guess who was here to talk about the topic of the great reset I have with me Dr. Bruce Logan who is a teacher conference speaker and Bible college instructor and he is the founder of Dr. Bruce Logan ministry so that alone I want to thank you so much for coming on to speak with us today. Alright, so a few weeks ago, you sent some material to me concerning this topic of the great reset and we exchange some text messages and I thought to myself this is something that we need to share to a wider audience and so I asked you if you will come on the program to talk about it in you so graciously accepted the invitation, and as we open the program you heard Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He was speaking in this language of the opportunity for a reset in this language that we been hearing a lot more and more lately. So what I would like you to do is start out is tell our listeners for any that are not familiar with this term.

The great reset. Can you explain to them at a high level what the great reset is and then will impact in the greater detail as we go along strategy structuring of the world economy by the name of Walt founder and Chairman of the world economic forum in Switzerland where all now along with world economic forum. There also are another global bond and also global world and world leader government leader that you mentioned Prince Charles all Joe Biden. Actually, I on the idea that there structuring Or American. My great great great world and world language in there about term restructuring capitalism through the word.

You think you will come to realize that the world is not The capital of the rest of the world are either socially great, and so right now the United States while world military and economic power, and in order to really refine in order for it to really take place. The United economy have to be transformed and then we look at our national leader by both Democrats, they are strongly advocating and using world reset language so Shelby want to reach state capital structure global economy to to make great OneWorld type of government example that I write the website of the WBS world should adopt more wealth active additional regulation and massive great big government programs also goes on to say about wanted on their website and their about page.

Every country every country around the United States and China must not only directly from their website months apart in every industry, oil and gas to check must be transformed through clouds, the founder and chairman of the world economic forum and short worksite and they, in short, we did a great reset of capitalism while also said that all aspect of our five economy must be read that education contract and working condition language in every angle in the world are trying to implement about one world system and and death with an essence what the great respect and thought about what they're doing good. Try 19 implement this global reset well and in the tone of it when you get these people speak. It sounds like they really think that they are smarter.

They just more intelligent than the common man, so therefore they need to. So was what to do because we don't know our sales and so they need to show was how to get into what use you made mention of utopia.

Those that there were scores, not yours, but they they seem to think buyers this utopia out there and on that note, there's an article that I came across in a Breitbart an article I just want to read an excerpt from it he reads quote the great reset has been trending on twitter. Once you're familiar with what it means for the future of our civilization. You understand why. Put simply, it is the blueprint for a complete transformation of the world economy.

There will be no money, no private property. No democracy instead of every decision.

What you do for living. How much stuff you consume whether you can take a vacation will be decided for you by a remote unaccountable elite of experts, but I do Logan I'm feel after confident that you feel the way that I do when you look at a society where we will own anything we look at a society ways in which every decision is going to be made for you the job that I have. I will be able to decide how to go to make a living. Someone's going to tell me someone is going to tell me what to eat and to drink whimsical vacation that does sound like an environment in which we would be happy you so so speak to this component of this great reset.

Breitbart also saw that there was about that part of the plan layers of detail planned out regarding making the world a one world government. What were saying were staying out dictation of March and I don't know how much your your your audience: what Dr. Hall marches back to the grant of the Godfather of the socialist world and the language you wrote a book called the cognitive manifesto manifesto language that is basically that the average were not smart enough to basically make for ourselves what we need overlords in order to make an order to make the world a better world and told Rick socialist type of government they want to implement the problem that United States the larger market economy left in the world. I believe Australia is one that I believe that maybe a few others, but there United States is by far the way larger on the economy during the downtime. Our economy is better than everybody else in order for very important and something that I didn't really have been observing that in order for this global global plate economy have to be brought down the records and know that that socialism cannot achieve the same level of economic prosperity, of capitalism and free market capitalism and market laws implemented by flawed individuals are going to be flawed from a big picture at the principal point capitalism have raised more people out of poverty, world capitalism have done more good for the world.

In the world with great utopia. Then one 1.10 daughter economy together then you know that should've been there utopia right there not recovered because of the implemented worldview. They were not able to achieve the same level of economic matter fact I have been able to achieve. And so in order for that to happen is really an indictment or an attack on the economy and understand words like global world and all contrary really what really what the United States: 19.

More later recalled 19 and the next port in order to bring about Wilson and there are people that are listening and I know you heard it there. Those other than say all this stuff is just conspiracy your view has a conspiracy theorist you just searching for things, but we just played in the opening we heard the Prime Minister of Canada use the language. He said it has provided an opportunity for a reset in there been many other world leaders that we hear saying the same thing the same language.

So I want you to listen to former Secretary of State John Kerry. In the words that he had to say concerning this topic. The citizens right on states have just done a great reset. We've done a great reset and there was a record level of voting. So again that's former Secretary of State John Kerry is referred to the recent election that we just had with the presidential election in the forefront and he is applauding.

He said there was record turnout and of course we know there is investigations going on right now to find out of these numbers legit. But he saying there's been this great reset so we've heard the Prime Minister of Canada. We hear John Kerry and in there so many others that are using the same language and you took Shirley on the world economic forum, led by Clawson swab and the fact that they have this annual summit. And so coming out next year.

The theme is the great reset and people. If you want to act as out for yourself. You can go to the website is right there, but the interesting thing that is there.

Want to hold this this annual summit in Switzerland of tooth in 2020 from the dates of May 18 to May 21. What I find interesting about the Logan, the nation of Israel celebrates its 73rd anniversary on the 14th I always have an eye on Israel, and I look at the proximity of this event in the nation of Israel in their anniversary. Also, Pentecost will be May 23. So you see right there sandwiched in between. This anniversary of Israel and that the day of Pentecost. You see this great reset summit that is that is coming.

I believe that there are a lot of people in the church that do not take notice of those type of events that these type of things are going on what the Bible has to say but but speak to you to this if you will about the fact that there have in this summit that is called the great reset is the theme of right right before I got I believe you're talking about changing the date wrong to be here in January world economic forum may correct district meeting 18 May 21st. There is a very interesting now that they're shooting for changing the word for changing the date to May 1 traveled a lot down over 19. What I found really interesting was that I will bring to earlier today all with all because I wanted to address that you want to mention that a lot of people consider that a conspiracy everyone who like to have a conspiracy have an idea when you have a but you know how like okay once you have like DNA want to have videotape evidence. Once you have. I no longer. So what we have we have actual evidence with the world planning project to date. I believe that what we have here now not come back again, I'm not a date setter. Make sure to make that clear. Interpret what I'm saying absolutely. We do have dates that are very in terms of perspective and could be have a lot to do with the attention that the world got. I have that one of the key part of it away from something else going okay. God would have us to really be aware of and that and that posting of that date.

Also mentioned 2030 project okay when they want to win their plan out all night and article all the common wisdom so that another date from the point of the globe. When you turn 2030 night.turn 2030 or when you hear terms like world with a great ear like like American politics of our knowledge here.Joe Biden made the term back better and I cannot speak to that another another issue because for the first three years of this current administration were setting a record economic activity record economic growth record job growth record and filling out the back were called the record. Economic activity is going to come out better. So were there. They are all really a lot of nothing American is really not very intelligent. To put it mildly. Starting should be able to really understand the language was going on right directly to all world economic forum website want to talk about the great risk that there changing language for doubtful wanted to talk about the stock market. Shareholders want stakeholder about that right all have a major consequence on July like a share of the market property you own a home all the so-called great reset take place right you mention 2030 people friends of you think well this is conspiracy. Like you said not to look at this proof other than as evidence. These these rituals that are behind this agenda. They are not keeping it hidden anymore is in Plainview.

If you want to go out to twitter the world economic forum it's account it had a tweet recently.

The stated quote you own nothing and you will be happy. This is how I could change it by 2030. "So they're putting that right out there that they are trying their pushing for this and also if you go to the world economic forum's website which is WE there is a page there's if you type in that website and then if you go/great-reset. There is a quote that reads there is an urgent need for global stakeholders just like you just mentioned.Logan to cooperate in simultaneously managing the direct consequences of the COBIT 19 crisis to improve the state of the world.

The world economic forum is starting the great reset initiative so in the final minutes that we have lived less pizza. COBIT 19 you've already touched on it, but COBIT 19 in the vaccine. How does it really factor into this great reset my very very good I'm hearing you talk and confirm but I thought that there are certain element in our government or government back back mandatory word for identification so badly about for a restaurant to talk about what I understand that's going to be on the company may world economic forum conference so that one very alarming in and of itself right is the fact that were talking about damage that have Bible right right that have a 99% survival rate. We talked about that very ordered and represent a complete recount all the people that have died in bold number have been related to Department of September report was picked up by the time go back and look at it and basically acknowledged when they work their data to come by the mortality data from Colbert to combine the combined with Colbert and language the door completely different. Apple Airport died of cancer when it FOUND that they tested positive for Colbert going to write whatever Colbert upper die of cancer died in a car accident and all the other type of calamities and all told were separated, died, and contracted colder than a week later you died that bachelor been a different category than people die from other maladies and numbers have been deleted and realized it was not but not all plan and strategize.

So that's very important that you really understand really going on.

The year not only around the world, but also with the cold night were talking about that over 90% of all the mortality work and conditions so now they're talking about. Data in order to relate in such a way in order to to greatly COBIT 19 want to combine Colbert 19 climate change on the climate quite another segment on that. But the whole idea all have some kind of Christ Brandon COBIT 19 point but I want to make that will talk about it on the on but closer to January actually did a speech at the world economic forum at work in my mind one day and talk about the greatness of America talk about how America wanted to link America is now the leading order of fossil fuel in the world where no longer the credit on your end because America energy production and export in the world that planning and then later became a big deal though the connection but in my a lot of times this week. Thank you for joining us please come back next week as we will continue with part two of the great reset. Until then, this godliness of Israel. The only wise God, Jesus Christ

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